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Green Party

A Green party or ecologist party is a formally organized political party based on the principles of Green politics.

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JUST IN: Green Party has dropped its recount case in Pennsylvania
That quote by was great about Bernie and the DNC, that's why I'm a Green Party member.
Asked Caroline Lucas about Natalie Bennett's ludicrous £72 a week citizens income & whether it was still Green Party policy in light of...
Green party denies decision not to field candidate in Richmond Park linked to £250,000 offer via
WOW this is just a fund raising attempt by the Green Party. Wake up and get out of the matrix
Michigan's presidential recount suddenly became in doubt Tuesday as a state appeals court said the Green Party... http…
It appears that the Green Party was a scam to weaken the GOP. Proof is the bogus recount efforts. Such a joke!
As we enter party season here's my piece about how much I hate fancy dress!
Michigan recount over; Pennsylvania sets hearing though 'crosscheck' contines to loom over legitimacy of presidency
The Green Party took 150,000 votes in the Mayor Of London Election, Amazing as they only have 55,000 members Nationwide? Umm?…
simply cashed in at Hillary's crash sight! Her actions made a mockery of Democrats more than the Green Party.
Green Party in court again with demand to examine county voting machines - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…
Greens secure two more important bills from ballot
27. ❤️. Playing for the Coca-Cola Christmas party here at Green Sun
You know Dylan Green knows how to party! Come crash my party chat now at Flirt4Free! ;)
We need a Green Party or Independent to run against her to Wake Her *** Up
The Green Party does not have a real policy. It supports rapid population growth with no limit.
do you like to party? come see Paper Hat TOMORROW NIGHT IN THE LOWDEN
she just burnt the Green Party to the ground. I love it.
Eager to hear what voters for the "Green Party," which far outpolled Trump's margin in MI/WI/PA, make of OK's Scott Prui…
Green Party recount has unintentionally exposed major by
Congrats to MI AG Bill Schuette, MI GOP, and the Trump campaign for stopping the Green Party's frivolous and expensive re…
yes :) think it was silly for 2000 to vote Green - that's what the party is for
Green Party switches strategy in Pennsylvania recount |
if it was up to the Green party there would not be any jobs in the US, WHAT A…
shout out to all the green party supporters who voted for Jill Stein. have I told you lately how good a job you did protecti…
Are Jill Stein and the Green Party Being Played By Democrats? Will the Recount Split the Green Party?
Now we know the real reason Jill Stein is in the Green Party.
'It's a scam': Trump lashes out at Green party's Jill Stein for forcing 'ridiculous' recount ..
. Shouldn't the green party be against using paper records of each vote?
The false keepers of the forests are known as 'The Green' Party. They speak with the same forked tongue of their maste…
"Dr." Jill Stein makes Bernie Sanders sound mainstream. Dr. Dolittle would have been a better Green Party candidate. htt…
Green Party Jill Stein is a perfect example of why 3rd party candidates get no attention from the American voter. Most a…
Green Party 'did not contest Zac Goldsmith by-election after they were offered £250,000 donation to sit it out' https:…
Man, thatalmost makes it worth trying to join something like the Green Party to rip off a bunch of dumbasses.
Democrats Pay a Price for Being Green. If the party was serious about winning back the Rust Belt, it would strike...
All Jill Stein wants is your money. She could care less about the Green Party.
Pti first party to come with green agenda. Malik amin Aslam
the wording of Schuette below, scientists called for the recounts, not even green party members. Science is 'frivolous'? Nazi-discourses.
I am now in Long Crendon library about to hear Natalie Bennett of the Green Party.
Green Party changes strategy, will seek Pennsylvania recount:.
Natalie Bennett was a disaster as Green Party leader.
Natalie Bennett now on stage in the Cube to talk Green Party politics and her background
Join us from 18:30 tonight and put your questions to former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett. Register your place…
Green Party's Stein to pursue Pennsylvania recount petition in federal court via
Why reinvent the wheel? Meld the Green Party with lessons from the Bolivarian Revolution, back Standing Rock 'till oil is dead
All purpose parts banner
Green Party says it will go to federal court in bid for statewide presidential vote recount in Pa.
JUST IN: Green Party drops bid for statewide recount of Pennsylvania's presidential election
Green Party candidate Jill Stein drops request for recount in Pennsylvania
Green Party's Jill Stein says she's dropping her bid for vote recount in... by via
has dropped the recount bid in The entire recount was a scam to begin with.
Breaking: Green Party withdraws PA recount demand - Hot Air where did all the millions go ?
Green Party drops bid for in Pennsylvania
and he got more votes in every state then Stein . She protesting democracy . Green Party is ruined bec if this w…
Greens FINALLY accept Donald Trump will be the US President after dropping recount effort
She only hugs money trees. Has to be in $USD. That's her "green" party!
I imagine that conning liberal donors out of millions will hurt the Green Party's future, but throwing the 2000 election di…
You took the words right out of my mouth, Mr.Mitchell. Green Party + Democrats=total garbage!
Green Party ends PA recount request. Election ends not w/ a bang, but a whimper.
Green Party trumped by the orange party!!
Wisconsin takes over 2 mil more than expected and now...
Filed today Drops Statewide PA Recount . Stein will make announce Monday- She still asking for $ htt…
Jill Stein is beating a dead horse. MT Green Party drops PA recount. Hillary loses for second time.
Green Party drops bid for statewide Pennsylvania recount via the App
The Green Party wants to know why Jill Stein is raising $10 m to only recount states that Hillary closely lost
Looks like Jill Stein has run out of cash. CBS' Pittsburgh affiliate reports that the Green Party can't raise the... https…
Jill Stein is dropping a statewide recount of Pennsylvania's presidential election.
I just saw on the news that the Green Party dropped the failing recount effort. What a waste of taxpayer money. Green Party fraud!
🚨Update on the Trump is going to be President story: Green Party drops court case seeking statewide recount in Pennsylvania…
No Pennsylvania recount; Green Party could not afford the $1M bond. Where's all the Dem donor $$$?. http…
ended Trump's lead has dropped by 30k votes. Trump currently has won PA by .08%. Infuriating.
What do you mean the Green Party ran from her?
It's a legal duel to obtain the recount even when the fees are paid and terms & conditions met. Look at that.
Yep go on 'Take the Money and Run' . Good News Pennsylvania Electoral Votes Secure.
The Green Party drops court case seeking a statewide recount of Pennsylvania's Nov. 8 presidential election.
Green Party has dropped a lawsuit to force a recount in Pennsylvania
Green Party drops its recount case in Pennsylvania
Oh look the Green Party drops the recount effort. . Because, math.
So...the Green Party and the Clinton Campaign has withdrawn the court order request for a voting ballot recount...
Effort by US green party to force election recount now confined to three blocks surrounding "Whole Foods" in Park Slope, Bro…
Green Party drops bid for statewide Pennsylvania recount
Green Party drops bid for statewide Pennsylvania recount...
& she Green Party. she's like all corrupt politicians raise money 2 do something stupid instead of helping 🇺🇸
Natalie Bennett is joining us on 06 Dec to share her experiences as former leader of the Green Party. Register at…
Here is the Green Party's full statement distancing themselves from over the recount scandal:
Pity the Green Party isn't in the Chamber today support change to benefit sanctions...
At 9AM we had tons of Observers. Stein, Clinton, & Trump campaigns all had official reps present. Green Party had lots…
This self-serving Green Party loser is diverting away limited state money that could go to lead water fix in Flint. http…
Joining the conversation is Natalie Bennett, former leader of the Green Party. Download and Listen here:
Green Party's Natalie Bennett at court to support Sheffield tree protestors
I announced the Upper Darby screening at the Green Party meeting this evening -- very well attended (33) with many new people.
So if it doesn't go to recounts or Green Party it all goes to right?
Sojourner Truth Radio: Inside the Green Party's | How the Vote was Suppressed in 2016
John Peck was a Green Party honorary alderman in Nottingham City Council
Jill Stein has been removed from the Green Party website
Jill Stein before being booted off Green Party's website. Now a updated version.
Green Party in disarray by Green Party Opposes Jill Stein’s Recount Effort
Breaking Jill Stein is no longer part of the Green Party she is just a rouge nutjob.
Green Party labeled Jill Stein a anarchist lol. . no wonder she is causing chaos she is a nutty an…
Weird. Jill Stein is no longer on Green Party website Something is going down.
The media lies and Debbie Wasserman Schultz that you Green Party and his energy reforms will demand that are saying
Green Party candidate Jill Stein is demanding a recount in 3 key states -- get the details coming up on
Green Party candidate Jill Stein sues for hand recount in Wisconsin
indeed ... . I like Caroline Lucas MP (UK Green Party) and I like Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish MP) as well 😊
Jill Stein is the Green Party & DT was crying abt rigged system b4 a single vote was cast.
The head of US Green Party praises a dictator who incarcerated *** in labor camps for "re-education" and used firing squa… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Green Party is making out very well with all the free publicity..
No wonder the Green party are widely laughed at. You forgot his victims.
The Democrats and Green Party in USA need to grow up and out of their infancy. The World is watching.
Donald Trump calls Wisconsin's Green Party recount push a "scam". He'd know considering he's the king of scamming the p…
... insuring the Green Party will never be a factor in US national politics. Thank you.
Green Party officials file for a presidential vote recount in Wisconsin | Washington Examiner
it's not that? You said as leader his views should be published, why just his views, lib dems, Green Party, Tory??
The real reason they call it the Green Party
“First, this is not sanctioned by the Green Party. Their steering committee did not approve the Green Party being...
Democrats, 2000-November 9 2016: we hate the green party it has cooties. Democrats since Stein announced recount: hey girlll…
First DNC was infiltrated by independent progressives, now they've been swindled by the Green Party into funding th…
Jill Stein is doing what her party is dedicated to , collecting the Green, as in Greenback Dollar, from all the lib ***
Donald Trump says the Wisconsin Presidential vote recount called for by Presidential candidate Jill Stein is "a scam by t…
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein wants an election system that Americans…
LOL is gifting Green Party millions in free publicity :)
I sorta think this is either a publicity stunt or a scam to collect donations to the Green Party itself.
The Green party better go 6 feet deeper🙄They will fond a lot of DEAD BODIES voted for Hillary😂
BREAKING NEWS: President-elect issues statement on "the ridiculous Green Party recount request."
Dr. Stein raised lots of money for the Green Party. Not as dumb as she looks.
Why is Trump scared of a and and the Green Party? LOLOLOLOLOLOL - Donald Trump is scared!
r u suggesting locking her up?? Green party is alive and well world wide.
Yes, the Green Party got the funding to request recounts in 3 states. ht…
SCUM SKI NAZI NEWS! Green Party files petition to recount votes cast in DESPERADO why don`t you come…
Funded by the real Nazi Soros. "Green Party" is right, bought and sold to the highest bidder.
"Jill Stein probably compelled more people to vote for Harambe than for the Green Party." -Cammie Johnson
Clinton campaign says will participate in Wisconsin vote recount; Trump calls it a 'scam by the Green Party':
Clinton campaign says it will "participate" in recount effort spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.
Trump calls recount effort launched by Green Party and joined by Clinton campaign a "scam."
Trump shapes administration as Green Party candidate presses for recounts - The Whittier Daily News…
On this Thanksgiving the Green Party would like to encourage everyone to keep the Standing Rock Sioux & protesto…
I'm concerned with this so called recount Green Party is trying to get. More concerned they will cheat
Election integrity issues stand for 100 new high end minivans and free bob haircuts for the Green Party moms.
On why Clinton lost, the Democrats' direction, Green-blaming, voter suppression, & what to expect from Trump:
Breaking: WI Election Commission says Green Party still needs to file paperwork, but officials are currently contacting Cl…
The Green Party is raising funds for a very real recount
Write is didn't count on my state, unfortunately. I like the Green party but Jill Stein is a terrible candidate.
The Green Party Platform calls for "publicly-owned, open source voting equipment and deploy it across the nation...
Fund to up to 1.5 million dollars in only a few hours. Please don't F this up, Green Party.
Green Party pushes for recount in key states. Has already raised more than $2.1 million. . Photo…
I suppose there's some hope...Elections Commission expects Green Party to file for recount in WI via
2016: A leaked report on election security flaws by an infosec academic has resulted in a Green Party candidate crowdso…
her interest is in discrediting the system. That's the purpose of a Green Party.
RELEASE: Green Party affirms need for sustained Trump protests and urgent community organizing. .
If Jill Stein ends up saving America I will never ever make fun of the Green Party again.
.I gave you a fair shake and have complimented you as a candidate, but this flagrant disrespect of democracy is Green Party PR.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
We support The Green Party's efforts to fight for the in WI, PA and MI
Green Party pushes for recount in key states via
Green Party Candidate Jill Stein to File for Vote Recount in 3 Battleground States - ABC News - via
Green Party candidate is raising money for a recount in three swing states.
WHY NOT YOU PUT US HERE! Green Party candidate Jill Stein to push for recount in three states vi…
This may really happen. A recount by the Green Party in WI, MI and PA. .
Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised over $2M to push for an election recount
Green Party pushes for recount in key states - USA TODAY
SUCKERS: There will be no recounts. But, it will be a great Chri$tma$ for Jill Stein and the unemployed Green Party staf…
The Stein thing seems like a way to build Green Party donor lists.
Elated to hear Jill Stein announcement that Green Party calling for recount---what a refreshing and SANE strategy to deal with…
If Jill Stein somehow rescues us from Trump, I'll throw the biggest Green Party you've ever seen. Green tea. Paint the…
Green Party nominee Jill Stein and others are seeking an audit and recount of voting results in 3 Rust Belt states
I’m a Green Party member and also unhappy with this policy. Real problems, very wrong solution.
Andy Ellis the Green Party meeting will be at the office at 7pm right?
wow Green Party leader wasn't drunk and using the f bomb
If you live in New York State and want to run for office, join the Green Party now! and hit me up if you are...
not self evident at all. Plenty of Green Party members speaking against it.
We didn't win, but Green Party's first Baltimore mayoral candidate, Joshua Harris got 13% of the vote. Same as the Repub…
But not to rebuild Democratic Party! Build Green Party instead. Dems' reliance on rich donors=fatal flaw/bad mode
As National Digital Week wraps up in Skibbereen, here's a reminder of the Green Party's digital rights policy
Green Party candidates in California, Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota won local seats! Learn…
After gaining ballot access in 12 more states—thanks to petitioning and election wins—the Green Party is now on the ballot…
As I said before, Libertarian or Green Party share my values.
If you live in Oughton ward you have a chance to make a positive difference Thursday by voting for the Green Party's George Howe.
Wasn't she the one who criticized the Green Party for "showing up" every four years? 😂
.praised by the Green Party's only MP in Parliament, in leaked email. .
ok man.not gonna argue. You'll see soon enough. This win actually marginalizes the Green Party even more
My vote was to help get the Green Party to 5% and get $10 million in federal funding for the next election. Not a waste
Green Party voters didn't achieve our goal anyway so all in all a bad Election Day
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Worth noting in Franklin County prosecutor race that Bob Fitrakis, Green Party candidate, has 5 percent of the absentee vote.
Unofficial poll at Bristol Farms shows more Republican napkins left on shelf than Democratic. Green Party says use…
If Jill Stein wins 5% of vote, Green Party will be considered for major party next election (media coverage + debates). B…
A vote for Jill Stein changes nothing. If you are committed to Green Party, volunteer for them. Next week, if you want real change.
actually I am helping the Green Party get to five percent so we have a shot next time. We have goals bigger than 2016
Introducing the Green Party, El Generico Hating, Presidential nominee, hailing from where she was born, Kevin Stein!
do you realize that the only significant contribution of Green Party in history is giving GW Bush Florida over Gore in 2000?
Relieved to find this is False. To think a Green Party candidate would endorse Trump is unthinkable.
Green Party stands aside in Zac Goldsmith by-election to back 'non-Tory win' for Lib Dems - https…
If Stein wins just 5% of the vote, the Green Party will be recognized as an official national party! http…
I voted Green Party in 3 of the last 4 Presidential elections. I am an idealist and I'm not a shill for anybody. Also, I'm voting Hillary.
Green Party leader Eamon Ryan after British HC ruling -calling for Sinn Féin to have their 4 MPs vote against Brexit in House of Commons
Daily Kos triggered by principled leftists in the Green Party who aren't rent-seeking virtue signallers.
Theo Epstein could lead a Green Party candidate to the White House. I am absolutely convinced of this.
Vote for Green Party candidates like who's running for Camden City Council in New Jersey:
Little Giant Ladders
Beaver sues Green Party leader Elizabeth May for stealing its teeth
Green Party responds to ruling Government’s plans to tackle air pollution are illegal
Nick Clegg dominant on , shall we just do a Green Party and have co-leaders? (No it's a dreadful idea).
Change the system. Support the Green Party in getting to 5% of the vote. Listen to Jill Stein's inspiring plea.
Jill Stein: Why 5% for the Green Party is a win for America
Help the Green Party earn 5 percent to get federal matching funds so we can be a strong voice for the people.
Who is Dr Jill Stein? Meet the US Presidential candidate and Green Party activist
Rosa Clemente mentioned a lot of racism she faced w Green Party. How do u reconcile that?
.spoke w/ Green Party's about her run against for House
thanks for running on the Green Party ticket, you got my vote, good luck!
Green Party candidate, correct about U.S. bombing seven countries, & guess what all of them are Muslim nations
Off to Delta College in Saginaw Bay, event, I will get 20 minutes to make the case for the Green Party...
can anyone in Ross's Green Party explain how their *unconditional* support of Indy is compatible with their desire to tackle…
Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate for president, and she sits down with Cenk Uygur, host of The Young...
last I checked, the official Green Party platform still considerers "Alternative Medicine" legit
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Remember, the Green Party is backing Trump because of this war posturing against Russia that Hillary/Barry are pushing.
Lungu is not walking what he preaches – Sinkamba. The opposition Green Party has accused President Edgar Lungu of...
an appalling article that doesn't even mention Larry Sanders (Bernie's brother) standing for the Green Party.
Bernie Sanders campaigning for the Green Party (in England)
"One of the four pillars of the Green Party is non-violence which is why I support Jill Stein."
The occupy movement should vote for the Green Party simply because the democratic party and president Obama negated your movement.
Like Jill Stein's Green Party and other 'progressive' voices, the Morning Star supports intervention in Syria - but on…
there is another Green Party candidate would benefit more from endorsing, jusayin
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein to campaign in Austin
Back in the 1970s,my best 'green buddy' was someone called David Fleming. Together, we crafted the Green Party manifes…
Ron Paul expresses admiration for Green Party's Jill Stein, says she's '... via
Green Party's Stein picks up support in Vt. - Barre Montpelier Times Argus …
how can you be Libertarian yet for the TPP? Also Ron Paul said vote Green Party
"If you tend to lean toward progressivism, you can lean toward the Green Party." Thanks,
The Hill- Jill Stein EXCLUSIVE: The debate through the Green Party lens: OPINION | Stein forced to watch the ...
They probably consider her a terrorist. Green Party's Jill Stein escorted out of Hofstra ahead of debate via
the lad next door has just become Green Party rep for north Glasgow so going to get him along to FAC meeting on Monday 😉
3rd party!!Gary Johnson for Liberatarian and Jill Stein for green. Gary will be on ballet in all 50 states. Interview on Reason
the race is not only between Hillary and Trump. We have the Green Party..Look into Jill Stein! Get informed. There can still be hope.
Top story: The Green Party of the United States see more
Employment insecurity spreading like a disease: Govt must investigate and act:
Green Party nominee Jill Stein escorted off the Hofstra University campus
green party have had female presidential candidates in the past. Inspirational.
the obvious choice is green. The days of the 1 and 2 party systems around the world should end.
The elder brother of Bernie Sanders is making an attempt to enter Britain's parliament as a Green party candidate
Green Party candidate Jill Stein removed from debate site by police
.“I live in New York, so I’m voting for Stein and the Green Party, but if I lived in Ohio, I would vote fo…
Are we watching Green Party Pres 2020 or 2024 Candidate at 1 min. 44 sec. ? Sure has Enthusiasm
Green Party nominee escorted off debate premises
keep believing you "won" this debate, I'll know you only did because no one from the Green Party was able to take shots too.
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Debate convinced woman on to vote for Green Party. If her absentee ballot counts in a non-swing state, I might understand.
The Green Party doesn't flip-flop on matters of ethics and principle. Especially after getting your vote. Join
.makes another desperate ploy for attention. She's almost as crazy as Trump.
Green Party's Stein sees chance in Clinton's weakness with millennials
Jill Stein was escorted off debate premises
How does it feel making people take the Green Party even less seriously?
"Hello, my name is Jill Stein and I'm the Green Party candidate. I'm here for the de--"
Today Candidate was escorted off the premises.
"sister" party to Labour? They betray women in NI. No more Green Tories! Real Labour
Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein will not participate in the first presidential debate, and thei…
Would it be much of a guess to say Appleton? Jill Stein is the US Green Party presidential candidate.
Back in 2011 the Green Party's Kevin Zeese used to send me unsolicited emails slandering OccupyDC. Now he's moved o…
Green Party presidential candidate will be in Orlando next week
Thank the Lord. We need a Green Party, but we don't need one led by Stein & focused on playing presidential spoiler…
Bernie Sanders' brother Larry to stand as Green Party candidate in by-election for david cameron's fmr seat of Witney
Jill Stein of the Green Party, and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party are also running and perfectly eligible.
With all due respect for libertarian and Green Party fans, votes for them will not defeat Trump the horror. Vote for Clinton
The system IS rigged if the Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates can't debate. Funny. I didn't hear Trump say this.
Good job for taking notice of the Libertarian Party ticket. Time for the Green Party
It's insulting to call a vote for the Green Party (or even the Libertarian Party) a "protest vote," as if what we...
is being weaponised against the disabled, says Green Party co-leader via
Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party hopeful Jill Stein have failed to quali...
Green Party's Jill Stein says she still plans to show up to the first debate
The warrant for Jill Stein's arrest is getting the Green Party and protestors more coverage. Vandalize me queen
Libertarian and Green Party presidential candidates fail to qualify for first debate, commission says.
3 headlines: reproducing press releases from David Miliband, Sadiq Khan & the Green Party. How about some balance?
I liked the Green Party more when their candidate for NY Governor was Grandpa Munster.
Why Dan Savage is dead wrong about Jill Stein and the Green Party via
If Lisa Duffy wins leadership, we will become as relevant as the Green Party.
I reads signs about evil corporations, black lives matter, Green Party. Only one had "drawings" of indigenous peoples.
The green-party candidate shows he's really green:
“No to corruption…No to big money!” Green Party candidate speaks to protesters outside
Party on New Village Green in aid of Kidney Research.
Arrest warrants issued for Jill Stein, running mate after N.D. protest via
could have protested without committing a crime. Not saying the is okay.
Snopes on the accusations that doesn't support vaccines:.
and to answer your question about national debt watch the Green Party townhall prob on YouTube she answers it
Considering all the dirt we have on the candidates, would you believe which one we had the arrest warrant issued for
The Green Party presidential candidate just got arrested for one of the dumbest crimes you can imagine | BizPac Rev
true. And apparently The Green Party is even worse.
Great political theater: Austin residents not sure what to make of Green Party pres candidate walking the streets
Party @ my place after we win Green and Gold ...
Too many going and third-party ~ Jig is up ~ “A vote is only wasted when you vote against your conscience” ~ Mar…
So the DFL is now pro voter suppression? Might be time to check out the Green Party.
4. In June, I noted in that we didn't know if would use 3 or 4-way polls to decide who has 15% https:/…
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A party with co-leaders has no leader. Yet more evidence of how pointless the Green Party is...
I signed up to volunteer for North Carolina Green Party. Join me! via
Arrest warrants issued for 2 on Green Party presidential ticket - Wichita Eagle
Green party: From Eric André to *** ” an army of pranksters has invaded the airwaves over the last 20 years,…
The green party and the like have done worse as the years go on. Just like Hillary. I doubt they get more than 3%.
22yo Female with Athletic body, 32C *** Green eyes and Brown hair.
Jill Stein, presidential candidate for the Green Party, addresses the topic of foreign policy
Green Party reaffirms support for Jill & Ajamu Baraka at the Dakota pipeline protest after charges are filed
Party time at Cabana with BuffRx carlaretief! If you're looking for a dermatologist in green…
."It's game over for the American people if they're not allowed a real choice" https:/…
ICYMI: An arrest warrant was filed for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein
So let me get this straight. The woman that says "Lock Her Up!" about Hillary is currently running from authorities?
Green Party nominee graffitiing equipment. Arrest warrants issued for her and her running mate.
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