Green Monster & Fenway Park

The Green Monster is a popular nickname for the thirty-seven foot, two-inch (11.33 m) high left field wall at Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Fenway Park is a baseball park near Kenmore Square in Boston, Massachusetts. 5.0/5

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This week I toured home field Fenway Park on a school trip! Great tour, loved the vibe, tradition, and Green Monster!
The view from the top of the Green Monster ✌ @ Fenway Park
Former Raider Marlon Gibbs in front of the "Green Monster" at Fenway Park
Sick & tired of people supporting hoodlums. I 1000% support police officers & law and order. Making martyrs of bums like Michael Brown makes me nauseous. Ought to hang this officer killing scumbags body from the flag pole at the White House. That terrorist who blew up the Boston Marathon, hang him from the Green Monster at Fenway Park. Make an example of these losers. Quit encouraging lawlessness people. If you are anti police, anti America...leave. This country does not need you! You aint worthy of being here.
Pics of me and the Green Monster from the Spartan Stadium Sprint race in Fenway Park, Boston:
Response to Star Tribune article Target Field is Minnesota's real All-Star Article by: EDITORIAL BOARD , Star Tribune ... Updated: July 11, 2014 - 6:08 PM I moved to Boston in 1969, at seventeen years of age, I quickly became hooked on baseball. The experience of taking Boston’s MBTA Green Line Light Rail system to Fenway Park, approaching the field billowing with the sparkle and flash of a warm summer evening, the salty and fresh breezes from the Charles River and the Atlantic, the glow of field light accentuating the nearby Prudential Center and the rest of Boston’s skyline, the smell of hot dogs and the rustle and rap of thousands of baseball fans streaming out of trolleys was quite simply intoxicating. The Red Sox weren’t playing all that well in those years, never a contender, but I enjoyed sitting in the center right bleachers, right next to the Green Monster wall that rose above Landsdowne Street, embellished by the CITCO sign near the Charles River. It was the quintessential urban summer exp ...
Somebody you know is going to Fenway Park for batting practice, Fenway Park Tour including Green Monster & Executive Member Club Level/Red Sox Hall of Fame. photos on Right Field Roof Deck, special VIP tables, food, drink & Red Sox vs Cincinnati Reds. I'm so excited I might faint! :) I love baseball!
I'm a Yankee fan for life, and dislike the red *** Food for thought The inside of Fenway Park's Green Monster wall is filled with hundred of sisignatures from current and former Major League Baseball players.
Last Patriots Day I left Fenway Park in a hurry. Not five minutes had passed since Mike Napoli had sent everyone home happy with a game winning hit off the Green Monster. I hadn’t missed a Marathon Da
The Legoland Discovery Center Boston celebrated Friday’s home opener for the Boston Red Sox with a Lego replica of Fenway Park, complete with the Green Monster and the Pesky Pole.
US Flag over the Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston yesterday !!
MLB: MUJICA IMPLODES IN 9TH, SOX LOSE HOME OPENER. Jake Peavy pitched a solid 6 innings giving up only 2 runs on 6 hits while striking out 4 and gave way to the bullpen in which was good until the top of the 9th inning when newcomer Edward Mujica gave up 4 runs on 4 hits only recording 2 outs to end up the losing pitcher and spoil the emotional home opener as the Boston Red Sox fell to the Milwaukee Brewers this afternoon 6-2 at Fenway Park. Boston couldn't get much work done at the plate as they were outhit 12 to 5. Will Middlebrooks hit his 1st homerun of the season, a shot over the Green Monster and finished 1 for 2 with a walk. Boston falls to 2-2 in the AL East.
BOSTON -- As anniversary years go for Boston baseball, this one was made in hardball heaven. One hundred years ago, a 19-year-old left-handed pitcher named Ruth made his debut for the Red Sox. He brought with him the nickname he'd picked up just months before in Baltimore: Babe. Meanwhile, the Miracle Braves, Boston's National League team, went from last place on the Fourth of July to 1914 World Series champions. Seventy-five years ago, a 20-year-old outfielder named Ted Williams made his Sox debut. "If there was ever a man born to be a hitter," he once said, "it was me." Fifty years ago, a 19-year-old hometown kid named Tony Conigliaro hit a Home Run over the Green Monster on the first pitch of his first at-bat at Fenway Park, his drive clearing the screen that no longer sits atop the wall. That day, the Sox donated all proceeds to the JFK Library, being built in memory of the young president who had been assassinated just months before. The Kennedy brothers, Bobby and Teddy, were there, along with the g ...
Paulie takes you inside the Boston Red Sox home Fenway Park and batting practice high above the Green Monster in his first ever tour of the ballpark. What we.
Jimmy Buffett is eating cheeseburgers inside the Green Monster at Fenway Park.
So, will play at Fenway Park in 2015!! Will ND wear the green jerseys, or will they paint the Green Monster gold?
Football at Fenway?! It's happening in 2015. Notre Dame & Boston College in front of the Green Monster:
Bring your family to Fenway Park to enjoy a ride on the Monster Sled during Citi Frozen Fenway 2014. The Monster Sled is a 20-foot high sledding and tubing ramp set in the shadow of the Green Monster.
Pitcher Roy Halladay is retiring today as a Blue Jay. What a great competitor. The Holland clan got to see him take the bump in Fenway Park during late August of 2009. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for baseball. Our seats were down the right field line near the bullpens. What struck me was Halladay was the first player from either team on the field two hours before the game. All by himself - in the outfield. His stretching routine was incredible. Very focused and committed to his craft. Halladay didn't have his best stuff on this day. Red Sox won 7-0 thanks to spot starter Paul Byrd. Rocco Baldelli hit a absolute bomb off of Halladay over the Green Monster.
"Fenway Park, when I first saw it, I drove by it. I came down Route 90-I got called up from Pittsfield. So, here I go down to the ballpark, my '62 Chevy.Chevrolet, with 185,000 miles on it, and I go, 'Fill it with oil, check the gas.' And I come by it and I say, 'Well, there it is, look at that, the beautiful Green Monster and the highway,' and I said, 'I'll take a right and a right, and I'll end up right at the park.' I took a right and a right, ended up in Cambridge. Then I realized the Northwest Territories Act hadn't been in effect when Boston was built. Couldn't find the park. When I found it, I said, 'This is not a park this is a factory!' The brick facade and everything, and the little red door on Yawkey Way-it was called Jersey Street back then. And then you walk through the gates and you come through that little tunnel, and then all of a sudden, you see the green. The green of the seats, the green of the wall, the green of field, and the little dirt cut out, and the proximity of the foul line to ...
over the Green Monster at Fenway park.
Field of Dreams-Fenway Park tour today with igersboston community. This is from the Green Monster.…
World Series: parade boosts Boston’s ‘healing process’: BOSTON—The paraded from the Green Monster to the Charles River on Saturday to celebrate a most The “rolling rally” left Fenway Park three days after the team won the World Series with a 6-1 victory over the in Game 6 at its longtime home ...
We ARE Absolute Yankees fans. Thus we had to visit Fenway Park this year to scope out the enemy, sit on the Green Monster and ward off a positive season. Needless to say. That didn't work.
Very cool! MT Fenway Park in the 40's. Rare color photo of Green Monster particolored w/advertisement.
Fenway Park in the 1940's. Rare color photo (found two!) of the Green Monster particolored with advertisement.
Inside Fenway's "Green Monster": CNN's Brooke Baldwin takes us behind the scenes at Fenway Park. .
Why did Fenway Park build seats over the Green Monster? So fans could catch Beltran's Home Run balls.
Reds owners' delight as Boston Red Sox reach World Series John Henry's pride as Sox home in on third title in a decade Just twelve months after their worst season in almost 50 years, the Boston Red Sox - the baseball team belonging to Liverpool FC owners Fenway Sports Group - are heading back to the World Series. On Saturday night at a packed-out Fenway Park in Boston they defeated the Detroit Tigers 5-2 to complete a four games to two victory in the best-of-seven American League Championship Series. Trailing 2-1 heading into the home half of the seventh inning, the Red Sox blew the contest wide open when veteran outfielder Shane Victorino hammered a Grand Slam homer over the Green Monster in left field scoring four runs. The Sox held on from that point with the ALCS Most Valuable Player, relief pitcher Koji Uehara, earning his third save of the series to close out the contest. Delighted franchise owner, John W Henry , said: "I'm so proud of this team and what they've done. We’ve been to the World Serie ...
New post: ke Carp plays a ball hit off the Green Monster wall during team practice at Fenway Park in Boston, Monday,
Weds. eve Shane Victorino brings his Phils magic to Fenway Park in Boston. Ready to scream? Watch Shane go yard over green monster!
The best sports writer ever- Mitch albums take on the tigers unsuccessful run at the World Series for those that may care? BOSTON — All night long, the Green Monster in Fenway Park had been kicking the ball back, keeping them in it, keeping the last gasps of the Tigers’ season alive. A deep shot by Boston’s Jonny Gomes missed being a Home Run by a foot, it went off the wall and back into play. The Tigers dodged that bullet. A Dustin Pedroia blast rocketed to left-center and caromed back as well, missing the Home Run opening by a few car lengths. The Tigers dodged another. But as midnight drew nearer, you could feel they were hanging by a fraying rope, and the threads kept stripping with every mistake and missed chance — and there were just too many of those. Finally, in the bottom of the seventh, after Max Scherzer exited the game, Detroit shortstop Jose Igelsias, maybe their best fielder, bobbled a routine grounder, and you could hear Tigers fans groaning from 500 miles away. What could have been ...
Fenway Park: Left Field: 310 feet Left-Center Field: 379 feet Center Field: 390 feet Deep Center Field: 420 feet Deep Right Field: 380 feet Right Field : 302 feet Right Field in Fenway is 380' Ortiz's HR into the Sox BP traveled over 400 feet. The Green Monster is 310' feet. Most balls hit into the monster seats would be HRs in any park. Do the geometry. If the ball is 310' from home pate and is over 50' high, how far would it go in distance? Victorino's HR was coming down when it cleared the wall so it would have traveled, at best, 350' and probably been caught in most ballparks. The problem with the Green Monster is that it makes outs into basehits. It also makes singles out of line drive doubles in most parks. The bottom line though is that the Green Monster is there for both teams. It gives, and takes, from both teams.
One of the absolute best sounds in baseball: The hollow thwack of the wooden bat on horsehide ball, momentary pause then ringing hollow ringing bong of a hard hit to the Green Monster at Fenway Park. Music to baseball lover's ears. Heard it twice tonight, three times last night. Hope to hear it many more times this month yet.
A portion of my Bucket List-Fenway Park, Boston. Gotta see the Green Monster.
Fenway Park, the Green Monster, and Sweet Caroline. Even as a Yankees fan, I can say Fenway is an…
Despite objections from residents and one board member, the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Thursday authorized a $7.3 million deal to let the Red Sox use two public streets near Fenway Park for game-day concessions and seating over the Green Monster. The arrangement grants the Red Sox permission…
I am so excited for Bobby and Kendall Mitchell. Today they have the experience that children and grown men and woman only dream of. They are going to be playing a game of ball on the field of Fenway Park. The feeling they will get, the goosebumps they will get, when they are up against the Green Monster and view all the divets. (I know that feeling, had a chance myself a few years ago)
The Green Monster! Better known as The Green Monstah to Bostonians... The Green Monster is a popular nickname for the thirty-seven foot, two-inch (11.33 m) high left field wall at Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The wall is only 310–315 feet from home plate, and is a popular target for right-handed hitters. The original ad-covered Green Monster in 1914. The wall was part of the original ballpark construction of 1912. It is made of wood, and was covered in tin and concrete in 1934. It was then covered with hard plastic in 1976. A manual scoreboard is set into the wall. Despite the name, the Green Monster was not painted green until 1947; before that it was covered with advertisements. The Monster designation is relatively new. For most of its history it was simply called "The Wall". The wall is the highest among current Major League Baseball fields, and is the second highest among all professional baseball fields (including minor leagues), falling approximately six inches short of ...
I just read : Remy owns a hot dog stand, "RemDawg's," located on Yawkey Way outside of Fenway Park in Boston, as well as Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill in Logan International Airport since 2008 and Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill behind Fenway Park on Boylston Street, which opened March 9, 2010. A third location opened in Remy's hometown of Fall River in October 2012. He also runs a web site, The Remy Report,[2] and is the author of the book Watching Baseball (co-authored with Corey Sandler) and the children's books Hello Wally and Wally the Green Monster and His Journey Through Red Sox Nation!. He has Charles River water running in his veins :) Be Strong!
Happy FenDay. 5/31/09 was my first trip to Fenway Park. I used the oh-so-subtle presale code of "FenPhish" to get presale tickets on the field. Those "friends and family" tickets went to pretty much everyone on PT. It being a late addition to the tour, I was only in Boston for 24 hours and 1 minute. I landed at 6:30 AM on the 31st and took off at 6:31 the next morning. It was a lot of travel for one show, but to dance on Yawkey Way while hearing the soundcheck quasi-debut of Kill Devil Falls, to see Destiny Unbound for the first time since 1990 (obviously it had been played since then but I wasn't lucky enough to attend those) and Curtis Loew for the first time since 1993, well that would have been enough to make the trip worthwhile. Being able to touch the Pesky Pole and hang by the Green Monster and stare at the Citgo sign just made it more impressive.
In the wake of the unthinkable tragedy at the Boston Marathon, debate is raging over whether companies can and should seek to trademark the city's resilient rallying cry, "Boston Strong." The phrase has popped up all over Boston in recent days from the Green Monster at Fenway Park to signs left at the bombing memorial.
Pedroia lifts Red Sox late for win vs. Indians. Forget about the power, Dustin Pedroia is still playing like the guy who won the American League MVP Award in 2008. After Jon Lester battled back from a rough third inning, setting a season-high with 124 pitches through seven innings, Pedroia stepped into the batter's box with two outs and the game tied in the eighth. Pedroia squared up a pitch from Indians setup man Vinnie Pestano, who entered with a 2.45 ERA, and drove the ball into left field, where it bounced high off the Green Monster for the go-ahead RBI double. Pedroia's heroics led the Red Sox to a wild 7-4 win over the Indians on a wet Saturday afternoon at Fenway Park. With two doubles on Saturday, Pedroia has 14 on the year while hitting .337. He's only hit a couple of homers, but his on-base percentage ranks in the top three in the AL and his clutch play has again been on display. A game that finished happily for the Red Sox once appeared to be destined for disappointment. Following a frustrating ...
deluxe box includes an exclusive piece of the "NKOTB" banner that hung over the Green Monster at Fenway Park. but wait, there's more!
2013 Spring Training marks the sophomore season of JetBlue Park at Fenway South, the Spring Training ballpark and adjoining Player Development Complex for the Boston Red Sox in Lee County, Florida. A number of the characteristics of the ballpark are taken from Fenway Park, including a "Green Monster...
Fenway Park's famous Green Monster to compensate for a short left field, Boston, MA
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Boston bound in just over a week, I was inspired for today's Road Trip destination with fond memories of Fenway Park. The oldest ballpark in the US, Fenway was built in 1912 and is filled with tons of character and history. Tours are available and are a great way to see everything from the press box to the legendary Green Monster. If you're lucky enough to be in town for a game I whole heartedly recomend it! Pair it with some peanuts and crackerjacks and Play Ball!
Looking for an opportunity to purchase tickets to see Opening Day, the Yankees at Fenway Park or to experience the Green Monster or the Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck? Register today!
13 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT... BOSTON!!! * It's the largest city in New England * Home of great sports teams - Bruins, Red Sox & Celtics * Do Not visit in Winter!!! Too Cold!!! * Famous for the Boston Tea Party * Known for Historic Neighbourhoods dating back to the 1700's * Features the Green Monster at Fenway Park * Fabulous CRUISE PORT for heading out on New England Cruises * Home of Paul Revere and other Revolutionary War History * Great starting point for Fall Colour Tours of Autumn Foliage * Home to Harvard University * See Great Museums & Galleries - Institute of Contemporary Art * Hosts The Boston Marathon * Has a lot of Firsts in North America ie Lighthouse & Subway
Brr! October baseball in Boston for a Red Sox game atop the Green Monster table seats at Fenway Park w/Sabes x3 clan!
Once a year we donate our admission fees to charity. Admission is a new toy to be collected by the US Marines at the front door. If you forget to bring a toy has Wally the Green Monster toys for sale at the restaurant. PARKING IS ONLY $9.00 ACROSS THE STREET AT LAZ PARKIN...
And the most creative costume award goes to? Fenway Park's Green Monster
Sick of the same ol scene... Come witness the groove of the Boston Common Band live... We are gonna be in full affect tonight at the Landsdowne Club in Boston Ma.. right behind the green monster at Fenway Park.. 21 + 5 dollar cover.. costume party if you desire... Come check out these band and be ready to dance... You know I will!!!
Time to reintroduce myself to the Green Monster. (@ Fenway Park w/ 2 others)
Day One over... someone stole my little plaque that was a piece of Fenway Park's Green Monster... and, an *** tried to buy a box of my personal belongings that was accidentally misplaced, for ten bucks without even "looking at what was inside." Many great records went away for a dollar or so, and overall it was not a pleasant experience, but the purge is on. And, to the thief... I hope you get much love out of that piece, and then rot in *** :)
So we had a weekly contest at work, winner gets our company's season ticket holder 'end of season thank you", which includes a tour of Fenway Park, pictures with the '04 and '07 World Series trophies, but easily the most amazing/coolest thing ever, you get to take BP at Fenway Park, I hate to gloat but the winner of this contest was me, meaning I get a crack at the Green Monster tomorrow, BP at Fenways park, literally a dream come true. Bucket List= 60% complete.
Custom murals for your home or business. Specializing in Fenway Park inspired murals. Fenway Photography. Notecards. Have Brushes. Will Travel.
I had the most wonderful day yesterday...went to Fenway Park for a "tour". I'd been once, years ago, to a game, but this was way better. The guide took us all thru the stadium, press boxes, "Green Monster", sky boxes, etc., etc. I only wish Tommy could have been with me; he would've loved it. Then it was off to Cheers for lunch and, oh yes, SHOPPING at Quincy Market. Fun, fun, fun.
The lights were turned out on another season at Fenway Park on Wednesday night, but not before the Tampa Bay Rays got a little dancing in. The Rays rookies, taking part in some rookie hazing, hit Fenway's outfield grass in front of the famed Green Monster to shake their groove things. The Tampa rook...
What's with the rookies and their chick show at Fenway Park? I'm surprised the green monster didn't collapse.
Signed the Green Monster, no one thought I'd only put my name did they?? Go Rays! @ Fenway Park
Just booked my batting practice at Fenway Park! I might have to put a dent or two in the green monster!
Fenway Park has nothing on us. We installed our own "Green Monster" last night. Doing the finishing touches today. I guess we've gone green until June.
So, it looks like the biggest perk of being a Red Sox season ticket holder is that I get to take batting practice at Fenway Park in a couple weeks! Green Monster watch out!
Went on a Maine whale watching trip this summer. Tom thought it was to visit the National Basketball Hall of Fame and eat in a bar behind the and under the Green Monster at Fenway Park. We did see whales (Fin and Humpback as well as a pod of Atlantic White Sided dolphins!)
Christian Elias has been operating the manual scoreboard at the Boston Red Sox's historic Fenway Park for more than two decades.
Wally the Green Monster costume has been stolen from Fenway Park. Perpetrator fled in costume, is still at large (via ...
One week to go then I will be in Boston. Can't wait to be standing on the grass in Fenway Park in front of the Green Monster. Hopefully the Jays will win while I am there.
We took a trip to Boston to see Fenway Park for it's 100th Anniversary. We got to go up on the Green Monster and watch the Red Sox batting practice and found out that Boston is a really expensive town. It cost us $143 to park our car at the hotel for three days!!
I absolutely love when opposing left fielders come to Fenway Park and have NO idea how to play balls off the Green Monster!
Former Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez told the LA Times he couldn't be himself during his year-and-a-half in Boston, and a certain wall in Fenway Park led to his lower Home Run totals.
Tomorrow? Stadium The green monster at Fenway Park. Boston Red Sox vs the Kansas City Royals. Been waiting a long time to see this park in person.
Is it an issue that I'm atop the Green Monster and I just wanna be at the House of Blues? @ Fenway Park
Alright, friend got tix to see the Royals and Red Sox on Sunday at Fenway Park. Weather looks good, afternoon game, beers and hot dogs at the Green Monster.
Enjoying the night in Fenway Park, we got a tour of the Green Monster
Fenway Park. Been coming here for more than 35 years but going on the field for the first time! We will watch the first 3 innings from INSIdE the green monster and change the scoreboard. Very cool!
I feel like it'd be just awesome to sit on top of the Green Monster out in Fenway Park ⚾
Green Monster covered in giant flag to pay tribute to Johnny Pesky. @ Fenway Park
The Big Green Monster would’ve been a great nickname for me. Too bad Fenway Park got to it first.
Confession 5: My biggest goal is to attend a Boston Red Sox vs Yankees game at Fenway Park and actually sit in the stands on top of the green monster.
Wishing I was in Boston tonight! Fenway Park, big green monster, and Bruce!
R.I.P. Johnny Pesky... I don't know what to say. He meant nothing to me, and the lure of Pesky's Pole is totally overrated (he only hit 6 of his 17 career HRs at Fenway Park), but it will be weird not seeing him at Fenway for the next Yankees-Sox series, since he was such a staple there. It's almost like taking away the Green Monster.
Would you like to see Shawn Thornton, Tuukka Rask, Dan Paille and Mike Mottau take batting practice at Fenway Park? Watch now as the B's swing for the Green Monster
Mike and Jamie get to go into Fenway Park's famed Green Monster and tour the home of the Boston Red Sox.
went to Boston one time for a few hours and we took a tour of Fenway Park, so cool!!! Stood on top of Green Monster
Pat and I went to Fenway Park today, great ballpark with all of it's history, saw home team hit homer over the "green monster" and home team won. We followed that up with a great dinner in "Little Italy" - pretty sure I saw Don Corlenone having a glass of wine with a few of his "friends".
My 13 year old stepson Mason is playing in a baseball tournament in Cooperstown. The field they are on is a "mini" Fenway Park. In his first game there he hit two Home Runs over the " Green Monster" in left! Those were the first Home Runs he has ever hit! Good timing! Way to go Mase!
1 hour 53 minutes spent making a to-scale football field (complete with locker rooms, sideline benches uprights, and of course "BRONCOS" spelled out in each Endzone) 30 minutes spent making a chessboard, complete with Diamond Block pieces (White) and Emerald Block pieces (black). 2-ish hours making a to-scale hockey arena, complete with benches and penalty boxes (and BRUINS spelled out in the ice). Minecraft... you are like the infinite Lego set from heaven above. Next up... going to try to create Fenway Park (the field, at least, including the Big Green Monster) and then... well... um... Water Polo arena, I think. Any suggestions?
Minnesota Twins' Brian Dozier just hit a nice HR in Fenway Park. So high that I think the baseball got a bloody nose from the altitude - ABOVE the Green Monster seats
How good was Cabrera's Home Run @ Fenway Park today over the Green Monster and into the carpark and out in the street .. Go Tigers featured in NBC s Science of Love
Cabby and Prince go back-to-back for the 2nd time in 4 days. Cabrera's shot literally left Fenway Park over the Green Monster
Jason Bay is still hiding somewhere inside the walls of the Green Monster at Fenway Park.
For all of you Michigan friends who may not be familiar with Fenway Park, that homerun Cabrarra hit was a bomb !! Behind the green monster, there's a street, with a parkinglot on the other side. behind that is the Massachusetts Turnpike. Cabrarra's ball landed in the parkinglot, took a couple hops and bounced down onto the Mass pike.
Cabrera just hit one completely out of Fenway Park, into parking lot behind Green Monster. Price followed with another Home Run.
Wally the Green Monster was stolen from Fenway Park. The person is allegedly wearing the costume. Stay with 7News for updates.
Wally the Green Monster went missing from Fenway Park on Friday afternoon…
So, no joke, apparently the Wally the Green Monster costume was stolen from Fenway Park.
On the Boston Red Sox website checking out a couple of seats for Ross Hart and I on our upcoming east coast trip.Can any of my friends suggest a good section of Fenway Park to sit in ? All the tickets behind the Green Monster are sold out.
Looks different, eh? Fenway Park hosts Liverpool FC and AS Roma tonight. Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. We'll have live updates here throughout...
Just got back from an awesome trip to Boston!!! We tried to drink the city dry but it didn't happen! It was great hanging out with Kelli and touring the town! Even got to be on the "fan cam" at Fenway Park!!! However, we didn't get to sit on "the green monster" like Randy did! That'll be on the next trip!
I'm at Fenway Park in Boston.Just witnessed my first hit at the Green Monster and then a homerun! Perfect Saturday night!! P.S. It is 72 degrees!
Dark Knight was good. The theater was awesome. Had a Gorgonzola burger and Green Monster shake at Tasty Burger across from Fenway Park. Heading back that way for my first Red Sox game in a couple of hours. Found out what Fenway actually means. Heck of a "me" day.
Joan Rivers is sitting in the Green Monster seats at the Red Sox game tonight. Fenway Park is probably the only place that has had more work done to it than she has over the last 100 years.
Fenway Park crowd cheers former Boston all-star after three-run blast over Green Monster.
7/17/12: Kevin Youkilis hits a three-run homer over the Green Monster in his second game at Fenway Park since being traded to the White Sox
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Someone take me to Fenway Park and get me seats on the green monster
Enjoyed 4th of July week in Boston--so much history--lots to see & do. The Freedom Trail seemed endless but worth it. No one at 'Cheers' knew my name but it's a great place, including the bar. The Boston Pops and fireworks at the Espanade were absolutely awesome. Toured the USS Constitution & NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson. Viewed the USCG Eagle & USS Wasp (helicopter carrier) along w/four foreign tall ships & of course the 'Green Monster' at Fenway Park!
Day one: Stage 1: Boston for a day - featuring Fenway Park and the Green Monster with Carrie Churchward Etress...
can't see Carl Vestweber and Sofia K. Vestweber at Fenway Park on channel 300 but there are balls bouncing off of the Green Monster. Is the Green Monster a chupacabra?
Peeking out from inside the Green Monster @ Fenway Park
The baseball went over the Green Monster and outside Fenway Park, incredible!
"Theres never enough runs at Fenway Park. Ain't that the truth?! Come on fellows... Blast that Green Monster!
as much as I hate Fenway Park, look at the quote inside the Green Monster
Last Thursday I went to Boston - one of my favorite places on earth - to watch The Wall get loaded into Fenway Park. It was quite simply too much to take in. My next posting will be shots of the massive crew shoehorning this utterly colossal show into a 100 year old baseball cathedral with only one door through which to load in. The video field on the wall is 500 feet long and the structure extends roughly 60 feet beyond that on either side. It stands higher than the Green Monster and thus this was the first time in the storied history of Fenway that spectators could not see the world famous left field fence.
Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life This Day in Mickey Mantle History: June 28, 1966: Mickey has another career two-homer game, driving in all three Yankees’ runs. He starts with a two-run lefty blast slammed deep into the bleachers in right-center in the first, then slices a lefty opposite-field solo shot in the eighth onto the screen above the Green Monster in left that gets him a standing ovation from Red Sox fans in a 5-3 loss at Fenway Park.
Up until recently, the only wall allowed in Boston's Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, was the mighty Green Monster. That is until yesterday (July 1)
The Wall in front of "The Wall" (Green Monster). Maybe more stoked than in Pittsburgh. (@ Fenway Park) [pic]:
Even in the 'Ted' scene filmed at Fenway Park, the Green Monster scoreboard displays the being in first place, in 3rd.
My wife is texting me from Fenway Park. I am sooo jealous. She is watching the Bluejays and Red Sox game tonite from the Green Monster.
The Fenway Park & the Green Monster... One houndred years of history and faith... They hope, the saw ir
Our trip is almost done. We fly out of Boston around lunch on Tuesday. We finished off our stay with a guided tour of Fenway Park. We got to sit at the top of the Green Monster. Absolutely amazing!! We made a stop at Quincy Market. Sorry we didn't go there before tonight. It's back home to Tennessee tomorrow!
enjoying a night at Fenway Park. Congrats on 100 years Green Monster! Go Braves!
Roger Clemens took Friday night's Red Sox-Braves game from the Green Monster seats, and heard it from the Fenway Park crowd when featured on the big screen.
While many players like Luke Scott love to talk trash about the Fenway Faithful, Mark Beuhrle had nothing but kind words about Fenway Park and playing ball at Fenway against the Red Sox: "To me, of all the old ballparks, Wrigley, [old] Yankee Stadium and Fenway, this is my favorite older stadium," Buehrle said of Fenway. "I don't know why. Obviously, the Green Monster out there, the history. I've had some good memories there. It's a fun place to go to."
It's the fantasy of many to step into the Fenway Park batter's box and to try to face down the Green Monster, and that's percisely what the Jimmy Fund Fantasy Day is for. More than 2,000 people attended last year's event, and they raised about $215,000 for cancer research by helping fundraise. A sel...
Boston. Tuesday, Joyce Carol Oates, reading letters she received from John Updike . . . and pausing when she got to the, ah, good parts. Wednesday, Fenway Park, and I view the world from the top of the Big Green Monster. Today, a walk from the Government Center down to the river, across the bridge, down to MIT, through that college to Mass Ave, then down to Harvard. Maybe four miles.
Thank you Liberty Mutual and Fenway Park for an AWESOME day at Fenway!!! We saw alot of things we wouldn't normally see at Fenway and ate whatever we wanted free...We listened to the Lt Dan Band (Gary Sinese's Band) sat in the Green Monster section and checked out a couple of things in the higher up section. Just AWESOME!! George and I want to Thank you again LM and Fenway park!!! Happy 100th to both of you!!
Green Monster here we come! Just bought tickets for a Red Sox game at historic Fenway Park during our trip in July. Can't wait for the family to experience this baseball mecca. It'll be my second visit. So amped!
Ross's summer baseball season began today. He got a chance to play on Wayne State's Field, which is really neat. They have an exact replica on Fenway Park's Green Monster; 38 ' high, same distance from homeplate as the one in Boston. They also have a scoreboard that was used in the old Tiger Stadium. Better yet. our guys one both games, 5-0 in 9 innings, and then 4-0. Ross pitched 8 innings in the first game and only gave up 2 hits.
Best trivial pursuit answer ever: What is the Green Monster at Boston's Fenway park? Answer: Lockness monster?
Fenway Park tour. On the Green Monster and in the press box:)
Roma plays Liverpool at Fenway Park this summer . . . Bojan was too scared to go until I assured him that the Green Monster was just a wall
The view from the Cask N Flagon of the back of the Green Monster of Fenway Park in Boston
After a long day of meetings, I am now sitting at FENWAY PARK! Looking at the Green Monster! Watching the Sox play the Tribe!
Steven Tyler played a white grand piano on top of the famous Green Monster.
I am sitting with Jean and 2 good friends atop the green monster at Fenway Park! It helps to know a guy who knows a guy.
Is bound for Fenway Park. Sitting in the front row of the Green Monster if anyone is gonna watch the game during Bruins commercials
Video on Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle talk with Red Sox scoreboard guy Christian Elias, who has worked the Green Monster for 22 years. Elias tells Geist and Barnicle some of the magic behind the job and shows them some legendary autographs inside the walls of the Green Monster.
BOSTON -- The man who put the green in Fenway Park's Green Monster died on the eve of the park's 100th anniversary, his family said. Friday, April 20, 2012.
In 1926 and 1934 they had fires at dumpy Fenway Park. In 1934 they built the Green Monster. takes a look at the history of Fenway Park as it turns 100 years old
Happy 100th Birthday to the best baseball stadium of all-time Fenway Park. 100 years and the place has barely changed. The Green Monster, Pesky Pole, The Triangle, Williams, Pesky, Doerr, Yaz, Evans, Buckner, Fisk, Tiant, Rice, Eckersley, Martinez, Ramirez, Dave Roberts, Nomar, Wakefield, Varitek, Schilling Now lets kick the Yankees *** !
Is it any coincidence that today (4/20) is the 100th birthday of Fenway Park, AKA, The Green Monster?? Well hope the Yankees can help ring this 100th birthday celebration in style!!! Burn em! I'll do my part in the 845.
Wonderful day yesterday. Brent got out of work early to take me into the Fenway Park open house. Went into the clubhouse, thru the tunnel and up into the dugout, sat in the Manager's seat then walked the field, touched the Green Monster and Fisk pole, went inside the scoreboard. Initially waited in line a little more than an hour in the concourse but no one minded -- everyone was in a good mood. Bought a new 100 birthday jersey and finished off the day having dinner at Jerry Remy's pub and Sports Bar. Hopefully I'll have some photo's to post soon. Today I'm devoting to recovery and watching the game on TV. :)
Happy Birthday, Fenway Park! It takes my breath away everytime I walk up the ramp and see the Green Monster in front of me.
Happy 100th to Fenway Park.was a surreal time in my life stepping inside the Green Monster my rookie year to sign the wall!!
Fenway Park is 100 years old today. And the Yankees will be there to commemorate the event . by painting a giant NY dead center on the Green Monster.
Fenway Park turns 100 years old today! Long live the Green Monster and the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square!
No game was played at Fenway on its 50th anniversary in 1962, but they played the day before and after in front of crowds of 9,000 and 13,000. Back then Fenway Park was a laughing stock and Yawkey tried very hard to get a municipally built stadium along the lines of Shea Stadium. This part of Red Sox history has been excised. If you can get your hands on a copy of a 1967 WS program from Boston (I have one, was at game 6) there is an ad that Atlantic Oil Co., a sponsor placed, that had a 26 stanza poem highlighting aspects of that wonderful year. The 25th quatrain, for letter "Y": Our thanks to Mr. Yawkey For yeard both good and glum The fans will fill up Fenway And that new Stadium. Yawkey bought the air rights over Lansdowne St, beyond the LF Wall (NOT the Green Monster; longtime BoSox fans remember when it was called The Wall) back around 1948 when the club was good and there would have been a need for the extra seats. By 1950 a downward spiral began that lasted until the Impossible Dream 1967 tea ...
Bumper to bumper traffic on Storrow Drive to the Fenway exit: a lesson in defensive driving. Parking the car: $50 Hot dogs for 4 : $35 A day spent in Fenway Park celebrating it's 100th anniversary, walking on the field, into the owner's box, Green Monster, waiting in line for an hour to get player's autographs?: Priceless.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
For those of you going to Fenway tomorrow, keep your eyes open for my Great Uncle, Lou Lucier. Old, faithful Ex-Red Sox Lucier, 94, still follows his beloved team March 27, 2012|By Stan Grossfeld, Globe StaffOldest living Red Sox Lou Lucier is still firing, but its more opinions than… (Lucier family photo (below); Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff)WEBSTER - On May 30, 1943, a rookie pitcher who rose out of the textile mills of the Blackstone Valley was given the ball for his first home start at Fenway Park. “My heart was pounding like *** I’ll tell you that,’’ says Lou Lucier, 94, the oldest living Red Sox. “You get on that mound there and you turn around and look at that Green Monster, and it felt like it was next to second base. It was so close. It looks the same today.’’ Lucier beat the Tigers, 5-1, as the skinny 5-foot-8-inch, 160-pound righthander threw a complete game and even knocked in a run.
Happy 100th anniversary to Wally the Green Monster and Fenway Park
Headed to the 100th Anniversary Open House at Fenway Park. I hope to meet some former Red Sox players and get to see some cool parts of the park, like inside the Green Monster.
If your looking for something to do.The Fenway Park Open House is today with free access to roam the ballpark, sit in the dugouts & touch the Green Monster. 9am-7pm
By now you know it's Fenway Park's 100 year! Stop in for kani, cuke & eel Green Monster sushi roll, in April only. ^LH...
Don't have tickets to be a part of Fenway Park's 100th anniversary celebration on Friday? Well, keep your head up and you might just find yourself at the park to see the Red Sox take on the rival New York Yankees. Members of the Red Sox front office and Wally the Green Monster will be placing 100 ba...
Feeding the Green Monster: One Man's Season at Fenway Park: Feeding the Green Monster is an invaluable and uniqu...
I want to go to Fenway Park so bad! I want to see the Green Monster in person! Go Red Sox :)
4/14/12: Cody Ross unleashes a two-run Home Run which completely clears the Green Monster and sails out of Fenway Park
Brignac Ends Boston Mayoral Run. Reid Brignac, in a surprise announcement, has pull out of the electoral race for the mayor of Boston. In a sometimes emotional press conference, Brignac said that while his overnight internal polling results had some bright spots, overall the numbers were discouraging. Asked what the bright spots were, Brignac said, "well, for instance, 1 percent of respondents had never heard of me. That encouraging result was overcome by the 16 percent who want me boiled in oil, the 32 percent who want me dropped feet first into a sausage grinder, the 26 percent who want me hung from the rafters in Fenway Park, then beheaded at second base, then have my head stuck on a stake on the Green Monster. The rest were even less encouraging. All in all, we couldn't see any clear path to victory. Frankly, we're hoping for a clear path to Logan Airport on Sunday." Insiders say Brignac was unable to obtain an endorsement from influential local fly ball magnate Jacoby Ellsbury.
A lot of things seem to be celebrating a centennial this week. On CBS Sunday Morning, we'll have two: Mo Rocca goes into the Green Monster to celebrate 100 years of Fenway Park (don't call it a stadium!). And we'll have a unique perspective on the RMS Titanic, which (as you may have heard) sunk 100 years ago tomorrow. Join us, just listen for the trumpet.
Emil Disario, 88, is a decorated World War II hero, but he's almost as proud of his contribution to Boston's iconic Fenway Park.
I want to go inside the Green Monster at Fenway Park.
Hired today to another at Fenway Park in June, on the Green Monster. And the...
Watching a PBS special about Fenway Park - talking about the Green Monster seats, they showed a woman up there, wearing a Mo Vaughn jersey
View from the GREEN MONSTER in Fenway Park! Are you kidding me?!?!?!!
Syracuse Chiefs will get a chance to target Fenway Park's Green Monster
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