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Green Line

Green Line refers to the demarcation lines set out in the 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

United Center Oak Park Red Line North Station College Park Branch Ave Prince George Clackamas Town Center

Mayor Nenshi's latest media Q&A: secondary suites, Green Line, Montreal's new mayor, and more
Dear open a shop in Oak Park, IL. Preferably on Oak Park Ave by the Green Line or Lake Park by the High School!
Green Line trolley to be named Sycuan in $25 million deal with casino in San Diego
MTS Green Line naming rights deal with Sycuan will generate up to $25.5 million over 30 years for trolley system.…
Board also just approved contract with Sycuan Casino for naming the Green Line trolley.
ATTI: Bus 144 on the Green Line is approaching the Morgantown Mall: 10/18/2017 1:56:00 PM
it looks like Kat Von D is working on a Green Day make up line, aka just take my *** punk money now
Between two tracks on the green line.
WATCH: sends in video from the scene of the gas line rupture east of
They’ve obviously taken the green line between September and May .
Thankful to have worked w/ on the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood & federal funding for Green Line LRT. Hono…
key data. The green line is ‘do you think Brexit will make you worse off?’ Blue = better off. The mood is turning https…
For me it was "I'll get an arena deal done, trust me" with no details. Then followed by the BRT com…
ATTI: Bus 144 on the Green Line has arrived at the Depot: 10/18/2017 1:36:17 PM
RIP You were a brave, black man, who put his life on the line to defend America -- a Green Beret who was…
Sean Chu already lost the Green Line for Centre Street once. Should Ward 4 give him another shot?
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Was this at the Ashland and Lake green line stop?
Normal service on the Green Line is resuming after earlier police activity at Ashland/Lake, w/residual delays.
I'm on the Green Line now, outbound. Service is running, but on one track. Not stopping at Ashland.…
Oh no NOT another shooting in An altercation involving a weapon occurred on a Green Line t…
Green Line trains halted after possible shooting on Loop-bound train
Updated: Man taken to hospital after he was shot on Loop-bound Green Line train in West Town; 2 questioned…
3rd and 6 from CF 38, now 4th and 7. Landon Green corner punt to CF 3 yard line.
Per usual the Green Line is breaking down, the lights were off for a few minutes, then everyone started clapping when we moved again.
A record number of rides were provided to the and the Green Line had its busiest day ever:
SCENE - CPD investigates shooting on Green Line at Ashland/Lake.
Its worth a lot. We need a beast on the D line and Green is the best candidate for that this season. H…
Shame. I take the green line every day to and from work. Not a Chicago native, makes me want to move.
Five of the toughest corners to line up against, according to 6-time Pro Bowl wide receiver
Austin Green gets the ball right on the goal line for a Kats TD. 7-7 ballgame
Green Line trains halted after man shot during argument: Officials
Hamilton Collection
Green Line service experiencing delays; board all trains on the Harlem-bound side at between California and Morgan.
Marshals running over their own men at this point...whatever it takes. Riding Mason Green to the finish line. Marshals already At the 30
MAX Blue, Green and Red Line service restored after earlier disruption due to an auto blocking tracks at E 122nd Ave. Expect delays.
We want to say thx to the fire crews on the line fighting this. It's great to see a little green in the gorge this morning.
BREAKING: Green and Pink line CTA trains stopped at Ashland due to police activity:
Incoming 250k on the line and somebody misses a green release 😂
you: I live in a dorm. Me, an *** i drive to the train station and take a 45 min train then get on the green line to the Red Line to a bus
Possible shooting reported on Green Line train. Read more:
shooting reported on Green Line train
Possible shooting reported on Green Line train
Green, Pink line trains halted after report of shots fired on train.
Reports: Person shot on Green Line on Near West Side, trains stopped
Yikes. I was just literally on the Green Line around an hour ago.
A man was shot at the Ashland Green/Pink Line station, possibly while getting off the train,
Chicago police investigating inside a train at Ashland Green Line station after what I'm told was a shooting
Ah right. Could hit Lower Allston (reasonable walk to Harvard Square and Green Line), then go down Arsenal St. and thru Watertown.
Hey can you please fix the dead zone on the Boston MBTA Green Line between Kenmore and Copley? KILLIN' ME.
Due to water main break, Green Line bus bridge will operate between Santa Fe Depot and Washington Street…
We have the recipe for good food and fun in Oak Park. Just add the Green Line.
Tourists and locals heading to can take the Green Line, UC SD Blue Line, and Orange Line to get downtown.
Green Line alignment & station locations now approved: "The most ambitious project our city has ever considered”.
Due to the accident at Hamline & University, replacement buses are operating between Green Line stations at Raymond and Capitol/Rice.
Due to the accident near Hamline & University, Green Line trains are currently not operating between Raymond and Capitol/Rice.
Due to an accident near Hamline & University, expect delays along the Green Line. Thank you for your patience.
Green Line has fleet of about 200 cars, 66 stations, & is busiest light rail line in the U.S.
What is the delay at West End station Green Line? In a time crunch, should I catch a Lyft or Uber?
it is! but idk why, i still only get the green LINE opening screen, not this one ;-;
She lives east side on the green line,tellin me im late when im on time.
Sabre line works! LOVE this season!!! Mark your calendars for March 30th @ 6pm in the big gym to see us perform!
I know the Green Line when I see it.
turns out CTA will add GREEN line stop at Damen & Lake by 2020
Tulane leads at the half 39-34. Reynolds leads the way with 13 points (3-6 from 3-point line). The Green Wave shot 51.6% from the field.
Now I'm trying to appease the green line of bad grammar, which really does not like this one sentence. I can't find the issue.
I remember how we were in line for our pictures and I was trying to lean against the green screen 💀💀
Phil Dack asked about ARP/green line connection says motion to move timeline to end of 2018
I learned as much about the city taking the Green Line in from Oak Park as I do taking the red now.
We are partying in the Green room... join us on line. We talk lgbtq news, current topics, pressing issues! special…
hey I'm trying to add the olive green ultra boost size 12 to my cart on line and it won't let me. Is something wrong?
People showed up EARLY for Green Day. Apparently there's been a line outside since 830. House is pretty full for openers Against Me
Where is the outrage? He"s next in line. Treat him as u treated least she wasn't hacked. ht…
ATTI: Bus 154 on the Green Line is leaving the Morgantown Mall on 3/2/2017 4:37:02 PM
Didn't Draymond Green have a big day from the three-point line a couple seasons ago in Chicago?
Sessions perjury defense: "I don't recall." That's the 1st line they teach you Mafia school.
currently in the tattoo parlor playing animal crossing on my line green DS
Saving the planet saves on your bottom line!
Awesome! Hope you guys do EVIL DEAD TRAP down the line!
Meanwhile, families in line at 3am for years following up on apps still don't have
I have aged... watching a livestream of a community engagement around the Green Line LRT
Gettin' my citizen on 4 the Green Line. Thanks Looking forward 2 a good convo!
Green light is such a great song but the line "she thinks you love the beach, you're such a *** liar" is so WEAK
Fabiola McIntyre, Project Manager of the Green Line, is presenting on the history of the for Ramsay & Inglewood residents
Huge relief from congested roads for the IT sector as ORR Metro link is okayed: .
Work on new 95th Street station will shift some Red Line trains to the Green Line this spring…
Joke by about is completely out of line. She's still mourning the Bowling Green massacre victims. Apologize!
Green signal by Karnataka Cabinet to Bengaluru Metro’s Outer Ring Road line. via
We have a 7 minute delay in service on the 4:36 p.m. eastbound Green Line train from 12th & Imperial.
Adding animated green flatulence to a Seurat painting--to sell me something!--is where I draw the line.
If the reward for saving the galaxy was a delicious all you can eat buffet, count Green Bomber as first in line for the job!
Some CTA Red Line trains will use Green Line tracks beginning in April, reports
$CROWN...break that Red Line and we'll see this move probably towards the blue and green lines.
If anyone still plays my lines. Here is tonight's line. Play light!!! need to get back into gre…
To the girl on the green D line right now. You're really pretty and all, but the frozen snot on your face is not
I saw Abe Lincoln at the Oak Park Green Line stop today...Does he belong to you
remember when she first ran for the AZ House on the Green Party line?
Ambulance service reneges on welfare commitment to front-line staff
PSA: Do not eat salad with intensely balsamic vinaigrette on the green line. Especially while standing. You're endangering lives.
I just ran across the highway to catch the green line and someone sped up and tried to hit me
Green Line: Expect residual delays to Greenbelt due to an earlier signal problem at Mt. Vernon Sq.
Mayor Emanuel announces plans for new Green Line station at Damen Avenue. Will fill gap between California and Ashl…
Hey, an L station within walking distance of the United Center. via
Go buy Ivanka's stuff. She has a whole new line in remembrance of the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre.
Next, we'll tour Dudley Sq, Haymarket, Chelsea, Maverick, and Blue Line then Green when it really starts to pick up
Emanuel expected to announce new Green Line station -
Emanuel expected to announce new Green Line station
That's only if you're judging it based solely on United Center access. Many more benefits assoc with Damen stop on Green Line.
a RARE but great problem to have. We gotta win the lottery first . You could always make a trade down the line too.
Improving the usefulness of the Green line is good for
City plans new Green Line station at Damen Ave., near the United Center.
City plans new CTA Green Line station at Damen, near United Center
20+ years after the United Center opening and 10 years of the Pink Line opening...we'll have a new train station!
Zip line Excursion while having a holiday in Croatia!.
Chicago (IL) Sun-Times: Emanuel to announce new Green Line station at Damen
United Center is getting a new 'L' Station at Damen & Lake:
Maybe if part of the proceeds from Ivanka's line at Nordstrom had gone to the Bowling Green Massacre victims, sales would have been better.
Have you marked your calendar? March 1 at for the launch of IMPRESSIONS! . with
The was fabulous this morning. Nice and empty, best green line trip to work I've had in ages... Because it was empty 😎
take it quite a bit, although never more than a few stops to be fair, same with Green line and nearly always checked!
Sounds about right. I'm still aggravated that they didn't locate the green line Cermak station further south.
MUST WATCH: Green Line was "never ever an intl line, never ever been intl agreement on exact border…
Heads up, fans: City to open new L stop by
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
In shock. My ticket was checked on the Red Line LUAS. First time ever. Checked nearly every time I step on the Green Line.
The white dots are the two bars we went to. The green line is the path we took to get there.
We've preemptively added the proposed Damen/Lake Green Line station so you can track building projects near there.…
Bulls, Blackhawks fans - If you take Green Line to United Center, your walk just got shorter. Here's why:
DLSU Green and Lady Spikers line up. . video from Archers Network 💚 http…
don't fancy that green emoji in my line up..get well soon Chloe!! XOXO's
District Line Partly Disrupted: District Line: Minor delays Earls Court to Wimbledon due to an earlier signal failure at Parsons Green.…
And definitely way less crowded once you get on the train. Also reinforces Green Line as gentrifying corridor.
New Green line stop at Damen & Lake in the Near West Side neighborhood. | | .
People who are now taking the Chicago or Grand buses to the Blue Line can take Damen to the Green Line--closer and probably less traffic.
"We became refugees in our own country." & on Cyprus, Turkey, and lives divided…
The 8:19 Green Line trip from Santee will not run, expect a gap in service westbound.
.Green Line is getting a new station by the via
Wah ! comparing a pic from a desert to send across a message that the dense green forests around Kodagu will turn line a desert.
CTA to open new L stop on Green line near United Center - Blogs On Politics - Crain's Chicago Business
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Better news: New L station at Damen on the Green Line! Still a dumb mile-long gap to California, though
Tue, Jan 17, MAX Green Line will only operate between Clackamas Town Center and Gateway due to forecasted ice storm. Riders can...
Green Line service is disrupted and only serving stations between Clackamas Town Center and Gateway TC. Transfer to Blue or Red...
MAX Green Line is resuming regular service to PSU. Eastbound riders: take any train going east and transfer at Gateway until se…
Green Line: Normal service has resumed at Prince George's Plaza.
Green Line: Expect residual delays in both directions due to an earlier power problem at Prince George's Plaza.
The entire Old City of East Jerusalem is over the "Green Line", it was not controlled by Israel until conquest in June 1967, so why strange?
Or you know, cancel the Green Line, Stop Stony Trail expansion, Blow up another hospital, Cancer centre? forget abo…
The eastbound Green Line train due to depart Shaker Square at 4:04pm will depart at 4:14pm.
In St. Paul, Met Council issues grants for new affordable housing developments along the Green Line
susceptible to derailments because batch of poorly designed cars:"Green Line had most derailments in nation last yr"
MBTA seeking designers, builders of seven stations for Green Line extension
Good news fans! Red, Blue & Green Line rail service will operate until 60 mins AFTER all post-season Tribe games.
Yesterday, an epic all-staff journey down the LRT Green Line. Scouting and visioning for N…
dead on the tracks around Copley Square. The very next day a Green Line train went off the rails
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A westbound Green Line train was pulled from service at Rio Vista. We will have a 15 min gap from Rio Vista to 12th & Imperial.
Green Line: Expect residual delays to Branch Ave due to an earlier train malfunction at College Park.
Green Line: Expect delays to Branch Ave due to a disabled train at College Park.
Yellow flowers in alley (@ Ridgeland Ave south of Green Line in Oak Park, IL)
Buses replace trains overnight on portions of Blue & Green Line for ped bridge construction at US Bank Stadium
$FTSE - possibility of upside looking at price action - green line to confirm
if it's about some money you know I'm going get it ! I'm finna hit your line though . I need one of them green ones 😂
Ignore the green line around the skeleton and orc, fixing that rn xD
I'm conservative/libertarian and I love your Green Arrow Rebirth Very faithful. SJW line had me cracking up. Great work!
How to build a tx line - work w/ towns, not against them. Green Line will be done long b4 ht…
It's called the green line, but there's nothing green about its surrounding land use.
Bullyrag graceful green line of business ideas only vicariousness your party, the genuine article is annus magnus…
I hav never known a worse post office than acocks green there's about 8 ppl in line nd no one on till *** man
S&P was unable to clear upper green line Tuesday. still relevant area short-term
• Art Radar Asia: The scream of a line: Jaber Al Azmeh at Green Art Gallery – in pictures…
is here! Even before the green flag flies, this season’s line of NASCAR frames is already making the laps.
Fenway area might be a good fit. Access to the green line, still a mix as far as students/civilians
Right, Edinburgh people neighbour has astroturfed the the shared drying green, put up a 6 foot tall "water feature" and taken down the line.
Strangers On the green line. 1: we're going to Boston Market. 2: is that like Quincy market??. Should I tell them??
So sorry. I am on green line, refuse to many assaults/rape AND NOTHING BEING DONE.
Play it safe on our green line with x22 as the biggest multiplier, 5 as max bet.
The wind speed in Islamabad right now is faster than the Green Line express train (Lhe to Khi) of Pakistan, 140+ Kph. Stay safe, People!!
NEW info bulletin for the Green Season. Check it out on line.
Turkey funneled money through Iraqi Turkmen Front, which was then passed on to other Iraqi groups, for harassment attacks on green line
Where's the 7:49 green line train from PSU? Does it always leave early or does it ever run?
US SOFs, Pesh, and airpower would push Iraqi forces from areas south of green line, Pesh would take the area, only to vacate it
You know how they say Israel is only 9 miles wide from the Green Line to the Mediterranean? . Google says 8.81 miles. http…
why on dog's green earth didn't the seahawks work on their O-line? I mean, really.
Let me get this clear: Green Line is important?. Does that sum it up? :)
Manbij op politics reminds me of Pesh/SOF offensives in 2003, where politics dictated how long units could stay south of t…
I cross the line so often, I have dual citizenship.
GREEN S VOLUNTEERS. No iota of doubt abt its capabilities. it's a life line 2 all the lives over the🌍
ATTI: Bus 144 on the Green Line is at the intersection of Greenbag Road: 6/1/2016 11:13:36 AM
enormous living green walls of lichen and moss line refreshing Panama Fusion restaurant
The blast furnace cement is manufactured by Cementir Italia in its green products line
Join us on today from 3 pm - 8 pm to learn more about different options in the Beltline
Morgan says a park and ride policy will also guide Green Line station development.
From the Archives: VHS camcorder video of the MBTA Green Line between Science Park and North Station in 1989...
Green Line back on track after trolley with 200 riders aboard derailed
Green Line out between Georgia Ave & W Hyattsville. Some trains will turn back south of Georgia Ave. Switch problem at Ft Totten.
Congrats 🎓🎉 Friends & family- the Green Line is easiest ride to campus for commencement! Park & Ride:
UPDATE: Green Line service has resumed between Haymarket and Park Street
No injuries, but severe delays, after Green Line trolley derails near Park Street Station
Green Line suspended between Haymarket & Park Street. Customers urged to use Orange Line from North Station to Park St - from
UPDATE: Green Line trains are limited to one westbound track at Park. Use the Orange Line from North Station
Officials suggest using Orange Line in area of Park Street Station after delays mount from derailed Green Line train https…
Severe delays on the Green Line between North Station and Park Street
Green Line trolley derails at Park Street station, no injuries reported - My Fox Boston
Please pass this on to anyone who uses the Green Line: Major delays right now
the Green Line, an hydro corridor transforming into a linear park. https:/…
.and I just played Mission Control for from LB as he tried to navigate the Green Line on his own
Green Line to Tgt Field - then North Cedar Lake Trail to Cedar Lake Road to Park Place Blvd.
Right as the T is about to present on the state of the Green Line, the presentation is delayed as power is out on the R…
MBTA Crews are working to clear a downed tree on the Green Line at Chestnut Hill
ATTI: Bus 142 on the Green Line has arrived at Scott Avenue:4/1/2016 1:15:24 PM
We built the Lechmere Viaduct in 1910, which brought the Green Line across the Charles River to East...
Happy from Blue Line! Come celebrate with a green beer or Irish Whiskey at either location.
If green beer is on the menu tonight, be sure to line up a safe ride home. Happy
Been on Green Line for over 30 minutes and still haven't reached Boylston.
Happy We hope you wore green today. Or, at least took the Green Line (that still counts, right?)
Green Line, why even bother? 35 minutes from Pru to N Station. Seems like you just stopped trying.
Goose Island Green Line Pale Ale now available on tap.
So happy to see Yellow Flowers on Green Grass as part of line-up. Best film in years.
Come see a powerful and diverse line-up of films at this year’s Green Film Fest, April 14 - 20! via
Downpour as soon as I left the office + green line delays + St Patrick's Day
Announcing the full line-up of films & events at the 6th Green Film Fest, April 14-20.
Celebrate by staying in with a nice (undyed) Green Line. Learn More:
I'd like to put a vote in to bring back the station by stadium and blue/green line station
The green line in Sahara Square is also kinda silly
what if I went around pinching everyone who wasn't wearing green today.
A series of walks on the Green Line March 25 - 27. Come walk the line
Regrettable there's no interchange with the Piccadilly Line at Harringey Green Lanes. Maybe when they build...
I wonder if the teen couple practically fornicating on an early evening Luas have made it on to youtube yet? And this was the green line.
In the long line of baffling van Gaal decisions, why on God's green earth is Mata on the right-wing and Lingard in at No.10 at the moment?
hello, I'm in Madrid and I have just seen a green line in the sky, at night, what could it be?
domain names
lmao say no Morris ah line my army up we on the next flight have the green ready
We got your GREEN for this weekend! Exclusive line for from available now in all sizes
Hot-pink leaves with ruffled, variegated borders edged with a thin line of light green make Solenost
Shutdown GREEN line between Pie-IX and H-Beaugrand. Equipment problem. Service expected to resume at 22:55. L
This is a Yokosuka Line train for Zushi. Green cars are car No.4 and No.5. A green car ticket is required in the green car.
Overheard on Green Line from Minneapolis to St. Paul - "It's like we're going to a different state."
I would like a report on the sports teams who do not currently have a stadium on the Green Line
Hop off the Green Line at Old Town. At 1st glance, seems San Diego was settled by candle makers. And purveyors of something called...
48% of Israelis support expelling Palestinians out of Green Line: Poll - Ahlul Bayt News Agency (press release)
Replacement buses are working to transport METEO Green Line riders between the Raymond Avenue and Snelling Avenue Stations.
I just popped a wheelie to get my wheelchair up onto a BC Green Line train without a ramp or assistance at Park Street! So much FUN! :-D
Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore, Nawaz Sharif in Karachi, Metro bus, Orange Line or Green Line, every pro people project bears …
Now up Barbara Summers. Summers speaks on behalf of Green Line riders. I meet here a few months ago at an AAC meeting.
&Delays on Green Line both directions due to a disabled train. Thanks to riders for your pat...
EU: Agreements with Israel end at Green Line - The European Union approved a decision to explicitly ex...
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ATTI: Bus 143 on the Green Line is on Don Knotts approaching the Depot: 1/12/2016 12:31:36 PM
Yes, the Green Line train is operational @ NT Bridge/Guadalupe Station and running to the Airport this morning.
Canceling the Green Line extension would be expensive, too: What will three quarters of a billion dollars buy you…
Green Line will resume service along Carlanna Lake Road, Fairview Avenue and Baranof Avenue. Green Line is...
Mike Dukakis used to take the Green Line to the State House.
Those lines are awesome. Indy is working towards referendum, if it passes a 23-mile busway called the "Green Line" will be built.
Wall is not being built on, or near the 1967 Green Line, it deep into the West Bank, on Palestinian landh…
Five bucks says Calgary is going to build the Green Line out before better transit comes to Scarborough
Ride-the-wind, ride-the-sun – City looking into ways to make Green Line green https:/…
Fire breaks out in Deira residential building; Metro's Green Line stopped [Video]
Major fire breaks out in Dubai building, Metro's Green Line stopped
I found where they hide the beer on the Green Line @ Hynes Convention Center (MBTA station)
The has announced the winning designs for the new Red, Orange, and Green Line cars
Madison Wolf knocks down two more at the line to bring her total to 12 points. Green Bay leads 75-38.
rely on zone concepts due to average corner talent. The key on Sunday is offensive line has to provide time 4-5 seconds
Trying not to complain about the green line today. But I just did
1/2Frist take on subway at Ansan Station go toward Danggogae. and then Transfer line 2 green go toward Jamsil from Sadang Station.
Phitnus products are now sold at Crowning Glory in Green Valley Ranch, Denver!! . The whole product line is...
ATTI: Bus 142 on te Green Line is leaving the Morgantown Mall, returning to the Depot: 11/6/2015 9:46:30 AM
will I also be able to use this ticket to go to Durham because that's a green line?
Transverse Zeeman effect (mercury green line).(Truly vivid presentation. However, more explanation is needed.).
Stuck on the green line googling flannel weddings whilst craving a breakfast sandwich. The dream is alive
Stena Line goes green with fuel oil homogenisers
I rushed to take green line and now green line is on a break 😑
D branch: Minor delays in both directions due to slippery rail conditions:
Community Visioning Project Tomorrow - 10 to Noon and Green Line Presentation by on Nov 16 at 6pm -
Last night, was in the middle of taking a video on the Green Line. And then this happened...
Correction: It's because Green Line trains are single-tracking north of Fort Totten. Note to self, scroll down...
This high-speed train in China is nothing like the Green Line. Experience it this spring!
definitely use to have a tracking system for Green Line and Rail Air vehicles with wifi.
why have you ceased tracking of Green Line vehicles?
Taking the Green Line from Raymond Ave station to game!
PTPenguino: Saint Paul Art Crawl isn't as busy as it usually is, but maybe something to do with the Green Line …
Boston Globe - Advocates see station design as a Green Line extension compromise
exactly! When hes not talkin about eating raw sausage & Green getting skeeved out & talks about line play coaching styles etc👍
Green Line to get countdown clocks in downtown stations
District Line: Minor delays while we fix signal failures at Aldgate East and Stepney Green.
Once u cross dat line u gotta stay there...
Which will come with the new tag line if it's brown flush it down if it's black it comes out green...wait what?
Asap rocky stole that green faces line too? Smh
That was the scariest/fastest green line ride of my entire life but I left the bar 15 mins ago & I'm already on the Red Line so.. Thx? ✌️
Green's Brad Nickason with a great comeback line, saying that the 1 Green MP has changed every other party on this issue including the NDP
I forget that you are from Mass and thus understand the perpetually non working trains. At least it ain't the green line yo
Best Tindr line: I play a white/green weenie deck with growth and trample.
1 killed, 4 injured in shootings; man stabbed on CTA Green Line platform
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