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Green Lantern

Green Lantern is the name of multiple superheroes from the DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring.

John Stewart Hal Jordan Ryan Reynolds Chris Pine Justice League Kyle Rayner Guy Gardner Alan Scott Tyrese Gibson Blake Lively John Diggle Idris Elba James Bond Jon Stewart Steve Trevor Joseph Kosinski David Ramsey Red Lanterns

F4 was easily better than Green Lantern, X-Men: Origins, X3: Last Stand, Daredevil, etc.
it's a shame w/ Green Lantern. I read all of Blackest Night & it was really good
What is worse the CGI IN Fantastic Four or Green Lantern?
I take back that Fantastic Four is the worst superhero movie since Green Lantern. I forgot about Ghost Rider 2 and Kick *** 2.
3 of 5 stars to Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
I honestly wouldn't mind if him or Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern of DCEU.
I just want an animated Justice League with Kyle Rayner as the Green Lantern, is that so much to ask?
Ah ok, also, we need a Green Lantern, Flash and Martian Manhunter fun pack so we can have the full Justice League :)
I think ultimately my favorite superheroes are Nightwing *** Gray, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern, Cable
He'll be great as Trevor, but as a big Green Lantern (and Hal Jordan) fan, would have preferred Pine as the later.
Well I hope someone good plays Green Lantern? Chris Pine would have been great
'Tis but a sad day. Chris Pine will play as Steve Trevor in the DCCU. Was hoping for Green Lantern; either Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner. Aw man
I look forward to the day when a young new Green Lantern mocks Kyle. "French maids? Anime robots? You must be thinking of the old guy."
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Tyrese as John Stewart would be fine but Donald Glover as Green Lantern would be *** of a fun idea
So I had to cop the Green Lantern omnibus bc a few people said that Kyle the best Lantern
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Somehow you just know that Ted Cruz's favorite Green Lantern was Guy Gardner.
I'm all about Batman, lol. I like some Green Lantern sometimes, though I mostly like Sinestro. But Guy Gardner gets on my nerves.
"Your girlfriend sure is bossy!" Okay, Kid!Green Lantern's sexist comment removes a little bit of that moment's magic. Was that necessary?
Green Lantern with Tommy Guns by Gary Frank at LFCC 2015 and signed by Geoff Johns.
Want it to be Justice League. Probably Flash or Green Lantern.
The 2 failed Hulk's, Daredevil, 2 Fantastic Fours do not compare at all to Green Lantern and Stalker Superman Returns
DC's concept art of Green Lantern and Star trek poster, Chris Pine's photo was just grabbed by DC but done well
Chris Pine is going to be Green Lantern. DC finally got a Chris.
Green Lantern is DC and Deadpool is Marvel. Also, Ryan Reynolds isn't Green Lantern. They rebooted and Chris Pine is taking over.
I think people are really overlooking Christopher Mintz-Plasse for Green Lantern in the Justice League Movie
Most underrated book of the week: Star Trek/Green Lantern
Leave it to Green Lantern to make the current Enterprise crew interesting.
James T Kirk & crew of starship Enterprise encounter the Green Lantern in THE SPECTRUM WAR
They should make Blank Panther Asian, Batman black and Green Lantern a rainbow trout
I don't think he's going to have a big role like the one he had before Forever Evil, there's a new Green Lantern in--
I would like to thank my brain in finally giving me a lucid dream of being a Green Lantern. Boy, what a ride that was.
Cant wait for saturday because i will find my dad some Green Lantern merch i hope
Alan Scott, the golden age Green Lantern. Acrylic on aquarella
Photoset: Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Cyborg, Black Canary, and the Question are all new DC designs that...
This is Alan Scott. He was the first Green Lantern. Alan Scott is also a prominently *** super hero.…
Who is the best Green Lantern and why is it Booster Gol… — Best Green Lantern is Kyle . But Blue and Gold can't be b…
Chris Pine playing Green Lantern? Isn't he already the new Ryan Reynolds?
Let's be honest, if there's going to be at least ONE more Green Lantern other than Hal Jordan in the reboot, it's John S…
Photoset: We could always use more raw power, and Earth has a third Green Lantern.
Hal who? Ten good reasons the next movie Green Lantern should be John Stewart
My favourite Angela Bassett film is the motion picture Green Lantern dir. Martin Campbell
So. Much. Gray. Hair. I look like fat Hal Jordan from Green Lantern.
Hey God - what? Elliot has returned from Ireland & he brought you back Green Lantern.
John Stewart was a cool *** who was a Green Lantern. But Hal Jordan was just Green Lantern
Let's all take a moment to appreciate my latest fridge art from Jack that is "Green Lantern on the…
Josh Mattoo's glasses are like the Green Lantern's ring. Without them he's nothing, and whoever possesses them has dominion over self-serve.
I added my Green Lantern designs to Redbubble, here's Hal Jordan first:
Green Lantern? HULK? Sucker Punch? Sin City 2? The list can go on...Panther should b good, concerned 4 Cyborg
This Entourage marathon has me thinking of 3 heroes Vinnie Chase could play better than Aquaman: Iron Man, The Flash, Green Lantern.
Green Lantern use to be my favorite D.C character, until I watched the Ryan Reynolds movie... Basically, I gave up on D.C as a whole
Scott Eastwood should be Steve Trevor. Chris Pine should be Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.
The only good news regarding Chris Pine joining the DC cinematic universe via Wonder Woman is that he won't be playing Green Lantern.
It’s a pity they didn’t cast Ryan Reynolds as Jay Gatsby, since he’s both the Green Lantern and Deadpool.
even Wally West is better than Barry Allen. It's even worse than Alan Scott the first Green Lantern.
John Stewart is a great Green Lantern. I think I like him more than Hal Jordon because John ships with Barry.
Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns Various - 14% off
I can't think of anyone else but Ryan Reynolds to play the role of Deadpool. Now he's Green Lantern for DC and Deadpool for Marvel. Awesome!
he wants to be John Stewart/Green Lantern or James Bond so bad..tired of small roles off movies making 500+milli
Tyrese Gibson is a popular choice for Green Lantern. Do you think he would be a good a good casting option?
I now want a Green Lantern comic that follows ring bearing cats on their space adventures drawn by you. I'm writing to DC now!
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if you are doing a Green Lantern reboot, don't let Tyrees play John Steward! Get to play him, no one best. 😉
Ex-Daredevil is now Batman,ex-Johnny Storm is Captain America while ex-Green Lantern is now Deadpool & was also once marri…
Hey there. Any word on whether the Green Lantern movie will focus on Hal Jordan or John Stewart? Casting news ?
Hal. But just Garth Ennis + Green Lantern in the context of Hitman, period, is good enough for me.
Guys, don't worry. Garth Ennis is going to have Green Lantern in Section 8. Everything's okay now.
Prior to giving the role of Green Lantern to Hal Jordan, Abin Sur seriously considered Hal Holbrook.
Kind of like how any initial Green Lantern film really works better if you keep the Green Lantern Corps out of it, except as a sequel hook.
Superman doa hav dat kinda support system and thats why he's weaker. Flash and Batman have family, even Green Lantern have Lantern corps.
Green Lantern needs to be redone with Stewart and Gardner as Jordan replacement. The guy who played Sinestro was good.
If Hal Jordan isn't going to be the Green Lantern in the Justice League I want to see Simon Baz.
I'm more than okay with movie Green Lantern being John Stewart. I prefer either him or Guy Gardner over Hal Jordan.
Green Lantern has such a vast universe in its own... Like you could make a saga based on only him and the various corps.
They better do the Lantern Corps right in this Green Lantern attempt...starting off with Parallax then Sinestro after was asinine last time
Movie idea: Jesus corps. It's like Green Lantern, but with Jesuses.
Green Lantern and NASA crossover shirt? Yeah I am. "Bets on getting a new Lantern shirt today?"
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A bit of a coin flip, but now my favorite Green Lantern storyline is either Sinestro Corps War or Blackest Night.
CONFIRMED: Joseph Kosinski is directing the upcoming Green Lantern movie, which was written by and myself three weeks ago.
It'd be nice if WB would just announced that Joseph Kosinski is gonna direct the Green Lantern reboot.
Jack Black was once mooted as the lead for a Green Lantern movie.. Had to be better than the Ryan Reynolds one?!
Remember that Justice League ep where ppl kept thinking Booster Gold was Green Lantern and he was like "I'm not even wearing any green!"
Green Lantern and Star Trek: the dream I never knew I had come true!
Convergence question: Are the Green Lantern comics (GL, GL Corps, Sinestro, Red Lanterns) all coming back after convergence?
Convergence question. What is happening with the Green Lantern comics(Gl, Gl Corps,Sinestro,Red Lanterns)? All returning after?
note: role-playing is a game not a lifestyle. Thanks anyway for the pics Iron Man, Green Lantern, Han Solo and Ben Franklin.
Hawk girl is joining the CW Flash/Arrow super hero team series. Here's hoping for Green Lantern next.
I liked a video Flash and Green Lantern - Epic Team Ups
Gave my boy a haircut to look like Simon Baz from Green Lantern to cosplay for…
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Nathan Fillon is Green Lantern! I'd watch it for that reason alone.
How come nobody ever mentions Michael Jai White when it comes to possibly having John Stewart as the Green Lantern?
tbh I don't care if you ask me if Green Lantern is Marvel but call Ice Age a Pixar movie one more time and I'll mansplain …
Anyone else think Nathan Fillion should be the next live action Green Lantern? Or that Ron Perlman should be the Live action DeathStroke?
Ryan Reynolds is the long awaited crossover btn marvel and dc. King, Deadpool, and now Green Lantern.
I'd love if Reverse Flash was in Injustice, Green Lantern has John Stewart so I dunno why the Flash didn't get Reverse Flash
Wait. A black man invented the lantern but DC let Hal Jordan have a Green Lantern movie instead of John Stewart? Racism.
Exactly. They need to introduce John Stewart as Green Lantern to make it interesting again.
While it would be cool to see Chris Pine as I prefer John Stewart over Hal Jordan. But it's Green Lantern... so why not both?
Hal's cool. But because of the Justice League cartoon I used to watch as a kid I think of John Stewart when I hear Green Lantern
would be an excellent Green Lantern if they went the John Stewart route.
A7 Didn't bother to see most of the films popularly known as crap, such as Batman & Robin, but from what I've seen... Green Lantern.
Chris Pine as Green Lantern, huh? Wouldn't go down that road. John Stewart all the way!
*refuses to watch any Green Lantern movie that isn't about John Stewart*
Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds...never watched it all the way through z
Chris Pine next Green Lantern , he would be good , *** anyone is better than Ryan Reynolds .. Matt Bomer he would be pretty fantastic too
They did that with Green Lantern in Injustice, giving us the option to play as John Stewart. Interesting, if a little lazy.
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My dream casting for John Stewart/Green Lantern. I know and reynoldswrap10 have something…
I can only play as the Green Lantern on Injustice when he's John Stewart
Please use John Stewart for Justice League & Green Lantern movies. you should do it, forget Thor.
One for the road. A trailer for our John Stewart Green Lantern series.
"Chris Pine could be the new Green Lantern" i mean.ok? but also c'mon, John Stewart is RIGHT THERE in front of you
Wish that WB/DC would have the Green Lantern reboot feature John Stewart rather than Hal Jordan.
please use John Stewart as Green Lantern and not Kyle Rayner. You can beat The Avengers by being diverse. Please.
Chris Pine as Green Lantern? We already got Hal Jordan and that movie sucked. Can we get John Stewart or Kyle Rayner instead?
Who should be the next Green Lantern, Hal Jordan or John Stewart?
Do John Stewart, that'll make a statement that this isn't the same as the other Green Lantern movie. But no, stick to boring Hal Jordan.
Im cool with Chris Pine as Hal Jordan, but I want John Stewart too. One of the best parts about Green Lantern is the corps mentality
Chris Pine rumoured for Green Lantern? Idris Elba as John Stewart, you fools!
As cool as Chris Pine playing Hal Jordan would be, can we have John Stewart's Green Lantern? Coolness + diversity
Which Actor would be perfect for Green Lantern (Hal Jordan or John Stewart)?.
Why must Hal Jordan be the Green Lantern in movies? Can't we get some John Stewart?!
Dear DC/WB John Stewart Green Lantern or no Green Lantern. We do need another one with Hal Jordan and please never use Guy Gardner.
During his audition for the Green Lantern, Bradley Cooper couldn't stop himself from mimicking Christian Bale, and even sa…
no. Diggle couldn't be Green Lantern because there's never been a GL named John Diggle. Diggle and John Stewart are diff peeps.
My favourite superhero is Green Lantern and my favourite Lantern is John Stewart. Let's do something with…
David Ramsey, known as John Diggle of CW's Arrow, might be in the running for Green Lantern. | http…
There's a good chance John Stewart will be their Green Lantern. Too bad he's a boring character.
GREAT article interviewing about Green Lantern & what to expect when we come back from the break!
well it's based on Green Lantern so a Gross of Greens.
Trying my best to promote blackness. And this is a Green Lantern shirt I'm wearing.
I need the Green Lantern in darkest night to become a movie.
Green Lantern,Vibe,Flash tv tie in and batman beyond series Harley Quin all puul list
How do you get your green lantern undies wet. Making snow angels in the snow.
i also am still hopeful that John Diggle is really called John Stewart and is going to become a green lantern
The problem is that DC put in a LITERAL no-fun-allowed policy after Green Lantern bombed. No jokes, ever.
my wife bettr not give me lip when I name our firstborn the green lantern
JORDINA take your bum green lantern *** out of my mentions
Yep. I'd actually prefer it if the next Green Lantern movie featured all of the Earth Lanterns in some capacity.
They really were not. The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern -- household names. Those Marvel guys were B or C-listers.
Watching that danmed green lantern movie.why would you become a pilot after watching yer auld da die in a plane crash?
*** the fact that they introduced a Muslim Green Lantern got more publicity, but ppl don't know about him either.
This is ridiculous. The line for Green Lantern is wrapped all the way around onto Kellogg right now ..
Photoset: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual page 1 by John Byrne & Kurt Schaffenberger & Gene...
its the truth! Today I saw the teaser for Green Lantern w/ Jon Stewart. talk about greatness
Yeah, but how many people know there is a latino Green Lantern? They also asked her a question on her way to her car...
Nah. There were a lot of problems with what she said, starting with her ignorance of the Latina Green Lantern.
The *** line at Green Lantern is like 4 miles long
The green lantern line is unbelievable
Rright there with you Nat. Only there's more chance of you becoming Supergirl than of me becoming a Green Lantern.
. Whole world- "Birdman was great, Green Lantern sucked, and Shia is terrible.". Nery- "You're all wrong!"
For every "Ryan Reynolds is wrong for Green Lantern" there are five "Heath Ledger is wrong for the Joker"'s.
Green Lantern? Powerful and important, but pretty replaceable
Yep. No more Justice League/Unlimited, Batman Beyond, Young Justice or Green Lantern Animated. Such a shame. they're all good...
Will do! Btw I forgot to tell you I got an iPhone case (Green Lantern) from RedBubble and absolutely love it.
Coz like, that Green Lantern movie really sucked.
I actually own a Green Lantern UA shirt. Now that I know owns one too, time to burn mine.
I don't know, tbh. I lived with a friend of mine who loves Green Lantern, so I kinda absorbed a little info here or there.
'People should actually make an effort in Hollywood to develop their own mythology' — Michelle Rodriguez
why care about Green Langern when we can care that there is a LIVING GREEN LANTERN PLANET
OMG OMG!! A Frickin Green Lantern is going in at 22 & RP. Holy F! I may never move!! 😍😍.
green lantern omnibus or flash omnibus? Your thoughts?
Green Lantern, to me, is a sentence that's run slightly too long. Let me explain.
And I want to clarify, this isn't me saying that Green Lantern is bad or whatever. I just don't get why the concept is such a big deal.
Hal betrays the Templar Guardians and the Corps in GREEN LANTERN Read it digitally today:
Out & about after yesterday's storm. Trying the new Green Lantern drink Hope I can walk afterwards.
It may be a beautiful day, but it might take longer for your car to look beautiful at the west Wichita green lantern!
i always liked when styles p, Joel Ortiz, beanie Siegel, an joe budden went in with green lantern
The first Smallville season 10 disc has an advert for the green lantern film. It could have been a great film..
You foreal can't trust DC movies. Green Lantern and Man of Steel were garbage. Won't be surprised if their upcoming movies are dirt.
It was between the Green Lantern and Mighty Mouse for us.
Tis a great day for polo hats and Green Lantern shirts.
The Green Lantern changes throughout time. So he is not always *** lol
I seriously can't get enough of Green Lantern I love the story, the emotion that's in it. Probably the best I've read.
We are raising David Glenn to believe that the Green Lantern is best of all.
yeah man in that really bad Green Lantern movie. That chick sees right through the mask
If the next Green Lantern is John Stewart it would turn out really good.
I highly doubt that Dan Ambroyer is Hal Jordan/Green Lantern...
Green Lantern has been casted for Justice League. Is it Hal Jordan or John Stewart? *pulls hair*
Okay I'm Hal Jordan & you're the power ring. Except we both are the Green Lantern.
As much as I love Hal Jordan, the DCCU Green Lantern should really be John Stewart.
Agreed! We got a great space epic with Green Lantern: TAS so we know it can be done well.
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My favorite Green Lantern is still Alan Scott. Love this scene between him and Solomon Grundy.
Where did the "Michelle Rodriguez will be Green Lantern" rumor come from anyway? Was it just the Nrama article?
Question is if JLA will use Hal Jordan does the DC TV universe get to have John Stewart for Green Lantern duties
OMG, it was a GREEN lantern and when I looked again it was a YELLOW lantern! 😱
while we discuss the phasing in of Green Lantern to your TV universe. :)
So I asked my friend if he knew what my favorite super hero is. He answered "Is it Green Lantern?"
I swear if the writers of Arrow DONT Make Diggle, Green Lantern Im gonna flip, and they are gonna miss a huge opportunity to do a gr8 thing
it has to be green lantern, or even Wonder Woman or even Martian
at the beginning of 'Wrath of The First Lantern' Krona sees the Hand, and it even has a green ring on it (lol).
me too! I'm glad she hasn't gone the romcom route in her career yet. The Town, Green Lantern (ignore), Savages, Age of Adaline
I like the rumor of Idris Elba as Green Lantern floating around the internet recently. Good actor, looks like John Stewart 👍👍
I do have a green lantern shirt and right tho lol. It's sweet af
Comics on Film: How to Relaunch 'Green Lantern' Through 'Rebirth': Over the past several years, fans of DC Com...
Schmoeville is a group ready to hear anything you'd have to say! We love your Green Lantern voice over and Whedon works!
You have to seize an opportunity when it presents itself. -Green Lantern (2011)
I liked a video from DC Battles: Green Lantern VS Sinestro
superman, full throttle and green Lantern are gunna be rad with us 4 together
q3. Green lantern cool ring and he's hot
I want him to do Spidey, Wolverine, or Green Lantern
What major character could appear in new DCCWverse series? Green Lantern, maybe, they teasing him a lot a long time ago.
Will you ever do Nova vs. Green Lantern?
Wasn't there a rumor about Diggle getting a spin-off in which he's a Green Lantern? Where's that show?
Would love to see Diggle acquire a power ring somehow. Green Arrow / Green Lantern team up every episode!
I really want that theory that Diggle is John "Green Lantern" Stewart to be so true!
I really really really really hope Dig becomes John Stewart/Green Lantern. He wouldn't have much of a role here but still.
Green Lantern. There's been talks to make him a John Stewart analogue
I knew the Green Lantern was John Stewart. C'mon guys! For pete's sake... Justice League would have been VERY different.
eh *** which Green Lantern? Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner or John Stewart?
*** remember the backlash for Green Lantern because it wasn't John Stewart? Same idea.
In 1959, a kid puts down his copy of Showcase and yells into a tin cup telephone "Green Lantern is supposed to be magic!"
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tyrese Gibson to play as John Stewart in the new Green Lantern movie? Interesting.
John Stewart is a far better Green Lantern than Hal Jordan imo but why do you think they chose Hal for the green lantern film?
Green Lantern will def be in as John Stewart, especially reading after reports 95% chance of black Spider-Man
Give me a black Green Lantern too. The John Stewart character needs some love.
Common has been my choice for John Stewart/Green Lantern for like a decade .
I really hope Idris Elba will become the next James Bond or at least John Stewart as Green Lantern. He's so underrated.
Also, and need to tap as John Stewart for the 2020 "Green Lantern" film.
for John Stewart role so we can see Green Lantern done right!
. Green Lantern reboot might be about John Stewart.
I went nuts when I heard Seth Rollins called out Green Lantern. Wait, that old guy is John Stewart too? Let down...
respectable line up, although I think Batman is overrated. I would actually sub out Cyclops with Green Lantern now.
Photoset: bear1na: Batman and Robin by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez * New 52 Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern...
I think Reynolds was as distracted by Blake Lively as I was. I rated Green Lantern (2011) 4/10
Today's skin reveal: Green Lantern's Red Son costume. Which of Hal Jordan's looks is your favorite so far?
If John Stewart will be this Justice League's Green Lantern, maybe the Flash they cast is Wally West
My theory if Hal Jordan been JL"s Green Lantern but have another Earthling's GL on film maybe is right...
They should make a new Green Lantern film with John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan. And cast as Jon Stewart.
When you watch Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and realise is the voice of Hal Jordan, everything is right in the world
It would be interesting if the Green Lantern movie opened with Hal Jordan, as played by Reynolds, finding John...
Does anyone else think that Karl Urban would make a great Hal Jordan/Green Lantern?
BADASS Soundtrack from potentially badass Cancelled "Green Lantern" game from Ocean on SNES. Was to star Kyle Rayner.
We all know the real reason for Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show: To pursue his career as a Green Lantern.
I just wish Seth could set Chad straight about the Green Lantern
dropped by Green Lantern wiki is the magic ring that stops it!
Today was the first FCB match I enjoyed watching this season. Here's my article about it: Green Lantern's Light.
Tonight only, Mr. Justice will be rocking the Green Lantern in Lexington, Ky.
Ryan Reynolds says Green Lantern didnt have a script when he auditioned. via /r/DCcomics
Green Lantern (John Stewart) will be our next Character of the Month!.
Dear Tyrese, nobody wanna see you play Green Lantern. ...unless it's directed by John Singleton.
Tyrese Gibson must be desperate. As a Green Lantern fan, I don't want him to be John Stewart. And lastly, Hal Jordan > John Stewart.
Is Tyrese Gibson going to be a superhero?: At this point, the only mention of John Stewart's Green Lantern bei...
I think Tyrese Gibson would make a fantastic Green Lantern should Warner Bros. go with John Stewart for their DC film universe
Tyrese Gibson really wants to play Green Lantern. I could see him as John.
The Instagram police don't want Gibson to be John Stewart, aka Green Lantern.
Tyrese Gibson wants to be Green Lantern. Waiting for people who never heard of John Stewart to say he can't be GL cause he's black.
.looks good in a Green Lantern suit! See how the actor is making his case to play the hero!
another good Green Lantern candidate: David Ramsey aka John Diggle from Arrow
Am I the only person who wants the JLA movie to use Guy Gardner as Green Lantern, and have him played by Seann William Scott?
Let's be honest, we all know Ryan Reynolds was gonna be fired from being Green Lantern. - W...
Nick Cannon should be the next Green Lantern
He could never be John Stewart "Somebody actually suggested that Kevin Hart play Green Lantern. I got mad lol"
“Tyrese is also on IG campaigning for this Green Lantern role.” But what happened to Ryan Reynolds ? It can't b Idris tho
Listen, all Green Lantern needs to work is a little Seal Team 6-ing.
Elisa Ambrogio will be "Far From Home" tonight in Lexington, KY! Catch her and Nathan Bowles at the Green Lantern! w/ …
. remember when we talked to Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman & you dared me to call them Green Lantern & Teen Wolf 😂😂😂😂
I wanna hear Samuel L. Jackson do the Green Lantern oath like he did Ezekiel 25:17.
make a Green Lantern movie by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor starring Andrew Dice Clay as Guy Gardner. Boom. I’m a genius.
pls dont let Steven Universe become the next Young Justice/Green Lantern
Green Lantern: The Animated Series is pretty good. No Young Justice tho. Hol tyt my darg Kyle Rayner.
I have faith in Paul Rudd to make it better than Green Lantern. This is a Marvel project, not DC so it should be.
I'd rather see a Brave and the Bold movie where Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern and Jaime Reyes’s Blue Beetle team up to fight the Reach.
Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds welcome first child The 27-year-old actress - who married the 'Green Lantern' star i...
Hello again already! :-) So, I am browsing around to see how this group works and I am loving what I see so far! I have MANY comics to get rid of and I don't want to bore everyone with multiple reposts and lots of 90's Valiant or Tangent comics! LOLLL... I am interested in seeing what the primary interests of many of you are so that I'll know how to post. I do have one Deadpool related transaction that MAY happen soon, but besides that, please comment below so that I have some ideas! Quick note from the start, I don't sell many comics below fine condition unless they are VITAL! Most of the issues that I sell are on average in very fine condition +! FYI, just a sampling of titles that may be for sale (mostly mid-70's - NOW!) Spider-Man (Various titles and sagas / tie-ins) Deadpool X-Men Wolverine Batman and his MANY supporting characters - especially the Robins! Various Marvel Heroes titles (FF, Hulk, Cap, Bucky/Winter Soldier, etc etc) Various DC Heroes titles (Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc etc ...
no he's too busy being James Bond, Green Lantern, Black Panther, Barack Obama, and Martin Luther King Jr.
Can I just ask - how is it that the Green Lantern was played by a white dude when the original character was designed after Sidney Poitier?
Green Lantern paling merepek. But I looove watching Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Reason I'm giving Beware the Batman an Honorable Mention,Cuz when CN once again did the same thing they did to Young Justice & Green Lantern
I learnt so much about life when Green Lantern told Batman "Worry about yourself,you are the one without powers" on Justice League War.
I think Idris Elba would make a badass John Stewart! Personally, his facial features look very similar to the cartoon creations. Have they at least talked to his casting agents? I'm all for Idris Elba as Green Lantern! \m/
John Stewart is the best Green Lantern by far
John Stewart is the best Green Lantern btw. None of this Hal Jordan nonsense.
Wow. The cop murderer captioned his last IG post with lyrics to 50 Cent's "Green Lantern" aka the "Till I Collapse" freestyle.
Abin Sur dies and passes the Green Lantern mantle to Hal Jordan.
Reading 3rd Annual now. Van Jensen and Robert Venditti are new writers (off Green Lantern) will see how it is.
Sony leaks reveal Kim Jong-Un was the one who cancelled Green Lantern the Animated Series
Green Lantern anthology? I would buy the poop out of that if these guys were involved
Another DC movie. I really do hate Green Lantern. I feel like Ryan Reynolds rui...
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern - perfect example that attractive characters does not make a good movie.
REMEMBERING MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN ... DO YOU? Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10, 1957 – September 3, 2012) was an American actor, best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. He was also recognized for his appearances in motion pictures such as Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, The Scorpion King and Daredevil, as well as voice acting roles in works such as Brother Bear, Kung Fu Panda & Green Lantern. On July 13, 2012, Duncan was taken to a hospital after suffering a heart attack. Media reports suggested that his girlfriend, Omarosa Manigault, had tried to save his life by performing CPR. Duncan's publicist, Joy Fehily, issued a statement on August 6 that read he was moved from the intensive-care unit but remained hospitalized following his heart attack. On September 3, Duncan died in Los Angeles. Celebrations of Duncan's life were scheduled for a later date.
One of my favorite Justice League superhero member is Green Lantern.
Green Lantern & Green Lantern Corps gives me a nice monthly dose of Sci-Fi... So no complaints here
But I'd be all about Mister Terrific or a Green Lantern buddy cop series with John Stewart & Kilowog.
*** that was good. A war between Superman and the Green Lantern with Sinestro corps in Supes's side
Actor Ryan Reynolds is set to star as the titular character in the upcoming Marvel film Deadpool, according to a report from the L.A. Times. Reynolds, best known for his roles in Green Lantern and...
Green Lantern the Sinestro corps war Vol1 review
I searched a Christmas Lantern photo. One showed the Green Lantern. *** you, Google. You made me laugh today. lol 😂
Green Lantern (Jan '72) cover by Neal Adams. Intro of John Stewart.
ha, Doctors Without Borders at a Green Lantern convention.
Thoughts on the animated movie Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
harsh but ultimately fair. Think of me as the Green Lantern brainwashed by Seth Macfarlane.
Lineup already: Superman, Batman, WW, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg. Only one left is Green Lantern. The Earth 2 Alan Scott?
Charles Hamilton on Green Lantern. . Eminem every time he was on radio. Lupe on Sway. . Upper echelon of radio freestyles f…
Oh, and Blacklist and Continuum and Green Lantern and Happy Valley and Fargo and maybe Arrow?
I read that you quit Green Lantern because you liked/saved John Stewart. If true, THANK YOU. I love him so much, he's my fav GL
Why not John Stewart? He is my favorite Green Lantern and by far.
BOth gone, took down Scream a few years ago for stand up coaster Green Lantern. Safari is now part of the main park.
I liked a video The Chronicles of Green Lantern: John Stewart
If DC were to announce Sam Rockwell as their Green Lantern, I would be the first in line to see that movie.
Would love to see static shock or Green Lantern on Flash tv show please make this happen.
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