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Green Lantern

Green Lantern is the name of multiple superheroes from the DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring.

John Stewart Hal Jordan Ryan Reynolds Justice League Josh Bowman Alan Scott Green Arrow Ryan Reynold Wonder Woman Kyle Rayner Blade Trinity Guy Gardner Michael Jai White Ben Affleck Sinestro Corps War Miles Morales Abin Sur

Duck Dodgers stopped me in the 25th century when I was Yosemite Sam after creating a Green Lantern power ring, we fought on the sun.
Beyond me learning who Green Arrow was from that, it had John Stewart as Green Lantern. The best.
John Stewart is like the only Green Lantern I know by heart ( the real Green Lantern in me heart )
The main reason Green Lantern movie was so bad was because it had Hal Jordan and not John Stewart.
I hope that white kid in the green is supposed to be the John Stewart version of Green Lantern.
auditioning to play John Stewart in the next Green Lantern movie?!?!
wants Ice Cube to play John Stewart's Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe. That is genius.
The only Green Lantern we acknowledge is John Stewart.
Hold on...when this happen?!? So we getting John Stewart for Green Lantern or somebody Trollin 🤔
Look.can stop the bleeding by going the John Stewart route with Green Lantern. I mean, it such a no brainer
Igor Vitorino should draw more Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Sooo impressed by his Parallax!
I'd love to see a Green Lantern movie with playing John Stewart. That dude has the look and the voice.
Ryan Reynolds has been in like 3 superhero movies. Green Lantern, Deadpool and Blade Trinity
“It wasn't. Period. Green Lantern never falls unless he loses his ring or gets knocked out of the sky.”
I caught like 30 seconds of Green Lantern the other day. Imma go with whatever that thing was in the sky
"Well... I don't like Ollie that much. But i would help Green Lantern on everything. You guys a Hal Jordan, right?"
Solomon Grundy of Pre 52 Earth 2 gave Alan Scott of Pre 52 Earth 1 a Green Lantern power ring from the planet Oa for his soul
So dissappointed Nathan Fillon isnt going to be Green Lantern. Honestly, after the last one, you'd think they'd ask fans waht they want
If my baggy and bleach stained Green Lantern shirt could be acceptable in a 5 star restaraunt... oh man
Green Lantern received his magical ring from a dying alien who was the protector of intergalactic peace
The new Green Lantern movie is going to have three Lanterns! What if Simon Baz was one!?. (They would never have the balls)
Who knew that the Green Lantern and pulled pork would ever be in the same blog post?
I'm almost done mapping the post Johns Era of Green Lantern but I don't want to call it that. Suggestions?
Great job. Could you do a Alona Tal as Black Canary or Diogo Morgado as Green Lantern design next? :)
I ordered three more animated DC films. Superman: Doomsday, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Justice League: The New Frontier.
any other super hero roles peeking your interest? I think you could pull of Jon Stewart (The Green Lantern) well.
Not to mention Ryan going from the Green Lantern to deadpool. Big glow up
. Green Lantern (Alan Scott) Vs The Harlequin in this house. But y'know.😎
Like Shazam or Green Lantern! Throne of Atlantis was a perfect Aquaman standalone movie! So please stop with Damian Wayne+
How many people walked away from the movie because it wasn't the Green Lantern from the Justice League cartoon?
Green Lantern should have been introduced in Justice League. It doesn't translate to a solo movie well.
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I didn't know the Green Lantern comics at all. I was a Superman reader.
Also if they don't have John Stewart as the Green Lantern in the 2020 movie, someone's catching some hands smh
Michael Jai White has to be John Stewart if they make a Green Lantern film.
you have to be John Stewart in Green Lantern. You're perfect!! The voice, the look, and you can fight?? Oh yeah please do.
Justice League might as well be called Super Friends if Green Lantern isn't included 😒
Green Lantern (John Stewart) has military training. Hawkgirl was Thanagarian military so she's got that for her
any chance we will get a Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel? John Stewart would make a great addition. He also adds diversity.
Ryan Reynolds is a better DeadPool than his Green Lantern. Chris Evans is a better Captain America than his Human Torch.
Sterling K. Brown as John Stewart and Aaron Paul as Guy Gardner. That would be a Green Lantern movie to see.
and we're getting Cyborg, Black Panther, and possible John Stewart's version of the Green Lantern within the next five years
Hal Jordan is not feeling like himself. Preview the eerie GREEN LANTERN
//If isnt Green Lantern John Stewart of Space Sector 2814 then theres no point in watching the movie.
Green lantern is love. Green lantern is life
Finally watched the green lantern and I'm very disappointed
Fun fact: the trope Women in Refrigerators was spread by after a woman was killed in Green Lantern.
domain names
Finally! the GREAT performance by Peter Sarsgaard in.. Green Lantern... is a "Guilty Movie Pleasure" via
"Green Lantern & Green Arrow" and Longbow Hunters were my favorites...
I added a video to a playlist Green Lantern (2011) RANT | Horrible FilmStakes
I liked a video from Green Lantern (2011) RANT | Horrible FilmStakes
I'm sad took down the video of him reciting the Green Lantern oath. It led credibility to his punditry. 😂
Guggenheim wrote Green Lantern, thank our lucky stars that wasn't the starting point for the DCEU.
Dude can you please make green lantern NOT Hal Jordan? Stewart is just a lot cooler & his Justice League animated ver. rocked
How Marc has a job at writing stuff? Please he ruined Green Arrow, Black Canary and Green Lantern
Hey I think you got your Green Arrow story confused with a Green Lantern story.
More badass again with my green lantern Thisrt ^^ you must wa…
About to watch some more of the justice Leugue Classic 90's ones too when green lantern was black 💯🔥🙏🏽
Then again DC has made some pretty good solo movies if you didn't read the comics. Such as Green Lantern actually
Wonder Woman , green lantern , the flash , super girl , Aqua man , cat woman
Thats something Hal Jordan would say. I am not Green Lantern i am just a regular guy Jimmy Olsen.
Remember was a writer on the Green Lantern movie. Look how that turned out.
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Am I missing something? What did marc guggawhatver do to green lantern?
Honestly Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are so cute, Warhawk was blessed to have them as parents ☺️
Green Lantern is in stores today. So excited to be working with again.
Anyone mad at Guggenheim for the direction of Arrow just remember he wrote the instant classic Green Lantern movie
Ryan Reynolds as green lantern holds the gold standard for bad movies
be like:. Ruin Green Lantern✔. Ship Olicity✔. Kill Black Canary✔. What DC property should I ruin next😏
John Stewart as Green Lantern. Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel. Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Ororo Monroe as…
but green lantern ain't coming out for a few more years so I'm sure he can make it happen
So that's Percy Jackson, Green Lantern and now Green Arrow you've totally crapped on and squandered in godawfu…
Dallas Braden looks like Hector Hammond from the Green Lantern movie
And BvS is I think a far better film than Green Lantern, despite the negative reviews and such.
👍🏻 lol I'm sure, they obviously don't want another Green Lantern falling on their on hands.
Idris Elba do make the best fit for John Stewart's Green Lantern
To Zack Snyder:. I see that you haven't casted a new Green Lantern. If you need someone to potray John Stewart, you know who to call. 😉
If we do get a Green Lantern movie, who gone play John Stewart?
the first day Green Lantern enters Oshodi they steal his ring and he lives out his life as bus conductor.
They should get Wesley Snipes to play Green Lantern. He'd be a perfect fit as John Stewart.
I still say Hal Jordan, Green Lantern!... But, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle would also be awesome!
you're gonna be Alan Scott, the Green Lantern!! WOW!!
Patrick Adams ... hmmm; maybe he's just Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern
And, the Alan Scott Green Lantern on rumor already caused redditors to start with the Captain Cold/Green Lantern shipping
Alan Scott who in the comics is an Earth 2 Green Lantern. A few different versions of the character,will be neat to see what they do
Green Lantern's power ring. (Either that or something to do with Harold Hill and River City.)
rumors say Alan Scott aka the first Green Lantern.
and it would be different than WB's Green Lantern movie, cause of how Scott gets his powers
4 of 5 stars to Green Lantern, Vol. 5 by Geoff Johns
It's like if Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern had a bandaid sponsorship
I guess if I can tolerate Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern, then I can probably tolerate anything.
Still holdin Daredevil over his head is like me still doing the same for Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern & Wolverine Origin’s Deadpool
before Deadpool , before Green Lantern and Hannibal King there was . PAPERMAN !!!
Green Lantern was way worse. The Fantastic Four movies. Can't think of more examples.
overall, they're hit and miss. Dark knight was a fantastic run. Green Lantern was okay. Watchmen was Fantastic. But overall...
That came out of nowhere. It's like if they announced Darwyn Cooke was doing Green Lantern or something.
If is inspired by Green Lantern: Rebirth, does that mean everyone's wardrobe will have a backstory? *studio audience laughter*
Yeah. First JLA I really got into was Morrison's, so Kyle has always been my Green Lantern. Or John Stewart from the animated.
Tyrese to light up the Green Lantern?: Now that the Batman’s out of the bag (and Wonder Woman,... via
Listening to a Grant Morrison story about the first Comic Con, where he saw a sweaty kid dressed as Green Lantern being chased by marines.
and Cyborg Superman was a evil DC version of Reed Richard who killed a city after he got found, which drove Green Lantern insane.
Yet DC killed Green Lantern, Rebooted Superman and failed to consider Grant Gustin as the Flash.
Also: Ryan Reynolds won: Hannibal King in Blade, Green Lantern and Deadpool both in X-men Origins & Deadpool!
Saddest thing about Green Lantern bombing is.. We will never see Blake Lively as Star Sapphire
I'd rather see Kal fight another meta-human (Flash or Green Lantern), not a guy he can kill without touching him.
Flash and Aquaman movies... Well, I can't really say anything before seeing the Justice League... Same for Green Lantern and Cyborg actually
DC can still be fun and not be Marvel though. Flash, Green Lantern, Supes and even Batman have moments of levity
and solo films for Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and any other major heroes they plan on having in Justice League.(2)
With announcing the new creative teams this weekend. I nominate on flash and on Green Lantern
I think we need to play a drinking game to Justice League:War. Take a shot every time Green Lantern is a ***
The Green Hornet movie was better than the Green Lantern movie. GH reminds me of my high school friends too. Watched it on a half-day.
Enjoy our along the East Coast at Crawford's Cabins; Village Bistro (Chintsa); Green Lantern (Mouth) & the new Motors
Only the modern Green Lantern is vulnerable to yellow.
batman & Robin, Catwoman, Green Lantern, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and tons more that …
trying to look for the 4Chan post. Id shrug it off but similar reports happened for Green Lantern and F4.
The DC animations are good! I got the Green Lantern: First Flight animated film DVD in post this morning. :-)
Lapis and Kouta, and Demushu and Kaito are represents their traits from Blue and Red Lantern Corps from DC's Green Lantern.
Green Lantern got kicked out of The Justice League (2017) - NeoGAF
Not for Lando, but Mehcad in a Green Lantern reboot with John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan, all over it.
Wait a minute I'm confused. Is Matt Murdock the Batman or is Bruce Wayne the Daredevil? Next you'll tell me Wade Wilson is the Green Lantern
yes.Yes.Yes.Another problem with the movie was John Stewart with the Green Lantern most people knew of at the time. Here's HJ
Lucifer's D.B. Woodside would love to play Green Lantern, John Stewart in the movies.
D.B. Woodside would be a great John Stewart. Which, is the only Green Lantern worth liking anyway.
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John Stewart is easily the best Green Lantern
John Stewart, Green Lantern artist sketch card. Unfinished pencil and ink drawing for an
I was about to praise the first Green Lantern for winning a PGA Tour event at his age. Then I remembered: Alan Scott, not Adam.
regram dccomicswomen. Green Lantern and Star Sapphire! By Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert…
.no; Sheldon's Green Lantern and Flash shirts are the same Thing as the Big Bang Theory. Good try though.
Can we all PLEASE just forgive Martin Campbell for Green Lantern and let him go back to making awesome action movies?
I always thought that going with Hal Jordan for the live action was a mistake. John Stewart 'is' Green Lantern now.
especially if it's John Stewart as Green Lantern
What if John Diggle from Arrow was really adopted as a child and his real name is John Stewart and he becomes Green Lantern 😳
-Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern in DC, but also Deadpool in Marvel. -Ben Affleck was DareDevil in Marvel, but now Batman in Dc.
A display case with Ryan Reynold's "Green Lantern" costume in it.
Who do you think the black suit belongs to?. RT= Green Lantern . Like = Nightwing. Credit to
I love Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner but the Justice League animated series makes a great case for John Stewart as the best Green Lantern
Simon Baz is MY lantern. As I was getting into Green Lantern, he was getting created. That makes him special to me.
Green Lantern was good, but it is clear that your color is red. Congratulations for Deadpool, it's amazing.
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Kyle Rayner needs to be the sole Green Lantern again for I hate the Corps! Make Hal back into Parallax, too.
Every night I say a little prayer that they'll make a movie starring Idris Alba as John Stewart's Green Lantern.
MusicTimes> DJ Green Lantern (L) and rapper Nas perform at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ...
after reading Omega Men, I would love to see on one of the Green Lantern titles
I want to check out those Green Lantern books, but the twice-monthly deal scares me because I'm already following...
I know!!! 😢😢 Spectacular Spider Man was.well Spectacular! Same goes for Green Lantern.
Just saw the rumor that Dan Amboyer might be Green Lantern because we need ANOTHER take on Hal Jordan…JON STEWART IS RIGHT THERE DAMMIT.
I enjoy Green Lantern, heck I even enjoy Tomorrowland and The Rock Hercules. We all have or lite special movies :P
Green Lantern taking on the league? Curious to see how this all goes down but we all Hal Jordan can take them all ;) https:/…
That's like Green Lantern starting a feud with New Zealand rugby star Jonah Lomu. In what would could their interests possibly clash?
Ryan Reynolds has completely redeemed himself for "X-men origins" and "Green Lantern".
I can't wait for Deadpool. I want to see Ryan Reynolds performance. He was as Green Lantern. He did an amazing job in X-Men…
Coast City: Birth place of one of this sector's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Unfortunately, due to his brash actions, the —
Perhaps it will be better for Poison Ivy to migrate from the bat line/editors to the Green Lantern or Superman one.
In preparation for watching Deadpool I'm doing Green Lantern, The Voices, Blade Trinity and The Nines in ten minute blocks.
All purpose parts banner
Still Ryan Reynolds seems to have pulled it off by himself with those clever one liners and redeemed himself post the Green Lantern debacle.
Just saw a green VW Bug with the Green Lantern symbol on the hood and doors. Cool.
Why did Green Lantern have to bomb? I don't want to wait 4 more years to possibly see the Sinestro Corps on screen.
complete the cast for "The Justice League" film. casting Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Shazam (if you wan't), and one more.
Alan Scott's great, and he came first, but buddy, he'll never be THE Green Lantern. He's not the one on TV and in movies.
If you could delete one of these film from history what would it be: Blade Trinity, X:Men: Origins, or Green Lantern?
Tell the truth, playing in Green Lantern, Blade Trinity, and even Wolverine were all practice for 💀💩L, right?
Will you guys eventually bring in Alan Scott (the 1st Green Lantern) into LOT? Or even just an easter egg :D
Ben Afflect: Batman and Dare Devil. Ryan Reynolds: Green Lantern. They should cameo themselves in theyre own movies..
Nobody should be Green Lantern besides Micheal Jai White unless they're making Spawn again.
I think a lot of people really underestimate Green Lantern (Vine by Comics.Ultimate)
Totally forgot Angela Bassett played Amanda Waller in this god awful Green Lantern movie
“Dr. Amanda Waller.”. I'm watching Green Lantern for some reason.
best advice I can give you. Watch the DC Animated films Green Lantern first flight and emerald knights.
This year, Ben Affleck will make amends for Daredevil and Ryan Renolds for Green Lantern
When you overhear someone say Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern.
Has the DCCU cast its Green Lantern yet? Because I just realized that Kyle Chandler would be an amazing 'verging on retirement Hal Jordan.'
Nightwing, sweetie, I think you took Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) spot in the Justice League.
it's totally different than kids colouring books! the Green Lantern on the Adult version is Hal Jordan, not John Stewart!!
If I were religious I would pray every night that the DCCU Green Lantern is Hal Jordan.
A drone pilot, but I think Snyder did that for misdirection. I mean c'mon.. The JL movie comes out next year, and the Green Lantern-
First concept art for the Justice League, minus Green Lantern. They're gonna take over the world. •.
There has always been a Green Lantern in every iteration of the Justice League. Hal, John, Guy, Kyle, Gnort, Jade, etc...
I kn who DC Comics next Green Lantern is going to be Jamie Foxx as John Stewart! its gotta be karma! He saved Kyle
What if he is casted as Green Lantern for the Green Lantern Corps movie maybe Hal and still have John Stewart.
We do have The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Watchmen and Arrow! Check it out babe!
it's probably sad first thing I thought was 'why is Arista from Green Lantern corps out of uniform' & no GL ring
Power Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern.
Power Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern. David Wilk: But now, I have one question for all of you green lan...
moviepilot.comPower Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern. David Wilkmoviepilot.
Well, that has kinda' always been the case. Oh, and Solomon Grundy was originally a Green Lantern villain, so not the best example.
Is Jim Gordon's Batma here to help or hurt in "Green Lantern"
work. Don't ever heard was using cocaine when they were true? Today I stayed up It's been a 3DS. Green Lantern was the next day. Watching
New 52 GL: Reccommended starting point for New 52 Green Lantern? Or should i just start right from the very fi...
Tell them to turn you into the Green Lantern already xD cmon m8!!!
everything is super vibrant on this computer compared to my laptop. that Green lantern I drew yesterday looks straight up grey on it ToT
Blackest Night is one of the coolest Green Lantern and DC arcs in general
Batman: "So… what's ur superpower?". Green Lantern: [just standing next to a bookshelf illuminating that general part of the room] "…stuff."
Ryan Reynolds was a terrible Green Lantern but he may be a perfect Deadpool
That's more of a pipe dream with Diggle, but I think we have a real chance at the eventuality of a Green Lantern with Deathstorm
and then Barry can do the Diggle react when he sees Green Lantern Diggle.
I'm so upset that my sealed, mint condition copy of Flashpoint is forever tainted by the Green Lantern movie.
any green lantern variants in the near future? I feel like he is left out :-(
Enjoy my new favorite: Tommy Trash - 'F(Green Lantern Remix) by on
I'm guessing they're just using the name for Earth 2 Ronnie so they don't have to explain Green Lantern, Black Lantern…
What if Earth 2 Diggle is Green Lantern like everyone had hoped he would be in Arrow/Earth1?!
W/ the arrival of we (in theory) have the intro of Black Lanterns. Are we thinking we'll see Green Lantern soon?
yeah definitely. And some of the DC weaknesses are just dumb... I mean, come on Green Lantern... The colour yellow? Lol
Join us for a Super Healthy Day in the Lantern Centre, Dublin :) . Green Valu - Healthy Living and Juicing...
Today's 10th idea: War of the Green Lanterns -
Look now I can write your love notes on green lantern paper
has done something nothing else has. Made appreciate Green Lantern. I'm loving this! Old-school, button-bash fighter!
Today's 6th idea: Rise of the Third Army -
Bought this little black book green lantern still sealed. I opened it with some hope and this was what I got...:-)
If I ever became the green lantern I would summon toilet paper.
And your imaginative prowess hits Green lantern level.
Oh my god imagine a Green Lantern retelling of Passover. Abin Sur's ship crashes into some bushes, and the ring speaks to Hal through them
From Arab-Muslim to join 'Green Lantern' comic series
Remember those days when people would fan cast Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, or Jake Gyllenhaal as Green Lantern? LMAO.
Alan Moore's Green Lantern story about Abin Sur is technically a "fill in the blanks" story...
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4.5 out of 5 stars by 84 reviewers for "Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War"
I finished reading Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns and rated it 4 stars.
Blake Lively, also of Gossip Girl, broke up with Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl and wed Ryan Reynolds, who she met on the set of Green Lantern
2) Kyle Rayner (4th Green Lantern) is my personal hero. I grew up with his stories and identify with him on a level far above any other char
Green Lantern has followed on almost entirely from pre 52 lmfao. . Other than the fact that they erased GA from both Hal and Kyle's memory.
There are 3 of us wearing a Green Lantern shirt at the Culver City In-N-Out. Clearly the Corps is fueled by willpower and Double-Doubles.
John Stewart and Hal Jordan to appear in Green Lantern: Corps - CONFIRMED!!: via
Just need to wait at least another week for the limited edition book; Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War!
Few things get me more jazzed for all things Green Lantern than Ethan van Sciver's takes on Guy Gardner and John Stewart.
Tons of Green Lantern easter eggs on Arrow. Now I just want a GL TV show. And make Diggle GL. Dude is basically John Stewart.
Even though you aren't into Green Lantern, who is your favorite? . Hal Jordan?. Guy Gardner?. John Stewart?
Michael Jai White would be the perfect Green Lantern
DC gotta go at Michael B Jordan for Green Lantern yo. Go all in man
I thought this was buy Green Lantern.
Just noticed that Ryan Reynolds in the "Deadpool" trailer says - "please don't make my super suit green" - an allusion to Green Lantern. 😂
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Ryan Reynolds was a trash Green Lantern. But he's gonna make a great Deadpool. Smart move.
They shoulda never made the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds. He's was PERFECT for the Deadpool role.
In brightest day. In blackest night. Enter: Green Lantern!. It's been a good chunk of years that…
- Green Arrow is way more legit than Green Lantern and Green Hornet.
Wonder Woman and Green Lantern with my dad's book. Visit [pic] —
Remember how terrible that Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film was
Comic clip featuring a look at the many different looks and characters associated with Green Lantern
Unless you can be Batman, then you should be Batman. Though I would prefer Green Lantern. Very nice pic by the way.
I added a video to a playlist Imaginext Green Lantern Plane Play Doh ICE CREAM for HULK
I heard your little Green Lantern dig in the Deadpool trailer. UNACCEPTABLE.
The most concerning thing is he actually thinks "Olicity" is incredible TV. This how Green Lantern happened?
Here is one for Green Lantern fans, enjoy guys and gals
all my mine. [I shake my head, finding it surreal that you're actually my girlfriend. Getting up, I pull out my green lantern +
Green House Salt Water Powered LED lantern. A new technology that uses salt and water to power a lamp
This band is called Plastic Crimewave Syndicate. They're awesome. @ The Green Lantern Bar
I'm just kidding you can't be my robin. You're more green lantern tbh
when will we see Jon Stewart Green Lantern on the big screen?
Thought I'd check to see how much the Green Lantern color guide went for at auction and I'm stunned -- $9,560!
4. On Earth 32 of the DC universe, who becomes the Green Lantern?
I predicted the Neal Adams art for Green Lantern would go for around $500K, and it went for ... $442,150!
'The Green Lantern' portrays God's will as bound and man's as free. But it's just the opposite:
They all focus on the lead-hero of their book, but they're alright. Green Lantern is my fav so far. Have Shazam to go
How can Ryan Reynolds be the Green Lantern and Deadpool?...I don't get it lol
Ezra Miller as the Flash and Armie Hammer as Green Lantern.
The Flash (Barry Allen) & Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and yes, it is definitely the best
This man needs to be the Green Lantern. The Hal Jordan Green Lantern pales in comparison to John Stewart.
If he did the Green Lantern movie, Marvel would make back all the money they lost off Reynolds and then some.
Boot up your PC: Peaches Geldof's skeleton has denied that the seven% price in Green Lantern's steel kneecaps is linked gol...
I like Ryan Reynold's pre-surgery demands to not make his superhero costume green--BAM! Green Lantern!
Who is your favorite DC superhero? Play The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman at SlotJoint Casino!
"Westeros-based costume". I don't recall seeing freakin Green Lantern nor Wolverine in any of the Seven Kingdoms
Amazing Spider-Man 2, Green Lantern & even Age of Ultron all collapse under the weight of the studio's desperate glut of franchise building.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. What did you dress up as?. Our own Ryan Lawson was Green Lantern for...
Well, maybe, but Heimdall is very limited. I mean, Ryan Reynolds moved from X-Men Origins to Green Lantern.
I was watching Green Lantern...and no not the Ryan Reynolds one.. (Thank God) got inspired so here ya…
Currently on a PATH train with Batman, Batkid, Green Lantern (not that lousy Ryan Reynolds) & Wonder Woman. Can't make this up.
Those were the days man. New Jersey devil, Big Mike and Green Lantern
I want this more than I wanted Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern.
Hi, Josh Bowman would be an excellent choice for your Green Lantern
Josh Bowman would be perfect for acting like Green Lantern
Look our campaign for Josh Bowman be your Green Lantern, please
Hey Bowmanics, Vancampers and Revengers, help please. CAMPAIGN | Josh Bowman as Green Lantern via
Hello! We would love to see the actor Josh Bowman playing the Green Lantern. Thank you!
Do you still work with Josh? We are campaigning to see it as Green Lantern! https:…
It would be really cool a serie about the Green Lantern with the actor Josh Bowman!
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Mourning the passing of Murphy Anderson, artist on Green Lantern, Superman, Hawkman, Adam Strange and many more DC superheroes.
I am still rooting for Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern. I know he is too old now, but still.
Photo: Father and son cosplaying at Alamo City Comic Con 2015! Assassin’s Creed and Green Lantern. I really...
Green Lantern really the *** of the Justice League after the black one died no one respects Hal Jordan
Tom: "It's not the goddamned Green Lantern! Oh God, you're gonna have to walk 10 paces behind me at Comic Con."
Green Lantern / Star Trek really turned it up a notch this issue Hal in the captain's chair, great stuff.
Green Lantern may not be good but it's more enjoyable than MoS
I wonder what my halloween costume will be this year I think I'll go as Green Lantern John Stewart
Musings of a Geek podcast is back! This week we discuss gaming, Tron, Green Lantern, John Boehner, and More!
True. In all fairness, even if they don't put Green Lantern or Batman in the shows, barring the Jordan jacket in Arrow recently
Quiksilver. But Green Lantern.Taught me that your imagination is your only limit and you do anything with willpower.
And sadly also the one I never rode. Luckily, I enjoyed my one ride on Green Lantern.
No one will ever top green lantern run at anything for me
lol How about the flash ring or the green lantern ring as an engagement ring? Works for me!
that's not the case. The movies hardly have 3D. Green Lantern was the only movie I watched filled with 3D.
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I liked a video from Green Lantern Annual Recap & Review
Wonder Woman flies, green Lantern flies, batman is batman, aquaman can do stuff auqatically
ONE MORE THING. Green Lantern has been black & beloved in the animated universe for over a decade. Stop trying to make H…
Howard the Duck and Green Lantern prove why studios need to keep Tim Robbins away from Comic book movies
(c) hiding all the pieces? Also it was way to easy to destroy that manhunter when he got to the Green Lantern Power. And Aquaman (c)
It's as if Green Lantern and Lego came together to design this.
Finally catching up on Arrow. There's Green Lantern references all over this episode.
And there has been far less subtle things in comics in the past. Green Lantern/Green Arrow anyone?
Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sport...n 3D LED Lantern, Green is now on sale for $17.72 at Amazon. Product page:
so Jake as Green Lantern uuhm i hear you nutting
Today a friend gave me a Green Lantern Ring, made me say an Oath and then we bumped fists! I think I became a SUPERHERO! WHAT A DAY!
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