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Green Lantern

Green Lantern is the name of multiple superheroes from the DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring.

Justice League John Stewart Wonder Woman Ryan Reynolds Warner Bros Captain America Iron Man Hal Jordan Alan Scott Suicide Squad Black Adam Ezra Miller Idris Elba Nathan Fillion Guy Gardner Jason Momoa Martian Manhunter Jason Mamoa

yay for Marvel!! Can u imagine him as the green lantern 😣😣
you know nothing you don't know nothing about me 🎶 ♫ Know About Me by DJ Green Lantern & Valentino Khan —
I have to wait 6 years for a new Green Lantern movie :( Dafaq man.
What was the last movie you watched? — GREEN LANTERN.
Congratulations to Jason Momoa for his upcoming role as Aquaman, set to hit theaters in 2018!
Malachi showed me a boo-boo on his thumb. I asked him what happened and he pointed to the Green Lantern photo on...
Continuing my slowly read through of the last few arcs of the Geoff Johns era of Green Lantern comics
I feel like the female green lantern
American politics is like Green Lantern's power, only instead of forming everything with Willpower we try to form it from Complaining.
It's already starting, The Justice League with no Green Lantern lol ~Joe
The closest I get to beating up Deathstroke is playing as Green Lantern in Injustice . It just feels so right
I got a Green Lantern t-shirt and ring so that's costume enough for me
This week has been really eventful when it comes to movies. This week, in our theater, The Book of Life and Fury were released. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is set to premier next Friday. Keanu Reeves' John Wick is apparently the best action movie of the year. There's going to be an Ant-Man movie, a Doctor Strange movie and Captain America 3 is going to be Civil War, which means Captain America versus Iron Man. DC has just released its movie line up, 10 films in all, from 2016 to 2020. That means there's going to be a Batman-with-Ben Afleck film, a Wonder Woman film, a Flash film, a Suicide Squad film, a Justice League prequel and 2 Justice League films, a Cyborg film, a Captain Marvel film, an Aquaman film, but no Green Lantern film, which makes me kind of sad because, if it wasn't for that horrible Ryan Reynolds film, there would most likely be one. So excited...
So what do you think of your cast for the Justice League movie? And who do you want to play Green Lantern?! Do you want to see Ryan Reynolds reprise his roll as the Emerald Warrior or should he just do Deadpool and we get someone new?
I'd like WB to cast Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern just to mess with people.
DC confirm their upcoming film line up including dates for Justice League 1 and 2, Aquaman (starring Jason Momoa), a Flash film, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern reboot, Suicide Squad and Shazam (with the Rock as Black Adam). DC currently has a better TV show catalogue at least until Marvel's Netflix series start popping off (Arrow, Flash, Gotham vs Marvel Agents of Shield) do the above films make you think they can take on Marvel (who have a better overall film catalogue)?
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The Anti-Monitor is majorly anti-Lantern on Green Lantern: The Animated Series! Beetle gets blasty on Young Justice! Black Lightning gets an assist from his super-powered offspring in brand new super hero shorts! It's all headed your way tomorrow morning on DC NATION, starting at 10a/9c on Cartoon Network!
After a day like today there's only one thing to do. Drink green tea from my Green Lantern mug while watching kids movies.
Still trying to find out how to submit a script for your proposed 2020 Green Lantern film. Please let me know.
Jason Mamoa as aquamarine could b decent though! . Interesting to see whos green lantern & cyborg (Terry Crews is Interested!).
Other DC movies in the works: Cyborg, a Green Lantern reboot, and new stand-alone Superman and Batman movies
The Green Lantern is getting another shot at stardom.
'Justice League' Part ONE and Part TWO villains revealed! Details on Green Lantern and Aquaman's role.
Justice League is in 2 parts, Green Lantern reboot & more
Aquaman will be out in 2018... going up against three as-yet-unknown marvel movies... For gods sake WHY IS THERE GOING TO BE A AQUAMAN MOVIE?! You're at least giving Cyborg his own movie but come on... no Birds of Prey? no Martian Manhunter? The only DC movies that seem to be remotely tolerable atm are the new Green Lantern (Idris Elba for John Stewart btw), Shazam and Suicide Squad (where deadshot will be played by Shaquille o Neil and Harley Quinn will be an animatronic duck knowing DC's casting team)
Warner Bros. has confirmed its full line-up of forthcoming DC Comics superhero films, including a two-part Justice League outing. Here's what the studio has planned ... March 2016: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice August 2016: Suicide Squad June 2017: Wonder Woman November 2017: Justice League: Part One May 2018: The Flash (with Ezra Miller announced in the title role) July 2018: Aquaman (with Jason Momoa announced in the title role) April 2019: Shazam (with Dwayne Johnson announced as Black Adam) June 2019: Justice League: Part Two April 2020: Cyborg June 2020: Green Lantern (confirmed to be a reboot) The studio has also confirmed that LEGO Batman will be getting his own solo movie in May 2017, in advance of the following May's The LEGO Movie 2.
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pa post lang po admin...share ko lng po mga ka-GP,quick doodle of green lantern and spidey in pencil and markers...thanks.
Warner Bros. released plans for 10 DC comics films for the next 6 years today, including announcements that David Ayer will direct Suicide Squad and that Ezra Miller, from Perks of Being a Wallflower, will portray the Flash in a stand-alone film (meaning he's in Justice League as well). Among other characters getting their own films are Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and even Cyborg, along with previously announced solo Batman and Superman films. Thoughts?
Really DC? 2 Justice League films directed by Zack Snyder? Yawn. But yay new Green Lantern in 2020!.
DC overload! In addition to who will be playing The Flash on the big-screen, Warner Bros. has revealed when to expect two Justice League movies, as well as Aquaman and Green Lantern among many others
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It's been reported that Brainiac will be the main villain in Justice League: Part One, and a new report reiterates that AND reveals who the team will face off with in Part Two. How does Green Lantern factor into all of this? Hit the jump to find out, but there are SPOILERS AHEAD...
10 DC Comics movie line up is as follows for the next 6yrs. 2016: Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. 2017: Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Justice League part 1. 2018: Aquaman (Jason Moma) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) 2019: Shazam (Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock) Justice League part 2 2020: Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Green Lantern reboot. So far the latest Comic Book movies have been good hoping these will be just as good
So, DC just announced like 11 movies from now until 2020 including Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern reboot, Wonder Woman, and a few others. For some reason I'm not freaking out right now because I still don't feel like its official because there have been so many fake-outs. But it's real.
Jason Mamoa is Aquaman in 2018! Ray Fisher is Cyborg in 2020 and Green Lantern gets a reboot in 2020 as well!
Ezra Miller is THE FLASH. A Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash & Green Lantern movie are all officially locked. BOOM!
Warner Bros. unveils the DC Comics movie lineup up to 2020, which includes a Green Lantern reboot, two Justice League films, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and more!
Good lord: Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam… and Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. That's a whole lot of supers movies I want to see.
So Ezra Miller has been confirmed for Jason Mamoa for now only Shazam & Green Lantern left:
So just walking on the floor. Oh look, there's Jim J. Bullock and Tom Wopat talking about skateboarding and Green Lantern. Only at
I have got a couple of these cool Super Hero cushion covers coming in. Batman, Captain America, Superman, Ironman and Green Lantern 45cm x 45cm They will be $19.99 + Postage PM if you wish to order
Features: Based on the new hit superhero film, Green Lantern,The Movie Masters line offers fans the premium...
My reaction to being at a Green Lantern party for my 30-something friend. My workers are amazing!…
With the shape of his giant catcher's mask, Caleb Joseph's head looks like Peter Sarsgaard's head in the Green Lantern.
--Distinguished periods of comic book history-- THE GOLDEN AGE 1930 to 1950 Comic books blossomed into a distinct entertainment industry after 1938 when Jerome Siegal and Joseph Shuster created Superman, the initiator of the superhero genre that would remain the cornerstone of the comic book industry. When DC comics introduced Batman in 1939, it eventually pushed out the “crime” and “detective” stories from DC’s title. The popularity of the superhero in the 1930s led to the creation of other characters such as Wonder Woman, Captain America, The Flash, and the Green Lantern. Marvel comics introduced enduring characters such as the Human Torch and Captain America (Coogan 2006). In terms of style and technique, Will Eisner’s work on his masked detective series The Spirit adapted many film techniques to comic books and developed much of the storytelling grammar still used in comic books today. For example, unlike the short daily strips and fixed perspective of juvenile comics, Eisner’s “cinema ...
Ryan Reynolds better not mess up Deadpool like he did with Green Lantern
let us know when you beat the *** out of Ryan Reynolds and take over Green Lantern again.
For those of u who don't believe that Green Lantern is in Arrow, here is my proof: Oliver's body guard is John Diggle. In the comics John Stewart was a special forces marine sniper. Before Diggle became private security he was a special forces marine sniper. Now, get this, in Justice League the Animated Series John revealed that his nick name was.wait for it."Diggles"
If they ever make another Green Lantern movie, i vote for John Stewart.
Set de fotos: nerdology: dcu: The Truth about 1992: It was John Stewart who patrolled Green Lantern:...
Well, just letting you know that they each have a name. The black one is John Stewart, not Green Lantern.
DC also needs to take another run at Green Lantern. It was garbage. While I know Hal Jordan is the de facto Lantern. Go with John Stewart
Flash, Green Lantern and Batman were/are my 3 favourite superheroes. Only Batman (Dark Knight trilogy) was done right. Other 2 were ruined.
Green Lantern for me. Iron Man for her. (CC:
Razer was the smartest thing Green Lantern has done in decades, besides MAYBE John Stewart
well, the deal is John Stewart (the black Green Lantern) was popular in the early 00s. Now not so much.
Thing security guard and I can agree on: John Stewart Green Lantern is best Green Lantern.
I'm sure it's been said before, but DC should take another swipe at Green Lantern with Idris Elba as John Stewart.
when they gave Ant-Man a movie, but John Stewart can't ever be Green Lantern in any movie ever
yeah that's true. I only hope it's John Stewart so it won't cause confusion with Reynold's Green Lantern movie.
at least it confirms that they will reboot Green Lantern for JL. I hope they go with John Stewart Green Lantern though
Yeah, man. Screw Hal Jordan. It's all about John Stewart as Green Lantern played by Idris Elba.
They're all expecting Green Lantern (John Stewart) or Superman. Let's just say they are half right. ;)
John Stewart will always be the best Green Lantern
'The LEGO Movie' will be shown Friday “The LEGO Movie,” featuring the voices of Channing Tatum as Superman and Jonah Hill as Green Lantern, will be shown Friday, Sept. 19, at 8:30 p.m. at Donner Park, 2072 George St., Atlantic Beach. The Sept. 18 edition of The Leader incorrectly reported the date of the show as Thursday. The movie is free and open to the public (children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult). Bring your chairs, blankets, movie food, non-alcoholic beverages and bug spray. Free popcorn starts at 8 p.m., with the movie beginning at dusk. Call Atlantic Beach Recreation & Special Events at 247-5828 for information.
People always praise what Geoff Johns did 4 Green Lantern, but what he actually did was screw the one GL people know--John Stewart!
depends which Green Lantern you mean but there was a black one (John Stewart)
. John Stewart was an affirmative action Green Lantern.
Adam Baldwin is Green Lantern in Injustice. Fortunately you can buy the superior John Stewart as DLC
I most dearly want a complete Green Lantern reboot with John Stewart.
I got me first appearance of John Stewart as Green Lantern signed by Neal Adams over at the other day. Woot!! :D
What a dilemma we are going to have in this household deciding which one to get.. Who am I kidding "which ones" Which one would your little superhero fan choose? Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Green Lantern also available, all the details coming up shortly!
And Jack Black can finally be Green Lantern in a cameo?
Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Black Adam are my fav superheroes, but GL's already been made and stamped.
Just seen the previews for Annie and she's black...thats just as bad as the white Green Lantern smfh
Green Lantern, nuptials, Met Gala and more! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' love timeline:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Just watched Justice League War and I think Justin Kirk is a great voice for Green Lantern
Whenever Idris Elba pops into my mind, I always think "man, he would make an incredible John Stewart/Green Lantern."
Man of Steel, Superman Returns, Green Lantern all bad movies, Marvel has what I need
"Yeah, we should find a Green Lantern...Jordan, Stewart, *** even Gardner." - Superboy
Even tho he said he doesnt want to do CGI heavy movies anymore. come on.. Alfonso Cuaron for Green Lantern
The only superhero movie I've seen that was worse than Amazing Spider-Man 2 was Green Lantern. (But I haven't seen Ghost Rider 1 or 2).
Still ill & watching films in bed. Ghost Rider 2 was a bad choice. Hoping for better from Green Lantern.
Green Arrow. Shazam. Green Lantern. Martian Manhunter Aquaman pretty much in this
Him or Michael Jai White! Either way, I'd love for John to be the next Green Lantern
It's THE GREEN LANTERN no not John Stewart no not Hal either or Guy Gardner NO NOT KYLE come on you know Green Lantern red pants green ring
And no, I'm seriously not kidding about CN's "girls = failure" mindset. After Young Justice and Green Lantern both got axed, Bruce Timm--
Seriously, should play John Stewart the Green Lantern in Justice League!
Oo Jamie bought more of Gail Simone's Red Sonja! Imma read that before I start Green Lantern
I think Green Lantern could spank Superman any day of the week.
Kevin Conroy as Batman, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern...DC really have their animated voice talent cast perfectly.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Oh God, Green Lantern. I fortunately avoided that one. Thanks, Rotten Tomatoes.
Ok, so I went out and saw the new TMNT movie on Sunday and there was something about it that really bothered me. Ifigured I would say this here so that I wouldn't feel compelled to bore you people with it in person. If it is too long, feel free to ignore it. To talk about it, I have to first give a big SPOILER WARNING: if you want to go see this movie (which you don't) without spoilers (which don't matter because you really don't need to see this movie) then don't read the rest of this. I very rarely jump onto the band wagon of hating a movie. If a movie is mildly entertaining or convinced me to feel something even for a small moment, I tend to emphasize those qualities and walk away saying "that was a terrible but fun movie." There are a lot of movies (Avatar, Wild Wild West, Green Lantern) that are generally reviled that I think of as fun even though they were pretty awful. This movie was not fun. This movie was not entertaining. This movie was just pretty awful. This isn't even the enjoyable kind of b ...
Photo: From the Alan Davis, Green Lantern proposal. Had DC not gone with Johns, and Rebirth, we may have...
Tomorrow's show at Redmonds has been canceled, but you can still come rock out with us next Friday at the Green Lantern for Mad Anthony's album release show!
It was the thing I kept hearing about constantly when I was reading Johns' Green Lantern, but I could never read any as my library never...
DJ Green Lantern is a world class DJ, and he's hosting Pak-Man's next mixtape "Lyrical Warfare"
I'm giving away: Female Green Lantern Costume (size L). Check it out -
...How about Ben as both Daredevil and Batman? Or Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Green Lantern?
Oh yeah, what they did to Batman should be a criminal offence. And Superman. And Green Lantern.
Idris Elba should totally play Green Lantern (John Stewart). Let's just pretend Ryan Reynolds never happened.
Superman & Green Lantern ain't got nothing on me that would hold up in court.
(16714) I seem to recall some of the haters out there comparing Guardians of the Galaxy, when it was first announced, to the Green Lantern movie.Well, Guardians of the Galaxy has surpassed Green Lantern's total domestic box office draw in only five days and will probably blow by GL's worldwide total…
You cannot deny the greatness that is my green lantern shirt xD
GREEN LANTERN Sours, Malibu and Sprite. Take it easy typa drink and you can have a sherbit load before it catches up to you
What is the last thing you watched on TV? — Dora. :) and the GREEN LANTERN. :)
ha. I wish! But I'm definitely keen to get our Green Lantern on, bruh! ;) cc
I can't watch Justice League and NOT ship Hawkgirl and Green Lantern. Just the sexual tension man.
Oh my, John Diggle is a green Lantern!
Green Lantern gets in the mobile Injustice GAU. Game is free and addictive
They have the Iron Man, we've got the chosen one. Green Lantern.
Can you please please put in kilowog from green lantern :)
You're not a real comic book geek til you own a green lantern t shirt. +750 geek points.
Saw GOTG a 3rd time, played ten pin bowling with my bros, and bought a green lantern t shirt which I've wanted forever!
Hmmm, true, I guess. I really want a standalone Green Lantern reboot film. And I really want…
Is it too late for John to find the truth? Preview GREEN LANTERN CORPS
Photoset: if i were a green lantern …………..i would wreck sh!t up creatively as possible.
Ok it looks like DC and WB have a game plan (finally) hope green lantern gets another shot but with John Stewart.…
You know who should play Jon Stewart green lantern?
yeah well right now I'm more like the green lantern because chlorine omg😂
lol nice , I got stuck on green lantern last time I went lol which was like last week
ICYMI: is getting a LEGO makeover this November with variant covers. Check out our EXCLUSIVE preview:
Captain Marvel and West Coast Avengers from Marvel! Wonder Woman & another Green Lantern from DC!
In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. To those who worship evil's might beware my power Green Lantern's light.
And the guy is hot what more do you need! Men can deny John Carter, Green Lantern and so on but we need to take everything!
Newsflash: Chris Moyles has 'knocked on the eyeballs' he supports Green Lantern's shoulders.
So the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants married Tobias Funke, Green Lantern, Pete Cambell and the post production coordinator on Ocean's 13
We already had a perfectly serviceable Green Lantern movie, it was called "The Last Starfighter."
I've been pondering actors who have played multiple characters in the DC or Marvel universes (without checking Wikipedia). I can only think of three... Chris Evans (Human Torch, Captain America) Halle Berry (Catwoman, Storm) Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Green Lantern) Upcoming, there's also... Ben Affleck (Daredevil, Batman) Brandon Routh (Superman, Atom) Can you think of any others?
Especially after seeing the new test footage, do you prefer Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (Wade Wilson) or Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)?. [Bane]
ha, no worries. Really hope he's in it if it happens; if Evans can be Cap after Johnny Storm, RR can overcome Green Lantern!
Accidental deletion on my part! R-R-Repost Name: Shae Humphries Nickname: Shumps Hometown: Victoria, BC (West Coast, Best Coast) High school: Mount Douglas Secondary Age: 18 Program: Game Design Campus: Trafalgar Living Arrangements: El Residencio Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones is my go to for blood, gore and explicit sex scenes. Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Adventure Time, Cowboy Bebop, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, FMA, Bleach and Naruto (manga) before they started becoming the longest thing to ever exist... Hey, I'll basically watch anythang. Favourite Movies: Anything Pixar, anything Miyazaki, Disney (even the princess movies, j-j-just for the animation... yeah.) Wes Anderson is awesome, Tarantino stuff, Superhero movies (excluding Green Lantern and Ghost Rider, new Spiderman is kinda eh), Christopher Nolan's work, Mind-benders like Inception and Memento, once again I'll sit through almost anything. Favourite Games: DOTA (but I'll do any MOBA really), Portal, Half-Life, Elder Scrolls, Super Smash Brother ...
Despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, there was one comic superhero Ryan Reynolds was born to play — Deadpool. Test footage from the once-in-development movie has surfaced, and not only is it great, it is genuinely tragic that this movie has never been made... yet.
OMFCHIMICHANGA Green Lantern might have sucked, but Ryan Reynolds was clearly made to play What *** Movie Suit turned down this project? This IS what awesome looks like.
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. The very FIRST Green Lantern that I saw in the comics. He's always been my…
Comic-Con: Aaron Eckhart on 'I, Frankenstein' and His Fondness for the Green Lantern via
domain names
Okay, winner of yesterdays battle with 3 votes to 1 is Green Lantern - Kyle Rayner: Next battle coming shortly:
Heres the cast for batman vs super man dawn of justice as you know Ben Affleck Is Batman AKA Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavil is Superman AKA Clark Kent. Here is the rest of the cast for batman vs superman. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eiesenberg as Lex Luthor and i never herded of Jesse sorry guys, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Amy Adams of course who plays Lois lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, Dan Amboyer as a drone pilot Alec Bladwin and Ray Fisher as victor stone. There are 3 more people but they play unknown characters and yes the name Dawn of justice which means this is gonna be a first Justice League but you may have noticed by the list they missed out some characters part of Justice League like Green Lantern, The Flash, Shazam and Hawkgirl or they even might put green lantern in after Green Lantern 2.
Not Batfleck related but I feel like it's important news. A few days ago Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did an interview talking about his upcoming role in a DC film. While he didn't come right out and say who he was playing, yet, he did give us hints. He has the power of Superman, hasn't been done yet in live action and even said it's not John Stewart's Green Lantern, and he also said the phrase "Say the word"!!! While everything thinks it's either Black Adam or Shazam, could he have actually been talking about this fan art picture that's been going around for months showing him as Black Adam and actually has the phrase "Say the word" in the picture? Did he give us the ultimate clue without coming straight out and saying it? If this is the case, you would have to think that he reached a deal with Warner Bros to play Adam in multiple movies, which could be "Shazam" first, and then either an origin story of Teth-Adam before he turns "evil" or maybe even a spin-off where he acts as an Anti-Hero character after h ...
A black Captain America. A *** Green Lantern. Next thing you know they'll come out with a small-breasted woman to play Wonder Woman. Gadot?
So.. Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Shazam... all of them and more.
No days off. Green lantern type guy. I need his green power ring. Lol
"Daredevil doing things that would make Green Lantern pass out in fear.". Mark Waid with the siq burn
"My goal when writing every issue is to have Daredevil do something that would make Green Lantern pass out with fear."
Mark Waid wants Matt doing thing that would make Green Lantern pass out from fear
Mike Rock and or Matthew Sanders, Clarification for tomorrow please; the War of Light Sinestro Corps War figures and items, prize figures / constructs / and items from WoL month 1 i.e. The Green Lantern Ring, The Shield Construct, The Hal Jordan Green Lantern Figure, The Sinestro Sinestro Corps Figure, The Green Lantern Power Battery, the Crossbow Construct, the Green Lantern Rond Vidar Figure, the Orange Lantern Larfleeze, and the Net Construct pulled in a booster from WoL Month 1, ARE or ARE NOT allowed to be used in the WoL Month 2 Tournament?
Last year Green Lantern this yr. Captain American next yr a Zombie. The main reason I want to go to SDCC is to see U
Where are the African-American superhero movies? The Blade trilogy? That's it? Where is John Stewart's Green Lantern? Victor Stone's Cyborg?
Selling a comic book collection of about 200 semi-recent Green Lantern comics. The dates on the comics range from about 2005 to 2011. This is NOT a random assortment of comics, but instead a collection of the ongoing story-line, so it is considered a set similar to a book series. The comics are in very fine/near mint condition and all are bagged and boarded with over half in resealable bags. I'm only asking $2 each or $400 which is a serious bargain considering they are worth 2 or 3 times that.
it was a cool storyline ;) And in the The New 52 the Black Lanterns are back and Sinestro is a Green Lantern again ;)
Showed a friend my new Green Lantern ring I got from . She asked me what the "101" signified... We are no longer talking, LOL!
Trio blocks brand new! Green lantern $10 Joker fun house $30 They cost more on amazon and aren't sold in stores anymore Located in Carbondale.
This little Green Lantern had some moves! . Do you have a super hero? Call the studio to book your creative...
Join Green Lantern Windy today to make your *own* green lantern to take home!
Yo I Cana plus common said that he might play green lantern for
This guy should be the next Green Lantern from Earth.
I wonder if there is an iPhone docker shaped like a Green Lantern battery. If not, there bloody should be. Think about it.
sorry, but Terry Crews was born to play Luke Cage.. Taye Diggs for JS Green Lantern perhaps?
crap! I'm in Spain. But I love green lantern, I wish I Was in 😔
like, if there was a crisis of some sort would YOU call Green Lantern?
I used to know the Green Lantern oath word for word
Only lindsey would black out twice on the Green Lantern
The first 10 people to find the crew filming on the show floor today and recite the Green Lantern oath will get a free shirt!
Feel bad for the nebuchs wearing Green Lantern on
Green Lantern was worth watching for this scene.
That time I made a fantastic Green Lantern reference and no one in my office acknowledged my brilliance.
Try my Cute Green Lantern superfood Smoothie for comic con! Check it out on Eat to get the…
Anyone else down for Idris Elba to play Green Lantern in the movie?
I just want to do Green Lantern things with my friends tonight.
My Achievments are still gone... But I've got a Green Lantern shirt.. I feel kinda better now.. ._.
Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, my favorite Hispanic superhero. Who is your favorite?
My pastor's sermons are better than the Green Lantern movie. But don't expect Dark Knight level preaching unless it's E…
Watchn all the superhero movies til I fall asleep. Thor 1 & 2, Batman Dark Knight, Captain America, Hulk, Avengers, Man of Steel, Iron Man 1-3, Punisher, Green Lantern and see what else I find, lol
The rock has been begging to play a superhero role lol I wouldn't mind him as John Stewart! The black Green Lantern!
Photo: thecyberwolf: Green Lantern vs Nova Created by Alan Campos / Find this Artist...
-Flash: Still, we can always use more raw power. And Earth has a third Green Lantern: Guy Gardner. . -Jordan and Stewart: No. (Young Justice)
the lone awesome season of Green Lantern the Animated Series is on Netflix. It's based on Geoff John's GL run. Check it out
Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain was probably the scariest ride I've ever ridden in my life. Never again. No thank you.
Green Lantern is often the comic relief of the Justice League. He’s always there with something clever to say but should be taken seriously, despite his wise-cracking nature. Like Green Lantern, you’re confident but still want others to like an admire you.
My deep voice sounds like Green Lantern from Justice League.
im going straight to *** for it but impression of Lou Ferrigno doing the Green Lantern oath made me laugh.
Green Lantern, directed by paul McGuigan, starring Ryan Gosling
.. If Ezra Klein is the Green Lantern of Vox, then he's THIS Green Lantern.
DC WIKI- SOLOMON GRUNDY Solomon Grundy is a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place near Gotham City called Slaughter Swamp. He has had many appearances in which he had different levels of strength and intelligence, once surpassing even Superman in power level. Solomon Grundy is arguable one of the strongest villains in the DC Universe, if not one of the heaviest hitters regardless of evil or good intentions. He is virtually indestructible and immortal thanks to the elemental energy that imbues his form with pseudo-life. He is nearly invulnerable to physical, magical, and energy attacks and he is not affected by fire or cold. He has proven highly resistant to the effects of the original Green Lantern's power ring (which is attributed to his part-plant essence; originally because he had absorbed plant matter from the swamp, and later because he was a partial "plant elemental" like Swamp Thing) When injuries do occur, his body rapidly in a matter of seconds heals up the wounds, sometimes enabling him ...
The start of the Silver Age had The Flash and Green Lantern rebooted with no intention of bringing back Jay Gerrick or Alan Scott.
Anybody interested on this battle. its Avengers vs Justice League. Thor taking on Superman, Ironman facing Green Lantern, Wonder Woman going against Hulk, Flash taking on Hawkeye, Batman vs Black Widow, Captain America vs Aquaman and Cyborg vs Wolverine (jl has got 7 members so had to bring Tasin's soulmet intoo this. by the way don't bother about the formation its just something I have done. I just want to see what would happen here (if you have fought this earlier tao ekta opinion diyen)
So Marvel and DC have decided to make Thor a female, Green Lantern a homosexual, and Captain America a black man in the name of political correct-ness. Does it make me a terrible person that I think this is stupid?
I was happy with how Alan Scott, Green Lantern, came out because at the end of the day he was the same person.
It's also sort of a comic joke. "Fis my go-to note for stuff like that because of Alan Moore and Green Lantern.
"Thor" isn't a title! It's just the guy's name. That's like if every subsequent Green Lantern also took on the name Alan Scott!
Ehh, I don't think so. Not unless you consider the Green Lantern mythology Alan Scott + a few other folks w rings.
I just realized that Denny O'Neil was responsible for the black Green Lantern *and* the black Iron Man.
still find it weird that Green Lantern's weaknesses are the color yellow, & wood.
Today's disturbing moment in DC comics involved Hal Jordan and another Green Lantern named Arisia. For this one just look at the images and realize that Arisia is 13 years old. Arisia is in love with Hal and while at first he does reject her advances she somehow ages rapidly looks more like an adult woman and yes Hal again rejects her for oh about 3 pages. Just look at the series of images and see how this ultimately plays out and you'll understand why I call this disturbing -Wildcat
Pack 3062 had six boys at Webleos resident camp. They learned skills in swimming, handyman, readyman, outdoorsman, and BB guns. The theme for camp was "SUPERHEROS". They were visited by Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman. These superhero's brought the message to the boys that, every scout can be a superhero by standing up against evil and wrongdoing by various skits that were performed each day. Scouts and leaders alike had a lot of fun and are ready to return next year.
Green Lantern Lounge nominated for best Pizza - Independent in the 4theBest ClickOnDetroit Vote, is located at Madison Heights, Mi
A bright green cocktail based on the comic book character.GREEN LANTERN! We're the bar show on YouTube...make sure you subscribe so you don't miss the ...
Random Fact about X-men: In 1997, Angela Bassett and Janet Jackson were approached to play Storm, and later Jada Pinkett Smith was in consideration for the role. Bassett would later go on to play Amanda Waller in Green Lantern (2011).
*** 3 :) green lantern is average as and I he'll asleep watching Captain America
and I shall shed my light over dark evil. For the dark things cannot stand the light, The light of the Green Lantern! Ryan Reynolds.
-smirks- I'm guessing she wants to be a green lantern.
Hasn't been any for a while. Reading 60s Green Lantern. So far, he's fairly reasonable. His love interest Carol Ferris, less so.
THIS IS A FAN MADE TRAILER*** This is my vision for a Green Lantern movie with Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan. He won't be Hal for real, but all the more re...
omg yes he is beautiful but I do love a bit of Captain America but green lantern is my fave, I live Ryan Reynolds
If I could catch the green lantern of the firefly I could see to write you a letter. A.L
Thursday Night Clix 500 points, silver age. All of your figures must have either the Legion of Super Heroes, Future or one of the Lantern Corps keywords. The only resource allowed in the Green Power Battery. First, second and third will receive the LE Mon-El (Green Lantern). Start around 6:00. See you there. :D
Apparently, the President believes in the Green Lantern Theory of Politics: if he can will it, he can do it.
~~~ This week's New Releases (Wednesday) ~~~ 100th Anniversary Special X-Men Time New Soulfire New X-Factor IX Cyber Force Hunters of Darkness Hitched World Eternal Market Fall of Fyrestone *** on Earth The Orphanage Reign of Terror Dinosaur One Shot Clive Barker's Next Testament Engine Dracula's Gauntlet End of Time Grimm Fairy Tales is Dead Lantern New Guardians Quinn Invades Comic Con Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse Dredd of the Dinner Table Zorro A Steampunk Adventure with Archie Comic Destiny Man Marvel LIttle Pony Friendship is Magic 52 Futures End Sin Queens Hood and the Outlaws Rises Omega Hulk Wolverine Avengers Surfer The Hedgehog of Anarchy Annual Trek Special Flesh & Stone Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir Titans Devilers Last Fall Shadow God of Thunder (Finally) Thunderbolts Ongoing FF X-Men & Divine Mysteries of Unland Year Zero let us know if you would like something extra added to your regular pull and we'll get it taken care of for you! Thanks!
Did you know that The Hurricane loves Green Lantern
When it comes to movies and cartoons, Dc rules! Avengers was good but not Batman good. They should leave green lantern tho
In a world where lanterns patrol the sector, I now realise that I can never be a Green Lantern because my will is consumed by rage.
Completed my for custom competition. Hope you like it. Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps
If LeBron is Batman and D Wade is Superman, logic dictates that Bosh is Green Lantern.
remember Green Lantern? Neither do I. That movie was horrifically bad.
Flash: what do we need planes for, half of the Justice League can fly?. Green Lantern: you drive a car don't you?
Green Lantern gets in the mobile Injustice GAU. Free game, check it out
Note to self. Don't wear green at a green screen photo shoot. Green Lantern looks like Cosmic Man!
Green Lantern gets in Injustice GAU on mobile. Free game, check it out
How to entertain yourself while waiting in line the green lantern: watch ducks do handstands in water :D
Black Beauty, the hero car featured in the 2011 movie The Green Lantern, is up for auction.
i can't be a fan of a wrestler whose favorite comic book character is GREEN LANTERN
Lol imagine! We would of flew out our seats on Green Lantern since the seats weren't locked.
pps. Green Lantern has some of the best stories in the field. "It's like Star Wars in comic books." - at SDCC13
ps. Green Lantern Lights Out was everything you need in a story arc.
3 1/2 bottles, 3 diapers, a bath and 2 episodes of the Green Lantern later, the baby is finally asleep. Good night world!!
The guy who played Green Goblin came on the screen and Morty goes "the green lantern!". 😒
Did...did Green Lantern just make a Tru Blood reference/joke? Lmao
Green Lantern Corps 33 is a good end to Uprising, but I really wish it would focus more on some of the alien lanterns.
If Batman looks over Gotham but Green Lantern looks out for the whole portion that earth is in who has more authority?
They said I could be anything, so i became GREEN-EYED lantern.
Green Lantern's villain may have changed. Who will direct the new Superman? And Judge Dredd will kick your
But Superman and Batman movies were the only things being made...and Green Lantern was the first failed attempt at something bigger
I think Henry will show up if the Flash is as successful as Arrow. And then Green Lantern!
“"You have to seize an opportunity when it presents itself." -Green Lantern (2011)”
Oh man! I would pay so many monies to see Nathan Fillion play a live-action Green Lantern *_*
I just realized that Mark Strong in "Green Lantern" is the modern version of Christopher Lee in "Captain America II: Death Too Soon"
Like it's batman and superman they wanna add Green Lantern, Kerry Kelly, cyborg Jason Todd and NightWing like for what!! Just put WW
Justice League.vs. The Avengers? (Superman, Wonderwoman,Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, and the Green Lantern.) VS. (Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Spiderman) what is you're opinion ?
over 40 comic books in this COLLECTION good to great condition..1980-1990 The Mighty Thor...80's Iron Man.1980's to early 1990's Star Trek.the very first Green Lantern in 1989.1989 Flash...1991-1995 Spectacular Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, The Deadly Foes of Spiderman, Spiderman, and Web of Spiderman...Web of Scarlet Spider.1991 Outlaws (no.1) the very first issure.1990 Robin.1993 The Incomplete Death's Head (direct edition).1982 The Legion of Super Heroes.1989 Conan the Barbarian.1994 Superman:The Man of Steel (Bizarro's World).1993 Superman (the death of superman).1992-1995 Superman:The Man of Steel and Superman in Action Comics.1989-1994 Ghost Rider.GenerationX (volume 1 no. 1) direction edition still in the plastic sleeve and in mint condition.asking $50
The best thing about the Green Lantern movie was Mark strong as Sinestro
The Beyond Black History Month Person of the day is Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10, 1957 – September 3, 2012) was an American actor, best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. He was also recognized for his appearances in motion pictures such as Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, The Scorpion King and Daredevil, as well as voice acting roles in works such as Brother Bear, Kung Fu Panda & Green Lantern. Duncan was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in a single-parent household with his sister, Judy, and mother, Jean Duncan (a house cleaner), after his father left. He always wanted to act, but had to drop out of the Communications program at Alcorn State University to support his family when his mother became ill. Duncan's large frame—6 feet 5 inches (196 cm) and 315 pounds (142 kg)—helped him in his jobs digging ditches for the People's Gas Company and being a bouncer at several Chicago clubs. Duncan al ...
just so you know, I am Green Lantern, I should live in the state of Penn.
So we only like the black Green Lantern because he's black, right? Cause John Stewart is so boring.
Amazon prime is awesome, Green Lantern and Batman overload
Denzel Washington could be cast as John Stewart aka Green Lantern in Superman vs Batman Movie?
On a lighter note, Ken Clarke never his quest for Green Lantern's rock-hard
"Cowboys defense is 'Ryan Reynolds' in Green Lantern' bad"
Ryan Reynolds is so hot in Green Lantern
"Cowboys defense is Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern bad" 😂😂😂😂
Remember when Ryan Reynolds ruined Green Lantern?. I'm still mad.
Farris Air is referenced to Hal's (Green Lantern) GF. Wayne Tech and Queen Inc Merge, that means Batman! is also going to be on the CW!!! :D
Will Smith got on the Green Lantern jacket
Daredevil, X3, Origins, Green Lantern, Brandon Routh's Superman, the first Fantastic Four movies and so many other bad ones.
It is great that Simon Baz (new Green Lantern) and Kamala Khan (new Miss Marvel) ada represent muslim in big 2 comics
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman. They are the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, and together they are the Justice League. Who do you have the most in common with?
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). You have an iron will and natural talent, and have the ability to accomplish almost...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"A space cop with a magic, wishing ring and a Robin Hood cosplayer..." My new favourite way of talking about Green Lantern and Green Arrow.
Just got some more Batman Beyond and Forever evil and Action Comics and Batman Eternal and Batman Arkham Unhinged and Batman Gates of Gotham and some Batwing, Damian son of Batman and Flash, Arrow and Green Arrow and Also Green Lantern and Green Lantern corps and Green Lantern New Guardians, I vampires and Infinite crisis fight for the multverse, injustice year one and Justice League and Justice League 3000 and Dark Justice League and furtures end and nightwing and Much more so I'm going to be reading for a while lol oh and these are all Digital Comics on my Dc Comic App on my Iphone 4s (Dark Claw)
Guy Gardner started out as the backup Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. He has since become one of the most prominent Green Lanterns of the Corps, despite possessing an egocentric personality. He has recently deserted his Green Power Ring in favor of the Red Ring of rage. Guy's will and rage are some of…
But, more than anything, Dan Abnett being given the keys to the Green Lantern universe. I want an Abnett scribed Guy Gardner.
Check out these AWESOME Super Hero Aprons for up to 59% Off! I grabbed a Green Lantern one for my husband to use while he grills. You can choose from 5 different super heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash!
Family: Lego Movie (Available in BLU, 3D), An ordinary Lego construction worker, thought to be the prophesied 'Special', is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis Trivia: The animation is entirely CGI. The creators deliberately tried to make the movie feel like stop-motion, and avoided making the computer-generated effects look too obvious. This was done to make the movie look like real Lego. Upon first entering in Cloud Cuckoo Land, Batman is visibly annoyed by the place as two characters, a clown and a man in a lizard/dinosaur suit, are greeting him. These two figures could represent stand-ins for two of Batman's most formidable foes, The Joker and Killer Croc. Lord Business constantly mispronounces popular products either intentionally or because of obscured letters e.g. Nail Polish Remover is "the remover polish of Naile" and Krazy glue is "Kragle" because of letters scratched off the tube. The characters of Green Lantern and Superman are voi ...
You'll note in this pic that Green Lantern's wang gives off a green light
Was just looking over the DC movie lineup for the next year and its irks me a bit that everyone has had so many issued with Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. I thought he did a solid job. The movie itself was lacking but I think that was more of a crappy villain/meh plot. I think a flash/green lantern team up would be good. Additionally i was as much a fan of Green Lantern as I was of the original Thor movie. I don't think Chris hemsworth Thor works great as a solo act but in an ensemble cast it works. I think the same would hold true for Reynolds green lantern.
Lots for sale. I can send pictures if needed. Please message me, can meet in Dover, Big Rock, or Bumpus Mills. EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE so please don't hesitate to message me with an offer. Every price is considered. Here are the things I have for sale: -Brand new Dinair Makeup Airbrush System. Comes w/ compressor, airbrush, makeup, cleaner, and demo cards. 150 OBO (originally over 300) -LOTS of crystal! Serving dishes, bowls, candy dishes, ect. Excellent condition, and beautiful. Prices vary. -6 framed Vintage Comic Posters. Thor, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, X-Men, Wolverine, and Green Lantern. 200 for all OBO. -Magic Bullet Blender. New, only used twice. Comes with two different size blender cups. 30 OBO -Under Armour cinch bag, red and black. Great condition. 10 OBO -DVDs 1.00 each. LOTS of titles all in great condition. -DVD player. Nothing super fancy but it works great. 20 OBO -Women's plus size clothes. XL-XXL (jeans are 20-24) and one pair of black Ralph Lauren Bermuda shorts, size 18. All brand na ...
Brasen Domingue one of the main characters from game of thrones S1 is going to be playing aqua man in the upcoming batman vs superman movie. here is the artical quote and attached photo. "While it hasn't been confirmed by Warner Bros, the rumor is spreading, Jason Momoa has signed on to play Aquaman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman vs Superman. With Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, we expect news about Green Lantern to come any day now"
So I am wondering what are your thoughts if the rumor that Chris Pine is Green Lantern? Renegade
A rumored Warner Bros./DC film release schedule has appeared online - teasing 'Wonder Woman,' 'Man of Steel 2,' a Flash/Green Lantern team-up movie, and more!
Is every female character in the Green Lantern show voiced by Jennifer Hale? Not that I mind, but really? She's everywhere.
Prepare a super-powered breakfast for dad tomorrow with these Green Lantern pancakes:
Flash and Green Lantern to Team Up - But Without Ryan Reynolds? via
make a Justice League movie and cast me as the Green Lantern.
Waiiit, didn't Ryan Reynolds play Green Lantern even though the Lantern is mostly shown as black? The hypocrisy, I can't. Petty.
I hope Ryan Reynolds does get cast in the Flash, Green Lantern Flash.
The studio is reportedly planning films based on Wonder Woman and Shazam, as well as a Flash / Green Lantern team-up movie after Batman V. Superman in 2016.
My vid Screw off Nikki Finke! fans Want Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern!
Answering why Ben Affleck was moping so hard beside his Batmobile, it's being reported that Wonder Woman, Shazam, Sandman, Green Lantern and The Flash are all getting movies before Batman gets another solo project. Nikki Finke claims to have...
lesson learned from the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds :D
Why would Warner Brothers ask Ryan Reynolds back for Green Lantern? Studios aren't into reminding you about movies that miserably failed.
HM OK WHERE TO START.Wonder Woman...(Better have Linda Carter as the Mom of Wonder Woman and the amazons...***and Lucy Lawless for maybe an Amazon too..That ones for you Laura M Mowbray*** OK "Green Lantern" reboot...OK GET RID OF Ryan Reynolds.and be serious this time.AS far as "The Flash" goes."DC YOU HAVE YOUR FLASH...USE THE UPCOMING TV SHOW!!! AND THE CAST!!!".."Shazam"==OK not been done on film...This could have potential as more details commence...and PLEASE GAWD...TAKE Ben Affleck AWAY FROM BATMAN.PLEASE! BRING BACK "C.BALE" .AND FINALLY.Dammit...NO MENTION OF Green Arrow which is B.S... Doris Edwards-Whitaker Thanks folk for letting me vent...this is alot to absorb after getting home from work.
May 2016 – Batman v Superman July 2016 – Shazam Xmas 2016 – Sandman May 2017 – Justice League July 2017 – Wonder Woman Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2 Like Marvel’s The Avengers, there will be cameos of superheroes for future installments. The cameos will include the already known Cyborg and Flash. Green Lantern [not played by Ryan Reynolds, thank god] may be introduced. And Aquaman will be seen in the Justice League movie. Problem is, Warner Bros Pictures was still negotiating with the actors for those cameos and future roles, meaning major contracts for multiple JL/character films to follow. The studio didn’t want to move forward until they had more of this secure so they held off starting production for a few months. Seemingly simple reason, but the implications are pretty darn huge.
Warner Bros. and DC’s movie slate may have just been revealed, including plans for Justice League, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and more.
Warner Bros. may be planning to announce a release date schedule that includes Justice League, a Wonder Woman movie, and The Flash/Green Lantern for 2017.
My fan cast for Justice League. Christian Bale as Batman. Brandon Routh as Superman. Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman. Bradley Cooper as The Flash. Chris Pine as Green Lantern. Justin Hartley as Aquaman. Djimon Hounsou as Martian Manhunter
Imagine this: You are Deathstroke. Lex Luthor has paid you enough to take out the original 7 members of the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter). In what order would you take them out and how? P.S - Moment you attack 1 the others will know and hunt you down but the first person won't know your attacking (unless they have a power that would alert them of your presence before you arrived e.g Super Hearing combined with Super Speed)
I think John Stewart being Green Lantern would've changed that movie for the better narrative wise.
I've sat through the Green Lantern more than once solely because Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively are massive babe
blake lively is sooo beautiful in Green Lantern 😩💚
New This Week! EARTH 2 COMICS (W) Tom Taylor (A) Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira (CA) Billy Tan, Norm Rapmund Aquawoman leads Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and The Flash to battle Beguiler in the middle of the ocean! And Superman makes an unprecedented move that could change the future of Earth 2! $2.99
There's more than one Green Lantern lol...The white one is Hal Jordan and the black one is John Stewart. Different stories.
Photoset: bear1na: Earth 2 Batman and Robin, Earth 2 Alan Scott - Green Lantern, and Poison Ivy by Joe...
This week (or two) this page will be celebrating Green Lantern (mainly Hal Jordan but Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Raynor will be posted also). So watch for Green Lantern classics!!!
We all do it, so let's talk about it. What are some random voices you imagine comic characters speaking in? I got a few: Green Lantern: Nathan Fillion (bet a lot of us hear that) Wonder Woman: She-Ra Superman: who else...Christopher Reeve Nightwing: Jason London Spider-Man: Topher Grace (I know...) Raven: Mila Kunis Just to name a few...
Added idea: in my original post (see below) I forgot to add who should play Aquaman. I think a good person to Aquaman in the miniseries would be Josh Holloway. Original Post: "My idea for a television adaptation of The Justice League that the CW Network could totally pull off (or *** even Netflix.) The show Arrow brings in Robbie Amell to play Bruce Wayne/Batman for a couple episodes, and the new Flash show brings in Karl Urban to play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Then they all come to together in a 10 part Justice League mini-series featuring Minka Kelly as Wonder Women and Tom Welling reprising his role as Clark Kent/Superman." -Green Lantern
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