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Green Lantern

Green Lantern is the name of multiple superheroes from the DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring.

John Stewart Hal Jordan Justice League Alan Scott Ryan Reynolds Geoff Johns Wonder Woman Green Lantern Corps Kyle Rayner Ryan Reynold Green Arrow Guy Gardner Blade Trinity Jon Stewart Martian Manhunter Hannibal King Silver Surfer

The John Stewart slander must be stopped, yall better respect the most dependable, steady Green Lantern or I might…
Guys we are actually gonna Hal Jordan and John Stewart as sector partners in a live action Green Lantern movie and it's going to make me cry
Green Lantern with Hal Jordan AND John Stewart? Charge the DCEU with murdering me.
David S. Goyer's response to a fan on how he would do Green Lantern makes me like him more.
📷 spaceshiprocket: Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern crossover by Steve Morris this is a real thing that...
My old roommate once drew a picture for her dad of Marvel characters, including Green Lantern, The Flash, and Batman
Green Lantern confirmed for Drakkar Noir-wearing Dexter with a ***
Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, & Aquaman. All done. Zauriel.oy, why must you be so difficult?
Update to DC Trade Paperback Timeline w/ DC You, Futures End, Unchained, Green Lantern: Godhead, and more!
2 of 5 stars to Green Lantern by Geoff Johns
Black Adam takes on Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern in the digital-first INJUSTICE: GROUND ZERO
Unite the 7!... though it's only 6... with no Green Lantern...or Martian Manhunter... and... no one cares about Cyb…
Wasn't Geoff Johns involved with Green Lantern?. I didn't really follow that production the time but know it was troubled.
Doctor Strange and Green Lantern are basically the same movie. 😉
Batman can destroy the whole Green Lantern Corps with the greatest of ease, but has to really put all his effort in…
I've always loved this book. C'mon now, you KNOW my Green Lantern fandom is legit.
Idgaf, not knowing the comic, I really enjoyed The Green Lantern.
Silver Surfer will beat the Green Lantern while barely breaking a sweat. . I got receipts.👇🏾
was cowritten by the guy responsible for Green Lantern. So. Get hyped.
Ryan Reynolds thinks he knows why Green Lantern flopped at the box office
Those costumes are just awful. Look like CGI green lantern movie had sex with an iron man suit & gave birth to 5 deformed babies.
What is Gatsby's favorite superhero. The green lantern
Green Lantern Talk going live in about an hour...stay tuned
well it's safe to say I'm banned from the green lantern for life
Now available at PPF Comics West Palm Beach! The Sideshow Hal Jordan Green Lantern Statue is here, just in time for Christmas.
Not a contest. Surfer murders him and the green lantern core.
Today is starting to feel like a bust scream closed,riddler closed, green lantern closed, X2 closed, superman closed.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps hit some deep emotional beats not touched on since Blackest Night. Best GL book right now!
whatever. Green lantern could kick her *** or something 😭😩
Jasmine and Green Lantern are stuck in a bike in a skate board.
This looks great! Coming in March from is Green Lantern / Planet of the Apes
yes if only to satisfy my lame green lantern trivia OCD-ness.
Review for and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is live
Another "Straight outa the 419" for ya. Don't forget the Green Lantern while in Toledo. Since 1927- great burgers
What went wrong w the has this to say:
I'm saying they not making it to Earth because they would need to bypass Green Lantern Corps first.
THIS WEDNESDAY! Following last year’s Star Trek/Green Lantern, and again bring you the bes…
Green Lantern is cool, but Silver Surfer beats him.
Superfriends did to Aquaman what Ryan Gosling did to Green Lantern.
Wish you went with Spectrum against Green Lantern. Last time they fought she made her own constructs to…
At it's peak the Geoff Johns run turned Green Lantern into the biggest thing in superhero comics.
Green Lantern and Fantastic Four done disservice by movies. Hulk was in that category until Avengers.
Dr. Strange to me was like "Inception" meets "Green Lantern". . Didn't know whether to be impressed or infuriated.
I tried to read some old Green Lantern but gave up when he sexually harassed Carol Ferris in a weird physically threatening way
While I ❤ Armie Hammer, I'm tired of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern. John Stewart was the best Green Lantern. Here's to hoping it's not Armie
We all know Green Lantern is coming back to film. It just better be Guy Gardner .. played by Dennis Leary.
Green Lantern here. Of course I would teleport into. the Federal Reserve nightly!
& follow for a chance to win Green Lantern & Sinestro Dorbz!
then you could have Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman from the Supergirl world meld with Flash and Green Lantern from flarrow
So my student is letting me be Green Lantern until the end of 1st 🙌🏻😏🤓
Batman's got a belt with nothing but pockets. Clark has pockets in his cape. Green Lantern has a MAGIC. RING.
and if Green Lantern gets a game his voice should be Phil Lamarr from Justice League as Jon Stewart https:/…
and have been teasing Hal Jordan for years, and now has Alan Scott's son. Come on, give us a Green Lantern!
Every time I drink I pour a little out in honor of Michael Clarke Duncan's last movie being Green Lantern.
Really want to be a game. Wannabe Batman, settle for Green Lantern, get Blue Beetle
PLEASE cast Michael as Guy Gardner for the next Green Lantern iteration. It's literally a gift of perfect timing...
Die Hard 5 bad or Blues Brothers 2000 bad?. Batman vs Superman Bad or the Green Lantern bad?
The multiverse.. it's complex.. one earth has Barry Allen as the Flash in the other its Wally West.. same goes to the Green Lantern..
When I watch it again, I'll remember. I always remember where you are in Green Lantern and Cirque du Freak!
ppl may be talking about Alan and Hal most of the time, but John was my first Green Lantern! Thank you for voicing him!
Green Lantern introduces a new villain who might be my favorite new GL bad guy since Kyle fought Alexander Nero.
Website Builder 728x90
Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Flash by Geoff Johns; Lucifer by Mike Carey, Animal Man by Grant Morrison, Blue Beetle
Can we please just make Jon Stewart, aka the Green Lantern? Can this happen?
Green Lantern should then be part of the yellow Lanterns corps for a while,, so Superman, plus Damian should become…
Sinestro Corps War was the book that made me a Green Lantern fan. Epic stuff.
Whether the love of your life is a Blue Jays fan, Toronto Maple Leafs, or perhaps the Green Lantern, surprise him...
Cutthroat Island . Old Boy (the remake). Howard the Duck. Mac and Me. Green Lantern. Pink Flamingos. Nine Lives.
Philip Winchester would be a good Green Lantern
Suicide Squad is worse than Green Lantern. Like, substantially worse.
And Tyrese Gibson wants to play Green Lantern *** no.
I wouldn't have said her origin is particularly close to Green Lantern's.
On the Green Lantern side, Hal Jordan doesn't need more visibility. But Alan Scott, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner certainly could use it.
Just saw this on Amazon: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - Xbo... by Warner Bros for $39.88 vía
Few things in life are more enjoyable than digging in to the / Doug Mahnke run on Green Lantern.
No, I don't want to see the film with Jonathan Kent, Wonder Woman, Comissioner Gordon, Deadpool/Green Lantern, and Lara-El
I have seen enough Batman in films...Cyborg has me intrigued.but no Green Lantern or Martian Manhunt ***
So apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is the top pick to play Green Lantern in the DCCU.
Bought a Green Lantern costume on AliExpress. Ended up getting a toddler size one. 😂
Green Lantern anyday because Flash sucked in Season 2. Haters I already know you are going to go blah blah blah.
It was weird seeing Sinestro with Lanterns in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights when I saw what he did to them in First Flight.
I'm bout to watch Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which is awesome.
just realised that Marc Guggenheim was one of the writers for the Green Lantern movie
Watch Zack Snyder announce who's playing Green Lantern and then Zac Efron walks up stage at
I want to play the Green Lantern. I'd love to do a comic book hero. Go...
I see that Colin Baker has been fined by the RSPCA for treating his goose like Green Lantern!
Bury your furniture: Alexander Armstrong has Stone Henge, but more interested in Green Lantern.
Chain and the Gang aftermath at Green Lantern. Lexington, KY
It's a double together today for trainer Alan Greeff and jockey Andrew Fortune - Green Lantern (9/2) and Velvet Orchid (5/4f)
I didn't know the Green Lantern comics at all. I was a Superman reader...
or give fans the films we've actually been waiting to see, Green Lantern being the main one after the Pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds.
6yo daughter quietly looked at this page over my shoulder & said "I can be Green Lantern." http…
I can see him playing a Green Lantern. How about Kyle Rayner? Guy Gardner? The GL movie is about the corps after all 😏
Just re-read Green Lantern by Geoff Johns and Doug Manke. To me, this comic is the end all, be all Green Lantern story.
First article in our jazz & comics collection pits vs Green Lantern and vs The Flash!
I feel like I should have said Steve Rogers here, not Cap. He's about as much Cap as Hal Jordan is Green Lantern.
The film being directed by Martin Campbell, we should refer to it as Cambell's Green Lantern, not Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern
Someone get her copies of The Longbow Hunters, Quiver & the O'Neil/Adams Green Arrow/Green Lantern run.
i love geoff. He wrote the first comic i fell in love with (Green Lantern sinestro corps war)
Comic book movies all weekend. Xmen first class & days of future past, Jonah Hex, & Green Lantern. Yes!
Green Lantern by & Paul Pelletier. Published 20 years ago this month.
Darryl Banks discusses his Green Lantern run, designing Kyle Rayner, Parallax and Fatality…
Green Lantern had so many problems. Hopefully he approaches this the way he approached the Justice League Unlimited series
So we're trading out the guy that gave us Batman v Superman for the guy that gave us Green Lantern? That's NOT an upgrade!
I thought Geoff Johns had tremendous runs on The Flash, JSA, and Green Lantern, but know he epitomizes "Silver Age, only with more killing."
It's Geoff Johns who's run at DC in the 2000s was to replace newer characters like Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern, back-
I mean yes, he has talent and is responsible for my favorite Green Lantern run, but he is just a man you know.
too true. Egoistical *** Blue beetle movie...✌ 😎. But they risk making either movie look like Green Lantern. 😂
is on the now all they need is Green Lantern and Aqua Man and they can have Crisis on Infinite Earths
A thing I've learned recently: decades ago the Green Lantern building had some of the city's only (unofficially) *** friendly housing
I really hope Arrow season 5 gets into literal alien territory. We could use Green Lantern right about now. Also, Ted Kord & Blue Beetle!
Duck Dodgers stopped me in the 25th century when I was Yosemite Sam after creating a Green Lantern power ring, we fought on the sun.
Beyond me learning who Green Arrow was from that, it had John Stewart as Green Lantern. The best.
John Stewart is like the only Green Lantern I know by heart ( the real Green Lantern in me heart )
The main reason Green Lantern movie was so bad was because it had Hal Jordan and not John Stewart.
I hope that white kid in the green is supposed to be the John Stewart version of Green Lantern.
auditioning to play John Stewart in the next Green Lantern movie?!?!
wants Ice Cube to play John Stewart's Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe. That is genius.
The only Green Lantern we acknowledge is John Stewart.
Hold on...when this happen?!? So we getting John Stewart for Green Lantern or somebody Trollin 🤔
Look.can stop the bleeding by going the John Stewart route with Green Lantern. I mean, it such a no brainer
Igor Vitorino should draw more Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Sooo impressed by his Parallax!
I'd love to see a Green Lantern movie with playing John Stewart. That dude has the look and the voice.
Ryan Reynolds has been in like 3 superhero movies. Green Lantern, Deadpool and Blade Trinity
“It wasn't. Period. Green Lantern never falls unless he loses his ring or gets knocked out of the sky.”
I caught like 30 seconds of Green Lantern the other day. Imma go with whatever that thing was in the sky
"Well... I don't like Ollie that much. But i would help Green Lantern on everything. You guys a Hal Jordan, right?"
Solomon Grundy of Pre 52 Earth 2 gave Alan Scott of Pre 52 Earth 1 a Green Lantern power ring from the planet Oa for his soul
So dissappointed Nathan Fillon isnt going to be Green Lantern. Honestly, after the last one, you'd think they'd ask fans waht they want
If my baggy and bleach stained Green Lantern shirt could be acceptable in a 5 star restaraunt... oh man
Green Lantern received his magical ring from a dying alien who was the protector of intergalactic peace
The new Green Lantern movie is going to have three Lanterns! What if Simon Baz was one!?. (They would never have the balls)
Who knew that the Green Lantern and pulled pork would ever be in the same blog post?
I'm almost done mapping the post Johns Era of Green Lantern but I don't want to call it that. Suggestions?
Great job. Could you do a Alona Tal as Black Canary or Diogo Morgado as Green Lantern design next? :)
I ordered three more animated DC films. Superman: Doomsday, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Justice League: The New Frontier.
any other super hero roles peeking your interest? I think you could pull of Jon Stewart (The Green Lantern) well.
Not to mention Ryan going from the Green Lantern to deadpool. Big glow up
. Green Lantern (Alan Scott) Vs The Harlequin in this house. But y'know.😎
Like Shazam or Green Lantern! Throne of Atlantis was a perfect Aquaman standalone movie! So please stop with Damian Wayne+
How many people walked away from the movie because it wasn't the Green Lantern from the Justice League cartoon?
Green Lantern should have been introduced in Justice League. It doesn't translate to a solo movie well.
Also if they don't have John Stewart as the Green Lantern in the 2020 movie, someone's catching some hands smh
Michael Jai White has to be John Stewart if they make a Green Lantern film.
you have to be John Stewart in Green Lantern. You're perfect!! The voice, the look, and you can fight?? Oh yeah please do.
Justice League might as well be called Super Friends if Green Lantern isn't included 😒
Green Lantern (John Stewart) has military training. Hawkgirl was Thanagarian military so she's got that for her
any chance we will get a Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel? John Stewart would make a great addition. He also adds diversity.
Ryan Reynolds is a better DeadPool than his Green Lantern. Chris Evans is a better Captain America than his Human Torch.
Sterling K. Brown as John Stewart and Aaron Paul as Guy Gardner. That would be a Green Lantern movie to see.
and we're getting Cyborg, Black Panther, and possible John Stewart's version of the Green Lantern within the next five years
Hal Jordan is not feeling like himself. Preview the eerie GREEN LANTERN
//If isnt Green Lantern John Stewart of Space Sector 2814 then theres no point in watching the movie.
Green lantern is love. Green lantern is life
Finally watched the green lantern and I'm very disappointed
Fun fact: the trope Women in Refrigerators was spread by after a woman was killed in Green Lantern.
Finally! the GREAT performance by Peter Sarsgaard in.. Green Lantern... is a "Guilty Movie Pleasure" via
"Green Lantern & Green Arrow" and Longbow Hunters were my favorites...
I added a video to a playlist Green Lantern (2011) RANT | Horrible FilmStakes
I liked a video from Green Lantern (2011) RANT | Horrible FilmStakes
I'm sad took down the video of him reciting the Green Lantern oath. It led credibility to his punditry. 😂
Guggenheim wrote Green Lantern, thank our lucky stars that wasn't the starting point for the DCEU.
Dude can you please make green lantern NOT Hal Jordan? Stewart is just a lot cooler & his Justice League animated ver. rocked
How Marc has a job at writing stuff? Please he ruined Green Arrow, Black Canary and Green Lantern
Hey I think you got your Green Arrow story confused with a Green Lantern story.
More badass again with my green lantern Thisrt ^^ you must wa…
About to watch some more of the justice Leugue Classic 90's ones too when green lantern was black 💯🔥🙏🏽
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Then again DC has made some pretty good solo movies if you didn't read the comics. Such as Green Lantern actually
Wonder Woman , green lantern , the flash , super girl , Aqua man , cat woman
Thats something Hal Jordan would say. I am not Green Lantern i am just a regular guy Jimmy Olsen.
Remember was a writer on the Green Lantern movie. Look how that turned out.
Am I missing something? What did marc guggawhatver do to green lantern?
Honestly Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are so cute, Warhawk was blessed to have them as parents ☺️
Green Lantern is in stores today. So excited to be working with again.
Anyone mad at Guggenheim for the direction of Arrow just remember he wrote the instant classic Green Lantern movie
Ryan Reynolds as green lantern holds the gold standard for bad movies
be like:. Ruin Green Lantern✔. Ship Olicity✔. Kill Black Canary✔. What DC property should I ruin next😏
John Stewart as Green Lantern. Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel. Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Ororo Monroe as…
but green lantern ain't coming out for a few more years so I'm sure he can make it happen
So that's Percy Jackson, Green Lantern and now Green Arrow you've totally crapped on and squandered in godawfu…
Dallas Braden looks like Hector Hammond from the Green Lantern movie
And BvS is I think a far better film than Green Lantern, despite the negative reviews and such.
👍🏻 lol I'm sure, they obviously don't want another Green Lantern falling on their on hands.
Idris Elba do make the best fit for John Stewart's Green Lantern
To Zack Snyder:. I see that you haven't casted a new Green Lantern. If you need someone to potray John Stewart, you know who to call. 😉
If we do get a Green Lantern movie, who gone play John Stewart?
the first day Green Lantern enters Oshodi they steal his ring and he lives out his life as bus conductor.
They should get Wesley Snipes to play Green Lantern. He'd be a perfect fit as John Stewart.
I still say Hal Jordan, Green Lantern!... But, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle would also be awesome!
you're gonna be Alan Scott, the Green Lantern!! WOW!!
Patrick Adams ... hmmm; maybe he's just Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern
And, the Alan Scott Green Lantern on rumor already caused redditors to start with the Captain Cold/Green Lantern shipping
Alan Scott who in the comics is an Earth 2 Green Lantern. A few different versions of the character,will be neat to see what they do
Green Lantern's power ring. (Either that or something to do with Harold Hill and River City.)
rumors say Alan Scott aka the first Green Lantern.
and it would be different than WB's Green Lantern movie, cause of how Scott gets his powers
4 of 5 stars to Green Lantern, Vol. 5 by Geoff Johns
It's like if Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern had a bandaid sponsorship
I guess if I can tolerate Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern, then I can probably tolerate anything.
Still holdin Daredevil over his head is like me still doing the same for Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern & Wolverine Origin’s Deadpool
before Deadpool , before Green Lantern and Hannibal King there was . PAPERMAN !!!
Green Lantern was way worse. The Fantastic Four movies. Can't think of more examples.
overall, they're hit and miss. Dark knight was a fantastic run. Green Lantern was okay. Watchmen was Fantastic. But overall...
That came out of nowhere. It's like if they announced Darwyn Cooke was doing Green Lantern or something.
If is inspired by Green Lantern: Rebirth, does that mean everyone's wardrobe will have a backstory? *studio audience laughter*
Yeah. First JLA I really got into was Morrison's, so Kyle has always been my Green Lantern. Or John Stewart from the animated.
Tyrese to light up the Green Lantern?: Now that the Batman’s out of the bag (and Wonder Woman,... via
Listening to a Grant Morrison story about the first Comic Con, where he saw a sweaty kid dressed as Green Lantern being chased by marines.
and Cyborg Superman was a evil DC version of Reed Richard who killed a city after he got found, which drove Green Lantern insane.
Yet DC killed Green Lantern, Rebooted Superman and failed to consider Grant Gustin as the Flash.
Also: Ryan Reynolds won: Hannibal King in Blade, Green Lantern and Deadpool both in X-men Origins & Deadpool!
Saddest thing about Green Lantern bombing is.. We will never see Blake Lively as Star Sapphire
I'd rather see Kal fight another meta-human (Flash or Green Lantern), not a guy he can kill without touching him.
Flash and Aquaman movies... Well, I can't really say anything before seeing the Justice League... Same for Green Lantern and Cyborg actually
DC can still be fun and not be Marvel though. Flash, Green Lantern, Supes and even Batman have moments of levity
and solo films for Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and any other major heroes they plan on having in Justice League.(2)
With announcing the new creative teams this weekend. I nominate on flash and on Green Lantern
I think we need to play a drinking game to Justice League:War. Take a shot every time Green Lantern is a ***
The Green Hornet movie was better than the Green Lantern movie. GH reminds me of my high school friends too. Watched it on a half-day.
Enjoy our along the East Coast at Crawford's Cabins; Village Bistro (Chintsa); Green Lantern (Mouth) & the new Motors
Only the modern Green Lantern is vulnerable to yellow.
batman & Robin, Catwoman, Green Lantern, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and tons more that …
trying to look for the 4Chan post. Id shrug it off but similar reports happened for Green Lantern and F4.
The DC animations are good! I got the Green Lantern: First Flight animated film DVD in post this morning. :-)
Lapis and Kouta, and Demushu and Kaito are represents their traits from Blue and Red Lantern Corps from DC's Green Lantern.
Green Lantern got kicked out of The Justice League (2017) - NeoGAF
Not for Lando, but Mehcad in a Green Lantern reboot with John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan, all over it.
Wait a minute I'm confused. Is Matt Murdock the Batman or is Bruce Wayne the Daredevil? Next you'll tell me Wade Wilson is the Green Lantern
yes.Yes.Yes.Another problem with the movie was John Stewart with the Green Lantern most people knew of at the time. Here's HJ
Lucifer's D.B. Woodside would love to play Green Lantern, John Stewart in the movies.
D.B. Woodside would be a great John Stewart. Which, is the only Green Lantern worth liking anyway.
John Stewart is easily the best Green Lantern
John Stewart, Green Lantern artist sketch card. Unfinished pencil and ink drawing for an
I was about to praise the first Green Lantern for winning a PGA Tour event at his age. Then I remembered: Alan Scott, not Adam.
regram dccomicswomen. Green Lantern and Star Sapphire! By Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert…
.no; Sheldon's Green Lantern and Flash shirts are the same Thing as the Big Bang Theory. Good try though.
Can we all PLEASE just forgive Martin Campbell for Green Lantern and let him go back to making awesome action movies?
I always thought that going with Hal Jordan for the live action was a mistake. John Stewart 'is' Green Lantern now.
especially if it's John Stewart as Green Lantern
What if John Diggle from Arrow was really adopted as a child and his real name is John Stewart and he becomes Green Lantern 😳
-Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern in DC, but also Deadpool in Marvel. -Ben Affleck was DareDevil in Marvel, but now Batman in Dc.
A display case with Ryan Reynold's "Green Lantern" costume in it.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Who do you think the black suit belongs to?. RT= Green Lantern . Like = Nightwing. Credit to
I love Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner but the Justice League animated series makes a great case for John Stewart as the best Green Lantern
Simon Baz is MY lantern. As I was getting into Green Lantern, he was getting created. That makes him special to me.
Green Lantern was good, but it is clear that your color is red. Congratulations for Deadpool, it's amazing.
Kyle Rayner needs to be the sole Green Lantern again for I hate the Corps! Make Hal back into Parallax, too.
Every night I say a little prayer that they'll make a movie starring Idris Alba as John Stewart's Green Lantern.
MusicTimes> DJ Green Lantern (L) and rapper Nas perform at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas ...
after reading Omega Men, I would love to see on one of the Green Lantern titles
I want to check out those Green Lantern books, but the twice-monthly deal scares me because I'm already following...
I know!!! 😢😢 Spectacular Spider Man was.well Spectacular! Same goes for Green Lantern.
Just saw the rumor that Dan Amboyer might be Green Lantern because we need ANOTHER take on Hal JordanJon Stewart IS RIGHT THERE DAMMIT.
I enjoy Green Lantern, heck I even enjoy Tomorrowland and The Rock Hercules. We all have or lite special movies :P
Green Lantern taking on the league? Curious to see how this all goes down but we all Hal Jordan can take them all ;) https:/…
That's like Green Lantern starting a feud with New Zealand rugby star Jonah Lomu. In what would could their interests possibly clash?
Ryan Reynolds has completely redeemed himself for "X-men origins" and "Green Lantern". featured in NBC s Science of Love
I can't wait for Deadpool. I want to see Ryan Reynolds performance. He was as Green Lantern. He did an amazing job in X-Men…
Coast City: Birth place of one of this sector's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Unfortunately, due to his brash actions, the —
Perhaps it will be better for Poison Ivy to migrate from the bat line/editors to the Green Lantern or Superman one.
In preparation for watching Deadpool I'm doing Green Lantern, The Voices, Blade Trinity and The Nines in ten minute blocks.
Still Ryan Reynolds seems to have pulled it off by himself with those clever one liners and redeemed himself post the Green Lantern debacle.
Just saw a green VW Bug with the Green Lantern symbol on the hood and doors. Cool.
Why did Green Lantern have to bomb? I don't want to wait 4 more years to possibly see the Sinestro Corps on screen.
complete the cast for "The Justice League" film. casting Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Shazam (if you wan't), and one more.
Alan Scott's great, and he came first, but buddy, he'll never be THE Green Lantern. He's not the one on TV and in movies.
If you could delete one of these film from history what would it be: Blade Trinity, X:Men: Origins, or Green Lantern?
Tell the truth, playing in Green Lantern, Blade Trinity, and even Wolverine were all practice for 💀💩L, right?
Will you guys eventually bring in Alan Scott (the 1st Green Lantern) into LOT? Or even just an easter egg :D
Ben Afflect: Batman and Dare Devil. Ryan Reynolds: Green Lantern. They should cameo themselves in theyre own movies..
Nobody should be Green Lantern besides Micheal Jai White unless they're making Spawn again.
I think a lot of people really underestimate Green Lantern (Vine by Comics.Ultimate)
Totally forgot Angela Bassett played Amanda Waller in this god awful Green Lantern movie
“Dr. Amanda Waller.”. I'm watching Green Lantern for some reason.
best advice I can give you. Watch the DC Animated films Green Lantern first flight and emerald knights.
This year, Ben Affleck will make amends for Daredevil and Ryan Renolds for Green Lantern
When you overhear someone say Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern.
Has the DCCU cast its Green Lantern yet? Because I just realized that Kyle Chandler would be an amazing 'verging on retirement Hal Jordan.'
Nightwing, sweetie, I think you took Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) spot in the Justice League.
it's totally different than kids colouring books! the Green Lantern on the Adult version is Hal Jordan, not John Stewart!!
If I were religious I would pray every night that the DCCU Green Lantern is Hal Jordan.
A drone pilot, but I think Snyder did that for misdirection. I mean c'mon.. The JL movie comes out next year, and the Green Lantern-
First concept art for the Justice League, minus Green Lantern. They're gonna take over the world. •.
There has always been a Green Lantern in every iteration of the Justice League. Hal, John, Guy, Kyle, Gnort, Jade, etc...
I kn who DC Comics next Green Lantern is going to be Jamie Foxx as John Stewart! its gotta be karma! He saved Kyle
What if he is casted as Green Lantern for the Green Lantern Corps movie maybe Hal and still have John Stewart.
We do have The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Watchmen and Arrow! Check it out babe!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
it's probably sad first thing I thought was 'why is Arista from Green Lantern Corps out of uniform' & no GL ring
Power Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern.
Power Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern. David Wilk: But now, I have one question for all of you green lan...
moviepilot.comPower Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern. David Wilkmoviepilot.
Well, that has kinda' always been the case. Oh, and Solomon Grundy was originally a Green Lantern villain, so not the best example.
Is Jim Gordon's Batma here to help or hurt in "Green Lantern"
work. Don't ever heard was using cocaine when they were true? Today I stayed up It's been a 3DS. Green Lantern was the next day. Watching
New 52 GL: Reccommended starting point for New 52 Green Lantern? Or should i just start right from the very fi...
Tell them to turn you into the Green Lantern already xD cmon m8!!!
everything is super vibrant on this computer compared to my laptop. that Green lantern I drew yesterday looks straight up grey on it ToT
Blackest Night is one of the coolest Green Lantern and DC arcs in general
Batman: "So… what's ur superpower?". Green Lantern: [just standing next to a bookshelf illuminating that general part of the room] "…stuff."
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