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Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is a fictional character, a supervillain who appears in the comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Norman Osborn Willem Dafoe William Dafoe Sam Raimi Harry Osborn Doctor Octopus William Defoe Doc Oc Michael Keaton Aunt May James Franco Peter Parker Marilyn Monroe Lex Luthor Spider Man Death Note Alfred Molina Willem Defoe

I don’t care if I’m too old my green goblin costume is about to be too mean now.
As a truck driver, do you ever think about putting a giant green goblin face on the front of your truck?!
About the time of the Falcon, Green Goblin wave they added the quality!
We're watching planet of the apes and I shouted ITS THE GREEN GOBLIN GUY cause I was high watching SP3 one day. Hate it.
From the wrong angle he looks like the green goblin from the first Spiderman
We are who we choose to be. Green Goblin
We’re gonna be out here lookin like the green goblin...
He'll agree with the oracle for once. But astrals, the other was too nice to admit that the green goblin of a man w…
so im calling these 3 juices i mixed Green goblin, Hulk and Green Lantern
if you're not a Green Goblin Truther don't bother following this account
Why she look like she just stole the Green Goblin’s glider lmao 😂😭
The last issue of Very cool cover of a classic rivalry. vs.
I won a green card through the lottery & was just called *trash* by Since then Ive completed a PhD at
If I may ask if you were offered a chance to voice Spiderman in an animated film (alongside Willem D…
Nah you looked like the green goblin 😂
Yes, the films with a walking teddy bear, a green goblin thing, a foot…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I liked a video Batman Beyond : Return of Green Goblin
US political scene was more fun when our corrupt oligarchs and their puppets went through insane mental gymnastics…
I have some these. But mine were not blister packed. Possibly rebranded/repackaged?. Mine came in a…
"Well, well, well, if it isn't Wil Wheaton. The Green Goblin to my Spider-Man, the Pope Paul V to my Galileo, the I…
Oh sorry, that entire subplot was so extremely forgetful and useless to the overall "plot" that I can't e…
These gnome looking thingy look like that green character from final fantasy goblin ?
Sorry for the nagging but this setup should mean followers can only use goblin_blue and goblin_green right…
Wong, Howard the Duck, Punisher, Venom, Green Goblin off the top of my head
Personally, I'd think you'd be spectacular doing an iteration of Green Goblin/Norman Osborn.
Ajit, after seeing this: "I know this is a death threat. I watched that Netflix movie with green goblin in it"
Actually Florida is DBU but the green goblin is a beast!
Piccolo deadass look like the green goblin
I got a B in the lab. *** that mountain I colored green and not brown. Either way thanks for ever…
Just another victim along with Juno and Green Goblin. But even have to wonder whose dumber, David Cage…
Who's the Green Goblin?. A few years back, Harry Osborne was voiced by the talented James Arnold Tay…
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The Sinister Six, Norman Osborn, Green Goblin enjoyed to the Premium Hero Crystal for get this that 4-Star as chanc…
You know, a great candidate for Back Issues would be the Revenge of the Green Goblin storyline. 6 issu…
Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin are the best Spider-Man villains.
Wong Fei Hung and Aunt 13 escape the Green Goblin as Macy Gray performs below.
But William Defoe is already the Green Goblin. If he was…
Willem Dafoe was splendid, if underused, he was a very effective Ryuk. He basically reprised his Green Goblin role and it was perfect lol
Willem Dafeo is the voice of this demon and I'm getting major Green Goblin vibez, i LOVE!
You hate female professors. You are jealous as a lil green eyed goblin turkey... why?? i…
A *very* rough and first-draft-y attempt at an original Green Goblin redesign to accompany the Spidey one I've show…
LaKeith is and has been bae and Green Goblin was great too
- pass his bedtime - thinking over who the Green Goblin could be underneath those yellow goggles.
ever just look at yourself and think I'm so *** sexy and then 3 sec later you're wondering why the green goblin popped up in your mirror
- them. Concern filled the people below on the safety of Spider-Man, and the defeat of the one they deemed /Green Goblin./ -
"Those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders."- Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe)
No it was the Vulture. Idk if they wanna touch the Green Goblin after Raimi. Or after the Amazing series did it really bad
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Idk, I was just guessing. He had kind of a green goblin vibe and, he's like the standard spiderman villain
What part of this made you think Green Goblin???
"Spidey/Green goblin collab" features an epic battle on a tiny and adorable scale.
This version of the Green Goblin (I think?) was fantastic. He was grounded. He had a family. He had a reason for doing what he did,
Tyler "Noel" you laugh like the green goblin I don't want to hear it . Looking like this and all
- panic, he grabbed the Green Goblin and shot a web up towards a corner of a building across the street from the bank. Not -
😭😭😭 lmao I couldn't take it seriously with the green goblin as ryuk. Lol
Spider-Man faces a mysterious Green Goblin and graduates from college as we follow the History of
Can anyone explain to me why a monkey is called a goblin? Goblins are green!
It looks more like a monkey than a goblin. I wait for old, ugly and green goblins.
Miles decided to become Spider-Man when he realized he could have saved Peter, when Peter died at the hands of the…
It's just an Ixalani Goblin. They just appear to look more like monkeys than green midgets
- down from the wall now, behind the unexpected victims, Spider-Man made his move towards the Green Goblin who had now his -
I hate when sushi restaurants don't describe their weird *** rolls. Imma still get green goblin roll but I better have William Dafoe in it 😤
- the scene happening at the bank. Twelve known hostages were inside as the Green Goblin vowed to kill an innocent person -
The green goblin spotted at the beach.
—the Green Goblin. Had a ring to it. Maybe it was the yellow goggles, maybe it was tactical suit.…
Marvel's Darkhawk, he started in the early 90s with a team up with Spiderman to fight the Green Go…
Green goblin - in spite of everything you do for them, eventually they will hate you, why bother?. Bernie Sanders -…
Just saw Death Note and couldn't stop thinking about the green goblin because of Dafoe's voice
I see him . He is I . I am cursed and I am damned
I swear when he said that I immediately thought of Williem Defeo Green Goblin.
"Throw in villains such as Doctor Octopus, Electro, and The Green Goblin..."
Who wants and to voice Norman Osborn and green goblin respectively in ?
😍This is cool! And u can also draw a green goblin fox😂
Watching Death Note tonight. First impression. Green Goblin Willem Defoe is working with discount Markiplier to kill people.
If the Green Goblin can't stop Spider-Man you think the police can? Ha. Foolish
Spidey vs the green goblin! What is your top three favorite marvel movies?. Art by doochun…
Please is the joker recast is true. William Defoe. Check out the fan art and remember his portrayal as the Green Goblin.
William Defoe as Death God reminds me of the Green Goblin
Spider-Man, Green Goblin, and Stan Lee bossing around and eventually taking over some kid's Atari 2600
Sunday Funnies Part 3! Stan Lee and some kids playing Spider-Man on Atari with Spider-Man and Green Goblin!
Jameson from The Daily Bugle is mean, but doesn't disclose the name of his source when Green Goblin has him by the throat. Be like Jameson.
Doc Oc and Green Goblin both coming out as tech.disappointed much
Green Goblin and Doc Oc look great in Mcoc
Green Goblin. I had a lot of hope for Vulture but Spider Man proved to be the good one. So i wont fall pray to Doc Oc hype.
Speccing for full suicides to 100% Heroic within the first 2 hours of the Doc Oc and Green Goblin event.
They know he's the green goblin when not running Oscorp, right?
My hot date on a Sat. Night...Paul Stanley from Kiss restaurant...good times with my green goblin
Sam Raimi versions were GOOD...nothing like Dafoe as Green Goblin & Molina as Dr. Octavius..leave it alo…
It Looks like green goblin and thanos had a love child
Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin & Alfred Molina as Dr. Octopus are the performances that will stand test of time too imo
Scaramucci looks so much like Willem Dafoe, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the Green Goblin.
They can't do green goblin again cuz like…
Thought Andrew Garfield had Toby McGuire beat but Toby was really dragging green goblin *** outchea
The part in Spider-Man where the crowd begins to throw things at the Green Goblin gives me life.
I can't tell which scene in the original Spider-Man was better; the Bonesaw scene or when the Green Goblin shows up like the Kool-Aid man
could possibly have. Then one day Harry goes full blown villain ala Green Goblin. Ned protects Peter and doesn't give away his identity.
ultimate green goblin is probably the coolest green goblin I've ever seen ?
It's cool but a little random as Green Goblin isn't even in it...yet
Bootleg Zangief... check. Cat version of Gengar... check. A French version of the Green Goblin... check. The Green…
My campaign is up to help make my dream come true! Making a SpiderMan film!
Green Goblin. Just like any sane person.
Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin is still one of my favorite villains of all time
Why they resemble Green Goblin from the original Spiderman?
If we get green goblin in the mcu I'll *** like never before.
In Spider-Man (2002), Norman and Green Goblin are both "impressed" when they meet Peter and Spidey.
The big skrull looks like green goblin from Ultimate Spiderman
Lol one of them turns out to be the green goblin.
Does anyone else think that the skrulls look like the original green goblin? They have the same color scheme too.
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I thought that was Green Goblin smh im ignorant
Did you borrow them from the green goblin.
Spidey villains? nobody beat Green Goblin and Doc Oc...YET! I hope when the Vulture reappear, it will be really bad. It is Michael Keaton!
Man I have a goblin burn one and a green white one that has lots of token +1/+1 stuff and proliferate…
William Dafoe is going full green goblin I might have to see this
Would've pegged you as more of a Green Goblin type of guy
I wish they showed more of Barry Allen & I really hope that the dude in the end is Green Lantern
Yo!!! Lol green goblin was beating Spider Man as in the OG Spider-Man. Like it shouldn't even have been that serious💀
And Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ. And The Green Goblin. And the detective in both America…
All I can hear is the Green Goblin from The first Spider-Man movie. I can't take this seriously at all 😂
William Dafoe as the Green Goblin is easily the best character of any Spider-Man series
Willem Dafoe is the perfect super villain. I mean the Green Goblin. No wait. I do mean Willem Dafoe.
Child 1:dr osborne is green. Child 2: And has long nails and a weird face. Me: sort of, don't quote me on this, almost a Goblin of sorts.
I am still terrified of the green goblin
I liked a video Spider-Man vs Green Goblin with healthbars
The sons are watching Spider-Man. I never realized Green Goblin sounds like Gilbert Gottfried.…
can't stop thinking about the green goblin when I look at him
Can u pls add Norman Osborn that turns into green goblin into game pls
It's true it's disgusting the bloody green goblin 🤢🤢 strikes again *** 🤢🤢
The green goblin, magneto, and joker are really the only villains im glad never die. They keep it interesting
Green Goblin! Stormin' Norman Osborn himself! I hear he's the unnamed rich guy who bought…
I personally feel like you could play a terrific Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin in the MCU. Would you want to, if ever asked?
I agree. He nailed it as the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man films. I think villainous roles are the best for Dafoe.
He was pretty deliciously hammy in the clip they released, he's pretty much going horror-film Green Goblin for this.
I liked how psychopathic he was as Harry Osborn/the Green Goblin in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (even tho…
walking in Brooklyn and I see the Green Goblin from the Amazing Spider-Man. Can u believe it
If it does well I'll make a Jersey Devil or a Hopkinsville Goblin! In green and black!
The Green Goblin incites a teenager to murder someone
Missed opportunity if they don't call this the "Green Goblin" foams.
Jason Isaacs auditioned for Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man — and talked himself out of playing it.
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Willem Dafoe’s original Green Goblin mask from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie is pretty terrifying - h…
Watching Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and at the time as much as loved Green Goblin as a character I thought his suit was meh but it's grown on me
Cramgub - a noisy leaf green swamp goblin who appears to be trying to find something
I added a video to a playlist Giant Spiderman in New Suit Helps Captain America Fights Gr…
And can I just say the green goblin was trash as well as the makeup in it no mam
| My Harry is PRE-Goblin!. But I would very much love to RP as the Green Goblin.
Man, the Green Goblin designs just get worse and worse.
Blobrag - a green noisy swamp goblin who is apparently lost and carrying a spiked sickle
Hey, Jonnie! Everybody starts somewhere—and I'm guessing the Green Goblin is as GOOD a place as any!
How could they NOT know the Secretary of Defense was the bad guy in xXX: State of the Union? He's the Green Goblin! Duh.
This *** s the green goblin. Spiderman needed.
Debra lee still look like the green goblin
Almost for me. I need Venom, Green goblin, and Sinister 6 story arcs to happen 😤 (and less Tony Stark)
Marvel Heroes. Trouble at the Raft (Bronze). Defeat Green Goblin in the Prologue.
and Green Goblin face off in new limited edition prints from and artist
Its gonna be the green goblin and whichever girl
Green Goblin will be an Iron Man villain, jealous of Tony, too.
The set-up could've been there but they screwed up everything by shoving the death of Norm…
Nope IronMan gonna save him from Green Goblin.
Loved this costume. Also loved the Green Goblin photo bombing it.
And we take one step closer to Green Goblin becoming a reality.
Girl: come over. Green Goblin: can't, trying to terrorize the city . Girl: Spider-Man is over here. Green Goblin:
Just saw the photos of the new Michael Keaton Vulture. I hate it! As bad as the time they did the Green Goblin.
I'm definitely watching the new Death Note. It has William Defoe channeling his Green Goblin voice for Ryuk. What more do I need?
. Seagull vs. Monkman!. Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin. (you decide who's who...). With great power comes great cognitive ability!!!
Amazing green goblin gloder attack complete good universe
Why did the boy look like the evil villan from Spider-Man the Green Goblin 🤔🤔🤔
Amazing Spider Man green goblin gloder attack complete good marvel universe
just got the green light to trigger Mother of the Goblin!
When you're good looking, in shape and are following your dream but they still choose the guy that looks like the green goblin
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Want to give some a creative This card is the ticket!
I liked a video Spider-man Playskool heroes Spiderman vs. Green Goblin marvel superhero
Buddah kush and Green Goblin got me faded
Funko Pop Green Goblin ECCC Glow in the dark exclusive 300 pieces
dope setup loving the Green Goblin XIM
This was ridiculous, the Green Goblin was revealed to be Dr. Bart Hamilton, Harry Osborn's psychiatrist!
Can the real Green Goblin please stand up
Is it just me or is SMU's head coach also the Green Goblin (Willem Defoe)?
Love how J. Jonah totally covers for Peter Parker's *** when Green Goblin attacks him.
I think I found the Green Goblin's lair. What do you guys think?? 🤓🤓
Green Goblin. He's not a hero, but even a blood-soaked maniac like Norman Osborn thinks Nazis are disgusting.
Well no wonder Norman Osborn likes to be the Green Goblin.
There will never be greater Green Goblin than Willem Dafoe.
I remember the first CBM I saw as a kid. The first Sam Raimi Spider-Man. Green Goblin scared the crap outta me.
- Villains division - Marvel Vs DC - Choose your favorite: Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) or Darkseid?
Did you know Steve Ditko wanted the Green Goblin to be Norman Osborn?
"This is how you use a pumpkin Ock!" Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. With Spidey spying in the…
I have an extra bag here, you know, if you find yourself in MN in late Oct, perhaps dressed as a Green Goblin or Felicia Hardy…
Btw the Green Goblin was the name of my green Pontiac grand am sittin on Kobe Bryant's (24s) 😂
Who did it better Willem Defoe as Green Goblin or Alfred Molina as Doc Ock? Scream your answer out in Green Goblins lady in the fire scream!
Why does Patrick Kane have the same hair as the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?
((So William Dafoe is playing Ryuk in that low budget Death Note movie? He's just going to sound like the Green Goblin.
I liked a video Steve Blum does Green Goblin voice
Jared Leto's laugh is good, but sounds more Green Goblin than Joker.
Willem Dafoe. His role as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin in film will b remembered for ages.
So is the story of 5 teenagers who steal Green Goblin flight-suits from Norman Osborn's house, right?
You know this reminded me of Green Goblin in Spider Man 1.
I'd redo the entire Spiderman franchise. Have Jayden be Peter, Viola Davis as Aunt May, Idris Elba as Green Goblin
Bagley's Spidey is still one of the best.“Spider-Man & Green Goblin by Mark Bagley & John Romita Sr.
Ha ha fair enough, but that's probably what I want out of CB villains. I mean, have you seen Green Goblin ? ;)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Outlandish, out this planet, rode ring on Saturn, ragin Bruce Banner, villain Green Goblin seein colors green lanterns in my visual spectrum
I really liked the green goblin costume from Spider-Man 1
I liked a video Imaginext Playskool Spider-man Captain America Green Goblin wake Spiderman up Marvel
i love that someone did this to Jaws
Ran into the Green Goblin, I mean the and At
Why does the DC area take so long to get stock? We still have not seen Green Goblin..
Eric trump looks like the green goblin
Aunt May needs to be nurturing and pure. That way when Peter rescues her from Green Goblin (or not) it isn't all Freudian.
you look like Dafoes Green Goblin here. Spooky.
The one where he fights the Green goblin in front of Aunt May's and everybody finds out who he really was
When will green goblin will make an appearance in mcu ?
lol 😂😂😂 dude, that's all Spider Man needed to defeat Green Goblin the first time, but he was tryna be too cool smh
{Absolutely Awesome Creative Innovation} A hoverboard like you've never seen. The Green Goblin would be proud:
Im bad at keeping my emotions bubbled. You good at being perfect. We good at being troublee
the green goblin was making love with la vira...el vira's widows baby...Nathalie
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In one experiment,Normn coincidently breathed in nerve gas,emerged the evil characteristics,became the "Green goblin"
specifics are hard but I think the Vs wolverine book... Fighting hulk, juggernaut, green goblin some times.
Ultimate Spider-Man against Green Goblin. He actively was trying to kill Gobby. Movies seem to be an amalgam of both verses
New sculpure Thrower Rat with prensil tail.
Warm up drawing that got away from me, here's the Green Goblin to star your weekend!…
makes me worried how they'll handle Green Goblin or Venom...
Whoop'em after school just to show I got class
You just never know when Green Goblin will drop in.! 21 days until we roll into and I cannot wait.
Listen to my new episode Tim Shockey , Owner of The Green Goblin Head Joins me ! at
Doom, Ultron & Green Goblin, cause they just don't know how to quit...
"in the trap like uh spider, my name should be Peter Parker, blowin that Maryjane, while poppin that green goblin"
Awesome, but a tad worrying. Green Goblin has now been enabled in the real world. Let's hope there's a Spiderman...
Amazing Spider-Man 1st Harry Osborn as the new Green Goblin
New Flyboard Air Hoverboard Is More Like a Foot-Mounted Jetpack, Just as Awesome – Green Goblin, is that you?
When the green goblin kills himself because he didn't know about Spider-Man's spidey senses
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Re watching Spider-Man and it's reminding me how scary I thought the green goblin was when I was little 😂
Green Goblin custom for sdfreedive just about done, thanks as always to besanding for the…
SpiderMans greatest enemies would be Green Goblin and Venom imo
Sophia's favorite movie character is the green goblin
Fans did not accept that Harry became first Green Goblin yet had no problem with Hank Pym having NOTHING to do with ultron BS.
One of my friends had a dream that the Green Goblin came out of people's toilets when he was little.
Months ago I posted a Green Goblin face sculpt and plans to make a costume.. Well with some inspiration from a...
Honorable mentions:. Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor. Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin. Colin Farrell as Bullseye. The two guys from Pun…
Here's you, Gwen, as the Green Goblin from 2002's Spider-Man. You look like an armored goddess!
It was tough saying goodbye to the green goblin today. It's been real 😳😭✌
Some super pictures of supersuited you. As Batman, the Green Goblin, and the Wolverine. You like them?
Beth, here's you as the Green Goblin, Jr, aka New Goblin from Spider-Man 3! You look like a ninja!
You as Courtney as a Human Cricket, a Man Of Steel, a Plastic Mom, and a Green Goblin! Do you love them?
Let us never forget that James Franco played the son of green goblin
and how awesome is it that Michael Keaton may be Green Goblin / Vulture
Co-worker excitedly telling me about a "real life Green Goblin hoverboard" he saw on CBS
In spite of everything you've done for them eventually they will hate you -Green Goblin
The itsie bitsie spider went up the water spout, out came the Green Goblin and washed the spider out.
Coming soon to a market near you: A flying hoverboard, Green Goblin-style?...
"Translated from French by Bing":. "Lex Luthor, Green Goblin, Magneto, finally all *** " It is they who have done that"
O thank God for a moment this would have been like a Spider-Man moment when he lost Gwen Stacey to Green Goblin
J. Jonah Jameson totally stuck his neck out for Parker when he could have betrayed him to Green Goblin!
Whem the comic of Superior Spiderman start, i really enjoy Otto Octacvious like Spidey, now i only Norman Osborn like the Green Goblin.
So, at this point Trump is basically Norman Osborn and we're just waiting for him to become the Green Goblin
"I had a dream last night that I was Spider-Man and you were James Franco the Green Goblin. And we got into a huge fight" -K..
I was walking in Port Jeff & I started laughing because I remembered the scene in Spider-Man where the New Yorkers yell at the Green Goblin
it's a shame Doom hasn't really been well portrayed in movies, the way magneto, the joker or the green goblin has.
Our vibrant Goblin carnation! for any celebration or special event!.
⚡ Some days, against the odds, feels like a battle with the Green Goblin, but...I always win!
...ok I can help and first off...what is that name green galloping goblin
Marilyn Monroe turned into the green goblin 😂😂😂😂
now they're doing a green goblin thing and a doping thing they really ARE trying too hard
Simple: Green globlins are bad for Xmas. Kills the Green goblin. Also, you get in good terms with Spiderman while doing so. Win-win
I added a video to a playlist Willem Dafoe Green Goblin Impressions
Listen, as exciting as the is - shouldn't we be more cautious about partnering with the Green Goblin?
You're not gonna miss this green goblin
omg. previous members include the green goblin for example, tony recruited them in civil war for his side and it was Bad
Right, The stallion who killed my Parents, Is back in Manehattan, His name is Normane Osbarn aka Green Galloping Goblin.
Angola’s Wikipedia pirates are exposing the problems with digital colonialism
We are a day late on but the sweet sound of 's Green Goblin was too…
Our 2004 KX250 build is complete and we are having a blast on it. Here is the "Green Goblin" in...
I hated Eliza's split personality plot. Stupid in Spider-Man movie with Green Goblin, and still stupid 👎👎👎
New journal by including several anthropologists. First issue on austerity in Europe.
He made it past all guards and traps to the control room at the centre of the universe, and turned Entropy off. But his hair …
New figures are in! Willy Wonka, flocked Elmo, Green Goblin and lots more.
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Rick Pitino looks like he'd be a great Green Goblin.
Otto Octavius vs Norman Osborn. The SUPERIOR Spider-Man vs the Green Goblin. This is all it right here folks!
Squirrel Girl would be such a fun addition to this. As would Green Goblin, Iceman, The F4(or Super Skrull) and Doctor Doom
Come thru ya block like Green Goblin
Nothing makes me happier than the fact that William Dafoe's career includes playing Jesus, Green Goblin & Marilyn Monroe in the last 30 yrs.
I keep hoping this William Dafoe Snickers commercial ends with him turning into the Green Goblin & slaughtering everyone
CHASE Green Goblin found in the wild! Metallic and look at that pumpkin bomb!
what am I watching?! a gang of green goblin ninja looking creepers and a black light rave?! what the what!? 💩
Nike should put some foams on the Green Goblin when they make a new Spider-Man Movie. If they ever.
Nicolas Cage was the first choice to play the role of ‘Green Goblin’ in the 2002 film, Spiderman.
Can you believe we almost got a realistic Green Goblin all the way back in '02? Astounding.
Found my first chase! exclusive metallic Green Goblin. I was so excited.
I wud make a reawwy goood green goblin!
That girl head built like the Green Goblin from Spider-Man it's so long💀
When will your stores be getting the new Pops? Green Goblin, Iron Spider-man, Taskmaster, black suit Spider-man
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Isn't this sort of how the Green Goblin's origin story went?
Earlier I said to my brothers that 'yoda is basically a goblin, because he's green with pointy ears and magic powers' & they weren't happy
I remember a movie about a green goblin teaching a boy to use magic so he could kill his father. What was it.
I'm gettin acquainted with a green …
I'm gettin acquainted with a green goblin 😂
Star Wars in a poor plot: a green goblin teaches a teenager how to use magic to kill his father.
Me and the green goblin are getting acquainted 😊😊👍
*watching star wars*. Paquito: is the green goblin gonna come out. Later. Paquito: 2 hours just to blow up a moon 😭😭😂😂
there is a little green goblin that's super smart but knows entry level-English.
Draymond Green leads the Dubs & ranks 7th in the NBA with an average of 7.1 assists per game.
Speaking of childhood classics, I really doubt that green goblin head in Maximum Overdrive was street legal.
Her mind used to be strangled, just like mine . Her drugs used to be tangled , just like mine
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