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Green Giant

Green Giant and Le Sueur are brands of frozen and canned vegetables owned by General Mills. The mascot of Green Giant is the Jolly Green Giant.

General Mills Le Sueur

Guess when Obama sided with the Mullahs during Green Revolution, who were being murdered b…
Elrarrgu(1 cornac archmage) was hacked apart to death by a giant green ant on The Maze 1.
Get your Hippie on with this Granny Square Pouf Pattern. Easy, quick great gift idea. Get your Digital Download
Is that a giant green screen waiting to be winched up?
Hey Finnegan, what does the Jolly Green Giant say when people ask him to work for free?
2 P&G Tips bags and 2 green tea bags in my giant "Big Time Fisherman" mug is my tea routine as of late.
VostokX(7 dwarf berserker) was burnt to death by Lisemirin the giant green ant on Daikara 1.
Green Giant define & deliver the best changes for each client
Better being short than lookin like the green giant havin a*s. Hair lookin like the top of a corn sta…
watched today's samurai jack episode. not sure why i saw jack as the jolly green giant sometimes but SWEET
Why does he look like the green giant who sells vegetables
Trips - hawaii adventure On foot, we will follow the trails to white, green and black sand beaches, giant craters, frozen lava lakes, ...
If you want to see the incredible giant green turtle, then come to the Derawan archipelago.
Saw this today & 😂bc why Gatorade sticker on a car?Hubby says it's giant G for Green Bay Packers.
Sometimes it *** being tall because then when you wear heels everyone looks at you like you're the freaking green giant or something 😒
Is 'cauliflower rice' going mainstream? Green Giant hopes so - Akron Beacon Journal
why does the image of the Jolly 🎶Green Giant 🎶with a boat sized joint come into my mind?!?
[He's literally a giant green ball of snark and back talk.]
Wow! Giant illuminated green sea at zoo
📹 imjuicerjoe: The Juice Fix - GREEN GIANT Juice episode 2 I’m making this for my friends today. Juice...
Cyclops, great haste just as a giant monster's malign and gropingly squeezed Its gelatinous green cloud, and talked profitlessly
I swear, they have giant Mexican flags and everybody is wearing green
Thuja 'Green Giant': Thuja 'Green Giant' is one of the ... -
Breakfast with a Green Giant and listening to Jeff Bridges singing in the car on my way to the…
Class starts soon and that blows green giant ***
Has anyone else ever noticed the Red Robin jingle and the Green Giant jingle are exactly the same except one of them adds yum at the end
“If there ain’t no justice, then there ain’t no peas!” - Jolly Green Giant at a protest rally.
MakeToys Green Giant is on sale and is one of the best Devy figures out there.
My boss made a giant pot of green chile stew and I can't have any. I has all the sads.
"The world is gonna chew you up an' spit you out, giant."
Crawls out of a giant gift box, all wrapped with red and green ribbons. Surprise!!! ! !! !
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Just Pinned to Giant EtsyTrending board: Unique Buttons handmade ivy leaf brown with green…
Why the Manta ray is considered the ocean's gentle giant?.
Some days spelling is hard before 9
Aw! Thank you! I have a date with a giant cup of green tea, & my bed!
Image of Asia: Tourists in Bali help release endangered giant green turtles into the sea: 💚 🌎
Belvidere plant will lose 160 jobs from General Mills sale of Green Giant - Rockford Register Star
BG will buy Green Giant, Le Sueur for 765 million in cash
Speechless-General Mills plans to sell its vegetable brands Green Giant and Le Sueur to B&G foods for $765 million!
General Mills to sell Green Giant, Le Sueur for $765 million
General Mills is selling its Green Giant and Le Sueur vegetable businesses for $765 million. http…
B&G Foods is about to buy vegetable brands Green Giant and Le Sueur from General Mills for $765 million. The deal...
B&G Foods to acquire Green Giant & Le Sueur vegetables brands from for $765 million, reports
General Mills still owns Belvidere facility. Funderburg hoping company will move new product line to Belvidere to replace Green Giant.
When did Green Giant start making boxed mashed potatoes?
B&G Foods Inc. is in late-stage discussions to acquire Green Giant from General Mills
when Rash turns into a ball and swings at the other fighter, it looks like a giant green sack. Das not gud!
Missing since the early 2000s: a green Dickies jacket covered in pyramid studs and a giant Rancid patch on the back. Also missing: my mind.
Happy birthday green giant, good luck 🎂
Saturn isn't even green and in that picture it looks like a giant earth
ty-d-bol man, still keep an eye out for him today, green giant was fun too, not sure if it counts but good ol' crazy Eddie
Good thing bikini season is almost over lol I'll try again next year
Local resident has captured this photo of a Giant Green Creature wearing a pink bra.
When your giant freezer is out of green chile
u see thts why I call u the green giant
It's called 1 man, 1 giant green spoon.
I want green tea and a giant fruit salad
Lots of cross-over: historical associations, friendships, partnerships, etc. A giant web of hate,
This giant flying green bug keeps dive-bombing my head. Starting to damage my calm.
do you think Takigawa would be impressed by my giant green ***
How in the green giant is Hometown Buffet still in business?
Green Giant provides vegetation management services for stone/cinder paths, asphalt paths, parking lots, and more!
Hi .I'll blow your HEART out Treason I "Laugh" ha ha ha *** *** *** hee hee gee Green Giant ..Russian Red My Guarantee the Dead.
PS. No one has ever called John Chick the Green Giant until Rod Black… right now.
I just heated up some frozen Green Giant vegetables and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… I'm fairly certain that means I'm poor.
it would have gone "dude this TINY little chick beat the Green Giant's *** at Kroger. She was BRUTAL."
Green Giant/ Lenny from mice and men/ Nate Hanna doing the splits.. Why 😂💀😩😒
Blue Earth or LeSueur, MN. The valley od the jolly Green Giant
Visit General Mills-Green Giant from 10am-3pm for a blood drive. Thanks to the staff for helping to save lives in our community.
Emily and I were trying to find our deepest sounding voice to mimic the Green Giant commercial. 😂…
Kanye is out here doing Green Giant dashing that corn 😭😭😭😭
I love the Broccoli Cheese from Green Giant and and there is a giveaway on my blog! Check it out! http…
Fire Rages For Hours In Sub-Zero Temperatures 1/4/15 - Two firefighters were injured battling a blaze at a commercial property in Beaver Dam. The call was reported at 4:37pm Sunday to 1322 North Spring Street, a building that once housed the offices for Green Giant and WMFB. As of 11pm, smoke was still billowing from the structure though Deputy Fire Chief Matt Christian says good progress has been made. Read more at:
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