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Green Flag

Green Flag is a roadside rescue company based in the UK.

Green Flag Award Lloyd Park

Well done Eco Committee, Mrs Stone, the staff and children for achieving our 3rd Green Flag. We are all so pleased and proud. Mrs Evans
A-10C Thunderbolt II taxis out for Green Flag at Nellis AFB - U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Ryan Callaghan
A huge congratulations to all the boys and girls at Bonnybridge as we achieved our 'Green Flag' Eco Schools award☺
Morning! Today is the deadline for schools to apply for the first Green Flag Award (Litter & Waste theme).
Salmon refers to graffiti issues at a park in Deptford (Telegraph Hill?) and says Green Flag status is under threat
Packers_Newz. Aaron Rodgers weighs in on Colin Kaepernick controvers - Yardbarker
the center pic of you with flag in your background...Eryn is the one holding the green sign in the first row. Lol
For the fifth year running, we've retained our Green Flag status. For the ...
An eloquent open letter to from Green Beret-turned-long snapper htt…
Green kush, red flag, black car, white lawyer, I'm god
you went after a special interest group. The special snowflakes weren't happy. This is the new flag and it's green.
An open letter to Colin Kaepernick, from a former Green Beret
Most sensible opinion I've read on this controversial subject...of course, it was written by a Green Beret..much...
Damon skyping *** that I've been trying to skype for months in one try, but I still can't get a green flag
Lap cars make a great entourage back to any green flag
I really like the idea but I don't think its colors would fit as well for this-it's a green flag with a golden sun
We are proud to maintain 100 of the best parks across the UK . To read more: htt…
Terrific letter to Colin Kaepernick by - a Green Beret from East Bay who auditioned for 49ers last year
So, "fourth-most green-flag back to 2005" is no improvement? Restarts may not have improved but the racing did
Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Green Flag sweater in size large for $90. Available in store and Dm us if you want it...
I need more great Americans like you. Let the green frog flag replace the stars and stripes. America is dead!
white man scared of his own shadow, is that your confederate flag at the I4 / I75 junction?
This is a very thoughtful take on the Colin Kaepernick story by Green Beret/former FB player http…
Amazing news! We have been awarded our first Green Flag from Eco Schools Scotland. Well done to all involved!
Croydon's Mitcham Road Cemetery has been awarded another ! https:…
An open letter from a Green Beret to Colin Kaepernick. Worth every bit of your time to read. .
Great article by ex Green Beret/Seattle Seahawk Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. http…
Rail trail plans get green flag from Byron Council:
well that old green flag is a different tone of green, not Egyptian green, if you know what I'm saying.
woo! Should that flag on the left be green, then?
Partnerships in action: pilots training in Super Tucanos during Green Flag exercise. http…
8am and your Green Flag Award winning Caldecott park looking fantastic today
make em mad aw man I got them hating bad blood clot money green like Jamaican flag!
06.04.16 Polysexual Pride day | Flag colors are Pink, Green, and Blue |
.did not make green-flag pit stop. He pitted during the caution for four tires, fuel and adjustments. He wil…
You see the red flag but my partner a crib & we all making green💯
When there are two or more color adjectives, we use "and":. . a "black and white" dress. a "red, white, and green" flag
PLA Ebb Tide Flag Warning has been updated & is set to GREEN - Average Fluvial Flows.More details:
Bristol European Green Capital 2015 - George obviously liked the flag he'd bought before so much he decided to...
The colors of the Italian flag represent 3 virtues:. hope (green). faith (white). & charity (red).
isn't "hurt" the green flag 2 go nuclear on smone oh wait that's MO.
You're the one who remembered the green flag, I didn't, which means I don't have a memory through the first part of the start (1)
Green-flag pit stops are approaching and crew is getting ready to free his Chevy up. 💪🏼
Because I have to say this, Joey Logano has a net loss of 28 positions on green flag pit cycles.
GREEN FLAG: Lap 27 and takes us racing again! .
I think the bigger yellow flag problem is the wave arounds getting to pit before it goes green again. VSC ruins race drama
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A red flag is just a green light you're afraid of
with due respect, Indian flag has 4 colors. White, Saffron, green and blue.
Didn't also have to do a pass threw first lap of after green flag??
please change the Bolivia flag (from top: red, yellow, green). Your gif is unacceptable as the flag in the screen at the stadium
The race has been moved to tomorrow. You can catch take the green flag at 12:00 ET on
Six-Time has arrived! 👋🏼. Watch him lead his teammates to the green flag on in just 15 minutes.
I mixed up the yellow/green flag, yes, but I know Kenseth, or Gordon, didn't "teach Penske a lesson" because they're, clearly,
Green-flag pit stops are underway at Watch on
Another blunder. Bolivia's flag in reverse (green on top instead of red) ... . (via
Don't understand this biasness of He was saying how great a position the 2 car was in the whole final green flag run.
Bristol 2015 Green Capital needed a flag to say the Court of King George was in Town - so they bought one it appears
Abreshmee + Sabab took their dreams for Bangladesh to TYF 2015. 💡. This is their story:
The green flag waves in just 90 minutes on . Here's our starting lineup ➡️:
And the green flag flies on Pick'Em Week 9. You may make your selections!
and looked like he didn't care from the drop of the green flag. Where's Tony at? Anybody know
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I seen a couple people lost about the "dipped in Ferrari" line.. Ferrari is an Italian company.. (green, red, white =Italian flag)
Little blue flag in middle of all that green/yellow/red near NC/SC border marks my spot! Hope best for all.
Vintage Polo Sport Green Flag Fitted in size medium for $70. Available in store and dm us if…
So delighted and proud to be awarded our 6th Green Flag - Global Citizenship!
Denny Halin recieves a penalty for speeding on entry to pit road. Oh, by the way. Green Flag pit stops are under way!
Peyton should be our Grand Marshal for this years 100th Running of the Indy 500 Parade and Wave the Green Flag.
Well...after some rain, wind, and hair going everywhere (Michael Waltrip), Green Flag drops at the
Deep in discussion at the new Green Flag judges training! Hot topic - Green Flag COMMUNITY Award!
Congratulations to Derryhale Primary School on their Green Flag renewal this month .
Happy to see Helen Keller Resource Centre get the Green Flag international award for Eco Schools
When you order a WELL entree, your kind server will award you with a Green Flag, so the Cashier will know your meal is WELL.
Now the award wapasi gang is questioning the saffron on the India Flag??This shows their love for the white & Green Flag
Apply for the Green Flag for Water and be in with a chance to win Water School of the Year Award -
-THIS IS MY Green Flag-. announces start times for our 2016 race schedule starting June 18. ->
They threw the Green Flag out - Jean-Eric Vergne still out on track. He's lost. BRUH.
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We're really looking forward to Duncan Stewart arriving in a few hours to raise our Green Flag. Well done to Mr. Blake and his team!
Wrap the Green Flag: Favorites of the Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem, Makem, T
The Virginia Gazette of Williamsburg gave me the Green Flag...
The rain has stopped, the green flag is out: ladies and gentlemen - start your credit card machines
Oh red and green flag for SKT and JinAir flair COOL
shouldn't the flag be the other way around?. Green, White, Violet = Give Women the Vote?
Mivano RED leads the way as the green flag waves on the top split.
Green flag stops at as we're just past halfway!
UKIP MEPs raise Gibraltar flag in European Parliament via
P3 in the final practice ready for the green flag to drop tomorrow night!
the vehicle is on its way to hunters Land Rover in Chester via green flag. Can someone from customer care contact me?
Welcome to the country whose flag colours are Green and White.
I'm awaiting my green card and flying the American flag, proud to do so!
Our tires are on the wall and our guys are ready, almost time for a green flag stop!
1000km tomorrow. Chance of rain 50%. Buckle up for another great race. 17 hours until green flag
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Green Flag in Sochi! 30' qualifying session has started…let's do that
some tracks are just known for long green flag runs-so be it. Dont change the outcome for fan support
God's rainbow is blasphemed all over I wanna c if city will allow the red, black, & green black nation flag 2 fly 4 BHM!
Sammy Swindell leads a stout field of sprint car legends to the green flag at Syracuse - 1983
Xfininty at Charlotte. Green Flag with 45 Laps to go. . 1. 33 Austin Dillon. 2. 20 Eric Jones. 3. Brad...
Qualifying set for today's ARCA Southern 100 at DuQuoin. Justin Boston will start P8, Frank Kimmel P9. Green Flag drops at 1:30 pm cst.
welcome to my home state of WI this weekend, sry about all the rain, Hopefully settle down by green flag Sat.
Green flag for FA practice as Rickards and Andres go straight to the top
We are plsd to announce that we have won the Green Flag community.award again this yr, thanks for respecting your park. We are very proud :)
Well done to Howard Boots and his team at Sunny Bank for gaining a community Green flag
Pakistan is united under the Green & White Flag whereas India is struggling for its very own existence.
Bagley bangs, the weekend can be shown the green flag.
Watching the women's long jump with the 6 yr old who reckons that as well as a red + white flag there's also a green flag, for Excellent.
Race day preparation has begun. Qualifying starts at 9:30 CDT and the green flag for race flies at 11:30 CDT.
University of Bradford receives Green Flag Award: An award normally set aside for parks and green spaces will ...
domain names
Semen has been rescued and we have a green flag again!
BBC sport athletics intro changing the union flag to include green and yellow. Is this really the British Broadcasting Service?
Thank you to our Eco Warriors Kyle & Wayne for excellent litter picking! On our way to our 3rd green flag!
Former Droylsden landfill site wins Green Flag after being transformed into wildlife sanctuary
How about designing 3 outfits to reflect Our national flag green, white , green. It will be awesome.
Many congratulations to West Park and its grounds staff on gaining the Green Flag Award, totally deserved!
So my van broke down - no gears - green flag come out -it needs towed - I have a look and the cable has popped out fixed …
In two colours of the I🇮🇳 this 69th Independence Day ie 15th August '15..didn't have green…
From GB to Karachi from Parchinar to Quetta We hoist Green Flag so dont victimized community of 50 million shias.
Can the green flag of Owaisi fly in Bihar? |
Slavery does not exist under the American flag but Slavery does exist under the black ISIS flag and green flags of Islam.
The color of the first flag, in the history of Islam was?. A. White. B. Black. C. White and Black. D. Green. ,. ,. ,. Answer: A (White).
There's no green of Islam in our flag it's red white and blue !
From NOW until Green Flag Sunday, text " RFC" to 20222 to donate $10.00 to the Wilson Children's Fund! ht…
Great celebration of Green Flag Awards for Fairlands, Hampson & Town Centre Gdns with Greenspace Volunteers tonight ht…
Did you know, Cannon Hill Park has held a Green Flag standard of excellence for a decade?
Higginson Park has won a Green Flag Award again for 12th year running! And named among best in UK.
A new Green Flag was hoisted it's the 5th year in a row the park has achieved the award
Great to see Parks get Green Flag Award. Looking great here...
and parks win Green Flag Awards But how good is their access?
After celebrating the Green Flag Award the Bromley by Bow gardeners are back at work
Green Flag already in the bag - the work goes on in Manor Fields Park!
Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Petersfield has been awarded a Green Flag for high standards by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.
Green Flag Awards for South Somerset's Ham Hill and Yeovil country parks
Latest news: Five parks in Harrow retain Green Flag status Read more online.
Getting busy today. stage coming next. Drivers Meeting. gonna make that sandwich. Intros. Green Flag.
Lloyd Park retains Green Flag Award as three others miss out
Congratulations to staff + volunteers in Lloyd Park, which has retained its Green Flag status for another year
First estate to scoop Green Flag: A housing estate in Conwy could possibly be the prettiest in Wales, after be...
Congratulations to on their 1st Green Flag today!
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F-35 Unscathed by Hostile Fire in Green Flag | Defense content from Aviation Week
Come and see drop the Green Flag at Homestead Miami Speedway Nov 15th for NASCAR!
^ Then the original is funnier. He dreams of capturing Red Fort and hoisting their Green Flag over that
Late Model Feature coming to the Green Flag last night at Eldora
Before the Green Flag for chance to win this week's prize pack! 1 winner will be chosen at 7pm ET tomorrow!
Here we go.. Green Flag for the . Tune in on Fox!!
Congratulations to Heyes Lane for gaining the Green Flag Award for the second time. Keep up the eco friendly good work!
Well done Eastwood Nursery children, wildlife warriors and all staff on your Green Flag Award, much deserved! :)
Russell hoping for better luck with Green Flag in Rowland Meyrick Handicap
Green Flag set for Wetherby - Lucinda Russell is hoping for better luck at Wetherby with Green ...
Green Flag set for Wetherby: Scottish handler Lucinda Russell is hoping to settle some unfinished business at ...
Nice PR stunt: Green Flag to provide free cover to all Santas appearing in grottos this Christmas
Green Flag to provide free breakdown cover for Santa: Green Flag, the national breakdown cover pro...
Wednesday night. I had a prophetic dream and I am okay to release it now. God bless. Wednesday night I dreamed I was on a mountain and the fire of God was upon me as I talked to multitudes of-people when suddenly A man was talking and things grew dark. A slide then came and appeared on top of the mountain and it was rolled up like a tarp. As I began to slide down it, it began to unfold slowly and the closer to the end, it became faster and faster unfolding. I saw much darkness consume our land from every border. Men with Green Flags and Knives come over in what looked like to be Humvees. They yelled the name, Allah,Allah, Allah. As this began to happen I seen a line drew straight down the middle of our nation as it was splitting into. It began at Ferguson, MO. As all the darkness surrounded the land, There was much fire also arising up but it was the Fire of revival. People were afraid and many were brought to Christ. I seen regions surrounded with fire but the fire Of God was consuming them and many were ...
Why we are going back to Luton. British army burn burn in *** …. “Baby killers” … “Butchers of Basra” … the protests by local Muslim extremists against the Anglian Regiment when they marched through the streets of Luton in 2009 to celebrate their return from Iraq were the last straw. In 2005 the Daily Mail had called the Bury Park area of Luton ‘Al Qaeda St’ and reported that it had become a primary recruiting ground for Islamists. One of the Islamic extremists convicted of attempting to bomb the Bluewater shopping centre in Essex in 2007 came from Luton. The city was known as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism but the authorities, paralysed by political correctness, did nothing to stop it. It fell to the newly formed English Defence League to speak up, to take to the streets in protest against increasing Islamisation. Five years later and much has changed. Massive exposures of child sex grooming gangs, frightening statistics about the number of young girls being subjected to genital mut ...
Carolina Slot Car Racers were in Pickens @ The Green Flag Speedway Slot Car track. Thank you for putting on a great show. If you would like to see these guys race their next race is 20 December 2014 @ Upstate Speedway Inman, SC. Tis a great track and very fast so come out watch. Track will open @ noon first race 2 p.m. hope to see you there.
Join Green Flag in the Allianz Park car park before the game against Northampton Saints on Sunday 23 November, where they will be offering free car health checks for fans travelling to and from the game.
Enter our comp this weekend to win signed merch from your favourite team. T&Cs apply
This Sunday 23 November 2014 1/24 Micro RC racing @ The Green Flag Speedway in Pickens. Open @ 1 p.m. race 2:30. Cheapest way to race RC cars be there or be square.
Well.. This is not what I wanted to be doing on a Friday night after teaching and on my way to more teaching.. Hurry up green flag :(
Lovely Double Room Denmark Hill Available 1st of December! Book online NOW: Amazing double room for one person fully furnished with a double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawer, desk and a chair. It's a luxury 5 bedrooms house share, with a spacious and modern living/dining room with wooden flooring throughout, 2 fully equipped kitchens, 2 clean bathrooms and cosy backyard. The house is located next to Ruskin Park and a few bus stops away from Brixton Tube Station where you can find supermarkets and shops of any sort. In Denmark Hill area you will find several supermarkets, newsagents, takeaways as well as banks. Down the road are the very famous King's College Hospital and King's College University, just next to Denmark Hill rail station. Also in this area is Ruskin Park, which is one of nine Green Flag Award winning parks and green spaces boasted by Lambeth. Denmark Hill is a wonderfully quiet place but has close links to Central London and all the amenities you would need.From Denmark Hill railway station f ...
The green flag will drop on the season finale at 5:55pm (ET)! You can watch live at ...
Great news. We have just heard that we have a grant from Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust to help us improve the two main entrances. This will mean new tarmac at the Lightwoods Hill entrance (no more potholes) and replacing all the wobbly bollards at the Abbey Road entrance - plus new bins, dog bins and even a flagpole at Abbey Road, so we can fly our Green Flag at both entrances. Should be done before the spring. Thank you to all the members of the public who donated to the Abbey Road appeal. We can now put that money to work alongside the grant.
Alderman Thomas Hogg raises the Green Flag at Kilbride Cemetery. He was joined by Rev. William McCrea and children from Kilbride Central Primary School. Thanks to everyone involved!
This is the script I wrote for ourKwanzaa Celebration. Feel free to use iit at your childs school. Kwanzaa Celebration Script Speaker 1- Kwanzaa is the celebration of the seven principles of Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of African Heritage, which consist of the best of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world. Speaker 2- These seven principles comprise *Kawaida, a Swahili term for tradition and reason. Each of the seven days of Kwanzaa is dedicated to one of the following principles, as follows: Speaker3 - Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race. Speaker 4- Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. Speaker 5- Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems, and to solve them together. Speaker 6- Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain o . ...
Invoking Ram Dass' Be Here Now, I will start posting Be Live Now providing updates on an Athens band coming to your town. Green Flag Band - Hendershots
the real question is if you brought the green flag too, Daniel
Congrats to Porth Infants on 3rd Eco-Schools Green Flag. Why not take the Porth Eco-pledge.
Green Flag think its okay to give a rubbish service and then don't refund hard earned monies! Just text silly questionnaires.
We are all Red & Green in Larkana. No more Black sectioned flag accepted as it just showed darkness. PTI all the way. http:…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
look for the green, white & pink Newfoundland flag in the crowd tomorrow night! We'll be there with all the love and support.
Fantastic work by the Eco Committee of Lagan College, 4th Green Flag!
Green and white "The Nigerian flag has which combination of colors..?
Alright, session is Green again after that little Yellow Flag moment.
When people say that red,yellow,and green are the Jamaican flag colors . Like have you ever seen a Jamaican flag ?
Congratulations and well done to the Eco Committee for all their hard work towards the Green Flag Award
COMPETITION: Win tickets for Bath Rugby v Harlequins Aviva Premiership clash with Green Flag
Run plan run through first task of this session! GREEN FLAG now...
LAX actually has a flag of my country (yellow, green, red)
We have excellent potential judges from looking for Green Flag Award judges!
Congrats to Darrenlas on 1st Eco-Schools Green Flag. Check out the super hero costume of the Planeteer!
Active in UK environmental issues? is looking for Green Flag Award judges!
flag in their homes. Or the black guys in Wood Green who wear St G X baseball caps from Spirts Direct. But hey...
Win tickets to see Leicester Tigers against Wasps. Green Flag is giving away one pair of tickets...
“Outline of a map of OZ. Rings of colour starting red centre, yellow, green, blue= sea” redecorate home not the flag
Celebrating the 2nd Green Flag Award for Kilbride Cemetery with
cameroon flag is stylish. Green red yellow.
The Green Flag has been raised for the fourth year running in Ilkeston's Victoria Park:
Lucinda Russell considering Becher Chase for Green Flag after being pleased with run this month, reports
The 'Green' Tribunal shows 'Red Flag' to Aranmula Airport project of the KGS Group.
We're taking part in Switch It Off Fortnight with our Green Flag Ambassadors leading the way to reduce our energy use
Following comments on climate change, I'm more convinced than ever he should raise the "green flag"
Almost time for the green flag here at Martinsville!
Done with office projects, green flag for Pune roadshow. Mission accomplished. Yuppie
Volunteer Speedway hosts 'Clash @ The Gap' on Saturday, Nov. 1 BULLS GAP, Tenn. — Volunteer Speedway will host its last event of the 2014 racing season on Saturday, Nov. 1. The "Clash @ The Gap" will feature a $2,500-to-win Steel Head Late Model (40 laps) main event, along with the Modified Hobby division in action for a $2,000-to-win (40 laps) race, plus $700-to-win Crate Late Models (30 laps). Vic Hill has joined forces with Volunteer Speedway owners Joe and Phyllis Loven during the 2014 racing season to promote Steel Head Late Model special events. Hill is widely recognized as one of the top racing engine builders in the country, with his Vic Hill Race Engines business located only about two miles from the track. Hill is also a five-time (1997, '98, 2000, '05 and '09) Volunteer Speedway Super Late Model champion, with over 80 career feature wins on the high banks. In each division if more than 24 cars are present, the top 12 cars will be locked into the respective starting lineups from qualifying. La ...
A new mod update will be posted soon, with some cars featuring some new parts including the Green Flag Racing car (West Midland)
U can criticize Sanghi as much as U can,but they never talk of hoisting saffron flag at assembly like MIM green flag.
Back to green flag racing at lap 167/500. restarts P20, outside line.
.and his CC Brian Burns set AJ's pit road speed at 4400 rpm's, second gear, all green lights. Green flag next time …
Good long green flag run for up to P11 now at lap 348/500.
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Green flag with 58 to go, restarted P8, outside line. Quickly jumps inside, P 8 when dust settled.
Remember your Green Flag Award needs to be renewed every two years. Not sure when you're due? Call or email - we can help.
well, if he hadn't put the white in we wd hv an all green flag.. a color symbolic of Islam n Muslims & tht wd b an issue 2!
Too green. Needs more yellow your flag. ;)
JUST ANNOUNCED: The green flag for the 2015 At Daytona will drop at 2pm ET on January 24, 2015!
ICYMI: waved the green flag to start today's Sprint Cup race http…
I'm sure she has a green flag now and is on track to graduating.
English Please? Responding to "have a green year's picture of Bush holding American flag, "Prop",..Bush was a moron! got it?
:-D "Great job waving the green flag at the start of today's race,
"The Irish flag is green, white, and orange. Tess is so ginger and so Irish that the orange part was actually inspired by her" -
NASCAR: Martinsville starting lineup, green flag start time and tv info for ... - Tireball Sports
not on the lead lap I believe. Unscheduled green flag pit caused him to go down 2 laps.
I want Green Bay to win but the refs protect the QB to much. Little stuff that isn't a big deal draws a flag.
.fans - Be sure to pick up your green flag and a kids map for the Trail on your way in!
Ahmed aims at raising green flag high in F1 races - The Nation
This is not Pak. It's India in Kerala. It says let green flag b there everywhere.This is from congis partner IUML
Green Bays DB should have just dropped to the floor. Thats how you ge a flag there ;)
Green Bay vs New Orleans is glorified flag football.
Central Park in High Street South has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award for the eighth year in a row.
Inspection done, all green flag , -fire, sanitary, building stability , structural - all clear
I have the full moon because I like full moon. You liked Flag of Pakistan. It has got a crescent and a star. It is green.
This Chinese guy was wearing a shirt with Arabic wordings looking like the ISIS flag. But shirt is white and Arabic wordings are in green
Green flag is Pakistan's flag. That means you are one of those who harboured dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden.
A quick explanation of how the missions work so that if you are able to help, you will have more info. The Rally will begin each day at 9:01AM. The first mission envelope is handed to us as we roll towards the green flag and can be opened once the rally starts. In that mission, we also receive "bonus" missions if we chose to do them. It's not always the best thing to do. Thus, once we take a picture of a mission, if it is the first one, our time to get moving is very very limited! We will take photo's of all the missions we have received and put them on here, but time is always an issue. We do not receive all the mission envelopes in the morning. Many times, we will receive the next mission envelope at lunch and one or two more after that. Time is a precious commodity in this rally. Thanks for your support!
You know what perhaps they are right Menelik's flag is beyond redeemable. Lets abandon Green, Yellow & red w or w/o z star
are you retarded? The only Syrian flag is this one. Her eyes are green not red like the devil
Wow rusev just got green card by the big show and destroyed the russian flag USA USA USA.
S/O to my team on the 34-30 victory in XA Bedlam for flag football, but both teams put it all out there tonight.
I hope winter goes by as fast as this summer did. Waiting for the first green flag of 2015 sure makes me want to change my mind about ACC
Best way to maximize fuel during those long green flag runs? Take an extra tank with you.
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If you could pick up a flag every once in a while instead of just walking off the green angry all the time, that'd be nic…
.Ear protection for in your seats for the pre-race festivities and green flag. So cool. Get there early.
There is still a tiny green day poster behind the flag. I let it stay cause it's doing no one harm. lil' cute poster is tight
Nah... A green flag with a little infinity. Let's see people try to fight that.
FF did terrible things under the green flag, too, Fintan. "The Republican Party" practised cronyism/brown envelopes for decades.
A green flag with a fist on it. And an eye on the fist.
Halloween Spooktacular 150: Purse information, ticket information, green flag information all available now:
We can't just have a fully green flag!
Thanks for sharing! MT Green flag in 4 minutes. Here we go!
Cons lost the Green Oak and replaced it with a Union Flag tree. Utterly symptomatic
4 white towels.. One green for the gym and the biggest being green and white like a Nigerian flag.. so 6 towels.. 😊😊
Check out the article on Fusion in Green Sheet magazine -
Round Two of the 2014 TCM Best of Maritime Awards has the green flag. Who made the top 26 in the TCM Most Popular...
It would be cool to have an adult with autism, (Like Myself) either: wave the green flag at the start of race Or
Vote for to be the UK's favourite Green Flag Award site
The other day I excelled myself. Car battery died. Couldn't get the battery compartment off so I called green flag. Oh yeah.
Flag perennial habits in agreement with green sustenance recipes: ZHy
Frisco throws party to kick off Fireball Run: Frisco was selected as the 2014 green flag city for this year’s ...
Green means go! A green flag near the Main Stage means the flight or inflation is a “go.”
The Green Man looks the place to be! Your flag will look good there, hoping to get this one to take!
and he knows how to manage money like a pro. I'd say that's a green flag.
Hackney's Mayor thanked parks staff after borough achieved sixth-highest number of Green Flags in country:
So this guy designs a flag GREEN..WHITE. GREEN nd becomes a national hero..pls anyone can do that
I want everyone's opinion on this: The school my children go to in Green Bay, WI does not fly the Flag of the...
This is why hikers in SA need Green Flag accreditation
We're incredibly lucky here at UoN to have such beautiful surroundings:
Red Flag Football tournament on 10/4 2-5PM on the green. Come for food, t-shirts, prizes, performances and to learn about the cause!
Nigeria's beautiful national flag is green and white;white for PEACE and green for AGRICULTURE:what I don't know...
Less than 60 days until the green flag drops on
Vote for your favourite 'Green Flag' park to win the Peoples Choice Award. We love Dunorlan Park TW -
Can you help us get back in the top 5 for the Green Flag ‘Peoples Choice Award’?
Lincoln parks celebrate Green Flag Award. A flag-raising ceremony is to be held at Hartsholme...
Congratulations to all those at Oare Gunpowder Works on the Award of the Green Flag for the sixth year
2011: Cllr Paget-Brown, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor celebrate RBKC's Green Flag success in Cremorne Gardens
Tune in reminder: the Oak Tree Grand Prix at VIR will take the Green Flag at 4:05 p.m. ET and be televised on Fox Sports 1. Go BMW Team RLL!
Green Flag is IN THE AIR. My second book is now available on Amazon!
FORT WAYNE AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ind. – Fort Wayne’s 122nd Fighter Wing deployed 140 Airmen and 12 A-10C “Warthogs” to Barksdale Air Force Base, La. in support of Green Flag East. The primary objective of the three week long Green Flag exercise was to prepare nearly 4,000 Soldiers for a potential combat deployment. “Green Flag East was a good opportunity to practice the skills we would need to operate in a combat environment,” said Lt. Col. Bill Leahy, 163rd Fighter Squadron Commander. “Our aircraft maintainer’s performance was nothing short of outstanding.” The 122nd Fighter Wing, also known as the Blacksnakes, took advantage of this exercise to prepare their airmen for potential overseas deployment. Key elements included aircraft maintenance, execution of the mission and transportation of equipment, airmen and supplies. “One highlight of the exercise was the successful accomplishment of a combat search and rescue operation,” said Leahy. “This was a great opportunity for our A- ...
House Resolution 709 adopted by the 83rd Texas State Legislature recognizes that Texas has been a Republic on two different occasions. We celebrate March 2nd as Texas Independence Day but we must never forget the one founded by our Tejano ancestors on April 6, 1813 On Wednesday August 6th, 2014 the Bexareno Genealogy Society and the Battle of Medina Historical Society will address the San Antonio City Council requesting recognition of this First Republic and the Emerald Green Flag of Liberty. This Green flag flies at the Commissioners Court in Guadalupe County, at the Freedonia Hotel in Nacogdoches, in front of the Presidio in Goliad and at the Tejano History and Civil Rights Museum in Corpus ; but ironically it is no where to be seen where it was founded. This First Republic was founded at the Spanish Governors Palace, across the street from City Hall in downtown San Antonio by Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara , a Tejano Hero on April 6th 1813. Our request is a simple one; to fly the Green Flag in honor of o . ...
Green Flag for session 1 Link here -
Part of blame for Rory opening with a bogey lies with JP. He shouldn't have allowed him to go at flag. Middle of green and 2 putts was play
Stuck on lewes road near scanned hill. Drive chain has unexpectedly sheared off leaving me stranded in the heat waiting for green flag
10 [+1] Top Things Nigerians Now Accept as Normal Here are ten things I have identified as top abnormalities Nigerians now just surrender to or even accept as normal. As a matter of fact, they are essentially Nigerian in outlook and any attempt to change them might even affect our corporate image. They are as Nigerian as the green-white-green flag. Yet, there is nothing “normal” about them and a good, conscientious leadership can change them. 1. Electricity: Gradually, Nigerians now have accepted that it is normal not to have or expect electricity. So when the Power Ministry under Professor Chinedu Nebo, recently announced a drop of 2000 megawatts from the existing 4000 megawatts, no Nigerian even commented. Also, when the power authorities speak of strikes, everyone looks away, uncaring. That is the new way. In my nick of the wood in Abuja, we even have a time table for light. There are off days as every part has its own “light day”. You plan your schedules in strict adherence to this time table. ...
Tiger also pulls driver at No. 2 and misses the fairway right. His second shot was right at the flag but hard hops over the green.
This country's flag is a joke, it should be painted green, tell me since when is currency valued over a human being.
This pale-green blue flag indicates that "we are fully prepared to die in the battle" for
Tiger must have been watching me play, rough, rough, over the green, past the flag, missed bogie putt, tap in double.
Black with an orange flag or green with a yellow racing stripe both options look great on a
is sunny with a 30% chance of rain today, air temp 77-88, pool temps, large pool 80, small pool 84. Beach Report: (green flag) for ok surf conditions, high tide 7:38am, low tide 1:27pm, surf temp 82, winds from the SW at 5-10 MPH, have a great weekend, be safe and always swim near a lifeguard!
MSOKC Race – Saturday July 26, 2014. For those members who wish to run with MSOKC on Saturday, July 26, 2014, their race day information is listed below. OVKA will be racing there on Sunday, July 27, 2014 and we hope their members join us also. If you have any questions, please contact Ted Cradlebaugh. Schedule for race Saturday July 26th. Normal direction , night race. Gates open at 1:00. Safety Tech from 2:00 to 3:00. Line will begin at the scales. Cannot practice until kart has been teched. Registration from 2:30 to 4:00. Practice starts at 3:00. Driver Meeting at 5:30. Green Flag at 6:00. 3 lap qualifier. 8 lap heat. 12 lap feature. Classes with 10 or more karts will have a split qualifying session. Starting position for feature will be determined by finishing order of the 2 heats.Start feature races right after the Twilight hour with kid karts. Around 9:00. Subject to change depending on member needs as well as lights working properly. Finalized times will be set no later than July 14th. Thanks. .. ...
BAJA , JULY 9, 2014 With an experience of a lifetime under their belt before the green flag even dropped,...
maybe a few more of your parra mates should have gone. Also view not good i had a big red n green flag in my face all game.
Great shot on flag on third hole green
I just imagined electrude having a war and one side has a massive pink flag saying loli power then the other in green saying vibrato power
What a beautiful day in Haringey! Why not enjoy the sunshine in one of the borough's Green Flag Award-winning parks?
You WERE behind the posts with your Parra mates & some Bunnies with a big Red&Green flag?
All the details are here. A great family event at a Green Flag Award Park
I doubt 50% of Indians are having a doubt about green nd orange place in india flag.
I srsly dislike loom bands... But the cousin is making me a brazilian flag color (green and yellow) loom band so yuuh
takes the chequered flag! Pick the green Lumia? You might have won, we'll contact the winner now!
Mickelson flag out, next shot doesnt reach the green, good going there.
- Idgaf if they got ah green ,' purple ,' orange ,' blue ,' red ,' black ,' yellow ,' or a rainbow flag.
Fly the Red, Black and Green flag with pride! ONLY A FEW LEFT! Get yours here and support the movement --->
16th December is our victory day, the victory of red and green. The color red in our national flag represents the...
CONGRATULATIONS to for renewing & Weston Heights Infants for achieving their Green Flag Awards
The green flag comes on at the end of the pit lane and FP1 is underway!
As a whole, I like it. But hey must remove green, pink and blue stripes. They are like LBGT rainbow flag and this is what I do not like.
just made it on the far right of yesterdays M/cr Cycling Network ride flying the green flag
Before all these red, green & black (Pan-Arab colors) flags divided us, we were all united under a white flag with la illaha il Allah on it.
According to Green Flag 1 in 8 motorists drive with a near-empty tank Here are good reasons to avoid running on empty
“If you started a country, what colors would you use for the flag?” Red, yellow, green, and black
When the green flag flies and sliders are taken, then we'll find out who's real or fakin.
Now-defunct clothing line NUSouth took the flag, kept the stars & bars but made it red, black, & green.
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