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Green Day

Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1987. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool.

Billie Joe Armstrong Stevie Wonder Basket Case Global Citizen Festival Good Charlotte Hyde Park Central Park Lady Gaga Foo Fighters Bohemian Rhapsody Billy Joel Joan Jett Wrigley Field Good Riddance Bellahouston Park Linkin Park

Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Fourteen: SJC Drums with Tré Cool of Green Day:
it looks like Kat Von D is working on a Green Day make up line, aka just take my *** punk money now
Artists no one talks about anymore:. Robin Thicke. Megan Trainor. Kesha. Avril Lavine. Maroon 5. Green Day. Any pop artist from 3 years ago
Good Riddance by Green Day will always remind me of my high school graduation
Here’s an album for you… 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day.
Now the Alabama band plays Basket Case by Green Day.
I liked a video Green Day vs Michael Jackson - Black or White Basket Case
Amazon Music played this on my walk today. Odd cover of Green Day's Basket Case by Bastille via
I’ve found a Bastille cover of Green Day and I’m so happy! 🎉👏🏻
East Jesus Nowhere by Green Day from the album 21st Century Breakdown
Green Day's "American *** at Fresno City College through the weekend, get tickets NOW
Brain Stew is the best Green Day song I’m jus sayin
First time I saw Green Day was in 2010 when they toured withe the 21st Century Breakdown. Funny…
You could try Brain Stew by Green Day or Pantomime by Incubus. I don't play guitar, but my bf can play…
This dude just said Mr. Brightside by Green Day... I just.. I can't. It hurts me.
No they mean the ones who were raped consistently by a king, back in the day w…
right now Green Day, borns, and halsey
I wear a blue ND golf shirt on Saturdays and Green on Sundays. For the last golf round of the year Monday think it’s a W…
Imma bit sore cuz we lost 2 green bay 2 day lol
My friend met one of the Stranger Things actors the other day. His name was Caleb something from what I remember.
Yo voy a ver a Green Day and why not Dua Lipa.
In brightest day, in darkest night, let no evil escape my sight,beware my power Green Lantern's light
I'm not Irish, but I would wear that green all day and all night!!!
Walking through my elementary school during grade 8 while kids mindlessly clap and listening to Green Day’s time of your life over the p.a.😩
Minority by Green Day with lyrics via
"My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating. Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me. 'Til then I walk alo…
AJ Green and Alex Smith both making me some money today 👍🏻 good day at the office 😂
I want this music video to be great and you can't rush greatness. I know millions of people are gonna watch this so Ima take a…
My father stole a traffic cone on the way home from my first Green Day concert
i have stuff of every color. Blue, red, green, CAT yellow. Apparen…
Get ready for a whole lot of pseudo-patriotic sanctimonious posturing tomorrow on Columbus Day.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Good day for you my friend. A.J. Green, Lamar Miller, you got em all right, any chance you know the powerball # to play?
Never give up. Tune to the soft touch. Even when it rains, the sun rises. Forgive yourself. Start this day w peace.
Pink Floyd, Green Day, U2, and Tom Petty (rip). I never saw the appeal in any of them.
Btw with a chiefs win I'm in the green for the day
Best bang for your buck tho? MIZON. I swipe up those babies at Target. Personal fave…
I can dig drinking green beer on The Lord’s Day.
Yesterday my mother showed me this video and we cried in each other's arms, knowing that we would 100% be at that c…
Matt Champoux is hosting a day long retreat at the incredible Green Gulch Farm Zen Center on October 29th.
Day 4, and just about done with the green.
Good morning! This is me this morning but I’m at the office. Have a great day, y’all!
Ending the day overlooking Chambers Island and Green Bay.
Lost in the green, by Shahnaz Parvin - -
Day before shot day: I could go the rest of my life without sex. I have better things to do. Day after shot day: YO who tha…
ER nurse: you smoke. me:yes ma’am. her: how many cigarettes a day?. me: oh no ma’am, not those. her: oh that green stuff 😏. on G’s i died 😂😭
Stoplight Day t-row! Green: Attending, Yellow: Still thinking, Red: Have other plans. Come on you know you want to go!…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I’ll never that faithful day... that green accord. Sonics n chik fil a
The 7-day gummy bear cleanse is real because drinking green juice is so last year
I walk these empty streets on the boulevard of broken dreams. . -Green Day
Thank you! Yes, I’m one the rarer spectrum with Green and Brown. It…
I'm so triggered by the kid at the end saying "mr. brightside by Green Day"
Sit VIP at a Green Day Show in South America and Go to Sound Check
♩Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (2009). Just playing whatever I feel like today.
I liked a video Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams Fingerstyle (Trench & Maple)
Green Day has sold millions of records, can pack stadiums around the Planet and their adventure on Broadway was act…
The beginning of October is the worst because it's filled with dumb Green Day and mean girls memes
Spotify made me a "time capsule" playlist, complete with Nelly, Coheed & Cambria, the Book of Mormon, Green Day, the Used, and Kanye West. ??
Movie Review Preview Podcast: I don't like CGI, A Bad Moms Christmas, Green Day... I don't like a lot of things!
Green Day rocked Chula Vista last week, and our pals captured some epic moments during the show:
I guess i should let my nominations be known too:. The Doors. Nirvana. Green Day. David Lee Roth. Kiss
Not saying The Cars are like Green Day, but Ric Ocasek might be the original Billie Joe Armstrong.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Me gustó un video de Boulevard of Broken Monsters: Imagine Dragons/Green Day mashup
Lions Den at Rockford College. Was your Green Day show at Warped? Tinley Park?
Idk if I told you guys yet, but Bastille has ruined my favorite Green Day song
Hey Stop playing that awful Bastille cover of Green Day. You are not a pop station. Just stop. That cover gives me the creeps.
I added a video to a playlist Warriors on Holiday - Imagine Dragons vs. Green Day (Mashup)
The raw amazingness of Green Day's Basket Case has been declawed by Bastille - - t…
We chatted with about covering Green Day for their next album and more:
And 3 votes to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, openly bisexual.
Me: always a thot for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day.
Now Playing: Revolution Radio '2017' by Green Day |Listen: Link in bio
We reached the part of the Green Day concert where Billy Joel Armstrong lays on the ground and talks about life
The pianist in has played Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, and now Green Day. This has been a positive airport experience.
I was listening to Green Day's WMUWSE... So many feel
Playlist made with all the teen classics for this road trip - All American Rejects, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Avril, Green Day. YASSS. 👍🏼
Bastille discuss Green Day's reaction to their cover of 'Basket Case' featured in NBC s Science of Love
It’s a 90s week for me! I’m working Green Day on Thursday and then “I love the 90s” on Friday! (TLC, Naughty by Nature, Mark McGrath, etc!)
Longview: Looking back on the Green Day 'riot' at the Hatch Shell, 20 years ago today - Vanyaland
Bowling Green Day shortened their name to Green Day after Kellyanne Conway sued them for copyright infringement.
Green Day was absolutely amazing last night! My voice is pretty banged up from singing so much! Now, to recover for round 2 with Lady Gaga!
welcomes Yrs7,10,11 back Tues 5 finishes after lunch at 1pm.Everyone returns Wed 6 Se…
And it really is goodbye to Mrs Hollister now after GCSE results as she spends her last day in school before retiring 😎😢 h…
'I'm getting over hating myself': how to front a punk band with cerebral palsy
Guys I need a year check i saw Green Day last night and am wearing flannel. 1996 right?
I'm so happy that Green Day show inspired ya ❤️
It's 2017 and I still want to start a Green Day cover band with
I totally forgot how good of an album 21st Century Breakdown is. Arguably the last "great" Green Day album
I most definitely cried when Green Day came on to perform last night. Such a surreal experience!
Love parks? Learn how to give back with in this week's EcoNews.
That's my kind of green, screw weed, this made my day, Thanks, Earth Pics!! Hugs
College Colors Day is September 1. Don't forget to represent and wear your Niner green!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Snyder, Burroughs, Green, Retherford receive draws for final day of World Championships
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and director Corbett Redford take us inside their new doc on East Bay punk
You're the type of person to say Green Day didn't suck in the 2000s decade.
Just had a thorough awesome day with my fantastic husband. I wouldn't have thought had so much to offe…
may I say you have amazing and beautiful green eyes have a beautiful day and fabulous evening
Calling All Sponsors! . Green Day Miami Shores is less than 2 months away!.
It would be amazing if we got to see Blink-182, Sum 41 or Green Day together one day!
Green Day turned back time in a raucous show at Wrigley Field last night. Read our review: http…
A very beautiful Green Huntsman spider (Micrommata virescens) we found the other day in the Alps!
ur favorite bb's are headed to warped tour. I'm shootin a video for this green headed hippy all day, say high to us
And so that green dood hits that special beam!!! NO! Look at that amazing block!!! That block from that blast saves the day!!!
Wallet stolen at Wrigley Starbucks during Green Day show. About 75 cops standing around. Victim is told to call 311 for repor…
3)I sadly shook my head and replied, "I don't know, little green guy, I don't know." As I started to get back to the business of my day
and the Crocosmia of the day is C. 'Tamar Glow' with its ghostly bluish green leaves and fabulous florescent red flower…
To conclude our Full Moon day we will have a VERY special Disco!! EVERYONE welcome! Grab a pint in the Gre…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
This kid KILLED IT on stage with last night!!. Check out the video of him singing Longview here:
catfish and the bottlemen were excellent I'm really glad I was there to see them open for green day
End of RD1 to Green Bay or someone - 2nd, 4th, next year 3rd...worth it. Take Godwin in the 2nd and call it a day
Make Their Day Florist in Charlton Kings proudly showing off their green bike! Thank you for your support!
Win a trip to LA to see play someone's garage. Enter:
Your love for will skyrocket after watching them bring this 11-year-old onstage:
.are doing Nimrod on yellow vinyl...
Weekend wardrobe sorted! . Taylor James Phillips in Horizon green, from Collection17. Thank…
did yall know about this? Picture Disk vinyls for Green Day and MCR releases??
Green Day has a way of attracting the young crowd for sure
Catfish and the bottle man opened for them but I didn't get there until Green Day started.
Saw Green Day at Wrigley Field last night. . "What did you think of the concert?". "I said a heeey oh!"
Tart green apples & fleshy kiwis turned into a flavourful you can enjoy any time of the day!…
and of course I just added to the pile :). Good luck! Also, no hurry on my end - mostly just wanted to high 5 over Green Day!
Energy Day is Colorado’s first FREE family festival showcasing exhibits focused on STEM.   10% Off
My new Green Painted truck is so hot it's like a 120 summer Degree Day in Arizona and I fall in love Everytime I look at it .
One more day! One more holder chased out of America - Can't understand what is required of him
In contemporary English, known as a "Green Day"
making direct eye contact with Billie Joe Armstrong at your first Green Day concert
Only a matter of time before Green Day, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20, Social Distortion,White Stripes,D…
Green Day on a beautiful night at a lovely venue in a scenic national park with my beautiful…
Me when call Billy Joe Armstrong, Billy Joel at the Green Day concert 😑🙄
Lol just saw Green Day. It was a good show but made me feel like I was in grade 6 again
Lotta Nazi stuff today so here's a real good cover of the time of your life song by the music band Green Day.
I'm having this family party and Green Day was on the speaker and my mom goes "what's with the heavy metal" ahsgsjsgshgss
fun tyler fact: I have been in three car collisions and Green Day was playing during all three. "Wh…
Last time I saw Sam was at a fancy dinner thing in the post Green Day era. All he ate was slice after slic…
What's next at Sanford Stadium, Dixieland Delight? Maybe some C-Murder and Green Day? Sweet Home Alabama in the pregame?
For the world to be so bad that "Wild World" by Bastille and Revolution Radio by Green Day have to be made to get a word out is sickening.
Linkin Park count? If so, Numb. If not, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day will always be 🔥
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I get home Saturday evening from Minnesota and then leave Monday morning for the Green Day concert @ USANA and come back the next night.
I had a dream that I was at a Green Day concert and guess who the support act was? . Dame Judy Dench 😂 . Obviously
Green family I've had a tough day too, can I get a tip please?!
the first time i ever listened to Against Me! was when they opened for Green Day, and i can't listen to their recordings bc they sound worse
Exactly one year ago we finally got Green Day's return and now I've seen them live, this makes me SO emotional ❤️ https…
Global Citizen Festival brings Stevie Wonder, Green Day, The Killers and more to Central Park:
"The matchday menu is cooked by Em Franklin- chef for Robbie Williams & Radiohead on tour"Away Day?
Another Great Day of practice for the Green Wave! Bring it even more tomorrow! Put your energy in the right spot on…
Another perfect summer day. This sunny stretch helping to ripen up all those green tomatoes.
ONE MONTH until Day. Get your green and white ready to show the world we unite as Spartans.
On this day in 1976, Niki Lauda is lucky to survive this crash at the Green ***
Hi-lite of my day so far was finding out I don't have a green thumb, the plant at work as fake
Green Day is the most violent and controversial punk band of all time
the Chainsmokers and green day at the same festival lmao i know you love them both 😂😂😂
$DRYS the stock that never stops giving. Usually one nice green day then right back to selling
Honestly why is it bad at 8 if it's for only one day? Fairly short hole anyway. Cool green for a drivable hole unlike 18.
The Global Citizen Festival is a) free and b) includes co-headliners Green Day, Stevie Wonder & The Killers…
Takk McKinley says he's feeling good after getting the green light to practice. Today was his first day back in 1-on-1's , teams etc.
So you people who live in cities where Green Day and Garth and Kanye show up: how does that work? Do you wake up smiling, or is it gradual?
Stevie Wonder, Green Day, Chainsmokers, more to play Global Citizen Festival in Central Park
Day 1 of the Masters me thinks the green background is perfect.. nuthin better than spending da morn with my brother
Good Morning . A new day to impact change, touch lives and green our communities... ✊👊
Today is the day to enter the Grow for the Green Yield Challenge and earn a spot in the 100 Bushel Club
Having a beautiful day on this beautiful day! Smoke some green and maybe hit up the greens!
Fantastic album from Dan Green. - our S15, newly overhauled O1 and last day of 'City of Wells'…
I washed my green pants the other day and now they're so tight. This was such a mistake 😮
I've had orzo with pesto, garlic butter green beans, and shrimp stuck in my head all day so now i have to cook it. *** is frozen. Pigs fly.
I was so close to choosing to see blink-182 over Green Day but it won't be the same without Tom and Ima just end up getting sad
Green grass, big clouds, another glorious summer day on McKeldin mall
Hear and frontmen's new supergroup Armstrongs
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"I bought bananas the day Scaramucci was hired. They're still green." Harold Cook
Every day proudly wears a reminder of what he’s been through. His story: https…
“In one day, everything I knew about my body had changed.”. story:
Stevie Wonder and Green Day to headline free anti-poverty concert
"Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" – Anne of Green Gables
Green Day 👅❤️. 1. Before the Lobotomy. 2. Last of the American Girls. 3. See the Light
This day in history (07) Kevin Garnett was traded to Boston for Ratliff, Big Al, Gerald Green, R Gomes, Sebastian Telfair &…
Brain Power is perfect for a green drink fast. Prepare your drink with 1 tbsp in 8 oz of water or juice and take u…
I have Ed Sheeran tonight, Green Day Saturday then Lady Gaga the 15th. 😃
Why does Green Day gotta play the Global Citizen Fest when I’m gone 😩😩😩
Young faces from across the country will wear green to celebrate Independence Day in Isb.
Question of the day: How on God's green earth did I get so lucky?
Green Day, Alessia Cara and Stevie Wonder Are Set to Perform at 2017’s Festival
Stevie Wonder, Green Day and more set for 2017 Global Citizen Festival
Global Citizen Festival unveils 2017 lineup, including Stevie Wonder, Green Day and more
Meet Black Singles 300x250
One more light-Linkin Park . 21 Guns-Green Day. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams-Green Day . You found me-The Fray . How to s…
Apparently thinks is not Rock & Roll, yet Madonna, ABBA, Green Day & James Taylor make the cut?
the guitar climax on "21 Guns" by Green Day is the same as the Full House theme instrumentals pass it on
Got tickets to Green Day at Fiddlers Green in August. *** yeah! Favorite band at my favorite venue.
Spare me your sob story, OK? You're talking to a guy who got tinnitus playing Pearl Jam and Green Day covers in college.
be still my heart -Green Day fans eagerly waited at London’s Hyde Park on July 1
Green Day is under fire for performing minutes after an acrobat fell to his death:
12) Green Day - 21 Guns . No caption. This song is good.
Green Day defends performance after acrobat's death: 'We are not heartless people'
Do you think Green Day were kept in the dark about it? Can't imagine they'd play if they knew
The term Legend is overused but not in this mans case LOVE the guy back in the day and walking out when Green was f…
I've been working on Hayate all day only to have my green pen bleed into the paper too much and ruin his eyes. I am so angry right now.
Jersey Shore is coming back, Fall Out Boy & Green Day are going on this middle school all over again?
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong says they were unaware an acrobat had fallen to his death just before their set:
Green Day didn't know about acrobat's death before concert
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
the other day I saw macadamia nuts in the store and I thought about making green/turquoise cookies.
Tomorrow is my only day off and my family expects me to run all over gods green earth for them.
let us not forget the great words of Green Day:
Taylor Wagner wore green hoop earrings to the first day of 7th grade
Mint green tea is seriously really yummy i love it and it helps when you need a jolt of caffeine i drank water most of the day
Favorite son is best Green Day song sorry don't make the rules
Had the most amazing day ever yesterday with my bestie at TRNSMT @ Glasgow Green
I want to see catfish and the bottlemen so bad but opening for green day is not ok. I refuse to buy a green day ticket
you can tell what day a loaf of bread was made by the color of its twist tag. Mon: blue, Tues: green, Thur…
A hard day at the farm gave me new perspective during times of trials.
Have stopped listening to Green Day after their F**k Trump song at one of the awards shows, vile, snowflake group
I used to spend lots of time at Green Refectory until one of the staff asked if I went there every day. "No... 😶"
Wendy-"Ron pick a wedding song for us" Ron- "Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day" 😂😂
If you can't bump to:. The strokes. Rocky. Green Day. Cudi. The Killers. Mac Demarco. Frank. Travis Scott. Usher. I can't mes…
July 4 is Independence Day and the anniversary of Eads Bridge. The bridge opened on July 4, 1874 and is still links St. Louis wi…
"St. Jimmy. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it" was just said on Better Call Saul and you bet my trashy Green-Day-Loving *** freaked out
What a brilliant example of how music brings us together
People think they need a boo for every holiday, it'll be st patrick's day and y'all be wishing y'all had a boo to wear green…
Aw sure! Been a long day for me, just eaten, and I'll head towar…
OMG that brought tears to my eyes what a salute to Freddy! Good on ya Green day fans indeed! Beautiful! 👍
One of many reasons I love Green Day is their public (& in gigs) stance against racism, sexism, homophobia & all hatred.
Kellyanne, on a day that we should be honoring the brave souls who fought the Battle of Bowling Green, let's put di…
Real rates improving fast here. Near best of day and TLT now green
Super H mart is out of green tea kit kats so I'd say this day is ruined.
Its still surreal that I got 15 mins away from a green day show yet here I am half cut on a train home after no seeing them
Fan's video of Green Day crowd singing American *** at 28th June 2017
blue is the sky. truer than I. green is the grass. it's a beautiful day to eat some ***
Who's in charge, the Green Day promoters?
The next song in this waiting room was that old acoustic Green Day song and I immediately regretted sa…
Great to have and here to finish our day with a debate on the green belt http…
The decision to cancel the Green Day event was taken by the promoters and management of the band, not Glasgow City Council.
If you want to get some GD on...Tribute band, Green Date to play St. Luke's:.
Fashion pick of the day: Kriti Sanon’s fitted green dress reminds us of the lush monsoons and we love it!
Green Day "distraught" to cancel Glasgow gig but promise to return.
Even with the rain, it's still a beautiful day at
VIDEO: Check out tonight. All green for National Injury Prevention Day.
Top 3 bands: fall out boy, bring me the horizon and .. Green Day? (I feel obliged to put them there bc been with me Through so much lol)
via Glenn Ashley. Green Day, Sheffield, 3rd July 2017. One fan got an early chance to join the band on stage at Sheffield Arena ht…
In years to come Joe Miller will reminisce about the time he saw Green Day in Bellahouston Park, sweltering in the glo…
I've decided today is going to be a shiny green day - Enjoy 😜
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I am signing this I had booked the ticket back in Februar... via
This season we will be heading to to North Carolina to play Campbell, USC Upstate and Bowling Green over a 3 day period.
Green Day gig cancelled because the stage wasn't safe. Yet again, The Simpsons predicted it...
65,000 people sing Bohemian Rhapsody at a Green Day concert
15% discount for Green Day concert tickets in Albuquerque on Sep 11. Buy tickets from $40
Green Day crowd of 65,000 people singing Bohemian Rhapsody in Hyde Park
Get this shared - the hundreds of staff who've been working at/on the Green Day gig in Glasgow have been told they are not g…
Exclusive first pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day turning up at Bellahouston Park.
I liked a video When you bought an 8 string but the only song you know is Basket Case by Green Day
Green Day have given us free tickets and BACKSTAGE VIP PASSES ARE U MAD
Green Day star hits out at Donald Trump during Hyde Park gig
Jakob Danger Armstrong playing with Green Day at Hyde Park! Great first night of the second leg…
From Corbyn to Green Day (and Rancid and Stiff Little Fingers). Thank you Claire💖
"Cause I'm still breathing. 'Cause I'm still breathing on my own. My head's above the rain and roses. Making my way away"…
85% of Germany's power just came from renewable energy, setting a new record
The reasoning behind why always sends me the Green heart made my day. 😭❤️
14. against me is top but I cycle through other obsessions so recently: lone bellow, green day, boy, lumineers
So excited!!! My little cucumber sprouts are so green and growing more each day. If plants could smile, I'd imagine these are beaming.
Be sure to bring your refillable water bottle to to fill up at our free Water Bar: http…
🥁 ‘This is the dawning of the rest of our lives’ 🥁. Get tickets to rock with on their
Little Giant Ladders
I'm missing Green Day and CATB, Big Gig, Vesperteen twice like pls
When someone says Maria, I think of Green Day
Quail Oil & Gas wants to inject up to 5k barrels of waste fluid a day near the last North American tallgrass prairie https:…
Cameryn thought I Write Sins Not Tragedies was by Green Day, nobody talk to me the rest of the week
I showed someone what a green bean looks like the other day.
Caring for the is the only sustainable route to growth and poverty reduction
Great day at RTE learning how to stay safe! Thanks RCSD DARE officers. Team Green!
Work of both of you mentioned herein:
what a long day/week OTL I rly want some iced bitter green tea rn x_x
Father's Day is here. What a day to fire it up & treat them to Chicken kiev with mashed potato and green beans lunch. . Quic…
Listen to Green Day - Revolution Radio mix by CiaranMeinNew☮ on
Everyone's out here working and doing internships, traveling and I've literally stayed home all day and drank two liters of green tea
Still obsessed w green light as the day when it came out 💚💚💚
Next financial goal: Green Day tickets for August in Hartford. Man, I love those guys.
Listening to the first Ep, there's also a lot of influence from early Green Day
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Wedding Day Card, white daisy flower lime green, Card for Bride and Gro… htt…
12 green goes 2-0 and sets up a strong finish. 13 green goes 2-1 and is still in position for gold heading into Day 3.
This is why I want Alberta to join the USA.
Unapologetically still in love with Green Day
Sorry Griff a fun day and half with 3 buddies isn't cheap! @ Green Lake (Kandiyohi…
I'll never forget the time Green Day came to Marlay park with Joan Jett and Paramore and I couldn't go..
8 year old on school run this week requested we listen to Foo Fighters and Green Day. My work here is done. 😁🎸
Today in Parahistory: 7 years ago today, Paramore took to the stage with Green Day and Joan Jett in Marlay Park, Dublin!
is there going to be a shuttle bus from great Victoria Street station to Ormeau Park for Green Day next Wednesday?
Take me back to the time when Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Gorillaz, The All American Reject & Tokio Hotel are playin…
There better still be Green Day tickets available on Friday when I get paid!
Holiday by Green Day just makes me remember playing Tony Hawks American Wasteland w my brother n cousins n was the best thing ever
Probably. They've played Blink-182, Good Charlotte and Green Day in the last days (maybe cause of N…
Never. I had Green Day & yellow card posters, Good Charlotte too. But I wasn't allowed to hang posters…
Sun's out, legs out, tunes out...!. Wake up to Sam FM this Saturday for all your favourites including Green Day, Bowie, ZZ Top and Kasabian.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
And that goes for Desserts, Dirty Dancing, the Great Gatsby, Green Day, the first 2 Harry Potter . movies = Overrated
Papa Roach, Nickelback, Green Day, Good Charlotte, All Time Low. Gosh, it's a *** good good year so far. New songs from them btw.
2002 since Blink-182, Sum-41, Good Charlotte & Green Day dropped the best classics known to man.
Don't forget Green Day or at least Billie Joe Armstrong. He's bi and about as badass as it gets
*** is one of the greatest albums ever created. Billie Joe Armstrong and the other members of Green Day should be protected at all costs.
Also, I literally cannot listen to "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day without thinking of the mid-1990's and high school.
A number of celebrities have lashed out at the US President incld Snoop Dogg,Green Day, Katy Perry and Adam Lambert .
newsmonkey - Posts | Fans van Justin Bieber , Green Day of...
Who hasn’t heard about Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, or Green Day?. What to know more about them and other music...
I like to be there but can't Justin and Green Day is my and my friend favorite
Reminded me of a Green Day lyric:. "Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the 'alien' nation. Every…
In the last six months I've seen The Cure, Rod Stewart and Green Day at the Arena, and I'm seeing Nick Cave and Alice Cooper there soon.
"Green Day Oh Love is the lead single from the rock band's new album "Uno!". "Oh Love" was produced by Rob Cavallo" by Green Day
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