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Green Beret

The green beret was the official headdress of the British Commandos of World War II. It is still worn with pride by members of the Royal Marines after passing the Commando Course and any member of the British Military who has passed the All Arms Commando Course.

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EXCLUSIVE: A Green Beret involved in an intelligence activity in Mali discovered 2 Navy Seals were stealing money from it.…
EXCLUSIVE: The story surrounding the slaying of Green Beret, Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar, keeps unraveling, starting with th…
Yeah bro ppl believe what they want. An ex-Green Beret/ex-football player…
2 Navy Seals Are Under Investigation in the Suspected Strangling of a Green Beret in Mali
Special Operations Command: Stop issuance of the Green Beret to the U.S. Army 1st Security Force Assi... via
NCIS investigating two Navy Seals from ST6 in the murder of a Green Beret in Mali . illicit activities suspected.
U.S. military launches homicide investigation into the death of a Green Beret in Mali and whether two Navy Seals ha…
Two US Navy Seals 'investigated over Green Beret strangulation death in Mali'
Navy investigating two SEALs in connection with death of Green Beret: report
Blue on blue. SEALs under investigation in strangulation of Green Beret.
Navy Seals under investigation in connection with Green Beret’s death via
Navy Seals may have strangled a Green Beret and we're so desensitized to crazy stuff that this won't even register https:/…
Yes & about the same time as the Green Beret mission in Africa, a soldier in…
You can run, you can lie, but you can't hide. As the CIC, you are responsible for the deat…
Navy investigating 2 SEALs for strangling death of Green Beret via
Breaking News: Two members of Navy SEAL Team 6 are being investigated in the June death of an Army Green Beret
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The Navy is investigating whether members of the SEAL Team Six killed an Army Green Beret in June, official says
Two Navy Seals under investigation in Army Green Beret's death in Mali
The Navy is investigating if a Green Beret died at the hands of SEAL Team 6 members
SEALS fighting Green Berets? Just bring them all home to lead normal lives.
Two Navy Seals under investigation in death of Green Beret in Mali
NYT: Navy investigating if Green Beret died at hands of SEAL Team 6 members
"U.S. Navy Probes Whether SEALs Involved in Death of Green Beret in Mali: Officials" by REUTERS via NYT
NEW DETAILS: Sgt. La David Johnson died going BACK into the kill zone to save comrades who were in a separate car. http…
U.S. Navy probes whether SEALs involved in death of Green Beret in Mali: officials
Sgt. La David Johnson was not a Green Beret as your story states. A Soldier and selfless American, yes. But not a long tabber.
SGT Johnson was a mechanic Media keeps calling him a Green Beret which he was not. He wore a maroon beret, not green h…
Green Beret training patrol attack far cry from US mission HQ assault. Air assets from France on site…
John Kelly confirms that Trump made insensitive remarks to widow of Green Beret. Just wishes no one heard him do it https…
Passenger says crew stopped her from singing anthem for fallen Green Beret - Fayetteville Observer :
RIP You were a brave, black man, who put his life on the line to defend America -- a Green Beret who was…
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Have a read America: No lines in the sand. Just the opposite. From my friend & Green Beret
Jeremiah Johnson a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces
has still not even mentioned the deaths of the four Green Beret soldiers. Their names are Staff Sg…
Kaepernick did not start with a kneel. He started by sitting & was told by a Green Beret by kneeling he could HONOR our coun…
My father was a screaming eagle original Green Beret. 82nd airborne. You might know him Corporal Alfred…
On this day Oct. 9, 1967, Che Guevara, 39, was executed by soldiers trained and equipped by the U.S. Green Beret.
Seth Bodnar, 38 years old, 1st of his class at West Point, Army Ranger, Green Beret commander, Rhodes and Truman scholar, GE executive.
Massachusetts native killed at Fort Bragg was training to be Green Beret -
UPDATE: Reports of 4 Green Beret trainees dead from accidental explosion at Fort Bragg
my dad was a Green Beret,my former manager was Marine Recon they all agree the French Foreign Legion are murderously badass.
Retired Staff Sgt. Kevin Flike, a native of Stillwater who was critically wounded while serving as a Green Beret...
Green Beret! May 42 when the last dying breath An Iron Cross, a siren's call for the dust When the battle started There's
Good luck. I live in a community of anarchist vets with a Green Beret and Adam Kokesh lol.
Stirring in politics with - a potent mix for Black Rifle Coffee & my guest, Green Beret vet & CEO Evan Hafe…
My last name is Hulka but was an Army brat & Bro of a VN era Green Beret agent orange v…
My unit was the 46th Special Forces - a Green Beret unit. During the Vietnam war we trained the Royal…
Frank LaRose has emphasized background as decorated Green Beret in U.S. Army Special Forces and an Iraq War veteran.
It was great to have Steven Mueller – a former WR, Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Green Beret – back in Memorial…
It's time for surprise, you're in the army now I’m a Green Beret! May you as he came through the convoy sunk or be proven
"...Rise from beyond your grave. Son of Finland and the Green Beret. May you rest in peace at last. Lauri Allan Törni"
My uncle Barry Bolo used to tell me about traps like that from his Green Beret days. Very suspicious. A…
Thought you might be interested: My Barry Sadler biography, “Ballad of the Green Beret,” is now…
Awesome article from about Green Beret & GBF Board Member Jason McCarthy! // Customer Spotlight:
shares his journey from Green Beret to an inspiring story for all
I've met many great members, is one of the best: Green Beret to name son after career-saving congressman https…
Gutted to learn about Staff Sgt. Michael Mantenuto. O'C in Disney's "Miracle" and later became a Green Beret. c/o
Just heard reenlisted with the Green Beret, that guy is what MANHOOD is all about!. Go get em Tim, GOD Bl…
Does Pocahontas know that IS killed a Green Beret in the area of the MOAB strike? Why is she questioning the strike? ht…
Unlike dropping on ISIS in Afghanistan, after Green Beret killed, isn't breaking a campaign promise
I don't see the problem. They killed a Green Beret so we dropped 21,000 lbs of bang bang on their little cave town.
has begun. It's on people. Saddest day since Hiroshima.
President Trump responds by ordering largest non-nuclear bomb be dropped on ISIS after Green Beret killed |
."We targeted a system of tunnels and caves that ISIS fighters used to move around freely."…
My prayers go out to the family of the Green Beret killed in Afghanistan We never forget GOD BLESS ALL OUR MILITARY &VETS
Do you know what carpet bombing is? Lol. You're a *** The point was to inflict casualties. What about the green b…
Green Beret turned to shares transitional advice & the mentality he applies to lif…
Afghanistan: Maryland Green Beret killed in ISIS fight remembered as hero.
Trump also kept another promise today... Fair Trade . You kill a green beret in Afghanistan and we give you a MOAB.
After loosing a Green Beret Hero in Afghanistan a few days ago, sent a new message to the cowards who killed him.
Army identifies Green Beret killed in Afghanistan via
Pass me some of that chocolate cake. US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan
U.S. military dropped largest non-nuclear bomb inAfghanistan next to Pakistan just days after a Green Beret was killed f…
Afghanistan: US drops 'Mother Of All Bombs' after Green Beret killed via the Android…
They assassinated a Green Beret in that area and were starting to use it as propaganda.…
GW Bush wouldn't have had what it takes to be a green beret.
The largest non-nuclear "Mother of All Bombs" hits ISIS cockroaches that fester in Afghanistan. ht…
I would be a green beret like snake but. 1)tubby. 2)don't like running. 3)don't want to kill myself trai…
Breaking News: U.S. drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan; called "mother of all bombs." https…
"TRAILER: Special Forces in action, a Green Beret's legacy in the spotlight, in via
David Pakman has done a great interview with Ronald Fry, a Green Beret, and his solution to terror
Trump brought a class of Green Beret candidates into the Oval Office for the first time in the course’s history https:/…
Green Beret used to be Heroes to all Americans. Now celebrities are heroes to half of Americans and our military is for…
For the past 47 years, Jeffrey MacDonald — the former Green Beret surgeon convicted of the 1970 murder of his preg…
Ana Belen Montes betrayed Green Beret, and others. Raul Castro expects Obama to pardon her?
Green Beret to the NFL with Army Veteran Nate Boyer: via
Next…Ex-Green Beret hapkido expert, protects wild horses and a school for runaway children in cult cl…
Judge spends night in jail with Green Beret
Rest easy uncle G. Badass Green Beret, loving father, and awesome uncle. My heart is shattered.
If I was ever surrounded by an enemy force and we had to attack in two separate directions to break out I'd want those green beret guys
it's trying to be a Green Beret in camouflage?
Why would someone where the black beret out to the club - at least pick a maroon, tan or green beret. 😜
Think like a chess grandmaster, train like a green beret, execute like a pianist. 
He told me, "Once a Green Beret, always a Green Beret." Homeless in Homestead by Roy Murry :-D via
my dad was a 37 yr green beret. What branch did you serve in
By the end of 18 w Trump, Tiger will be offered the Sec of the Army job. Meets all of Trump's needs. Green Beret dad & looks good shirtless
Green Beret in trouble, judge metes punishment in unconventional way that shows Veterans Lives Matter, too.
A retired Green Beret - Bert Kunz - is interviewed on "What Does it Take to Become a Green Beret?" by
I think 2016 is the year the world should re-read fantastic piece on income inequality
the hat makes it so funny 😂 I was between this and that day he randomly wore a green beret
Former Green Beret and Texas Longhorn Nate Boyer speaking to the media
The Army under Obama tried kicked out a soldier for beating up a pedophile to protect a child. Why?
How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable (According to a Green Beret) via
Green Beret. Army Ranger. UFC fighter. ISIS target. Tim Kennedy is not scared.
Lt. Col. Scott Mann - Green Beret - on his battle plan contained in his book
Command Sergeant Major Francis J. Ruddy of U.S. Army Special Forces honored JFK by placing his Green Beret next to flame.
Green Beret and former Nate Boyer raised the 12th Man flag tonight!
"Snowden is No Traitor, and Here is Why". The author of this opinion is a friend who is a retired Green Beret...
and I of course wanna test myself and if I chose another service, Green Beret, Ranger, MARSOC, Delta, Recon, any of that
A Green Beret who was killed in Afghanistan this week grew up in southern Minnesota and his parents work in Marshall https…
Travis' backstory: think Billy Jack, Green Beret turned pacifist. note arm hold he used when asking where Chris was
Try and try again. Her attempt was more than most male soldiers ever do.
Got what it takes to become a Green Beret? is looking for you!
Someone had mentioned this to me when I was in the hospital in Concord that's a former Green Beret
Give her credit for trying. I know plenty of men who couldn't get past the land nav phase, either. Proud to see...
Former Green Beret and NFL player I stand by Colin Kaepernick
Army taking second look at case of paralyzed Green Beret facing discharge
THR: First female soldier in Green Beret training fails to complete the course (WT)
An open letter to Colin Kaepernick, from a Green Beret-turned-long snapper
An eloquent open letter to from Green Beret-turned-long snapper htt…
Most sensible opinion I've read on this controversial subject...of course, it was written by a Green Beret..much...
Terrific letter to Colin Kaepernick by - a Green Beret from East Bay who auditioned for 49ers last year
This is a very thoughtful take on the Colin Kaepernick story by Green Beret/former FB player http…
An open letter from a Green Beret to Colin Kaepernick. Worth every bit of your time to read. .
U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan was an "exceptional Green Beret"
Yup. I'm sure he didn't go to Green Beret, Sapper or Ranger school. *** Infantrymen don't even smooth.
Green Beret & NFL Player Nate Boyer talks health & fitness: get the details on the blog now!
"Bay clock in memory of late Green Beret will be dedicated July 8" The Operation Enduring Freedom clock placed at …
I grew up in such a macho family. I had a former Green Beret for a dad...
On in 1967, Green Beret doctor convicted...Vietnam War & 2 sides lost lives for the rich, again.
Green Beret who hit admitted Afghan child rapist will stay in the Army Child was chained and raped for days. HERO!
Army retains decorated Green Beret it planned to kick out over confronting Afghan child rapist | Fox News | God YES
"Army Staff Sgt. Andrew Britton-Mihalo, a Royal High School graduate and Green Beret from Simi, had just recently...
news Former Marine, Green Beret seeks asylum for Iraqi captain who saved his life
"Alan went missing in action in 1968 while on a Green Beret mission in Laos. Recently, the Army found remains...
Marlon Brando played a rouge Green Beret in this movie. Again he suffers from a metaphysical attack by the devil.
Little Giant Ladders
Green Beret who beat up Afghan police commander for raping boy will no longer be discharged
District court judge sentenced a retired Green Beret to lock-up then he joined him in the jail cell.
Honored to announce that I've been endorsed for US Senate by fighter & Green Beret
Nate Boyer is what many would deem a renaissance man. The former active-duty Green Beret is also a world...
“The US have no problem with retrospective awards, sadly in the UK
Nice to see Corps RSM Phil Gilby making a 100 year old 'Doris' making her day special. (quote from the Green Beret)
Wow. Takes all kinds. I was blocked by this guy for defending a Green Beret who defended a rape victim. Hm.
Salute to these Patriots. Thanks for covering this story
As a retired Green Beret Who has fought in Afghanistan and Iraq only Donald Trump understands how to destroy ISIS.
I wish someone would try that crap in front of me.. I would show him what my green beret father taught me...
"Fighter/Green Beret calls out for picking on women, children and unarmed journalists -
Green Beret DISCHARGED from for beating a BRUTAL Afghan CHILD RAPIST:
Massey Hill Classical High School Flap Jack Fundraiser for the Green Beret Foundatiiom 7:30-10:00am today at Applebee's on Skibo Road $7.50!
Hand knitted ladies beret style hat in bright green
The US Army has those Quiet professionals.. The Green Beret's . End of Discussion.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The Mysterious Case of Jack Idema: Was the Former Green Beret a Bounty Hunter in Afghanistan? | DemocracyNow!
Every time I ask my Green Beret son he can't tell me how, where or what they are doing, so I don't know.
Become a Junior Support Engineer on the Green Beret Development programme!
. My Uncle fought in Vietnam -a green beret, a federal cop etc fought for you.
When he kicks the green beret into the neighbouring motel room, she has a cracking set of ***
My father was in the green beret Special Forces. He was water larded as part of training. It can get you to say anything to stop.
You should knit a double-knit beret in Green Mountain Spinnery.
Former US Army Special Forces AKA Green Beret. I'd encourage everyone to at least listen to this. I listen a lot.
Be sure to check out Alexi Cardona's wonderful story in this week's Collier Citizen:
A Green Beret’s Guide to EMP Practical Steps to Prepare for a “Lights Out” Scenario
Here is a great article about our retired 7th SFG(A) Brother, Romy Camargo, who (along with his awesome wife...
There is Only One Special Forces in Military, Green Beret is but a "Nickname" The Quiet Professionals !
New after school STEM programs gives kids hands on opportunities to learn.
Clinton Insider Rushed To Hospital. LARRY NICHOLS - Green Beret - now with lung cancer...
Larry Nichols was a Green Beret that the hired to kill their detractors. Nichols is terminal & so he is spilling…
Nate Boyer (Former Green Beret) - "A Real Hero" and great speaker at USA Football National Conference.
Megyn Kelly has some Green Beret on reading Bush talking points off a page. Ridiculous
Army discharges a 11-year decorated Green Beret and Special Forces Army soldier for standing up for boy rape victim.
A Green Beret assigned to the 7th S...
Thanks Sam my husband 100% disabled was a Green Beret and their Foundation does a lot of great work
Ex-Green Beret, UFC fighter shrugs off threats from ISIS:
Jace making my dads Green Beret look good
@ VeteransFP: Muslims are not our enemy.
MT:@ VeteransFP: Muslims are not our enemy.
This a good read by someone in the know
After last nights disaster, this is the smartest thing you can read today:
Jay Wolfe Honda donated $15 from every vehicle sale, and $1 for every service sale in November to the Green Beret...
Trump wants Muslims out, but a former Green Beret says the opposite: They are not our enemy
Who knows maybe I'll try to become a green beret
We need more of this: 'Former Green Beret: Muslims Are Not Our Enemy' via
You requested it. Muslims are not the enemy.
"To me the winner of the debate was ISIS." -former U.S. Green Beret.
u hear what Nate Boyer, the Green Beret guy said about Marshawn & Rawls on ESPN
Green Beret and long snapper Nate Boyer discusses his experience in Seahawks training camp
FREE 1st book in bestselling Green Beret series
A Green Beret shares his best productivity tips - Business Insider: Business InsiderA Green Beret shares his b...
McFarland police officer, former Green Beret killed in crash
Chris Myers and Ronde Barber getting ready for 49ers-Seahawks . Honored to have a guest today Brett, a Green Beret.
Army secretary delays separation of Green Beret who beat up Afghan commander (archive) via
In Seattle, the curious case of Marshawn Lynch (quotes from Warren Moon, a Green Beret, Big Lo and Conan):
Welcome to Bolles, Garrett Sgt. First Class US Special Forces! Thanks for your service as a Green Beret..
Green Beret visits Brentwood Academy on Veterans Day - via
My journey with the green beret ends. Starting on my black one soon 😊
American Soldier kicked out of Army for protecting Afghani child from *** Pedophile Rapist Afghan general.
nah that's gotta be a green beret who operated in nam, I can't even come close to their *** trophy game.
Green Beret Asks: Is China Preparing For a Land Invasion Of the West Coast of the United States?
A story about some of our favorite things: the wilderness, horses, and a veteran. . Ray Knell is a green beret...
This is my analysis of why should be recognized as a true hero. We're discussing now on
Veteran Green Beret In the News:. "Dave Harrington is an International Level Weapons & Tactics Trainer, and...
Army postpones planned discharge of Green Beret who confronted accused Afghan rapist
Bergdahl gets no jail time for deserting, and the Army Green Beret looses his career for saving a rape victim!?!?!?…
I just supported Green Beret Foundation by shopping
Shop for your Halloween costume at GREEN BERET, LLC and receive 10% OFF on all items to be used on this years...
What are your thoughts? . Martland and his then-detachment commander admitted to attacking an Afghan...
At least this Green Beret is the real deal, and not day dreaming.
US soldiers defend Afghani Muslims who rape boys. Soldiers who don't are fired.
Legend: A Harrowing Story from the Vietnam War of One Green Beret\'s Heroic Mission t
A very polite warning of insurrection.
Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afghan rape victim |
if so that's an unlawful order they could have refused. Green Beret tried save sodomized kid, he gets chastized 4 refusing order
Update your maps at Navteq
What happened to the soldier who protected a young boy from rape? What is 'the rest of the story.'
Louisiana Green Beret who died from Afghanistan gunshot to receive memorial: Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Weathers was…
Got what it takes to be a Wear the green beret & join an elite military group
he trades for a traitor bergdahl ignores our marine in Iraq, and won't defend green beret who slammed child rapist
Green Beret Sgt. Martland kicked out of the military. Yep this is the kind of man we now kick out. He deserves a MEDAL. Wake up country.
The Dreamers Eva Green in red beret 16x20
Former Green Beret and White House policy advisor ticks off his reasons why:
Congratulations to one of my closest friends from battallion on earning the coveted Green Beret.
What sort of lessons do you think are learned when former Green Berets and senior business executives are mashed... htt…
There's nothing better to set the mood for lunar bowling than 'Ballad of the Green Beret'
Sergeant Martland, a Green Beret war hero, is facing expulsion from the U.S. Army for defending a child from...
Green Beret Cut from Army for Intervening on Behalf of Child Rape Victim in Afghanistan |...
I signed the petition with the ACLJ. If you want to donate money after signing, that is an option, but does not...
. Yeah God Bless that green Beret that beat the crap out the child molester...reinstate him!
This. No words!. "Apparently, the Army QMP has concluded that intervention by a Bronze Star recipient in order...
Same people shocked by this are the ones who kicked out the green beret for breaking up a child rape. Dem party.
The Hill Chairman: Postpone discharge of Green Beret: The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee on Tu...
That's what they said when the Green Beret beat up the child rapist, too. Discharged him.
Duke Johnson Jr. sounds like the lead character in Nic Cage's next straight-to-VOD movie - a disgraced Green Beret who use…
Pentagon watchdog investigating why the Army didn't award Medal of Honor to Green Beret
Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland, the Green Beret being separated involuntarily from the U.S. Army for kicking and body slamming an
CNN: Green Beret kicked out of the Army for beating Afghan commander who raped young boy
Lawmakers push Army to reinstate Green Beret dismissed for beating up alleged child rapist:
The Army is forcing Green Beret out for doing the right thing and smacking a pedophile Iraqi police commander (1/3)
Green Beret discharged for beating alleged Afghan child rapist: “Kicking me out of the army is wrong
- Take Action: Army kicking out Green Beret for protecting a child against abuse
Green Beret discharged for shoving accused Afghan rapist speaks out.
Green Beret discharged for beating alleged child rapist speaks out
EXCLUSIVE: 'Morally wrong': Green Beret rips discharge for slamming 'rapist' | by
Green Beret soldier kicked out of Special Forces for 'shoving' Afghan cop rapist: Sergeant Charles Martland, 3... http:/…
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Lord Mountbatten ensured Jimmy Savile was the first civilian to be decorated by a Green Beret, a military distinction, in 1966.
I am a disabled green beret from OEFOIF+. Love this country with life. Debate makes me sick. Ashamed for the first time.
The Green Beret Adventure Team is in We designed some apparel for them! http:/…
Pedal Against PTSD at The Green Beret Adventure Team event supporting Task Force Dagger Foundation. One team one...
As my Green Beret son says of Afghanistan: "No one can defeat their poverty.".
Iraq war was a disaster. Disaster of logistics, tactics, intelligence, commo. How do I know. My job was Green Beret
My green beret husband rewinded for me to hear Rubio's answer vs Trump because it was so good.
that's it? You must be like a Green Beret of debate coverage.
Check out my buddy and fellow Green Beret’s new book on cooking with fire.
Hey! I love the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. For the third there are lots to choose from.
some of the photos are awful but there is a picture of me wearing a GREEN BERET
Our HGB Programme helps us find the right people to ensure our clients get the best consultants -
He --> is a USA Green Beret and the Author of The Audubon Caper
Probe of hero Green Beret focusing on presentation he made on Bowe Bergdahl via
Representative Duncan Hunter taking up fight for our Green Beret for protecting young boy from being raped. Boys mother pleaded for help
Congressman wants Carter to intervene in removal of Green Beret - Stripes
Give me a few years after highschool and il be a green beret.
.More on Green Beret fighting to stay in Army for shoving Afghan rapist
You can tell who has whose back in politics! The is too PC and few stand up for those who stand up for all!
A green beret throws an Afhgani policeman to ground bcuz he laughed at chaining/raping 8yo boy/severely beating mom.GB in trouble
Green Beret killed in Afghanistan recommended for Silver Star
"What does it take to become a Green Beret?"
talk about a Green Beret is being forced out of the military
Striking corrupt Afghan got me kicked out of Army. Title should be Confronting Pedophile got me canned via
So, Afghani muslims do like little boys. And it's ok to abuse them & rape them.
presents, "❓ of the day". Should action be taken against this Green Beret?. 󾓦. htt…
Memo shows fighting to stay in was severely reprimanded for shoving Afghan rapist |
Help SFC Martland stay in the BG Haas had no moral courage when we needed it most:
Memo Shows Green Beret Fighting to Stay in Army Was Severely Reprimanded for Shoving Afghan Rapist -
Sharing URL - He should've just shot that pervert &put him out of everyone else' misery!
Green Beret fighting to stay in Army was reprimanded for shoving rapist via http:…
This egregious persecution of the Military has to stop. Green Beret Who Shoved via
Green Beret discharged for pushing child rapist, only religions of satin condone rape, he should be awarded instead:
Help my good friend SFC Charles Martland (the decorated Green Beret who stood up to a child rapist in Afghanistan... http…
Army axing Green Beret who stood up for Afghan child rape victim; pls sign/share petition
Petition: SFC Martland an outstanding Green Beret has fallen victim to Army drawdown policies...
Over 16,000 support SFC a Green Beret who was fired after standing up for rape victim
A Green Beret from Milton, Mass was kicked out for standing up for an Afghan rape victim:
Congressman asks defense sec. to reconsider dismissal of Green Beret: Sergeant First Class Charl...
Who will go? "Send me," said the Green Beret. De Oppresso Liber
Green Beret killed in Kabul attack recommended for Silver Star: The Army Green Beret killed last wee...
My trailer for airing Sunday about Nate Boyer... former Green Beret trying to make the Seahawks this year.
they can guarantee you a spot to go to Ranger school? My cousin was a Green Beret
“There are women who have served as attachments to SEAL platoons and Green Beret ODAs [operational detachments] and…
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