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Green Bay Packer

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

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12 years ago today : . 2005 ~ Randy Moss (pretended to pull down his pants and moon the Green Bay Packer crow…
Guess my all time favorite Green Bay Packer and win the second prize...doesnt have to be by production on the field..
I am really starting to like that he is now a Green Bay Packer.
Packer boy through and through. I think they teach Green Bay before English in your land.
Packers bring back a defensive lineman
What's the point of the Lions contending against the NFC North Kings, the Green Bay Packer…
TRUE PACKER FAN? When you visit Green Bay be sure to do the Packer Heritage Trail downtown where…
In fairness, I have a share of Green Bay Packer stock, so pretty close to the same IMO
Green Bay Packer Outfit, sleeveless Shirt and pants 2T purchased at Lambeau Fld
Holub MS students spent time reading "Hey AJ It's Saturday!" the new book written by Green Bay Packer Martellus Ben…
MEN! Get in the Game, an event featuring Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame tight end Paul Coffman! Register HERE:…
This is from my friend, Chuck Lebre, who tolerated me as his pastor for years and was a fellow Green Bay Packer...
do you have any ideas for Green Bay Packer tattoos I don't have a lot of money to get something big
Randy Moss fake-moons Green Bay Packer fans in the playoffs. (2005)
It’s a Chicago paper. Her “boyfriend” is a Green Bay Packer so they have no names…
Had a great workout tonight with Green Bay Packer long snapper Taybor Pepper!
Sold the motorcycle today to another Green Bay Packer fan
Have you ever been to Green Bay for a Packer game? It would be the time of your life!
a bucket list event for sure . Attend Green Bay Packer game and enjoy the community for a whole weekend 👍
Former Green Bay Packer & PSU Football alum, Chaz Powell, getting in an arm workout to start his weekend http…
Picture me as macka👭 *** picture as a whacka *** 🔫, picture me as a Green Bay packer stacking up dis paper ***
It was green and gold all around town Friday when the Packer Tailgate Tour stopped in Rhinelander... photos here!
Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn have broken up. There are a lot of Green Bay Packer fans celebrating on social...
I too am a Green Bay Packer die hard, just not an owner. But your play by play is so honest and heartfelt. Love what you do.
with Green Bay Packer Mike Daniels in the splits👊🏼. ・・・. Thank you Ryanne...
I liked the man that had the stario system had a green bay packer cup.
The team makes it official. Our boy, Derek Hart, is a Green Bay Packer!
Sad day for Green Bay Packer fans, lost their game MVP for two games each season. Their going to miss seeing Cutler put…
Today is Jerry Kramer's 80th Birthday! He is a Green Bay Packer and an Idaho legend! Happy Birthday!
Paul Ryan is smiling because he's a Green Bay Packer fan. : )
Breaking news Friday nights Green Bay Packer exhibition game could be canceled due to a shortage of beer in Wisconsin
I think Adoree Jackson would make a fantastic Green Bay Packer
He's the son of a sharecropper & the father of a Green Bay Packer. And at 55, he wants to play college football. https:/…
Dalvin Cook as a Green Bay Packer, just let that marinate
61 days to badger kickoff vs LSU at Green Bay Packer stadium go Bucky !
my dad is from Wisconsin so he gets his Green Bay Packer shirt on & sometimes doesn't root for the colts lol
I've already had 4 people address my Green Bay Packer sweatshirt
Green Bay Packer legend Brett Favre to ride in Trek 100 for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund
Let's be honest here..the only thing I want to accomplish in my life is marrying a Green Bay Packer 😍💛💚🏈
how do we get invited? Is there like a list you get put on like Green Bay Packer season tickets?
Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler brings his Packer Pride to Bay Lane on Monday!
Who said anything about a LEVERAGED BYE-OUT? I just said I have Green Bay Packer Inc. stock for sale.
He's a Green Bay Packer fan. I think he's commenting on it because in his mind it makes his team look weak.
and she's a Green bay Packer fan too, That would explain it...
not a Green Bay Packer I'm a green back stacker!
Green Bay Packer HoF RB calling me out. No big deal.
[cover32] - Three Reasons why the Packers won’t win the NFC North: ... Packer Opinion: Packer Opinio...
You dress that poor infant up in Green Bay Packer clothes? That's child abuse.
Research* confirms 12 of the 20 drunkest cities in America are in Wisconsin. . *footage of Green Bay Packer games at Lambeau Field.
I never knew Memphis State had a guy who played in the very first Super Bowl as a Green Bay Packer in 1967. That shows UM has longevity.
You follow 8 different Green Bay Packer account, Homeland Security and everybody on Earth! How is the possible? Just, how?
Thank you to Tamara Kimmes for arranging to have former Green Bay Packer player, Kevin Barry visit APM Children's...
Fratzie is A Green Bay Packer backer as well. Yes we do use him to fulfill our dreams of Victory !
Jodie Foster is a Green Bay Packers fan! Who knew? Check out her interview with Conan:
Ask packer fans if Green Bay matters. Ask Bear fans if Chicago matters etc...
would love a autograph but can't get to Green Bay I am sure another great Packer Fan will be happy
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Sports Illustrated for Kids Bart Starr Green Bay Packer
Photos from yesterday's event w/ Thank you for being a positive role model. http…
Green Bay Packers need to get back home-field-advantage in 2016 - 247Sports
Wow, the same place the Green Bay Packer's have played & won~neat. Wish I could go. Love you!
domain names
Our very own Chris & Rose Mary Costakis at the IIAW convention with key note speaker and former Green Bay Packer...
Lot of Green Bay Packer Gear (Blanket, SB XLV program and framed stock envelope)
Watching NFL Network, "A Football Life" Steve Largent .Too bad he wasn't a Green Bay Packer, but he rates as one of the best ever Seahawks!
Green Bay Packer hall of famers include Johnny Holland, William Henderson, Gilbert Brown. AJ is in that category.
Which also was the same day our Green Bay Packer's fortunes turned gold when they selected Aaron Rodgers, 1st round, 24th pick!
Bubba Franks from Big Springs. Former Green Bay Packer. Thanks Bubba for time with me and my wife Cathy class act
“I like to look at Jeff [Janis] as kind of an ascending Green Bay Packer.". -Coach McCarthy
As a green bay packer fan, that scene rocks!
we are definitely in Wisconsin, Green Bay Packer land Bear on a noose country. Beats are…
Sand, Grant and Roll.. a doobie with Texan and a Green Bay Packer
As a Green Bay Packer fan I didn't really need another reason to despise Ditka but add this to the list.
📹 “  I *** Jagger when I rock out with the same dagger She said it like a Green Bay Packer, the aim...
Green Bay Packer great Bill Schroeder stopped by the Okuma Fishing Booth at the Wisconsin Fishing Expo recently...
In case there are any Green Bay Packer Fans in London this weekend - where can the Cheeseheads find you?
If she stans Harry, she probably loves Harrys dedication to the Green Bay Packers (packer fan)
miss you too Green Bay fudge packer
One of the Top Players in the 2016 NFL Draft is Campaigning to be a Green Bay Packer…
A 40% DISCOUNT - From Antstars to Green Bay Packer fan with love. Grab yours now ►
Game not quite unenjoyable enough? Here, think about average Green Bay Packer fans doin' it.
Which former Green Bay Packer still holds the team record for career interceptions (52) & did it with just one eye?.
Seattle Prep Sports is all in! (Don't mind our President, who happens to be a Green Bay Packer fan.)
Today I met a ledge!!! Leroy Butler, former Green Bay Packer and inventor of the Lambeau…
Y'all need Cheezus. - Green Bay Packer fans from the South. (probably)
BIG thanks to former Buckeye and Green Bay Packer, Vince Workman, for the two thumbs up on his new Run Ohio T!
Season weighs on Green Bay Packer running back Eddie Lacy, family - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Gimme some help here: Who is the Lombardi-era Green Bay Packer who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? I'm really blocking on this 1
Awesome event last night with Aztec and Green Bay Packer Legend Willie Buchanon at the Forte for Children Unleash...
Im jk. Im meant a Yankee's for, or even Green Bay Packer fan. .
Need a motivational speaker? How about a successful Wisconsin Badger or Green Bay Packer? Contact us 715.571.9629
Saw alot of Packer fans writing on FB that Green Bay was gonna blow them out with their second and third strings lol.
My prayers go out to the green bay packer fans im sorry for your loss
You know who can kiss my Green Bay Packer lovin' *** ? that's who. Try and stay classy Has Been
At least you're honest about it. Even as a Packer fan living in Green Bay, I respect that.
Jordy's ACL may be torn, but mine is fine. Say hello to your new Green Bay Packer
Sorry, fans; I want the to be competitive with the Green Bay, but not this way.
*geico commercial voice* If you're a Green Bay Packer, you get injured. It's what you do.
A sad day for Green Bay Packer fans everywhere. Dang.
This is how our family celebrates the return of Green Bay Packer football!!
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Green Bay Packer Handbag. via
But still it's pathetic that advertising is being presented during replays of Green Bay Packer games.
I have zero Green Bay packer gear l
Same here and with my podcast talking NFL and Green Bay Packers specifically as well , that will be fun times .
Im a Jet&a packer fan. I normally root for green bay when jets are out of the running which is often. Ill say Packers win SuperBowl
no since Bakhitari is chilling in Green Bay resting his knee
Reports that the Green Bay fear Jordy Nelson could have structural damage in right knee after leaving in the 1st. MR…
Waking up on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to watch Green Bay Packer football. Life is truly once again complete. 🙏🙏
With the exception of the people I love, there is nothing I love more than Green Bay Packer football 💚💛
I'm trying to find out if the Packer game is on a local station here in Green Bay or is it just on the NFL network. Do you know?
Meaningless game but Sundays with Green Bay Packer football on are my fave.
Green Bay Packers' Josh Sitton on joint practices: Kind of stupid - Green Bay Packer
Looking like this for my Fantasy Football draft with all Packer fans in Green bay. I match my car.
Looking like this 4 Fantasy Football draft today in Green bay Why not, I match my Car and I'm the only non Packer fan
NFL season is starting and I'm looking for a designer to create a football player representing Green bay packer c…
True that I'm always packing.but, tonight I'm looking for a "packer" and we ain't taking Green Bay!
I just got 3 stars on everything on the course Packer's Green Bay, Beat that!
Aaron Rodgers, interpretive dancer?: Most people know Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback of the Green Bay Packer...
The Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame reopens. What a shrine to football and the Packers. The absolute best in the...
I wish jj watt was a green bay packer.
I am the biggest packer fan ever! Grew up an hour south of Green Bay. Stork is taking me to the game on Sunday. Can't wait!!!
trust Don Barclay to protect Aaron Rodgers' blind side.
I was excited to hear you are a Green Bay Packer fan. Go Packers! Love your show Gretta.
11 to Watch in the 2nd preseason game. . Check out my latest on Packer Nation.
So you know, the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame is now the best museum in Wisconsin. Even I will admit that. But we're
Green Bay Packer toddler girls jumper by NannysSurprise via
Green and gold Green Bay Packer cupcakes for my team football themed potluck tomorrow.
Check out handmade unisex Green Bay Packer sleep mask with terry cloth backing. via
NFL Free Agency James James: Eli Manning is a 'top notch guy': The former Green Bay Packer is happy to reunite...
A look back at the legend: The top 10 plays in Brett Favre's 16 seasons as a Green Bay Packer
Can I re-emphaszie how much I dislike the fact that I know so many Dallas Cowboy and Green Bay Packer fans. -_-
Is it okay to wear a Green Bay Packer shirt to a Milwaukee Brewer game? ( Asking for a friend.)
I'd rather go to a Green Bay Packer game 🏈🙌🏻
Don Hutson was the first Green Bay Packer to be elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Mom and I were at lunch when she spotted ECU Alum George Koonce, former Green Bay Packer on ESPN!
Can you be arrested for saying you a Green Bay Packer fan? We hope so. Find out from law enforcement pros 3/18!
Green Bay Packer player arrested on suspicion of public intoxication in Vacaville: via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
“The fans in Green Bay are incredible...I’ll always cherish my years as a Green Bay Packer.”. More from A.J. Hawk:
We made it to Minneapolis! While at the Green Bay airport, We saw a couple Green Bay Packer players! We didn't recognize the first person but Adam recognized the second one we saw, Datone Jones! He actually sat next to me in the airport and was on our flight! Our next flight leaves at 9:15, so we'll arrive in Los Angeles at around 11:30! We're already off to a great trip and there so much more to come! 😊
A Seattle Seahawks fan showed off the true spirit of the 12th man when he handed over his jersey to a young Green Bay Packer's fan after the NFC Championship.
I would like to say congratulations to the only Green Bay Packer connection that I know personally, Congratulations to the best Tight end-Defensive End that I have ever known, Mr. Troy "Too Tall" Thomas, right here from Vivian, LA. He played Defensive End for them Packers a few years ago. To show you I'm not a hater. I am an official Green Bay fan for the rest of this season." Go Packers"
I got news that I'm accepted on the Green Bay Packer wagon, but got a text that I'm wanted ine Seahawk land. Decisions?!?!
Green and Gold all day every day!! NDSU Bison fan on Saturday and Green Bay Packer fan on Sunday 🏈💚💛💚
I have played football...I was a Green Bay Packer...Noah was of course a Chicago Bear.We have gone fishing...cooked and eaten the same fish many times today...played Doggie Doo for those of you who don't have a 5 year old grandson this game involves play dog poo..with all the realistic sounds...too funny...we went on a field trip...we sat in an Itty bitty play tent in the living room and had a picnic...we hunted bears..and had a blast..loved spending time with you today Noah..cannot wait for the Summer when Mamaw will be off and we can have more time together.This old Mamaw is In the
If I were the , I would boot off the team. It's not that I am a Green Bay Packer/Aaron Rodgers fan, but for safety sake.
Fantasy Football may be worries my Green Bay Packer are in the PLAYOFFS
You know you're from Green Bay if your celebrity crush is a player.
she is a Green Bay Packer, nice uniform/ugly helmet
So I gotten in a fight today cause some *** tried to take my Green Bay packer hat. I couldn't go 💯👿
is coming back to Green Bay!! Contact us to book him for your appearance the weekend of the Packer home playoff game!
That *** said "I love getting to this money imma cheesehead but im not a Green Bay Packer Fan"
Ndamokung Suh gets suspended for stomping on another Green Bay Packer. What else is new? He's done it before
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Why can't we be a Green Bay Packer's like team.Make him sell team to city? Has worked very well for them over long time?
I am a huge Texans fan but I still own more Green Bay packer stuff
If you fold a 5 dollar bill just right it proves the illuminati was behind yesterday's Green Bay Packer win.
If Cowboys beat he lions next week they travel to Green Bay and take on the undefeated packer at home
Dream of a win! one left in Football Style. by EmilHansDesigns via
The got this one right --> Detroit Lion's Suh suspended for stepping on Green Bay Packer's Aaron Rodgers
Great weekend and a lot of fun at the Green Bay Packer game
if my dad gets one more Green Bay packer thing for the house I'm going to freak out
I was nice & got Packer fan husband Green Bay gear for Christmas. Regretting that after he and son yelled "Greatness" in my face last night
Paul Menard is thrilled that monster was suspended for stepping on a Green Bay Packer.
Green Bay Packer fans had better enjoy their very last year as NFC North champions for quite some time. Not a joke. A guarantee.
Green Bay Packer fans, what do you think? Ndamukong Suh has been suspended for stepping on Aaron Rodgers' leg...
If you accidentally blow in the face of a Green Bay Packer, you are probably getting at least a 100 grand fine. Biggest whiners in NFL
I really believe that if Green Bay stays healthy, it is the best Packer team all around they have had in a long long time.
Literally everyone in the B and C concourses of O'Hare is a Packer's fan. Looking at you in the Green Bay fur coat and three piece suit
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Green Bay is in Wisconsin, the nation's dairy state. It's a knickname for Wisconsinites who are Packer fans.
I laugh at the football mentions.We are a house divided-2 of us are Chicago Bears fans, 2 of us are Green Bay Packer fans.
Can you buy Green Bay Packer hunting camo?
SOLD! I feel like all these people are going to turn into Green Bay Packer fans living in Wisconsin.
I got what I wanted for X- Mas, Packer victory over Lions! Thank you Green Bay Packers. Rest well.
New Over at CHTV: Josh Sitton: We Needed to Be Good in Pass Protection and I Thought We Were: Green Bay Packer...
You know why Green Bay Packer fans don't have to worry about coaching changes?
I need to follow some Green Bay Packer fans!
Green Bay --- Houston , schedule strength , National TV , I love JJ, but look at Packer nation compared to Texan.
Laster Starter Pack: Packers' 2015 opponents set - A roundup of what's happening on the Green Bay Packer...
Got that orb ona block a green bay packer
Rodgers' 'gutsy' return from injury surprised, inspired Packer
Interest in prod.Live in Green Bay Packer Area.Like catalog 2 share.Big Ang wine need WI outlet.I can help.PS follow me on Twt
Suh stepping on a Green Bay Packer not once but twice. Is the NFL doing enough to discipline Suh?
Imma step on a green bay packer if I see one when I move there and see how many fans I can make cry lol
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oh NO! I'm an ALM fan and a Green Bay Packer fan extraordinaire. That seems to be a cunundrum.
Only Sterling Sharpe had more receptions in a players' first 52 games as a Green Bay Packer (229) than Randall Cobb (227)
Thanks ! It might not have the Green Bay Packer logo but the quality is amazing!!…
Aww my mom surprised my dad with Green Bay packer tickets for Sundays game ☺️
Best Christmas present in awhile!! Got to meet one of the all time Green Bay Packer greats Gilbert…
Aaron Rodgers plays Santa Claus, gives gifts to his Packer teammates. »
I got so much Green Bay Packer and Wisconsin Badger stuff 😊 my family is the best 💕
Aaron Rodgers plays Santa Claus and gives out TVs, tablets and headphones to his Packer teammates. »
*** The 'G' on the Green Bay Packer's helmets stands for "greatness," not Green Bay.
if you're still a Green Bay Packer fan and you don't care that they lost yesterday then show your colors
Green Bay Packer comes to support toys for tots in Escanaba
Michael Lewis' books are in - We will be at the New Orleans Superdome for the Green Bay Packer game, in the team...
Got a great Monday AM going already. Did my daily am chores (have to move my winter beater daily so the missus can get out of the garage).got my mug of Starbucks Aria.watching Scott Steele on the morning weather minus Susan Kim who is vacationing someplace very warm without all of us...surveying my wins in both Fantasy Football leagues.(I am in 1st in both leagues) relishing in yet another Green Bay Packer win.already enjoyed my morning chuckle thanks to Richard Allen. yeah.some proverbial pigeon is going to crap on my day.
Hey green bay packer fans how are u doing today what a great finish to win yesterday go pack go like this status if ur a green bay packer fan
Attention Green Bay Packer fans : Due to the beating we gave you 3 weeks back, the Lions are 1st in the NFC North. We are not tied.   10% Off
''Women call me the Green Bay Packer!''
Every Green Bay Packer is looking at that Seahawks game and now has Toby Keith in their head..Should Have Been a Cowboy
It kicked of on Sunday, and the score was Green Bay Packer 27-24 Miami Dolphins.
It kicked of today, Green Bay Packer 27-24 Miami Dolphins.
No greater love them a green bay packer fan!!
What an amazing Green Bay Packer game!!! That had to be one of the most exciting games I've ever watched! GO PACK!
A BAY PACKER WIN, now just waiting on WALKING DEAD season 5
In our search for the hottest Green Bay Packer's fans we noticed that there are some other super hot football fans!
Fantastic win Green Bay Packers! Thank you Packer wives for the support you give your husbands and your families!
Two unexplained mysteries of the universe:. 1) The meaning of life. 2) How Brad Jones has a Green Bay Packer roster spot
Homer...I AM A...wait for it... ...Super Bowl believin' Green Bay Packer fan.
May be time to move to Green Bay and marry me a Green Bay Packer!
Requirements to be a Green bay Packer:. No hands
I eat green bay ice cream bars for packer good luck
I just need to learn the Green Bay Packer fight song. Then I'll be good
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breaking news from the desk of Roger Goddell: NFL referees are only allowed to penalize Green Bay Packer players.
Nothing fills me with more anxiety than watching Green Bay Packer football.
LOST! Packer defensive front. If found return to Green Bay!
I just wanna sit down, my back hurt! Oh yea and I wanted one of these Green bay Packer cupcakes that my resident's son bought him lol
dancin' in the end zone in my beach bikini &cheesehead hat!BOLD green&gold stomps again!Green Bay is en fuego!! love those Packer toughguys!
Is a 'Green Bay Packer' like a 'fudge packer' ?
are u watching the Green Bay game Packer?? There a tie !!
just saw the PSA during the Green Bay packer game! It was amazing💜
Not sure if Dolphins have what it takes to hurt the Packers as Much as the Packer could hurt themselves. Whats Up Green Bay?
People born and raised in Minnesota who are Green Bay Packer fans make me sick
The reason why Packer fans travel so well? Because Green Bay is a horrible city.
The Packer fans are loving this warm weather. Green Bay is about 50 degrees right now.
The Green Bay WWA films are the best because we all freak out over Harry's packer beanie
Miami seems like Green Bay's vacation home with all these Packer fans there.
All this Packer crowd noise. I keep thinking, it looks like gorgeous weather in Green Bay.
Every Sunday, every Wisconsinite, and while wearing Green Bay packer clothes must say "go pack go" at least twice a day.
Are they in Miami or Green Bay? Heck of a turn out for Packer fans.
S/o to for playing in his 100th game today (as a Green Bay Packer)! :-)
Ray Lewis was seconds away from becoming a Green Bay Packer
It's a great day to or a Green Bay Packer!!!
I'm watching GREEN BAY PACKER FOOTBALL BABY!! Is going to light up the Fish today in a Hot & Humid Miami!
I love playoff baseball, classic country, Green Bay packer football, hilton coliseum, and cold cold beer. But the most!
The fact that has more Packer apparel than I do... And I live in Green Bay
Listen to my new episode Green Bay Packer recap! Our take-aways from the game at Lambeau Field!
Photos from the Packer game by fantastic Green Bay photographer Mike Roemer.
Great video, I think you need to use that Green Bay Packer fan voice every week.
I'm packing like a Green Bay packer !
Which is more challenging ? Appraising a geodesic dome or making a midfield tackle of Green Bay Packer Eddie Lacy?
Ew Ray Lewis was almost a Green Bay Packer? Tf have I been? I can't see him as having been anything but Baltimore, ever. 💜
Green Bay Packer fans actin like they just won the *** Super Bowl last night. Don't get too excited cheese heads, it was just the Vikings.
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Tampa has the largest Packer fan base outside of Green Bay (I don't live in Tampa anymore but Tally isn't too far from Tampa)
Eddie Lacy had 105 yards on 13 carries and 2 TD's as Green Bay smashed the Vikings 42-10
News update: Packer Fans Party - GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Packers fans are love football and they all have a story...
It's a wet gloomy day in Green Bay WI, except we "Packer" fans love last night's victory over those "Vikings".
finally admits he is a Green Bay Packer fan.
so if we play against Arron Rodgers team will it be Green Bay or Packer ?
that's the Green Bay packer gazette...a high school paper
I'm from Green Bay and ashamed someone tattled on you for flippin the bird. Grow up packer fan.
Check out this volleyball photo-bomb by the Green Bay Packer QBs. Getting some setting work in before the game.
Didja know -. Brett Favre's first completed pass as a Green Bay Packer was to himself. Although estimates vary,...
Queue the packer love. Let's judge green bay against good talent. Not a win against Minnesota sans AP or even a starting QB
Tom Oates: Dominant win puts Packers on track to new identity: GREEN BAY — After the Green Bay Packer...
Bridgewater: Thursday return just too soon: If the Minnesota Vikings had played the Green Bay Packer...
Im packin like a Green Bay Packer, all white challenger saltine ***
Eddie Lacy, Packers rout Vikings Thursday night: Eddie Lacy and the Green Bay Packer...
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the only thing I have to say about TNF is I wipe my *** with Green Bay Packer toilet paper.
I love the that Julius Peppers is a Green Bay Packer
3rd Packer Game in my life and it was simply amazing! 42-10! Green Bay! Loved it. Rain didnt stop me
A venerable "Black-and-Blue-Division" rivalry. I grew up as a Green Bay Packer fan in northern Minnesota. Go Packers!
Green Bay Packer WR Jeff Janis via Tawas City, MI would have scored you 3.6 points tonight in most PPR Fantasy Football leagues if u had him
If any of my friends in Florida meet Harry please tell him to come back to Green Bay for a Packer game
I cheer for Green Bay and Packer fans love to use this against Vikigns, I can't stand it. It has zero relevance.
"Congratulations Julius Peppers with your first TD with the Green Bay Idk bout the Leap tho
NEWSFLASH: Christian named Packer's Player of the Game as Green Bay defeats the Minnesota 28 to -4.
How to successfully drive in green bay: only do it during a home packer game, not near Lambeau. No. Cars. Anywhere.
It's a Green Bay Packer thing. If I have to explain it you wouldn't understand it.
I can see Herbert Garcia talking major crap right now bout dem Green Bay Packets lol. — watching GreenBay Packer Nation
I have been to the Green Bay Packer Hall of fame. Yes. Me. And I threw a ball through that holey thing.
Anybody see that Green Bay Packer bull doze his way into the endzone? WOW
Turned her into a Green Bay Packer fan!!!
I would love to marry a Green Bay Packer fan one day! 😍💚💛🏈
What exactly is a Packer? Is it literally just a dude who packs stuff? Are they basically the Green Bay Suitcase-Fillers?
What you just saw is proof positive that Greg Jennings is still secretly a Green Bay Packer double agent.
Yes, I'm one of 100,000 Green Bay Packer shareholders but I will always be a Lions fan.
Loving Julius Peppers in a Green Bay Packer uniform: awesome play, but obvs he never practiced his "Lambeau Leap!"
Minnesota Viking got destroy by Green Bay Packer 35-0,
Even my Crimson Tide brethren Eddie Lacy is cranking out Packer prowess!!! Green Bay is gunning it! I am loving it!!
This is Green Bay Packer Football at it's finest !!!
NFL Gamecast - Minnesota vs Green Bay - via It is a great night for Packer's Fans!
The "khun" chant in Green Bay represents everything that the packer fans are. Horrendous
I am so happy Julius Pepper is a Green Bay Packer. My favorite Tar Heel Basketball player is on my football team.
Siting watching the Green Bay Packer Vikings game thinking about my favorite guys. and
Green Bay Packer fans do eat things other than cheese, beer and brats - Bubblews via
mine are things I hear on police scanner, usually in Green Bay. Sunday, it was the police working the Packer game
Random Packers Video This is a clip chosen at random that was tagged with "Green Bay Packers Highlights". The fun thing about this is that you can never
FOR SALE AND AVAILABLE all NEW Green Bay Packer Infinity Scarves - $30 ea. If you see a scarf you want, click on the photo and in the comment field type SOLD, your name and email and we will contact you. THANKS!
newScott Erickson of Hurley High School named Green Bay Packers High School Coach of the Week
AHA! You said it!! gotta love it!! just a Green Bay Packer Cheese Head living in Tucson, AZ "Day Drinking..
yea its a beach with a green bay packer emblem yes from Wisconsin and a packer fan but in Florida now!! different!!! alot
Yep, it's true! Had the honor to hang out with former Green Bay Packer, Jonathan Franklin at a wedding at Lambeau...
Congrats Coach Erickson and entire Midget program. Maybe Now he'll be a packer fan
Green Bay Packer fans are the best fans in the NFL
John Hillen, of Direct Source, CEO and Founder, on 300 mile ride to Green Bay Packer home opener with our very...
I ain't hand cuffing these *** like shackles For the green & the cheese like a Green Bay packer
Green Bay Packer photobombs are the best photobombs.
I sure love when Green Bay Packer players show up in my mailbox!
A piece on The Sports Post for all my Packer Backer friends. (Hope they will remain so). ; )
Laster Debating Clay Matthews' new role - GREEN BAY, Wis. - It was third-and-4 from the Green Bay Packer...
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