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Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941. His secret identity is Oliver Queen, billionaire and former mayor of fictional Star City.

Black Canary Oliver Queen Charlie Hunnam Stephen Amell Justin Hartley Green Lantern Mike Grell Jeff Lemire Justice League Neal McDonough Robert Queen Casey Jones John Stewart Martian Manhunter Flashpoint Paradox Travis Fimmel

I'm not judging, for me it's . 1 Black Canary and Green Arrow . 2. Superman. 3. Spiderman. 4. Tim Drake…
Ivy, Fire, any Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Cheshire & Beast Boy & together they are the Green Meanies
Remembering the co-creator of Aquaman, Green Arrow and Johnny Quick.
The good old days at PopCap... Stephen drew me as the Green Arrow!
Charlie Hunnam: I don't wanna be the Green Arrow stop. Charlie Hunnam: lol ops
I've had to cut back on comics but the few that made the cut are Green Arrow, Superman & Detective C…
Detective Comics, Superman, Deathstroke, and Green Arrow were the stand outs from what I remember.
Both the cover and the Mike Grell cover are winners. Another Wednesday and another great Green Arrow.
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunter is now on sale for $6.44 at Amazon. Product page:
Black Canary and Green Arrow while they are training.
most likely never gonna happen but heres Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow x)
Green Lantern and Green Arrow meet up with the groovy Gang in the digital-first SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP
Whoa! Veronica Mars, Green Arrow and Jackie Burkhart in one movie? Where does the line start?
Big day in Nerdville. Lots of stuff out today. Green Arrow Volume 2 (which collects issues 6-11), Green Arrow and…
📷 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, just all hope for Charlie Hunnam to bring Green Arrow to life flying...
He was talking about her research into Oliver Queen as Green Arrow at the time but it's legit one of greatest lines ever.
domain names
Green Arrow: I don't know if I can beat the bad guy. Black Canary: Let us sleep together. Green Arrow: I know I can beat the bad guy now.
hey, Charlie, do you know how is Green Arrow and Black Canary alive in this? .
- an inside look at Black Canary and Green Arrow's relationship!
I'd like to throw Travis Fimmel in for the new fan cast of who should be Green Arrow in DCEU and of course…
Travis Fimmel as Green Arrow and Katheryn Winnick as Black Canary, a concept
Green Arrow, he's a lot more clever than Hawkeye. Think about how he helped Batman defeat Superman…
Art Share is back! For Wednesday it's an old Green Arrow commission by and myself. We both loved drawin…
"That's true. Robin gave him a run for his money. Then there was the Green Arrow..Slade's got a lot of enemies."
check out this beautiful Green Arrow statue! 💪🏹😍
In the stock room at -- before the meet-and-greet -- signing 1,000 copies of Green Arrow, Teen Titans a…
Being my spirit animal Oliver Queen/Green Arrow for Halloween
I swear, if Marvel nabs Charlie Hunnam before , I'll be really upset because they will lose their perfect Green Arrow. 😭
Has Diane Feinstein been writing Arrow scripts? Green Arrow whining about AR15's and lamenting a gun registry?? Pathetic.
Green Arrow has gone through so many changes hes been right-wing, hes been left-wing, hes been rich, hes been poor, hes been
Want to know why people are so excited about Green Arrow and Black Canary reuniting in ht…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Got my new comics love the Harley Quinn, Justice League v Suicide Squad, Green Arrow, Trinity & Aquaman covers. DC…
That's John Stewart, Green Arrow is a different character all together *look at where the DC logo is
Charlie Hunnam and as Green Arrow and Black Canary by the ever amazing You kn…
How about a heist team-up movie with either Black Canary and Green Arrow, or Nightwing and Batwoman?
They're filming The Flash or Green Arrow near my place!! I got this pic for you! You can see "Starling City" on the cab!…
I watched Pacific Rim again recently and I'm actually warming up to the idea of Charlie Hunman as Green Arrow. Still prefer Ewan McGregor.
So much exciting news. Now all I need for them to do is announce a Green Arrow movie starring Charlie Hunnam 👍🏼
We want a Green Arrow film with Charlie Hunnam okay thats it
Armie Hammer as Hal is obvious. Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow tho. Idris Elba would make a cool John Stewart/…
New figures, statue, Green Arrow bust & Romulan Bird of Prey from
Diamond Select Toys shows off Batman, Green Arrow, Ghostbusters and Romulans Kicking off…
Diamond Select New Items: Batman, Green Arrow, Ghostbusters and Romulans Kick off 2017! - -
Green Arrow. Malcolm in the middle,Marco polo, flash?
Those are the best known DC heroes. Maybe you know Aquaman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Flash, Catwoman, and Robin, but do you know much?
Can anyone really talk me into keeping this? This the same as Green Arrow. I want to like it but I don't.
Superman: I have super strength. Flash: I have super speed. Aquaman: I control sea creatures. Green Arrow: I tell cars when to tur…
Green Arrow de Jeff Lemire on Spiderman (miles morales)
Katie has made Black Canary my favorite superhero. Green Arrow was my 1st and is now 2nd.
even though it's not new Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow
Justin Hartley is one of my favorite renditions of Green Arrow tbh
I always enjoy watching Justin Hartley's performance as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Joel Kinnaman as Green Arrow, Willem Defoe as Lex Luthor, Jay Hernandez as Captain Cold, thats about it. I cant get the others.
Oliver Queen Gets Into Bed With Donald Trump… - It’s not like DC Comics’ Green Arrow has never shied away from ...
the world knows that Laurel Lance is the Black Canary. It's a jump in logic then that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.
Green Arrow has gone through so many changes; he's been right-wing, h...
& follow for a chance to WIN Green Arrow & Felicity Smoak Pop!s. "Best. Team-up. Ever!" continu…
tonight's episode of Arrow was basically Green Arrow's equivalent of the perchance to dream BTAS episode
a sort of scene and Diggle as the Green Arrow all at the same time, i'm in heaven
Then later, Neal Adams drew Green Arrow's ward Speedy doing smack right on the cover! WITH the CCA!
I wanted the new Green Arrow to somehow sense his long, brutal past.
Don't even get me started on Charlie Hunnam as DCEU Green Arrow.
Members of the Justice League (so far):. Superman (duh). The Flash. Aquaman. Cyborg. Green Arrow
we need Green Arrow and Captain Atom in Injustice 2. And please, TV skins for them and Flash & Supergirl
OMG There's going to be a 4-night Superhero crossover on CW! Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, and LoT teaming up!
Boyd Holbrook would probably make a good Green Arrow.
Now he's askin questions "Who's that (Green Arrow)" "Why did u say Wally, that's Barry" He may have started my DC craze but now I know more.
Barry was surprised Diggle Jr, in we know Diggle Jr becomes Green Arrow so Barry changed timeline before he did it?
please get RockSteady to make a Flash game and a Green Arrow game. Then voice Barry. And to voice Oliver
Listen to me chat about Felicity, & Much More! I also do a mean Green Arrow impression 😉 💚🎯👊🏻
Seriously, Green Arrow was described as the "elder stateman" of viglantism by Wendy Mericle, so he's gotta meet Jay Garrick right?
Ok, looks pretty epic and Matt Damon should play Green Arrow in the
It would be cool if Stephen Amell was the DCEU Green Arrow.
I didn't take it seriously bc i like Percy's Green Arrow so I'm willing to give it a chance...At least Damian is not white
Happy birthday to Green Arrow. Proud to be building stories for him alongside Otto,
Ran into Green Arrow at a west end McDonald's in edmonton. He was kinda cute so I took him home.
Justin Hartley is a better Green Arrow than Stephen Amell
Justin Hartley was a great Green Arrow. Shame that he will always be overshadowed by his more popular counterpart. https:/…
Did you ever see that fan casting I did with Travis Fimmel and Kathryn Winneck for Green Arrow and Black Canary?
Season 5 will see them going back to their roots. Exploring Oliver as Mayor and also as the Green Arrow.
Green Arrow reverse Flash and Captain Cold have the best costumes on any of the CW
Don't tell anyone I showed you this art from Green Arrow
Hawkeye is a rubbish Green Arrow rip-off.
when you realize Damien Dhark is a better Green Arrow than Stephen Amell
By the time Justice League comes around, Ezra Miller might be a better Flash AND Green Arrow than the ones on TV.
I added a video to a playlist The Flash Vs Zoom with Green Arrow - Kids Parody
Robin Hood: Men in Tights is why I need as Green Arrow. Js.
Matt Damon would be a great Green Arrow in the DCEU.
I'm most excited about what's to come with The Flash, Titans, and Green Arrow :)
He plays a good Green Arrow and he's such a kind person, but he CAN'T play everything!!! Same thing with Norman...
For some time now, I've had my Robin Hood/Green Arrow bow on display with my Captain America…
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For for guys asking for Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow, I have already made that
Stephen Amell plays Green Arrow. He's even been on WWE in a match against Cody Rhodes aka Stardust in a PayPerView as well
"WB has no plans for a Green Arrow movie." . If you listen closely, you can hear the faint scream of Stephen Amell.
I'm so excited for issue 2 of Green Arrow rebirth. I've read issue 1 four times now
maybe they should add heroes based on the Green Arrow comics
The Green Arrow one is really good. So is the the general Rebirth issue. Batman was sadly just okay.
I liked a video from Green Arrow in DC Films?, Jeremy Irons on BvS & More - DC Movie
seen you might right for Arrow please let it be so Quiver is one of my favorite Green Arrow runs
*** y'all were not lying about the art in Green Arrow
So far I've seen a Robin Deadpool and a full force Green Arrow and they haven't even opened the doors yet.
I liked a video from DC Rebirth: Green Arrow
Green Arrow Rebirth was pretty cool, him are Black Canary are back together, he's getting back into politics, it was great.
Did you ever get a dream where you were running around, jumping off rooftops and shooting arrows as The Green Arrow? 😅
Really enjoyed Green Arrow Rebirth it was brilliant! Can't wait to see more from this series
Casey Jones vs Green Arrow who wins go
Green Arrow went full SJW, just, cringe...the cringe is real.
Black Canary and Green Arrow have always been my favorites. got me by the feels
Batman Rebirth was like a single tiny gumdrop to Green Arrow Rebirth giant pouch of Big League Chew.
since u did a tv version of Green Arrow, do the same with The Flash? :D
"Yeah, none of my friends could. Green Arrow, Aquaman, Batman. They all suffered from that."
It's so nice to have the real Green Arrow back. I've missed him. I wonder where he's been
Green Arrow Rebirth 1 is actually really good.
so what's the difference between this and Green Arrow: Rebirth
Good Luck to him,Green Arrow Movie ain't happening with him in lead
About to see Green Arrow and TMNT Crossover in 3D!! (Phone away now) https:/…
Thanks, readers, for picking up Green Arrow. Here's my promise: every issue of this 1st arc (Rebirth-Issue 5) is better…
Superman Rebirth !! 4 rebirth titles out this week. Superman, Batman, Green Arrow , Green…
I haven't read Green Arrow since 2011, we finally might get good GA comics again. New 52 sonned him 😂
The story was RUBBISH, but the boys were great. And it felt less Bay-ish. Also, whatshisface Gr…
I want to kiss while Oliver is wearing his Green Arrow suit❤️. . It never happened so far. Ihttps:/…
Really bummed on Green Arrow. He’s one of my favorite DC characters. Haven’t enjoyed the title since pre-New 52 times.
Is aware that you think Justin Hartley is the better Green Arrow?
Black Canary was on smallville actually. Justin Hartley was a better Green Arrow than Stephen will ever be
Marc Guggenheim: kills Black Canary in a Green Arrow show and claims she was never Oliver's true love. Geoff Jones: https…
That's like saying that if the CW announced a show based on Green Arrow, Justin Hartley would play the...
Justin Hartley's Green Arrow is more of a Green Arrow than S3-S4 Arrow.
Chapter 3: Love. Favorite part of them all. The love of Green Arrow and the Black Canary, Aquaman and Mera. Wally and Linda ☹️
Great reactions from every one! Do you think that Robert Queen will be Green Arrow on the show, like Thomas Wayne's Batman?
And a glimpse inside with the original Andrea Sorrentino cover for their first Green Arrow issue. Ignore the thumb.
I bet the Green Arrow Rebirth comic will sell like hot cakes because of the Error incident. We'll get the Green Arrow we've been missing.
"Same thing it does every finale, Pinky: Green Arrow fought a leader of the League Of Assassins over the fate of Starling City."
I want to see aka Casey Jones aka Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow aka the guy who is related to Firestorm but :(
Check my latest piece on your Green Arrow work and what you could bring to the series! .
Why is it that everytime I read Arrow news it has nothing to do know, Green Arrow.
Just want to say, you run an awesome GA page. But I must ask, what are your thoughts on a DCEU Green Arrow?
can you ask Stephen how it feels now that Green Arrow is no longer the main character of Arrow?
Nope,Stephen Amell needs acting skills,he is terrible as Green Arrow, so to each its own so move along *
He brought Green Arrow back from the dead in the comics, he could do the same for Black Canary.
Always love seeing Green Arrow and Black Canary together 💪
Beyond me learning who Green Arrow was from that, it had John Stewart as Green Lantern. The best.
U had it coming Andy diggle ! U bloody MoFo !. and nice counterattack by Green Arrow !
fans of Green Arrow and Black Canary have waited years to see their favorite characters adapted in live-action. AND TH…
I'm still hoping that Ubisoft will make an open world Green Arrow game... Maybe one day.
Thanks Mike Grell for moving Green Arrow to Seattle and drawing him with that earthy feel you have
pickup of the week, Mike Grell's Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.
well it's you, Green Arrow, Casey Jones, THE vigilante
The best Green Arrow would be the respective runs of Mike Grell, Jeff Lemire and the classic Arrow/Lantern crossover book.
Comic book "runs"...I can't decide which is better. and his Flash years or Mike Grell's Green Arrow. Both amazing.
This is one of the reasons Mike Grell, comic book writer and artist and famous for reimagining the Green Arrow,...
Jay's fun drawing time: Green Arrow from DC Comics!
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Some Black Canary teaser art from Otto Schmidt from our upcoming Green Arrow "Rebirth" run.
Connor Hawke being Green Arrow on is beyond Diggle's wildest dreams.
I got the New 52 Green Arrow complete collection for Christmas. Also like New 52 Catwoman and New 52 Swamp Thing.
Wait, why wouldn't the Green Arrow want to be Ra's al Ghul? Rookie mistake man
If they cast an older Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in the DCEU I think Damian Lewis would be great.
"I have to control myself and I am very good at it, but Damian and Jason would have punch in Green Arrow's face by now."
"Green Lantern & Green Arrow" and Longbow Hunters were my favorites...
How Marc has a job at writing stuff? Please he ruined Green Arrow, Black Canary and Green Lantern
Hey I think you got your Green Arrow story confused with a Green Lantern story.
So that's Percy Jackson, Green Lantern and now Green Arrow you've totally crapped on and squandered in godawfu…
I am a huge fan of the Arkham games and was wondering if there are any planes for a Green Arrow type game in the future?
When Spartan, Black Canary and Green Arrow lept off the roof top it was awesome.
As hyped as I am, I'm a bit worried for Green Arrow, since the suit is the Arrow S4 suit, that might mean more TV show elements. Not good.
And what's up with Green Arrow tho?? I mean,is he even a member of Justice League? He just appears out of nowhere
Series ended with Green Arrow killing one of Grant Morrison's best villains and a child's death.
For those asking for Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow, made one last year -
Which I'm totally here for in theory - just not at the expense of Green Arrow and Black Canary's existing, awesome story
Green Arrow - DC Cover Girls Black Canary 10” Statue . ON SHELF NOW. Dinah Laurel Lance is better known to...
[Of course he did. Billy remembered quite vividly of the fight he had with Green Arrow a couple of years prior to Red ...
Is a Green Arrow skin for Kung Jin too impossible to hope for?
[VIDEO] Legends Of Tomorrow: more images of Stephen Amell's future Green Arrow...
I like batman, but I think he is too overrated! He is my 3rd favorite superhero tied with Green Arrow
That Green Arrow is nothing compared to me! Okay... Sorry, Dad
I was going to say that like Ik in the comics green arrow shoots superman with it idk why he needed him
Alright, here I go. Reading the New 52 Green Arrow series.
he's so cool, The Green Arrow tries to be him on every episode of Arrow.
(In more typical DC universes, Speedy is the alter ego of Roy Harper, Green Arrow's sidekick.)
Oh no, that show is on Season 2 right now. It was a spin off that the CW decided to green light after Arrow concluded.
HEY! Hawkeye *** And no, I'm not a green arrow fanboy, I'm a Batman and Spiderman fanboy
OK but I thought we went over this, Arrow is not Green Arrow the comics. It's basically Batman. We don't care, we watch for plot not-
📷 geekandsundry: Green Arrow and Black Canary’s relationship? Sexy and inspiring. Huntress and...
📷 thejerseymonk: Black Canary and Green Arrow by ~demitri12jim
will they kill Black Canary on a Green Arrow show?
I added a video to a playlist Green Arrow Year One - Complete Story
The Flash, Aquaman, Robin, Green Arrow & More on this COOL, OOP Justice League Cotton Fabric - Sold by the Fat Quar…
there are lots of rumors about you next game being a Green Arrow game hoping this is true
You can't have Green Arrow without Black Canary. Hopefully nothing but speculation.
I'd like to see her in The Flash, in WONDER WOMAN, Booster Gold, Aquaman, Green Arrow(if happens), JL, etc
Really need to catch up on green arrow and see flash that I awaited for so long before though ... its next on the list…
“. . .If Robert Queen is Green Arrow on your Earth, does that mean Oliver died on that island? What about Diggle? Thea? —
SPOILER ALERT: Arrow will soon be changing its name to "Smoak Girls". Reports say Green Arrow might guest star every now…
examples...I just started Alan Moore Swamp Thing run and Green Lantern/Green Arrow.
How has Damian Darhk not worked out that Oliver Queen is Green Arrow most of the bad guys found out.!
Any plans to re-release any of the DC pops like Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, etc.?
Gostei de um vídeo do Green Arrow, The Flash and Malcolm Merlyn meeting with Vandal Savage
I love how Future Ollie looks like a cross between the Green Arrow from Dark Knight Returns and a bearded Ron Pearlman.
So, Sarah and Ray just told Cold, Heatwave, and Firestorm that Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. ***
Just because he dresses like the Green Arrow and talks like the Green Arrow doesn't make him Oliver Queen!
was pretty great tonight!! Deathstroke, Diggle's son as the new Green Arrow, Oliver Queen coming back to fight...
Dude, the showdown against Malcolm Merlyn was sick! You're my favourite Green Arrow ever!
You kidding? Damian Darhk still doesn't know that Ollie is the Green Arrow? -___-
I hate how the Green Arrow stops killing the bad guys after the first season
Do you remember when Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow? Pepperidge Farm Remembers.
How is that everybody but Damian Darhk knows the Green Arrow's true identity, I guess he really is in the dark.
I hope Willie has Green Arrow merchandise in his bedroom now.
*** add Lemire's Green Arrow, Batwoman, Gotham Academy & Simone's Batgirl and you might have all the highlights from the New 52 period.
How can Damian Darhk not know Green Arrow is Oliver Queen after that confrontation?  He’s got magic right?
“Somehow I knew Oliver would drag you into it.” -Damian to Green Arrow
Some guy challenged me to a dance off last night. When I refused he yelled: (Expletive) you, Green Arrow. Made me so happy.
Simon Baz, for one. Jeff Lemire's reimagining of Green Arrow's rogues gallery.
Like, Stephanie Brown needs to be Batgirl again. Connor Hawke needs to return as Oliver's son and Green Arrow. Babs needs to be Oracle.
How's Green Arrow post-Lemire?: I loved Jeff Lemire's run, but I stopped reading a few issues into the "make i...
Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire is REALLY good so far. That Andrea Sorrentino art though.
Can't go through Ann Nocenti on Green Arrow again lol
I think it's a Green Arrow cult in the future like Batman Inc /Dark Knight rises from the comics
📷 archersnok: Green Arrow cover and variant cover by Neil Adams
Managed to catch up with the Green Arrow & get a bunch of Stephen Amell signed
"Why don't we put that theory to the test see if the former daughter of Ras Al Ghul can hang with the Green Arrow."
. Ok. Super girl, Kal-El, The Flash(in March) Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow. Missing 2. Sounds like a team up?
Another piece of the Interview about the Green Arrow cover. Neal Adams pencil Jim Lee inks. Two powerhouses of...
Legends of Tomorrow is featuring a Dark Knight Returns-inspired Green Arrow
Here are two playmobil for Stephen. Casey Jones and Blue Jays baseball player joins Green Arrow.
plus he gets to team up with Caitlin Fairchild, Green Arrow and Carrie Kelley
oh, man.. I want Amell to be Green Arrow in the DCEU.. If the flash can go to diff time lines.. They can make it happen
pretty sure I was gonna go Green Arrow on the writers for leaving me hanging like that. They failed my feelings.
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My favorite tv series as of today:. How To Get Away With Murder. The Green Arrow. The Flash . Shadowhunters
Supergirl = Monday . The Flash = Tuesday . Green Arrow = Wednesday . Legends of Tomorrow = Thursday . What about the weekend DC?
DC also isn't using the TV show Flash and Green Arrow in the Justice League movies. Because reasons.
Some of my DC artwork. Green Arrow (oil on canvas) and Injustice Gods Among Us (acrylics)
I love Green Arrow to obsessive levels but I still don't think he should be the one who inspires Barry to become in Season 1.
. "I am not a normal man. I am Oliver Queen. Aka Green Arrow. Think that's normal?"
will we be seeing The Outsiders in Green Arrow? I think their anti-empire stance falls in with the recent tone.
Batman, with the help of the Flash,. Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Red Robin...
If Stephen Amell plays Green Arrow, Grant Gustin needs to play The Flash. And I'm ok with that.
Mike Grell is coming to St Louis Comic Con next year in April. This time I'll get him to sign some of my Green Arrow comics.
Neal McDonough who plays Damian Darhk in Arrow S4/Flash S2 previously been both Green Arrow and The Flash.
Neal McDonough, amusingly, does a great Green Arrow. 👍
4 of 5 stars to Green Arrow, Vol. 1 by Kevin Smith
Dear if u'll make a movie, how about Charlie Hunnam & Katie Cassidy as Green Arrow & Black Canary? 😍😍
people: Stephen can't be Green Arrow in the movies anyway because that's a different universe. people: KATIE CASSIDY FOR DCEU DINAH!!! 1!
And like an *** I JUST got the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy joke on Green Arrow.
-- Green Arrow thing because I will not come in a between family thing." She rubbed the back of his hand with her thumb, --
The only complaint I have is Oliver's kid is playing with a Flash action figure and not a Green Arrow one!
Do you think Oliver was mad that the kid didn't have a Green Arrow toy instead of a Flash toy?
Exclusive clip: Heroes team up again in 'Flash'/'Arrow' crossover: Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and the Flash (...
- Green Arrow is way more legit than Green Lantern and Green Hornet.
Flashpoint Paradox Easter egg with Robert Queen/Green Arrow on Earth-2 made me cream my pants
So if Robert Queen is Green Arrow of Earth 2, maybe Henry Allen is Zoom of Earth 2?
The people who haven't watched Flashpoint Paradox, won't get the reference they're making when they made Robert Queen the Green Arrow.
Wait... Robert Queen is their "Green Arrow"? Wow... are we gonna get Flashpoint Paradox at some point?
Green Arrow selfie- with awesome Louisville fans!. Stephen, you did not fail this city! https:/…
will Damian know who the Green Arrow is?
Cary Elwes may never be Green Arrow but he deserves a place on the show
Three great heroes, and cousins! Robin Hood/Green Arrow, Uncle Scrooge, and some guy.
Seen Captain America, The Flash and Green Arrow on Santa Monica Blvd. Balls out. Happy Halloween. For some 🙈 wow 🙈 just. Wow.
Retired from Halloween in 2010. Only coming back if my Daughter wants me to dress as Green Arrow & take her trick or treati…
Get a look at the pencils for Batman and Green Arrow variants for HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK
old man logan Hawkeye vs TDKR Green Arrow
Green Arrow and Robin (Jason Todd). Protecting a city near you. . . .
See Golden Glider is okay but Green Arrow isn't...I see you AK 👀😒
Thinking about some of my faves. Bones McCoy, Ratchet, Green Arrow, Tony Stark, Sirius, Getaway... I'm seeing some trends.
And there has been far less subtle things in comics in the past. Green Lantern/Green Arrow anyone?
David Goyer on his Green Arrow project, won't direct DC movie: . Louisa Mellor. . ... Den of Geek
Green Arrow and Mr. Terrific in the building. Sort of.
I'm super intrigued by the new seasons of the DC TV shows. Barry is killing people now and Ollie is the Green Arrow?!
Loved , Diggle, CEO Felicity, Green Arrow vs Speedy, Damien, Anarky and Oliver for mayor in tonight's ep
Mahesh Ved is following the Interest "Green Arrow" on -
Maybe it's not too late to get Justin Hartley back as Green Arrow. I liked him better any way.
Don't ever ask me to choose between Justin Hartley and Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow because I love them both and I will cry.
It's a good thing no one ever asked me who my favourite Green Arrow is cause I could never choose between Justin Hartley & Stephen Amell.   10% Off
Aquaman and Namor. Human Torch and FireStorm. Hawk Eye and Green Arrow. Black Canary and Mocking Bird. Killer Croc and Lizard.
c'est toi Green Arrow?? No, it's just some ranger chillin with Charlemagne
Liam training himself to be the Green Arrow. Happy birthday love 💞😘
Batman is Bruce Wayne. Flash is Barry Allen. Green Lantern is Hal Jordan. Grodd is a gorilla. Green Arrow is old. Soon I will reveal more."
I added a video to a playlist The great quotes of: Green Arrow
saw end of the bout. You looked half dead climbing into ring. More salmon ladders for Green Arrow. Seriously it's sexy to watch
I should write the story now. Stardust is a huge villian and goldust recruits the green arrow to stop him
wouldn't it be epic if they made a big green arrow story and the main villains were the Dust brothers?
Neville and the Green Arrow beat Stardust and Barrett Shemus beat Orton and Resev and ziggler match was DQx2
See what Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye looked like before visual effects and color correction!!
Sheffield Film and Comic Con was a blast went as Green Arrow. Top right is me with Darth Vader (Dave…
The Green Arrow was awesome. The Bellas are gonna kill someone (legitimately. Paige may be dead... or…
U fought like green arrow today along with red arrow
I can't stop watching fight stardust at Summer Slam! Really well done!You're my hero Green Arrow ❤️
WATCH: Stephen Amell rocked hard at WWE SummerSlam last night and hints that he may be back...
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Wow Stephen Amell tat was some serious kickin 👍🏻👍🏻
>Amell not wrestling in the Green Arrow gimmick
oh i don't know if I should ask this but will Diggle eventually be John Stewart as Green Lantern
Green Arrow on WWE needs to be an *annual* event, says worldwide fandom, who happily stayed up all night.
I was debating about changing my icon back to but I think I’m going to keep Green Arrow until the start of S4. So proud of Stephen.
watching WWE summer slam The Green Arrow it On the rise
Looks like I need to pull out my Green Arrow Year 1 and re-read it before S4 starts.
// To sum up Summerslam: ESPN covered the event, and got an immense amount of hate for it from sports fans, Green Arrow wrestled and (1/3)
"getting into mystical things that fans of Green Arrow: Year One are really going to appreciate" Green Arrow: Year One (2007)
Hollywood star Steven Amell's green arrow and the man that gravity forgot Neville's red arrow win over King Barret and Stardust
the amount of promotion Stephen Amell has been doing for the show as the "Green Arrow" &the WWE for him & Olicity,makes CW PR looks pathetic
*** I might need to start watching the green arrow 😯
Please let do a minute-by-minute breakdown of Stardust versus Green Arrow and the repercussions on culture. Tks!
Green Arrow is DEFIANTLY up there with Superman, Nightwing, Martian Manhunter & if you count him as a hero, Red Hood
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