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Greek Orthodox Easter

Greek Easter Easter Sunday Rita Wilson Greek Orthodox Church Happy Easter

There is truly nothing more beautiful than Greek Orthodox Easter church services
Happy Palm Sunday, family coming over after church, eating fish, shrimp, cod, etc. (Greek Orthodox Easter is the same this year as everyone)
Greek Orthodox Easter is April 20th this year. If you are looking for midnight services, check the church...
Christmas is the same, but Greek Orthodox Easter only coincides with Western every few years apparently. Including this year!
well Greek Orthodox Easter is a diff day ... You wanna fuxx with Greek mafia?! Be my guest malaka
my dad did not allow us to fast on Greek Orthodox Easter for more that a couple of hours. He said it was ridiculous.
I'm glad Greek Orthodox Easter fasting isn't like Muslim Ramadan fasting. It's just eating vegan and not eating on certain holy days
Hiking up the mountain in Kotor, Montenegro... the requisite church in the town of Piran where we crashed a Slovenian wedding...riding the HopOnHopOff bus in Gozo Island, Malta... two modes of transport side by side in Monastir, Tunisia... going under the longest cable span bridge in Greece at midnight... roasting lamb to celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter... and finally, wonderful Venice. A great trip!
Greek Orthodox Easter is not just a religious festival, but also a time for special food…
For more than 100 years, two Greek Orthodox Churches have celebrated Easter by launching thousands of rocke ... -
“Meanwhile, before sunset, the men take down the beast and lay it on plastic sheets on top of our big marble table. They do unspeakable things to it that include skewering, rubbing it with lemon inside and out, piercing it with garlic and rosemary, and stitching the abdominal cavity with string.” Di...
Rita Wilson’s big fat Greek Orthodox Easter great description by Rita Wilson of orthodox Easter
While the Corpus Christi and "Elder Pastitsios" pending blasphemy cases have grabbed most of the headlines, this is a case I was not aware of. Given the timing with Greek Orthodox Easter this weeke...
Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Metropolitan Theophilos (C) leads Easter service in the Church of the Holy ...
Christians in Gaza celebrate Easter. PS I sent my Mom Easter flowers :)
just a look at a different flavor of Catholicism Here's the link to the song in the video for anyone who's interested:
Legislation would not grant parliamentary immunity, which means members of the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party could be imprisoned, and the party could be diminished.
The Palestine Liberation Organisation denounced Israel for causing "countless difficulties" for Palestinian Christians and Muslims to reach their holy sites as Orthodox Christians held the...
Today's blog features DME's dessert table for Greek Orthodox Easter this past weekend. Check out how we spiced up...
Today is Easter for the world’s 350 million Orthodox Christians, who just completed their Holy Week of prayer and fasting which culminated in today’s message of transcendent hope. But all last week and today, Orthodox Christians the world over have been reminded that politics trumps human rights. ...
Now that the Greek Orthodox Easter is over... I'd love to hear from my Greek peps of your most memorable moment...
A former archbishop of York was accused Friday of covering up child abuse by a Church of England clergyman who has since died.
Orthodox Easter is just around the corner. Do you know what is the traditional Greek Orthodox meal served after midnight on Easter Sunday?
Bishop Deeley represents archdiocese at Greek Orthodox Easter Vigil: BOSTON -- A tradition of ecumen...
This is a picture of Tom Hanks carrying the epitaphion at Saint Sophia's Cathedral in LA during their Greek Orthodox Good Friday evening services. Tom Hanks ...
No offense to my Catholics, a great description of Orthodox Easter.
Winnetka sisters lend their voices to Misericordia: On Greek Orthodox Easter, May 5, the Prodromos family of...
sons school is celebrating ascension lanchester EP. Bit strange as he and I are Greek Orthodox and we celebrated Easter on Sunday
read your article about Greek Orthodox Easter. So glad to read that you and your family carry on our traditions. Xristos Anesti!
'Men @ Work' Great job the guys did with our Easter Sunday lunch..
Please Pray for Syrian Orthodox church, and its folks.. Orthodox Christians in Syria, along with brethren the world over, celebrate Easter tomorrow but, due to the conflict gripping that country, most will attend an evening service rather than the traditional midnight Mass and some will not be able to go to church at all. Christian concerns were heightened by the kidnapping of Aleppo’s Syrian Orthodox bishop, Yohanna Ibrahim, and Greek Orthodox bishop, Boulos Yaziji, late last month while they were on a mission to negotiate the release of two priests abducted earlier. Radical Chechen fighters have been blamed. The bishops are still being held.
Delicious melopita from Loi - this was for Greek/Orthodox Easter on Saturday. Check them out at Best of the West! 6/1
Orthodox Easter celebrations started with worshipers going to Paschal divine liturgy in Arnea Chalkidikis to pay their respect, and kiss the Bishop's ring out of pure Christian devotion.
Greek Orthodox Easter my friend is half Greek her dad Is full. Yummy food
Briel spent Greek Orthodox Easter in Protaras surrounded by friends, food and the beach!...
May 8, 2013 Χριστος ανεστη! Happy Easter! This past weekend was the Greek Orthodox Easter. First I had an amazing week away at the beach in Protaras with friends and my boyfriend. We have been spen...
To all Greek Orthodox & all other orthodox celebrating Easter this weekend, Happy Easter to you all & to my fellow Greeks KALH ANASTASI x
Nope! In Greece we celebrated it on Sunday! We are Orthodox so we celebrate Easter on a different date.
I have family out here, mate. Came over for the Greek Orthodox Easter.
Easter at St.George, Sunday 5th of May. — at Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral
One of my Greek Orthodox friends shared her abundant Easter leftovers with me. Me must marry Greek! I'd die fat and happy.
Turks celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter by opening fire at the Armenian Patriarchate Church in Reports claim no one wounded.
Check out today's blog to see DME's Orthodox Easter table design! This one is our favorite so far and was a HUGE hit with our guests!!!
In case you missed it... The roasting of a whole lamb for our Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday. May 5, 2013
Decadent baklava. What's there not to love? FridgeWhisperer Debs Daily Dish -
Decadent baklava. What's there not to love?
G.C. Lymberpa S.A. is Greece oldest freight forwarder serving the International Logistics market since 1859 in air cargo and ocean freight. GCL has been assessed as one of the Strongest Companies in Greece. Offices at Athens & Thessaloniki airports for air freight, air cargo forwarding and Thessalon...
This was Saturday night outside London's St Sophia Greek Orthodox cathedral Moscow Rd. No room at the inn.
Inside St Sophia cathedral, lit only by candlelight for last Saturday's orthodox Easter service
Labour Day: Information and background on the Labour Day or May Day holiday observed in many countries.
The Greeks know how to do Easter. This is the most important holiday in our church. It is a beautiful week.
Checkout photos from the Greek Easter weekend feast!
I'm obsessed with the Greek Orthodox Church in Modesto. It's gorgeous
Happy Easter to all my Eritrean, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, and any of my other Orthodox brothers and sisters ! 🙏
All the Greeks I saw yesterday during Greek Orthodox Easter event reassured me 300 probably did happen. These were giants with all muslce
Celebrated Greek (orthodox) Easter on the weekend & my mum gave me a container with like 60 of these biscuits :)
it was Russian & Greek orthodox Easter celebrations on the weekend just past -
it was Greek Orthodox Easter yesterday... Ate lots of goodies... Haven't worked out in a few days due to the busyness!
Egyptian traditional meal:The first century Greek historian Plutarch wrote that the ancient Egyptians would honour their deities with offerings of salted fish, lettuce and onions on the feast of Shamo during the spring harvest season. Shamo means ‘renewal of life’, and some rituals associated with it, such as the colouring of eggs, have become attached to the celebration of Easter. During the Coptic era Shamo became Sham, which means ‘smelling’ in Arabic—and the spring festival of Sham El-Nessim (‘smelling the breezes’) is the modern version of this 4500 year old tradition.
Thousands of people witnessed the great miracle in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
Easter Sunday for the Greek Orthodox Church was Sunday, and hundreds gathered at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Sunday to celebrate Christ's resurrection.
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The Paschal greeting is a custom among Orthodox Christians, consisting of a greeting and response. Instead of "hello" or its equivalent, one is to greet another person with "Christ is Risen!" The response is "Truly, He is risen!" (or "Indeed, He is risen!"). This greeting is used during liturgical s...
Difficult days for lambs since after the Greek Orthodox Easter, when roasted lamb is the plate of the day, and the Korban, where the tradition is a lamb sacrifice, today is the St. George's day (Gergiovden) when, in Bulgaria, they make the fantastic plate "Agnesko po Gergiovski" (Lamb ala st. George...
Patriarch Yazigi Calls for Dialogue and Coexistence for Syria to Overcome Crisis May 06, 2013 DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox Church emphasized the principles of dialogue, coexistence and respect for Syria to overcome its ordeal. During a religious mass at the Mariamite Cathedral of Damascus on the occasion of Easter, Yazigi hoped that Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo and Iskenderun, Bishop Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Bishop John Ibrahim, who were kidnapped by an armed terrorist group, would return soon and that peace would prevail in Syria. ''We are hopeful that Syria will get over this ordeal and that old peaceful days will be restored, for its people to be messengers of love and peace that dispel hatred and injustice,'' Patriarch Yazigi said. ''Today, we share with Aleppo's parish their tragedy, but this should spur us on for more steadfastness and be an opportunity for us to declare our faith in Resurrection,'' he ...
A midnight celebration on Patmos-of Christ's triumph over sin and death .
Managed to get some work in after a busy day celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter : )
Traditional Greek cookies are 2 small strands of dough twisted together and brushed with egg-milk mixture and sprinkled with sesame seed.
Ito Lang po ang handa namin. Greek Easter Sunday (orthodox). For 45 months of experience being seafarer starting way back to 2007 until now. I attended and celebrated 4 times Greek Easter Sunday. We done lechon baboy and lechon tupa(lamb) as normal celebration for special occasions. I'm not complaining man, just showing the fact sa Hindi magandang samahan sa Barko. And my crewmates all know that.
Καλό Πάσχα!! I have been very unthoughtful to my Greek Friends today :( Happy Easter to all that celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter!!! Please forgive me!!!
Greek humor. And by the way, Happy Easter to my Orthodox brethren.
Pictures of Greek Easter celebrations all around Greece.
As another difficult year for the battered European economy ends, many Greeks have taken a bold decision to return to the land to survive. Is economic salvat...
My favorite Christ is Risen Clip. Produced by SAT7 TV, Translated by Fr. Kfouf. Happy Easter to all. Christ is Risen!
The little goat was caught on camera leaping on and off a 300lb pig as the creature refused to budge from its comfortable spot lying in the hay.
Greek Orthodox Christians marked the beginning of Easter Sunday with a four-hour midnight service in Gaza's 1,606-year-old Church of Saint Porphyrius last night. On Friday, Israeli occupation autho...
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Russian Easter today, im remeberance of our Lord!
Happy Easter to all my Greek and Eastern Orthodox friends
Yes, this means something to me. It makes it possible to celebrate today, Greek Orthodox Easter, the.resurrection of Christ. America, freedom of religion and speech.
Kalo Pasca! Happy Greek Easter! Yes, today is the Orthodox Christian Easter. The date is based on the Julian Calendar and moon phases. For more details, please see the pamphlet below.
Travelers know the risks, know the loneliness and even know the fear of the 'what ifs' starting out on a journey. Yet, each journey is filled with a story to give hope, compassion and a reminder th...
Christos Anesti!! Happy Easter to all my Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, and Serbian Orthodox family and friends. We're going to have souvla; lamb roast over a fire pit...DELISH!! Even would love it :)
GIVE a shout out to the God within you on this Greek Orthodox Easter & whatever belief you have. You are your own religion. Meditate, Pray & Be that on 5+5+2013=16/7 Univ. Day. Lv
We are here to make your party fabulous!!!
Peace Be With You says The Lord. Please remember in your prayers and thoughts the captive two Orthodox bishops that were kidnapped last month. They were both traveling together to minister to their flocks. One is a Greek Orthodox Bishop and the other a Syrian Orthodox Bishop. Pope Francis has joined Ecumenical Patriarchate Bartholomew of Constantinople and other religious leaders pleading for the release of the Bishops.
I wish a very Happy Greek Orthodox Easter to all my dear friends! Paste Fericit! Hristos a Inviat!
Find a Church. Now find your next church close to your home. More importantly, a church with your values and beliefs!
Happy Orthodox Easter to all my family and friends!!! Christ is Risen!
Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter to our Eastern Rite and Orthodox brothers and sisters! Check out this video from Jerusalem last night - early in the morning, Eastern Christians gather at the tomb, where light is miraculously given and spread among the faithful. The light in this eye-witness account appears at around 1 minute.
Pilgrims welcom initiating of Holy Fire in Jerusalem 23.04.11 Orthodox Christian worshippers gathered in Jerusalem on Saturday to attend Easter Week`s Holy F...
yep, this is what Greek Orthodox Easter bread looks like ... just had some, *yum!*
Wishing everyone to have a good Sunday morning! Today is the Greek Orthodox Easter and I am going with my son Dimitri Bakalos to the Greek Easter picnic at the park. The men will be cooking 4-5 lambs on the bbq and everyone brings some food. There will be the red colored Easter eggs and the Greek Easter bread and everyone brings something to drink . It will be a good time as I only go and see everyone at the Easter picnic.
Just had to share today... Hristos anviat .to my loved Romanian , Greek and other orthodox friends and family
Easter in Greece is the biggest holiday of the year and is even more important
Greek Orthodox Easter all over the world...
I plan to join my friend Joseph (who started this thread) and his Greek family and good friends to celebrate Easter today. I can't wait to be with them. He gave me a pre-taste of one of three of his lambs he is cooking for the feast last night. If you are one of his friends be sure to join him at his home this afternoon--across the street from the firehouse. Happy Orthodox Easter! Risen Lord.
Kaló Páscha! In other words, Happy Greek Easter! The highest holy day of the Greek Orthodox faith falls on Sunday, May 5, this year. Tradition dictates the...
Greek Easter is today. Christ has risen, truly He has risen will be spoken again and again by Orthodox Christians. Happy Easter!,
First stock arrived and was displayed at home, in the spare room in West London!
Ancient hymn of the church, Christos Anesti (Christ is Risen), sung around the world on Pascha (Easter). Christos anest ek nekron thanato thanaton patisas ke...
Happy Greek Easter, happy greaster, and Christos anesti to all my Greek/orthodox family and friends!
I did not realize it was Eastern Orthodox Easter today I was wondering why church bells were ringing at midnight. Happy Easter!
yup it's the Greek Orthodox Easter this Sunday!
Greek Orthodox Easter on Corfu/Kerkyra: the annual smashing of the pots
Have a happy blessed Greek Orthodox Easter with your loved ones.
tomorrow is cinco de mayo and also the Greek Orthodox Easter everyone will be celebrating 🐰🐰😊😊 🙊🙊🙈
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Also, happy Greek Orthodox Easter. The only religion I'll ever be associated with, and only until my husbands grandparents die. Lol/but not.
Greek Orthodox Easter times.I wish u all the best..
Max Goniadis GREEK ORTHODOX EASTER Greek Orthodox Easter is celebrated tomorrow throughout the Orthodox world. Byzantine iconography depicts not the Resurrection of Christ but rather the Descend to the Underworld, Jesus liberating Adam and Eve, dragging them out of their graves. This is the message of the resurrection, a message of life after death. Descend to the Underworld, 13th century Byzantine fresco, Chora Monastery, Constantinople, today Kariye Müzesi, Istanbul, Turkey.
Today is Greek Orthodox Easter, Kentucky Derby and Star Wars Day this will not happen again for 38 years
Greek Orthodox Easter. Yes our friends are having traditional lamb -if you are vegetarian then you can have chicken.
We're celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter in Greece this weekend. Time to relax and rejoice! Happy Easter - Καλό Πάσχα to you and your families!
In Celebration of Greek Orthodox Easter on Sunday May 5th enjoy our special chocolate baklava created by Pastry...
Now the late snow makes sense, friend just told me Sunday is Greek Orthodox Easter
Just a reminder that we will be closed: May 5th and 6th (Sunday & Monday) for Greek Orthodox Easter
St Basil is making small strides just in time for Greek Orthodox Easter!
Rita Wilson’s big fat Greek Orthodox Easter what's Greeks do for Easter. Join me!
Rita Wilson’s big fat Greek Orthodox Easter many don't know Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson are Orthodox.
It's Greek Orthodox Easter this week and there are a lot of things going on, they go through the streets carrying a cross, etc.
Spkg of the it’s Greek Orthodox Easter here 3-7 May. I will say just one word BELLS! Approx. every 30 mins all 5 days!
So, Cinco de Mayo and Greek Orthodox Easter fall on the same day! With which culture do my allegiances lie? (The Greeks)
actually Greek Orthodox Easter is on May 5th this yr!
Greek Orthodox Easter this week so guess its time for red eggs and sweet dough bread traditional festive treats
May 5th Pontos Taverna will be closed for the celebration of Greek Orthodox Easter. See you starting Tuesday for regular business hours!
Read our latest news feature on Greek Orthodox Easter next week which is a great time to visit
Already on it for Greek Orthodox Easter next weekend! Lamb on spit & sauce!
and exactly two weeks until I'm home for Greek Orthodox Easter weekend 😊😊
I'll try. That weekend is Greek Orthodox Easter, which my inlaws celebrate. Generally a pretty crazy time.
Have you ever experienced Santorini during the Greek Orthodox Easter? An amazing set of customs is presented to...
Greek Orthodox Easter is 5th May; to celebrate free food, drinks & accommodation at gorgeous Onar on Andros
I'm wiped right out. Never gets easy. Someone threw some Greek Orthodox Easter at me do I had to pull a double.
Perks of Greek Orthodox Easter being on a different date then the Catholic one: All our Easter chocolate is on sale :)
Greek Orthodox Easter falls on Cinco De Mayo this year. That is all.
Enjoy Easter again, somewhere warm. Olympic Holidays to Corfu, Rhodes, Cyprus for Greek Orthodox Easter:
If we're celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter on Cinco de Mayo, will there be "Mexican Jumping Jelly Beans" to eat? Hola, Christ has risen!
Chilly Easter? Find a villa on Crete for a warmer Greek Orthodox Easter break with Freelance Holidays:
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Sun – and savings – over Greek Orthodox Easter with Vintage Travel.
Greek Orthodox Easter this year is Sunday 5 May. You have a while to wait yet. Xristos Annesti Joyeuses Pâques
Tomorrow begins the lent for the Greek Orthodox Easter...I guess Im going back to the vegan life for a bit 😊🍎🍏🍌
Veggie soup simmering, rice pilaf done, cutlets enroute, while planning, non essential corn heating up, while we discuss the quintessential boiled dinner for St. Patty's Day, the Easter Ham, Chocolate bunnies, pastel tie dyed eggs & the final holiday menu Greek Orthodox Easter dinner consisting of lots of lamb, home made grape leaves, spanakopita, giaourti, ghala, baklava, kourembedes, & of course Red Dyed Hardboiled Eggs... Christo's Anesti!!! We must be ready to eat with all this talk of food!
Forget "Fat Tuesday" but enjoy "Burnt Thursday" "Burnt Thursday" or Tsiknopempti is celebrated eleven days before the start of Lent. The "Burnt" part refers to the grilling of meats, a big part of the celebration of this day. The weekend following "Burnt Thursday" will also have parties and other events; technically, that Sunday is the last allowable day for eating meat and is sometimes called "Meat-eating Sunday". The best Greek restaurants will be crowded on this day - but seafood places are a safe bet to have tables available! In Greece, Carnival dates are tied to Greek Orthodox Easter, which is usually different from Western Easter. Every few years, both calendars will coincide, so do check if you want to attend both. Only the Greek Orthodox carnival dates are widely celebrated in Greece. For the traveler to Greece, the most vigorous party is on the weekend prior to the end of the Carnival season. This is followed by Clean Monday or "Ash Monday", a generally family-oriented day where, in Athens, picni ...
Kalo Mina! "On March 1st, it is customary for mothers to braid bracelets for their children. These bracelets are called ‘Martis’. They are made of red and white string and are tied onto the wrists of the children. The superstition is that the children wear these bracelets so that the sun of early spring doesn’t burn their cheeks. The bracelet is red and white, symbolic of rosy cheeks yet a white complexion. The bracelets are worn until the Midnight Mass of the Greek Orthodox Easter. When the traditional bonfires are lit, the bracelets are removed and thrown into the fires." Information courtesy of: links to information on Spring traditions in Greece: Ta Xelithonismata: Martia:
Greek Orthodox Easter program Dear Guests, We are pleased to announce that, during the period of the Greek Orthodox Easter, all our guests at the time, will have the opportunity to enjoy a typical and traditional Greek Easter celebration, as the Greeks do, that includes daily Easter mass at the local church (optional) with transfers there and back, as well as all traditional Greek Easter dishes and snacks and pastries, some of which are prepared at client’s presence(recipes available upon request), escalating on Easter Sunday with a festive BBQ with roast lambs on the skewers, as the Greek tradition has it. The Natura Park Management team
Greek Orthodox Easter is : 5th of May 2013 (05/05/2013)! Special Offer for Easter : 1 week 315 Euro! All taxes and services are included in the price. Book now!!! Only limited number of rooms are still available!!
Greek Orthodox Easter 05th MAY 2013 Easter in Corfu Easter in Corfu is unique. It has a mixture of East and West and of ecclesiastical, civic and military pomp which gives it a strongly individual flavour. The splendour of the occasion is increased by the fact that Easter in the Orthodox countries often falls later than in the West and the brilliant sunshine and the new green of the trees give the ceremonies a natural framework of great beauty. To this Spring scene are added the handsome Venetian and Georgian buildings of the town. For Corfu was occupied by the Venetians for 400 years and under British Protectorate for 50 years when it was the capital of the small Ionian state.
I've always loved Christmas mass, my first husband was Greek and love Greek Orthodox Easter services
Would it be late April mon? If so you'll catch the Greek Orthodox Easter which is a fantastic celebration. The coach ride
Today was a great day. Was with family , went to my grandsons home and his wife and her family, and celebrated their Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday. Had Lamb cooked on the spit. Yummy. Had so many Greek dishes that went with it. Yummy desserts. Good company, daughter and family was there.And I must not forget our two beautiful great grand daughters. We all had fun. All have a great week.
Today, 15 April, the Christian Orthodox church celebrates Easter If anyone greets you with "Christ is risen" don't embarrass yourself and answer "you too" or "oh yeahh" or "isn't that cool." The proper response is "He is risen indeed." Last Sunday our steps were blessed to walk the streets where Paul Revere once walked -- Boston. We stayed at Hampton Inn, in Braintree. We had a lot of fun looking for the trees that look like brains or for the brains that hang from the trees. We found none! The hotel provided a shuttle that would take us to Quincy Adams station. Turns out the shuttle driver had the privilege to celebrate two Easters: the Catholic Easter because he was Catholic and the Greek Orthodox Easter because his wife was of the Greek Orthodox persuasion. I could only imagine the theological gymnastics required to make such a marriage work traditionally speaking. The driver soon confessed that he is not actually practicing his faith. And there were some other theological points made in the discussion ...
Christós Anésti...Christ is Risen! Greek Orthodox Easter Greek Easter, Greece’s most important religious festival, arrives accompanied by the smells of spring, the rebirth of nature and the flower-carpeted ground. Many of the traditions that bond the generations together occur during the Easter feast. Easter is the most sacred and celebrated of all of the Greek holidays. It begins with a 40-day fast, of the 40 days, one week is chosen for the complete fast, during that time only natural foods are eaten. No meats, dairy, fish, poultry or dishes that are prepared with these foods can be eaten. Shellfish can be eaten, however three days a week are meatless days during the remaining weeks of the fast. During Holy Week complete fasting is to take place. Palm Sunday, which is the first day of the Holy Week, is a day when only fish and fish courses are served. On Saturday before Easter, the food that will be served on Easter Sunday is taken to the church and blessed by the priest. The red eggs for just after ...
Here's an idea: Double your Easter fun by planning to spend Greek Orthodox Easter week in Galaxidi. Enjoy your traditional Easter festivities than come to Greece for an entirely new experience.
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Greek Orthodox Easter comes this weekend - let's hope the sun will shine on Greece and that spring will bring some kind of rebirth there.
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