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Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is the body of myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices.

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you're going from Reed's Ranch to quoting Greek Mythology, what a time to be alive.
Lovely image from Greek Mythology and the French Baroque, Venus and Adonis by Nicolas Poussin,
I was homeschooled and I picked my history courses so I learned Egyptian and Greek Mythology almost exclusively XD Shoulda picked Norse too.
Central's Greek Mythology study session is just the thing for you! Join us Tuesday in the counseling center!. We hope to see you there!
An alternative would be JL versus Greek Mythology out of Wonder Woman. Play up the Ma…
Epic painting from the Spanish Renaissance and Greek Mythology, Laocoon by El Greco,
A great book on Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton!
Digi Trivia # 166: The Olympos XII are based on the Roman analogue of the 12 Olympians in Greek Mythology; The Dii…
Yeah I've been geeking out seeing anything related to Roman/Greek Mythology
I literally might get a trial of Starz just to see this. It looks like a modern take on Greek Mythology and I'm 300…
. A Flying Horse plagiarized from Greek Mythology 'ridden to Heaven' years before Muslims CONQUERED Jerusalem... before.
It's tough to appreciate Caravaggio when you don't believe in Greek Mythology.
Wait GGD are on VIXX's label who did a Greek Mythology inspired trilogy of minis last year I wonder if Narcissus is thematically connected?
Indeed. I know a Leda. I mean that references a very punchy story from Greek mythology
PROMISE OF SHADOWS by Justina Ireland. - Greek mythology!!. - diverse cast, black protag who is also a harpy 💕. - action-…
And of course, Hamlet contains allusions to Greek mythology, so you'll need to brush up on that first too...
☾ In the last. Dysis. In Greek mythology Dysis was one of the "golden haired" Horai. There were 12 Horai to represent the 12hours oftheday ☽
☾ Phoebe is found in Greek mythology as a name for Artemis, the goddess of the moon. In poetry, Phoebe is the moon…
I've always loved the myth of Narcissus. (I love Greek mythology in general) Happy about this concept.
Automaton stretches back to the Greek period: Automatones - 'Self-Acting'. 'The Automatic Motorist' (1911)…
I got: Wow!! You are an expert of Greek Mythology!! Only 2 In 96 Americans Know The 17 Major Gree...
The latest The greek mythology Daily! Thanks to
My lack of knowledge regarding Greek Mythology has always been my Achilles Elbow..
A sneak peak at my new kids' series - where I get to share my love of Greek mythology with my readers :)
I'm ready for gugudan's comeback, hit me up with the Greek mythology references
Picking up the pieces, Greek mythology (religion) style >
So ggyu be greek mythology teacher not mathematics😁
📷 aphrodittee: Greek Mythology: Hestia (a.k.a. Vesta) Greek goddess of the home and fertility. One of...
random question, you still obsessed with Greek mythology or was that a phase??
What's your favorite mythology like type (Greek, ro... — Greek , bc it was the first one I was introduced to...
Omg vixx did a greek mythology concept now gugudan are doing one
So I'm an artist & I create like a minor Greek mythology God .
Happy Valentines! A sketch of Greek mythology characters: Eros and Pysche.
Jelpi are into Greek mythology these day and I'm freaking loving it..but please where is Gugudan teaser??I'm dying here..
N greek mythology is use again by Jelpi! *** i cant understand the whole concept. Even VIXX Conceptions are literally i die!
[Greek mythology:] – The Third Reich to its last representatives to exist – however dismally.
I'm glad after trying Greek mythology on VIXX Jelpi is giving gugudan a mythology concept too
So jellyfish ent is into greek mythology?. From vixx to gugudan
Greek mythology as you knew it is false 🙃 some of them were actually originally black
((another Greek mythology concept from jelpi yes please ^^))
My whole thing is this: Growing up in Catholic they set aside entire lesson plans to Greek Mythology (Venus, Aphrodite, etc) and not ONCE
I really love Greek Mythology. Speaking of which, I haven't finished 'The Mark of Athena' yetㅡ bruh. ))
"The Iliad, the Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or @ The Morton Arboretum
But I really wish to read all the Greek mythology here 😢
Come in for Monday movie night (Greek mythology movies tonight) and try an ice cold, creamy Not Your Fathers Root Beer Float!
bonus: in that metaphor, you are Achilles, greatest hero in Greek mythology.
Looks like last year of degree is on Greek and Roman Mythology, sweet
To summarize for those who can't read the titles: 5 books of Greek (and maybe Roman?) mythology, "Myths and Legends of the British Isles"...
Celestite, the Stone from the Seven Sisters Stars... According to Greek mythology celestite comes from a cluster...
I'm not even into astrology but the more I read into Greek mythology the more it scares me how much I fit the description
OMFG found out no more Greek mythology books my Rick Riordan! D:
Greek God Hermes - Greek God Hermes or Mercury in Roman Mythology was the messenger of the gods and
|| Kind of want to make greek mythology accounts. Lol
Ah! Thank you!. I get really confused with Japanese culture. I'm more of a Greek and Roman Mythology kind of person
Zepar has nothing to do with Greek mythology, he's a demon named in the Ars Goetia.
»Rome and Greek Mythology« 🌾. I love Rome and Greek Mythology. I learn so much from Percy…
The primeval "Protogenoi" of Greek mythology were the basic components of the universe which emerged @ [co-]creation
ok I love greek mythology parallels
After 6 games and 10 years later, I'm ready to move on from Greek mythology.
-- time with exploring, he'd made his way to Greece, he loved Greek mythology. So naturally he'd explore museums and ruins.
FROM THE ARCHIVES:. The subject of hybrids, Greek and a highly advanced
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Greek mythology is just divine incest fanfiction
For my online summer mythology class I have to watch The Matrix, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and The Avengers 😎 education is cool
Come join me at for Greek Mythology Bingo 3pm
Today's featured deity is the Greek God of Strength.
Ganymede was a Trojan prince in Greek mythology, known for his beauty. He was the son of the king Tros of...
God of War 3 might be my favorite game ever. Just such a good, long, and entertaining story. Can't go wrong with Greek mythology either tho.
the Labyrinth in Greek Mythology which was much more Real than the illusion of your 3D world, is so intricate that no one, once inside it,
Apollo's Temple, Delos, Greek island, Delos Island. According to the Greek mythology, Delos was the
In Greek mythology Titans were a race of gods so senthila kumar is titan and blood of god
In Greek mythology there were nine muses, who were the goddesses of the arts.
Are you suggesting Greek mythology should be interpreted with anything other than strict, pedantic accuracy? Get out.
He's demanding it be in Greek Mythology and asserting if it's not there it doesn't matter.
I see nothing in the documented Greek mythology that points to a single 'master' God
The fact that I know more about Greek mythology and the English history than my own country should tell you something!
If you could work for one of the Greek gods in return for a smidgen of their power, who'd you choose?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
It's actually Icarus it's based on Greek mythology but oh well since the un's taken I might as well go with lower case L
Greek mythology is actually interesting af 🤔
Oh, by the way:. Greek Mythology > Egyptian Mythology but Horus probably my favorite mythological deity from now on.
French Academic scene from Greek Mythology, Theseus, Victor over the Minotaur,
World War II, Martial Arts, and Greek Mythology. This podcast is worth it if you're into any of these things.
So apparently the new god of war may not feature kratos at all. Or Greek mythology.
Overheard at Man Repeller HQ: "My mom named me after a princess in Greek mythology who was killed by a servant" -Leandra (duhhr)
Jonathan, great article & delish looking recipe! I love Greek mythology too. Oddly,I thought of Medusa today.
I've been reading Greek mythology since I was a kid. I also taught it when ...
I really want to take a Greek mythology class 😒
lol that movie made me sad. The Illiad is the where the story's from. I'm a Greek mythology nerd 😂
In case you missed it: Greek Mythology Tour of Athens with
the Greek mythology project really makes me wanna jump off a bridge 💃
My daughter talks about Greek Mythology on Thursday - check it out!
4th grade Greek Mythology Museum was a big hit. Thank you parents 4 coming & supporting your kids.
Great read-old tales! If you like Greek mythology and want a few fast reads.
Artist duo Pichi & Avo combine classic Greek gods and mythology with graffiti writing.
But COULD meet a librarian homez and Greek mythology could have the opposite effect I've never got toe off a librarian so..
// I will be really upset. I'm a Greek Mythology geek and that just not right.
Hang on, yeah I have NO idea why my head was in greek mythology. My bad. 🙈
and its so funny looking back now bc atalanta is like ur definitely-a *** in greek mythology & fetus emily was her Biggest Fan
The name Ariana is devired from Ariadne who in Greek mythology led Theseus to escape the Labyrinth after he killed the Minotaur
I fell in love with reading when my school librarian handed me a Greek mythology book at age 5. Still love it today.
In case anyone wants to catch up on their Greek Mythology, here's a labour of love from one of my friends .
After years she finally settled in Japan taking a job as a Greek mythology teacher under the false name of Yuni kodiosha. Her long purple+
At the 4th grade Mythology Museum to see some awesome projects and learn about Greek Mythology!
Percy Jackson . -also my - AMAZING characters . - SO FUNNY. - percy is bae and percabeth ma vie. - greek mythology https:/…
The goddess had been disguising herself as a Greek mythology teacher in Okas highschool, she had gone with the fake name+
I actually read this in Greek and Roman Mythology last year and I distinctly remember saying out loud, "same."
If I redownload quiz up and play the Greek myths category, does that count as studying for my mythology midterm? 🤔
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as a Greek mythology enthusiast, I approve of all of these 😂😭😭
DYK, the Basilisk’s name comes from the Greek word basilískos or ‘little king’? ht…
"King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold."
Another thing, I wonder if Greek mythology will ever be used in a movie with DC characters. For instance, having Ares stir up trouble for
Best YA books based on Greek mythology!
One positive in this scene is they brought up Greek mythology again.
I love my baby sister. Athena is so cute. I'm teaching her about Greek Mythology when she's older~
Still trying to figure out how Black Gospel music relates to Greek Mythology
Busy day ahead, off to watch my little Eva as Hedus in a Greek Mythology play ❤️ then off to Bowes Museum to fund...
The Roman Empire and Greek Mythology are alive and well
Illustrated stories from the Greek Mythology, older than Ancient Greece
Watch Greek mythology movies with me so I know it's real.
Robbo's referencing of Greek mythology in his column about 50m penalties reaffirms the fact he's no Homer.
📷 mk-writes: Of Pomegranates Whenever it gets cold, I think of Greek mythology.
Ok time to watch documentaries about Greek mythology xoxo 🕵
Update your maps at Navteq
more conversations in the club were about Greek mythology and quantum physics, so I'd like to thank the lovely guy from Saturday xx
I really love Greek mythology but studying for it is a pain in the ***
.students teaching about Greek mythology in local elementary school
*-* 2300 years of Greek mythology ,the god of love EROS statue found .Denizli Museum Turkey .
Overheard a frat dude in my fluids class telling a girl how big his *** is. Think I just witnessed Greek mythology being written.
as a Greek mythology you think any of those rich stories can actually make good films?
I always walk out Greek Mythology like ,.. *** did I learn?
reading off your passbook like it's Greek Mythology
Muse: (in Greek mythology) daughters of Zeus, who preside over the arts & sciences: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, stimulation
Lmao I was over here thinking I was a nerd bc I liked studying Greek mythology
''According to Greek mythology, Zeus became so obsessed with the princess Europa that he shape-shifted into a...
Reading about ancient greek mythology because I can't sleep. 😪
In Greek mythology Apollo delivered the sun and the moon to the sky every day in his horse drawn chariot.
I could tell you almost anything you want to know about greek mythology and space but maths? Nahhh
Do you just really like Greek mythology (or Percy Jackson)?
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Greek Mythology AU where everything is the same except Medusa has been replaced with an Espurr.
1/3 The moons of most planets take names from Greek mythology, but Uranus' moons are named for characters from Shakespeare & Alexander Pope.
Tithonus was a Trojan prince in Greek mythology, son of King Laomedon of Troy and the water nymph Strymo.
Students learn about Greek mythology through a unique fair at St. Ambrose School:
So my Greek mythology professor sounds a bit like Snape
Greek, Norse, were are we going with this because Mythology is great.
GREEK MYTHOLOGY: 25 Spectacular Legends of Ancient Greece & Untold Myths of Zeus, Gods, Titans and Heroes in Greek
"siri" spelled backwards is "iris" who was the messenger between the gods and humans in Greek mythology
Nigerian govt is like "SIsyphus of Greek mythology", condemned eternally 2 roll a boulder up a steep hill only 2 see it roll back down again
Would you share some of your student photo samples using Greek mythology?
Greek Gods: The Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology the Ancient Greeks Believed There Were a Great Number of Gods
Yes I am an expert on Greek mythology, I read the Percy Jackson series.
can there be a Greek Mythology class in college?
And from what I learned, the fire and brimstone torture part of *** was ripped off from Greek mythology of tartarus.
FYI @ HYORIN. 10th muse in Greek Mythology: . Amber J. Liu - goddess of rapping, singing, and beauty
Little Giant Ladders
.“He's like something out of Greek mythology, man. A little, short-legged bull, covered with eyes!”
Visit Greece in Summer 2016 and learn more about Greek Mythology and Ancient Greek History!
It's not on me as an American taxpayer to bail you out because you thought a degree in Greek Mythology was a good way to go.
I've been reading this bomb Greek mythology book
I rattled on about Norse/Egyptian/Greek/Roman Mythology earlier. I was killing it, dude.
If I was any god in like Greek mythology, I think I'd be Hades.
With 40 paylines plus 1024 ways to win, Treasures of Troy is a must play! Experience greek mythology at Elite casino!
what makes roman and Greek mythology fake but the bible real?
God of Love Eros Handmade in Greece. Sterling Silver 925 Melina World Jewelry 3008 in Ancient Greek Mythology the
Sitting on my patio. Drinking hot tea. Listening to Mozart. Reading about Greek mythology. 💁🏼🤔
I literally know every single thing about Greek mythology I'm lame
Dance and Greek mythology. This book was basically made for me.
I like Greek mythology no time to argue who the child's father is because woman with snake body can born horse after carry…
Let's reimagine Greek Mythology with People of Color shall we
The Underworld is going to be based in the greek mythology, disney or it's going to be something new?
might do someone based on the greek muses... OR THE NEMIAN LION i like greek mythology
I'm super ignorant of Greek mythology. It's my Achilles Knot.
I always wanted to rent Remember the Titans growing up because I thought it was about Greek mythology
Haunting French image from of the power of love for a spouse, Orpheus and Eurydice,
If you enjoy Greek mythology, a to is by
Mhm ~ maybe. You now a bit about the greek mythology? *smirks happily*
📷 atomicflan: gryffindorgay: “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four...
I believe that people that openly believe in Star Wars or Greek mythology don't understand God.
I knew there were cities and towns in America called Nyssa and I looked her up and she was in Greek mythology.
If I didn't "like" the Bible so much I wouldn't spend so much time on it. :) I like Greek Mythology too!
Just pointing out how much better New Englanders are about inserting Greek mythology into conversations.
Which Olympian relationships were the most obscene?.
"Helios" is the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. Our soap combines citrus,…
Warm January days explained by mythology... Learn more about
Hi Elizabeth, you too. I'm working on a series combining Greek Mythology & modern fantasy. How about you?
I love the names out of Greek mythology (my daughter is Penelope) but I couldn't name a girl after the goddess of beauty
My face sunk dramatically as soon as 'opera' followed 'Greek mythology'
Yes. I will absolutely buy that. Now I want a Greek Mythology AU.
Greek mythology and opera round on - this is what I was born for
Ngl Greek mythology stories were so good
After writing about Greek Mythology for a month, time for a break!
Greek mythology is important because it shows us that gods are as foolish as men.
It's not difficult, but reading & analyzing Greek mythology is not my favorite thing to do🙂🙂 ever lol
Having to compare Greek mythology to current political events 🙄 like ??
Thank you Paul, the amazing Greek Mythology is a great inspiration to the Mexican artists
Lauren: Wait what is a Nympho maniac?. Joey: like a crazy sex person . Lauren: oh I thought it was like something in Greek mythology
Jotun, a game based on Norse mythology was amazing.Imagine a game designed the hand of Greek mythology, would be amazing!
You have to love a goddess with a quiver full of arrows! Diana (Artemis) of Versailles.
My thread of various POC as minor characters in Greek mythology...
When you're not sure if your report is fashion marketing or Greek mythology 🤔
JOHN! 🙈 it's basic Greek mythology 😋 Adonis was a guy that Aphrodite loved
I've spent most of today reading Greek Mythology. Or 'sovereign Debt Repayment Plan' as the Athens Central Bank calls ...
LOL, don't forget that guy in Greek Mythology who drowned in his own reflection. What was his name?😎❤️
Don't you feel sometimes that Greek Mythology creation of the universe makes more sense than "because God wanted to"? . I do.
Check out The Woodland Virgin goddess Artemis (classic art print of the Greek Mythology) via
Now that I'm done with Greek Mythology, what book can I phase it out for in my kindle...Niel Patrick Harris's book or The King's Speech?
Circe,wharf,dragon like serpents,offering drink to sailors,ship,Greek Mythology [link removed]
We have created: Greek Mythology, Angry Birds, Star Wars, and many more…What do you want to do? Please call for a...
"If a frat guy lies about his *** size, does it make it Greek Mythology?" - Florida Institute of Technology
Oliver & The Dreamlands is shaping up to be Greek Mythology meets The Brothers Grimm. It's no wonder the poor boy can't sleep!
I believe the Slab from the movie is the "Fire" that Prometheus gave mankind from Greek Mythology
Jeff said he read Greek Mythology and Parrish was setting fire to everything so I thought of Hades and was like this boy is a
Did you need to read Greek Mythology before dismissing it as unreal myths? Claims of miracles require solid proof not just a book.
I took Greek Mythology, History of Rock&Roll, Intro to African Art, British Lit before 1820 etc all to fill these cores you must take
Wasn't Egyptian Mythology a rip off of Greek Mythology or was it the other way around? 😩
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I love Greek Mythology, but everything is GM based. They don't do enough with Egyptian Mythology.
I want to be an English teacher and also teach Greek Mythology as an elective.
it appears to be a claw, it also appears to be the all seeing eye of Horus. Greek mythology
My son, 11, taught me that in Greek mythology earth was repopulated after a great flood by stones turning into ppl.
"Synthaurs"by Mark Molnar. I can see a sci-fi version of Greek mythology in this kind of art. Maybe Clash O/T Titans? ht…
Taking Greek Mythology and Poetry Workshop next term guess who is going to write Greek Mythology AU next term lmao
All the literal and Greek mythology references in this though, the English major in me is showing.
Who was in the Greek Mythology. He was Actaeon. That's why Artemis had to make it right. You have to dig in deeper to understand
Earth is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman Mythology.
Favorite greek and roman god? — If not Hades, then Cronus prolly who is basically Saturn in Roman Mythology. But...
Check out Ancient Greek mythology art print:: Portrait of the God by Caperton via
has just killed his political mother. What's that called in Greek mythology???.
according to greek mythology, hellhounds guard graveyards AND have a field of fire over them/ breathe fire.
Polyphemus is a cyclops in greek mythology, sorry lol
Our Spider of the day is Archer! He's into hiking, movies about Greek Mythology and hiding in noses.
Greek mythology is like one of my favorite things to learn about
In Greek Mythology Medusa, one of the three Gorgons, daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. She was the only
In Greek mythology, a dead person is handed over some coins, to bribe the boatman to cross a water body.. No heaven ***
makes a post about disney's Hercules . some random tumblr user: ok but in real greek mythology... me: can u just stop
I want to study Greek mythology. I don't know why but it's so interesting to me 😂
Apparently it's a night for Greek mythology.
Fun freakin' fun... I just finished Session 3, Miss portrait, of the full…
how come I can't play the mash up world for the Greek mythology trial on 360?
Ugh, at least if people are gonna tease about "Cassandra" they have to have a decent grasp of Greek mythology.
For instance, in Greek mythology, the Greek hero Heracles, as a part of his Twelve Labours, was required to travel to the Garden of
I think greek mythology is really interesting
are you guys considering Wonder Woman vs Thor (I'm thinking that because of Greek and Norse Mythology)
I really want to study Greek mythology
I find Greek mythology one of the most interesting things in our world
Most of us know the stories of Greek Mythology... It's just a silly video.
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Is it weird that I'm still into Greek mythology..
Greek mythology originated from African mythology. You would've never known that because the Greeks took credit for it.
AFAIK, the Starbucks logo is of a siren (from Greek mythology). Sirens are (presumably) white.
worthy of addendum to Greek Mythology!
The bible is going to be equivalent to greek mythology soon
Woah Greek mythology just got really gods
All in all, the franchise is about an original take on the stories of Greek Mythology. The video was pure ignorant complaining.
I'm adopting Greek mythology as my religion
While I did hate taking greek mythology in school, I'm happy that I understand all the stupid jokes people on Tumblr make now
Greek mythology is sexist. HERcules? What about HIMcules?
I just want someone to whisper Greek mythology to me while massaging my tonsils.
If you like Greek Mythology read Edith Hamilton's "Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes." SOOO GOD!
i really need to concentrate to this subj. Its a lot of story in Greek Mythology. We can continue dis later night.
Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology is just the one for me.
Classic Dutch Masterpiece of Greek Mythology: The Fall of the Titans by Haarlem
Greek Mythology is LOVE! Just completed the Percy Jackson Series. Waiting for Rick Riordan's new series coming this fall.
Just answered a Greek Mythology question I didn't know at trivia with 'Sherron Collins'
Please be sure to check in at bedtime for my Greek mythology bedtime stories with annotations.
In Greek and Roman Mythology there's a lot of rape
instead of you believing in Greek mythology you believe in a British mythology. The stupidity will forever live on through
Last night there were presentations on comparing Star Wars to ancient Greek mythology and the philosophical analysis of "life" in droids.
The thing is, according to Greek Mythology (I really like the Percy Jackson series and The Heroes of Olympus)...
Ive watched Percy Jackson for about a thousand times just for greek mythology in english and its still my fav ☺
But anyone with even the basic knowledge of Greek mythology knows that he's a massive ***
Helios-Greek god of the Sun; I think Greek Mythology is quite fascinating!!
I want a book about greek mythology
course on Greek & Roman Mythology (didn't finish as I was on holiday for a couple of weeks) & that was what intro'd me to Odyssey
What meanings did myths have for ancient Greeks? For us today? …
On our wedding day I told my fiancée:I have to tell u,before we met,I was... well...promiscuous.Oh cool she exclaimed.I love Greek mythology
*laughs at his nickname for Thor* I have /no/ idea. Greek mythology was always more my thing, not so much Norse.
In Greek mythology, Psyche was the deification of the human soul.
Reading thru the wiki list of greek mythology figures makes me nostalgic of my super nerdy past where i literally knew all of them by heart
and there is no sex. It's only in Greek mythology Gods had sex with humans
hello! in vlog 59 you said, want to be a Greek god . take that from a Greek person you are a Greek god
I feel like the god of war (Greek mythology) is really doing a number on us humans
In Greek mythology Hercules is depicted straining to hold the world on his shoulders. In Revelation Jesus holds the uni…
//yes, please! I would love to read it. Greek Mythology is a weakness of mine.//
The Quran, The Bible and even Greek mythology has suggested for thousands of years that life began as earth, dust...
Greek mythology comes to life on board games - Victoria Advocate
I've have had enough Greek Mythology for a decade and it's only day 2 😲
on her early interests in Greek mythology
learned about greek mythology but teacher didn't teach us about tHIS GREEK GOD
Why did no one tell me SyFy was premiering a terrible fantasy series based on Greek mythology tomorrow?
All of my once useless greek mythology knowledge has become useful thanks to Trivia Crack.
Greek mythology is so tragic, somebody always hanging themselves.
“Wonder Woman was originally formed out of clay by her mother and brought to life by the Greek gods.” In mythology everyone was.
DONE with the stupid research Essay for English and now starting plays and Greek Mythology...YES!!
a lot of the stories in the bible are heavily influenced by Pythagoreanism and Greek mythology such as the virgin birth
Enjolras' Aliases: Apollo, Antinous, Orestes. . Me: [grabs my greek mythology and greek history books from shelf]
I'd like to thank for me getting the Greek Mythology questions on Trivia Crack correct
-Ulysses is a famous great Greek war hero of Greek Mythology!. Ulysses inspired by Achilles, a great Warrior.
I'm asking too much from my people to read about Greek mythology, let alone take lessons from those tales. :(
Ooh I really want to take a class on Greek mythology
if Greek mythology was a Rihanna song, Nymphs are basically side chicks/heaux's... O_O
do you like mythology (Icarus, allusion to Charon in Skulls, Greek Tragedy, etc.)...? What's your favorite myth?
Well, I took Greek Mythology. Should I mail the people in charge my textbook?
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