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Greek Cypriots are the ethnic Greek population of Cyprus, forming the island's largest ethnolinguistic community at 77% of the population.

Turkish Cypriot Greek Cypriots Turkish Cypriots

Greek music, flaounes and Cypriot tea...happy afternoon to me! 😎
Shame on greek cypriot immigration officials. This is not over. Lawsuit against very soon
Local entrepreneur invited to speak at leading tech conference
Local Greek Cypriot entrepreneur invited to speak at leading San Francisco tech conference
A list of the most popular Greek and Cypriot cheeses and their description, with recipes to use them.
Turkish-Cypriot leader call on Greek side to be more honest — Breaking News (NewsfeedTr) April 21, 2017
In we are too Greek or Turkish to be Cypriot yet too Cypriot to be Greek or Turkish
Greek and Cypriot radio stations refuse to support Lady Gaga's new work since BTW era and it's getting annoying...
I hope your well . I am dating a women who live independently and proud to be Greek and Greek Cypriot thankyou. For ur advice
“I’m a bit of a mish-mash, a citizen of the world. There's Jewish-Turkish, Cypriot-Greek and Basque"
Why not enjoy an authentic Greek/Cypriot beer with your meal today, served in our restaurant & bar.
The tragedy of divided Cyprus is that it entirely the fault of the Greek Cypriot majority of that era. Th…
One requirements for Cyprus being allowed to join EU was that the island reunify. The Turkish Cypriot Nor…
GREEK - CYPRIOT CUISINE . Great people support our events!! Come and hang out in our famous Snakepit tomorrow at...
Heh I intend to, Andrew, I may be Greek Cypr…
We serve some of the best and most authentic Greek-Cypriot cuisine in All cook and prepared by highly ex…
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I added a video to a playlist Greek Cypriot Coffee
Ah! To drive a car, and have a vicious Greek Cypriot, bitter he is on foot, say, in your perfect english, oh look, a ghostrider.
The old regime of greek cypriot deep state is everywhere, even airports, running their little show until we expose…
04-19 Children throw fake stones at a Greek Orthodox Cypriot man...
Ministry of National Education and Culture criticises Greek Cypriot ‘sabotage’ of Children’s Festival…
Nationalism is blaming every Greek Cypriot for the actions of a tiny minority on the basis of their ethnic…
No one I know had anything to do with that. Nor did the vast majority of Greek Cypriots. Y…
Special Adviser for runs into a pro-solution Greek Cypriot doctor in V…
They are taught that because that is what it meant for the vast majority of Greek Cypriots.
Baklava. Crushed almonds and walnuts layered in phyllo dough and soaked in a syrup.
Çavuşoğlu: “The main obstacle on the island is Greek Cypriot side’s rejection of the Turkish Cypriots as their eq..…
Turkish PM says no longer acceptable to delay negotiations, calls on Greek Cypriot side to show clear will .
Special committee to examine testimonies of Greek Cypriot women raped by Turkish soldiers during invasion of
Greek Cypriot woman gets angry at man unfurling Turkish flag, throws flag into fire
Turkish Cypriot intellectuals start petition against deportation and arrest of Barbaros Şansal; I wonder if Greek C…
Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades warns of “significant differences on substantive issues fundamental to a Cyprus solution”.
NOW: Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci arrive for
WATCH LIVE: Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders arrive at Palais des Nations for
Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot women support peace process
Talks to secure Cyprus reunification enter 'final stages' - Turkish and Greek Cypriot officials say first direc...
Turkish and Greek Cypriot officials say first direct negotiations since 1974 are ‘best and last chance’ for reso...
Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders are holding peace and reunification talks in Geneva today
CHINA XINHUA Leaders of Greek, Turkish Cypriot communities arrive in ...
Promising negotiations provide real opportunity for Cyprus: Greek, Turkish Cypriot Leaders to Hold Talks in Geneva
Leaders of Greek, Turkish Cypriot communities arrive in Geneva to continue reunification negotiations h…
We should remember George Michael was the son of a Greek Cypriot, his dad coming to Britain in 1950. Migration enriches…
heh my mum did Koine Greek for A Level. She tried to communicate with my dad's Cypriot parents when she first met them
also, what little Greek I do speak is barely comprehensible bc I learned it off of Cypriot diaspora born in London lol
article on website - but the ensuing chat re whether we are Cypriots 1st or Greek first
Meeting PM w/ Cypriot President on Problem . "Solution on Cyprus without occupation…
domain names
Lefkoniko church restoration brings Greek and Turkish Cypriots together -
PAME!! DYNATA!! Love how it's in Greek and not Cypriot, and so catchy!!
As a proud Cypriot Australian, I'm really excited to see what Greek culture is like in Chicago... I'll have to bring them some Wog movies 😂
Enjoy the best traditional Greek and Cypriot dishes, in a modern, warm and friendly atmosphere at Souvlaki at The E…
Discover the impressive variety of Cypriot cuisine here.
Haji-ioannou family are Cypriot not Greek. Run a fact check before you publish.
I used love this! Super quirky Greek/Cypriot place with the best slow cooked pork I've ever had! Be…
AKINCI: “The Greek Cypriot community must be prepared for Turkish Cypriots holding the presidency in a rotating basis.
Hope for a settlement. Greek Cypriot civil society must start mobilising people to support a deal.
I think AG's overall point is different but he had to adhere to greek cypriot legalistic boulesheet. Catch-22 until solution :-)
I'm being trolled for using "demonym", which is Greek so obviously I'd know it. Regardless it was NOT used by me. I…
Cypriot cuisine has been influenced by different cultures throughout history.
Anastasiades to consult with Greek leadership on Wednesday -
and Cypriot leaders will resume on 20 Nov. to reach an agreement on peace settlement…
Hilarious. My dad told me over the weekend that his grandfather was a Cypriot Greek called "Trumpanidis" or some such.
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Greek Cypriots indeed express reservations! After 446 yrs of Turkish traumatic presence! We forgive but not forget!
Realising that venues now give out paper plates at greek events because we cant be trusted with real ones 🙄
Greek Cypriot, so a lifetime of kebab consumption. My bed is side on to my TV so I watch/play everything from it.
forces must throw strong support behind Don't leave the stage to spoilers Now is the time
Greek & Cypriot Pottery: a review of scientific studies. .
Watching the Cypriot Greek version of Wheel of Fortune, this is great
Lou, do you know where the nearest greek/cypriot shop is? The turkish one near Tooting Bec doesn't have what I want. x
Think DJ last night was the Cypriot George Bowie. Zorba the Greek came on then after the intro it turned into a mental rave version.
Happy to support you guys, I come from a Greek Cypriot background with strong family ties, so see many similarities
Αspects included in the 4 Greek Cypriot alternatives on territory -
Let's go to the movies! From November 10 - 24th, celebrate the Greek & Cypriot cinematic arts at the European...
Erdogan's new special game plan for Cyprus.Exclusively in tomorrow's Kathimerini (in both Greek and Cypriot editions)
Awesome news! Trump names Greek Cypriot George Papadopoulos to his foreign policy team!
Interview with on talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders -
When you bring your Greek Cypriot mother inlaw to a Turkish barbers and they start talking about the war. Ooops. *Half a…
Cyprus put forward a proposal to put an end to the illegal sale of Greek Cypriot properties in the north:
The monuments are not Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot... Thanks Takis & Ali. @ Mağusa…
too true. has committed genocide and ethnic cleansing 4 over 100 years. Ask a Greek Armenian Kurd Cypriot
Cypriot and Greek ops help EU net 33m illegal cigarettes in Greece -
Alexanda Kotey is half Ghanaian, half Greek Cypriot, grew up in a family of dress cutters in Shepherd’s Bush... -...
Israeli, Greek and Cypriot leaders to build a joint gas pipeline:
having Greek Cypriot routes I was very impressed with your honesty of Greece . I cried I laughed . Thank you
my bf is Cypriot-Greek. He hasn't spoke since it started. Simon just went to the village his mum was born in.
Greek Cypriot teachers visited schools in the north & planted olive trees as a sign of peace ht…
The development of hydrocarbons in Eastern Mediterranean can be a catalyst for the Cyprus problem, a Cypriot MEP...
Cypriot student awarded €450,000 for Greek Police beating: Greek Police to do ID ch...
Alexander Kotey, a 32-year-old convert to Islam, is the son of a Greek Cypriot and Ghanaian immigrants
Orestis is a Greek name. Are you Greek or Cypriot?
Beautiful cake beautifully decorated Lemonia Greek Cypriot restaurant in primrose hill at the private room for Giul…
The Greek state must pay €450,000 to a Cypriot man who was the victim of police brutality in Thessaloniki:
Foreign donors refuse Turkish request to fund the plunder of Greek Cypriot properties via
2nd member of 'Beatles' cell identified as half Ghanaian, half Greek Cypriot Londoner -
Just watched zorba the Greek one of my favourites love being Greek Cypriot
Is Gaza Paying the Price of the Cypriot-Israeli-Greek Alliance? - Palestine Chronicle
Cyprus football team of 1954 against Israel.Greek,Turkish & Armenian Cypriots in the same team.
Is Gaza paying the price of the Cypriot-Israeli-Greek alliance?
A Greek Cypriot woman attends a ceremony for soldiers and police...
Turkish, Greek Cypriot leaders show determination for reunification
[VIDEO] Turkish Cypriot man proposes to Greek Cypriot girlfriend in busy street:
gargle & swallow thimblefull before bed find it in any discerning Greek Cypriot deli
"It's so bad". "Who cares, who's going to see it? Only the Manchester Greek and Cypriot society"
Meet Agori, a Greek-Cypriot girl having her internship in Granada!
Discussion for a united Greek & Turkish Cypriot heads of chambers https:/…
“Hate crime” warning from the European Council to the Greek Cypriot Administration
A pipeline deal, sharing Aphrodite equity and Greek Cypriot debt can be catalysts for solution.
Unless you're Cypriot depositors, Greek citizens, Irish taxpayers, young unemployed in Italy, Spain,Portugal etc etc htt…
Greek Cypriot govt. criticised for allowing hate crimes
how much you creeps pay for stolen Greek Cypriot property in Turkish occupied north Cyprus ?
Turks deploy violence: Greek Cypriot women injured and arrested in green line clash...
What did the Cypriot cheese say when it looked in the mirror?
Greek Cypriot government criticised for allowing hate crimes
I suppose we could mention the In campaign options; the Greek, Cypriot, Portuguese, Spanish options etc
Greek priest and Turkish imam are enjoying some coffee together in Cyprus, 1953.
What a lovely story! 'Award for Greek, Turkish Cypriot couples shows Cyprus' ethnic division no barrier to love'
Top story: 'Greek-Cypriot woman looks for his husband after Tu… see more
Greek-Cypriot woman looks for his husband after Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, 1974
Öcalan held a Greek Cypriot passport at the time. G. Cypriots and Greece constantly promote terrorism.
America can never fault Turks over Armenia Greek&Cypriot genocide. WeRTurks&we deserve what Turks get from God& righteuos men
Sweet sixteen settings in the building @ Greek-Cypriot Hall
oh you are just a racist Greek Cypriot telling what's happening in my country!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
.RoC must demand of Google 2list primary names of Cypriot towns in Greek (egMorfou)
Exhibit on former president to be opened by leaders of and communities
Good luck to cypriot and greek athletes in the world championship, heroes fight like greeks!
EDEK questions funding source of pro-solution group: ... being carried out by the newly founded Greek Cypriot ...
Highly recommend Leventis Gallery in Nicosia. Fantastic Greek and Cypriot art. Diamantis's amazing 'whole of Cyprus' work amazing.
oh my oh to be Greek/ Cypriot no puppy fat, geeky or teenaged spots, just sophistication # Sophia Loren
Dherynia crossing hits a snag: Citing an unnamed source, the Cyprus News Agency said the Greek Cypriot side di...
Good to see a constructive debate happening with the staff of the National Guard in the
this worries me and I'm a Greek Cypriot and Scottish person
Yeah I have a Greek Cypriot background mate...that's mean I'm from Cyprus...not greece...
I said today that I'm Greek Cypriot and this guy started listing all the Greek Islands he has visited...
There's always something magical about visiting Cyprus. Maybe it's my Greek Cypriot roots or maybe I just love...
The Greek Cypriot/Irish community was minimal to nothing at UoB. More Perry's than there were Anastasia's kmt
happy Birthday you Greek-Cypriot legendino. Have a siyyyk day
Happy birthday to my Cypriot brother the Greek hulk xo
With great pleasure the daughter of Glafkos Klerides (the former leader), Kate donated...
easy jeti kuran bir yunan is adami Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is a British entrepreneur of Greek-Cypriot origin
Recipe for Greek Cypriot Dessert Shamishi - from the archives
All of a sudden dad thinks he is Greek Cypriot trying to speak to me in Greek.
A bit of Greek Cypriot in Strictly to look forward to this year!
There is an irony here, as a large proportion of the population in WSM are Greek Cypriot! I call it Weston-Super-Cyprus ...
Buying the loot of invasion always a crime. properties have to be returned! Justice to all Cypriots!
haven't read anything by her. She writes a lot about Greek vs English Cypriot culture
yes to all of the above. But with Greek Cypriot cheese. Which is all we need. And factor 50. And a snorkel.
Don't know mate he looks a little Greek Cypriot
she defended British couple who purchased a house on land in occupied territory in Cyprus belonging to a Greek Cypriot
being Cypriot you would have thought that the Greek economy needed his cash now even more so
Kıbrıs Postası interviewed some journalists to see their views on the problem and the...
Cypriot kids to spend more time learning mathematics, Greek & PE
SOULA'S DELI!. Open tomorrow from 10.00am. . Selling a range of Greek and Cypriot food and dips from Tradewinds...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
She's like my grandma lives there, but I'm like your Dad is greek-cypriot though, he ain't from Greece
What I don't understand is that if Tulisa & Dappy are both Greek-Cypriot why do they constantly wonder back to Greece and not CY? lol
Big Greek Cypriot community here, so any of the Greek restaurants for a little taste of the Med...
Non-Cypriot nationals are leaving for pastures greener although the same cannot be said of
Excellent paper on the Greek spoken in Cy:
And when the first reply is a Greek Cypriot saying "so Turkish," you see the human scope of the problem.
Cypriot DNA evident in over a dozen populations "..and the Irish people scanned had significant Greek DNA markers.."!
Spoke to u18 Greek Cypriot player today, told me Thierry Henry was alongside Kwame Ampadu on the bench today!
really I'm st Lucian and greek Cypriot
Greek owned Cypriot Banks likely to be taken over.
A Greek Cypriot can vote in EU referendum but not a Greek. A Mozambican can vote but not a Swede whose life …
Elderly Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot residents met at Nicosia’s Bandabuliya -TRNC
The Bicommunal Kyrenia Initiative – BKI began at the initiative of a few Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot.
Negotiators to meet again Wednesday - .Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis and Turkish Cypriot...
Turkish seismic vessel Barbaros on new mission near Cyprus: Greek Cypriot press wrote today that the Turkish s...
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We watched a play with and both Turkish and Greek Cypriot friends in Limassol.
Biden urges Greek Cypriot leader to work with Turkish counterpart: US Vice President Joe Biden has urged Greek...
.to host dinner with Greek Cypriot leader & Turkish Cypriot leader on Monday, 11 May 2015
I meant Cypriot news (or maybe my Greek) is lacking. They have covered the whistleblower ref but had no idea it was all so rigged
Blessed Easter Wishes to the oh, so awesome Greek & Cypriot community! And especially to my incredible Bosses! :-)
🇸🇦 so they have this flag that I have never seen in my life, yet they don't have the Greek or Cypriot flag😓🙇🏻
being told i look Greek Cypriot hehe lol
Greek Cypriot food makes me very happy
During the Easter feast days in every Greek-Cypriot household, Flaounes is typically served. A purely Cypriot...
Old Greek people are the best, never fail to make me feel proud to be Greek 💙
Why did the Greek Cypriot Parliament passed a resolution on Armenia on the eve of the commencement of the negotiations? A…
hallumi is Cypriot not Greek, made by Turkish and Greek Cypriots!!! Please get your facts rights on your new show!!
‘We’re doing everything possible to restart talks’ - By George Psyllides. The Greek Cypriot side is...
SOS over Greek tax - By George Psyllides CYPRIOT businesses called on the government to look into the...
Why is there still no black heart emoji or greek / cypriot flag
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Up really early this morning making a lot of traditional Greek Cypriot food for this Sunday
Mr , with your unwise statements you gave Greek Cypriot nationalists the perfect excuse to "attack you".
Cute UKIP billboard in my area where everyone is Polish, Turkish, Greek/Cypriot or Jewish lol
The UNSG’s Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide has made two comments that have angered the Greek Cypriot side:
Greek Cypriot Minister: Turkey to benefit from gas
“The Greek Cypriot leader has turned back from a big mistake” -
piece of the day: spiral Earring with lion head. Gold and copper alloy. 4th c .B.C Culture:Greek,Cypriot .
It pisses me off when you tell someone you're cypriot and they insist talking in Greek without even asking what language you speak...
I think Alan's still there, my guy was Angelo, the Greek Cypriot geezer who was 2nd furthest on the right of the shop
No hard evidence, but various pointers. Firstly, there are a significant number of people in the UK of Greek / Cypriot origin
Kalo Pashcha! Happy Pasha to all Greek and Cypriot Greek friends.
Cypriots to resume peace talks: … Ankara, while the Greek Cypriot-controlled Republic of Cyprus is re...
Peace talks on Cyprus could start, says UN envoy: Peace talks between leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish...
Greek Cypriot side ready to withdraw its decision to suspend its participation in UN-led talks, spokesman says...
Greek Cypriot side ready to return to the negotiating table
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Cypriots ready to resume peace talks: . NICOSIA, Cyprus –­ Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders are ready ...
Trading this Sat : Greek Kitchen : Greek Cypriot food made with love, using traditional recipes  
Greek Cypriot leader has suspended reunification talks in response to Turkey's plans to search for oil and gas in n…
no problem with feta tbh, Greek Cypriot
Cypriot exporters fear Greece punitive tax on imports could kill trade and urged government to raise the matter:
The Cypriot dialect in London: new research project launched
that is why Greek Cypriot voted NO to peace program just 2 days ago?
You are Greek, I'm Cypriot-Greek.. Conclusion: Come to Greece so I can finally meet you and tell you that you are my everything
For my Greek, Cypriot and Turkish friends. An article worth reading!.
Concerning and Countering swagger in the Eastern Mediterranean at via
With my friends from Erdington's Greek Cypriot community and David Jamieson & CC Chris Sims
ESM ‘s Regling: The end of the year is important because legally the EFSF programme comes to an end via
"Greek Cypriot Administration agree to fight : Anadolu Agency -
Shameful for 'Athenians': GreekPM Samaras agreed with Egyptian coup leader Sisi
I've seen Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots but haven't come across an Armenian Cypriot yet
it's been so long since I've been anywhere Greek for a proper Kebab/Gyros. Always remember a Cypriot Kleftiko though!
Administration agree to fight terrorism
Egypt, Greece, Greek Cypriot Administration agree to fight terrorism
Egypt, Greece, Greek Cypriot Administration agree to fight te... |
With Egyptian President on his side, Greek Cypriot leader accuses
Italian families remind me of greek cypriot families man
Sisi is hosting both the Greek PM & the Greek Cypriot President. He just needs Armenia and the PKK to complete the "I ha…
Wise man this Christofias, Former Greek Cypriot President: "Cyprus is not a Hellenic state"
No: 313, 08 October 2014, Press Release Regarding the Decision of the Greek Cypriot Administration Not to Partic...
To all my Turkish Cypriot & Greek Cypriot friends and family you have to read this book 💛
Turkey monitoring Greek Cypriot oil and gas exploration TURKEY going after Greek Cypriot oil/gas - they want it ALL!
Greek Cypriot spy chief: Turkish Cypriots 'helping' ISIL - hopefully the world is taking notes re Turkey!
Find the ignorance of that genuinely offensive, especially as a Greek Cypriot.
probably our greek-speaking muslim cypriot community of peninsula considered as Greek
African student tested for Ebola, reports Turkish Cypriot media
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One word for Greek Cypriot leader. Stop acting like a drama queen and go on negotiating. Very very few people care about this now.
Today in for my photographic on divided cities in world (greek-cypriot side)…
Press Statement regarding the unilateral suspension of the comprehensive settlement negotiations by the GC leadership
EU: New Cypriot Judge at Court of Justice sworn in
uni mate in the Classics dept, greek-cypriot, absolute sweetheart.
The same Turkey that invaded Cyprus to stop Greek Cypriot fascists murdering Turkish Cypriots?
correct some people can't think for themselves. What's a Greek Cypriot doing in Aus ???
UN meets with Greek-and-Turkish Cypriot leaders to mediate in maritime crisis
You would have had a more fruitful lunch if you had also invited both leaders of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot people.
This is going to be a long family dinner @ Kanella
we should update our bio to Lebanese/Greek/Cypriot 7aram Cyprus ra7 7a22a ?! :p
Turkey summons Greek envoy over Greek Cypriot suspension of talks: The Turkish Fore...
The Greek Cypriot admin suspended talks Tues "after Turkey sent ship to monitor an oil + gas exploration mission" off coast of Cyprus
denounces Greek for suspending peace talks with Turkish Cypriot.
Greek Cypriot administration suspends peace talks over divided island
The ever-popular Eviva Taverna are offering two people an eight-course Greek-Cypriot meal for £28, saving 50%.
Turkey summons Greek envoy in row over suspension of Cyprus peace talks
Turkey's invasion of Cyprus during Archbishop Makarios Greek Cypriot-Turkish Cypriot conflict in 1972 should be the action
'Pirates of the Caribbean' scene where fight, a PERFECT analogy of the island we live on!
Anastasiades postponed the Thursday meeting: Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades suspended the schedule...
Watch SASG's press encounter after meeting Greek Cypriot leader on
Greek Cypriot footballer labelled traitor & harrassed by ethno-nationalist fanatics for joining Turkish Cypriot team: http:/…
The girl in the Greek-Cypriot/English family on Gogglebox is gorgeous
Greek Cypriots withdraw from Cyprus peace talks: The Greek Cypriot administration has withdrawn from peace talks wi…
Suspension of talks by Greek side is wrong: Turkish Cypriot Leader - Anadolu Agency -
A 48-year old Cypriot man confessed before a Greek court on Tuesday to running a people trafficking ring:
I am Greek Cypriot and I want to go home! Turkish troops out of Cyprus - Justice for Cyprus
Greek Cypriots living in Australia have organised marches across the country to mark the 40 year anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.
Der vom türkischen Militär seinerzeit an den griechischen Cyprioten verübte Genozid darf nicht in Vergessenheit geraten !!! Gabriele Lamys : "Tomorrow marks 40 years since Turkey invaded Cyprus and ethnically cleansed the northern third and of the island in complete violation of international law. TURKEY…GUILTY AS CHARGED…FROM 20 JULY 1974 TO PRESENT…. * In the course of the military operations and occupation, Turkish armed forces by way of systematic conduct, adopted a practice of 'ethnic cleansing’, causing deprivation of life…..including indiscriminate killings of civilians, by bombing of civilian targets and hospitals and cold blooded murders that included women & old men, as well as children between the ages of 6 months and 11 years. * They subjected persons of both sexes and all ages to torture, inhuman degrading treatment or punishment, including wholesale & repeated rapes. * They detained arbitrarily and with no lawful authority hundreds of persons in Cyprus and ...
Cyprus divided: 40 years on, a family recalls how the island was torn apart via
I do not support Cyprus because I am half Greek Cypriot. I support Cyprus because it's correct politically, legally and morally.
Greek Criminal Justice System in which I had to pass 47 different modules in order to get the Law Degree and the Cypriot Criminal Justice
Cyprus is neither Greek not Turkish, it's Cypriot. This so called longing to be Greek has caused the division
I get ask a lot what type of guy I like in my personal life. I like hot white guys, mixed race guys, mixed Arab guys, Greek Cypriot guys
His father was born in Egypt, was Greek/Cypriot. Mother was Italian.
If it is not Srebrenica, not Crete, not Gaza the only reason is the Cyprus Peace Operation in 1974 against the Greek Cypriot coup
These Greek Cypriot soldiers were prisoners of war. They were executed in cold blood by the Turkish army
and Cypriot communities asked if they believe is likely to reunify in the near future.
For get-together at a Greek-Cypriot Nightclub later. Food,music, wine, dancing & a bit of plate-smashing.Enjoy your weekend
And when a Greek Cypriot police officer see my useless Turkish passport, they think that I am a demon too.
Do they do battered sausage there? Don't tell Gregan! The Greek or Cypriot owner of that chippy is a pne season ticket holder
With 5 weeks to go to the E & J Big Fat Greek-Cypriot Spanish Wedding, I tried on my dress. It fits. Just. No carbs for 5 weeks or Spanx?
The Greek Cypriot negotiating team has tabled a proposal to maintain a small army on the island post-solution
“where does ur surname originate from?”it's Greek Cypriot 😊
Cyprus' future: Unity or division?: Al Jazeera asked Turkish and Greek Cypriot comm...
Cyprus dispute – Division must not become permanent, Greek Cypriot president says
I will never forget the stories my friends Greek Cypriot families told me of what the Turkish did to them and others - never
Negotiators meet for 9 hours: THE Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot negotiators Andreas Mavroyiannis and Kudre...
New Edition of Greek Americans: WASHINGTON, DC - More than 100 representatives of Greek- and Cypriot-American ...
A shout-out to my peeps. Grilled Halloumi Salad recipe on the blog!
A mother and her child visit the graves of Greek and Cypriot soldiers killed during the 1974 Turkish invasion
The assertion by Mr. Christides (May 10, 1999) that there was no ethnic cleansing or attempted genocide of Turkish Cypriots by Greek Cypriots is ridiculous. Until influential Greek Cypriots come to terms with the appalling behavior of their community toward the smaller Turkish Cypriot community and stop trying to persuade themselves and the world that each side was as much to blame as the other, there will be no reconciliation in Cyprus. What did George Ball and Sir Alec Douglas say about the intentions of Archbishop Makarios vis a vis the Turkish Cypriots? In his memoirs, American Undersecretary of State George Ball said: "Makarios's central interest was to block off Turkish intervention so that he and his Greek Cypriots could go on happily massacring Turkish Cypriots. Obviously we would never permit that. "The fact is, however, that neither the United Nations, nor anyone, other than Turkey ever took effective action to prevent it. On Feb. 17, 1964 the Washington Post reported that "Greek Cypriot fanatic ...
A further extract from Queens and Kings - Existence Another Interlude Look if I want to have interludes, I’ll have interludes…so stop whinging and get on with reading...go on…you know you want to. A while back, I made reference to my wandering the streets of London, by myself, aged 7 without being molested by anybody. Less of a while back I made another reference to the ancient Greek Cypriot guy from the Akteon Restaurant in Famagusta who had a go at helping me with arithmetic and figures. He didn’t molest me either. Other than Mrs. Dodds, nobody, at least up to this point in my life, aged 11, molested me. I remained virginally intact. And yet I did things and ambled around, sometimes by myself, sometimes with my mates, by ourselves, in complete safety. As well as friends my age, more or less, I associated, to one degree or another, with people older than me, in some cases much, much older, and not one single one of those people laid a harmful finger on me. Not once. Ever. Today the idea of young ...
Prince Charles akan menziarahi Makam Mawlana Shaykh Nazim di Cyprus minggu ini. Nama Islamnya Prince Hussein dan telah masuk Islam di tangan Mawlana Shaykh Nazim pada tahun 1985... Prince Charles to visit North Cyprus this weekend Turkish Cypriot spiritual leader Shaykh Nazim, who with followers all over the world was one of the most influential Muslim figures of this era, passed away at the age of 92 on Wednesday. World Bulletin / News Desk It has been claimed that the hier to the United Kingdom throne Prince Charles will be visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) this weekend to offer his condolences to the family of the late Muslim spiritual leader Shaykh Nazim. Reports on Turkish Cypriot news websites quoting Sabah newspaper's Emre Diner have said that the prince will arrive in Cyprus either via the Larnaca International Airport in the Greek Cypriot-controlled south or the British airbase on the island. It has been said that he will then make his way to the TRNC to visit Shaykh Nazim's ...
The Rhetoric Against the Russian invasion to Crimea keeps on going ; All I can say to them is this:: People who live in Glass Houses must Never throw Stones !! I am a Greek Cypriot and I know what I am talking about !!
March 8, 2014, Cyprus Mail President calls on EPP to contribute towards united Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades yesterday called on the European People`s Party (EPP) to contribute towards a united Cyprus. This could be achieved both by sending clear messages to all the stakeholders who must be actively engaged in the negotiating process and also through a more active engagement of the EU at the negotiating table. Here they could provide expertise and ensure that the final solution is consistent with the acquis and the principles and values on which the Union is founded, he said. In an intervention at the EPP Dublin Congress, Anastasiades referred to the situation in Ukraine, noting that it “should be of great concern to all of us” and that the EPP was compelled by the developments in Ukraine and the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, to work even harder so that the EPP emerges as the dominant political force in Europe”, which is “rendered even more essential today, due to developme ...
I say Greek, it's actually Cypriot Greek, where at least half our swears are actually Turkish.
My sister is Jamaican/Scottish/English and her fiancé is Greek Cypriot/Irish/Italian. So the next generation of kids will be VERY mixed 😂
Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot businessmen want a united Cyprus.
a Greek, a French, a Bajan and a Cypriot! This is what I call multi ethnic bar team!!
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PROPHESY FOR THE YEARS 2014-2020 (By Nostradamus) E.U MEMBERS. Some states will leave the E.U, but those not part of the FR will be second tier at best and will have strong secessionists views in place. The ultimate strategy if the FR will be similar to that of the Third Reich, and they will require many years to rebuild their economies and put themselves back on their feet, as well as create a real war machine. GREECE. Greece will throw its government by a military coup. It will exit out of the EU and start printing of the Drachma. There will be talks about alliances with the appearance of Russian bases. However, before these come to fruition, Greece’s alliance with Cyprus and Israel will pull Greece directly into war with Turkey. THE TURKS WILL BE FIGHTING A THREE FRONT WAR, BUT A LARGE ENOUGH FORCE WILL DRIVE INTO GREECE. The Greeks will fight hard, but will be over¬come. The Turkish assault will stall in Thessaloniki amidst massive street to street fighting and also in the mountains to the north. T ...
Good weather for Cypriot radio station take over. I'm not a fan of the Greek music.
Happy International Women's Day! The opening of the Women's Film Week will take place this afternoon at 6pm at the Goethe-Institut in Nicosia. Join UNFICYP Force Commander Major General Chao Liu, UNDP-PFF Programme Manager Ms. Tiziana Zennaro, Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot active members of civil society Ms. Gülden Plümer Küçük and Ms. Anna Koukkides-Procopiou, and Ms. Sandra Hamrouni, Director of the British Council in saying that "Equality for Women is Progress for All”".
Turkey resorts to water power with Cyprus pipeline project Author: Thomas Seibert, Posted March 6, 2014,Al-Monitor ISTANBUL — In the first such project in the world, Turkey is planning to pump water to northern Cyprus with the help of an 80-kilometer pipeline running under the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 250 meters. The immediate aim of plan is to provide water for the Turkish sector of Cyprus. But Ankara hopes the technical knowledge gained in the course of the project could enable Turkey to export water to countries in the Middle East as well, potentially contributing to Turkey’s power in the region. Construction of a dam for the project in the southern Turkish province of Mersin on the Mediterranean coast is scheduled to end March 7. The dam is intended to store water from the Anamur River, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea from the Taurus Mountains. If all goes according to plan, the water will be pumped through the pipeline starting in July, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Turkey ...
The Greek and Cypriot people have gone up massively in my estimation...what a society they are!!
"Greek or Turkish Cypriot?" Well with a surname like michaels its Greek (after mine)
Greek and Turkish Cypriot business sectors pushing for reunification of This could be a blueprint for solving conflict
To be honest, I'll take a Cypriot radio feed of the match right now. I don't understand Greek or Turkish but I understand excitment!
With the impressive George Yiacoumis, President of the proud Greek Cypriot community in Erdington and Birmingham
DIKO: a clear and historic decision (updated) - By George Psyllides. The Greek Cypriot side has made too many...
One lucky at the Midlands Greek Cypriot Association is to receive this packed with
Ow... sure i know. Didnt expect it from Greek Cypriot Armenian..
Our View: Meetings in Ankara and Athens a positive development - THE VISITS of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish...
First time I met with my Greek colleague after the cross talks by Turkish and Greek Cypriot negotiators in Athens and Ankara respectively
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