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Greater Vancouver

Greater Vancouver is the metropolitan area centred on the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, roughly coterminous with the Greater Vancouver Regional District, which is governed by a body known as Metro Vancouver.

Greater Vancouver Area Metro Vancouver Fraser Valley

I wish anti-Trudeau tweeps would take a walk on the reality side. Mr. Trudeau's trust fund was worth less than the…
I was about to send out a distress call to the Greater Vancouver Area.
What caused Greater Vancouver condo prices to soar heading into 2018?.
Do you love mead? Why not join Campbell's Gold Honey Farm Mead Club and get great discounts, free delivery in the F…
Great News!. Also note the promise that it will not be 'under built' That is, it can be built bigger to accommodat…
Sarah Tamura and Larkyn Austman are both from the Greater Vancouver Area. As it stands right now, one of them is go…
No, sure don't think that! How could anyone? They work their *** off for peanuts and a lot of rude customers, I'm…
See our latest BC and click to apply: district manager, Greater Vancouver -…
This Monday is your last chance to drop off canned goods or cash donations at our studio! A donation enters you to…
Here’s where Greater prices are headed in 2018
Imagine a country where nearly the entire population of the Greater Vancouver Area were in prison. Then imagine nea…
Build a very large airtight dome over the Greater Vancouver Area and the survivors will figure it out.😂
What do you think? Greater prices to drop 21 per cent by 2019: analysis
Steady sales and diminished characterize 2017 for the Metro market | Real Estate Boar…
title sponsor has been serving the Greater Area for over 25 years! Trust…
Good idea for allowing greater density that we could try in Vancouver.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Greater Vancouver home values high due to low inventory: Royal LePage
Michelle Obama to speak at Greater Vancouver Board of Trade event
ya I think the 42,000 is greater Vancouver, UR screenshots are COV. thanks . 1000 for COV
Omg i got so hungry reading this article; i barely finished it 😂🤤. Similarly in the Lower Mainland (“…
Dear drivers in the Greater Vancouver Area. I will not plow over pedestrians so stop honking at me when I refuse to do so.…
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is unwilling to make MLS data publicly available because there are dozens of exam…
... preservation of significant postwar arch of the N American West Coast, w/ a special focus on Greater Vancouver.
Actually he won the Greater Vancouver open over at -…
Check out our detailed infographic of the latest Greater Vancouver real estate trends
"Brisk condo sales are driving Greater Vancouver's real estate market while the pace of price gains has slowed in... http…
It seems the majority of women in the Greater Vancouver Area wear a 32DD...
BC actually willingly joined confederation. It is part of whole country. Greater Vancouver Area got its start and r…
Looking to build our contact list of local worship bands from the Greater Vancouver Area who would be interested...
indeed - Whitecaps must support a team in the Greater Vancouver Area (similar to their support of TSS).
If this was in the Greater Vancouver Area I would like you to stop staring at me I have no plans fo…
Low supply continues to limit Metro Vancouver home buyers | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says residential home sales fell almost 42% in February, compared to the…
Take note Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver! Please be careful with your headlines!
Interfaith Service of Prayer in Solidarity with the Islamic Community of Greater Vancouver, Christ Church Cathedral, Friday Feb 3, 3:00 pm
Looking for an actor in the Greater Vancouver Area. Filming a short tomorrow! Pease RT! Aged 19-27.
He was alone in the Greater area finds a rainbow metal chain link bracelet please contact me.
AUDIO: visits and discusses the importance of Canada's energy sector on
Find your place to work in the real estate in Greater Vancouver with RE/MAX.
Seven solutions to make homes affordable | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver via
Dream Home | Can you imagine waking up to these vistas every day? You can at this condo:…
We're hiring for a position in the Greater area. Interested? DM for more info!
These 2 plus mayors of greater Vancouver, BC, Canada, are thieves and money launderers who do not care about Canadians. Since long ago the
In just over an hour... listen in to "Local Traffic Only", featuring musicians from the Greater Vancouver Area.
EN • • Sandy Blass at the Jewish Centre of Greater two cultures joined in art •…
The most amazing Vegan Pizza in the Greater Vancouver Area, very friendly and helpful staff too! Was even delicious cold🍕
Home sale and listing activity dip below historical averages in October | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Home Buying MADE EASY in Metro & Greater . . Chris walks his clients through…
What does Trump mean for Canada discussion greater Vancouver Board of Trade
"Hundreds" adds up to what percentage of Greater Vancouver's 2.5 million (2011) residents?
Greater Zoo is dedicated to conservation of species including Taylor's Checkerspot
DO NOT MISS THIS EPIC EVENT . . . . Committed men and women gather to plan the incredible Greater Vancouver...
She could be in the Greater Vancouver Area.
Dave:. Just to clarify, the newspaper item was specifically referring to the Greater Vancouver Area. It's in…
so as a greater Vancouver goes that's 1 in 5000. Yikes
Greater Vancouver kindergarten vaccination rates are lower in more affluent areas: study.…
AUDIO: Two former ambassadors on and much more.
Did you know there's a Bates Motel and mansion in Greater Vancouver? No, really, there is:
things are getting crazy in Greater Vancouver
Crowe MacKay LLP Vancouver is proud to participate in the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association Dodgeball...
A vacant homes tax in Vancouver? Slowly, policymakers inch towards the obvious, a land tax, and thus greater supply.
like Local & Long Distance Movers | Moving Greater Vancouver for over 30 Years BBB Member of Canadian M
Record year for Greater Vancouver commercial properties; rest of Western Canada continues to
Prime minister of Canada, premier of BC, CANADA, and mayors of greater Vancouver are criminals because: 1. They have taken offices in
Vancouver has more solar potential than Berlin. Hydroelectricity actually has greater carbon emissions on arable land.
My favourite annual event in the Greater Vancouver Area is the East Side Culture Crawl. Starts tonight at 5 pm
Metro & Greater GO-TO-REALTOR for assisting his clients in making WISE investments ~ RESULTS DO MATTER…
Home Selling MADE EASIER in Metro & Greater ~ Chris Wendland walks his clients through the entire proces…
Lot prices on University Hill, 1926. No houses under $6000 to be built! Detail
Greater safety of physically protected/separated on-road "tracks" in Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal.
Latest from Peter Holst : branding for DBM Law at various landmarks in Greater
Greater Vancouver Zoo has an awesome activity for this Saturday! Please look at the following for more details.
Bid on our tie!!! In support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society...
Vancouver sales downturn an omen of greater market hardship?
Average Greater Vancouver home sale price down almost 6% in October: BCREA | | Business in Vancouver
We are Greater Vancouver's New Way to Get you hopping to local establishments we advertise local events/drink specials
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Realtor who spoke up about industry's failings tossed from Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver!
"Greater Vancouver: WORKSHOP May 15th - Do your beliefs and your thoughts CREATE your reality?? How?" on
The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver in numbers. The Jewish Federation of ...
Here are the latest Greater Vancouver Area real estate stats. Please let me know if you have any questions! -
All of the Greater Vancouver Area in British Columbia, Canada can support this too!
New perspectives on the Greater Vancouver Area in BC thanks to an evening 🚁 flight with
is my website. I am looking for some people who are willing to do some bridal shoots by me in Greater Vancouver Area
Over 5,000 homes were sold last month, breaking all records by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver announce that March sales set an all-time record:
March was the highest selling month ever recorded for listings sold in Greater Vancouver Area
Greater Vancouver is nestled around the eastern end of Burrard Inlet, a natural deepwater harbour, and the mouth...
While part of me would like to watch "Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver," a greater part of me values my sanity.
Will the booming BC economy continue on a roll, or will some push it off-track?
Canadian Real Estate *** n: Look at home price index year over year. Greater Vancouver homes up 20.56%.
Hot off the press Greater Vancouver New Listings for February 15, 2016 now posted at Enjoy!
Maybe They have been talking about making Canada Or Mexico greater then the USA afterall They both are part of...
Is Greater Vancouver losing its lifeblood or experiencing a tsunami of growth? Share your opinions at
.More than 50% of British Columbia's population lives in Greater They can't all move somewhere cheaper , can they?
Institute for Sustainable Food Systems is hiring Head Farmer for
Dream Home | Ultimate Vancouver luxury awaits you in this Craftsman-style home:
🎶 Amanda Palmer Vancouver 2016 Edition & A benefit for the Greater Vancouver Fo...
Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School is hiring for the Head Farmer. Due date Feb 28 2016...
There is no greater feeling than landing in Vancouver :')
Will the infusion of cash into continue? What will happen when it ends?
Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley leading the province, but look at the average price difference!!!
"The places a Summit 154 T3 from Greater Vancouver Powersports will get you to, I tell ya !!󾌧" -...
Was about $200K for a Greater Vancouver home in 1980. $600K by 2006. $1M by 2010. $1.4M by July 2015. $1.8 M today.
Fun fact of the day: average price of a Greater Vancouver house has increased as much in the past six months as it did from …
Out viewing apartments/townhouses in the Greater Vancouver Area all day today with Cathy and some mutual friends. Can't wait to move here
half the population of the province lives in the Greater Vancouver Area, and the NDP is screwed outside of GVRD anyway, so…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
oh its in the greater toronto area? Well i cant join then im in the vancouver area :(
That's as many as the population of greater Vancouver dead and injured.
Don't think so. Virtually every street scene is identifiable location in Greater Vancouver.
Vancouver Island cycling route proposed for Highway 19A: It will cost a pretty penny, but the Greater Nanaimo ...
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor: YMCA of Greater Vancouver: "The YMCA of Greater Vancouver is a…
Our trip to the Greater zoo. It is a fenced piece of forest. Love it!
Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley are leading the province, as expected
New ruling from the B.C. Supreme Court in 'Buchanan v. Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver'
I added a video to a playlist A Winters Day at the Greater Vancouver Zoo
Looking for something to do before Christmas break is over Go to the zoo!
What shook Greater in 2015? Our full Year in Review has it all...
Ah *** Canada has its own Craigslist called "Kijiji," another great way for bike thieves to sell bikes.
Shoutout to & The Greater Vancouver Credit Union for their gift hamper donations to help us out during the holidays!
Olynyk awaits greater opportunity with Boston Celtics - Vancouver Sun
has never looked so good! If you're in the greater area and haven't tried…
Anyone in Greater Vancouver got a room for rent? I'll need it in a few weeks to a month. Not sure yet how long it...
One of our favourite hikes: Eagle Bluffs! Beautiful view of Greater Vancouver and Howe Sound
NB: Comments section offers greater insight into sorry state of affairs besieging city as Green Taliban council turn Vancouver to hedge fund
Members of Rotary Club of Vancouver, Rotary Club of Greater Clark County take kids shopping
CHAPTER RECEPTION AT Headed to Vancouver for CL? Meet us 1/10 across the street @ Rogue Kitchen/Wetbar
4.8 Earthquake north of Victoria, BC, Canada last night. The whole Greater Vancouver felt it. My home shook for seconds.
Earthquake 4.8 here in greater vancouver
yeah, we felt it all over greater Vancouver
. Yes. Lived in Greater Vancouver my whole life and have never experienced something like that. Olympic Village.
shook like Heart pounding. Gives a greater appreciation of how terrifying a long must be. Wake up call.
Just felt an earthquake in greater Vancouver. Yikes!
Was it small earthquake in Greater Vancouver. The bed moved.
Who are you, and how did you predict an earthquake in Greater Vancouver - we just had a MAJOR TREMOR minutes ago
Did we just have a small earthquake in Greater area?
Small in Greater Vancouver Area. Everyone ok?
north burnaby! I guess it's just all around greater vancouver eh
Child and Youth Care Worker: Family Services of Greater Vancouver (Vancouver) Contract - Part time - $18.47 per hour
The Greater Vancouver Chamber is ready for an Amazing New Year full of New Member Benefits, Signature Events, and...
Metro Vancouver is going after wetlands to "protect" them. Meaning more areas with greater geocaching restrictions :(
When it comes to CAN housing, it's Greater Vancouver & Greater Toronto vs. the rest:. source: BOC
.says drugs likely responsible for deaths of 8 in Greater Victoria over past week.
How is that different than the Asian Invasion of greater Vancouver, BC?
Premier Christy Clark, Mayor Gregor Robertson, Mayors and city councillors of the GVRD: Restrict F...
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reports: New listings for detached, attached and apartment properties...
Greater Vancouver is vastly more diverse and interesting imo.
this is the Greater Vancouver Zoo 2:46pm Remembrance Day 2015... WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN...
this is the Greater Vancouver Zoo 2:43pm Remembrance Day 2015...
Greater Vancouver Morgan Horse Association added to our BREEDS page!
Realizing how many amazing Veterans are in our industry just in the Greater Portland/Vancouver area! I started...
Bring your non-perishable food items to our benefiting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!
Crazy how beautiful a parking lot can be. CoqSnow (Coquihalla Summit Snowmobile Club). Greater Vancouver PowerSports
.ty4flw. Lk4wrd2yr leading supplier & installer for gutters in Greater h…
Looking for a ceremony to pay your respect at this morning? Check out our events guide:
ICYMI: Seen the latest Greater stats? Our cool has all key figures
First heritage homes now protected | Real Estate Board of Greater via
Are you a fan of EA NHL in the Greater Vancouver Area? EA Playtesting is holding special sessions next Thursday &...
Do you live outside the Greater Vancouver Area or have an unpredictable and hectic schedule? START…
Tomorrow is Check our event guide for ceremonies occuring around Vancouver:
Attention business owners and future entrepreneurs: Help is in the house at the Greater Vancouver Chamber of...
New opening at Greater Vancouver Education Group in -
Our new facility in Greater is now taking appointments! Book yours today!
Seidel is in his rookie WHL season, no points in 7 games, last year 67 points in 38 games with Greater Vancouver Canadians of the BCMML
Why prices likely to continue to rise until 2017 + what it means for the traditional housing 'ladder'
Our latest housing forecast for British Columbia is out. See why prices are likely to rise through 2017:
The benchmark price of a detached home in Greater Vancouver climbed 20% y/y in Oct to $1,197,600: via
We are excited to announce that we are now a Licensed Residential Builder, a part of the Greater Vancouver Home...
Join me in giving to Jewish Federation Of Greater Vancouver through
Gap narrows between condo, house prices in Greater Vancouver
Greater Board puts out a monthly video with the overview of the…
Take a look at the October 2015 recap for the Greater Vancouver markets
a gift to the North Shore and Greater Vancouver
Find your place to work in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with RE/MAX visit
Youth Care Worker needed in at Family Services of Greater Vancouver. Apply now!
Family Services of Greater Vancouver is hiring! Youth Care Worker in apply now!
is your leading supplier and installer for gutters in the Greater Vancouver Area.
After two months back in the Okanagan, I still miss the Greater Vancouver Area a lot. I miss the…
Oooh daily water system consumption for the Greater Vancouver Area. Pretty neat if you're into the whole water thing
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver warns that demand is outstripping supply:
J. Darcy McLeod becomes president of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Metro Vancouver, a broader area than Greater Vancouver, includes suburb of Surrey, and also Fraser Valley spots such as Langley, White Rock.
Good news for those of you in the Greater Vancouver Area! If you'd like to…
Leaving soon and going deeper into the Greater Vancouver maze, to Boundary Bay. Different setting to negotiate.
Homelist provides a complete list of homes for sale in Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Chilliwack.
If you want to know how horrific house prices are in Metro Vancouver... the average detached home is a million bucks.
from the Greater Vancouver Area is key 👌
Why use Chris as your Greater area . Find out what some clients have to say about his results:
You have many challenges buying in Greater don't let a be one of them!
Just back from NuSKIN CANADA's 25th Anniversary Party Celebration at the Greater Vancouver Walk in Center. What...
The only zoo up there is the Greater Vancouver zoo if I remember right. Never been to it though.
The episodes took place in Seattle, with the Greater Vancouver Area stepping in for this amazing Emerald City. ;)
there's the greater vancouver zoo near Langley but I hear it's not very good. Worth a look THO
In the news... On the home page of Chabad Lubavitch HQ website!
At -- I walked these steps to the unknown. It was easy. Green too. - Greater Vancouver, Br…
Cabbing across the Greater Vancouver Area is expensive.
. Family Services of Greater Vancouver: They charge on a sliding scale, dependent on your income.
A perfect day for a ride in greater Vancouver. But also Time to make sure your equipment is as ready as the weather. A good ride is worth it
If everyone in BC pays transit tax on their Hydro bills, how come only people in the Greater Vancouver Area.
Great quotes by great people, even greater when they are local. Thanks and
Mendel Bitton's Speech at the Federation of Greater Vancouver: via
I'm an ER nurse in a community ER in Greater Vancouver, and we have NOTHING for kids. They stay in the ER when admitted, too.
I urge all those who live in the Greater Vancouver Area to sign and send this petition:
7977 Enterprise St in Burnaby! I'm at Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver ReStore and it's amazing! I'm here until 830pm come see me!
What an insane 2015 market so far! Want to see some of the record breaking sales for homes? Check out our video blog!
Children of Chabad Reps Deliver Winning Speeches in Federation of Greater Vancouver’s Contest:
Realtor Geoff McLean and associates specialize in real estate in Greater on Vancouver Island.
anyone leaving the Greater Vancouver Area to head to Seattle this Saturday? My friend could use a lift and he's very kind.
Helping you achieve your dreams this year in Greater - It's Time!
Know the rules when insuring secondary suites | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
“A man walks into the Rogers Arena for the first time in his life. He has never seen a Hockey player or a Hockey...
We offer same-day delivery in Greater Learn more:
Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society: ZipGive Text to Donate program is helping the Greater Vancouver Food Bank S...
| Enjoy breakfast in this penthouse's with top of the line
thanks for the delivers handmade pasta to every doorstep in the Greater Vancouver Area htt…
Greater Vancouver Food Bank still in need of donations
thanks for following We are a new handmade pasta company, and deliver our product in the Greater Vancouver Area
Home sale and listing activity reach historical norms in 2014 | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
And don't forget transit in the Greater Vancouver Area is FREE til 5am... skytrain, buses, sea bus, HandiDart & West Coast Express!
Greater Vancouver commuters turn to Bowen Island rather than the suburbs
Greater Vancouver had 2,516 housing sales last month, up 8.4 per cent from November, 2013
Single-family home prices continue to rise in Vancouver, despite approaching the $1 million mark.
Home buyers in Metro Vancouver remained active in November, a month that is traditionally a quieter time of year for real estate. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Metro Vancouver rea...
I enjoyed 26 fantastic years as a successful professional Realtor in the Greater Vancouver Area. During this time I worked in the residential sector, including sales and marketing of detached single family homes, condo's, multi-family properties and project sales. I have recently taken leave from the real estate industry to follow my new passion of scuba diving, and travelling/diving the world. I recently completed my Divemaster certification at Utila Dive Centre, in Utila, Honduras, and will return in mid 2015 to take the Instructors course. I am also looking forward to giving back and working with several conservational organizations related to saving our oceans, while traveling.
Typical detached home in Vancouver approaches $1 million.
please put a store in the Greater Vancouver Area.!!!
Housing market in Greater Vancouver is now shifting to seller's market!
Electronic Device Insurance
What's on the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society's wish list
Price for detached home in Greater Vancouver nears $1mil
For the Greater housing market, sales were up 8.4% in Nov. while prices climbed 5.7%:
I just gave to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver on
Looking to buy a in the Greater area? Here is a comprehensive list!
"Gone with the Wind" playing in various Greater Vancouver theatres on Nove
“It’s been a more active fall than we typically see in the Metro Vancouver housing market,”
Is this the direction toronto is headed. Say it ain't so.Joe Typical detached home Greater Vancouver nears $1-million
Yikes! for typical detached in Greater nears $1-million
WOW: The average price for detached homes sold has risen over the past year to $1,274,904.
Looking for success for your and you are in the Greater Vancouver Area than alliance can help
Price for typical detached home in Greater Vancouver nears $1-million
check this link out I put 150$ for max price and there are a couple of options
Spring buyers and sellers emerge in the Greater Vancouver housing market
We need your support to find Big Brothers for 95 vulnerable children. Donate NOW
Wow, it's Winter, but the market is still so strong.
Benchmark price for detached homes in Greater Vancouver nears -million
Here is the that takes a look at where the market is and where it might be heading.
.reports gain in Greater sales in November; detached homes & condos prices both increased
Home sales in Greater beat the November odds as prices continue inexorable rise
The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society will be in the lobby of the Orpheum Theatre during Christmas with the...
Know the rules when insuring Greater secondary suites
will host the 1st ever Greater Vancouver Expo & Championship. Register today for workshops
Dense Fog Advisory has been issued for the following areas: Lower Columbia and I - 5 Corridor in Cowlitz County-WA & Greater Vancouver
Cook in Residential Treatment Facility: Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (Surrey, BC) Part time - 15...
Tonight at the Chan! Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver's Annual Campaign Opening with Joshua Malina
REW Real Estate News provides latest on Greater Vancouver market, new developments, house buying and selling checklists, and tips for homeowners.
Pregnancy a greater risk for teens in
.reports July residential sales in Greater increased 3.9% from July 2013
Pay your library fines with FOOD and donate to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank with Food for Fines! More info at ^jm
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
New Greater Vancouver housing market statistics for July 2014 are up from the Real Estate Board! Check it out here:.
Anyone in greater Vancouver, BC, who finds such a lost cat, please contact
Greater buyers continue to slightly outpace sellers...
Greater home sales in July up 4% vs July '13, passing 3,000 mark for 4th month in row:
Slow and Steady! A continued balance Real Estate Market for Greater Vancouver. Visit
“This is the fourth consecutive month that the Greater Vancouver market has exceeded 3,000 sales,” Darcy McLeod,...
Someone just returned from a shamanic journey near Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada
Greater Vancouver Youth Music Academy is cCurrently auditioning new members
SEPHORA in the Greater Vancouver Area is hiring for Various Positions.
Police concerned after 8 suspicious fires set in Greater Victoria in 48 hours: VANCOUVER – There are growing c...
Welcome Andrea Tylor on for in Greater Vancouver, BC! Visit Andrea at
50 ways to green your home and save | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver via
Here's what the Greater Vancouver Real Estate market did in July…curious to know what is happening in your...
The Greater Vancouver housing market continues to. see slightly elevated demand from home buyers,.read the full Ju…
The housing market is not showing any signs of slowing down.
The volume of raw sewage &stormwater discharged from Greater Vancouver +sewage outfalls would fill B.C. Place 28 times/1year
Greater Vancouver composite benchmark house price in July up 4.4% year on year to $628,600: Greater Van real estate brd.
Greater Vancouver sales volume in July hit 3,061, up 3.9% from same month in 2013 and up 3.8% from 10-year sales average for July. 2/3
Greater Vancouver resale home price index at $628,600 for detached, townhouses and condos last month, up 4.4% from July 2013. 1/3
July 2014 Stats. Home buyers continue to slightly outpace sellers, but not by much. The Greater Vancouver housing...
Morag is in need of in East Vancouver (pickup in Greater Vancouver). Please, see her post (link in...
Volleyball tourney from 300 campers from Greater Vancouver & Van. Island
Check out this article on the AWB website! They were onsite at the Greater Vancouver Chamber last week!
The distance between me and Vancouver Island is greater than the width of the entire continental USA, I'm afraid.
Take a look at our Gallery to see some of the remodeling work we have completed in the Greater Vancouver Area!
So positive there was just an earthquake in greater Vancouver
SkiOUT: SkiOUT is a *** and *** Ski and Snowboard Club based in Greater Vancouver and Whistler, British Co...
You can't buy a house in Greater Vancouver for that: Small South Dakota town could be yours for $400,000.
We offer the largest selection of group fitness classes in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our classes include water fitness, athletic conditioning, indoor cycling, rhythm & dance, yoga and Pilates. Find what moves you at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club.
If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area tonight, stop by the Port Coquitlam rec centre around 8 o'clock. It's gonna be coolio.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Oh Lisa Rossington, where would we be without your hard-hitting reportage of Greater Vancouver municipal affairs?
Home sale and listing activity continue to chart a steady path for the region’s housing market | Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver...
Check out this video of February 2014's Housing Market Update in Greater Vancouver from Sandra Wyant, President of Real Estate Board of...
So this is Vancouver's answer to yesterday's New York city picture. Burnaby Mountain is just East of the city. It's really just a big hill and it's within in the sprawling Greater Vancouver region. The "mountain" is home to Simon Fraser University.
Are you having an Open House? Your client and possible buyer most likely will request Documentation stating NO OIL TANK is present. Contact West Coast Oil Tank Recovery today at wctankrecoveryor (604) 628-8786. FREE Scanning in North/West Vancouver, Lowest Scan prices for Greater Vancouver
S.J. Haidara of the B.C. Lions is rooting for Laval. He's the only Rouge et Or fan in the Greater Vancouver Area, we think.
Reasons to say no to incineration :Air quality matters for our health today and the future, It also matters for our economic health.The reduction in visibility caused by the buildup of pollution particles in the air can have detrimental effects on tourism. For a single extreme visibility event, computer models estimate losses in future tourist revenue to be $7.45 million in the Greater Vancouver Area and $1.32 million in the Fraser Valley. (The Impact of Visual Air Quality on Tourism Revenues in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley , McNeill and Roberge, 2000).
For those who are in the Greater Vancouver Area may be interested in getting their children registered for...
Greater Vancouver's garbage could be converted into anything from energy for fish farms to cement beginning in 2018. A Metro Vancouver board heard 10 ...
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