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Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia is a British train operating company that provides local, suburban and express passenger rail services from Liverpool Street station in the City of London to destinations in northern and eastern areas of Greater London and parts of the East of England.

Abellio Greater Anglia Liverpool Street Great Northern London Liverpool Street London Underground

Greater Anglia and trainline sure know how to make your journey a very miserable one 👍🏻
Hello Tamara, Greater Anglia are currently accepting our tickets.
Nice of Anglia to keep halving the size of the train to just four carriages to keep us warm by cozying up to our fellow passengers.
Unique delay today on greater Anglia...
Greater Anglia - because why should you get to work on time?!
greater Anglia 16.29 ex stowmarket No Hot Water so no tea or coffe and late arriving at Liverpool Street too - not a good day
Might be in Greater Anglia bad books after mentioning cattle class. Oops.
from Greater Anglia 16:00 Norwich to Liverpool Street is being delayed between Ipswich and Manningtree.due to a...
Greater anglia still have trains where you have to push down the window to access the train handle on the outside of the train door...
Greater Anglia - Due to engineering works not being finished on time at Oulton Broad North all lines...
If a tree falls down in a forest and no-one is there to hear it, is a Greater Anglia service guaranteed to be late?
from Greater Anglia A bus replacement is is service between and Norwich, the location...
from Greater Anglia Services between Ipswich and via Saxmundham and Beccles may be cancelled or...
from Greater Anglia Owing to additional engineering work taking place at Oulton Broad on Sunday 27...
from Greater Anglia - Over running engineering work at Oulton Broad North means trains are unable to run
Actually, I remembered that Chelmsford is on the Greater Anglia line, horrible.
On a school trip to sadness bc Greater Anglia messed up. Again.
Dagenham losing, Greater Anglia delaying my train and two bets going *** up makes it bingo on how to wind Nick up on a Saturday.
I disagree, virtually impossible to get on E/B train at bank, ended up walking to Liv st and getting greater Anglia / TFL rail
Greater Anglia . 18:47 Great Yarmouth to Norwich (19:05 Cantley) will be cancelled. This is due to a member of...
Live departures and arrivals for Lowestoft Greater Anglia . . 📟 Automatically generated website...
RECAP: Essex passengers respond to today's Greater Anglia train delays.
LIVE: Essex passengers respond to Greater Anglia disruption. by
Due to the disruption on Greater Anglia today
LIVE: Lines reopened but delays still expected through Shenfield
Greater Anglia getting football day off to a good start.
LIVE:Trains to London crowded after rail disruption
Essex man jailed for swinging his dog against the wall of Greater Anglia train -
Trains between London and Essex heavily delayed after Greater...
LIVE: 'Complete chaos on the trains,' says passenger
no issues on those lovely Greater Anglia trains?!
LIVE: Greater Anglia disruption will now last until 1pm!
are C2C talking greater anglia season tickets ?
LIVE: Essex passengers respond to Greater Anglia disruption.
LIVE: 'My daughter lost a day's wages due to disruption.'
LIVE: Essex passengers respond to Greater Anglia train delays.
Replacement bus service on Greater Anglia lines this weekend - Hertfordshire Mercury
Dear HFE Alerts,. There are no Greater Anglia trains scheduled to run today directly from Hertford East to London Liverpool Street. between…
God I'm a sucker for freebies at train stations. Am now the proud owner of a Specsavers card wallet and a Greater Anglia tote bag.
'It's an absolute joke': Commuters hit out at decision to award Abellio long-term Greater Anglia rail franchise.
Abellio to win the next Greater Anglia franchise? I'd rather you didn't...
have the Transport Select Committee met over Greater Anglia? . If yes, what was the outcome?
Look Abellio Greater Anglia. A train that looks like it is from 2016 not 1976
Travel chaos for Liverpool Street commuters after person hit by train
I'm two hours late again due to greater Anglia 😞
I left Planet Blue at 22:15 but still managed to get the "22:17" last train to Lowie. Thanks Greater Anglia for your beautiful incompetence😚
greater anglia did. Few mins they answred don't expect c2c too.
Liverpool Street travel chaos - Severe delays on Greater Anglia ... -
Abellio Greater Anglia's in-flight magazine detailing their standard response to customer complaints...
you've ran 3 southend trains in a row. What about the rest??? Only customers going to southend important?
Greater Anglia have outdone themselves tonight!
Person hit by train commuters face travel chaos.
City workers stranded as travel chaos set to continue until 10.30pm
Travel chaos keeps commuters stranded in the city as delays expected until 10.30pm
Travel chaos as Liverpool Street commuters face hours of delays after person hit by train
Hi Owen, due to an earlier incident on the Greater Anglia line we may be a little busier than usual.
its TFL rail not greater Anglia now
Thank you. Diverted this way because of problems on Greater Anglia. Pls take over that franchise!
I tend to travel with headphones on after a long hard day at work so I rely on YOU for updates. Greater Anglia seem to get news
Whats the excuse today ? Past few weeks you've managed to get worse than Greater Anglia
So the driver can decide to never let us off? Don't trust Abellio Greater Anglia one bit. Disgraceful company
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on the 18:30 did I just hear greater Anglia are providing free drinks for those waiting?
so sorry, tickets are being accepted on any reasonable route, buses,London Underground,c2c,greater anglia
No trains again. Another night ruined. Thank you for awful response to situations Greater Anglia.
On my first greater Anglia train for 6 months and it's delayed by 15 minutes. Due to another train being delayed by 30 minutes. Shambles.
TRAIN: Abellio Greater Anglia are sorry to cancel the 18:00 Norwich to London Liverpool Street. Cancelled due to...
suck Colchester door problems on the Clacton on sea, greater anglia a circus run by clowns
TRAIN: Abellio Greater Anglia regret to cancel the 16:00 Ipswich to Peterborough and 17:50 Peterborough to...
Didn't have enough time, will it be out on this weekends Abellio Greater Anglia Rail replacement?
robbiehorton hi, more info on that here: KM
Good Afternoon,. There are no timetable alterations planned for the evening peak. For real time details of Greater Anglia Rail services an…
Have you noticed anything different on the trains? Abellio Greater Anglia halfway through £12m upgrade
Tried booking an off-peak travelcard with Great Northern but the option isn't there, went with Greater Anglia instead. Bug or design?
Greater Anglia trains from Wickford supplemented by replacement...: AFTER a problem with line-sid...
Greater Anglia trains from Wickford supplemented by replacement buses this morning.
Having to walk to White Hart Lane because my train was too full. People forced their way into the rear cab. Have a word Greater Anglia!
Greater Anglia services between Ipswich and Felixstowe suspended
Good morning,. There are no planned service alterations to the morning peak service. For real time details of Abellio Greater Anglia Rail s…
Abellio Greater Anglia trains are quite possibly the most inept train company known to man
Abellio Greater Anglia trains running late again. Are they ever running on time?
Oh look - I couldn't get on your 18:40 from Stratford because it was too short and too full!
the year 2033 if greater Anglia got anything to do with it
Awaiting departure from in a DRS Class 37 alongside Abellio Greater Anglia Class 153 on the Wherry Lines.
Greater Anglia helping out C2C just like when east and west Staines massive come together in Ali G
This ticket can be used on Greater Anglia, East Midlands Trains & Great Northern services within the Anglia Plus area. (1)
it's the only thing you can enjoy on greater Anglia commute
Delays on Greater Anglia trains during rush hour |
News: Delays on Greater Anglia trains during rush hour
Delays on Greater Anglia trains during rush hour
pretty sure it is. The good people of Greater Anglia should have upgraded me to 1st class tbh
what's happening with a the 6:32 stuck at Wickford? As normal there is no update from Greater Anglia
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What do you think of Greater Anglia’s service?
Abellio Greater Anglia customer satisfaction 3rd worst in the UK. Unsurprising given the consistently poor service:
Greater Anglia trains are possibly the ultimate transgressive radical act.
Greater Anglia delays more than three times worse than leading operator nationally via
scores lowest for customer satisfaction according to Which?
...I'd put up with his other baggage if it meant an end to Greater Anglia, Southwest Trains and all the other morons.
Of course Abellio Greater Anglia was on that list. Their detty smelling trains
greater Anglia were on anglia news and look east for being bad today
Abellio Greater Anglia are awful, especially Norwich to London has regular, almost daily delays. That's bef…
Free Press: Greater Anglia gets one of the lowest ratings in Which? passenger survey: Greater Anglia Trains ha...
Greater Anglia trains least likely to have an accident - via
.Why Greater Anglia trains are the least likely to have an accident
Greater Anglia dismisses Which? survey naming it one of the worst saying comprehensive study in 2015 showed more people satisfied
I'm sure will be aiming for gold next year - "third worst" rail company in UK - via
I ended going Stratford instead. HFE service is the forgotten GA line.
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Why have you got a picture of a Greater Anglia train, when West Norfolk is done by Great Northern?
Greater Anglia trains can charge £35 for a single to London due to the local monopoly power they hold and the consumers inelastic demand.
There is nothing I despise more in this world than Greater Anglia trains, shambles of a train line
why not have a 'no crap trains' button 😃 Still at least it's not Greater Anglia!
Delays on Greater Anglia trains after vehicle hits bridge in Hockley - Echo
Delays on Greater Anglia trains after car hits bridge in Hockley
Attention, people of Greater Anglia! Fancy driving for a living...?
The best thing about Greater Anglia is that they let you spend even longer on their trains and don't charge you extra for it!
'Age is just a number' say Greater Anglia about their rolling stock via what reliable trains?
But it's not just northern trains - much of Greater Anglia's fleet don't have retention loos either.
I was just wondering. Thanks. Also, can I still use Greater Anglia trains to get home tonight?
Hi there. Why is the Shoeburyness ticket office closed? Also, can I use Greater Anglia trains to get home tonight?
I'm never taking c2c trains for granted again - an absolute luxury in comparison to Greater Anglia! And cheaper too!
£150 given to Greater Anglia today for my weekly travel and they reward me with no explanation why the train is slow and I'm late for work!
When u criticise a train company, their response is to block you. That sums up Greater Anglia for you!
Abellio Greater Anglia tickets will be valid on London Underground services on any reasonable routes. RS
Abellio Greater Anglia tickets will be valid on Services between Hertford North and Moorgate. RS
I've finally found someone with worse customer service info than Greater Anglia. Congratulations Bad start to the holiday ...
Hello Katie, change at West Ham to Stratford and board Greater Anglia service to Gidea park or alternatlively.
has first class been declassified on the old greater Anglia trains?
Sorry to hear that, service operated by Greater Anglia. Please see for contact detail:
could you expose greater Anglia as the money grabbing, awful service they are please. It's disgusting how it treats people.
Greater Anglia staff are incompetent! There are over 60 people on the platform here! 60x30mins life's lost!
Yet again Stansted Express trains not running a shockingly poor service yet again why does Greater Anglia just pack up
sure is! Least the trains ran with greater anglia! Might of been crap but they ran
thought that nothing could get worse than greater Anglia but Ldn overground is 20 times worse
How did you purchase your ticket? Abellio Greater Anglia do offer mobile tickets
Abellio Greater Anglia have stopped accepting tickets between Stratford and Liverpool Street. RH
Unfollowing Greater Anglia as I don't have to get their trains anymore. Best feeling ever (maybe)
Thanks for info May. Please find contact detail for Greater Anglia: . 1/2
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Abellio Greater Anglia are accepting tickets between Stratford and Liverpool Street owing to a line side equipment fault. RS
I need a date with those 37s in Greater Anglia.
How are Greater Anglia rail going to cope when Tottenham FC have a 61000 seater stadium with increased events? It can't cope now.
Abellio Greater Anglia are accepting tickets all reasonable routes owing to a signal Failure Queensway. RS
How can a greater anglia train, going to Stratford, only have 4 coaches and then call at nearly all stations on the way
Abellio Greater Anglia boss relishes ‘challenges and opportunities’ -
There has been a number of incidents affecting services, you can contact Abellio Greater Anglia
Hi Wendy! Sorry to hear about your experience. You can contact Abellio Greater Anglia here about this
so that'll be no response from Greater Anglia...
Abellio Greater Anglia is disappointing
Abellio Greater Anglia apologise for the cancellation of the 12:40 Norwich to Cambridge and 14:12 Cambridge to...
Greater Anglia rail delays in Essex after person hit by train at...
I need to swap my Greater Anglia season ticket for a Southern one this weekend as I am moving. Can I just ask at station?
Delays are up to 30 minutes. Passengers may use c2c, Thameslink, Abellio Greater Anglia,London Underground, via all routes.
GA announcing a platform alteration at Stratford, AS the train pulls into other platform.…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Train wifi lets me get videos. Oh Greater Anglia I love you.
6.36 Felixstowe ipswich. All my journeys on greater anglia trains in the last month or so has had disruption so unreliable
Abellio Greater Anglia trains between London Liverpool Street and Shenfield are now running normally
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