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Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China in part to protect the Chinese Empire or its prototypical states against intrusions by various nomadic groups or military incursions by various warlike peoples or forces.

Matt Damon Great Wall of China Berlin Wall Emperor Qin Shi Huang Donald Trump Machu Picchu Lego Batman Taj Mahal Eiffel Tower

TEPAV | From the Adriatic Sea to the Great Wall of China
China: Land of the Emperor's Great Wall: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House Day of the Dragon King...
“There is not a thin line between love and hate. They're is - in fact - a Great Wall of China with armed sentries posted every 20 feet.”
Its great, but i feel you could do better. Mix up the blocks you use? Maybe use some logs on the wall a…
Great to catch up with ahead of this weeks NI Open Going to be a big week! ht…
Great day with the lads at for their shoot .
Dear South Korea, . As I fall asleep I hope everyone is having a great day! See you in the future ❤️
Like every great leader has said "trust the process" and look the process got us a some well known gre…
Love your room and pics on the wall! Wishing you a great year! You will do wonderful! 😘
I am great and will build that wall , who will pay for it LOL. i never lie.
A great wall has been built!!! It is fierce and indestructible. Made up of 100 million patriots surrounding our
Hey Nic, you look great as wall art.
She's the girl from Great Wall. China actually likes movies, so it's only natural.
Relevant content is the key to a great experience on social media.
I added a video to a playlist CHINA │CAMPING ON THE GREAT WALL
PURITY ALERT: NJ Blue Dog Josh Gottheimer was 1 of 5 conservaDems to vote for the Great Wall of Trumpanzee. DCCC spent…
The "Depressed But SelfAware" squad is a one person squad consisting of myself, my sadness, and the GREAT BLACK WALL that follows my sadness
Great Dragons On The Wall. Do you think Jon should mention to Dany he knew a relative of hers , Aemon Targaryen?
That right centerfield wall is great! Just something awesome about a triples ball park!
70% of the great border WALL will cost her at the.
What is it like to ride a toboggan down from the Great Wall of China? Like this...
I agree, we will stick it up on our wall too! Great session with Joel from
Thanks to for selling me some great pop culture art at Comic-Con this year, now framed and on the wall!
Almora Jr. with a great running catch. In pain after colliding into the wall. Hopefully he is okay.
Have the last 3 spots been filled? It's been great to see the USA team picked this way for…
Thank you, Pastor Steve for being a great watchman on the wall.I appreciate you and all your teachings.# GodlyWisdom
The wall breaks in Deadpool are honestly everything to me. What a great movie. 💀💩L
XS has crossed the Great Wall and we are about to launch 🚀 China 🇨🇳...our biggest market to date. Strap in and hold on…
This season keep your opponents score low. Build that wall solid!!! Have a great season !!
Get Wall Decors with a great Discount on Amazon,
is avoidable. Human conflict is tied to fighting over resources. Slowing desertification by funding the Great Gre…
Hamilton Collection
Great charts and data: The warnings from history that Wall Street ignored via
Great article! If Putin's back is against the wall he might run a maskirovka and see how Trump reacts.…
More than entire border of India, more than Great Wall of China, more than distance between India and London..
As invasive Asian carp inch closer to the Great Lakes, the Army Corps is recommending a sound wall to keep them out
looking are a great way to spruce up your wall. They not only add a great look to the but are also of use.
Great news! $STRAT just broke resistance wall at 230k! Hopefully we will see a rise from here on out! Big news in 2 days!
Your obviously uneducated, look up the Ethiopian empire, songhai, Great Wall of Benin, Mali, Ashanti, ki…
Ok Debbie Downer, the Great Wall of China wasn't built in a day. Trump's dealing w/ dimwits (read: dems…
today's landscape (7/17/17): the Milky Way and the Summer Triangle seen above the Great Wall of China. The lights...
[NFL: Videos] - Russell Wilson runs the Great Wall of China - NFL Videos
I've been to Great Wall of China, I've seen the Pyramids of Egypt, I've even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. https:…
'Great Wall of China - sightseeing during October holidays'
Despite claim by various sources including Ripley’s Believe It Or Not NASA states that the Great Wall of China is not visib…
So from space you can see the Great Wall and Chris Christie.
Watch: Workers Risk Their Lives to Fix the Great Wall of China https…
with Richard and Pat Nixon at the Great Wall!
Did people laugh at the idea of the Chinese building a Great Wall to protect themselves from the Mongols?
Great Wall of Yoga - 3. Young Yoga Ambassadors from India mesmerize Chinese lovers on in Beijing. h…
From Egyptian Pyramids to Eiffel Tower- Machu Picchu to Great Wall of China People all over world celebrate
'Great Wall of Yoga'. gets on top of the Great Wall, and into Chinese hearts.
Beijing: Chinese & Indian yoga lovers come together to celebrate at the iconic Great Wall of China,ahead of
Twenty Indian yoga ambassadors and Chinese yogis practiced yoga together at the Great Wall to celebrate the International Day of…
Looks like America doesn't listen to 'folks'from Beverly Hills whose fences are higher than Great Wall of China
The Fishermen Catch on HWY 78 in Lilburn,it's a hole in the wall with great seafood,every Thursday all y…
Where did you get that great wave wall art? It's absolutely gorgeous.
does a great job of explaining why Wall street values Tesla higher than any other US car Manufacturer
Great work on the IT for the head. How about some artwork on the wall for the soul?
Hi - My wife is sharing great reviews about your customer service. Since you can't read her FB wall thought I'd let you know
Wow excellent they are bigger than i expected. Going to look great on my kitchen wall 👍
"Great News" will be when you start building that wall you promised!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Thank you Matilda, have a great day. Our future is in their playful hands https:…
Trump is doing great, but I want more destruction of leftism...😁. Another SCOTUS seat, the wall...CNN stripped of their…
Great 2 Tone art frame...still hanging on my wall. Might do another batch of these.
I just blew my nose into a tissue and described my snot as "a great colour for an accent wall"
Great job by our team installing our exclusive perm wall in Altamont, IL for Looks gre…
Love the new green live wall folks. great idea
The mastermind behind German unification follow the fall of Berlin Wall, the great politician of Europe Helmut Kohl…
Beautiful wood floors and a really cool rock wall help make this a great Bedroom of the...
China's Great Wall repaired with simple tools, bricks of old
Great News . There is a wall prototypes announcements coming this summer.
Wall full of opportunities! Rebranding process is getting traction. Great working together with and
Kraft Heinz employees in China recently ran The Great Wall Marathon! Congrats to all!
I added a video to a playlist FFXIV "Beyond the Great Wall" Final Fantasy 14
Restoring China's Great Wall with the help of mules
The Great Wall of China has become the 2nd biggest wall in the world after Bailly joined United.
A great beginning for this weekend celebrations, as I finally received my real-estate award for 2016! It will look…
Great Day for AMZN!! Made up in market cap today what it is paying for Whole Foods!! Amazon's $13.7 billion deal
Helmut Kohl was not a " Fuhrer " like you says. It was a great democratic chancellor and really done a g…
Paul Pogba visited the Great Wall of China and dabbed.
Great first day at the Great Wall of 🇨🇳
Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' scales to the top of China's box office
The registration link of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2017-Autumn on the very friendly
A section of the Great Wall emerges as water level drops in reservoir in N China's Hebei. It was built 400 yrs ago
7A Chinese! Learning about the Great Wall of China was so much fun... 🇨🇳 🇨🇳
长城 // the Great Wall of China . - walked about 5 miles and got to the seventh tower of the wall. One of the best exp…
About 66% of the Great Wall of China have been harmed or demolished.
Congrats to Maria for completing a marathon along the Great Wall of China, despite the high altitude and temperatur…
All set for the grandest ever commemoration of the 3rd Intl in Including Yoga on the Great Wall!. https:/…
The construction of the Great Wall of China (21,196 km) took over 2 thousands years.
China. McLisse fanmily will agree that we have our own Great Wall of McCoy. ctto~…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
: Liverpool’s waterfront is a designated World Heritage Site, Along with the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China!
"This infield is like the Great Wall of China" 😂😂😂
basically building the Great Wall of China to protect my heart from now on
Save the trees by forcing Walgreens to stop printing receipts longer than the Great Wall of China.
A Great Wall of China. Wonder why they fail to qualify?!?
"This is infield is the Great Wall of China" 😂😂😂
Benin had the world's largest earthworks in history. Walls surrounding the kingdom four times as long in total as the Great Wall of China
Glad that they didn't use pictures of Great Wall of China!
Great Wall of China? The Great Pyramid? 10 of the Most Impressive Civil Engineering Projects in History...…
Visiting the Great Wall of China with kids via
filter ini disebut “Great Firewall of China”, pelesetan dari Great Wall of China. .
The end of the Great Wall at Jiayuguan pass guarded the western front in the Ming dynasty. Jiayuguan is a pretty e……
Image from The Lovers The Great Wall Walk, a 90 day walk along the Great Wall of China, by Marina Abramovic & Ulay
It's hard to imagine the director of Raise the Red Lantern directed Great Wall.
Miss.Amber Rivera from New York City registered the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018 two hours ago.
When Jungkook visit China, he wants to eat Peking Duck and visit Great Wall of China.
Small price to pay for tax cuts for rich people, taking away everyone's health insurance and the Great Wall of Juarez
. It's gonna be a Great Wall. A wall so grand Michael can swing his junk around the yard and no one…
✌ China's Great Wall marathon looks really painful -
Huge good luck to Zadie, who sets off this weekend to trek the Great Wall of China in memory of her 2 older brother…
The world's 5 coolest marathons, from the Great Wall of China to the sand dunes of Morocco.
She wanted to produce her own musical & she did it. The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey musical opens 14 Jul '17.
Now I'm curious about the half visible painting on the wall. (Painting? Photo? Whatever). . Great. 🙄 Good job, Zai. Good job 👏.
Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan is the birthplace of It is the second largest wall in the world after the grea…
Want to live like Leo? The 'Great Gatsby' mansion and 'Wolf of Wall Street' estates are for sale.…
Yea those tax cuts will help pay down the debt and build the wall and c…
I would suggest Canada build a great big wall to keep the bad americans out of Canada and make the US…
Wow Wall Painting 😍. Hats off to Great work . Thalaiva turn ur attention to this
The Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall on a Layover Tour
And for the record. John Wall is great but his whole team getting cooked by Isiah Thomas
Zhang Yimou says ‘Great Wall’ story may have been too weak: Zhang Yimou says the…
this Hanging Bike Gear Wall Clock has a mid century modern vibe to it. another Dream Great Dreams cool clock.
The wall was high and all the gates were locked but moving a pile of boxes in a corner I managed to gain the top and cling to the great
😂 why not? but only if it makes America great again and builds a wall.
Would you rather buy Leo's mansion or estate?
🙏🏻Happy to all our Buddhist friends from Great Wall of China kyha98…
DETPeralta leaps at the wall for a great catch -
And here's one example of the field training officer program's great work...
I had my back against the wall, but I'm still here, still great.
🤴🏽can make a way even when you don't see a way. Believe that every wall that's been holding you back is going to come tumbling down.
Great job by the Anti Crime team. Sgt Fana and PO Ramirez keeping the street safe. h…
Trump's Great Wall! (Tetris inspired build the wall game for IOS/Android)
It was an exciting tight game w/ a buzzer beating 3 point shot in the end by the 63 to win 42-39 against the . Gr…
Fact of the day: the Great Wall of China is 5500 miles long ...
350 Field Training Officers attended today’s training seminar. FTOs do a great job mentoring new POs. Thank u 4 your h…
Ty so much 4 all your Rt's Martin Wall ... you made my day ... wish you a super great day too ❤️😃🌹
I have great wall on 7-Eleven, down there, and our firemen, down on him like her.
QiLin- on top of the world...on top of the Wall...a beautiful day for a packed lunch on the Great Wall of China!
Coming to a big beautiful Wall. The Great Wall.
you're gonna do great man. Just keep it out of the wall. Definitely join you for an Eastern Creek meeting if I'm free.
If 2017 has proven anything is that ppl don't stand for whitewashed roles anymore. The Great Wall, Gh…
B4: Another DOUBLE! (continues his great night, blasting one off the wall in center! Runners on 2nd & 3r…
A great man with a great hat walking the Great Wall! Thanks for the awesome photo Denise & George!
OK. But the armored tank in the great wall of turin
Are they going to call in North Korea for backup? Build a wall like the Great Wall a…
the Great Wall and it's intended purpose to keep people out has become a tourist attraction and this is just like my heart
Great Wall of China, Italy, South Korea, and the islands of Puerto Rico and Maui. Not many coaches can say they got a chance…
Donald Trump got the idea for his "Great Wall of Mexico" after a lost weekend of cough syrup and listening to Pink Flo…
How the Great Wall of Dallas came to be: The Cowboys' best, worst offensive line draft picks ever
Gorgeous panoramic views from the Great Wall of Malta from our walk along the Victoria Line. Look forward to more ……
A Great Wall of Water about to bucket down upon Sydney from a great height it would appear...
- China's Great Wall eyes plant in Mexico states hit by Trump
A beautiful part of the Great Wall | Photography by ©Trey Ratcliff
SAVE THE DATE. Join us for an open rehearsal — free to the public!. Sat Apr 15. 11:00AM. Great Wall of West Grand Av…
Gallery: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu tour the Great Wall of China.
Mr Vice President Build a wall similar to the Great Wall of China, Where it can have a pavilion Walkway...for security and cars.
resident evil: the final chapter got lee joon gi and then theres Great Wall with Lu Han in it omg
Sites around the world in tonight? Leaning Tower of Pisa...Freedom Tower...Great Wall...London Eye...Cedar Park City Hall...
Around 200 BCE, the Western Han Dynasty used a lottery to pay for repairs to and expansion of the Great Wall.
wants to build a great Great Wall then cuts coast guard's budget! The 'man' is a genius!!
When Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered construction of the Great Wall(221 B.C.), the work force was made up largely of soldiers and convicts.
Little known fact: when Emperor Qin Shi Huang built the Great Wall of China he got the Mongols to pay for it.
fix the *** Paul George losing screen!! Takes as long as the Great Wall of China
China has such beautiful attractions. The Li River, the Great Wall of China, Zhang Yixing, the Potala Palace...
If David Griffin was president, he'd have traded the MLS for the Premier league and the Great Wall of China somehow.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trump had a lot in common with China's first Emperor Qin Shi Huang...he built a Great Wall.
Zhuge Liang v. [delay] Cao Cao (Three Kingdoms 2010) Just a gift for the Ch'in. You know what the Great Wall is --14
After Trump builds the Great Wall of Mexico do you think he will cast Matt Damon in a movie about it?
Since here on earth, China's Great Wall and the Berlin Wall were such abject failures. 🙄
they would tell you the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall didn't work either, because, you k…
A brief history of famous walls and their effectiveness:. Great Wall of China - nope. Hadrian's - nope. Berlin - nope. US/Mexico - lol nope
I have The Great Wall leading my cineplex to victory for week 12 via
The Great Wall is an epic festival of White Saviorosity and Matt Damon's Ponytail.
For those trying to downplay The White savior aspect of The Great Wall, what in the *** are you talking about.
You can set a movie anywhere in world, in any era of history, and they'll find a way to center the white guy. This is th…
Ok the Great Wall was pretty good lol
We've taken historic action to secure the southern border & I've ordered the construction of a great wall, which will…
Internet hilariously thanks Matt Damon for saving China in 'The Great Wall' via
"How can you diss 'The Great Wall' if you haven't even seen it?". Listen, I don't have to eat balut to know it's gonna taste funny.
[ should I see the movie Great Wall despite feeling dead?
Build that wall, Sweden. Make Norway pay for it. And Make ABBA Great Again!
.reviews the latest Zhang Yimou film starring Matt Damon.
'The Great Wall' movie review: Favoring spectacle over substance - Hypable
PlexPy (FreddieVOD2). The Great Wall was recently added to Plex.
The wall is going to be a Great Wall. It will also be available for wall ball but ONLY on the US side!
"The Great Wall" topples at the North American box office.
⚡️ “Lego Batman fends off The Great Wall to win box office”.
I should watch the Great Wall tonight
That moment you take on the shore break and the Great Wall of Weed!!
One of my favs we went to see Great Wall lastnight next date I got…
The real President of the. United States is building . The Great Wall two
I'm only gonna watch the Great Wall because Luhan stars in it.
“"I will build a great wall –and nobody builds walls better than me" - Donald Trump and a toddler playing with blocks…
Here’s why the Great Wall of Trump is an alternative fact
I went to see "The Great Wall" because I like I settled in for an 11th century…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Illegal immigration costs US $113b annually. Paying $15b for a wall is a great investment for our country. .
I'm not even talking about the whole Matt Damon thing. It's about the Great Wall of China being built to keep out dragons
Out of all the movie scripts the go through Hollywood everyday, how is it that The Great Wall got the green light?
They've backed themselves into a tall order, eh? Tax cuts, the Great Wall of America, infrastructure, defense spending.
I hope you don't mind if I take this and run with it, because I'd actually LOVE to go off on this tangent re: The Great Wal…
The great wall is an amazing movie watched it last night.. Matt Damon is brilliant
Children of Japeth, ya'll REALLY need to stop white-washing everyone. ... I heard you're at it again with this Great W…
Box office: is performing above expectations, but still has a huge budget to make up for
'Lego Batman' stays No. 1 at the weekend box office, conquers 'The Great Wall'
oh, nice. Son and I went to see The Great Wall yesterday. He loved it.
just checked now it is. But not last week. And weirdly the Great Wall is not in large format or 4dx??? Why
A majority of the Great Wall reviews don't even mention the oddity of having a white guy lead a movie that takes place in…
I wanted to hate the Great Wall movie. I wanted to hate it real bad. But guys? It's real fun. Its an army of medieval Power Rangers!!
when i think about the Great Wall of China, the first name that comes to mind is Matt Damon.
Keep thinking it's on the Great Wall movie poster and not Matt Damon.
Order Miche Bag Online!
"When you think Great Wall, what do you think?". "Chinese people?". *recieves electroshock*. "Ok! Ok! Matt Damon!"
One cant make this stuff up. Actor who stars in movie about Great Wall does not believe in walls. .
"Why is Matt Damon starring in a movie about the Great Wall of China?" . Well I'd say it's because he's the greatest actor of his generation
I'm stuck on the Great Wall starring Matt Damon. I guess Jackie Chan is too old and Matt Damon was the only Chinese actor left to cast 😂
I can't wait for that one movie about the Great Wall of China starring my favorite Chinese actor, Matt Damon.
the movie abt the Great Wall looks so dumb. Mainly because Matt Damon is the only non-asian actor 😑 y'all couldn't find an Asian male lead?
Betsy DeVos is as qualified to run the Department of Education as Matt Damon is to defend the Great Wall of China.
The only positive to Matt Damon starring in "Great Wall" is that Chinese cinema can distance itself from that disaster of a movie.
Seems like Great Wall starring Matt Damon could be added to this category
Jinshanling's Great Wall is Located in Luanping county, Hebei province, 130 km north-east of central Beijing,
Educators at the Great Wall of China! Students compare cultures.
Great idea from Our Butlers Chocolate Café in Crescent SC is excited to be involved in the 'Love Wall'
Before Trump builds his wall, he might want to read up on the time Britain built a giant hedge across India.
MovieTrekker cautiously optimistic about The Great Wall movie. Feb 17 release. Trailer:
farmaajo needs to build a wall & make Ethiopia and Kenya pay for it, make Somalia great again
Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Trumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men. Couldn't put Humpty together again
I'm gonna build a wall of lager cans. The Camra beards will pay for it. We'll make beer bloggery great again!
Was The Great Wall a giant blockade for Lizard people? Geez Hollywood making a crazy movie for no reason
Tech Trends 2017 is officially live! Great write-up/overview in the Wall Street Journal wl
(CRI) 'The Great Wall' shines at global box office, to open in US, Australia .
is mined and held behind the great wall. Are we going to see crypto currency wars now too?
Hah, it might be? I think Great Wall will be the movie that proves to Chinese and US studios they don’t need the US audience
Lowering your barriers for someone that ended up doing you so dirty has you creating the Great Wall of China in your heart boii💔😊😂
Erm, if you happen to the be PR for the film The Great Wall then please contact me ASAP
Don't you love that spiral staircase? Great features do help sell homes!
France is building a big, glass wall around the Eiffel Tower to protect it. Aren't open borders great?
Yeah.. I thought The Great Wall dropped already.. any of you guys see it yet?
The Pelicans visited the Great Wall in October, now you can see an exclusive early screening of movie…
Donald Trump slammed the media claiming it misreported who will eventually pay for the "Great Wall"
And "Wall Writers" at too! Good call Bree, great time to have discussion. https:…
Whenever I see a commercial for that movie The Great Wall I roll my eyes so hard
Our Love Wall is here Place your heart on the Wall to win some great Prizes! https…
The 'Great Wall' of SW AHSN achievements is filling up at our
The Great Wall was built by the Ming Dynasty and no Europeans were in that area until the 1500's. Sssooo.
"Under my rule we shall build a Great Wall! And make the Hoshidans pay for it! Together my comrades let us make Nohr g…
Yuge wall. It'll be great, it'll you're gonna love it.
I would've want to see "The Great Wall" but it seems Matt Damon wasn't the choice for me. Lol
Great wall chart I think. yourbuyingsite
Great wall comment on Quest Express there 😂
The weather is great where I am. No rain on wall street.
U should try Nino’s Pizza in Maplewood if U are in the area. Hole in the wall with great NY style slices.
I am going to build a great, great wall around my *** 👆🏻👆🏻
I finally saw a preview and it looks like it's not the ~real~ story of the Great Wall but actually some kind of fantasy version, but...
Enter for your chance to see a private screening of & meet a C's player ➡️
perfect double feature with The Great Wall.
This Great Wall movie. idk. I was annoyed at first bc most of the main actors are white, not Asian, but.
In the 19th century, Britain decided to build a big, beautiful wall. And they made the Indians pay for it. .
Kane: “I felt great. Obviously everybody saw the collision at the end of the game there into my favorite wall, so it’s an important part of
Great job Rep. Steve King! Thanks for sharing IA amnesty stats and costs for building the WALL!
I'd enjoy never seeing another advertisement for Ghost in the Shell, Iron Fist, or The Great Wall. Okay? Thanks.
that great Wall movie looks dumb, but those monsters remind me of telethiia. If only this were a xbc movie instead.
Great windows and great brick wall make for a great backdrop
Great idea, but who is going to pay for this if we are paying for a stupid wall???
The long journey to the Great Wall of Mexico | Photo: Alessandro Grassani http…
That time I visited the Great Wall of China.
. With Wall Street set loose, how long before Great Recession II?
We were able to move the London Bridge to Arizona. Maybe we can move the Great Wall to the Southern border.…
Anyone else think The Great Wall should come equipped with deportation catapults?
American tax payers to pay for Trumps' Great Wall of America. 😂 tf?
The Great Wall Of that what his after, higher and longer than the China wall.not going to happen..
Why is Matt Damon the lead in a movie about The Great Wall of China?🤔
So his wall is going to end the drug problem in America? Great to know.
and soon 12-15bil on a wall. I worked in energy. Cal has seen great economical benefit from renewable energy.
Bro why Matt Damon in a movie about the great wall?
How is building this wall making America great again? We should be focusing on issues such as giving access to clea…
Bet y'all can't wait to kill all of those endangered animals over people crossing an invisible line.. 😒
El Paso-Juarez, largest binational community in the world. Key to what makes America great. We don't need a wall.
Would be great to be a fly on the wall when Trump meets Prince Philip!
Making plans for Our epic Great Wall of China trek gives you the chance to be a this year!
good! I am Canadian,and i think the wall is a joke!! ask his family too build a wall around closed. have a great day!
Texas "I call this the great big lie. There is no way Mexico is going to pay for this wall."
Drugs pour in US because US people want them. U have a great adiction problema,fix it. No wall will fix US drug problem!
no 'Great Wall' in history ever efficiently protected its people. You're proposing a 20billion taxpaye…
We have begun to source materials for my great Wall
U.S. roads and bridges are crumbling. for yrs GOP has refused to spend a dime to fix them. but now $15B to build a wall--…
Trump says he's a great businessman. Then, why does he want to build a useless 10-20 billion dlr. wall that won't stop…
Making American great again by having taxpayers pay for a wall that's gonna cost 12 billion dollars.
Donald Trump’s Great Wall on Mexican border will damage environment in ‘insane act of…
Americans Still Cling to our Guns & Religion...And we Cling to the need to be Great-Again! BUILD THE WA…
the Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall, Israeli wall, they don't work. People get around them.
A photo wall is a great way to hang your favourite memories together in one place
View of the Crest Wall under construction atop the Great Wall of Lagos.
(2/3). Humpty Trumpty wants a Great Wall. Humpty Trumpty is headed for a great fall . . .
he has enough drug money to build the Great Wall of China twice!!
So if Mexico is so awesome and great why do we need a wall?
Someone is building a wall, and someone overseas pulls down The Great Wall.
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