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Great Society

The Great Society was a set of domestic programs in the United States promoted by President Lyndon B.

New Deal Civil Rights Act Barry Goldwater George Romney

Agree ... but culture today has succeeded on LBJ's stated goal back when the great socie…
Hey, if you wanna celebrate your psychosis, great...but please STOP projecting it onto your offspri…
A great article written by the Coal Lovers Society, sorry the & published in the
We have such great hearts in our society. Otherwise, our country would have been otherwise.
We need more stories like this! Great job, Rodney Smith. Student mows lawns in 50 states for good cause:
Flash🔙:A gift 2 support Kid's Health&Education."Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they sh…
The Koch brothers are misunderstood, and the Great Society is a historical footnote.
Looking at how our contemporary society speaks ill of the great among the dead, you can only feel proud when they speak ill…
Agree, this a dangerous trend for society to rely on Govt jobs. This will kill the entrepreneurial spirit of our great province.
Great interview with Louis Herman on human society 100 years in the future. Find it on our podcast:.
There are still great people in our society - ethical, visionary, compassionate, creative problem solvers. I thank them for…
Congratulations to Thespian Society for another great performance! After seeing Picnic by William Inge,...
Great rebuttal, Rebuttal: Based on society men being thots aren't bad. Thots are bad because the women. Lol
Thanks for another great conference, (& for the views, San Francisco!)
Some pretty views from the Herb society garden 🌿. Hope everyone's having a great start to the weekend..
Great, society has her already not wanting to post pictures.
So endlessly proud of ur Ash fndtn sir. Great Initiative, None can be better than giving back to society in such a noble way!
A great piece by on "How to Build an Autocracy". Pro-Tip: It can only happen if we as a society let it. htt…
great message. Bravo. Statement from celebrities like u makes a strong impact on society. Speaking up publicly is courageous.👌
I live in a society where being dark skinned is often seen as ugly and unattractive . that legit saddens me . 😪 💔
Shipwreck hunters from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society have located the wreckage of the J.S. Seaverns, which…
Kurosawa's Ikiru and The Bad Sleep Well make a great double-bill- on bureaucratic corruption in government/society. A ver…
Nerds were always the enemy, and it was our great sin as a society to encourage them.
Great video to demonstrate how bass anglers can enhance their catch> Ned Rig System RT
Great interview tolerance of intolerance, it's good to have an open society but not so open its…
The Great War reordered society, as women served at home and "over there." Our new display of their uniforms:
second place is a great win for the National Autistic Society. Well done 👍
There are some great draw prizes here! Tix 12 for $5 from yours truly. Historical Society
We just dropped the price of all Dab Society by $20! Come in for some great discounted concentrates before they're sold out!
St. Louis had a great rally for Medicare for All today, organized by the STL Workers' Education Society.
Great participation for a worthwhile fundraiser - Society in Distress (SAD) Fashion Show.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Another display of non-violence by great indian society which doesnt believe in casteism, communalism & racism
LEC.316 day two - great day studying water and society in Kvarner Bay
was an awesome show with a great message. I highly recommend it. As for our society, let's at least try to be a little nicer.
A great article on the Mayor of Montebello! Keep up the great work Vivian Romero!
Needing a bit of positivity? Great list of what we got right in 2016
You have to admit. our founding fathers did a great job. It's up to us, U.S. citizens, to continue their visions for this society...
Our society members had a great time forming the tunnel on the field for A-Day! War Eagle!
Great look at gerrymandering from In short, "let's not blame it for all of society's ills."
Great audience(250+), discussion on promoting at check https:…
Great article by Sarah Boseley. I get quoted on the subject of calories consumed
The Society of International Railway Travelers is delighted to sponsor a great event 7 p.m. this Tuesday at Quest...
Is another empty slogan from Trump Team, like Cameron Tories' Big Society? Can one make a Nation great on back of racis…
It's not great is it ... goes to show how society can take Andy for granted
Great response by Swedes: back to normal life in the street & 'determined to remain an open society'.
"Sorry just got your text!" - the Great Lie upon which our society rests.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Thanks, Menaka Madam for your great social responsibility on our cinema ugly scenes .women society should stand behalf of you.
We want the men in our lives to be great dads so why can't society tolerate boys playing in ways which develop those qua…
Great news, the recordings from are now available for members to view (except 1 due to copyright rest.)
Yes, inflation was bad and unemployment persistently high and the great mass of society grew poorer, but the production of surplus value...
Sweden. Sleep walking into 'cultural enrichment'. Liberal society is theory. Reality is much different.
"Racists invite immigrants into their home all the time." 😭😭 This show Bordertown is a great parody of American societ…
We don't live in a society no more sadly, that pushes individuals w/talent to be great. Like, we just take what's being offered and say wow.
Great start! Giving all people access to education is good for society as a whole!
Great event in Croydon today, discussing how we really take back control from economic elites and cre…
A girl who brushed aside handicap with guts and gumption. . Great my salute
There's this. Hard to tell who's propagandizing about what here, but it can't be great.
Got a letter from a bright student who asks if we should apply culture vs race as id. Problem is society is committed to the great race hoax
Another great session with my Book Club Society in Jabavu. BCS is also for the children.
Sex can be great, but it has lost its purpose especially in today's society.
Great morning with the Lone Star Parkinson’s Society talking about the benefits of physical activity & exercise 🚶🏻
If you are looking for a superb venue for your society day in 2017.We have some great value packages available.Check our w'site for details
Tri M Honor Society hosted a band/choir social at Ice Works today. Students had a great time improving their...
Also, the Historical Society has a great exhibition up called "Before Beaver Island." Check it out!
Great moveShows how clean politics can change society. it means 50%cut has been CUT. That's y halfPants r pareshan
No great loss to society actually saves the taxpayers 💰💰
at least we'll all have high-powered firearms to slaughter each other with when the Great Society falls
"Where's our 100 days? Where's our Great Society? Where's our New Frontier? Somebody's got to do what we came here to do."
Anecdote on How Johnson's Great Society - warped by modern progressives - is Harming Families & The American...
If the Democratic Party loses its commitments to New Deal and Great Society, it will have lost its soul. Not either/ or SW v MW
Watch HJK Interview w/Ben Mankiewicz on The Young Turks re Trump and war on the New Deal & Great Society
Agree with you 100% as I was fatherless. We have LBJ's Great Society to blame for lack of fathers in Black homes. A tragedy.
They did that with the help of George Romney to Barry Goldwater gave us LBJ Vietnam & the Great Society.
George Romney same thing to Barry Goldwater as Mitt did to Trump gave us LBJ & the Great Society
Before Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" (Welfare) A-Americans had higher rates of entrepreneurship than Whites.
LBJ's Great Society has cost America over $20 trillion dollars with the result being decaying and drug infested inner cities!
Second Thoughts: Reflections on the Great Society . Bill Moyers was President Lyndon B. Johnson's press secretary...
Neocons believe the GOP should be converted to embrace a "modern democracy," aka a welfare state in the mold of FDR & the Great Society.
Lots of nostalgia for big government programs of the New Deal and Great Society era in Peter Thiel's speech.
I believe we can continue the Great Society while we fight in Vietnam.
Wait--you're comparing the author of the Great Society, Civil Rights Act & War on Poverty to Trump? Sweet Geebus.
Add another 15 years 2 it and we passed the Great Society. No one else. Add 10 years and talk abt the blood in streets abt a war.
Great night at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year gala. Honored to sponsor this great event.
So if someone could explain to me how I can seamlessly integrate myself into Swedish society, that would be great.
Great food and fellowship at the Canadian Icelandic Society of Westman's porablott/Tombolla.
Great story and shows the moral dilemma of a black superhero saving a society filled with hate. Swear you'd enjoy it
A Shadow in Doubt by Roari Benjamin is Check out this great book!
Great night supporting American Caner Society with some of my favorite peeps
Great evening with the Gaming society having a BBQ, cannot wait for Church tomorrow and the CU bbq next week!
At a great event tonight for the society.
KNOWS the truth, and this statement is a fact. Goes back to the Liberal LBJ, 'Great Society.'
“When society changes, definitions of purpose need revision. What should a school do & be?" https…
Follow for some great deals on jewelry everyone loves! 10% of proceeds go to American Cancer Society http…
Great couple days at the College Athletic Trainer Society Symposium in Vegas!
LBJ blocked Ike from passing Civil Right Legislation. He changed when JFK froze him out. Great Society yielded Dem voters
Fabulous quote in a great story about 'the cloud appreciation society'
Friends, colleagues, the honour and the pleasure was all mine! Looking forward to more great things for our society next year!
Thanks 4 the follow, Betsy. BTW, I do great interviews on how biz can not just go green but transform society.
What are your Come join us on Sunday night for some great tunes. The Tributary Quartet plays!
Here is what did LBJ job of securing a national debt = to welfare.
Check out another great bowhunting feature from Truglo! RT
if you read the Moynihan paper from 1965, he listed why LBJ Great Society programs would hit urban blacks hard, and why.
Outer great wen viator-fond of society areas: the return relative to adorable battersea camp meeting roughness: PnU
Thanx alot for This valuable information it's Great Step of to came changes in society through Satsang So…
G ameliorated society 2 great extent & continuing making countless efforts 2 take it at top.
America's burst bubble can be traced to The Great Society leading to latch-key kids & both parents working.
$2 from tonight's tickets go to "Pedal it Forward" and "NWA Humane Society", Come support some great causes and a...
"What Can Therapeutic Gardens Offer to ICU Family Visitors?" Great article in Society of Critical Care Medicine...
You have a great egalitarian society and we all want to be like you, sweden. Now please stop making jokes
A great piece. How artist captured the suffering of Alastair Campbell and Amy Winehouse
surely God will deliver us out of this great depression...i'm a fighter only for a society based on fairness and justice. may we get there!
The Blind Society May Ball on 28 May is going to be a great night - celebrity auction, fashion parade, raffle,
A great morning at the Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash! Thank you Dr. Carla Webb, Dr. Tanya ten Broeke, and...
Congrats to all you college graduates. . Now you get to enjoy what it's like to be destroyed by taxes and bills of our great society.
Make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities- has a meaningful impact and are contributing to the good of…
Great day Research Masterclass Thnx Adilia Warris and the rest!!
delivered on so many levels, a great experience we'd recommend to all. Got to…
Great intervention from Asia-Pacific! We agree that are vital institutions of society, and need appropriate laws
Much thanks to Kerri of for giving me this opportunity to join this lovely society. What a great first meeting! ❤️
Great gig tonight playing for the Newcastle University History society with these talented group…
Great piece by were warned they knew, they did it anyway
"Public education is the great equalizer in our society. When we diminish public ed we diminish a fair and just society."
LBJ fostered an idea if a "Great Society". It contained the addition of medicaid to help the poor. Also included equal education reform.
73% of black families have only 1 parent. It was 7% before dems sold the "Great Society" 2 blacks. https:…
A reactionary vision has to reject more than just the Great Society or Roe v. Wade; it has to cut to the very roots of the liberal order.
A Not-So-Great Society: James Piereson, The Weekly StandardThe rise and fall of Lyndon B. Johnson from 1963 to...
Prisoners of Hope: Lyndon B. Johnson, the Great Society, and the Limits of Liberalism. by Randall B. Woods.
Great talk with how do we create a fairer society
I'm fundraising for Alzheimer's Society by running The Great Manchester Run for my Grandma Dot❤️
.Time to wake up Charles, society has changed...Make America Great!!!
A great reason for taking part in clinical trials. We carry out close monitoring of your diabetes
ROOT: 50 years of "Great Society" social programs by big govt. a city 100% controlled by...
Apple CEO uses scare tactics to defend terrorists. Liberals are great at protecting the criminal element in society because they are evil.
The Society of Artists of Great Britain 1760-1791. The Free Society of Artists
Visit your local Jersey Mike's in the month of March. Eat great food and support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!
I live in a society where "tea two" is directly interpreted as a cup of tea with two sugars and quite frankly, i think …
Gazan MEPIs are great people who commited to improve Gazan society in the face of all the difficulties .
Society, great when it's good stuff, completely borked when it goes face up. The lessons I had for my major keep reminding me of-
Should be a great event by the CFA Society of Philly.
- Society is in great leadership hands, Burns, then learns and lastly is sharing with the fire ind.
got a great campaign slogan for EU exit. BORIS stands for 'Britain, one real independent society'
That would be a great messaged given to the society if this happens what you said
great session on Global OceanObserving. Integrating and sharing data across orgns for science and society--hard, but great progress
. Obama has inspired a clock work orange society. Nothing is what it seems. He has created the great divide for a reason.
Bernie Sanders is setting the standards for the Great Society, but, like Lyndon Johnson, we know its easier said...
Tocqueville: What puts society in danger is not the great corruption of some, it is the laxity of all. 'Democracy in America'
Great read! A request for euthanasia is a failure of society via
Capitalism is great if you live in a high trust society. Immigrants destroy that.
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, GREAT WEST DIVISION, INC. - information about company from Alaska you can found there
Great way of giving back to society..
$22 Trillion! GREAT SOCIETY = continuous poverty for generations to come
Famers opt. multiple farming, fisheries# primitive aspect of human society @ praise worthy great desire by our honourable P M.
In today's society it's hard to stand up against the pressures. I think it's great.
My daughter is at a birthday party at the Humane Society. How great is that idea?!
The wafer as for an defeating the hereafter laboratory diagnosis great society: IJTAKh
Well done doing a virally important issue justice. Commissioner great idea as long as they have teeth
Great talk by of this PM to our undergrads on Education, Policy & Society module about social mobility
Just spent an hour playing with puppies at the humane society and now magically I'm having a great day.
Yes student unions were a great cause of chaos in society. But it was solely due to the Ziaocracy factor
great. Now you can focus on being a productive member of society instead of grabbing *** and kidnapping and calling it "pranks"
What a great article! Maybe too much unhappiness is what ails our society? It seems to fit too many.
I'm tired of being around people who feel intimidated by my blackness Great Article - great video…
Great article but most young people pick up bad littering habits from their parents - target whole family
Don't forget! Literacy Night is tomorrow & Shadowing Manhood is this Saturday.
On his Jayanti, tributes to Guru Ravidas ji. Guru Ravidas ji's teachings of equality & brotherhood in society are a great…
GREAT Day put on by UM Society of Women Engineers info. To participate complete this link:.
Great to see impact on economy & society through driving innovation recognised in these awards
This is a great backgrounder on Zika and reminds pregnant women not to travel to Zika-infected countries:
Great opportunity for activists from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine (sic!)! If you know anyone suitable (or if...
If we can just stand and clap for guys in Uniform that would be great. Much needed in our society.
You gotta remember that it was rural America that was solidly behind the New Deal of FDR & the great society of LBJ. So what gives?
Dr WAO GURUJI!. Great fervour for humanity!. U are doing a great & noble task for welfare of the societ…
Don't be a useless member of our society! Stand up with courage & conviction with & his revolution & help make our Nation great!
great MS... We all with you and with our soldiers... Just need to clear some baggage 💼 from society.
Really with ur MSG2 relesing and by watching,society have a great change now really salute to u
really U R great guruji Who is doing a lot for the welfare of Society and Mankind
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: This year's Symposium will be a great event again - but especially as the Society for Biomateria…
Choices are the real key to privilege. Always. Why did the "Great Society" encourage single parent black...
Democrats in college should learn of LBJ and the Great Society. Sanders and Clinton have failed. TRUMP 2016
UT policy conference, LBJ?s Great Society to the Age of Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter.
Reagan was not, for example, against the Civil Rights Act, nor did he try to repeal the major Great Society programs.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Dear Diary, Jan 4,1965, Pres Lyndon Johnson outlined goals of his ''Great Society'' in State of the Union address. What’s changed?
1965 Pres Johnson delivered his State of the Union address in which he outlined his "Great Society" program
well in large part because LBJ "Great Society" moves caused a backlash by the wealthy. 1 of 2
The belief that women do care work and men get paid does a great disservice to society via
WOW & Movie is Still running. Successfuly Worldwide,having. a great motive behind it, to. re…
WOW !and movie is still running successfully worldwide,having a great motive behind it ,to reform the s…
American Society of Hematology launches a great free medical app for hematology conditions -
Electoral high compatible form great society: pChb
Such a great way to keep your perfume collection up to date 😊.
Thank you so much to Classic Rock Society Magazine (UK) for the great review of Circuline’s debut album in Issue...
Thankyou to the Ottawa scottish society for organising a great event on Hogmanay.
A great book will not decay for its use cannot be denied to be something very useful especially in a society that artificially create ***
The modern role of men as fathers is something we must embrace
The only film that society has changed so much in the world, is being viewed with great relish.
Your contributions towards healthcare is great service to society .
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
It is a great truth!! It is very sad that this happens, but we have qe society.
do you want to say that wrong numbers like Asaram Bapu are great and contributed for society?
Definitely Great Achievement Guru ji Movie 🎬 Succeeded to spreading humanity and brotherhoo…
Well stay warm and have a great day. I'm out the door trying to be a productive member of society and pay a few bills. LOL
. I have two Mauritian friends who always portray Mauritius as a great multicultural society.
1/ On the other hand French society & elites is experiencing the "malaise" of former great powers' loosing influence. And these
"The Muslim society of Kosovo is well funded by Turkey + Gulf States". The shift of secularism in the…
[..] yourself, for your own reasons, is great. But because society has arbitrary standards that you are [..]
'Civilization is to a great extent, the ability of a society to control.. ' 4th line! Many thanks :) https:…
"A man who seeks truth and loves it must be reckoned precious to any human society.". Brother Frederick The Great
19. Monotheism has been one great single factor in dividing Indian society into numerous warring sects.
ON THE SHIMBUN. Thank you Daily Manila Shimbun for the awesome feature. Great start to the New Year. Keep on...
A great piece in this month's about Richmond Local Society's new book by Simon Fowler, Richmond at War
.Thanks, Pippa, for your great piece about Richmond Local Society's new book Richmond at War
Thanks for the recent follow Happy to connect :) have a great Fr…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Comedians are so useful in terms of intellectual growth within society. The great comedians are always making us ask import…
Craze of Clearly seen in pic Guru ji Really great grand salute to you bcz you R the real car…
Maybe they could make it a permanent protest ? A great service to society.
Great Grand Salute to you Guru ji for making such society changeable movie 🎬
More great content from the Blair society, this one is about Whiplash and upper cervical.
Good friendships = Great society Lets make goals for our friendships in
I want to make the american society to be as great as it can be if all of our people unite we could reduce our negative impacts on the world
I can free society debate all day! I love my freedom & wish to share with anyone that supports FREEDOM in USA. Have a great day friends.
This year is about remembering 1916; but also assessing great progress we've made&looking at the future we want for our society
Come to The Uganda Society Library at Uganda Museum.Great chaps from African writers!
A great leader is defined by how he treats the weak and the vulnerable ones in the society
clears that even an uncivilized being deserves to be educated & connected to mainstream society!. Great movie…
Definitely the society awareness is a great area for improvement. We should all be thinking about our own deaths!
And money mobility is a great factor in creating social stability in society. If money isn't trickling down,cheaply, less econ
If you follow traffic rules and regulations, it's a great contribution given to society
This Tory Party stinks to high Heaven with its racist remarks, Cash for Honours, Its like a giant sore on this once great s…
. 1930's about 70% of the black vote was republican. They were conservatives! Then LBJ & Great Society to buy their votes
Vietnam has gone the way of WWI & Korea. The only victims are our vets. LBJ and his Great Society could have done so much more.
"..Great Society of liberalism’s promise, we seem to be approaching a society that is sick unto death". Patrick J. Buchanan
You have point. LBJ and his not so Great Society. End of poverty etc... Abysmal failures. :(
My heroes are all great, dead men. Now I commune with them in the only sanctuary society offers: libraries.
Our DNA cannot be privatised! A great win for the people and those concerned about the growing influence of...
From the Great Academies of Old to the Royal Society via
Had a great conversation tonight and I hopefully awakened another person in society to the government oppression that is taking place.
final 'Society Day' of another great season on Saturday 17th Oct, CAPTAINS DAY ⛳️🏆
Republicans think with their heads democrats with their hearts.. Neither capable of creating a truly great society
Ulaganayagan is an Institute for actors.More than an actor he is a great Human Being. He contributed a lot to society says
We have great society deal for - could someone email john.claymanThanks!
thank you for sharing that Kiara! That's a great video showing the evils of discrimination and evolution of society ❤️ love it.
Life is great. Don't let circumstances & society fool you into believing it's not.
Hamilton Collection
thanks for providing this great movie. Our society needs such a film & this movie is the need of every hour…
A great addition to the group. Integrity, excellence and living up to society's expectations of the profession.
I for one think this was great but yeah don't read the comments if you want to retain faith in our society.
I'm gonna end my great day with a sausage mcmuffin because we live in a society where breakfast isn't confined to a time period
Great meeting and dinner with the Texas A&M Pre-law Society!
Abuse in Politics &Media creates Hardships on all Sectors of our Society. Great Job Mate.
>boss who had, like Dmitri himself, been born into the world of great wealth at the pinnacle of society before being cast >
I find that cowardly, actually. What great society are you preserving with 2A at that point?
All they know is to promote d senseless show ‘Sumit Sambhal Lega'. Great! U r giving a great msg to d society…
Great panel discussion on how VR will impact society from environmental & gaming to travel, education + beyond
Great quote at "if you want to change society, you need to tell an alternative story" agrees with tha…
A great editorial from Australia's gun buyback program could be a model for us.
Last week : Are we really free thinkers? How can education evolve? Great discussion about the movie Dead Poets Society!
That weird moment when you take a super great selfie of your *** but can't really post it because we live in a body & *** shaming society.
Alex Vustyan speaking now. Says SASS is a great society, would like to bring experience from Econ society
That's great, but who's going to help them reenter society? Did they hire a bunch of people to do that?
Great turn out for the CLE Dorinda taught for the Christian Legal Society: Gestational Surrogacy-Contract...
And the result of that was the proper Canadian outcome - acceptance of the cultural diversity which makes our society great.
Great insight into what the Society does!.
My fav to describe the vile society we live in&J'accuse is a reference to the great Emile Zola speech :
Great news! Patient wins high court challenge against company's cancer gene patent. Good on you Yvonne Darcy!
The main purpose of is to teach the great social messages to uplift the society.
With great weirdnesses comes great responsibility share your weirdness with the world, progression was not achieved by the…
Congratulations new National Honor Society members! Man do we have great kids !
Great Society is just as much to blame as any other condescending, counter productive tactic motivated by racism or white guilt
Shouts out to our newest rep Nichol for spreading High Society 360 Clothing & Apparel to the great…
lol jk but like my first concert was Kanye, no one can compare or anything great come near that experience.
Amazed by the advancements society has made in less then 100 years for people with special needs. Great read
Great team work to all the people from Surrey Search and Rescue Society
Day two of the French Wine Society Conference at the French Embassy in Washington D.C. A great…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
It's great! M sure will bring more positive changes in our soc…
Grace Slick premieres her song "White Riabbit" with Great Society in this '66 Fillmore set.
I added a video to a playlist Lyndon B. Johnson's 'Great Society' speech
When President Lyndon Johnson included the arts and humanities in his Great Society vision, it was expressly to...
since you share initials (LBJ) with Lyndon B. Johnson, what is your opinion on his "Great Society" legislation?
Great for society prizes. 3 mini retractable towels for less than 20 quid.
Did not see this coming, great to hear: Saudi billionaire pledges entire fortune to charity
That's the problem, then. Society? We're great at symbols, but fail in action. We love surface commitments to change. We fail…
Omerica is "All about me" society. 😢NOT LOVE! ❤ NOT CHRISTIAN! † Great article: American College of Pediatrics
MSG is a great initiative by St. ji to defeat bad thing from our society. It will definately bring a cha…
This heat is great for society, instead of awkward silence we can now complain about the heat
Today started off great, I helped walk dogs at the Humane Society until I came back to find someone had taken my phone...
has just given a great Maiden Speech. Focus on Inverclyde, the people who live there and importance of fair…
Brislington History Society hosted Ash for a senior safety presentation last week. Great crowd and engaging questions
Today I volunteered in arranged by Sha'oor Society at PIMS Hospital . It was great experience !!!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
If science could operate on this distorted brain and put it to good use, society would reap a great benefit.
Great infographic from illustrates how is the next innovation for our homes and our society:
things may not be great with my family, but I'm still thankful that society at large has started to adapt.
We raised a total of $2585.05 for the humane society last month plus I'm adding an additional $1000 for making Top20! Great…
A house divided and standing | Great piece on by Oris Aigbokhaevbolo for |
it's easy to join the Bead Society of Great Britain & we welcome new members : .
If we know so much about our history and the great gains it came with, why do we live in western society?
beanstoast is one of Franks buddies. He does entertaining folkpunk music with great lyrics often about drawbacks in society.
Christianity in Chinese Public Life: Religion, Society, and the Rule of Law b...
Met some great folks from Walker, Folio Society and Penguin amongst others today! Thanks for coming by the stand
I love this idea so much! Great work Raleigh County Humane Society!. For anyone interested: Located in Beckley, WV...
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