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Great Recession

The late-2000s recession, sometimes referred to as the Great Recession, the Lesser Depression, or the Long Recession, is a marked global economic decline that began in December 2007 and took a particularly sharp downward turn in September 2008. The Great Recession has affected the entire world economy, with higher detriment in some countries than others.

Great Depression Wall Street

10Y ago we weren't in the Great Recession & congress abdicated Fiscal Policy powers to use that debt…
Nice blog, but it's pretty clear root cause of 2008 Great Recession was the trade defici…
The economy continues its long recovery from the Great Recession.
The Great Recession & modest recovery that followed:. Median household income last year FINALLY more than in 1999. .
(2/2) The Great Recession at its peak saw a reduction of GDP by around three percent. B…
Why not back-date tax changes to 2006, so we could all avoid the Great Recession?
Reminder of the Great Recession: The median American household last year finally earned more than it did in 1999
It took 17years for income to recover after the Great Recession. We're finally making the same $ as '99.
"The Great Recession wiped out 20 yrs of family wealth, taking us back to 1989."
In terms of residential real estate, Canada's price gains are among the fastest in the world.
I don't blame Bush for the WTC. He wa…
I forgot that the great recession didn't happen under Bush, brought on by GOP deregulatio…
I never said that. Never would. Nationally, housing prices have only gone down twice now. Great De…
Thanks, Obama! Let's enjoy it til the Great Trump Recession.
My country's banks survived the Great Recession (via taxpayer handouts allowing them not to skip bonuses…
Ask Dimon whether we recovered from 911 faster than we recovered from the Great Recession? Don't tell us thats dueto Obama
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Mostly white conservatives ticked off at Bush because of the Great Recession who then eased comforta…
This guy is piece of work. The fraud is nobody from JP Morgan went to jail for their role in the Great Recession.
It's even weirder than that. I can't believe so few millennials named the Great Recession, w…
This is a great economic see through from Hard to have a recession driven bear market with these trends in…
Hummm, the Great Recession happened on 08'. That would make it like, 9 years? Facts DO matter...
At the same people that caused the Great Recession are the people that Trump put in cabinet posi…
Great Recession, he just didn't make it any better. It had largely to do with the market itself.
I call this era of my life the Great Recession because im not yet at the point of Great Depression but im well on my way
New top story from Time: . (WASHINGTON) — In a stark reminder of the damage done by the Great Recession and of the…
The Great Recession apparently taught us nothing about credit card debt
Says one of the masterminds behind the great recession and payer of billions in fines for fraud.
Great Recession should be much higher for millennials
Examining the effects of a new all time high for US Consumer Debt and how it compares to the Great Recession of 2008
Not sure much of anything has changed since the Bush Great Recession. Housing Prices are going through the Roof in many places in the U.S.
But didn't the uninsured rate continue to climb or at least not decline during the decent economy prior to the Great Recession?
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"The project is a collaborative effort that emerged after the world financial crisis of 2008–9, and the ensuing Gre…
u think that people living through the Great Recession knew that they were living through the Great Recession or were they more like us?
Great 5 Min video shared by Paul Barry on the complications to the recession in Brazil.
Worst. I guess when she ignores the excesses of wall st she doesn't know African Americans lost the most wealth in the great recession, 6/?
Especially for our generation, coming of age during 9/11, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, and the Great Recession...
"...36 U.S. states are spending less on education than before the Great Recession," said Randi Weingarten. Jeez.
Thank you, Barack Obama, for stewarding our economy out of worst recession since Great Depression!!!
Anyways I predict another great recession in about 7 years
Great piece on Watch, share, and most importantly, enjoy the ride.
is next likely in 4-16 months & will it be like 2008 or Great Depression o…
The effect of the Great Recession on permanent childlessness in Italy
Thanks Obama! Particularly stellar improvements considering we were in the Great Recession when his term began. ht…
What Christians need is to be ready to take advantage when the next great recession hits
one of my favorite novels of the recent past very post Great Recession
The Great Recession hurt student performance, and schools with the most disadvantaged students were hurt the most.
Assessing the Macroeconomic Effects of LTROs during the Great Recession. J Matheron &
Thank you, President for Making America Great and pulling us out of the Recession you inherited. We miss you!
Then don't do disastrous tax cuts. GOP policies created the Great Depression and the Great Recession.…
Really unique trans-Atlantic comparison of social impact of Great Recession in US and UK. Great by
Obama:5 – Passed the $787 billion America Recovery and Reinvestment Act to spur economic growth during the Great Recession
"Nothing, outside a financial on the scale of the Great Recession, can faze Capitec Bank Holdings…
US job recovers from Great Recession, but not everyone is brought along - Charlotte Observer…
Wowser! And you pulled us out of that GOP Great Recession all yourself! With NO HELP from that Black Guy…
Blame Salmond, he lost the indyref during the Great Recession, record 'austerity', a Tory gov't of old Etonians, an…
OMG 20 Tril Debt! Fact is Reagan & Bush caused most of it w Tax Cuts, unnecessary Wars & Great Recession. So why does…
Great Recession-level economic losses could become reality if climate change left unchecked, research shows
A nice (2006) panegyric, but somewhat gauche staring down at the imminent (2007) Great Recession cause…
change could spark a Great Recession w/ no recovery |
Oh right, lifted us out of the Great Recession by doubling our national debt. Keynesian economics by Democrats is s…
Congress passed Wall Street reform & set up the so the abuses that led to the Great Recession wouldn't repeat. Go…
New Britain Herald - Remember the Great Recession and too-big-to-fail:
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Blips in the market are nothing. Stay the course & ignore the noise ~ CMO, investor during the Great Recession.
House Republicans seem to think we've all forgotten about the Great Recession. via
Since the global Great Recession, Ontario has created nearly 700,000 new jobs.
Glass-Steagall: "Great Recession came within 10 years of the abolishment of the act"
A thread on macroeconomics in Great Recession and after. First, Noah Smith notes validation of Keynesian econ 1/
Supposedly President Bannon's dad got hosed by the Great Recession and yet he and Trump want to gut…
"Stocks have been historically calm since the end of the Great Recession" by Ben Carlson via Feedburner
The Great Recession clearly gave rise to right-wing populism
What seems to have happened in the last decade (IMO) was that during the Great Recession ruling parties were discredited.
This is worth a read. It would be great if those with access to Bannon could pin him down on what he sees as true cause…
Started this Portfolio in Septem, 2007 in the midst of the Great Recession. I've beat the benchmark S&P 500 by 126%…
I guess piloting the country thru Great Recession was nothing? 20 more people w/health insurance honestly means nothing to you?
The great recession which would make it almost impossible to prosper financially and secure safe and affordable hou…
Amen. Maybe we should. After all Obama was golfing every weekend during the great recession. Spending time at the C…
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not like there's anything of value on PBS, like what led to the Great Recession and how Obama stopped it. In a four hour doc.
Income inequalities in Europe on the rise since Great Recession
I can't even count how many of my friends got their professional starts through during the Great Recession
old timers during 2008 recession: "this is nothing compared to the Great Depression. 5 miles to school uphill both ways."
The 3 fastest-growing counties by Latino population since 2007 are in North Dakota
Average worse of now than during of 2008
increase military spending will not make America great "again" will bring us back to 2006 pre recession. Bannon acts alot like a neocon
- Q - not to be rude but *** do you not understand about the Great Recession & the unpaid Bush wars?
trump has done nothing to "make America great". Obama already pulled us out of he recession. He just has to not screw it up.
It's a sign that the economy is quickly becoming more robust, nearly eight years after the Great Recession ended.
Obama is in the top 5 best presidents ever. He prevented the Great Recession becoming a decade long Great Depression.
Go ahead, the education system isn’t worth anything, since unemployment among recent grads is higher than it was befor…
it seems to me like a defense mechanism response. “Boomers caused the Great Recession and didn’t give us universal healthcare”
Trump budget would put California's budget into level of difficulty, disarray we haven’t seen since Great Recession https:…
We started the Great Recession just a couple spots ahead of Michigan, and now we're almost best in the nation.
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Masses are just in a dream state that's all
The GOP is well oiled for this...panic of 1893, the Great Depression, Great Recession, now what?
Instead of cutting taxes, need to raise taxes and finally overcome the GW Bush tax cut debacle that ended in the Great Recession
As they are asked to do more, state & local govt employment hasn't recovered jobs lost to Great Recession
We will see another great recession thanks to trump trying to run the nation like 1 of many failed busi…
there's a reason the DC market did not feel the 08-09 Great Recession
Cramer’s 10 best S&P performers since the Great Recession
The US economy is another step closer to full health after its slow recovery from the depths of the Great Recession.
Factoid: The banks have been voting to give themselves 6-60 billion dollars a MONTH via the Federal Reserve since the great recession.
oh great, more redistribution, regulations, radicals and recession. Stay away from my back.
has generated billions of dollars in economic activity that's been crucial in rural Oregon’s recovery from the Great Recession.
They are like Freddie, they don't die, Nixon, The Great Depression and Recession, Testimony to the power of…
GOP drove us into a ditch w Iraq War/Great Recession. Now they've grabbed wheel from Obama Tow and are driving us off a cliff
Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, the Great Recession, and the Uses-and ...
Dear BSer-in-chief, we in the Great Recession? Operating on a budget of urs? How much longer do we have b4 u ruin nation?!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Uncertainty and the geography of the Great Recession - AEI - American Enterprise Institute
Uncertainty and the geography of the Great Recession - American Enterprise Institute
Below trend: US productivity slowdown since the Great Recession. Beyond the Numbers: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
what happened to draining swamp. he is the face of Great Recession, Goldman Sacs elite, who cannot fill-out disclosure form.
Rolling back rules for same Wall Street banks whose reckless behavior crashed the economy during the Great Recession is wr…
Hey new BookForum delivered today: Sarah Jaffe; Jesse Baron on John Judis on populism & Great Recession; Dale Peck; Emily Gould on Saunders.
Obamabots love to talk abt the Dow Jones being up as if when Wall Street wins they win. Has the Great Recession taught u n…
Ben Bernanke: More execs should have gone to jail for causing Great Recession.
Don't your remember that W and the Reps were in control when the Great Recession began? Maybe you have dementia?
Even in the face of difficulties and great sees opportunity. . .
Great Recession never ended; the only that's ending is the Middle Class
People unfollowing me like it's the great recession
Low-interest rates generally a good time to buy real estate; getting a great price is very important
just been on pointing out Lord King not credible as he missed Northern Rock; The Great Recession; RBS failure; & r…
Poll: Trump Election Pushes Confidence in US Economy to Post-Recession High. dividend of Change. Great.
Depressing. IMO the Great Recession is responsible for throwing us backward, economically and socially. Scarcity ➡ resentments
Got us out of Bush's staggering great recession, doubled the stock market, cut gas prices in 1/2 - thanks Obama! Keep hatin'
restaurants have been in a recession for a year and now the 'massive' post-election bubble is about to burst? Great thesis.
Write my essay help. The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession
If 2016 Wasn’t the Epocalypse, What the Heck Was it?. This article by David Haggithpublished first on The Great Rec…
IMO we have yet to Recover from the Great. Recession of 2009
“Following the Great Recession, Texas captured an enormous share of young people"
Obama had to deal with a little thing called THE GREAT RECESSION. Any discussion of budget issues which excludes that detail is LOL
Millions still cannot say they can work a job equal to the one lost in the Great Recession. Maybe 2017 will change that.
This is concerning. However, just like Durham during the Great Recession, I think NC may be poised to avoid the wo…
“US should be celebrating the economic record of the man who inherited the worst recession since the Great Depress…”
Also digging us out of the Great Recession ditch.
OBAMA'S LEGACY TOTAL FAILURE! Obama is the WORST president in history for economy! His 8 yrs goes down as GREAT RECESS…
You didn't remember the 2007-2009 Great Recession with the 2008 stock market meltdown? Sheesh.
General aviation declined after the Great Recession and hasn’t recovered yet
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8 years...From the great recession to all time market highs. Please don't screw up this great economic turnaround.
The people responsible 4 the "Great Recession" have a new home in the Trump admin. Blame Republicans!
you say make America great again as if Barack Obama didn't spend 8 years doing such.. let's not forget the bush recession
Meet the generation that came of age amid the Great Recession: by via
last time republicans had a unified government we had the great recession. Time before Great Depression. I"…
And last time GOP was President the Great recession started.
Oh, sure, we're about to listen to this Democrat *** kisser who contributed so handsomely to the Great Recession.
Stay in school: 11.5M of the 11.6M jobs created since Great Recession have gone to workers w/ a postsecondary education,…
As for "navigating the Great Recession", Canadians can be glad that Liberals ignored CPC demands to deregulate financi…
The inproductive buildup of debt caused the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Great Recession of 2008...
The last two businessmen presidents we had launched us into the Great Depression and the Great Recession.
I stated it quite clearly.The great recession.
"greatest worry...we’ll forget the Great Recession’s lessons and be right back where we started."
Mattiello says RI has finally gained back jobs lost in Great Recession, but that’s not quite right. Still 3,000 below Dec 2006 jobs peak.
Trump and GOP will roll back many of the policies that gave poor people some relief during the Great Recession.
General aviation declined after the Great Recession and hasn't recovered yet - Bradenton Herald
- Effects of the Great Recession on American Attitudes Toward Trade -
After the Great Recession, a not-so-great recovery: remarks at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's 60th Economic…
Great Recession -- Started by Bill Clinton by repealing the Glass Steagall act. 9/11 was brought on by terrorists, not the pres.
Steve Horwitz is discussing the causes of the Great Recession, blaming artificially high house prices on interventi…
Hillary Clinton blames tax cuts for the Great Recession. She is flat-out wrong.
Charts (GDP & household disposable income per capita) showing what a terrible blow the Great Recession was globally…
Uninsurance rate drops to the lowest level since before the Great Recession
Poverty rate still too high, but great news as we continue to climb out of the deep, deep Great Recession hole.
Census Bureau rpt: Very strong income growth in 2015. But you know, America is a disaster, folks.
Political takeaway: Barack Obama has been a good president and Hillary Clinton is going to win
Why won't Obama stop destroying America with his successful economic policies?
Is Obama improving middle-class income on purpose just to give Clinton an advantage? So unfair.
A lot of really good news in the new Census numbers. Middle class incomes significantly up, poverty levels down:
Middle class incomes are up, health care coverage is up, and poverty is down. Make America... wait, never mind.
Big cities are starting to recover from the Great Recession
The middle class and the poor just had the best year since the end of the Great... by via
America gets a raise for 1st time since before Great Recession via Median HHI grew at 5.2%…
Middle class incomes in the US had their fastest growth on record last year
Incomes Grew Faster than any yr on Record!. If we could only Make America Great Again?!.
More evidence Obama is horrid president! oh, wait, nevermind… “Middle class incomes had fastest growth on record”
U.S. middle class incomes grew faster in 2015 than any year in modern history... by via
The top 5% returned to pre-2007 income in 2015, while everyone else is still behind
Middle class incomes: Fastest growth ever last year Poverty and # uninsured down too.
Great news from for middle class families → & rural families too:
This is the most important story about the election in months:
This is good news for the middle class of course, hopefully the trend continues so all boats rise and fall the same.
Brookings: Labor force dynamics in the Great Recession and its aftermath: Implications for older workers: Labor…
"Under POTUS"? Is it a decree? Let's not mention the Great Recession, or, like, trends.
Putin and China aggression from perception that Great Recession weakened us. Harder to link Mideast and refugee crisis with
Lot of upside in the new construction market to make up for the Great Recession slowdown in new homes!
11. Accelerating out of the Great Recession: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy by David Rhodes
Case Study: How Kohler used talent development to push through the Great Recession.
Avg state spending per student is $1,525, 17% less than before the onset of the Great Recession
Into deep poverty, or the fallout in Ohio from welfare reform and the Great Recession: With the enactment of…
Killing Them Softly is a really underrated film. The examination of America during the Great Recession is fascinating.
Our generation didn't start Two World Wars, the Great Depression, the conflicts in the Middle East, the Great Recession, and the Cold War.
To be honest, thought Sports Authority would succumb to Great Recession. Stunned it lasted another couple yrs. Just didn't last Obama Admin.
Soulja Boy was a product of its time. Cranking any kind of dance seems foreign in a post great recession world
In '09 I asked if the "Great Recession" would change everything. This week the NYT Mag devoted an issue to the loss of the middle class.
Solid economics from the great Robert Schiller. .
Invest your life into your family, for even in a recession or a depression the returns are always great and continuous
nobody's perfect but he saved your *** from the great recession & from the brink of red dawn, you're welcome-Love, BO Voters
They are going to default tomorrow.
If Obama was faced with a great recession and he had less experience than you ,what excuse do you really have Mr President ?
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What do you make of this? Youthful idealism? Economic scars from The Great Recession? Something else?
Oh, yes. Like this dire warning, issued just four months before Great Recession began:
Yes, because Obama was responsible for the Great Recession. Speak for yourself, he doesn't re…
Sure. Just a coincidence that Great Recession followed re-upping of philosophy that last prevailed from 1923-29.
Today people with less tend to work harder this research says
They caused the Great Recession, you know.
Not directly, but it hints at it, suicide rates risen since the great recession. 75+ is a high risk age.
Still the biggest story of the Great Recession
People are workng harder than ever for less.
How better monetary policy can avert the next financial crisis:
From Varsities' Top stories University of Chicago Press honors Prof. Amir Sufi … see more
University of Chicago Press honors Prof. Amir Sufi for book on Great Recession via
Does it mention that the great recession ended in the first month of his presidency?
Since the Great Recession the number of Chinese students in US higher ed is up 5x.
that means nothing in the great recession there were still 700k more jobs. Corporate profits up 166% while fed
No, Didn't Prevent the Next Great Depression His policy PROLONGED this recession indefinitely
Economists aren't great at foreseeing recessions,but the high yield bond market has not distinguished itself either. htt…
The Great 2008 Recession was no SMALL event to deal with. Bush & GOP flew us in the dirt after having cashed out!
Wrong. Rising debt in 2008-09 was due to falling tax revenue from great recession.
2/2 of 3% GDP, then Great Recession that cost millions of jobs. If jobs is priority, choice clear:
.honors Prof. Amir Sufi for book on
Some of the effects of the Great Recession may still be felt decades from now.
rescue plan engulfed in Great Recession ‘bailout’
AFRICOM and the fallout from the great recession. more crit of Gaddafi but rlly good
Puerto Rico set to default on ~$400M bond payment Monday, and Congress is paralyzed ...w/
"The great on predicting recessions.
Tuomas Malinen: What caused the Great Recession? - Senator Bernie Sanders has blamed the "big banks" of Wall St...
Research explains why employer skill requirements decreased as the labor market recovered after the Great Recession
In his haste to cobble together today's Both Siderist lie, forgot about the Great Recession. Oops.
I'm speaking at Middlesex University 5.30pm tomorrow: the Great Recession, Money, Banking & the Future of Economics
domain names
Poverty in American cities has grown even more concentrated since the Great Recession:
Mancession: Men lost 2 times more jobs than women from the Great Recession and have gained half as many jobs...
Who cares? All macro schools missed the Great Recession. Real science is **useful**.
Seven years after the Great Recession, the Chicago suburbs...
U.S. concentrated poverty in the wake of the Great Recession | Brookings Institution.
Percent of Ohio students in need of free or reduced school lunches same as during Great Recession. 🚨.
Obama's policies failed the American people. Hillary Clinton who promises continuity will create more victims.
Mitt Romney made his fortune tearing companies apart. John Kasich made his fortune at the company that helped bring about th Great Recession
Regime Uncertainty and the Great Recession: A Market Process Approach with in the Independent Review
Especially since the Great Recession of 2007 2008 when lots of people displaced out of jobs only to hve diversity model.
Tough road for Great Recession victims: Column - USA TODAY
I must be his stash from Lehman Bros . You know, the company he worked for that started "The Great Recession "
It's All Fun and Games for US Equities until 1Q16 Earnings expected to be the worst since the Great Recession.
Lol... Great way to avoid the worry of the Oil Recession. Take a vacation!
Today's Report: The nonprofit sector's winners and losers after the Great Recession.
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If the People don't see a Great Recession or Depression coming your asleep and in a state of fear. This is no longer America it is Obama's
The great question now is what will central banks do if the world slips into a recession. Will they double down and do “whatever it takes”?
Seen as an anachronism; no other country had. If still in place, still would have the Great Recession.
How about GREAT GREAT Great Depression! I've studied this issue carefully. We are financially morally bankrupt!
Chart: Colombia's imports decline more than during the Great Recession on weak peso -
another difference is that there is a net migration out of USA & back to Mexico...has been case since Great Recession started!
I watched The Big Short last night and am now an expert on what caused the Great Recession so AMA. . Serious Aside: Great movie.
Public company is up 70% + since the Great Recession. Dr. E. Altman explains:
The extension of short-time work schemes during the Great Recession: A story of success?
. Obama Legacy. Cuba. Killed more terrorists than any president. ObamaCare. Saved America from great recession. Scandal FREE. 3 on SCOTUS
He's trying to explain a legacy as if a Great Recession. didn't happen , none of his doing
Tough road for Great Recession victims: Column via
The gall we have to export the rule of the law when white collar impunity hovers I say in
A look at boomers' financial approach after the Great Recession
Great Recession leaves millions more children in poverty
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Americans live in one of the richest countries in the world, but are unhappier than before the Great Recession:
"In Bizarro America, the tea party never happened. Instead, the Great Recession sparked a left-wing populist movem…
Another meme! Try reading the Congressional report on the causes of the Great Recession, you eejit!
Trickle down + tax cuts for corps & wealthy caused:. Great Depression. Post Reagan recession. GFC. So why the *** is forcing them on us?
Y'all libraries were the first victims of the Great Recession. Just stop. You're proving how deeply out of touch you are 😂😂😂
Ultra rich top 1% in America are (also) struggling to recover from the great recession. via
Did you know: Trade grew as percentage of global GDP for four decades before the Great Recession
Credit card debt surges to Great Recession levels
Clark, Champaign county residents still struggling to find work years after the end of the Great Recession. |
A 10-year overview of Dane County sales tax revenues. . You can see the impact of the Great Recession,...
If a Great Recession & Vietnam-like/French Revolution-like *** in the Mideast don't demand we change course, what crash are we waiting for?
Best movie to me is The Big Short. I also majored in economics because of my obsession w/ the great recession.
Yup. Only real argument against this is that the Great Recession changed everything. Maybe, but doubtful
the Great Recession was a direct descendent of Reaganomics.
1 The causes of the great recession
Cramer: We have scars from the Great Recession...
Great to see excellent product coming from Brazil, country now in severe recession, no jobs & corrupt President
Americans well insulated from the Great Recession don't always (or often) grasp how rough. Trump offers what other
yeah, caused by Great Recession or trending for decades. Presidents aren't magicians
There have been no signs of a recession in the housing market. Now is a great time to buy and sell. Give us a call.
Cramer: we have scars from the great recession
"99% of Americans were hurt by the Great Recession of 2008, and many are still recovering.” -
401 (k) investors were not immune to losses during great recession. They too, are victims of Wall St. malfeasance.
great recession, largest redistribution of wealth in American History. Can you guess where the money went? To top 1/2%
"Diluting the Dose: Cuts to SNAP benefits increased food insecurity..." by
Our next president can't take us back to The Great Recession. Hillary knows that.…
A great piece on why those clamoring to prevent the next recession cannot fix what they don't understand.
“combined with the sharp drop in black employment rates during the Great Recession have left most black men in a...
- Here's how China is trying to dodge its own Great Recession
BS voted to deregulate credit default swaps that led to Great Recession.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Maybe it's a story of addiction, or a bounce back from the great recession. Tell us about your financial recovery.
"...about the housing and credit bubble that triggered the Great Recession -- I recommend you do so."
The Great Moderation gives way to the Great Recession and a Boom becomes a Slump.
I see the 10-year Treasury note falling to 1%, perhaps even lower, before year end.
I want Economic prosperity 4 this great country of ours.There has been too much divide.There is recession world over & we need India to soar
Joe Quackenbush has been homeless since the Great Recession of 2008. In a proud voice Joe…
The Great Recession ended 6 years ago, but we STILL haven’t had a recovery. Unprecedented. .
Ted Cruz keep saying conserv. care about working men and women. Just like the last establishment conserv. that caused the G…
The great you got after the It was a blip.
A remnant of great recession & predatory colleges. $1.3 trillion & rising. America, meet your next bubble.. http…
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