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Great Performances

Great Performances, a television series devoted to the performing arts, has been telecast on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) public television since 1972. The show is produced by WNET in New York City (originally in conjunction with KQED San Francisco, WTTW Chicago, Maryland Public Television, South Carolina ETV and KERA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth).

Lady Gaga Tony Bennett Lincoln Center

Anthony Minghella's Production of Puccini's "Madama Butterfly" on Great Performances at the Met, August 19 PBS.
Anna Netrebko in Verdi’s 'Il Trovatore' on Great Performances at the Met season premiere 9:30/8:30p on KET
When you're watching "Great Performances" and Andrea Bocelli is singing, paying tribute to songs from the movies. 🎬🎥 Bravo! Bravo!
Bajurao Mastani..Film only one word mindblowg ...great story tellg..great performances..I love u bansali sir.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Holiday Assembly. Fantastic performances and videos all around! Great to see so many involved
Obviously be great to have Alexis back, can't ignore our upturn in performances and results since he's been out though.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens was loaded with great performances, cinematography, and directing. Go see it!.
Thank you to all the staff and students who participated in the winter assembly! The performances were great!! Happy holidays everyone!
Into The Woods workshop was fab, great cast and exceptional performances from very own +
i give great performances on birthdays and when I ain't bout to see that *** for a minute -CAU
I´d love to have as next single with great video, tv performances & radio tour!!!
A great episode of tonight filled with great drama and fantastic performances by everyone involved. Can't wait for the Xmas eps
Rob Elliot wins Wonga player of the month for November. Great performances has proved everyone wrong.
Thank you so much for the great performances! Everyone did such great work. The final product looks fantastic!
Well done dancers on a great choreographic evening. Great performances.
Some of our great performances this year. We love them!!!
Peter, so many great performances. I loved you in My Favorite Year.
Santa's workshop today! It's completely free&you'll have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes&watch great performanc…
1st grade hosted 3 separate Nativities this week & all three were great performances! Merry Christmas everyone!
Yes. I actual do. Sad because Sam Jack, and Will put on great performances but we'll see.
Great performance by on cant say iam suprised thou they always give great performances mega luv nd respect for them😜
party getting started. Amazing crowd, great stage and performances!
great performances there from I love this song by the way
There were tons of great acting performances to choose from, so it was an impossible task. But I do love our picks.
.repping at Great performances, fantastic production!
Great show as usual, the music, the performances were all fantastic, thank you very much ; ;
Always showcasing amazing entertainment and great performances
[Japan Times]directing a great many kabuki plays for his former students’ summer performances. This…
Hey..received USB today...the performances are awesome...great quality vids.Thanks so much...cheers
STAR WARS. It felt like going back back in time whilst heading to a glorious future. Great performances from
The Electric 11: and I pick 11 great TV performances from 2015 (and yes, there were tons):
Loving the Show.. performances by a great dj..the moipeiquartets n may u pliz offer me tickets
Broadway tix are great holiday gifts! Jan.7th show are on sale with us!
Mark of a great flick: humorous; heroic performances; and hitting you in the gut with emotional energy to want to see it again.
Great staff and amazing performances. Go LWSRA
some great casting and performances is what carries it ultimately, I think. Complete 180 in terms of emotion from the prequels.
Photo album of great live performances on The RMP over the past 10 yrs. I will replay choice cuts on 12/19 4-7pm:
What a great start to a weekend full of fun entertainments and performances by the little elves!
of all the performances though, I didn't think he stood out. He was fine? Like, his walk was great.
Great Performances by 276 and 277 in the first ever Winter Soccer Classic! Big thanks to Jacklin, Johns, Trott, and all those in attendance.
Great performances from all the boys and girls from P1/2 and P2.
Some great performances in our Christmas special assembly today!🎤
Nashville, pull up & have a good time. Great performances from great artists. I'll be djing the situation.
2015 🎉 as usual, it was such great performances! You guys never fail to impress and surprise us
Packed house Talent Show. Students in gr. 7-12 bring joy & laughs to their peers w/ great performances!
Thank you for such a great evening of performances at the new space
My hat's off to for getting such great performances out of newcomers Daisy Ridley & John Boyega.
Feeling suitably festive, really great performances from both choirs
We had a great review of our performances so far 😉... If u ain't come down yet make sure you do…
Probably the biggest thing out of is the fact that is going to be a huge star. Great performances.
He proves you don't even need to be an great singer, rapper or dancer to give memorable performances. Just have your own style
Last night was not only a great show with great performances but it was also for a great cause.…
Great Trios: Elliott Forrest co-hosts with David Finckel performances from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln…
I am talking about her Jingle Ball performance and yes its out. She had plenty of great performances yet she gets dragged,
Watched last week and it made us come alive! Splendid performances & a great narration..take a bow:)
Another great day in the Women's Big Bash 3 games played today with very good games and performances
Christoph waltz in inglorious *** was one of the great performances of all time imo
Great performances by our bands and choirs in today's music extravaganza.
We had a wonderful assembly today for students to begin their holiday. Great performances by many of our teachers
Well done to on some great performances over the past nights
The holidays are jinglin' & great performances await! Check out Great Russian Nutcracker, 12/23-24
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
At the awards...honouring wildlife heroes...and great performances
What do Jay Z, Phil Collins, Kenny Rogers and Eminem have in common? Great Performances.
Great Performances . In this exclusive clip, watch perform "Carousel" from our live taping!
Did you know you can enter online to win $6 tix to Great Performances?! Now that's Great!
First Miles Davis documentary now online on Great Performances + interviews with Miles, Wayne Shorter, Herbie...
gave a great performance in It's one of his more underrated performances.
Cyngerdd Medi Concert 18.9.15. Great opportunity to come and enjoy performances by our students.
great that we can catch these West End performances in Fife...
Just finished watching .. What a great movie!! awesome performances by all
Come to tonight, as there are some great performances waiting for you! Matteo Motto at 6pm and Anna Powell at 8.30pm! Hurry!
Standing O. What a great show! Fantastic performances and a accompanying who
It's such a great movie, such powerful performances by so many. Wow...if you can find it online, watch it.
Great piece, thanks. Not a Federer fan myself (can't stand him personally), but his late-career performances are astonishing.
I wanna thank Alex for being a great friend to me. We enjoyed all the performances at
Great performances. You'll be a huge threat at htc throwdown and the big house 5.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
We didn’t just have great musical performances on stage at Orchard Beach today! I asked my wife to be…
My Labor Weekend so far watching on Great performances!
The acting performances in "Stand By Me" impress me more and more every time I watch it. Perfectly cast, great chemistry.
The conflict between football ideals and the sad reality of its business. Great character work and performan…
Kudos on the voice direction for Vixen. Great performances from everyone so far.
Well done to reserves team today with a 3-1 victory! Heard there were some great performances. Well done g…
great run man. So many godlike performances today, nothing you can do about the return of the king.
Great production, with superlative performances last night by
it is much more than you expect. Some great performances
Congratulations to medallists Alisha Rees and Cameron Tindle, great performances at Youth Games!
when I think of great playoff performances, I think Carson Palmer
One of the COOLEST Performances of How Great Thou Art using DRUMS!
If you haven't already, check out feed for heaps of great pics/vids from yesterday's performances!
it's tremendous, the 3 core performances are great Clooney, Farmiga and Kendrick
Great captures of the artists' performances in Memphis! CandySoul is at mark 2:17.
*** that was good! Favorite episode of the season. Amazing performances, great closing song and
Great performances by and in the movie
Gorgeous cinematography and great performances, an honest glimpse into the... via
Great time last night at Fenimore's in Glens Falls. See ya guys out soon! I'll be doing online performances soon!
Warburton: "All over the park, there were some great performances, so it was really pleasing"
This Saint is Known as Coz of his Unimaginable Skills, Outstanding Performances, Gr…
Having a great time at Kudos to and for their awesome performanc…
Hope you both have great individual performances but that Idaho wins.on PKs
and all put on such great performances. It made it worth standing in one spot for hours.
This show was so lit!! Lmao great performances and It was a really great time💘💘
Saw Dope tonight loved it great movie. Standout performances from everyone go see that.
STEVE JOBS. Bold & dynamic filmmaking by Boyle/Sorkin. Great performances. Still chewing on it. Suspect I will be for som…
"iKON: 'We don't know our debut date yet... We'll show you through our great performances'"
"He added, 'We'll show you great music and great performances to make up for the long wait.'"
They had the Lansbury/Jones DRIVING MISS DAISY on Great Performances this year.
Watching the stage production of Driving Miss Daisy with Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones on Great Performances!
Great Performances: John Williams Celebration, tonight at 8pm on
-I'm addicted to PBS Masterpiece Theater, Mystery, Live from Lincoln Center, Great Performances, you name it!
Great Performances at The Met presents Renée Fleming as 'The Merry Widow' wooed by an old flame. Sat at 8 on Learn
Tonight on a brand new episode of Great Performances at the Met. With an operetta by Renee Fleming and Nathan Gunn
Tonight at 9:00 Great Performances at the Met presents "The Merry Widow." Renée Fleming stars.
Friday Night Television. -LA Times. SERIES. Great Performances at the Met Soprano Renée Fleming sings the title...
Renée Fleming is the merry widow who is wooed by an old flame. Great Performances at the Met. Friday at 9 on WIPB
On a second Great Performances at 10 pm, watch Anna Deavere Smith's powerful one-woman theater piece about the 1991 Rodney King beating.
Norm Lewis and Annie Lennox sing everything from gospel to opera on NEW Live from Lincoln Center @ 8pm and Great Performances @ 9pm
Our daily TV show pick for tonight is Great Performances – Annie Lenox:  Nostalgia in Concert on PBS at 10:00. -
So, I binge watched Olive Kitteridge on Sunday & Monday and what an intense series. Great Performances by all!
Oscar Night is like watching a GP with 80 in it - Great Performances but does it have to take so long to get to the Big One!
brilliant movie. favorite one after interstellar this year I think, great performances all around
A powerful story base, detailed art direction, great performances for each role...awesome... — watching Special 26
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
No.3: The Past. A family drama as taut as any thriller, understated with great performances and which contains the perfect ending.
I really, really liked that - the performances are great. Hope you enjoy.
To close the year, 10 great Chicago performances of 2014
Wrestling great performances by Z Nislick, AJ Josephson and L Brandell at Framingham. CONGRATS!
absolutely & James gave us some great performances 😄
It is pretty good. The performances are great. I think it was way overhyped and overly complex. But worth a watch.
Despite a disappointing third act, Into The Woods was an enjoyable musical thanks to great performances, especially Meryl Streep.
Got all x performances in lots of Towns/Cities in '15. Being on group line ups great but want/need full shows 🎤💃…
Great release, would be great if they released some more old live performances
what a fabulous film,superb performances and touching & very funny but has a great heart to its story I cried too :)
10. Great hooks, smart lyrics, infectious melodies, passionate performances, and tight production still trumps.
Opening of the Art garden with many great performances including this one from Nate Anspaugh
Silver Linings Playbook is by no means a great movie but it did boast wonderful performances
Here's a great way to end the year with this column, a celebration of 10 of the great performances of 2014. In alphabetical order:
you know whats not great? KEXP always uploading the single songs before full performances
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The Babadook is a fine piece of Australian cinema. A genuinely scary movie with great performances
We do a great deal wrong, but we can't accept any responsibility for Liverpool's away performances.
MLK Weekend the are gearing up for a major show. Come see some Great performances from…
Kingdom of Dreams -had a chance to see Zangoora -spell bound brilliant performances -sure world level facility -well done -Food court great.
😘 for all the great performances in 2014~ May 2015 be a smooth sailing year for BAP! Hope to see u all soon~ 👍
1. 2014 will forever be remember as the year of Jack O'Connell (with 3 great performances & a burgeoning profile to boot). 1/2
Good script and great performances in a poorly directed/edited movie.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - all time favourite film. Great story, direction and performances plus so many iconic images and scenes.
Man you've given some great performances. When the garden was Eden might be best thing you've eve…
Thanks MS for all the great performances and leading India to a high. Sadly media making unwarranted news.
Saw Foxcatcher yesterday. I felt like it was trying to be intense, but it actually felt more flat than anything. Great performances though.
I may not be your fan, still, thank you for the great performances ot6. Always stay strong! We sarang you babies. 💕💕
Great performances all round but nice to see playing the baddie again. He is excellent. Remember him from his…
for giving us great performances. I love you so much ♥
Need another reason to see the last performances of How about this great
I'm not judging over goals lol talking about performances. He was great in every game I mentioned
is a must see movie. Very darkly comical. Great performances, beautifully shot.
really enjoyed Energy of the Daleks, a beautifully crafted classic Doctor Who story, great …
2014 is really a great year for 5SOS! So many recognitions, awards, performances, shows, interviews etc. and all i can say is I AM SO PROUD+
We're breaking down a great 2014 at Today's list covers the best male performances. Who are yours?.
Always coming up with great performances Kantar Les Henry & # Shinji
Great team performances and great individual performances
Also forgot to mention Top Dog. Great film also and great performances.Richwater fims have great stories and a dark authenticity
Attention Cole Stoudt,!, yes I bashed you all year during poor performances,(sorry). Great finish putting the boom on the sooners.
is a must see. Great pace, amazing performances and Michael Keaton in pants. What's not to love. Black comedy at its best.
The movie "Birdman" was incredible. Great performances and very moving. Thank you for the recommendation
I've been rewarded on my first day back by some top performances by the girls. Lads this afternoon and I'm expecting great things.
Laura Dern in The Fault in Our Stars > Laura Dern in Wild. Both performances still great and better than Patricia Arquet…
Always a great family feeling to each episode Super performances all around. Thanks!
What about True Detective? Did you watch that? thats another one thats really good, great performances.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hi. I just watched all your performances from audition till the final. Your voice is great ! Congrats on the win. x
Just announced: Season 9 of "Great Performances at on Le nozze di Figaro will be included!!
the whole Raul Esparza performance was on Great Performances...when he hits that high note *sob*
My old school chum Hankus Netsky sent word about this special he's performing in. REJOICE is airing on THIRTEEN in NYC on Sunday November 30 at 7:30 PMand at 1 PM on Monday, December 1. I haven't been able to find out when (if) it airs in Phila. or D.C. If anyone knows, please comment. The Special celebrates the extraordinary artistic world of Eastern European Jewish music, or in the words of Itzhak Perlman, “chicken soup for the soul”. Legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman and renowned cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot join forces for a musical exploration of liturgical and traditional works in new arrangements for both chamber orchestra and klezmer settings on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances. Joined at the piano by music director Dr. Hankus Netsky (Chair of Boston’s New England Conservatory Contemporary Improvisation Department), Netsky’s Klezmer Conservatory Band, and the Rejoice Chamber Orchestra under the direction of conductor Russell Ger, Perlman and Helfgot present a program of songs that are alte ...
Cont’d Prayers for Rapid & Complete Healing AND Great Performances for
CONNECTIONS partiers! Got great pics of the art, performances, the crowds, the smiles? Post them. Tag us Than…
Just saw Great movie with powerful performances and an amazing director Definitely go see it.
Enjoyed great performances by Afi Browne, Nisha Ahuja, Lishai Peel and many more during the first half of Insatiable Sisters. I'm sure the second half was great too, but I had to go :( .
14th Nov from set of our upcoming Great performances by actors & whole team.
Loved last night. Fun but far from frivolous. Great simple set. Pitch-perfect performances
sweet. Simple. Visually good. Great performances. Predictable but holds you. Have a few reservations abt d end. Abrupt.
Great game performances tonight from red and gold but red gets the win and leads the series 2-1. Come out to Hart on Monday for game 4
Bay Area modern dance fans - can't recommend new performance enough - great music & dancing:
Oh boy is stunning. Stellar performances from all and great direction with sterile uncomfortable cinematography.
Just attended screening of at the alma mater. Terrific performances by (surprisingly) non actors and great v…
SHUT THE HOUSE DOWN! LIVE OAK 35, GUNDERSON, 13. WE ARE MOVING ON! CONGRATULATIONS PLAYERS AND COACHES, GREAT PERFORMANCES! All of us are very proud of you! Stand by on this Acorn Channel for playoff news.
Such a great show tonight. Bad *** performances by and also my man killed it!! Thanks guys for a great show
It's got a great cast, performances & set design but lacks the artistic edge of the earlier films. Much more conventional.
People be hatin on his bad performances but when he does something great they dont appreciate.
A couple great performances today leads to qualifying out the A-side. A little rest and relaxation tomorrow and back at it Sunday
Ozzy will always rock. Great span of performances.
Are you ready for great performances next week ? :*
Little Shop of Horrors was amazing!! Great performances by everyone involved!!
Great performances tonight from and
A pretty solid film, really lifted by two great performances. I will probably rank his stuff someday. Only need one more anyways. Til then.
Saturday's show is officially sold out! Tickets are still available for Sunday. Don't miss these great performances!
This movie and Memento and Following show how great Nolan can be when he really focuses on performances and not the scale
*** yes. Donna Murphy *made* that film. One of the great voice performances.” Loved making :)
Memorable Arias and Duets from Today's Operatic Superstars Topline Encores! Great Performances at the M...
celebrating movie magic.Ramleela was epic for the beautiful landscapes and great performances 😃
Just saw at a WGA Screening. Shocking - need to process - great performances - very effective ... Wow
was amazing and intense. Great performances. 8/10
Beyond the Lights is lovely. The performances are great. Also, seeing a movie with a majority black audience is always, always entertaining.
OMG Birdman you guys. Didn't quite get/love the ending, but great performances and cinematography.
Tonight was awesome, great performances by . Have mercy. Cruel hand. Neck deep and Real friends. 😁
and gave great performances at the CC tonight
Great day today at the Arizona Jamboree. Many high level performances Player talent pool exceeded expectations. Thanks to parents & players
Congrats to local bands Cary and Rock Hill on their great performances at BOA Grand National Prelims!!
Two Skutt teams move on to the state championship in one day! Dominant performances! Great day to be a Skyhawk!
Great night at Midnight Madness. Nice performances and wins from both girls and boys!!!
Incredible set, great performances, awesome musical score and spot on lighting. Well done NFHS theatre and shout out to
Day 14 of shines the spotlight on Agnes Moorehead in Dark Passage. Yipes.
while also having one of the great intros in TV history and pretty strong performances from the main cast.
Shadows and Satin - Day 14 of Noirvember – Great Performances: Agnes Moorehead in Dark Passage (cc
Great evening out at The Drowsy Chaperone by at the Great show and great performances! Bravo
I've heard that you are giving exceptionally brilliant performances in . Good to hear that. Gr…
You Blow me away every time you sing on The Voice...Keep doing more great performances...By the way you have beautiful eyes
great game tonight. I have no doubt that we'll see even more great performances in the future.
.was so good tonight ! Some great performances, I absolutely love , what a genuinely lovely…
Filming went great! and all the groups performances were incredible! Can't wait to see how this documentary comes out :)
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE! – featuring an evening of classic jazz standards in both vocal duets and solo performances — aired on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances, Friday, October 24 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS. (Check local listings.) Taped at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall…
Great halftime performances at Gardendale tonight. Good run for us and enjoyed the Fort Payne show.
[Trans] Nicola Formichetti said CL's performances and fashion always give him a great stimulus http…
is an Excellent & a very topical film. Great performances. Thanks for d role.:) http:…
Congratulations Ron, extraordinary grouping and great performances, I have your disk. Music always & best wishes. God bless you 🎷🎼
Great performances this week! Looking forward to the first episode of Sonic Highways tonite!
So Proud of all the great performances especially Emily Langham!
Smart writing, witty dialogue, great performances = Must See TV!.
I like War of Hormone. But- all of BTS's performances were so great!
Strong win tonight ! Much needed. Great performances by and up front! Keep the momentum ladies!
If you don't have plans for tomorrow, visit us at the The event is FREE! There will be delicious food & great performances.
Great job this week TWMB for great performances and an awesome time let's finish this week out strong at the game! We rock!
Great show Belton Theatre Department! There are still two more performances-Saturday evening and Sunday...
Benefit for my brother, John Chipman. Great Performances + A Silent Auction of some incredible stuff. Thanks for...
If you were looking for a good point to get started with Hidden Harbor Mysteries, today's episode is a fantastic jumping on point. Not only do you have access to about an hour of free action and adventure from the hands of Bryan Lincoln, but when you get to this week's show the gloves come off as The Big Bad arrives. You already have some great performances from the core cast, but add to that some fantastic work by Kathryn Pryde, Alex White, Lauren 'Scribe' Harris, Brion Humphrey, Pat Krane, Rish Outfield, Sally-Rouge and M Sieiro Garcia and it's a pulp fiction actor buffet, baby.
thank you and the others for great performances on GREAT EPISODE!
On the road Shawnee Mission, Kansas to judge tomorrow. Safe travels and great performances to all who are getting out there this weekend.
Just wanna say a huge thanks to my band The Migrations for nailing it at Cherry Bar (last night)…great performances from all bands, and special thanks to Cate de Carteret for making Put a Bird on It a raging good time…! Matt Davidson.
yEA WELL there is apparently a place in times square that you can get really great ticket discounts for day-of performances so B)
Great day at with school, had a blast! Stellar performances from all.
Watched some great performances and alumni speeches at the Fall Concert tonight!
RUDDERLESS is a movie of strong performances, genuine emotional truths and great music: Please RT!
nominee 2009 Great performances & we didn't get to see enough of you...
Today was so amazing. So many great panelists performances the moguls were in the building so…
Great job tonight, your performances are always wonderful! Love you♡   10% Off
Just finished watching and seriously such great performances by two amazing women
Well the time has come. 6 SATIS athletics competitions later and it has come to my last ever competition for Grammar. I have enjoyed all my carnivals over the past years. Hopefully it will be a great day with a lot of great performances and be an awesome last comp.
that was a fabulous movie !!! Great performances by all . Highly highly recommend
The student performances at have been pretty great tonight.
The student performances at have been great tonight.
Cool, so 3 picks and a bunch of money for performances the Seahawks didn't really need (including in the Super Bowl)? Great.
Not only a great movie, but one of the most amazing performances by it…
I've always heard great things about but never really got to witness it until she came to Amazing performances!!
And the supporting cast was just as good. Great performances by and co. Superb direction from Chito Ro…
RVXC had great performances from everyone!! A lot of medals and great times today
... and the records keep coming !! Another in High Jump with 7 records so far. Great performances Girls!!
Joaquin Phoenix is what Johnny Depp wishes he could be! A great dramatic actor that can do great comedic performances. Gr…
Excited to catch one of the last performances of The Shoplifters Looking forward to a great night in this beautiful theater!
love watching/listening to your performances at the Hawaiian Airlines Lounge (via internet). Great way to end the week! Mahalo!
I liked a video GREAT PERFORMANCES: Cheek to Cheek LIVE! | Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett "Nature Boy,"
having a great time so far. Great performances this afternoon.
Men 2nd and women 22nd at Solid performances as we gear up for championship season. Great meet,
Good jab! Good jab! Good day to be an eagle. Dropped the pack time and had some great performances. Swagsquad
It'd be great if all arianators could have a copy of Ari's schedule so we could keep up with all her interviews/performances cause ***
I'm so excited to watch Nightcrawler. Such an original concept and looks to be a well directed film with great acting performances!
my only problem with Reign Over Me is that the writing was a little melodramatic. His & Cheadle's performances are great, though.
and thank for their great performances! Great stuff!
Great music, large-scale marionettes and performances at tomorrow's in &
Lol. I thought the same. So many holes in it. Great performances tho. NH enuf said.
Such a thrilling night for with a wonderful win against Aberdeen. Great performances throughout the team and well taken goals too
Great result tnite by the lads. Some awesome individual performances!! In particular some of the young f…
Camp X Ray is pretty heavy at times (expected) but great performances from KStew and Payman Maadi 👏 compliment each other v.…
Demi has stepped her performances up so much since the Neon Lights tour, and I thought she was great then.
Calendar of Great Steelband Events and Performances - - When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Round one of proof is in the pudding went great. A lot of great performances tonight by a lot of great musicians.
Don't miss 4th annual fundraising event on Oct 15th. Lots of great performances and inspiration!
Who else has been excited by Chadli's performances so far this season? Could be great for us
JOE DOLAN did appear for the great performances by SYNN, &
Such a fun evening of music. Huge thanks to Peter Pavone, Gary Colombo, Nikolas Mastrangelo, Jessica Vanek, and Mark Giovi. With all the great performances, the highlight of the night has still got to be Bill Fayne's one man duet of Sinatra and Pavarotti. I was dying. Don't miss the next Live at Carnegie event in November.
casting and performances were great. I only wish Shraddha Kapoor wasn't a part of it. Such a dampener. She needs lessons from Tabu.
Oooh, great idea! I also loved clips of special performances as it's fun to watch DCC in action.
- Britney Spears&&One More Time&5 Great Performances for the Anniversary
what great performances from Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. If this is her last season, I feel that Paulson will be able to take her place
Ur more than welcome Champ N Thank you for ALL the great performances over the years!
I always enjoy the powderpuff half time performances. They're always great. 😂
I was glad to join the festivities at the State of Tacoma Schools Back to School Address yesterday evening. It was a terrific event celebrating Tacoma Public Schools and looking forward to the future of the district. Some great performances by several student groups too - here are some snapshots I took.
From Little Elvis to huge superstar. Happy Birthday to Hawaii's own Bruno Mars. He's only 29 but has rocked the...
Such an exciting episode of great performances from
his performances in post season arent close to his great reg seasons. Y is that? I'm sure you'll use the SSS excuse
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I live for the performances: Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson are always great. I'd like to see what's coming. Hi BTW! :-)
DR TARR'S TORTURE DUNGEON is definitely weird, & has some great performances. Would make a great double bill w/ MARAT/SADE.
That's a wrap! Thanks to all the artists for the great performances in the lobby of
Interesting pilot with some great performances can't wait to c where this season heads
gave two great performances tonight. And no doubt will continue to do so in the coming weeks.
Coming soon! and team up for a special concert on later this month. Watch a clip:
Jamie Marks is Dead. Original, genuinely spooky and atmospheric coming of age/love story with some really great performan…
The performances tonight were so amazing, great job to all the bands that were at the competition 😊
American Horror Story looks promising this season. Always delivering great performances.
Outstanding performances by our cheerleaders and band tonight also. Enjoy the next 2 days off and the fair. Great night to be a General.
And not to mention the great performances by & tonight! Props to the actors &
Don't miss these 5 great shows this month at the
And the great reviews for K's performances in both CXR and COSM keep rolling in!
Ate salami and enjoyed some great great performances in makes it look easy
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