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The Way of the Master (WOTM) is a United States-based Christian evangelism ministry, founded in 2002 and headed by American former child actor Kirk Cameron, New Zealand-born evangelist Ray Comfort, and American radio host Todd Friel.

Fernando Torres

Nicole Richie does her best Jenna Maroney in Great News and honestly it works.
Thanks 4 the Great News. I have read Mr. Steve Bannon's noble vision for America, he is a good man loves dignified America!
Great News! Yellow Fever has been accepted to the prestigious Sonoma International Film Festival! .
Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan to play for two different teams in the upcoming . Great News ! These men always give u…
Great News. The Marl Playground in to get a facelift just before the Council elections in May! 🤔
Great News - More businesses on PEI are offering free admission for attendants for people with disabilities
Great News! Andrew30367, from Lancaster High School, has been selected as a finalist for this week's "Artist of...
Council wins bid for forest Great News!
Great News! Duterte Approves OFW IDs to Serve as Beep Cards: The overall process for Overseas Filipino workers……
Great news! 👏👏. Hope to see you back on the pitch soon, 🙂
.I know you are talking Miles, but I rewatched Riley's news conference.I am struck by how he relates,calms and educates.Great.
great news! Can't wait to come back and discuss it!
its a great news ..Many Many Congratulations Guru Ji..HKNKJ crossed 261 Cr. Hatts off Sher-E-Hind
Great news for Benidorm fans... Series 10 goes into production next month and will air next year on 🎉🎉🎉
Food for thought: “Maybe College Isn't the Great Equalizer”, courtesy of
Survey: Residents content with life in Las Vegas despite displeasure with schools
Great news! v in Bridgend : Part II. Should be a great occasion! .
This is what makes hockey a great game. Hats off to Sebastien Cormier of the
Bruce Norris's Clybourne Park. Great book. Great troupe. Disturbing issues that don't go away.
Demonetization will have great positive impact on Indian economy says World Bank CEO! .
🗣🎙 "We hope to put in a good performance at Ipurua, play 90 great minutes.".
"Take care of your stadium and it will take care of you" --Lamar Hunt. Great insight from w/ . htt…
This is called "Sab Ka Saath" in real meaning.Such a great job... by via
That's great news-meanwhile nobody asked...FL Melania would look gorgeous in a potato sack-Michele would just look…
‘We voted to become Britain again’ Question Time audience member HAILED for panel put-down
Great news mate. Sounding really positive :-)
Great Lakes restoration initiative would be gutted in early White House plan via
Great news from Exeter as has left Labour for Greens. He’ll be a strong opposition voice & alternative t…
it's sad that a comedy and commentary show does better reporting than news outlets. Great work as usual.
Thanks for all the great calls, Bob.
Newport County take great pride in this guy's rise to the top! The Conor Washington story featured in NBC s Science of Love
Teams that dominate less glamorous leagues do great in NCAA Tournament. Why won't committee acknowledge that?
What we know about Nadiya's new TV cooking show: Why the programme is not the new Great…
"Once the Fed starts tightening, it keeps tightening until there is a 'financial event”'" - BofA htt…
I'd like to note a bit of good, even great, Trump administration news: Fiona Hill, chosen for the senior WH spot on Russia, is…
Following an MRI scan, Fernando Torres has this morning been released from hospital. Great news. 🙌🏻
Great story: police officers surprise youth who walks 7 miles to work with a new bike! .
Great News for Pakistan and all fans. After cricket, is going to start hockey and other sports leag…
Great to see the important messages about and SAFER being communicated
dropping into tonight Get your tickets from for some great alternative folk
Great news! After years of sequestration, promises America we will 'hav[e] the 12-carrier we need.' https…
Trump slashes Great Lakes funding by 97 percent in early budget plan
There are 10 great strikes to choose from in February’s Goal of the Month poll. See... by…
Must be great to have the entire news cycle function as native advertising for your basic cable TV show.
Great news: Fernando Torres leaving hospital this morning smiling 😊
José Mourinho has confirmed Luke Shaw will play some part against Bournemouth. Great news! 👍
Success comes in many ways but this feature provides great insights to success RT
In the week of his birthday, we look to (as well as the great & for writing tips…
That's just the type of great news we all needed to hear today. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for next week now.
Obama destroyed the Democrat Party following Valerie Jarrett's judgment. Great news! She just moved into Obama's house.…
Great News! Major forestry union officially calls on the to end the logging of VI’s old-growth
Great News! I hope he cuts half the government jobs. 😎
Great News! Otto went into a foster to adopt with Ann Marie Santowski and her daughter Amanda of Long Grove,...
Great News guys!!! Mike Krieger has given us a thumbs up on our idea and may decide on supporting our project thnk…
This is Great News about Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez I hope they never let him in again!
Great News. . We love the RedBlacks!!. Quarterback Club will be here again and they will be bringing the Grey Cup!...
Great News for students - Chris Hartley appointed Humboldt County Supt of School- Congrats Chris!
Great News! Robin Allen QC & Catherine Casserley of win in v plc…
South Central Kansas Home Sales Rose in November. . This is Great News if Your Thinking of Selling Your Wichita...
Great News: General Motors Plans $1 Billion in New U.S. Investment. Should create more than 1,000 jobs.
This is brilliant for Stoke-on-Trent! Tristram Hunt was parachuted in to this safe seat by PLP & local candidates were ignored. Great News!
Great News...the girls are back! Catch the Golden Girls every morning 8-10am or starting at 11pm, if you’re a night ow…
Great News! Enchanted Forest Cabaret naughty Pirates of Neverland just added seats to all 7 performances since...
- Coach that is Great News!! I've been cancer free going on 15 yrs now! Had Hodgkins Lymp…
Great News to all those with Obama Phones! In 18 days you can turn them in for a alarm clock! .
{Great News} Starting in January, Khoi Vu will be offering acupuncture appointments on Monday afternoon and...
Great News! Another exiting addition to this awesome 4 Year Anniversary show! . Le Moine is a post-conception,...
Great News! Missing 3 year old Joseph has been located in East Vic Park. SJA attending to make sure he is okay.
Great News. All Police Scotland mobile phones (approximately 2700) are now registered to receive Child Rescue Alerts htt…
Great News ... Absolutely starting off on the Right Foot I Believe . What say you???
Supporters: Phone banking Great News: It took me less than 5 minutes to get set up and start calling...
Great News for Xcite! . West Lothian Council have chosen Xcite, to manage more facilities and services on its behalf…
Great News! Paul & Debs Rees' visit has been so popular they've added additional private sessions on Wed. morning.…
Great News: Govt removes staffer from the Exit Control List,inquiry to continue. htt…
Great News! Congrats to for making CT bio leader. Smart policies + =…
It's going to be a busy October for The Pigeon Detectives - Great News!
Great News! I will be headlining a show in Akihabara, Japan! If you are there in Tokyo on Nov. 20 (Sun), plz come a…
Great News & Congratulations best of luck mate 👊👊👍
Great News-> Landmark ruling returns customary lands to trad. owners in PNG
A quick reality check to all those out there would think spit hoods are mediaeval & barbaric. Dying ain't great !. htt…
Great news announces 2nd location to open late winter 2017.
BBC News - China uses crowdfunding for Great Wall restoration
Great news. Now homes can be insured for subsidence once again. Luckily I don't have foundations prone to problem.
Next Up: Gen Z is less like millennials, more like those raised during the Great Depression -
UK parliment draft report : "Weight of evidence of violations of IH law by Saudi coalition is now so great.".
Weekly news for healthcare teams. Read about the great keynote speakers at recent Enhancing Practice conference
What a great story by here: The entire issue is shrouded in mystery. Toll mafia at play?
The Great Gallery at Wallace Collection has lavish setting now available for private events
Great news. It's actually easier to learn than French! Crazy not 2 offer
A small glimpse behind curtain of a great news town. Hoping that news becomes more positive. htt…
B4 this I wasn't a fan (Packers) now I cheer4 great news his jersey is biggest seller. There's hope yet
Why business leaders would benefit from studying great writers
Great news that is the best place for undergraduate marketing "Top Ten Schools for Marketing Majors"
Great opportunity for Balochs. All India Radio (AIR) will recruit more Balochi speakers
And has a great paragraph on how Silicon Valley pets itself
CBC top story: NASA's 'great adventure': 7-year asteroid mission aims to learn origins of life on Earth
This is great. Watch Bat for Lashes' Anthemic Cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Gypsy' via
10 stats that prove Tom Brady is done being a great quarterback...
Good news : The Manchester Derby is this weekend and it's going to be great . Bad news : Kickoff is 6:30 AM central time
Botswana's TUMISANG MOKALAKE, is the 1st of 13 TLC Next Great Presenter semi-finalists!!! https:/…
Bad news: You missed our latest UX webinar on the Employee Experience Revolution. Great news: Catch the replay here!
Look out for the tonight. A great celebration of. pioneering Londoners
Great news from land - not 1, but 2 former Reivers make the Practice Squad!
Britain to start construction of Great Wall of Calais to keep migrants out
Great news for online CRM-SharePoint integrations: new SharePoint site collection limit from 1 TB to 25 TB
Great news for our country.Tuko pamoja.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
news. Colin Kaepernick wants to see change. So do ither people. Many people are struggling. Colin needs our support.
Tenpoint Crossbows shares great deer hunting tips
PIC SPECIAL: Some great snaps of time on Tyneside so far!. Full gallery:
Check out these great tips from the experts at Yamaha
Look, I like Slack as much as the next guy, but if you have to use Office 365, Skype Teams could be a great thing.
Bluetooth insulin device called InPen receives FDA approval via great news for :D
More Great News for Independents are moving to with 20% lead
Let's We don't need to be experts to help a friend out: Great work from
The Economist You will learn far more about doing business in China from reading Confucius than by listening to “cul…
Donald Trump doesn't think his surrogates are doing such a great job anymore
Thank you. I went digging too and found more good will and great news on saving lives and promoting human rights. https:…
Great news! Sage 50 V23 is now available to download. Major additions. See what we've done and where we're going at https:…
Great News. India got first gold medal in Women's hockey in Rio Olympics under coach SR. Khan.
Great News!. Duncan, Karen Allen dog has made it into the final round of 20! Thanks to all of you! This week...
Great News! Our Colorado friends will now be able to visit Acquafino via direct flights from Denver to Belize!
Great News for Not good for U.S. 4th Circuit Court struck down a that targeted minority voters.
Great News: MJFF and CPT to fund study of Nilotinib (Tasigna) for treatment of Disease
Great News! We'll only have to Endure Paul Ryan For 10 minutes at the GOP Convention.
Great News!!! Black Passion Art has been asked to attend The New Bethel Baptist Church Health…
Great News for all 'Indians': Govt has asked Law Commission to "examine" issue of implementing uniform civil code.
Great News !!!. zen cuisine, Bombay cuisine, Mai cuisine, will be op…
A national EPA is a key plank of policy. Great News from .
Great News from Presentation day ...the abacus has been tested and we have raised £160 for ...thanks to all for…
Great News for the Real estate Market and anyone considering Selling a Home.
Great News!.South Philly Review named all 3 members of "Little Big Sister Band" as Rising Stars in South...
Great News! We are extending our Summer Camp Early Bird Special! Register by June 15th for $115 + HST per week.
Great News! I had surgery on Tuesday, in Augusta, to have a cyst removed from my neck (the base of my head).
Great News update . Thanks to Queensland Police Service . Well done to all . Queensland Police Service officer's...
Great News! Prof. Akyeampong has been named Oppenheimer Faculty Director of the Harvard Center for African Studies
Truro High School celebrates DofE success with tea at the palace - Great News!
Great initiative by our local Muslim community. Especially needed with the hardships many are facing in Aberdeen:
Strengthening levees in St. Joe will protect businesses & families in Buchanan Co., a great place to live & work
Complicated? A great shot by of the Mercedes steering wheel https:/…
Some of my research shown on Great feature. Thank you!
Great honor and finish for Maddie. Very deserving.
So pleased for fans with the news that Rafa is staying on. Great news!
What a great photo Thanks so much for coming
well done Kiera - wonderful news of a great achievement
Great news for Team we have been awarded 2016 certificate of excellence
Download our iOS app for latest news and weather in Port Elizabeth. Local Now wishes you a great Wednesday evening!
Marketers Struggling to Deliver a Great Due to Internal Challenges by via
Great new for Planning Campaigner: DM me. May interest
Great news for Belfast. We must ensure our young people who are homeless & care leavers develop their own resilience https…
Our 2016 collection is featured on Pinkbike—great to see some positive feedback from across the globe
FILM BLOG PRO TIP: A question mark at the end of a news headline is a great way to tell your readers that you don’t actuall…
Great news!!! They removed all the Walkers before started @ Cobb…
This is great news for the residents of and will help improve the financials of
Great piece on fans protest at Home Fires being axed ..
They are Evelyn-but as in most news they R allowed 2print only what is approved. A follow-up would have…
Great news! ALL eight Super Regionals will be televised on ESPN networks:
GREAT NEWS!!! Big Ace is gonna be OK! He lost 4 teeth & one had a bad abscess. Thank you 4 all your love & concern! http…
Thanks again to for joining me on the show. Always a great discussion
Stiffen your sinews and Vote Leave - Brexit will make Britain great again | via
10 Experts Tell How to Get Great PR in Just 15 Minutes A Day: Want to spread your news to a journ..
Just one of many great resources in May's edition of Greater News! Check it out:
That's great news. I can't wait! In the meantime, I will continue to attack/defend MCOM's.
Celebrate Great Match Officials: Updates on match official promotions in Kent!
Great news!!! Citysports Arena has setup a date night drop off for our comedy night!! Now there are no excuses...
much for sharing about international news, have a great Wednesday (Via ➪ grow followers 🆓)
Wrote this for LeBron has but one option: Play like an all-time great and win, no matter what
Was not expecting Blossomgame back. Great news for Brownell
We've got great news. Sign up for our newsletter to be first to hear! Meanwhile listen up http…
that's great news !! I hope we get both RB boys on the podium
this is great news 😃 hope I can buy one tomorrow somewhere in leith
Isaiah Briscoe announces that he will be returning for his Sophmore Season! . Great News! Welcome back,…
Tx 4 ur support If Reps. would stop trying to tell us what to do with our own money, that'd be great.
FINAL: (USF 4 - (ECU 2. In our strange, RPI world, this upset isn't great news. Wave needs as many shots at ECU/Houston as possible.
News: delivers great data at the speed of business
ColonialLife "Thanks CRBR for sharing our great news. Have a great day.
oh wow that's great news congratulations. Posh as fook
Clearly great news for but in the midst of the Rafa love-in, a little reality. Still got relegated. Championship ain…
Ok I'm already running low on gas can you not take the electricity too . ? France is great . .
Oh wow . Good (great) news . Ama try it real soon . Started from what version tho
Summer break is a great time to conduct Informational Interviews. Here are 10 steps to make them effective.
Great news! Jump on the Metra with your kids and head downtown this summer. Kids under 11 ride free with an adult!
Update your maps at Navteq
Dunno if I'm happier for SRH's victory or KKR's loss. Anyways, it'll be a new champion in the IPL this time. Great news!
Clemson guard Jaron Blossomgame returning to school according to reports. Great news for the Tigers.
Great news! & are heading to the Aegon Tophy http…
News from the farm! Hansen's Greenhouse says the is looking great. Can't wait for August 27 & 28! h…
Great news - Top journalist is freed from prison in Azerbaijan
Great news for all you illegals flying Mexican flags: President Trump will soon send you to the nation you prefer.
Good move for the player, great news for the head coach.
a great reason why its tech will be big in 🇺🇸 and why STIFEL mm are collecting shares for a US II
Trade gap of Great Britain has narrowed while oil keeps on recovering   UK trade deficit narrowed in Novem
Great news for Liverpool (and a handy little coup for a certain Mayor now facing a challenge for his dream job)
Great news for the Industry! prices are keeping a strong growth, according to Check it out!
Eternal Security is Not the Essence of Gospel of Jesus Christ.. But it Most Definitely is Great News. . To know We...
Great News from W/A. Benny Wenda is Breaking the Silence in Australia this month. Papua Merdeka!. next stop Adelaide!!
Great News!. For Faith Tabernacle news and events, please LIKE the page below.
Great News for Chinook Centre Fans - The new pedestrian bridge will get walkers out of the weather, above Macleod...
Great News! South Georgia State College now has a Bachelor of Science Management Degree! Info session is Tues May10 http…
Great News and Kris Letang are ready to roll for game 2. We need all hands on deck.. Can't wait
Fantastic way to avoid grumpy teenagers. Put them in the garage and call it a chill out room
handlers scrubbed a White man from delegate list, insinuating White men are baggage. h…
Ohh my ❤️-how long it's been since we connected (please forgive!) great news! Lots to catch up/discover together
Great for consumers who might not understand their true cost. While serving a need, are often misused.
This year very less mango in odisha. Where as odisha forum organised mango festival. What a great news.
Colombia punching above it's weight in cycling.. Great news!
Great news for Liverpool. World class player.
Sorry - lack of Belgium news -technical issues. We can confirm that they are now on ferry, weather was lovely and all have had a great time!
Great news. Film is seeing 25%-30% jump in collections when compared to yesterday. Word of mouth trickling in. E…
"AFC welcomes lifting of Indonesia suspension" by - great news fr our region
It really is all so sleazy. What a way to run our great democracy?
glad that u care about ur supporter.Cancelling MoU with NDTV is a great news. There can never be a deal tr…
A great tip from a leading entrepreneur> Stay studious and stay relevant! RT
I will have all of highlights of the on news and show on Monday. Great day!
Great news! Winnipeggers appreciate the lifesaving efforts of our first responders.
David Parker thrilled to announce the Flying Scotsman will be visiting the Borders tomorrow. Great news for all!
I don't agree with everything in this article but it does highlight vital information regarding -->
to hear your fine boy staying and made captain will also be great news,enjoy your time up here in Newcastle
That would be great news for all of us, yo~~ ㅠㅠ
Showed up to work twinning with my fav Great minds think alike 😜 @ ABC News HQ
Burger me, beetroot is great in so many ways: There are also tiny golden beetroots, little red beets and the ...
Another great piece by Neil MacDonald. | The hacking of tall poppy Sophie Grégoire Trudeau - CBC News
Check out a great new vid from for "Ain't No Man" .
Hi Megan! Great news! 😊 Good luck finishing up. 🍀 Looking forward to buying your new book & seeing all your amazing creations! 🎄
Ladies get the most out of your don't let it age you! . Read our great tips .
Great scenes from our schools visits yesterday. Fabulous to see the children & teachers getting involved. h…
Sad news confirmed, we lost a master and a reference for all storytellers. You were great, Darwyn Cooke, goodbye.
well done from the Caribbean great news to wake up to
Great investigation by Guardian Felicity Lawrence into criminal gangs controlling migrant workers.
Great news for who are planning to finally take that much awaited trip to Dubai, Europe, or USA - you're in great...
This is great news. Thank you so much 👍🏼. 🏠 🏠 🏠
Great news! No need for any kind of research anymore! Is the same true for cancer and MS? Just go heal yourself!
Great news for our football student athletes. 44 had a spring GPA of 3.0 or better. We also posted an all time high team GPA…
Great news from the Whale Sanctuary Project - they will set up the first ever whale sanctuary.
To improve tourism roads to Magadi could do with some attention:
BREAKING: John Terry has been offered a 1 year contract extension! Great news.
9 great things to do when the sun shines in Dublin
Good news for Donald Trump. President Obama has already made America great again.
Not-so-great escape: 2 tigers recaptured in Dutch sanctuary
Great news!!! We now offer on all U.S. Orders of $50.00 and up!
Great news that is donating proceeds to 100% of it will fund research!. Thank You 💜✋upus h…
How I grow carrots in Arizona. Or, That carrot I should have pulled a while back. Good news - it tastes great!
Lol. That's some great news. Can catch up after that! 😘
Uber's great big idea slowed by a snarl of municipal red tape
Emraan Hashmi and I make a great combo says Armaan Malik via
Great news! The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will markup my bill to this Tuesday! http…
amazing how things can get done when you actually bother. Rather farcical really. Have a great d…
Great News!. For news and updates from Living Faith Church Headquaters -Faith Tabernacle, please LIKE the page...
Great News! Ping Pong Table to be put in Chapel Allerton Park for the Summer
Great News: The new page is up at the website, including members-only shows.
Great News - Boost for international wine marketing the trade highlight for budget 2016 via
Great News! UMSL is now a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by on htt…
Great News- Chef William Bradley of the Addison Grand Del Mar is back for the second anniversary of the One Chef...
Great News: Successful President & Mexican Ambassador to Germany picked as successor to to head
Great News!. I just got accepted into the ART!Vancouver International Art Exhibit 2016 May 26-29 Convention Centre!
Wow, Great News! will welcome him, smart move on Rick Perry's part!. All aboard
Great News: will be playing at this years Secret Garden Party Tickets >
"Great News. The DC trip is proving to be a success we have a new co sponsor a DEMOCRAT!!! a VOTING.. https:/…
That's Great News,Now if they can get rid of Steven A.Smith,that would be even better News!!! :)
Great News. Jorge Brian Diaz is back and will be playing tonight for Let's go
Great News: St Oliver PP's win Junior Category of the in Croke Park.
Great News. . PASE Meeting at Chandigarh. . Diamond Direct from Ludhiana Manjeet Kaur & Amarjeet Singh Khurana will...
Great News for I hope the cost of the Bus Service is reduced in line with other parts of the City
Great News! Do you dry-clean with Laundry House Ikoyi and Lekki Then this is for you. 1/
Great News! AZ bill to prohibit dog racing just passed its first full senate vote!
Just arrived in Nbi from Naivasha celebrations to Great News of the Senate Passing the Bill 2014…
I have some "Great News" I am in the down hill stretch almost done!!! Today I had my Nutrition & Psych.
Great News! Northamptonshire Police have located Hope, who was missing from Northampton, safe and well. Thanks...
Great News! We are finishing up work on our NEW SPRING & SUMMER Catalog ~ The video has some sneak previews ~ if...
Great News: Missing 87 year-old Michael Rose from Acocks Green has been found. Thanks for the RTs
Great News! The Central Coast Creamery "Goat Cheddar" wins best in class at the World Cheese Championship! https:/…
Great News! The bays north and south of Akumal, including Akumal Bay have been OFFICIALLY declared a Marine...
Great News fro Brockville. Just received a phone call from Kraft Hockeyville, and here is the letter I received.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Great News! 20,000 have left the Democrat party in Massachusetts since January! is The People's Choi…
Great News last night our Community Partners Emerald and District Lions Club have sponsored the BART program for...
Great News for the North!!! 12 new Nunavut, Nunavik coast guard auxiliaries in the works - North - CBC News
Great News! Aston Martin's luxury DBX concept car will be hand-made in a super hangar in South Wales
Great News for NYFTLab:Hayley Barna makes history as First Round Capital’s first female partner
Manx Youth Games - update - Great News!! QE2 Sports Hall is back in action. West MYG Netball (QE2 Sports Hall...
Great News! Glasgow Club Kelvin Hall – We’re bringing it back to you in 2016. More info
Great News.this year Art House will have 12 venues to visit, incl the wonderful Tart House for homemade refreshment…
Great News! Jaipur rugs and other items are now on sale till Feb 16, 2016! Grab a deal now!
😍Great News!😍 The expression of love as Andrew is collected to go to his forever home💕. https…
Great News for 1st time HomeBuyers and Opportunity for more Buyers.
Great News: Sharie Davis, RScP from the Center of Spiritual Living will be speaking at Unity this Sunday, 2-7-16...
Great News! Prodigy Finance is offering funding to students. Learn more here:
Great Western Railway operating team wins national 'Golden Whistle' award: The operating team at Great Western...
Report and reactions following win in http…
Thinking beyond cars in Christchurch A great piece from
Congratulations, We share her great news + more in this week's
Here's another great national ranking for ASU's graduate nursing program.
Check out my take on the movement in this great article here:
My mentor called me and told me some great news
Calling fans! We're excited to work more closely w/Artstor to create great resources for our communities.
Great news! The California Public Utilities Commission JUST voted to protect net metering - the crucial policy...
This is for all the haters who wont let Cam Newton be great: Who's ready for Super Bowl 50?
Excellent news – The Victorian PrEP medication trial will be expanded. Great work !
Great news, I am 1st on soundcloud right now with this song! 200.000 plays and rising!
"He puts his head where other players are scared to put their feet." Best quotes on Vidic: https:/…
Had a great time helping out with the youngsters on behalf of Take a look at what we did here:
Great work by committed to zero - end to end to stigma end to discrimination. htt…
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