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Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a collection of freshwater lakes located in northeastern North America, on the Canada–United States border which connect to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes Waterway.

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.speaks out about future budget cuts for the Great Lakes & what that means for the Soo Locks. .
Severe thunderstorms will be possible over portions of the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region Saturday and Sunday.
our lab in the field across the Great Lakes this week: Middle Island Sinkhole, western basin of LE, Saginaw Bay
Chicago portage is where Great Lakes commerce meets the Mississippi Valley. It has been c…
Air Jordan's then purple and black ones but they was at Great Lakes they might not be at the mall you going to
Fishing the Great Lakes! Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. Large Shhepshead, lots of Wallaye and Pike.…
Or maybe your beaches are gross and the Great Lakes have dirty water that's kinda stagnate.
It's be greatly appreciated if you could Drop some off at American Commodore in the Great Lakes mall in Mentor (lik…
Trump's FY18 budget would do away with clean-up initiatives from the Great Lakes to Gulf Coast. via
Plan eliminates regional programs aimed at restoring the Great Lakes & Puget Sound and cuts lead risk-reductio…
Curious about marine, coastal & Great Lakes policy issues? Capitol Hill Ocean Week is this June https:/…
The Latest on the deadly tornadoes that moved from the South Plains of Texas to the Great Lakes (all times local):...
My dad saw them that season while he was stationed at Great Lakes. County Stadium was empty, but he…
It said that I live "IN" the Great Lakes, I live in West Virginia this thing ***
It’s only lit once a year (Nov. 10) to commemorate the Edmund Fitzgerald and other vessels lost on the Great Lakes.…
Absolute honor to interpret for Rear Admiral June Ryan, Sr Commander for the Great Lakes & St Lawrence Seaway…
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The Plan to Build a Million-Year Nuclear Waste Dump on the Great Lakes via
Michigan members of Congress say budget deal averts a government shutdown and funds efforts to help the Great Lakes.
Thank you for defending our Great Lakes! Clean water is vital for all but especially precious for Michiganders. EPA: protect!
Next battleground: An aging Great Lakes pipeline stirs ... - - - from
Water is more important than food, but if you see 1 great lake, 4 good lakes and 1 crow in…
Next battleground: An aging Great pipeline stirs new protest
Great story in on harvesting instructor training great lakes captains http…
Just finished meeting w/ Army Corps about Asian Carp. WH is blocking release of a key report on ways to protect Great Lake…
Enbridge's pipeline through Great Lakes has spilled over 1.1 Million gallons...and they want to build another one:
The Rush-Bagot Treaty that demilitarized the Great Lakes is 200 years old today
The latest Great Lakes water levels (going up, up, up), a Great Lakes buoy update, news and ice extent:…
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Police address rumor that Great Lakes Crossing is... - WDIV Detroit :
Things looking up for opener on Iowa Great Lakes.
Check out Mike Schoonveld’s list of special must-have gear to pack for on the Great Lakes.
Whoopsie daisy: Aging pipeline in Great Lakes region has had at least 29 leaks in 64 years, spilling > 1 MM gallons
Closing EPA Great Lakes office would put the nation's water at risk, Democrats warn Scott Pruitt h…
How can countries in Africa's Great Lakes pursue justice? By learning from their neighbors, says ICTJ's
was an Odawa American Indian war chief famous for his role battling British military occupation in the Great Lakes.
As Africa's Great Lakes region pursues peace & accountability, what can its countries learn from each other?
Thanks Debra Abshire for sharing your photos of our performance at Weston Lakes Country Club. It was great to see you.
Bought the case on a whim when the local store was short on Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
Thanks to Milaeger's Great Lakes Farmers Market for their support of Wild Root Market. Thanks to all the...
From the Great Lakes to the Mississippi and the land in-between, you'll find plenty to explore when you
The Great Lakes comprise 21% of world's freshwater..Trump's 2018 budget funding would cut 97%..who needs clean wat…
Quigley talking about need to have Great Lakes funding.
Does your family love to visit the Great Lakes? This plaque is a great Keepsake!
Happy Today and every day, we celebrate our Great Lakes, which supply 1/5 of the world's fresh water.
There are pipe lines under the straights of Mackinaw. Worst nightmare is 1 bursting into our beautiful GREAT LAKES
🐰 Woodshop Mom hopping to it on these "rabbet" joints! Kids will make these tool boxes during the Great Lakes Woodw…
Scientists are finding mercury levels rising in large fish such as walleye and lake trout. https…
how many ice ages have we had? And tell me how hot it must have been to melt all that ice to form The Great Lakes.
I just got back from Great Lakes Crossing now I gotta drink back on the Eastside for the second time
.on policy in Michigan, with quotes from via
Really? Even if I'm with another lender? I get better advice from you or great lakes . Fed loan drives me crazy.
Funny, your pro coal, deny global warming, put an *** Hippocrate as head of the E.P.A, cut 97% of the bu…
God knows how I love but deserves it 1000 times too!❤ Humble & great teammate, player, guy.
Ohhh really?! Tell that to the Great Lakes and the people of MI after trying to cut restoration for them.
His Grace is playing great lakes because Kylie Minogue .
This mirage is another example of the wonder of the Great Lakes!.
Great idea! Moving the caribou to areas with little human disturbances will greatly improve their c…
Waukesha's win in landmark Great Lakes water-withdrawal case is upheld. Huge impact for all.
If you care about the great lakes are you going to help close the 5 district of the EPA?
RWMEMBER when the Glaciers covered the Great Lakes and thus forming them and nobody cried GLOBAL WARMING!
Remember supporting Scott Pruitt to head EPA; a guy who wants to cut Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 97…
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Chillwave Double IPA by Great Lakes Brewing Company found at The Brass Ring. Fluid ounces of goodness.
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ICYMI: Michigan businesses are using trillions of gallons of water, essentially for free.
Michigan is essentially giving away trillions of gallons of water for free
I understand wanting to protect farmers, but that doesnt mean it hasn't had made ar…
Very interesting. I honestly thought the Great Lakes were land locked. You learn something new every day!
NEXGEN is pleased to announce that Coach Nick Chappetta has joined our Great Lakes Region as Director of Softball S…
Businesses using trillions of gallons of Michigan ground water
Great Lakes are beautiful always have been even before EPA regulations and policies thank god youre stopping bad spending
Have a great lawn without polluting our lakes and streams.
His Grace is texting great lakes for Kylie Minogue .
Especially the "great" lakes. They ain't so great, they just think they are.
Amazing progress in Middle School Math in the Great Lakes Bay Region! Will share in Tampa!! E
D1 CLINCHES the Great Lakes-West conference with a 3-1 victory over Marquette. Ed Olson continues his hot streak with a home run
Don't let our Great Lakes funding go to pay for The Wall! Stand up for Ohio!
Michigan groundwater policy: priceless or worthless?
Awesome racing this weekend with NASA Great Lakes @ Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
How and why is an overseas freighter getting into the Great Lakes?
Cleaning up the Great Lakes would create millions of jobs. Water treatment plants create jobs. I h…
Last year 98 people drowned in the Great Lakes, including 46 in Lake Michigan.
Dan Egan has done some of the most important environmental reporting of the last 20 years, all on the Great Lakes.
With Great Lakes drownings spiking, rescuers look to water drones as life savers
It is so important to that we keep Lake Erie clean. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is working:
It would be hard to design a better invasive-species delivery system than an overseas freighter in the Great Lakes.
Great week in Ann Arbor & Frisco for the Great Lakes and Texas ITE District Meetings!
"The virus found its way into the Great Lakes like many invasive species, in bilge water of ocean-traveling ships.." htt…
This would be catastrophic for the Great Lakes, at a local, regional, national, & international level both biologic…
Great Lakes threatened by reported move to close regional office.
Restore funding to the Great Lakes funding Restoration Initiative
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Great Lakes threatened with POLLUTION by coal-fired power plants, Trump to close Chicago regional EPA office, puts 1,000 JOBS at Risk RESIST
“EPA efforts to protect the Great Lakes through the successful Great Lakes Restoration Initiative are also critical…
This could be a major blow to the Great Lakes - Chicago could lose its EPA regional office via
was that made by Hodaka's marine division? Can I test drive on the Great Lakes?
Last time Chicago didn't have a regional EPA office, the Great Lakes died. OK, not totally accurate, but close, and…
We defend Lake Superior from those who eye our clean water | Great Lakes water piped to Southwest 'our future"…
day 16. My WIP is set in the Great Lakes region of the US and southern Ontario. Flat land, huge open water, and lots of highways!
Carl Behrend - "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" from Best of Legends of the Great Lakes
Volunteers prepare for annual Great Lakes beach cleanups
Great Lakes gain mind-boggling amount of water in last 12 days | Ann Arbor News
Even the most casual Great Lakes observer, it’s hard to ignore the drama over federal funding in Washington.
The largest industrial polluter on the Great Lakes is a steel mill that is hoping to dump more hexavalent chromium. ht…
3/ Famiglietti also predicts 50 years from now, we'll be piping water from Great Lakes to west & desert southwest.…
ICYMI on Should the Great Lakes be a national priority? The full Flint, post-settlement press conf.
owner/operator says to save the Great Lakes, keep Restoration Initiative intact
Coast Guard ends icebreaking mission in western Great Lakes
Great Lakes water piped to Southwest 'our future,' says NASA scientist via
Current wind chills across the Northeast and Great Lakes as of 6 a.m. EDT, including 11F at Bretton Woods, N.H.!…
"After the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, there was a boom in logging along with the creation of Lumber barons in the Great Lakes." -Wikipedia
In Environmental sciences: Troubled waters on the Great Lakes
How Asian carp could soon take over the Great Lakes — and how they could be stopped | Metro Times
.budget is a job killer + surrenders Great Lakes to pollution and dirty water. Harms America coast to coast. htt…
That’s a wrap! Take a swing at our next in April all about golf in the Great Lakes state.
Photos: Scenes from the Great Lakes via Trump wants to defund Great Lakes Initiative. Sad.
The Lake Michigan Triangle is the Bermuda Triangle of the Great Lakes.
To all my friends who went to great lakes... Who remembers the Wisconsin burger at the Sam Adams restaurant
Great Lakes gives me so much anxiety😖
Watches & Warnings extend from the Dakotas into the Great Lakes, and along the Eastern Seaboard. What will you see?…
Check out this photo gallery from yesterday's March for Meals at the Great Lakes Mall.
South Dakota has had some hefty snow so far today. This system heading to the lower Great Lakes. Chicago could see…
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Walberg tells protesters he'll fight Trump's Great Lakes funding cuts
Representing Canada at the Blessing of the Fleet service in Detroit before the opening of the 2017 Great Lakes season…
Great Lakes Crossing makes me want to kick every kid in my way
Not me, imma be cremated and spread in the Great Lakes !!
The proposed budget slashed Great Lakes restoration funding by 97%. in
Advocates to lobby Congress for Great Lakes cleanup program:
If Mrs.Trump moved to the W.H. for 10 months America would save enough money to cover the Great Lakes
The Great Lakes provide 1/5 of the world's drinking water. If you cut this program, you ruin our country.
love the Waverley lakes complex in Sheffield, please bring something like that to Chesterfield? Great for 1st time buyers!
Very interesting segment on the Trump administration's proposed 97% cut to the Great Lakes fund on UpFront with
ICYMI: Racine mayor: Major cuts to Great Lakes funds will lead to 'devastating' results
See what 4 new attractions are coming to Outlets
A big thanks to Great Lakes Theater for their delightful performance of Jabberwocky today!
Video of our stall today at the Hellidon Lakes Wedding Fair. Met some great folks exhibiting…
What a way to end a great day. Beautiful evening view at Blessington lakes in Wicklow
Great Lakes states: Let's not make this mistake again! Vote in midterms 2018.
Hey *** Trump voters in MI, IN, WS and OH listen up. Trump EPA to cut funding to clean up Great Lakes by 97%. https:/…
Im never going to Great Lakes again 😒 at least not for another 10 years
Sherrod cosigned a letter of concern to after reports that the 2018 budget includes a 97% cut t…
.Won the last game against the Great Lakes Ballers, 33-27. Whew!
The cost of saving the Great Lakes = the cost of ONE c17 cargo plane(300mil)... The government has 190 c17s. C'mon.
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The Gales of November came very early this year. The cleanup from Wednesday's Great Lakes Windstorm continues.
also the Great Lakes were formed by giant melted icebergs. Did my v8 truck melt them millions of years ago?
Registration is now open for the Great Lakes Drone Race inside
{Appreciates the warmth very much because it is ridiculous here.} Yeah, we are close to Canada and surrounded by th…
As a Wisconsinite, I find reports that POTUS' budget has a 97% funding cut for our just plain wrong. https:…
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Great Lakes cleanup program that may be on Trump chopping block has funded work to slow Lake Erie's toxic algae:
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Rebound of Great Lakes plovers a sign that Endangered Species Act works
Navy has officially opened. The newly appointed Chief of Naval Operations is Admiral Kman635. Great Lakes is openin…
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Excellent highlight of Team Storm at Master D Steve Shinn's Great Lakes cup. This is literally EVERYTHING from...
Great Lakes Restoration will cost less than Trump's second home and travel. He wants to turn our lakes into a swamp.
Wow. All 5 Great Lakes, St Lawrence river, and up and down the Atlantic coast, NYC, Hudson River. To finish in Dece…
Irish beer and whiskey pairing Sunday. Reps from Tullamore DEW, Great Lakes & Market Garden on hand.
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative would be gutted in early White House plan via
Trump slashes Great Lakes funding by 97 percent in early budget plan
Great Lakes restoration would be gutted in early White House plan . Enjoy Your Asian Carp MI Trump Voters.
must be jumping with joy that he is not being coerced to clean up the Great Lakes
We're watching a severe threat in the Great Lakes today! Watch for very strong winds and possibly a in…
storm threat marches on for areas of the Ohio River Valley & southern Great Lakes then for…
African diplomats meet over Great Lakes issues
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Protecting Lake Erie is a bipartisan priority shared by fellow Great Lakes advocates &
"Since the zebra and quagga mussels have come to the Great Lakes, basically the rules have changed." .
Michigan's Great Lakes have been severely damage by invasive species like the zebra mussel, quagga mussel, round goby, and sea lamprey.
I study invasive species around the Great Lakes.
: issues recommendations to curb microplastics in the Great Lakes
SNL's Weekend Update map is missing the Caspian Sea. And the Great Lakes. Did they just leave off all landlocked bo…
Elyria Catholic cruises to Great Lakes win over Bay -
Basic at San Diego, E school at Great Lakes and Key West. Mustered out at Long Beach. Never saw blue water but served honorably
International Joint Commission talks Great Lakes in SSM on March 2. Public input welcome.
Ernie Tracy, with wife Candy and Fr. Ron Baird, process in for the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes'...
Read my new bills aimed at banning harmful fish farming practices in the Great Lakes and federally-recognized rivers
I will always fight to protect Great Lakes & rivers because our state's economy and jobs depend on them
Copper Country kids excel at Great Lakes ski races
This land is my land, From Bonavista, to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes waters
2 days before ship out to training @ Great Lakes, I was denied enlistment due to a medical issue. Worst day of my life.
Quick bursts of snow could cause trouble for motorists across the Great Lakes region and Northeast:…
The ISS is over the Great Lakes region, now! 6:15 pm PST.
Much of the country will be enjoying a dry weekend, besides some lake-effect snow in the Great Lakes region:…
Snow continues across the Great Lakes region this afternoon. Expecting scattered areas to continue this weekend.
For latest African news,from the Maghreb to the Horn of Africa,from the Great Lakes region to Southern & West Africa,follow
Great Lakes region average annual soil loss is predicted to decrease under all climate change scenarios thru 2090
A cloudy sky seen from insider of an appartment some where in Great Lakes region. Thank you Jah for a happy morning
Poaching in the Great Lakes region -
The Big Weather Story this weekend will be the lake-effect snow across the Great Lakes region. Localized totals of…
Lake-effect snow band could dump up to 4 feet of snow in Great Lakes region into this weekend:…
Trump's pipeline push could result in more oil flowing through the Great Lakes region
"Voluntary measures to protect the Great Lakes from farm manure have proven insufficient and govts should turn thei…
Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipeline, big news. But a Lot more oil and water flowing through the Great Lakes.
.has one of the largest repositories of Great Lakes archaeology collections in North America.…
And KWA takes water from Lake Huron. Next we will have nuclear contaminated water in the Great Lakes and in Flint.
Update your maps at Navteq
Who cares about microplastics, the Great Lakes, the International Joint Commission, restaurants don't like…
5 years ago, the last night in Great Lakes, IL. I present to you the Great Lakes Avengers of…
The SS Elba was a 400' Great Lakes freighter. Her bridge is now located in the Door County Maritime Museum in...
omfg... NCIS. Going to string together a makeshift raft and attempt the Great Lakes Crossing to Canada.
my fam went to Great Lakes Crossing and met up with my sister and her friends without me, ruudddee
Yesterday was a bomb *** day. Great Lakes Crossing, hockey town cafe, downtown ice skating, good people 👌🏽. Spontaneous trips are the best
Great Lakes, I. had intended to drink this one on Christmas day i... (Christmas Ale (2016))
Anybody wanna hit the Great Lakes Crossing, birch run, or the mall?
The only way I can describe this mall in Manchester rn is imagine a Great Lakes Crossing stacked on top of another Great Lakes Crossing...
The things you see at Great Lakes Crossing mall.
Let's start this countdown! 10 days until I leave for recruit training command in Great Lakes, Chicago.
I'm ready to head to Great Lakes Crossing
Still one of my favourite Christmas presents from years ago John Smith – Great Lakes by Kath Ann ♫
Wishing a merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone around the Great Lakes and beyond!
How good is to see people using their new Christmas presents in the Great Lakes?. Zoe and Lizzie look to be...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Family gave me much needed clothing gear for Christmas, and the embroidered Great Lakes from my SO for my office flat out made me cry.
Merry Christmas to all Merchant Marine sailors at sea and the Great Lakes over
Christmas, snowmobiling trip, Great Lakes invitational, New Years Eve, ski weekend. life is FUN
auburn hills, go to Great Lakes Crossing, so much better
Leaving out at 8:30 am to head to the mall ... Oakland, Somerset then Great Lakes Crossing 😩
& the shark would have to travel 744 miles up the St Lawrence river to even get to the Great Lakes
Our annual Proof Holiday Bazaar raised $20,000 for The Alliance for the Great Lakes!
TRAVERSE CITY, MI -- A Great Lakes environmental group is arguing the Michigan Department...
We are requesting comments on a proposal to notify the public about combined sewer overflows in the Great Lakes:
Trump is going to build a golf course around the Great Lakes!
Searching for truth about Asian carp in the Great Lakes - Detroit Free Press
No...Rochester is east of Buffalo. We get different types of lake effect cuz of the Great Lakes. We DID close 1/2 hr early.
My Stub when I flew over the Great Lakes & Chicago, Detroit & Milwaukee etc...
Lake-effect snow bands are blowing off all 5 Great Lakes & Georgian Bay. Changing winds will alter who gets hit in…
We learned about the Hudson Bay Lowland, the Artic and the Great Lakes and St Lawerence regions !
Uh Oh. Plan "B". Through the Great Lakes to Thunder Bay. Then rivers and portages to Vancouver. It worked for our ancestors!
Sucking it south. Low pressure over Hudson Bay spinning Arctic air into Great Lakes region
"Longer ice-free periods on the Great Lakes can result in more. lake-effect snowfalls."
Again, this graph directly counters your own argument. There is consensus of a downward trend of ice coverage on the Great Lakes.
Shot of a Great White Egret from Longham Lakes yesterday. 1 of three birds seen certainly 1 male, 1 female based on…
We’re already excited about May 2017. Bank Hols at start & end, scrambling in Snowdonia, Via Ferrata in the Lakes - it’s going to be great!
Did you know that the ESA has a Great Lakes district?
Apparently it took three episodes to establish that Ohio was indeed part of the Great Lakes region in the Star Trek…
I just got a call from Great Lakes. Happy birthday to me. 😭
OJ News: Snow cancels at least 1,800 flights across the Great Lakes region.
We are excited to announce that the North Woods, Great Lakes curriculum book is done and at the printer! A long...
In honor of it being -13° this morning in Soldotna, here's a great list of local lakes where you can explore your... htt…
Anxious for this very important conversation in Great Lakes A1
Radar reveals bird pile up on shores of the Great Lakes via
NRDC's Henry Henderson on Trump, the environment and the Great Lakes. Lots to be concerned about. .
Convos Youth Zone were invited to join Great Lakes from 6:00-7:30 for Open Gym Night. Join us for some basketball,…
I wonder if the MCU will expand enough to include the Great Lakes Avengers?
We just received a 4.6 out of 5 customer rating on DealerRater
Visualizing restoration around Lake Erie's Western Basin just got easier with 2 new map viewers
Great Lakes Service II in Addison, IL was just found at on 12th Dec 12pm
Great White Egret in beautiful light this afternoon at Longham lakes.
Hey hockey fans! Win tickets to Great Lakes Invitational 12/29th at The Joe at 12:50p on Listen up!
Lots of great science at this week incl CEH talks today on lakes resilience & habitat mapping https…
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Storm impacts flights, arctic blast on the way - A winter storm moving through the Great Lakes region dumped sn...
Game night tonight! Going to play The Goonies and Ticket to Ride Great Lakes!
Great Lakes and Thirsty Dog Christmas Ales now on tap!!. $3 Miller Lt. 22oz Every Monday & Thursday 7pm to...
🏌. . . First time playing Miromar Lakes on Friday, what a great track for my ball flight, really…
ICYMI: Congrats to Danny Griffin and Joao Serrano, who were named to the All-Great Lakes Region Third team!…
NWS issued warnings, advisories for parts of the Great Lakes and the Northeast.
Great chance to see how our WI neighbors to the west are protecting their inland lakes - and to visit lovely Steven…
Wintry weather will affect the Great Lakes region through Tuesday as another round of lake-effect snow brews:…
Great Lakes Christmas Ale 2016 now available on tap.
Confirmed by radar: Migrating birds caught over the Great Lakes at dawn turn back to shore.
was a success story in the Great Lakes region. It’s turned into a nightmare. We’ll need to remember this happene…
I'm motivated to initiate hard work and make sure DEP is as smooth as it can be until I head to Great Lakes.
"Caring for the Great Lakes is part of a strategy to create jobs, stimulate economic development and revitalize waterfront com…
Great for lakes, rivers, bays, creeks or almost any body of water the Sea Eagle Frameless Fishing Boats will take y…
The issued winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories for parts of the Great Lakes
FOR SALE! Welcome home! This 5 bedroom home in Nautica Lakes is a great deal! This home has been well-cared for &...
H2O leaders wanted: Reduce pollution, improve your system!
Come attend "Coding, Robotics, and Empathy in the Language Arts Classroom" in Great Lakes Ballroom A3 Notes
. There are two great lakes, and valentine, and kebartas.
COLD! The next blast of arctic air settles into the Great Lakes and Midwest by THURSDAY. Look at the wind chill forecast: h…
Great news! ⛳. We are pleased to confirm that two new walkround dates are now available to book:…
Little Giant Ladders
In case you just missed it... Played some tunes for ya on Country 103, Great Lakes Country!
Great Lakes already calling about paying back these student loans. Thank God for the
Great Lakes cleanup to continue 5 years under legislation
Head to the blog to see how you can register for the Indiana-Illinois Farm & Outdoor Power Equipment Show
Dangerous Cold around Great Lakes, Upper Midwest and New England this week!
Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and ultimately providing a land bridge across the entire Great Lakes region from EA Coast .
Brewery coming to Flats: Bruell, Great Lakes' Purcell team up
You're always welcome in Michigan, land of apples, Great Lakes and automobiles. And 1 of the largest Arab-American communities ever.
Enviro Canada NAEFS still suggesting warm Hudson/James Bay & warm Great Lakes do more to mitigate the cooler wx int…
Sustainable management of Great Lakes watersheds dominated by agricultural land use -
That sub must have navigated right through St.Lawrence seaway, into the Great Lakes. Impressive!
just would have been nice if someone at great lakes told me I would have loved to been there
Great Lakes lost big by Boomers' retirement, anti-pollution laws, NAFTA & global trade. NY and LA did not.
globalism means that the Great Lakes get screwed, but California has seaports to receive goods from China
Our View: Battle on microbeads great for Great Lakes
yo daddy was at Great Lakes trippin 😂
One thing I miss about living in CLE was the Great Lakes Brewery. Prefer the Holy Moses, and Elliot Ness brews mys…
We're opting outside with today. Get outside and enjoy the Great Lakes!
Great opportunity and great competition at Silverlakes College Showcase today!
200 days until I go to Great Lakes 😬😬
The Nike store in Great Lakes can blow *** 😭
Lakes High School had a great time at We all learned so much that we can bring to competition 🔷
Rain & a wintry mix could disrupt shoppers in the Great Lakes & Northeast on Friday:
Rain, wintry mix may make for slippery spots from Great Lakes to the Northeast for shopping:
If you weren't at Great Lakes where was you at?🤔
Furthermore; Dortmunder Gold isn't that good. Any other Great Lakes beer flavor is phenomenal. Dortmunder is not. It's average.
Turning off electronic devices an hour before bed helps you get enough sleep and saves energy and money.
Michigan is truly blessed to be the "Great Lakes State"
the Great Lakes bassist bass tone is so *** tight
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