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Grandparents are the parents of a person's own parent, whether that be a father or a mother. Every sexually-reproducing creature who is not a genetic chimera has a maximum of four genetic grandparents, eight genetic great-grandparents, sixteen genetic great-great-grandparents, etc. The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (US), America, or simply the States, is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, 16 territories, a federal district, and various overseas extraterritorial jurisdictions. 5.0/5

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When did your great grandfather come to the United States?
Synopsis: Cush Sovereignty Two hundred and seventy years before the birth of Cush in 3040A.D. lies a story of his ancestors unknowingly opening the doors for his arrival. The planet we once called Earth is on the verge of an apocalyptic explosion due to the negligence and greed by mankind. Mankind is divided into three categories, Kompyutans, Wakatilians and the Anakataas by an alien race, The Abenians, who has come to help heal the planet along with a hidden agenda. The division of mankind is not by intelligence, nor by race but by DNA. A lone native young Wakatilians man from Louisiana, Wanyenyekevu, travels half way across the United States determined to do the will of his God, Sabaoth. Along the way he is train by an entity sent by Sabaoth and meets a group of men and women who follows him to his destination, Arizona. Wanyenyekevu is given a special gift from Sabaoth to see ten minutes into the future and his own gift of searching people’s heart. Each person soon realized they were born with a gift ...
Now folks help please if Possible. Great Kerry story. Dear Weeshie, I was very interested to read your article on the Terrace Talk website about Jerry Collins. Jerry Collins - Kerry's Forgotten Winning Trainer 1913-1914 January 1st, 2005 My Great Grandfather emigrated to the United States in the the mid to late 1870's. His name was Jeremiah Collins and he was born in 1851. I believe that this is his Baptism record, and his mothers maiden name was Honora Collins. Baptism of JEREMIAH COLLINS of CURRENS on 6 December 1851 Father TIMOTHY COLLINS Mother HONORA COLLINS As it appears that both of his parents had the Collins Surname, I am interested in any information about the Collins families in the Currans and surrounding areas. Certain points are of particular interest to me, Collins was born in Currans. "Jerry Collins was born in Currans, Farranfore, Co. Kerry sometime in the late eighteen hundreds." And he may have been born slightly more than thirty years after my Great Grandfather. "He won ...
I just learned I am related to John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Millard Fillmore. John Adams was the first cousin of my 8th Great Grandfather. I guess you can say I am United States royalty. We are also first cousin 10 times remove from the Mayflower. I can join the Mayflower society! Thank you Michael Morrelli
Amazing statement from one of our Wounded Warriors: "I knew I came from a very patriotic and proud family, but I really had no idea just how far reaching is the patriotism of my family. I knew that both of my Grandfathers served in World War II, and my father served as a Marine Jet Pilot for over 20 years. What I did not know until very recently is that seven generations back my Great Grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War. How cool is that?! I love this country and now knowing that my ancestor fought the greatest military of the time to secure the future of this country has given me an even deeper affinity for these United States. Recently, my cousin informed me that she has evidence that Peregrine White, the first child born in the New World from the Pilgrims, is an ancestor of mine as well. I am not sure which is cooler, ties to the Pilgrims or a Grandfather that served in the Revolutionary War. I can't imagine a prouder American than me, unless they descended from George Washington. OAS has open ...
Prescott Bush (George W Bush's Grandfather) Supported Nazi Germany USA Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. His business dealings, which continued until his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz George Herbert Walker (George W Bush's Great Grandfather) USA Walker was one of Hitler's most powerful financial supporters in the United States. Helped put the gas in Hitler's gas chambers. Hired Allen Dulles, the future head of the CIA, to hide the funds they were making from Nazi investments and the funds they were sending to Nazi Germany.
Just saw Lincoln last night! A powerful, epic film (a must see). I was hoping Spielberg would have included the support my Great, Great Grandfather brought to the freedom of the slaves. It was on June 19th, 1865 (a couple of months after Lincoln's death) that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free. Note that this was two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation - which had become official January 1, 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation had little impact on the Texans due to the minimal number of Union troops to enforce the new Executive Order. However, with the surrender of General Lee in April of 1865, and the arrival of General Granger’s regiment, the forces were finally strong enough to influence and overcome the resistance. The celebration of "Juneteenth" is the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.
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