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Grandparents are the parents of a person's own parent, whether that be a father or a mother. Every sexually-reproducing creature who is not a genetic chimera has a maximum of four genetic grandparents, eight genetic great-grandparents, sixteen genetic great-great-grandparents, etc. Inc., formerly The Generations Network, is a publicly traded Internet company based in Provo, Utah, USA. 5.0/5

Great Grandfather Queen Elizabeth Annapolis Maryland Queen Catherine Nansemond River South Carolina Duchess Of York Jeff Ireland Julius Caesar Due West William Crawford John Knox Bourbon County Warren Ellis Margaret Tudor William Edwards Richard Edwards

is amazing. My 4th Great Grandfather was a Union Soldier (despite living in Tennessee)
OK our 29th Great Grandfather was Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England and our 30th Great Grandfather was William I "The Conqueror" Duke de Normandy King of England. Check out my Darr Ortega Family Tree on If you cant see it send me your email. It is on our maternal Darr side.
Another night of and so far I have my 7th Great Grandfather .Thomas Boyte was his name .
My Great-Great Grandfather ran his own produce transportation/distribution company. When I call it a company, I'm being generous. He had a horse with a wagon attached to it. Every morning, he'd go to the farmers and buy fresh fruit and produce. Then he would transport it into the city and set up an stand to sell it. He was born in 1865 and died in 1922. Take time to investigate your history. I keep my account popping. The gentleman below is his son.
Cleopatra was our 85th Great Grand Aunt. Julius Caesar was our 83rd Great Grandfather. My sister found this out by her tireless research on funny thing, with my long black hair growin up ppl called me, Pocahontas, Cher, and yes, Cleopatra... U go Elaine...trudge on... I told y'all we all go back to Africa somewhere down the line (it was the first and only continent at one time) has been a BIG HELP in understanding where my family came from. Since the vast majority of American's come from The United Kingdom or England. I found out I'm related to a WHOLE LOT OF POLITICIANS! :) And why should I be surprised since I was "thrown" into politics at the tender age of about 25!  There's A LOT OF ENGLISH & IRISH IN MY BLOOD! AND IRISH ON BOTH SIDES! Gaddis(Geddes) on my Mother's side & McMullen on my Father's side.      Thomas Duke "the immigrant" was my 10th Great Grandfather and the 1st of my Ancestors to come to America.  He and his wife Mary "Marie" Barham or Bereham were from Kent England and were CLOTH MERCHANTS better known as DRAPERS. NOW I KNOW WHY I LOVE FABRIC SO MUCH! My Great Grandparents came to America and settled in Virginia in 1637 or 1638. They evidently moved to Nansemond County Virginia on the South side of the Nansemond River, next to Anthony Barnham and Captain William Pierce. Record is documented that Thomas received a patent for 150 acres in Upper ...
As some of my friends know, I have been an fan for many years. My grandmother, Harriet Hammond, set me on the path of discovery many years ago when she sat me down to tell me of the family lineage. So glad she did that! Well, I was contacted by a distant relative offering to have my DNA tested to confirm the lineage I had discovered. I received the results a few days ago and they confirmed that Major General John Thomas Hammond, Vice Admiral, and considered the founder of Annapolis Maryland is my 8th Great Grandfather. Additionally I have been able to trace my ancestors back to 1365 Cambridge, London England. Other notable ancestors include Lt. Colonel John Thomas Hammond 9th GGF was the Governor of The Isle of Wight and my 10th GGF Dr. James J. Hammond was Physician to King Charles I and King Charles II. Very exciting. And the research continues.
The People at have issued a challenge to write about 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks! Since we are in week of the new year I will make 3 posts. I will start with my earliest American Ancestor (paternal side), My 9th Great Grandfather, the Rev. John Lothrop (1583-1654). The PBS series "Finding Your Roots" hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. explored the Ancestral pasts of some well known celebrities. I will share a couple of clips from the Segment on Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal's ancestry as she is also A descendant of Rev. Lothrop.
My 3rd Great Grandfather was wounded in the Fredricksburg Campaign at Salem Church
I am discovering my family tree, thanks to my cousin, Henrietta Cole, who has posted a bunch of photos of my family on It amazing to figure out your family history and see pictures of them. This is my Great-Grandfather, Robert David Cole and my Great-Great Grandfather, Arthur Franklin DeWitt. Gotta love the old vehicles! :)
I have made an interesting discovery. Henry the Eighth, King of England and Lord of Ireland, may well be my 14th Great Grandfather. Here's the backstory: I was working on my genealogy with my account, as I've been doing for about 6 years now. Some people spend hours playing video games and killing virtual Orcs while I research genealogy and collect dead ancestors and living cousins. I was doing some deep research up one of my father's lines when I made the unexpected discovery of my link to King Henry VIII. My link is not via one of Henry's "official" six marriages, but via one of his many mistresses, Agnes Beaupenny Blewitt. Henry VIII is known to have had, in addition to his 6 wives, several mistresses, one of whom was Agnes Beaupenny Blewitt. King Henry the VIII is said to have fathered a son with Agnes, who was born after her marriage to William Edwards. She and William named the son Richard Edwards. Agnes and William Edwards lived adjacent to the King's Hunting lodge in Somerset, England ...
Playing around on I traced my family line all the way to Rome. Emperor Octavius Of Rome is my 61st Great Grandfather. Interesting...
I've spent the last couple of hours on I had hoped to find out more of my Irish ancestors. The family story goes that when they came over to America, they changed their name from McMeaney to Meaney in order to not be so Irish. However, according to the records I'm finding, my Great-Great Grandfather (a Meaney) was born in Prussia. I found other records indicating Meaney might have been spelled Menne or Menni, which is German. So, either my family lied about being Irish in the 1800's or lied about being German in the 1930's. In either case - thanks ancestors for not leaving a legitimate paper trail. Hopefully my mother's side provides clarity. discovery of the day: My 5th Great Grandfather, John Knox was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
Little note to Family, in particular the Crawford side. I was contacted this past month by a distant cousin from South Carolina who came across my tree on She is related through a brother of our Great Grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Crawford. She has sent me a good bit of information and even a picture of the Crawford Home near Due West, S.C. The house was originally the Mt Zion Methodist Church. Robert William Crawford purchased it in 1845 and turned it into a family home for his large family which had 11 children. The Crawford farm in S.C. has been in the family since 1790 and is presently owned by Deborah (the distant cousin) and her sister. The Crawford home was sold just this past January along with 6 acres to some people who had lived there for 10 yrs. It was her Mothers wish that they have the property. The remainder of the property is owned by Deborah and her Sister. Deborah and her daughters are going to Ireland this Summer to see if they can locate more information regards ...
So wish I had a membership for Today has been very interesting. I've seen a picture of the house my Great, great grandfather lived in (an article in the Rome News Tribune-1975). I've been corresponding with a distant relative & have been learning a lot about Littleton L Brown & his family. Littleton is my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather & I even have a picture Aunt Eula gave me of Littleton & his wife, Rachael Cooper. So cool!
I found four of my relatives on my mother's side today out toward Corridor G. One of my sons in Maryland found the cemetery researching our ancestry. We are inputting all the data on My nine times Great Grandfather on my dads came from Sweden...He was born in Germany...he arrived in the Delaware area in 1649 Joran Kyn(Keen)
TRAVELING BACK IN TIME: I have made it back to the 1400s on to Jasper Tudor, who is my maternal 16th Great Grandfather. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about his relationship to the Tudor family of England: (Not that it does me any good, really, but it blows my mind to find out that I am directly related to the Tudors and indirectly related to Queen Elizabeth.) Jasper Tudor (Welsh: Siasbar Tudur): c. 1431 – December 21/26, 1495, Earl of Pembroke and 1st Duke of Bedford, was the uncle of King Henry VII of England and the architect of his successful conquest of England and Wales in 1485. Jasper was the third son of Owen Tudor and the former Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of King Henry V. Hence he was a half-brother to King Henry VI, who, on attaining his majority, made Jasper Earl of Pembroke (sometime in 1452 or 1453). Through his father, Owen Tudor, he was a direct descendant of Ednyfed Fychan, Llywelyn the Great's renowned Chancellor; this added greatly to his status in Wales. Alth ...
I am fascinated by my heritage and have been on So far I have found my 18th Great Grandfather born in 1340!
I have just discovered, through, that my 20th Great Grandfather was King Edward the Third of England. I have informed people at work that I wish to be addressed as Your Highness from now on. 98% of them said ok a_ _ hole!
I just found a second cousin that I never realized that I had last night! I never knew anything about Dad's father's side of the family. I posted on 2 years ago, and I just got a message saying that we share a Great Grandfather. How *** cool is that?! Only bummer is that she lives in Michigan!
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