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Great Falls

Great Falls is a city in and the county seat of Cascade County, Montana, United States.

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Montana Coaches Association Winter Coaches of the Year Wrestling -- AA: Steve Komac, Great Falls; A: Scott Filius, Havre; B-C: Steve French, Choteau. Central Montana cleans up!! Way to go, coaches. You are all terrific people and leaders for our boys
The Treasure State CMSA club put on a fantastic shoot this last weekend in Great Falls. I did not shoot, but had a lot of fun with all my Canadian friends, and met some new friends. The shoot was very well organized and the payouts were fantastic. Next time I will bring my horse and feather!
America's Best Spring Drives ✿¸¸.•*´¯`✿ George Washington Memorial Parkway, Maryland and Virginia The Route: 25 miles. This green parkway reveals one floral show after another—591 wildflower species, from large-flowered valerians to Virginia bluebells—as you drive from the Great Falls of the Potomac through D.C. and south to Mount Vernon. The most famous are the cherry trees that bloom around the Tidal Basin in D.C. Where to Stop: Hike the many trails that crisscross the 700-acre Turkey Run Park (just seven miles north of D.C.), which is carpeted in bluebells come late April.
"We very strongly believe that this levy is necessary, not only for our children and grandchildren, but to continue the economic growth, diversification and creation of high wage jobs that Great Falls needs and deserves." -- Brett Doney, CEO/President Great Falls Development Authority
Keeping busy in May! May 3rd- Rematch with Reagen Benedetti at Cagesport in Tacoma, WA May 16th- Rematch with Robin Woods at Intense Cage Fighting in Great Falls, MT May 30th- Fighting Elizabeth Phillips at Conquest of the Cage in Airway Heights, WA
So great that Easter falls on a Sunday this year!
I want to make great all that falls between good morning and goodnight.
Gettn ready to head to great falls with Ian Hirsch and Tristan Schaeffer for the 420 show had a good am witht the kids and family this am now time for work! Hope to see lots of people there! Here's to a good 420!
Civil War history with an intricately-woven plot. Time-travel adventure, Great Falls by John Lopas.
Goodbye, my beloved friend. . A great voice falls silent. A great heart stops. Christopher Hitchens, April 13, 1949-Decem…
First Part of Spring Break spent in Great Falls Montana at University of Great Falls
Something I learned today on mine and the girls drive to Great Falls today... Kimber knows every word to every song on frozen! Glad I got those DVD players working so we could watch frozen in the car too !
Happy Easter from the Brewery in Falls Church VA. Good food and great Try the Hoptail.
Congrats to two of my great friends I made in Fergus Falls, and on their engagement. Miss you both!
Hey everybody who is taking part!, I am coming from Great Falls, going to try and come a day early are we doing any ruck off's or meeting the night before or anything let me know ya rucktards!
Spending Easter biking up to the falls with the fam!🚲 @ Great Falls, MD
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Hello everyone, our Doberman just had surgery at a clinic in Great Falls and the vet told us about a lovely female dobe in the shelter in Missoula...we cannot take her as our girl needs to be kept quiet during recovery but the vet was hoping we may be able to get the word out to other Doberman fans. If anybody has room in their home and their heart for a fantastic and often entertaining breed, let me know!
Quick video summary of our hike to the falls. Our tour guide/line leader was great!
This will look great on your wall landscape nature photo
I can feel the mist from the Great Falls
T-Pain brings tour to Mansfield Center on Saturday - Great Falls Tribune
Flying to Great Falls. Am going to stay with mom for a couple weeks as her back is giving her horrible pain. Call, text or come see me there!
Great to enjoy the Fee Free weekend from the National Park Service at Great Falls, Potomac.
The great Niagara Falls shot by Aimee L Maher nature photo
Made it to great falls saftly can't wait to see my baby
God gave us the plant. “what pisses me off is that Easter falls on 4/20 and so many people will be celebrating a plant over the great
"Before something great happens, everything falls apart" 🌸💛
Happy Easter!. A great day for a Christmas bday guy to "rise up" - though my Jesus impression clearly falls short...
One day things are great then the next day everything falls apart.
Every teardrop is a Taken with a camera. @ Paterson Great Falls National…
I walked up to this food line and got all my delicious food and boom it falls on the floor... great now I have no food. 😠
Great day here with family at Niagara Falls!
“Before something great happens everything falls apart”
Before something great happens everything falls apart
This is why Morrow has never translated great stuff into great performance. Injuries, inconsistent falls in love with his fastball too much.
It is considered a great accomplishment to go down Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. Chuck Norris can go up Niagara Falls in a cardboard box
YOUR Great Falls Firefighters would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter weekend!
Great Falls offers a whitewater thrill back to the Civil War era!
| Administrative at J H Kelly (Great Falls, MT): We are hiring for a Document Control Administrati.. =...
Easter bunny did not stop at 3585 dillion falls rd. This year well then thanks sis for the gifts! Lol still hope everyone has a great day🐰💐
Easter Sunday lunch followed by a walk to Redmire Falls great day!!
If anyone needs a ride from Havre to Great Falls, I'll be in Havre in about an hour and a half. Let me know.
Whether thrown, catapulted or dropped from great heights, it falls to the ground. The results have been consistent across hundreds of trials
Great day for a walk along Kelly Drive. . Eat. Play. East Falls.
A blue door made of fire. A fire kindled by a song. The windpipes of the great Cathedral. Jericho falls at the crack of dawn. HAPPY EASTER.
As Jesus prays in agony, because He knows that the cross lay ahead. Great drops of blood falls from His head onto the ground -Ps. Gebhardt
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Found this on Remember Great Falls site. I recognize a few! Judy Higgins. :)
Once again NOX falls. Great leadership diktactiks. 4 times already
I am grateful that falls this year the day after my grandfather passed. It's a great reminder of
When I go back home I want to go hiking at Great Falls 👌
It's a Dundeel, Sacred Falls, and Carlton House put on a great show! Congrats to the connections!
What a great weekend introducing some of my best friends to Sioux Falls!
You going to scale it? Of course there are many great hikes within short drive of that city. Multnomah Falls etc.
I wonder if bae and I are still going to Great Falls ..
we hiked the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls Park yesterday;it was lots of fun!
Off to Niagara Falls for the afternoon, looking to bring back some great shots!!
Such a great Easter message today at He rejoices in our steps and heals our falls.…
Hunting pack, like new. Has frame for packing out game. $60. Located on Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Mt.
HAPPY EASTER ONE AND ALL!!! I am on my way to Great Falls to spend the day with four generations of family =) and also my dog who is along for the ride and any food she can mooch !
My aunt Sloan Skramstad-Thompson was in a head on collision this morning and we really need prayers. She has bleeding in the front and back of her brain. Mercy flight took her to Great Falls, I'm heading there now. Please send up a prayer for her.will keep everyone posted as I know more.
We made a flying trip to Great Falls on Friday. Mike bought a motor for the 86 pickup Jeremy Carlson uses. Left Friday morning, picked up the motor in Belt. Went out for an amazing burger with Bonnie Zimmerschied Reynolds and Jerry Reynolds. Enjoyed a few glasses of wine with fantastic company and headed home Saturday after a great breakfast jerry prepared. You are terrific hosts and thank you again. Back to Huntley to begin our mowing for the season. Spuds get planted today. Sorry Grandad Collins, didn't get them in on Friday.
All purpose parts banner
Great Falls Park is free entry again today in honor of the beginning of National Parks Week. We will be very busy this afternoon and it could take a while to get into the park between 12 noon and 5 pm. Please plan accordingly if you are coming out to the park today.
Celebrated my Easter a day early. Got off work and went to Great Falls. Took Harmony her birthday presents, got a tour of my sons new home (I am so proud of him), then took all of them to dinner. When we got home the kids got their Easter baskets from me. Noah and I ran to Walmart to pick up some things and then when they started dying their eggs this grandma headed back home. Got back home at 12:30. Then up this morning at 6:15. I see a nap in my future today. It was good to see my Casey Pozder, Angel Pozder, Noah and Harmony.
Yesterday, we joined our friends (2- and 4-legged) for a hike at Great Falls. We left Sputnik at home for this one since some of the trails are pretty rocky. Juno led the pack though, and even kept turning around to check that everyone was keeping up!
Heading to the sunrise service at Great Falls Park. ☀️ In celebration on this Easter morn...Alleluia!
I invited Mark today who has more experience in boxing/self defense/martial arts from any instructor in Great Falls, MT to teach my class. We all learned A lot!! He is Phillipino and has experience in self defense from swords to guns, boxing and I lost count but I sure know he has more knowledge than any kickboxing instructor here!! We enjoyed him very much... Thank You, Mark!!!
THANK YOU GREAT FALLS! yall showed me so much love tonight! I really appreciate each and every one of you.
Inflight: Thirty Three Thousand Miles Up, flying over Great Falls, Montana, slight ear popping but it has stopped so far, LOL. As I was heading towards Sea-Tac/Seattle-Tacoma Airport, saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky, tres belle - very beautiful and
Hey great falls're missing a good show at the Do Bar! Get your *** down here!
Well looks like I'm off to great falls in the morning to take my bitty ol niecey-poo Shy to the airport!! On another note I would like to say GINEEHEYAAN to all those that came an celebrates our mommas birthday with her!! She was absolutely thrilled!!! Now back to my bowl of beans since someone threw my plate away :(
Awesome and blessed time hiking with my buddy at Great Falls!
Back in Great Falls. Bout to get weird with Roger, Sara and Derrick. We want to see some pretty faces.
Enjoying Easter weekend in the natural beauty of the Great Falls of the Potomac with Susan, Forrest, Tyler and her friend Harry. Of course, we were on the Virginia side.
Photos taken on Tuesday at Riverbend Park in Great falls. Enjoy!,
One of Great Falls best cover bands! Come see them play tonight! No Cover charge (Saturday 9:30PM, 4/19) at The DO Bar!
I'm pretty happy that we crossed off the 17.75K, Cherry blossom festival, Marine Corps Museum, and Great Falls over Spring Break.
Anyone know where to find drum sticks in Great Falls???
With the girls at Great Falls Park beautiful day for a hike.
T Pain is in Great Falls tonight? Who cares, Sub Club is here. We have a no auto tune policy.
Abby & I took the West Paterson Deluxe Tour: Bromilow's Chocolates, Libby's Lunch and the Great Falls.
I went hiking with a friend today in great falls on the Maryland side of the Potomac. I took the wrong exit because of traffic and ended up on River Rd in Potomac MD. I saw some of the biggest houses in that neighborhood. So I decided to go dream building. So after about 30 mins of driving around wondering about what these people do I realized I already have a vehicle in the project 10 challenge that will allow me to live my dreams simply by helping others. I know this because I have met so many others who are currently living their dreams. While today is the best I have ever been, at the same time it is the worst I will ever be again! I can do better. I will do better. Because it had been done before I don't need faith to think it can be done, because I already know it can be. I need be belief in myself Thai I can do it.and...I BELIEVE IN ME! Have a great weekend everyone!
So I have $60 so far to get to great falls for this show and I need $80 all together who wants to help me make $20 so I can kill this 4/20 show!
Got another 4 day trip starting tomorrow morning! 34 hours in Great Falls, Montana again and 18 hours in Winnipeg(first time!!!)!
Just got back home from the first week of radiation treatment in Great Falls. Tired, very tired, but getting through this rather well! Came home for Easter and will go back for more treatment monday. Have 6 more days of treatment, then wait a few days, and the good doctors will order scans all over again to see what the cancer is doing. With any luck, it will be in remission and won't need anymore radiation, just more Lupron injections. Do not know at this point, but am hopeful this will be enough radiation treatments. I am optimistic that this is working, as the pain has subsided a little, so something is going away. Just need to get my appetite back and some energy back! I am staying at the Gift of Life Housing in Great Falls, and these folks really make life as easy as they can! With that and all the great support, prayers and help I have been getting from friends and relatives...and even strangers, what could go wrong?! Will keep ya all posted. Keep the prayers and happy thoughts coming, it really, re ...
for any of you that shop at Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls..go check out the guy selling the elite massager units there..they are like the TENS units you get from rheumatologists or orthopedic docs but 100 times better!! this little thing has 6 different massage options that go up to 32 strengths. i use it daily on my neck now & it has been awesome. go check him out, tell him i sent you & you'll get a discount ;-)
I'm driving from Billings Montana to Great Falls Montana right now through some of the most beautiful country on earth! Why don't I live here?!
Y'all better run to the Pig in Great Falls they have the cutest cakes and other baked goodies. It saved me from baking for tomorrow which makes it even better but the best part is it helps the local Girl Scouts with their trip to Savannah!
If you're still in Great Falls come out and cheer the track team on vs Carroll College!
If your looking for something to do tonight, we are playing Mary Washington at 5 and 7 at nike park in great falls (just a couple miles past Tyson's) guaranteed a an entertaining set of games.
What a gorgeous day! I'm heading out to the Great Falls today with Alex Ennis and the kids.
Anyone interested in carderock or great falls today? I don't have a car, or ropes... but I'd gladly do all the work of setting up the top ropes for you whilst you lounge in my hammock.
Arrived in Great Falls safe and sound, looking forward to spending Easter with our family in Montana!! Really excited to meet the newest addition Gracie!!
A near-drowning, emerging from the river into a past time…Great Falls by John Lopas.
On my way to Great Falls, Mt to see my Lovett family - Brian Lovett, Natasha Lovett and my grandbabies Bryce and Breana - on flight to Atlanta - feeling excited!
Headed to Great Falls today to watch my son at his track meet and spend a nice Easter with Jake Henry & Mickayla Yochim!! Happy Easter to all my friends and family!! Love you all!!
I'm heading to our 3rd annual wellness walk at Great Falls Maryland it's a little wellness walk I've organized with my team at Target
Safe and sound in Great Falls. Tomorrow we get to watch Mariah Naegeli race. Then Logan Naegeli needs to go on about a 12 mile run to burn off some extra energy. (perhaps from all the Nerds that he's eaten?)
Badger Creek tonight, circus in Great Falls tomorrow, then heading to Rocky Boy to stay with my sister after circus for Easter. Sunday momma flys home. Also best of luck to my brother bucking out his bull this weekend for the first time at Conrad high school rodeo :)
Just finished addressing Charlie's graduation those years go by fast!! Seems like yesterday I was going up to Great Falls MT to pick him up!! Graduates High School next month!! Way to go Charlie!!!
Guess who came to spend Easter with us. You R right: Miss Brooke Parenteau. Bye bye Great Falls and hello Farm..
Well it's that time of year when I have to start heading north.Boo-hoo. Fortunately Candy will keep me company as far as Great Falls where she will fly back to Phoenix next Friday. We leave tomorrow for Phoenix for the visitation at Deer Valley. Start the trek north on Monday and plan on stopping at Pleasant Grove on Tuesday. See you Guys there.
And they say people in Great Falls don't like the military.I've learned otherwise in the past ten minutes at Walmart. I was told "thank you for your service" twice :-)
Quality Life Concepts is dedicated toward improving the quality of life for people with developmental needs. Do you have a caring heart and a strong work ethic? Immediate openings are available for direct care workers to assist developmentally disabled adults in Great Falls and Conrad. Students are encouraged to apply; flexibility to work around school or other jobs with the possibility of full and part time positions available. Apply today at!!
Sitting in Foster Care Classes in Great Falls soon will have Mary Jane with us again.:)
You never know how a connection will be made. MTPR announced my donation this morning in memory of Denny Dutton, and it was heard by one Ralph Knapp who is now living in Great Falls. He was my office mate in the geology building at Indiana University in 1970 or so... and initiated a reconnection after decades.
The January 1st, 2014 Annual Christian Bikers United was hosted by: First Baptist Church of Great Falls located at 407 Dearborn St. Great Falls SC 29055. Speaker: Dr. Gregory Bachelor, Lead Pastor @ 1st Baptist Church of Cheraw SC, Music By: Revelation, Door Prizes, Free Gifts, Fun, Food, Fellowship + More! Everything was free and all were welcome! Many came to start the New Year out with Christian Bikers from all over who share the common bond of being united in Jesus Christ & the love of motorcycles! Psalm 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! The Mid Year Christian Bikers United will be on July 12, 2014 at the Frontline Biker Church Property. EVENT PAGE:
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Here's another story about my hard headed Mother. Thursday before I took Mom to Great Falls , Mom says " Go outside and look under that lilac bush where Buddy dug a hole, Kim says she saw the neighbors chicken come outta there." So I go outside and get on m hands and knees and look , sure enough there are 5 eggs down there. I tell her I will get down in my belly and grab them Fri after I get done cleaning a friends house. Friday, as I was just getting done cleaning, she calls me. "would you grab some straw from Rex for that nest?" "Mom, I am trying to keep those *** chickens outta the yard, and you want to make a nest?" "well, I figure all the dog food they eat of mine, and all the chicken poop everywhere, they can at least lay a few eggs for me!!" She's got a point. So I put the straw in the hole after I *** the 5 huge eggs. Mom, gotta love her!!!
68 degrees tomorrow! What a great day to explore the Great Falls of Tinker's Creek
Experience-Lee has owned a successful business for over 17 years. Leadership- Lee has a vision for the future of Great Falls. Honesty- Lee will only promise things that he can deliver. Communication-Lee will listen to the citizens of Great Falls. Vote for positive change on April 8th.
Come visit this magnificent home on Sunday, March 23 from 1-4pm at 811 Leigh Mill Road, Great Falls, VA 22066
The second book is about my travels all over the state.Radio allowed me great access to Montana and of course the bars.A good deal of the new book is about time in Montana bars. There are stories of horses in bars, my encounter with a hermit outside Kalispell, floating the Rivers,Seely Lake,More bars and carved wooden horses. This is a sample, The Lobby Bar. Your Boots are in the Mail. I had been turning my body into a drinking machine and the conversion was going well. I had become accustomed to working full time in a menial job that validated the drinking spell. As with any port in a storm I found shelter in numerous saloons as I drank around life. I always found that the older bars fit me like a glove avoiding un-needed societal strife. It was the dead of winter in Great Falls, Montana and I was visiting a Charlie Russell haunt. It was the required bar layout that survived over the years a bar on one side, a café a turn and a jaunt. It was the Lobby Bar on Central Avenue and I was going to call it qui ...
In an attempt to improve his cell phone signal on the back roads of Great Falls, my husband opened his sunroof. This is after we received 8 inches of snow and before it melted. I. Give. Up.
One day left until the Great Western Art Show! March 20-23rd at the Montana Expo Park in Great Falls, Montana! Val's booth will be by the bar and the band- could it get any better than that??! :) here is a picture of the banner she will have on her display... Look for this banner on the coolest barn wood set in the building!
Blackfeet Nation boxing club 1st place at the USA State boxing tournement held in Great Falls.
Western Art Shows & Auctions in Great Falls, MT kick off March 19th - 23rd, 2014. More info can be found at:
Western Art is on its way to Great Falls, MT. If you know of shows and/or artists coming to Great Falls, MT feel free to join this group. Post events, photos, works of art, and/or venues with artists names and rooms. We will continue to help promote this event by providing various online links.
Western Masters 2014! Come visit us & see new work in the Lewis & Clark Room at Heritage Inn, Great Falls, MT! March 19th-22nd!
We're busy packing for Western Art Week in Great Falls! Here's a sneak peek at one of the many beautiful new...
Power Nap: A nap where one falls asleep for only 10 mins but feels great after. Also known as the best type of naps.
Great attitude! I guess you have YOUR gun laws so screw NJ right? Remind me to laugh when your state falls
It's nice and sunny out in Great Falls. 🌞👌
domain names
Today Colvin Run beat Great Falls in overtime I think this was the best game I've ever played!
Special Events!! Great Falls Writer’s Group: Evening with the Authors ~ Saturday, April 5, 2014 7PM – 10PM / Great Falls Library An opportunity to meet/greet 15+ Great Falls writers and purchase their books. Sweet Edward Land and I will be selling/signing our hope-filled saga: Lube of Life: A Tribute to Sex, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Boomer Age! It will be an evening of fun, networking and sharing!
The Great Falls of Falls Village, CT, still frozen the middle of March. That's all I have to say.
6:30pm faceoff in Great Falls action Lady Heads & Laurel on 580AM or
I was getting head and my girlfriends mom walked in and said "at least you can't get pregnant" -Great Falls High
Upsets at the Great Lakes Valley women’s tourney…top seeded Drury University falls late,...
Students compete in regional science fair in Great Falls
Gonna go get my hair did in the next few days, anybody ever gone to a place for hair in great falls? ohh and No more messages asking for more pictures! I got a group on here please dont send impolite messages about not enough pictures lol.
Two in Great Falls charged after infant tests positive for drugs - Great Falls Tribune
County still mum on ExpoPark investigation - Great Falls Tribune
Congratulations to Twin Falls' Kaitlyn Merritt who was named the Great Basin MVP. Merritt led the Lady Bruins to...
"We knew we had our work cut out for us. But We're built around Defense." - Guy Almquist on win over Great Falls
Dakota Wesley drops his kayak into the Potomac’s chilly waters…
On February 11th 2013, hackers broke into the Emergency Alert System networks in Great Falls, Montana and Marquette, Michigan to broadcast an emergency alert that zombies have risen from their graves in several counties in Montana and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
The great waterfall in Nor Cal you've probably never seen:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The Montana Supreme Court has ruled the property of a Lutheran church in Great Falls belongs to a few dozen...
Day keeps getting worse Wyoming falls short to UNLV by 4. Great season cowboys
IKE falls 63-52 to Warren Mott. Played a great game in the 3rd but just didnt follow through in the 4th.
I will be teaching my Nature Photography for Beginners at Great Falls Park Virginia This Sunday March 16th from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM and it's FREE! Please bring a Digital SLR and good walking shoes. Hope to see you there. :-)
your term falls right over the May event!! This year at PDC we're all doing it - great timing 👍
Well great the admission offices falls to be opened
The University of Great Falls wrestling coach, Caleb Schaeffer and the wrestling team have gained two new UGF fans from Boston, MA. Below is a letter from one of the fans on how great our wrestling team is. Dear Dr. McAllister and AD Ehnes: I am writing concerning the coaches and members of the Great Falls University wrestling team. Not only did they achieve an unprecedented second place finish in the national NAIA tournament in Topeka, Kansas this past weekend, but they performed an extraordinary act of kindness along the way. Let me explain. My 10-year-old son, Luke, and I were traveling to Lawrence, Kansas on Wednesday evening, March 5. We arrived at the Kansas City airport from Boston at approximately 7:30, tired and hungry (Boston is one hour later – thus it was 8:30 “our” time, which is Luke’s bedtime). We were traveling to see my family – my parents and my sister and her family, all of whom live in Lawrence, where I grew up. My plan was to rent a car; I had a reservation with Budget Rent- ...
Great showing by Valley Falls. Fans scattered through an entire side of Bramlage. Good work Dragon fans.
To go to Great Falls tomorrow or not. 😁
On our way we stopped in great falls and toured plane plant and had lunch. Plane below with nice comfy seats is someone's personally plane used for travelling. Anyone have millions so we can by our own
With that Lady Bruin win, the Helena-Great Falls viewing area teams are 2-for-5 so far. Helena High boys can make it 3-for-6 tonight
btw GREAT sweetie shop on the falls :)
I am in k-Falls for candidate forum. great day to drive through the beautiful Great State of Oregon.
The Glacier boys took down CMR 62-47 while the girls defeated Great Falls 47-46. Both teams have advanced to tomorrow's semifinal round, the first time in program history the girls have done so.
Not long now until titan-falls! Hope everyone has a great launch tonight
The University of Great Falls had nine students participated in a mission trip to Mexico over spring break last week. It took "Argo Team 6" 3 1/2 days to build the Felix Navarez family their very own home. They named themselves "Team 6" because they built the 6th house in a neighborhood that will have received 30 new homes by the end of April 2014. The students were able to finish the house one day ahead of schedule! This was a great experience and we hope that our students learned much from their time helping the Navarez family. Thanks to Jake Clark and Lacey Spencer for facilitating this trip for our students, and all those who encouraged and helped raise money for our students to take this trip.
hey just wondering what would I have to do to get u and your group to great falls Montana for mu birthday?? I am a huge fan
Off to Denver for a weekend of a lifetime! Imagine dragons and the Naked and famous concert!! 13 hours of driving will kick my *** but it'll be worth it! See you later Great Falls
(Donation checks can be made to the Peoples Park & Recreation Foundation (PP&RF), P.O. Box 2106, Great Falls, MT 59403 with a notation that the check is for the Lions Boulder Project.) The Great Falls Lions Club is excited about a new project we are working on for Lions Park. We hope to raise $3...
A few hours in Great Falls Montana and I've already found a regular gym (for cardio) and an MMA gym. My goal is not to miss a beat in my training and so far it's working out well. :-)
Throwback to my last night living in Great Falls and my favorite people there to send me off 😘
Despite a great effort in their first league game ever, Boys Volleyball falls to UNIS 15-11 in the fifth set
Today: Chicken Parm, Wine and Adam Sampedro Tomorrow: Wine and Pizza with Jenn Creighton Saturday: Hiking Great Falls with Meghan Mac and then wine. Good times y'all, good times.
With the upcoming carpet campaign celebration for members & new members on March 26th, it's fitting to take a look back & see how the "Mad Men" aesthetic might have transformed the second floor Members' Lounge in this circa 1952 proposal from the Board of Governors. Bob Lund, who executed the presentation watercolor, is likely Robert Kirstine Lund, a Minneapolis native & WWII veteran who graduated with an architecture degree from MSC/Bozeman in 1950 & practiced in Great Falls.
Not wishing to labour a point but man, you've got to get on this *** .
I am looking for a reliable 4 door vehicle. I only have $500 to work with. Decent heater is a must, as I have a 1 year old child. Minor inconveniences and cosmetic damage are alright. No major fixes, as I cannot afford it. If you have something that fits this description, I am interested in taking a look. IN GREAT FALLS ONLY, PLEASE. Thanks.
Hmmm well tomorrow is for sure gonna be a good day :) gonna go to school than off to great falls for the weekend and than maybe billings after that but anyways feeling awesome right know cause I can only tell that it's already gonna be a good weekend but anyways hope you all have a good evening :)!
And then my nail polish falls all over my carpet GREAT
I was never a Decker fan. Too many drops, falls. DRC is from Tampa Bay. Great fit there.
Two Great Falls residents were arrested this week after a hair sample from their 8-month-old infant tested positive for methamphetamine and THC.
when is the next time will you guys bless sioux falls with presence? Always a great time with you cats.
Any of my great falls friends wanna go out and partake in some shenanigans on st. Patties day after work? Its been a while since I have had some fun ha
Desperate to survive in a Virginia countryside torn by Civil War, Dakota Wesley…
classic Hunter asking to go on a "steady jog" when we go to great falls tomorrow
Read the book The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. Great read. If $AMZN falls by 90% I'll be backing up th…
If you live in Great Falls and you haven't filed your taxes yet - call RDI! We are now offering a low cost tax service. This is ideal for households who made more than $52,000 last year as they do not qualify for the free filing services from Tax Help Montana. For more information, see below.
USA HOCKEY: Here is a great Article that was done by USA Hockey writer Tom Robinson about how Great Falls...
Great Falls Americans coach Jeff Heimel stepped into a hockey rink pro shop in Alaska looking for laces. He came out with a Most Valuable Player.
'Before something great happens everything falls apart' 🙏
Spite Hill fishing access, south of Great Falls, MT on the Missouri river.
I'm surviving thank you, not been great, awaiting 2 shoulder operations after falls so too much pain to deal with. So happy to
Buyer beware... went to Scheel's in Great Falls today and found two brand new Savage rifles that were tagged with the wrong caliber. wonder how the rest of their quality control is.
By the way, we will have a CROSSTOWN loser out game tomorrow at noon! CMR Boys vs Great Falls
Vengeance Falls is the newest - it wasn't heavy enough for me. In Waves is great! A Grey So Dark and Built to Fall are huge.
For everyone in great falls, listening to 104.9 the wolf.I just convinced TJ Lee to go on air between songs and say "104.9.EL LOBO!" Your welcome great falls are welcome.
Anybody else think that Great Falls High boys bball team looks like a daycare got broken out of. Buncha baby lookin motha fu…
Great day hiking with Mara Keeling! Left picture is Ozone Falls. Right is Frozen Head.
Chat with a great elbow to the chest, but he misses, and Carrera falls down with the rebound. Thornwell third foul off the ball.
Are you ready to file? We are providing tax filing service here in Great Falls for just $99. Call Karen to...
Del city girls basketball falls short to Shawnee 50 to 36. Good job on such a great season.
The Sant Joan festival falls on our first night in Barcelona, is that great or is that great?
I feel like giving up. Everything always goes so great and within a couple months it all falls back down on me again...
From Great Falls: The Hamilton girls just defeated Miles City 46-42! The Lady Broncs advance to the semifinals where they'll play Columbia Falls Friday at 6:30!
Great comeback to tie the game and force over time, but No. 7 seed St. John's-Tipton falls to No. 2 Bucklin, 56-49 in OT
Rain can cause great joy and great pain in this game. Pends on how much and when it falls
Hamilton defeats Miles City 46-42 at State A girls' tourney. Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls.
The Glacier boys basketball team beat Great Falls C.M. Russell 62-47 to advance to the semifinals at the Class AA state tournament for the third straight year. They will play Helena Capital at 6:30 p.m. Friday in Billings.
A look at what Great Falls Young Life does each and every week. **This song was purchased and is not copyrighted**
Well, 'Rissa should be in the hands of her new mom now. I left for the airport at 4 am this morning to send her to meet her in Great Falls then make the trip back up to Alberta where she will fill a very large hole left by Duffy who WAS to be her brother but left us suddenly.
Bruin boys win over Great Falls Bison 57-41!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Congrats to the Americans! Come cheer them on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Great Falls Iceplex!
Dear Clubs and Umpires, The WCL umpiring seminar is scheduled to be held on Saturday March 15th at the following location Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT) Great Falls Library 9830 Georgetown Pike Room A Great Falls, VA 22066
Nina Payanoff is right at home at Walmart Great Falls
Fairly new to great falls and have no idea if Al's & Vic's Bar in Missoula is any good. Anyone been? ohh and No way to post videos, or fun pics? Boo. Gets removed too fast. I have some on here if you wanna chat on here
There were clues, yet we had no clue On Feb. 22, I went to a memorial service for a 27-year old man who died much too soon. One of David's best friends, Madison, overdosed on heroin on February 12. My family has known his family for more than 20 years. They are our neighbors. As I write this, my youngest son is sitting in a detox facility for using the same drug. How did we find ourselves in the midst of a heroin epidemic that is rapidly growing out of control in this country? I live in Fairfax County. I'm a federal government employee with 25 years of service. My husband is a retired federal employee. We make enough money to be solid middle- to upper-middle class residents in Fairfax. We live in a nice neighborhood. Our kids went to some of the best schools in the nation. And yet here we are. My point in mentioning those last few things is that this drug touches everyone. Let me repeat that for those of you who don't believe there is any way your child, sibling, spouse or friend could ever get hooked on ...
I've been shooting weddings for the past 3 years and love documenting every moment. Last year I came up with the idea to shoot a "yes to the dress" session. The concept would be to document a bride's journey while choosing her wedding dress. I love the idea of capturing the emotions of not only the Bride but also her family and friends who are there to witness and celebrate that moment with her. My only dilemma... I didn't have an ideal location to do this type of session. When Belles & Lace Bridal arrived in Downtown Great Falls, I knew it would be the perfect place to start this new trend. After meeting with the amazing owners we have decided to start offering this exclusive experience this year. I feel so fortunate that my dream was so warmly embraced and so excited to offer this to future brides. I truly believe that moment when you find your dress is just as emotional as when you walk down the isle. For more details please contact myself or Belles and Lace Bridal. Thank you and happy planning! Amber ...
ABC Montana's Emily Scarlett speaks with Erin Doran with the Downtown Great Falls Association.  Saturday, March 15th, the Ancient Order of Hibernians will host their 24th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.  The parade will include the historic trolley, and the Downtown Chicks.
The Glacier boys defeat CMR 62-47 to advance to the semi's where they'll play the winner of Capital/Great Falls.
Earlier today in Billings from the State AA Tournament: The Glacier girls made a late comeback in the 4th versus Great Falls and beat the Bison 47-46. The Sentinel girls trailed Bozeman at the end of the 3, but rallied to win 54-47.
Fringe clutches available at the Great Falls Market this Saturday from 10AM-2PM!
It's Official: The Frierson Annual Birthday Celebration for Our Matriarch: Happy 93rd Birthday Mildred E Williams-Frierson to be held at the Great Falls Health Care/Nursing HomeE. 43rd Street Paterson NJ, the 1st Saturday of April on the 5th, 2014 from 6-10 PM*We would like for all family members to contribute and participate and to food, drinks:water/soda, condiments-paper goods, her cake and a lil bit of music, plus a set up and clean up crew. It doesn't have to be a big Extravaganza but a celebration if her life. We are Blessed and Highly Favored to have our GMa, Great GMa, Great Great GMa, Great Great Great GMa etc. Every day of life of every year is a Celebration. God Keeps Blessing Us to have Her. So Family let's get together and make her Day happen! For further information please contact Uncle Jimmy or in box Me,Mona. I'm just the messenger not in charge!!!
GREAT FALLS -- A large amount of runoff over the weekend added dramatically to the amount of sediment in water supply of Great Falls.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (March 10, 2014) – Many are picking 3 Years Hollow‘s brand new release, ‘The Cracks,’ to be the one that commercially breaks the band worldwide. And it’s off to a strong start – debuting at on the Heatseekers Chart in Billboard Magazine. The twelve-track release is also the group’s full-length debut for Imagen Records, and was produced by none other than Sevendust guitarist/songwriter Clint Lowery. ‘Hungry’ recently made its chart debut hitting as the song continues to build at Active Rock with new adds at KDOT, Music Choice & WMGM! Now the band is preparing to embark on their next national tour with Memphis rockers Saliva. The band has also released an official video for ‘Hungry’, frontman Jose Urquiza says of the video: “We’ve been working with Davo and Music Media Group on every video we’ve released so far in our career. He directed the first video we released back in 2012 called “Chemical Ride” which is closing in on 450,000 views, and ...
5.0 out of 5 stars Harrowing First Account of Slavery, March 13, 2014 Kelly Cyr "Author of Supreme Love: A Battered... (Great Falls, Montana) See all my reviews. This review is from: 12 Years a Slave (DVD) I watched this movie twice, which I usually do not watch or read movies more than the first time. It affected me that much. I am still thinking about it. There was a lot of back and forth motion in Solomon Northup's memories so actually, the second time made it even more clearer to me. I was horrified and my heart just broke in so many places. The scene where he is tip-toing on the noose in the slippery mud struggling to stay alive as the day turned into evening will be forever emblazed on my mind. I think I was screaming, "For God's sakes, somebody help him!" You keep wondering through it all, just what is he going to do to escape his fate, because you know he does. The seasons change, the years go by, the house is built when he confides to the Canadian carpenter (Brad Pitt) about his circumstances an ...
Western Masters Art Show & Sale at the Best Western, Heritage Inn, Great Falls, Mt, March 19-22 and see her new pieces is pleased to present the work o Daren Wilding, f Daren Wilding Studio, in room 254. Daren’s paintings are a reflection of his love for nature, stop by and see his new work.
Hamilton Collection
wheres all my great falls buddies? I mean i been gettin to see my hubby i mean really seein him lol but me and my caybear wanna get out we jus two lonely gals i guess so hit me up 2175905
Great Falls area people: I'm hosting this shindig tomorrow. ALSO, newly added is Ryan David Johnson, who will be playing music between stories. Get in.
Fighting tomorrow night in Great Falls! I'm so excited to finally fight on the same card as my brother and I can't wait to get in that ring, its all I can think about
Umm, hello... F-15s that are buzzing Great Falls, you don't live here no more... go home! LOL
A few new paper sculptures for the up coming Western Masters Art show in Great Falls.
Lorraine's passion for fashion started at a young age! Great Falls Montana, 1971.
Eagle Mount of Great Falls now has a new truck after winning Toyota's
Tomorrow I will be headed to Havre through Great Falls and Fort Benton if you want some of the Mexican red rooster vanilla @ $3 a liter bottle..let me know..or pm me. Then my return trip will be through Chester...just traveling the Golden Triangle.
The front door to the business. Located in Great Falls, MT.
Heading to Great Falls for the first time ever today!! Playing a show with Levon's Ghost LA, Rick Rollin aka Born Rich and more, it's gonna be a fun night!
Our recent post about the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls Mt. has been removed by someone??? As guest curator of the "Conflict, Courtship, Ceremony and the Chase" ledger art exhibit, featuring the top Native ledger Artist in the world it is a concern of mine that the PGS Museum is hiring a non-native to do a ledger workshop, while you have Nationally recognized ledger Artists in the area that could bring authenticity and tradition to the project and the exhibit. Native Ledger Artists that are being featured like: John Pepion, Paris Bread, Alaina Buffalo Spirit, Darrell Growing Thunder should of been contacted to do this project. Even more so deleting the posting and comments; disrespectful by the person who is deleting the posting as if you're saying, "none of the comments made by the artists and viewers in the last posting have no meaning." Unprofessional. I had no idea that this was happening, my apologies to the Artists in this show.
Come support Electric City Boxing club this weekend Saturday and Sunday at Great Falls High should be some good fights
New to great falls recently single. Trying to see if Al's & Vic's Bar in Missoula is a bit of good. Any ideas? ohh and If you like to chat or view more pics I have another profile at
Details for 536 Springvale Rd, Great Falls, VA 22066. This property is for sale. Find out all the details on this property from
On my way to Great Falls to pick up Kirsten's birthday stuff
GREAT FALLS -- Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards has issued a scam warning that may be targeting people in our area.
Wet paint! "Full Regalia" 30x15 contemporary Western oil painting by Michael Blessing honoring the collective beauty and traditions of our current landscape. See it in person next week at Western Masters in Great Falls.
Hey! Anyone from the hat headed to havre or great falls? Just needing some rubber boots for Hailee. They don't make them small enough here.
So I heard there having a pow wow this weekend in great falls here supposed to be a $3000 bucks chiggin special they say, well that's what I heard any one got info Spose to pay good drum pay out to I guess so any one with info post it and let a brotha kno.
Wake up late spend the whole morning rushing then get into a wonderful argument then find out I don't work til 2-10, on top of all the other bs. Just another day in GREAT Falls -_-
Glacier girls advance to state semis with a wild win over Great Falls!! Final score from Billings: Glacier 47, Great Falls High 46!!
Hello Great Falls !! We have pistachio cherry coffee cake , hand dipped in warm sweet rum - yum !! Blueberry Danish , currant and lemon zest scones, pecan baked sticky buns , kouign Amann !!! We've got it all :) Handcrafted Pizza pies today are : The New Yorker , Italian Herb and cheese and Bacon cheddar ... Come show your love for your local bakery and feed your soul with excellence !!!
Heading back up to Great Falls after a great vacation in San Francisco and Bozeman! Got to see my family and some good friends and I cannot wait until I am back for good!
We are kicking it all off today! It's 1 Day Belgian! Today at 4:00 pm we are introducing Stella Cidre to Great Falls! In our pioneering spirit, the Celtic Cowboy will be the FIRST to offer this Crisp and Clean cider product on Tap! Come join us at 4:00, listen to the music of Rick Tryon, and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! Eat, Drink, and for today only, Be Belgian!
This little guy may be the one for the Western Heritage Art Show Quick finish on Thurs. March 20th at the Holiday Inn in Great Falls, MT. I saw him in Churchill and am trying to decide between a fox or ?
Is there a Party City between here and Great Falls?
Shazam! Two more locations to add some spice to your life! We are proud that both Great Falls Albertsons locations are now carrying Wicked Seasoning. Find it perched on their meat/seafood counter and on the shelf in the seasoning section. Need ideas? Great for blackening mahi mahi or tilapia (think fish tacos!), sprinkling on popcorn, adding some rev to your chili recipe, or jazzing up just about anything that needs more cowbell! Roasted vegetables, scrambled eggs, sweet potato fries, ... oh boy, we could go on & on. Peruse our ever-growing list of retailers on our website:
My drive home from Great Falls yesterday, Montana sure is beautiful when it wants to be:)
You can help in the fight against Childhood Hunger in Great Falls today by stopping by Everyday IGA Downtown on Central. from 2pm to 6pm and pick up 12 packs of Mountain Dew 3 for $10.00 or stop by Keith's Country Store 1621 10th Ave. S. and pick up 1 liter bottles of Mountain Dew or Kickstarts for just .99 cents. All proceeds go toward the fight against Childhood Hunger here in Great Falls. A BIG THANK YOU from Pepsi and all of here at Star 101.7.
Here is today's vending machine clues for you to go get Mountain Dew and Kickstart for just 50 cents. All the proceeds go to help fight childhood hunger here in Great Falls. Thank you in advance from Pepsi and Star 101.7 Offers 12 online programs, Associate of Arts or Science degrees, School formerly known as COT, Check by the pool table. Good Luck and thanks again!
Update your maps at Navteq
Quick question for the parents in the Power, Fairfield, and Great Falls areas. Is there a preschool you would recommend for our Hannah? We thought we should look into it now, she is so excited she can't hardly wait!
Finally in Great Falls!! First appointment with Karen thorton next Monday, and getting stuff set up for Preschool!
This dog was found in Atlas on base. Anyone recognize him? Please contact the Great Falls Animal Shelter with any information. Thank you.
Anyone going to havre or great Falls?
The Capital boys became the first team in program history to go unbeaten in Western AA conference play. The Bruins set a new standard with a 19-1 record, the most wins in school history. And they head into this week’s state AA tournament in Billings riding an impressive 17-game win streak. They will face Great Falls High today at 1:30. Good luck!
Throw back Thursday Tammy Anthony and Angel Day so on 24 Wilson ave. In great falls .sc. lol
Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Great Falls.
Join Team Headhunters @ the F3T Great Falls Hilton Garden Inn for fun, swag, a Reeling Contest where you could win a Reel and Fly Line, shuttle coupons, hats...and watch some cool fishing flicks! Festivities begin @ 430pm!
Cascade County commissioners voted 2-1 Tuesday to rezone property at 1511 Stuckey Road just northwest of Great Falls from commercial to light industrial, which will allow agribusiness Monsanto to base its wheat-breeding operations there.
Team oriented primary care medical group seeks a Physician Assistant or Family Nurse Practitioner in the snow-capped mountain peaks of central Montana – Harlowton/Big Timber MT area! Primary care setting (with just 5% skilled nursing and hospital coverage). Location: in between Billings and Great Falls. Small town 1,000 friendly people: golf course, great hunting and fishing, boating, and great schools. About: • Primary care clinic open Mon-Fri 730a-5p, FNP or PA will work 4-10s per week and take phone call. • Provider will treat 10-15 patients a day in the clinic. And round 1 time a month to the skilled nursing facility. • FNP or PA will also help with admissions to the hospital 1 time per day on average. Requirements: • Team player and a drive to make the group a great place for people to get care. To provide the best care in Montana • Provider who cares more about the team and patience than their own personal interests Compensation: • $95-105,000 a year in salary. Full medical, dental, li ...
If you can't make it to Great Falls to watch the Locomotive Girls Basketball team in the.State Tournament, will you come to watch them at The VUE and BREW?
GREAT FALLS -- Allegiant Airlines has announced several new routes for summer 2014, including service from Great Falls to Los Angeles.
Read time-travel adventure, Great Falls for a unique experience of the Civil War!
On my downtime in Great Falls,Montana,temp is minus 4 at the current time on spite of the sunshine.. I tell folks back east that Montana just as well be big as Texas & California, on e you get in it, if takes for ever to get out of it. I hope to be out of Montana tomorrow. It looks like Little House on the prairie with lots of mountains. Western Canada looks the same way except British Columbia, I love the area around Vancouver, a 3 hour drive from Seattle, up I-5. I hope I get to go to Vancouver this year. Right now I have a serious itch for To me the east coast is humonvus city from Washington,DC to New York to Boston, makes wonder where is the country I be glad when I get home & take a break. :-).
7 days to show time! Dancer of the day Allison McLean is also the photographer behind this project. Thank you Allison for your time and talent. Allison began ballet training at the School of Classical Ballet with Betty Loos and Jana Stockton where she danced for roughly a decade. Her primary focus was ballet, although she participated in numerous dance workshops throughout the state and northwestern area where she explored modern, jazz, swing, character/spanish, theater and lyrical movement. At the age of 12, she was awarded her first scholarship to attend Summer Dance Lab in Walla Walla, WA. The following year she attended summer workshops, both on scholarship, at the Missoula Dance Academy and Miss Linda’s School of Dance in Great Falls, under the instruction of Joffrey Ballet member Judy Rice. At 15, Allison was the only dancer from MT accepted and awarded a full scholarship to attend a six-week summer intensive at Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle, WA. At 16, she attended her last worksho . ...
Thanks to everyone who came out today to watch the Vandals win a great game against Central Washington 18 to 1! See you all tomorrow at 1:00pm for our game against Great Falls. Go Vandals!
One of the nation's best-known charities is paying disabled workers as little as 22 cents an hour, thanks to a 75-year-old legal loophole that critics say needs to be closed. Goodwill Industries, a multibillion-dollar company whose executives make six-figure salaries, is among the nonprofit groups permitted to pay thousands of disabled workers far less than minimum wage because of a federal law known as Section 14 (c). Labor Department records show that some Goodwill workers in Pennsylvania earned wages as low as 22, 38 and 41 cents per hour in 2009. "If they really do pay the CEO of Goodwill three-quarters of a million dollars, they certainly can pay me more than they're paying," said Harold Leigland, who is legally blind and hangs clothes at a Goodwill in Great Falls, Montana for less than minimum wage. "It's a question of civil rights," added his wife, Sheila, blind from birth, who quit her job at the same Goodwill store when her already low wage was cut further. "I feel like a second-class citizen. An ...
Alot of events coming up but here's something alil different to check out if your in Great Falls the Riled Up &Wasted on Light tour feat. Buddy Wakefield tonight at Machinery Row doors open at 7, tickets are $8 regular and $3 with valid student ID. Full hour performance by Buddy with a Q/A following. Drink specials and food from Reed O's Pizza
Hey bozeman folk! Would anyone like to accompany me to Great Falls tonight to see the illustrious Buddy Wakefield?? I promise you won't be disappointed and Buddy does too! World class poetry in the 406?!??? What?!?! Starts at 8 I'd really like some company
We are in the Great Falls room tonight. Lower level of Fairview Park Marriott. Get ready!
Flat Tops Trout Colorado has three cutthroat subspecies – Colorado River, greenback, and Rio Grande. A century ago there were four. The latter was the yellowfin, extinct early in the 20th Century. Non-native cutts along with hybrids are also found in the Flat Tops’ streams and high lakes. Meriwether Lewis was the first to scientifically describe the cutthroat. During the Louisiana Expedition of 1803 - 06 Lewis noted the red slashes along the throat of the fish they dined on at the Great Falls of the Missouri in present day Montana. Later, English naturalist John Richardson, described the trout in 1836 and gave it the scientific name of Salmo clarkii, "… as a tribute to the memory of Captain Clarke …," who was Lewis's second in command on the expedition. The cutthroats original distribution included all cool water habitats of the Rocky Mountains from Arizona and New Mexico north into Canada and Alaska. In the mid-1800s cutthroats were the only trout in Colorado. Development that still causes proble ...
Submitted by Russell Kaldenberg in regards to the Friday, March 28th History Symposium. The following information and schedule are tentative. Parking at the high school will be across Trona Road as school will be in session. Trona Centennial Celebration History Symposium, Trona High School Auditorium Registration Cost $25.00 per person. If you want to preregister send your check to Searles Valley Historical Society, P.O. Box 630, Trona, CA 93592. Identify how many people and specify that the check is for the History Symposium registration. Registration will be available on site also. Meals are on you own and are not included in the price of registration. Camping at Valley Wells is $5 per night, per vehicle beginning Thursday night, March 27th. A camp host will be around to collect the fee during your stay. Another nice place to camp is Great Falls Basin, a BLM location with a backdrop to the Argus Mountains. Four wheel drive vehicles are recommended due to the sandy nature of the access at Great Falls ...
This weekend is our Senior High School Retreat CONVO: One Love. We are so excited to have 92 youth registered, a dynamic speaker Shanelle Gabriel and a fantastic team of young people putting all the pieces together as well as over 30 volunteers running small groups, meals and clean up, and mission projects! What a blessing to work with Karen Burgess Thornton, Nancy Slabaugh Hart, Abbie Thompson, Kristen Cates, Derrick Jordan Persson, Janelle Downs, Tom Skerritt, Nancy Self, Sherri Simonson and so many more wonderful volunteers. ONLY TWO DAYS TILL THE BIG EVENT! Check in time is from 6-8pm Friday evening at First UMC in Great Falls!
4 reach plea deals in Blackfeet fraud case Feb. 11, 2014 12:42 PM | 0 Comments A A Written by Matt Volz Associated Press FILED UNDER News Local News Blackfeet Helena District Court ADVERTISEMENT HELENA — Four of the five remaining defendants accused of defrauding a federally funded program to help troubled Blackfeet Indian youth have reached plea agreements with prosecutors, leaving only a former Oklahoma State University professor to face trial next month. On Monday, federal prosecutors filed the plea agreements with Francis Onstad, Delyle “Shanny” Augare, Dorothy Still Smoking and Katheryn Sherman in U.S. District Court in Great Falls. They, along with former professor Gary Conti and Charlotte New Breast, had been indicted on a total of 37 criminal counts. They are accused of embezzling money from the $9.3 million Po’Ka Project for at-risk children on the northwestern Montana reservation, and embellishing the Blackfeet tribe’s contributions that were required to keep the federal money comi ...
Here's a great account of the story of the Anaconda Co.'s Black Eagle Smokestack: It was a high-stakes poker game, although only pocket change was bet, when a small party of Great Falls men celebrated the completion of the Big Stack. The November 23, 1908 party, hosted by contractor Conrad Worms, was at the top of what was then the world's tallest smokestack. Sitting on a platform inside the rim of the 506-foot stack, the men enjoyed a German lunch and washed it down with beer from the local American Brewing Company. From their high perch, they also enjoyed the view of Great Falls, the Missouri River and the territory around the city where agriculture was becoming a major influence on an economy previously dominated by mining. The stack had been built in less than seven months with 18,500 tons of brick, mortar and steel atop a 9,500- ton foundation that extended 22 and 1/2 feet below ground on Indian Point, later called Smelter Hill. The foundation was constructed in 1907, the same year the brick plant wa ...
A superb service today at Fairview Baptist Church, Great Falls, MT, I really liked the new program format. Great flow and great energy. Blessed.
Hey everyone. Watch out for great deals on Face Book Garage Sales. I just in Great Falls, found a bought a Grecian Urn for $23.00. He wanted $30.00 and I talked him down. I took it to 1st National Pawn Shop because I don't have a antique appraisal guild. It is flawless just flawless, pristine!. I JUST SOLD it for $5000.00 CASH. They did not know what they had!. Rare I tell you rare. Great buy to say the least. Big Bucks.$. You are asking yourself right now, What is. ? or. What does a Grecian Urn? Oh I'd say.About 3 Dinaroes a day.
Musicians for the Community Celebration of Black History at Great Falls College- Montana State University February 25, 2014 6:30pm. Rehearsals are February 11th and 18th at University of Great Falls in the Trinatras Chapel 6:30 to 8pm. and February 24th 6pm at Great Falls College (COT) at the Heritage Hall. Event is the 25th.
Never Forget February 6, 2007 Benefis Mercy Flight Belgrade, MT Beechcraft King Air 200 Pilot: Vincent Kirol Flight Nurse: Darcy Dengel Flight Paramedic: Paul J. Erickson NTSB On February 6, 2007, at 2104 mountain standard time, a Beech 200 King Air airplane, N45MF, registered to and operated by Metro Aviation, Inc., of Shreveport, Louisiana, collided with sparsely populated mountainous terrain approximately 13 nautical miles (nm) north-northwest of the Gallatin Field Airport (BZN), Belgrade, Montana. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) positioning flight was operated under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91, and an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan was in effect. The airplane sustained substantial damage and the three occupants, an airline transport pilot, flight paramedic and flight nurse, were killed. The air ambulance was under contract to Benefis Healthcare/Mercy Flight, Great Falls, Montana. The flight departed Great Falls International Airport, Great Falls, Mont ...
Top Ten Montana Weather Events of the 20th Century July 5, 1937. The temperature topped out at 117°F at Medicine Lake in northeastern Montana. This tied the all-time high temperature for Montana previously established at Glendive on July 20, 1893.Combined with the -70°F at Roger's Pass in 1954 (this makes the all-time temperature range recorded in Montana 187°F! This is the most extreme temperature range experienced in any of the 50 United States. January 11, 1980. The temperature in Great Falls rose from -32°F to 15°F in seven minutes as warm, Chinook winds eroded an Arctic airmass. This 47 degree rise in seven minutes stands as the record for the most rapid temperature change registered in the United States. December 14, 1924. The temperature at Fairfield, Montana (about 20 miles WNW of Great Falls), dropped from 63°F at noon to -21°F at midnight. This 84 degree change in 12 hours still stands as the greatest 12 hour temperature change recorded in the United States. April 25-26, 1969. A late seas ...
Random road trip to Great Falls to watch the cousin fight!
For sale in Great Falls 1997 Chevy Tahoe. 113,000 miles, 4 wheel drive, power everything, leather interior. Passenger side back door handle is broke and there are a few cracks in the windshield but other than that it is clean and functioning properly. The engine just had a full tune up and new wiper blades were just put on. This vehicle is ready to go. $3,200 obo
Pete Rose Jr., who managed Great Falls to Pioneer League playoffs last summer, is new skipper at Kannapolis.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 21, 2014   CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox have announced their player development staff and assignments for the 2014 season.    Joel Skinner at Class AAA Charlotte (third season) and Julio Vinas at Class AA Birmingham return to manage their respective clubs in 2014.  Vinas guided Birmingham to a 77-63 record and the Southern League Championship, the club’s first title since 2002.  The Barons won both postseason series in a decisive Game 5.   Vinas also was named by Baseball America as the Best Manager Prospect in the SL following the season.   New managerial assignments in 2014 include Tommy Thompson at Class A Winston-Salem, Pete Rose Jr. at Class A Kannapolis and Charlie Poe at Advanced Rookie Great Falls.    Thompson and Rose Jr. are entering their fourth consecutive seasons managing in the White Sox system, while Poe’s assignment will be his first as a manager.  Rose Jr. led Great Falls to the Pioneer League playoffs last season.   Mike Gelling ...
Great Falls Mr. James Floyd Taylor, 93, died Sunday, January 19, 2014, at his home. Funeral services will be held at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at Trinity Baptist Church with Rev. Chase Catledge and Rev. Patrick Blackmon officiating. Interment will follow in Greenlawn Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Tuesday, January 21, at Dantzler-Baker Funeral Home, 26 Underwood Ave., Great Falls, SC. Mr. Taylor was born July 5, 1920 in Kershaw, SC and was a son of the late John J. Taylor and Leacy Haywood Taylor and the widower of Geneva Mangum Taylor. He attended the schools of Kershaw County, served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and was retired from J.P. Stevens as a loom fixer. Mr. Taylor was a member of Trinity Baptist Church where he served as a deacon and also coordinated the tape ministry. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved fishing, hunting and gardening. He is survived by three daughters, Judy Davis and husband Wayne of Winnsboro, Karen Dixon an ...
Margaret Ruth Poore, age 64, died January 16, 2014, surrounded by her siblings after a short illness. Margaret was a loving and sensitive soul, curious and intelligent, generous and kind. Margaret was born April 28, 1949 in Great Falls. The family was living in Cut Bank, Montana at the time, but relocated to Billings in 1949. Margaret attended Catholic schools in Billings, graduating from Central Catholic High in 1967 and went on to pursue a teaching degree at Carroll College, Helena. After graduating in 1972, she worked with Father Jack Sladich, who had been severely injured in a skiing accident and had lost his ability to speak. This experience inspired Margaret to get a degree in speech pathology from the University of Montana in 1974. Margaret worked for the Helena Public Schools as a speech pathologist for many years. When she began working with children who needed communication devices, she fell in love with that specialty. She took classes and did her own research, always striving to find the best ...
Currently gusting to 60 mph in Cut Bank; 60 mph in Big Timber, 58 mph in Great Falls.
A break in a 2 1/2-inch pipeline caused 300 barrels of oil production water to spill on the Blackfeet Reservation Tuesday, according to the Bureau of Land Management in Great Falls. The spill did not involve oil, but rather production water that is produced in an oil and gas drilling operation. The spill occurred in the Southwest Cut Bank Oil unit operated by FX Drilling, said Dale Manchester, a BLM petroleum engineer in Great Falls. The spill occurred 10 miles southwest of Cut Bank, near the county border of Pondera and Glacier counties.
I find it odd that when a national weather map is shown on TV that my town, Cut Bank, is shown most of the time. The population here is only about 3.5k. There are far more populous cities in Montana than mine such as Missoula, Kalispell, Great Falls, Billings, and Butte.
USOH now has fans that support our work and like our page in over 48 countries! We are happy to report we just slightly passed 7,000 members at USOH in the new year and over 1/3 of them like this page. We have nearly 2,600 likes and hope to reach 3,000 very soon. We are pleased to report that the great cities that represent our top supporters and fans are: Missoula, Mosul, Nairobi, Butte, Irbil, Baghdad, Hull, Washington DC, Bozeman, Billings, Boston, New York, Seattle, Helena, Duhok, Los Angeles, Dushanbe, Khatlon, Kisumu, Nyanza, Spokane, N'Djamena, Chari-Baguirmi, Lolo, Kalispell, Las Vegas, San Diego, Najaf, Great Falls, Port-au-Prince, Riyadh, Portland, Chicago, Brooklyn, Taipei, Mariestad, Västra Götaland, Stevensville, Mombasa, Miami, Belgrade, Batac, Ilocos Norte, Denver, London, Hamburg, Lexington, Accra, Salt Lake City, Dubai... Quite a mix of international and American cities! Is your city on this list?
35th Annual Montana PRCA Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals Start the new year off right by attending the best rodeo in the state … Great tickets are still available for the 35th Annual Montana PRCA Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals. The finals will take place in Great Falls, on January 10th, 11th, and 12th. The top 12 cowboys and cowgirls in each event will be competing for championship titles and recognition as the best of the best in the Montana Circuit for the 2013 season. Bareback riding leader, Jessy Davis from Power was married in November and then in December rode at his fifth National Finals Rodeo. He enters the Circuit Finals with a lead of about $1,900 over traveling partner Chase Erickson, the defending champion. Davis is a three-time qualifier for the Ram National Circuit Finals. This year he’d like to go as a Montana Circuit champion. Saddle Bronc Leader, Josh Reynolds missed most of the 2012 season with a serious thigh muscle injury. He cracked out last June and enters the finals seeking his first ...
The Cascade City-County Board of Health is appealing, to the Montana Supreme Court, a ruling that says casino smoking rooms in Great Falls are legal, according to MC Incorporated which owns several casinos in the Electric City.
Here is a list of fighters looking for bouts through June in Montana. The fighters listed are the local athletes we are trying to book first in each town. I still have info from out of area fighters who contacted me. If you think you fit one of the match ups listed, message us your name, number, hometown and record. Don’t message unless you know you will have a ride to the location, time off work, babysitter, etc. We will call you to verify a match if we think it is fair. We love brining teams of fighters so think about your teammates too. If your hometown is listed and you are not on it, message me to get added. This list will continue to evolve. All fighters need to be willing to travel as well and not just wait for a bout to happen in their hometown. We might not find you a match there. Jan 25 Great Falls, MT Amateur Ryan McCraken 5-4 155-60 March 8 Billings Pro Pro Jacob Hauk 155 4-4 Jay Sandvig 145 3-1 John Colter 155 3-0 Amateur Alex Wilber 135 3-2 Erik Meyer 170 3-0 Mirlan Madatbekov 135 ...
For sale today! Deals at Famous Footwear in Great Falls from Great Falls Tribune
Check out "December 22, 2013 Worship at First Presbyterian Church of Great Falls, Montana" on Vimeo
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Great Falls teen completes Youth ChalleNGe, looks to future
December 19th, 2013 Electric City Speedway, Great Falls, MT Christmas comes a little early for the Speedworld We said we would make an announcement concerning final rules for Mid West Mods and Street Stock on Christmas Day. Well, here it is a little early: 1. Mid West Modifieds will be sanctioned through Wissota for the 2014 Season with the following advisory! We will very likely change sanctioning organizations for 2015 to IMCA Northern Sport Mod so unless you want to put a whole lot of money and parts on the shelf, DO NOT change to the Bert or Brinn transmissions with your Mid West Mod. The Tri- Y, or "step" headers will not be legal in 2015 so our recommendation is that you keep your Mid West Mod just as you ran it in 2013! 2. Street Stock will be sanctioned through Wissota as well for 2014 and future sanctioning will depend on how well Wissota moves to control the cost of racing. No promises for 2015. 3. As previously announced Super Stock will be sanctioned with Wissota for 2014. 4. Our "A" Modifieds ...
Thank you Great Falls, and Electric City Roller GrrrlZ for always being such wonderful hosts! We love you ladies, and always have such a great time in your neighborhood! Final Hel'z Belles -222 Electric City-144
Today Mrs. Pastore, her husband and 4 young men from the Jr. High School brought their food collections which, I believe, went on the whole month of November. The grand total was 1502 pounds of goods for the Pantry. This came at the end of a week that saw 173 loaves of homemade bread delivered by the students at Great Falls. When my kids were in school, community service and action were words used in the Gorham school system. I guess some things are golden good and thankfully will never change. Thanks to all.
Here at the new River Press office we just held our subscriber appreciation drawing and gave away some great prizes. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you and Merry Christmas to all of our subscribers! Here are the winners in this afternoon’s drawing: Mike Dussault of Sand Coulee won an iPad mini. Betty Bowman of Highwood won gift certificates for a night’s stay and a dinner at the Grand Union Hotel. Brad Taylor of Fort Benton won a Brian Morger print, “Sunrise on Square Butte.” Tom Burtchett of Geraldine, Ward Scribner of Geraldine, Dennis and Josina Bomgardner of Great Falls, Dan Hansen of Columbia Falls, and Terry Allen of Fort Benton won $40 gift certificates to the River Press. Gail Good of Fort Benton, Pam Taylor of Fort Benton, Rory & Megan Clark of Rangely, Colorado, Leona Huffman of Fort Benton, and Bernadine Fairbanks of Geraldine won Fort Benton books from the River Press book shop.
Within a few days of filing its complaint, the Federal League submitted eleven affidavits of witnesses to the monopolistic practices of organized baseball. Joe Tinker recalled how he had been sold from Great Falls to Helena, Montana, and then from Portland to the Chicago Cubs, and then from the Cincinnati Reds to the Brooklyn Dodgers, on each occasion "without at any time being consulted with regard to his sale or his wishes in regard to his place of abode:' The second baseman Otto Knabe, who had left the Phillies for the Baltimore Terrapins of the Federal League, stated that organized baseball's ten-day clause, which allowed all players to be fired with ten days' notice, "is unjust to such players and is the source of great dissatisfaction among them:' Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown, one of the best pitchers of the previous decade, even testified that the Cardinals had once traded the pitcher Bill Hopper to a minor league club in exchange for a bird dog. Organized baseball responded a week later with twen ...
Yesterday it was warmer in Antarctica than in Montana! -26F in Great Falls vs -20F at the South Pole Station. Brrr!
Great Falls, was colder than the South Pole this morning. Awesome.
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