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Great Dane

The Great Dane (18th Cent. French: Grand Danois), also known as German Mastiff or Danish Hound , is a breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) known for its giant size.

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I'm Jesse. I am an altered female great dane.
does anyone want a sweet Great Dane??? being for realsies
Looking for an adorable puppy. Check out Illinois Saint Bernard Rescues Great Dane/Hound mix.
Sometimes, things are not as they appear. This is a great lesson about finding out the truth before you judge.
Doggieland Dog of the Week featuring Arthur the Great Dane.
I can't wait until we live in our own house and have a Great Dane!
I have 4 rescues. A blind Great Dane, Chocolate Lab (both from a puppy mill living to have babies only…
Maybe a Great Dane or a St Bernard.. or one of those Bernese mountain dogs 😍
I really don't need a puppy with what I have coming but look at him 😭😭😭 anyone want a Great Dane /Alaskan husky mix…
And Peter Lawford gets ripped to shreds by a Great Dane.
Tiny fawn making friends with a ginormous Great Dane.
The next puppy I get will be either a Blue Heeler or a Great Dane πŸ€—
this is Buster my Great Dane and King my American Bulldog
. Kisses to the pup from Uschi the Old Southern Red-nosed pit, Highlands Bonnie Lady Flora the Great Dane, and High Jenks the JRT
Freddy, the Great Dane, has earned the title of Biggest Dog in the World.
- Irish Wolfhound ! on average taller than the Great Dane !
That GSD need to be majority black. And that Great Dane need to be Harlequin with more black or Fawn. K, thanks. 😘
I just wanna be a bomb *** wife, with a killer SLP job, 3 perfect kids, and my harlequin Great Dane πŸ™„
Ended the day with a litter of 10 harlequin Great Dane puppies. Could have been worse!
My next dog that Ima get is gunna be a harlequin Great Dane named Champiion (:
.I actually got my Great Dane from his neighbor years ago in the Santa Ynez Valley.
Paisley, Great Dane (16 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY β€’ "She has about an hour of energy and then sleeps the re…
FOUND: A Great Dane on Nov 15, 2016 at Knob Hill & brownsboro. Please contact us for more information.
If you see a crazy lady flying down the interstate with 2 huskies and a Great Dane all packed in one vehicle ...that's just me πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Hi there I'm a portrait artist, here's my latest portrait of Captain Henry Morgan the Great Dane
I really want a French bulldog, a mastiff, a Great Dane maybe even all the dogs
I need a big *** dog in my life. Like a cane corso, Great Dane, German Shepherd, preferably a beastly pit born to a strong bloodline.
Mathew Perry riding a Great Dane through Metropolitan Opera throwing lunchables at the guests, cackling, singing "Birds do it, bees do it -"
I want a Great Dane and name it King . β€πŸ‘‘
Is this the world's tallest dog? 7-foot Great Dane is so big he sleeps on an adult sized mattress: . Towering ... https:…
resumes tomorrow in Madison after a 1-week break! Join us at the Great Dane downtown, 123 E. Doty St., between 5 and 7 p.m.
I just want a Great Dane or a Doberman Pinscher and I'll be happy
Instead of working today I did extensive research on dogs id be compatible with. Top choices were Great Dane, English Mastiff and Greyhound.
Reunited ~Ben the Great Dane from in Manitowoc County. Message from owner: β€œI searched until three...
Help Save Rocky the Great Dane every time you shop:
My aunties great dane got put down :(
The last thing you expect to come out of a Great Dane owner is "Where is my dog?"
he is a Great Dane this is common knowledge, Emily
Last night we introduced baby reindeer to Ellie, the Great Dane, it was very uneventful! It…
Richard Jefferson on why everyone should appreciate LeBron is pretty great:
Not trolling at all my man.. and no I didn't miss that. All great players..
Truck just drove by with Patterson AND Great Dane tire flaps. Yes, I sincerely believe in the Gilmore signs every time I travel for GG.
does this still apply if your puppy is a 100+ lb Great Dane?
Only my kitten sits in a room full of dogs at the vet including a great Dane hissing at themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It was great seeing at great dane last night
I'd be interested to know if the great white sharks and the great dane share a common lineage.
Cecil the inquisitive great dane loves to wreck my dinner
"it's a mans game and you weigh as much as my Great Dane"
Not even surprised that Ollie tried to pick a fight with a Great Dane
Is Great Dane tonight worth waking up broke... Probably.
if that's anything like my car insurance policy you take a Great Dane in and get given a Chihuahua to try & fit car seats into
If you watch my snap I was cuffing a Great Dane at the bar watching the game
I said a Great Dane and Rena wasn't having it. πŸ˜‚
you can get a Great Dane and have a pet at the same time
I won't lie the only thing I like about the Dreamwork video was that General and the other bartender from Great Dane was in it
Demi Lovato trying to come at Mariah Carey is like a chiwawa trying to come at a great dane
Courtesy post: LOST dog DES MOINES!!. Missing since Thursday 6/16. Her name is Izzy and she is a Great Dane. She...
Hate when dog walkers let they're dog run up to yours, pal get ur Great Dane away from my dog from abart same size as shoe box
would Dane Nielsen be your slowest winger since the great Eion Crossan? πŸ’πŸ’¨
Debutant Dane Haylett-Petty had a great game. Team discipline needs to improve
MISSING - DOG - (HUNUA) AUCKLAND. This evening our beloved 9 year old black great dane Zeus decided to leave the...
Update your maps at Navteq
My *** everyone throwing up the U inside Great Dane
Great Danes get pretty big. Well, for now it works.
Listen to Jah Jah is coming by great dane on
Scout the playful great dane loves to hide my skunk
Chester 4yr old Great Dane/Bullmastiff cross, needs to be only dog and teenagers due to his size UK
Played everything but hip hop last night at Great Dane! I love that place! It's about the music, zero lifestyle and sparklers! Just music
Enjoyed playing with my *** at Great Dane last night..From House to HipHop..lets do it it again tonight
Great track loving the platinum hour great show Dane trucking to Southampton foot down Friday
Great evening at Great Dane! I hadn't stepped foot in there since 13 Sept 2014. made it worth it! Fam tore the plac…
Caleb has the biggest Great Dane I've ever seen & I want it
We chatted with one of the brains behind the bar at Vincent 'Vinny' Kruger
"How was your day today?". "Well I saw a Great Dane so pretty great"- Actually me
Cecil the active great dane loves to hide my dinner
Great Dane. Only a baby and still bigger than all of my accomplishments in life
every time someone says 'have a great day' I assume they're saying 'have a great dane' and so now I want a great dane
Hey! I am Deuce - the gentleman. I am an altered male great dane.
okay and my name ain't shay with a (y). And nursing home and Great Dane but can't do nothing at Great Dane 😫
I just met the sweetest Great Dane named Henry!
I'm sorry my mixed breed, part dingo rescue kelpie isn't as "valuable" as your blue blooded Great Dane stud dog
has been rescuing for 60 yrs(!) & is the longest running Great Dane rescue in Ontario
My husband wants a Great Dane. I think OUR house is too small (2.4K sq ft)
farts literally smell lik it came out of a Great Dane that just ate Taco Bell !
Bill Maher on Donald Trump: "A Great Dane released into a child's birthday party." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I laughed a little too hard at that.
Who needs guys when you have a Great Dane and an English Setter to cuddle with all night πŸ’πŸΌ (aka let them take over your whole bed)
I saw a girl & a Great Dane. I asked the dog a question so I could say, "Why the big paws?" & make her laugh but the dog…
Taylor Phinney is about to get passed by a Great Dane
Writing a Great Dane therapy dog into the new book (Jane of Austin) - name ideas? What do you guys think?
Scoobert "Scooby" Doo is the Great Dane mascot of Mystery Inc., and pet and best friend of Shaggy Rogers.
Yesterday I saw a Great Dane who's head came up to my chest and a 4 month old St. Bernard puppy…
I got silver salmon better than Border collie but don't tell anybody. What were our Great Dane to them?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
This big baby is Sterling Archer, who was named after a T.V. show. He is a Great Dane puppy and only 12 weeks old...
So.. Apparently, in Nebraska, the fire department had to rescue a Great Dane out of a tree. Umm, since when did Nebraska have trees? πŸ˜‚
A Great Dane in a tree? We have video to prove it. Next on FOX 30 second best story tonight only to surprise gator.
Best Video of the day - How a Great Dane ended up 20 feet off the ground in a tree - You'll see it tonight on Fox 10 News at 5:30
Firefighters really had to rescue a Great Dane that got stuck up a tree:
Once police arrived, no Great Dane was found. Presumably was apprehend by its owners, or is running Lake Hefner Trails now
There is a Great Dane running in the median of the Lake Hefner Parkway, near NW 122nd. Traffic is at a standstill.
Firefighters save 120-pound Great Dane that somehow got stuck up a tree
fire department rescues Great Dane from tree.
If you own a Dobermann, Boxer, Great Dane, or Irish Wolfhound, then you’ve probably heard of the heart condition...
I want the soundtrack to my life to be produced by Great Dane and sung by K. Flay & Zack De La Rocha
I saw a Great Dane today and it made me miss Sandie so so much 😒😒
Christian is feeling much better today!. (Great Dane baby w/ a broken back and paralysis) . The fever has stayed...
Christy Turlington -- Great Dane ... She's Still Got It! (PHOTO): Christy Turlington's reign as a one of the...
Just saw a Great Dane 'service dog' at the airport in Boston...A GREAT DANE!! How can that even be possible?!? –  10% Off
Taylor Swift shares whipped cream kisses with Great Dane
Reminder: in Madison tomorrow with Matt Raebel hosting from 5-7 pm at Great Dane downtown, 123 E. Doty St. Come if you can.
How about this for a family picture, Zorro with his new siblings Frank the Great Dane and Stella the Iggie. Kirk...
Douglas Fairbanks Jr with his pet Great Dane, Hollywood and Great Danes seems they were very popular
All I want in life is a Great Dane and/or a Doberman Pinscher
. That's why I was thinking blue Weimaraner, and harlequin Great Dane.or a German Wire Hair... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Want them all!!
Last night I dreamed that I adopted a harlequin Great Dane mix named Tara and gave me advice on how to be a good dog parent. πŸ‘ŒπŸΆ
URGENT !! CALLING ALL GREAT DANE LOVERS !!. DUKE is an exceptional Pure Breed HARLEQUIN Great Dane (one brown and...
Harlequin Great Dane. It's a cow, no it's a horse, no it's a Great Dane.. So beautiful www.capemaydo
Beautiful Millie is a 10 month old harlequin Great Dane who is deaf. If you can foster or adopt, please contact...
Our newest member Nigel the Great Dane! Stop by the farmers market here in and speak to our...
A209659 I am an unaltered male, white black Great Dane. My age is unknown. STRAY INTAKE 2/12. EMAIL...
awe it's so cute when you try go masculine it's like watching a chihuahua trying to take on a Great Dane and bull mastiff mix
Black and white Great Dane and Labrador Retriever. Female 4 months old.
My dog is having Bull Mastiff/ Cane Corso/ Great Dane puppies so this should be interesting πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Thursday’s Best: A Great Dane and his kitten. via ..
summit avenue is amazing! We have a mansion here on Clifton with a Great Dane if your interested... 😎
I like big dogs, I can dig a Great Dane!
Proud of this beautiful big boy!! Hugo the Great Dane graduated today!! . Beautiful young man with lovely lead...
I have a Great Dane named Leo so that would actually be adorable 😭😍
You will not find your soulmate at Great Dane. I promise you.
I went to petsmart with Maxie today to Huey a bed and while I looked Maxie just talked about our puggle to old ladies with a Great Dane πŸ™„
Great Dane is ok , I like the Dome Patrol better yet Sam Mills, *** has a Bronze statue in front of the Panther stadium
2 hour drive home with a Great Dane is a mammoth task sit still u bugger lol 🐢🐴😫😩
Whoever I marry gotta be prepared to have a big dog in the house. I don't do little dogs. A Rottweiler, pit bull,Great Dane,or cane corso😍🐢
Check out this Driver at Great Dane in
Me and have decided we are going to have both a Saint Bernard and a Great Dane
Can I have a Great Dane, Akita, newfoundland, and a Saint Bernard. And a California king so they could cuddle w/ me. Life wou…
On a bird walk with Sako, our resident and very friendly Great Dane. .
Did you know that Scooby-Doo is actually a Great Dane? Catch him and his team this December!.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bella & George. The touching story of a disabled girl and her Great Dane 🐢.
Heartwarming story about Great Dane service dog.
I want a Great Dane and I want to call him Charles.
So last night, in downtown Dunedin, I walked up to a guy w/ a Great Dane & asked his name. Not Tom. Eric. 😝
Looking for and ? Check out our wide variety of Great Dane
Pfft Jannik Hansen is already the Great Dane, right guys? Guys?
If sophiam broke up, that perfect Great Dane better be Liam's. Watson is adorable πŸ’•
Sdghfg great dane puppies now ready (UNITED STATES, Phoenix)
To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood.
So we already have a Great Dane mixed with a pitbull, now we have a pitbull! I'm gna be scared of coming into my own house 😏
let him keep the pigs it's not different than having a Great Dane.
I liked a video Great Dane "Nessie" Jumps Around on a Covered Pool like a giant waterbed
Great Danes can be very clever! Watch and see what this one can...
Yet another reason why a Great Dane is in my future!
Scout the obstinate great dane loves to gut my bike
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puppy-sized? Great dane puppy or Chihuahua puppy?
. Are we talking chihuahua or great dane?
Meet Montgomery a 10-month-old Lab / Great Dane mix. He enjoys the company of people and other canines. This...
I just pet a Great Dane that was like 3 inches shorter than me. 😳
I want a great dane so bad I'll trade my fave pillow for it with my strong identity scent
You know you're friends with a Great Dane once it uses you as a pillow
I want a teacup maltipoo and then an all black Great Dane. It's poppin.
The amount of people who were looking out the window watching me and my brother try and catch a Great Dane...
Who says dogs hate baths? This Great Dane knows exactly what he wants...
weird isn't it, I know of a Great Dane that come in to her first season at 7months !!
Who would let their baby punch a Great Dane in the face tho?
Aawww - Meet very cute and excitable Great Dane pup Wilton. He's waiting at
Reddit I present you my cartoon eyed Great Dane
48' | Super goalkeeping by Sorensen as the Dane shows great awareness to snuff out Ferreira's clever pass.
Where does Rebel Dane go next after great run in Fri night Manikato. That question to be decided tomorrow in owners meet with
Gypsy the territorial great dane loves to hide my dinner
Make your best friend a cartoon character - just like brindle Great Dane Nephtys!
they do it for fun n they we adopt like a Great Dane
24' | Another dangerous opening for the Mariners is thwarted by Sorensen as the Great Dane swats away Austin's cross.
Just got super sad bc the Great Dane I fell inlove with my Tia sold her. 😫
I saw the cutest great dane puppy last night and fell in love
Bertram the territorial great dane loves to wreck my grass
Even if picking up take out food, get the APA. (@ Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company in Madison, WI)
I will have a harlequin great dane some day marK MY WORDS
This is totally how our Great Dane Pluto was with Courtney when she was little.
mirksilua: mirksilua: So my dog is a 210 pound Great Dane who has never had a toy smaller than a car tire...
We're thrilled to have our Sister Rescues @ our Walk-So Friends, Midsouth Pugs, & No MS Great Dane!
Kinda want an Italian Greyhound. Kinda want a Great Dane. QuiΓ©n me entiende?
I want a new dog, like a Great Dane or an Italian Greyhound.
Welcome to team Rocky Drake! Drake is a 5 year old, male, blue merle Great Dane! He ADORES kids and has done...
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Cecil the blue harlequin Great Dane 1st day home
Old Mother Hubbard is now available for adoption! This female Great Dane is 6yrs old. Learn more at
My next puppy shall be a blonde Doberman, a Tibetan mastiff, another chow chow, or a Great Dane 😌 maybe all of the above
I know today’s a tough day for many, so if you need a distraction, some Great Dane puppies were born yesterday -
im a Great Dane, i go insane, get drunk in public. Wear my purple & rock my gold, Collins circle i smoke my bowl
This beautiful Great Dane is named Shiloh and she gave me a sweet nuzzle. @ TIFF Bell Lightbox
Brad Anderson, who drew Marmaduke, the most famous cartoon Great Dane who isn't Scooby, died Aug. 30. my
Julius Harris is a patient on Bob Newhart. He has a Great Dane named Whitey. Oh 1973 you sly devil you.
the PA Great Dane rescue will be at the Belmont Saturday for dog day with a couple dogs!
I want a Great Dane and German Shepard when I'm older and like 10 rescue dogs
πŸ˜„ mine are rescue dogs. Moose is a Labrador/Great Dane and Beau is a lab/border collie mix.
Indy's mom was excited to have this Great Dane rescue spayed at our Spay/Neuter Center b/c it didn't break the bank!
MISSING: black and white puppy Great Dane lab mix near the barracks or wellborn.
If anyone finds a Great Dane / black lab mix running around the barracks let me know, the lawn guys left our gate open
If Mystery Inc aged in real time. Do you think that Scoody Doo would haunt them relentless since his Great Dane lifespan is sh…
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happy national dog day to my wonderful Great Dane πŸ’™
When can I skip to the part of life where I'm done with school, own 20 Great Dane puppies, and marry Gary Lee? πŸ˜…
Who has the picture of with Frans Nielsen's face photoshopped onto the Great Dane!? Lmao.
Andrews Farm, South Australia: A Great Dane and a Chihuahua need sitting. A large house in the northern suburb...
wanted you to know I just got a Great Dane puppy and named him after you- meet Jud "The Judge" Buechler
I want a Great Dane, a German Shepherd, and a Saint Bernard 🐢🐾
7-21. Great Dane missing from Security Colorado around Esther dr and Security blvd on July...
Well I want a Great Dane, or German Shepherd, or a Newfoundland puppy, but I won't be crying!. Thanks Krishana Smith
Hard to decide if I want me next dog to be a Great Dane, English Mastiff or a German Shepherd
Ready to let it whip with our favorite Great Dane and Spider!
Ready to let it whip with our Great Dane and our Spider!
my dog is half Great Dane, half English Mastiff, and half ottoman -
The SPCA has two really cool dogs. Legend (cane corso/pitbull mix) and Ace (Great Dane) these two dogs are amazing. Please adopt!!
None. Can't put a Great Dane and an English Mastiff in any electric car.
A female Great Dane was brought into Galveston County Animal Resource Center (ARCPETS) today, after
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FOUND at the winery. Big ol Great Dane mix happily getting fed tri tip right now by our staff. Please DM if you...
Dionysu5 is spinning 'Blue & Green' by Great Dane in the Chillout Mixer:
Scott Kirby will be jamming out at Great Dane tonight! via
I want a pitbull, Great Dane, St. Bernard, an Dalmatian!!
Rocco E. the Great Dane and Satsuki T. the Chihuahua Mix met during their recent visits to Preston Road Animal...
Marsh Water Ponds exhibiting at Welsh Game Fair, Dusty our Great Dane stole everyones attention, she had a great time
THEO - Great Dane. Speak for the Unspoken. Grove City, Ohio ~LD~. For more information on this adoptable pet,...
Ok scratch that I can't get a Great Dane because eh. Two Doberman Pinschers, then.
But that Great Dane at school was beautiful. It's even bigger than my Belgian Malinois.
currently being smothered by a Great Dane that thinks he's a wittle baby.
When you're sharing a king sized bed with a Great Dane but he wanna lay on you & only you
How about some GIANT animals to get you OVER the Wed Hump? Meet Giant George the Great Dane (With a spot in the...
Soon as I get my own place I'm getting 2 more dogs one Irish Wolfhound and a Great Dane
I just saw a woman in her bra and underwear walking a Great Dane. Oh, south Austin.
I just want a Saint Bernard. No other dog. Maybe a Great Dane. That's about it.
The tallest dogs are the Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound!!
Me & Taylor just played with a Great Dane puppy at the pet store and I think I just died 😍😍😍😭
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!. Sending Great Big Birthday Aloha to my Great Dane... Daddy loves you!
Is it bring your Great Dane to bass pro shop day Orr? πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’—
LOST DOGS ALERT! Anderson- 8th and Grand Ave- Sheldon is a male Great Dane/ Mastiff mix. He is brindle and has a...
hear u have a Great Dane too! They just the best! Here is our Gordie named after Gord Downie from
Can't wait to buy a Great Dane and name him Christian Eriksen
I've never been a fan of little dogs. I need a Rottweiler, Great Dane, Bull Mastiff or Doberman Pinscher. 😍
Jesse Perlmutter, and Dale Howell. knowledge of Great Dane *. Understanding your Puppy*. Commands*. Handling Skills...
Lib Dems like a chihuahua biting the leg of a Tory Great Dane. Never going to win when both are the same species.
Lucy is a very sweet and loving 2 year old boxer mix who was dumped at a NC shelter w her great dane sister. a...
Love my great dane..but will root for my Sooners!
Nothing like taking a 30 min nap with my Great Dane in my arms
This golden retriever next to me looks like he is mixed with Great Dane and I want it so bad 😍
Help Great Dane Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. collect donations for the Macomb County Animal Control this...
Hamilton Collection
I want a chihuahua and a Great Dane
ooohhh free great dane snacks I have 3 danes
The fact of the matter is that Great Dane plays Sean Paul at 5pm on a Friday and theres a synchronized dance routine going and CT doesn't.
This beautiful girl is Koa. She is a 2 year old PB Great Dane. Koa is losing her home due to her family losing...
'The receptionist watched in horror as the Great Dane leapt towards the mother and mauled her face off, skin flying over the
sasha is making me want my own great dane, but I have a pug so it would probably eat it
My life will not be complete till I own a Great Dane 🐢
My Great Dane is the little spoon in the relationship. via /r/aww
I have a dream to own a Great Dane and his name with be Poseidon. 🐢
Great day to a Great Dane. Good luck to men's and women's basketball teams. We gonna shock…
I have three dogs. A Great Dane,A small mutt and a German Shepard Rottweiler. And the all just LOVE to attack me on my bed. I stand 0 chance
Sara Lynch emailed me this photo of her Great Dane Jada flying the colors
Dreamed zombies were after Harley and me. For once the 145 lb Great Dane minded when I told her to get in the car. LOL.
🌺🌸 you're so good at volleyball and im obsessed with your Great Dane 😩but we need to hangout sometime, and I miss you so much😭
Dog owner from Runcorn who left Great Dane to starve to death in caravan toilet sentenced to 14 weeks in prison
i have a Great Dane that looked like that when she was a puppy 🐢
Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. on Bar beer and liquor
I just checked in at Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. on and earned the Mobile Streaker badge!
Surf Into Spring and win big for Save Rocky the Great Dane!
Please Like and Share this Post. Meet Duke - a 3 year old male great dane mix that is available for adoption at...
The best place for me is under a Great Dane.
Great day (Dane) to be an Albany alum. Women on ESPN2 at noon. Men at 7:27 on TruTV Upset specials baby!!!
I got to pet a really cute Great Dane and got some eminems... best school day so far :-)
It's a great day to be a Great Dane!
Great Dane with his new best friend
Actually, I should say, "Things Rich White People Do" There's this woman who brings her Great Dane in to Lowe's on 22 in Louisville.
Wistful six foot tall Great Dane wants to run on @ Coogee Beach
Great Dane from Mesquite to compete in Westminster dog show
Great Dane, or greatest?: Virginia couple’s dog will compete in the Westminster show. http:/…
Great Dane from Mesquite (think Scooby-Doo, but supersized) to compete in Westminster dog show http:…
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I do love big dogs tho. English Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Saint Bernard.
Types of dogs I want: English Mastiff, Dalmatian, Great Dane, golden retriever, husky, and Pomeranian.
The "is your dog buried under the snow" gauge is pretty pointless unless you have a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound.
So proud of for getting accepted to the Great Dane Family. Although we have never met I think you will make a great, Great Dane 🐺
This looks nice but I'm not sure my Great Dane would fit: This 183 Square Foot South African Home Has It All -
A Saint Bernard and Great Dane are my dream dogs😍
nevva-winter: Travelers. If our mascot is not a Great Dane/ Saint Bernard mix. I’m going to be very upset.
From the Madera Animal Shelter On zip code 93638. Date: January 11, 2015 Share on my timeline :) Athena 01005-23 Athena is about 60 pounds at about 3 years old. This poor girl needs a home where she will be properly treated and cared for, she obviously hasn’t been eating well, being very thin and small for her breed, she might not have had the proper nutrition to fully grow up. But that does not make her a Worthless Dog, no; she is beautiful and wants to enjoy life. She does, however, does not like to share her food, but how can we blame her! Also, maybe giving treats should be given in her food bowl and not by hand. Athena hasn’t had much food in her life, so she can’t be blamed for that slight hiccup. This goddess will make the right Great Dane lover happy to call her their own someday . . . will that be you? Some good food and good love and the goddess Athena is sure to shine!
I want a German Shepherd, a Great Dane, and a corgi please 😍
Meet our best friend: Harlequin the Great Dane:
I want a corgi and a Great Pyrenees and a pit bull and a German Shepherd and a papillon and a Great Dane and a Rottweiler and a chihuahua an
My answer is all vintage and expensive places! Grandfathers Axe, 20th Century Scandinavia, Great Dane, Mark Tuckey, Tait, Aero
Personal project, dog house for our new 4 month old Great Dane puppy! This thing is huge.
Longview, Texas These three sweetie pies, Great Dane Greay Pyrenees mixes, are available for foster or adoption...
My life would be complete if I had a Great Dane puppy.
Kids couldn't wait to get NYE started. At the Dane for some food, hoops and shuffleboard! @ The Great…
Someday I'm going to have a chihuahua and a great Dane at the same time! Fun!
If anyone is missing a big kinda.looks.great dane.didnt kept running away also.not sure if its male.or.female..but its running down Lynwood towards slhs
no he is an inside dog and a great Dane not a boxer lol. He'd think your dog is a chew toy
foolishness Ed Reed like a Great Dane he like a rat terroir
Kyle the Great Dane loves his brother Andy's new bed (Jack Russell).
It's easy to fall in love with the Great Dane breed. They're affectionate, beautiful, silly, and generally laid back. But too often, new owners get one without knowing about the demands of caring for a Dane. This video is a must-see for anyone considering getting one. It's also a great episode for t…
I just want to not ignore my calls.
Great read on Bobby Portis and mentor Corliss Williamson. Sports can be bigger than wins and losses.
I will know I have made it when I have: a Great Dane, a saint Barnard and 3 cats!!
Check out my new comic strip, "Smarmadouche!" It's pretty similar to Marmaduke, only the Great Dane is a real smarmy ***
A great big harlequin Great Dane adorably circles a tiny little dog bed in the hopes that he can actually fit in well enough to rest his weary bones.
As we say goodbye to 2014, I have a special middle finger salute for you. It was a very turbulent year mentally, physically, emotionally, basically any thing that ends ally -- yep been there done that got that T-shirt . With my son being in the hospital, the car accident, my wife being in the hospital for an extended period of time, the surgeries, the impending bills, heck even had to say goodbye to my Great Dane who passed away into doggie heaven, *** felt like the NFL - no fun league - for me. They say that going through rough patches makes you a stronger person, I will welcome 2015 with open arms. As the Rock says " just bring it! "
My New Years kiss will be a Great Dane named Riley.
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