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Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry (born 24 March 1960) is an English artist, known mainly for his ceramic vases and cross-dressing.

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Grayson Perry in my screenprinted tablecloth dress 🦋
Great piece from with ahead of his new exhibition which opens next week http…
Rejoice; the "exquisite" contemporary arts by Grayson Perry. What a triumphant at London Serpentine Gallery Summer…
Grayson Perry at the Walker tonight, looking good and making a point.
'How did the straight, white, middle-class Default Man take control of our society' - Grayson Perry
I'm going to the Arnolfini tomorrow. Exhibition preview. I'm on a Grayson Perry vase 😇
I love pottery whenever I see it, but Grayson Perry's pottery looks purchasable, they're lovely 😍
Is there any art radio broadcast without Grayson Perry that is good?
We're so thrilled to have Grayson Perry with us tonight. Grayson will be giving a special talk here at the gallery.…
On show for the first time outside of London - see the exhibition at 27 Sept - 24 Dec
tipt the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman van Grayson Perry h…
What's on this week, from Grayson Perry to a cocktail extravaganza!
After a weekend reading Grayson Perry's excellent book on masculinity, what's the first thing I confiscate today? Drawing of *** and balls.
Work by Grayson Perry will be featured in 'Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11', coming to in London on 26 October…
Grayson Perry's exhibition opens at Arnolfini in Bristol this Wednesday.
Bike helmets by Grayson Perry, Stephen Jones and more – in pictures
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"Humorous & full of pathos". Read Kate Wickham's review of the Grayson Perry exhibition
This. Is. Wonderful. . The gorgeous + inimitable Grayson Perry exploring liminal worlds + what makes us tick back in…
Grayson Perry and Chiltern Rail in collaboration: Art is everywhere. We Just need Anselm Kiefer to work his magic on the weat…
Really enjoyed Grayson Perry's best art show ever! today. . Astute observations of British life & fabulous creations.
Back in 1989 Grayson Perry met the (then) brave souls of the Brutalism Appreciation Society...…
Thank you for this provoking exhibition! 🐭🐵😻 check out my post:…
Grayson Perry references 'Cats' the musical in Julie Cope tapestries currently
Happy Weekend! Spend some time with us (and Helen Marten, Grayson Perry, Bjarke Ingels, Francis Kéré and more) here…
Really enjoyed the Grayson Perry exhibition . Would love to see this museum with the miner'…
Grayson Perry incorporates the South Sea Bubble & into recent ceramic work at the Serpentine Gallery.
De Montfort Uni is just fab nowadays. Just seen the Grayson Perry tapestrys. The regeneration of the campus has bee…
My new ride courtesy of Grayson Perry
Planning to go to the Grayson Perry exhibition Read ceramics tutor Kate Wickham's revie…
Grayson Perry to feature in group exhibition Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11, coming to London from 26 October https…
Book now for Grayson Perry: Typical Man in a Dress Part Two 2 November. Tickets:…
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This autumn, Arnolfini welcome a major exhibition by Grayson Perry, one of the world's most charismatic artists:…
I feel like Grayson Perry's Descent of man should be a compulsory read for pretty much everyone now,…
Trying to read the BBC leaderboard in low-def - apparently Grayson Perry and Kang from the Simpsons are doing well…
"Beauty and seriousness are perhaps the most shocking tactics left to artists these days." - Grayson Perry (Claire's C…
Grayson perry exhibition is a must see fly on the wall documentary of Britain today in thread. Go see and find your…
I also love Grayson Perry, the artist, who seems so unafraid to be exactly who he is. A lot of his work explores id…
You know you're in Kensington when you hear "Grayson Perry" spoken in complete isolation, with no surrounding sentence for context.
Our Grayson Perry exhibition at The Gallery is proving super popular - catch it by 2 September 👌
Leicester people, the Grayson Perry tapestries at DMU are there till 2nd Sept and really worth a visit ( and it's f…
So many free things to do in London, like the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery 😍
I was hoping it would be Grayson Perry!
I went to see some grayson perry today
“Making and consuming art lifts our spirits” Grayson Perry - Read our blog on promoting &
Just 1 month to see Here's portrait of the celebrated artist:…
Would you visit the Gallery to see Grayson Perry's ceramic piece 'Posh Art'? Fill in our poll and let us know! https:/…
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I've been told that Grayson Perry is tipped as a favourite. I do hope so
"The abandoned baby, the 3 black crows, the hanging man - come from patterns in Japanese candlestick graphs used by trade…
to when I checked out this year's pavilion & gallery 🌟 beautiful pavilion by Francis Kèrè & amazi…
Awww good times! Let's do this again soon. Anything for us to visit in Bedfordshire or you can come to the Grayson…
It's raining AND it's ? It must be the perfect day to delight in Grayson Perry's Most Popular Art Exhibiti…
Making cutting edge radio prog with Martin Williams. It's an Archive Hour about the Avant Garde. Grayson Perry En Garde B…
Another week, another great candid street shot of a famous person. Grayson Perry today dressed in one of his tradem…
Just chatted v briefly with Grayson Perry, who was v nice considering a complete stranger stopped him in the street. He's tall. And amusing.
Isn't it Princess Anne & her charitable work? Though I'm sure that's Grayson Perry top right.
New book by Grayson Perry is warm, fuzzy validation for a woman whose Default Men are emotionally voi…
British artist Grayson Perry explores a divided country in new exhibition
Celebrated artist talks about his gender dyspho…
From the front of Grayson Perry's The Descent of Man .
me and tried to get Grayson Perry to put a mushroom toilet roll on his Brexit pot
is that from the Serpentine? I saw similar with Grayson Perry's exhibition at National Portrait Gallery couple of yrs ago
domain names
Just watched the first episode of Grayson Perry All Man. Superb television. Highly recommended.
Grayson Perry catalogues are coming soon! Pre-book now to make sure you don't miss out
Have you checked out the Grayson Perry Expo at the yet?! Find out more info on the
Blog; A thought provokingly, fun, people watching morning at for Exhibition…
An introductory look at the life and work of Grayson Perry. Mon 3rd July
Hear Grayson Perry new favourite for SAFC next manager.
It's all well and good trying to get oppositions to see eye to eye, but largely, only the middle class go to museums
was london - found this cool pic of 2003 Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry in team kit a…
Lots of different Grayson Perry inspired events happening here to coincide with the exhibition
Saw the new Grayson Perry exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery . Much better than I was expecting.
Going to see Grayson Perry's exhibition at the Gallery? Make sure to pre-order a copy of the book too: ht…
Grayson Perry enters a popularity contest this summer
I really would like to go and see Grayson Perry's new exhibition. 👍🎨
"Because I am a transvestite, ppl often assume that this gives me a special insight into the opposite gender. But this is.…
hi Eric, Le Monde has reviewed the Grayson Perry exhibition, any chance you could send me a link would love to read but paywall?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Punks are now pensioners, tattoos are tame, and Damien Hirst is a family treat. G Perry talks about his new show https:/…
Grayson Perry draws inspiration from Brexit—and —for show.
Plese check: Grayson perry divided Britain won't play on all4. Is it broke or is it 'user error'?
British artist Grayson Perry will launch a new exhibition on Thursday, June 8, the day U.K. votes in a general...
Me and Grayson Perry at the RA Summer Exhibition Preview Party. Dress code: European!.
If you missed Tuesday's 'Grayson Perry: Divided Britain' you can catch it here >> htt…
I'm watching Grayson Perry and his brexit vases . He's also showing us some massive *** .
Both sides of have more in common than they might think, like pubs & teapots
Grayson Perry on Brexit and the election
Matching Pair: can you tell which is the Leave/Remain vase in pottery provocateur Grayson Perry's latest project?https:/…
Has Grayson Perry run out of new ideas? The Most Popular Ever! Serpentine Gallery
Thinking what is or can be a popular art history - Grayson Perry on shifting ideas of kitsch and avant garde
A dose of reality flared up my feminist urges, so I bought a book about gender roles by Grayson Perry and one by Sue Monk Kidd, for balance.
Also Grayson Perry will absolutely be making an appearance 👏🏼👏🏼
i NEED to get myself up to longdog to see the new grayson perry exhibit
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The Descent of Man - Grayson Perry: The most accessible and brilliant criticism and deconstruction of masculinity t…
A matching pair. Wonderful work by Grayson Perry that we're more alike than we assume
A pair of tapestries by Grayson Perry, Turner Prize winner in 2003, are on a national tour and now showing at
Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! review – the court jester strikes again
A gem from Grayson Perry's exhibition at the
Grayson Perry draws inspiration from The Art Newspaper—for show
Kit Harington, Emilia Fox, Grayson Perry, Florence Welch and Nick Grimshaw are among guests at the party later.
Animal Spirit (blue) by Grayson Perry at Andipa. Come and have a look at our Grayson Perry collection.
Grayson Perry: ‘I am nostalgic for a time when art galleries were empty’
Divided Britain: art show by Grayson Perry opens in time for UK election. Via
Grayson Perry brings to life rival tribes on latest pieces exhibiting in June
In the Balcony Gallery The Duchess viewed artwork commissioned for the Gala by artists such as Grayson Perry and Juerg…
Grayson Perry reaches out to an audience beyond the arts world, says
Grayson Perry to depict 'Brexit tribes' on rival leave and remain vases
those things I mentioned were Grayson Perry and Easter Island Sculptures and
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Did you vote in the EU referendum? Grayson Perry needs your help. . Cc:
How exciting, Brighton branch with Grayson Perry with
Grayson Perry marching with the WEP today in London ✊🏾
Are there any Grayson Perry tapestries publicly exhibited in at the moment? I would love to see some. Thanks
"To recycle is to pay holy penance for the guilt of material success" Grayson Perry
.to show Grayson Perry tapestries: Like our stu…
Loving that Grayson Perry is displaying his admiration for Victoria Wood
At the garden centre and I swear I have seen Grayson Perry and Heather Trott in the caff
So who is Claire if she's not an alter ego? 'She's me in a dress' says Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry doing a great job on Graeme Norton of showing exactly how so many Trump supporters were created. Just saying.
at least Grayson Perry and Tobias funke liked your stuff. The most famous person to look at mine is my uncle simon who is in pr
Last night I dreamt Grayson Perry was my fairy godmother and was going to whisk me away to the Tate Modern on his teddy bear motorcycle.
Bid on secret auction ft. Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry and more. Bidding starts at just £50!…
Grayson Perry portrait by Richard Ansett acquired by Brighton Museum
Grayson Perry: the watch, the tie, the tattoo? It's a man thing …
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Listening through Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures again. Fascinating person with a wonderful world view.
Prince Philip can't take his eyes off Grayson Perry at the Royal Academy of Arts
I just bought what looks like a jolly interesting book - Grayson Perry's The Descent of Man. Probably worth a read.
Grayson Perry, Gilbert & George, Oliver Jeffers and more donate work for secret auction
A bit late but I have finally got on to Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures .
"1st to be targeted, a low ranking member of the Hotdog Crew called Alan." From Grayson Perry's All Man.
When I'm trying to study Spanish and she takes one of the actors from our book and.😂😂
So this is my teacher at Liberty, and he is THE BEST!!
one is flattered. Grayson Perry has been advising one on one's outfit for Friday. A sneak peek.
Went to see the Grayson Perry's in Beaney.fantastic...
nat took a nice pic of me looking at one of the pieces in the grayson perry exhibition @ The Beaney
Our Podcast Radio Group listens to Grayson Perry's 'I found myself in the art world' Tomorrow 10am; includes copies…
This whole article is just hilarious, actually. The day I stop loving Grayson Perry is the day I die.
Grayson Perry talks about the fragility of masculinity on video + the comments underneath prove every point he makes
These limited edition artists Christmas cards are in store now:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Grayson Perry on masculinity: most of the world's troubles are caused by men.
Grayson Perry is my favourite person
"A breeze of a read". Fantastic review of Grayson Perry's by in
Grayson Perry pot titled, western art in the form of saki bottle. 1992.
Grayson Perry pot titled, art museums are bad for you. 2007.
The brilliant 'Map of Truths and Beliefs' by Grayson Perry at Castle Drogo on Dartmoor:
A favourite writer on a favourite artist: reviews Grayson Perry's book on the construction of masculinity https:…
I see Grayson Perry is talking out of his *** again. What a tiresome old man.
Earlier this year Ken took part in this - for the Syrian Refugees
New on Amazon UK: The Descent of Man: The Descent of Man Grayson Perry (Author) (4) Buy new:…
Grayson Perry: 'What's gone wrong with men?' via
oops I was trying to follow Grayson Perry's page and accidentally found yours! Gonna miss seeing your face today! X
The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry review – a man’s man is yesterday’s hero
"We're gendering children now before they're even born" - great interview clip with Grayson Perry
An Artists Portrayal of Grayson and Perry - by Sean Lopez.
.(Grayson Perry)'s exhibition is now open until December at
Here is my review in today's Observer on Grayson Perry's new book on masculinity. It's a timely, much needed book.
David Bowie, Grayson Perry, Amy Winehouse and the Queen depicted by illustrator Alice Bowsher in new London mural >…
Europe news Queen honours Grayson Perry and other leaders in fields of visual arts and arc... whatever next ;-)
Beautiful takedown of the vastly overrated Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry joins live to discuss the Tate Modern extension, prying eyes and the politics of net curtai…
Sia keynote turning into Grayson Perry's claire shock.
Perry and Grayson are crying because of lilo and stitch
If the libertarian party had any balls. They would of ran Perry as president and either Sharpe or Grayson as their VP.
Will Grayson Perry Exhabition his work from his All Man series? :3 :D
Is banking still testosterone fuelled?. Lois finds out in new play
I am what I am via My Naive Art,Grayson Perry please take a look at my Art...and give me your reaction..
Larry Grayson Perry on Love it. I bet does too ..
I added a video to a playlist Grayson Perry / Interview
Inspiring: Grayson Perry on how to think like an via
Little Giant Ladders
have you seen Grayson Perry's recent programme, about the same subject, on 4?
Grayson Perry describes his approach to drawing
Brilliant Grayson Perry exhibition - clever narration of British social /class development over last 40yrs
Off to the to see Grayson Perry again I can't get enough of his work! Amazing
"Cycling is a perfect exercise for transvestites," the artist Grayson Perry once wrote in an article. (It would...
The Grayson Perry film club. Here's a link if you missed last night's episode of All Man - https:/…
That was Grayson Perry last year. Jawdropping. Post colonial era, my giddy foot.
Grayson Perry: willy or won't he design a Chelsea Flower Show garden?
I'm binge-watching Grayson Perry: All Man and feel so inspired by creative process that I want to stay up all night & create!
Missed a photo op with Grayson Perry. Devastated
At the waiting for the next race and Grayson Perry standing next to me!
Just hanging out with Grayson Perry London cycle race.
Grayson Perry 'noblity should be mundane, an everyday occurrence' in
Get along to your local shop and shell out a tenner on 'A Life More Noble'. Great essays from Grayson Perry to Rowan Williams
Hi Jim and Annette, here is the programme I mentioned with the amazing Mr Grayson Perry:...
The Grayson Perry tapestries were one of my favourite exhibits in the museum gallery :)
Quick shifty at Grayson Perry's Grayson Perrybook while we wait to see
Two mackem men surveying their home town portrayed by Grayson Perry in Maastricht
I think my 5yo daughter's drawing has some grayson inspiration?! Also possible some therapy issues??
Grayson Perry serving a clean ball against at Crusaders Park on Wednesday
I'm slightly in love with Grayson Perry
My fav guests on HIGTFY are Grayson Perry and John Cooper Clarke. Wonderful sense of humour.
Looks like an evil Grayson Perry (horrible thought that their could ever be such a thing).
Grayson Perry: London needs affordable housing because 'rich people
Grayson Perry explores what it means to be a man. Brilliant three part documentary looking at limitations of...
Grayson Perry's programme on Channel 4 was fascinating.
Grayson Perry creates huge phallus to represent bankers' worldview... and it's got face on it
Me, on regarding my reflection: "I look like Grayson Perry. on regarding me, giggling massively: "yes, you do!" 🙄
Afternoon spent at an incredible Grayson Perry exhibit and now I'm sat in an open air cathedral. Coventry, mate, this is a strong showing
07:30 Heresy: Victoria Coren Mitchell is joined by Lloyd Langford, Katy Brand and Grayson Perry.
Just realised that in terms of look Grayson Perry is what you'd get if you crossed Richard with Judy.
Not enjoying the Grayson Perry masculinity documentary today so turn on to be be greeted by Paul Nuttals of UKIP
Is Hitler's art any good? Grayson Perry, Lloyd Langford and Katy Brand decide:
I've learnt as much from Grayson Perry and Sir Terence Conran as I have Dr Steve Peters, Jon Kabatt Zin and others.
Grayson Perry . I would definitely come to your exhibition ... Please come to the coal mining valleys of South Wales ...
moving and insightful programme by Grayson Perry:
Wonderful programme on C4 last night by Grayson Perry on why men are drawn to martial arts:
We're watching Grayson Perry's 'All Man' Thursdays C4. Review here: . . Men are welcome at
Transvestism allowed me to look back at that "tower of power" [masculinity] - Grayson Perry 💙
An absolutely splendid review of Grayson Perry: All Man by the consistently, upsetting good
Cracking review from of yet another goddam ace show from Grayson Perry:
Grayson Perry: All Man, making touching art out of machismo
Think you might like this; Grayson Perry talking to NE cage fighters and at Durham Miners' Gala:
Grayson Perry: All Man review – making touching art out of machismo
The tower of power that is masculinity - Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry & sit down for a chat: two creatives, one on one. Tomorrow 10pm
Captivating exhibition of Grayson Perry's talents at - feel very lucky to have managed to visit
Self-portrait as Thatcher in a pink power-suit: one of many startling Grayson Perry sketches http…
Grayson Perry delves into masculinity with for on Friday - look…
Close -up of Julie's House tiles, designed by Grayson Perry and
INSPIRATION // Grayson Perry: why art works as therapy
Art lovers! Final weeks to see My Pretty Little Art Career at https…
"Gender-bending"? Really, in 2016, you're saying gender-bending?
Grayson Perry and in to launch The 's 'She Said'
Grayson Perry lecture on, cramp in hand from drawing. Smooth..
Beautiful coastal walk along the Stour at Wrabness, Grayson Perry's house on the Hill behind us.
Grayson Perry should know I imagine! Art therapy is free and accessible to all! Whatever your age, gender,...
Unique opportunity to bid on work by Grayson Perry aka in aid of > https:…
(tho this week I did pass Grayson Perry on his bike and stand behind Gary Lineker on an escalator SO)
Delighted (if a little homesick) by Grayson Perry. Impossible not to enjoy a lol at Britishness…
Just stunning work by Grayson Perry. Well worth a trip to "Castle Drogo" near Exeter. The colours are fabulous!!
Completely failing to keep up with the astonishing mind of Grayson Perry
Paul Compton just texted this photo from the Grayson Perry exhibition in Sydney because he knows…
Grayson Perry's front cloth for ENB's She Said at Sadlers Wells
.& Grayson Perry on therapy: “It’s like going to the cinema every week, where I’m the star!”.
Grayson Perry created the front cloth for the English National Ballet’s programme
Thanks for the history& art interview. Going to Sydney for Grayson Perry - now also Cambelltown!
We enjoyed the Dan Flavin show. Thanks for the heads up on Grayson Perry at the Herbert - that's next weekend sorted then.
Wowza I'm definitely gonna try and get back to Cov for this! Grayson Perry at
Grayson Perry's frontcloth, and the cast list, for Can't wait to see as Frida Kahlo...
Children & "the elderly" deprived of Grayson Perry's front cloth! Oh
Grayson Perry on why art works as therapy. . "Your unconscious issues… come floating up to the surface in your art."
Finally saw my first Grayson Perry pieces. I actually quite liked them ☺
Fantastic location, garden needs some work, Grayson Perry!
Graphic Facilitation and Sketchnoting - Sketchbooks by Grayson Perry review – from bikers to Little Bo Peep
Julie's House by Grayson Perry and Living Architecture overlooking the Stour estuary at Wrabness…
Sydney peeps- get yourselves to the Grayson Perry exhibition at the MCA right now. RIGHT NOW I…
He's back on the box! Our very own exploring masculinity
Why do you like Grayson Perry? This is why. Detail from 'Print for a…
Fascinating cover art for John Wyndham's novel Chocky: created by Grayson Perry (
Went to see She Said at Sadlers Wells. Walked past Grayson Perry/Claire on the stairs. Then saw…
front cloth for the show tomorrow. Deeply weird and cool.
Why art works as therapy. Here's Grayson Perry at Goldsmiths last night speaking ahead of our conference htt…
Wise words from the great Grayson Perry about how art can be used as therapy.
Art and therapy? Grayson Perry on why art is such good therapy.
Off to see today. Very much looking forward to seeing Grayson Perry's front cloth.
got mail: Grayson Perry and Ken Loach's for via
Afternoon chilled Sunday in Bath checking out the Grayson Perry works in the Victoria Art
Victoria Miro Bid now on Grayson Perry's 'A Serious Piece of Political Art', 2015. This gl…
Syria's got mail: Grayson Perry and Ken Loach's postcards for refugees – in pictures
To find out about Alan Measels you have to read about Grayson Perry... Crazy Genius...
just home from Grayson Perry talk in Bath's Assembly Rooms. Wonderful! Insightful wise entertaining
From Doonesbury to Grayson Perry: 10 of the best gentrification cartoons
I have probably more books by Martin Parr than any other photographer, says Grayson Perry.
Grayson Perry and Ken Loach have teamed up with schoolchildren and artists to mark five years o …
Grayson Perry on how to be an artist - Turner Prize winner speaks
Playing to the Gallery by Grayson Perry review – an insider’s guide to the contemporary art scene
Currently reading Playing to the Gallery, Grayson Perry's book on contemporary art. Am I too lowbrow, too middlebrow or too highbrow for it?
Su Perkins, Graham Norton, Grayson Perry all good examples of primetime diversity - Phillips
Checking out the Grayson Perry tapestries at The Victoria Art Gallery Six tapestries. Stunning.
Hannah Gadsby attempts to put Grayson Perry into a nutshell
Just two months to go until our auction commences in aid of with works by Antony Gormley, Grayson Perry & more
Out and about this weekend: Anna Wintour, Grayson Perry, Tom Daley, Sir Lenny Henry, Arthur Smith, Gary Barlow... https…
Did borrow Grayson Perry's wardrobe for her appearance. No offence Gilly but Graysons wears em best
Fantastic interview with Grayson Perry in this month's WI Life magazine.
So late on listening to Grayson Perry's "I Found Myself in the Art World". It's bloody brilliant -
All hail to that speech by the gorgeous Grayson Perry here with &
What's on this weekend in Bath . Grayson Perry exhibition,family workshops, mindfullness walk https:/…
Mary do you still have 'Britain Is Best' embroidery by Grayson Perry? I featured in the portrait!
you should find and watch Grayson Perry's documentary series about the classes in the UK. Also read Chavs by Owen Jones.
More praise for Grayson Perry's 'memorable' House for Essex: names best architecture of 2015
Grayson Perry channels Dame Edna, apologises yet again for comments about Aboriginal art
Grayson Perry apologises for dissing aboriginal art - 'I blundered into it I'll informed'
Victoria Miro RG via Grayson Perry puts the final touches on his ‘Pretty L…
Victoria Miro RG via Exquisite new Grayson Perry catalogue for forthcoming…
Victoria Miro Sydney gets ready for the arrival of Grayson Perry. The artist's major solo …
So tempted by the Grayson Perry in the main auction & the William Webster in the silent auction. You? See you soon I hope!
Watching 'Who Are You" again and delighting in Grayson Perry's interaction with Chris Huhne. Excellent telly.
has to be said, never seen Grayson Perry & Penelope Keith in the same room
Ruth is the *** child of Andy Flower and Grayson Perry.
What are Grayson Perry and Michael Sheen doing on this show anyway?!
Thrilled to be part of the Martlets Hospice Top Secret Art Auction alongside Grayson Perry, Julian Clary & others
Astounding presentation of artist as 'ego'. Perry questions Aboriginal Art as contemporary art, but doesnt...
I am in two minds whether this should be shared or not but this is no doubt the beginning of a bit fight. I'm...
Grayson Perry's 4 stages of gentrification perfectly describes and all other US cities.
Please don't use the words "artist" & "Grayson Perry" in the same does not make any sense?
chairs a debate on value in the art world with a panel including artist Grayson Perry:
Buy raffle tickets to win a Grayson Perry at OrfordHouse tomorrow
Very interesting coversation featuring Grayson Perry. BBC - Radio 4 The Bottom Line - Art and the Business of Taste
Has there ever been an occasion on which playing gatekeeper to the notion of art has gone well?
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