Grayson Allen & Christian Laettner

Grayson Allen (born October 8, 1995) is an American college basketball player who currently plays at Duke University. Christian Donald Laettner (born August 17, 1969) is an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and basketball coach. 4.0/5

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It's probs safe to say that Grayson Allen is slowly becoming this generations Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen is the spawn of Christian Laettner. No doubt about it.
Grayson Allen is like Christian Laettner with much less talent.
Man, Grayson Allen really is the new Christian Laettner...hard to respect his skill when he plays and acts like a dunce.
Grayson Allen is the modern day Christian Laettner
I hate Grayson Allen more than I Hate Christian Laettner
If I have to endure comparing Grayson Allen to Christian Laettner one more time while streaming a game, I'm going to go berserk.
Great story by on Christian Laettner and his thoughts on Grayson Allen. And Jimmy Superfly Snuka
Grayson Allen has to actually win something before he can be more hated than Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner...which is why Duke is going all the way
not when Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen - continuing the Bobby Hurley/Christian Laettner tradition of douchey-looking Duke white guys!
Grayson Allen is the next Christian Laettner. In other words he's dirty and is going to suck in the NBA.
Grayson Allen is the 5th-most hated Duke player of all time. Christian Laettner is numbers 1 through 4.
Grayson Allen is the Christian Laettner of our generation
careful there Tim, Ur Alma Mater praises and reveres Grayson Allen & Christian Laettner. . :-)
The only reason I don't like Grayson Allen is because he acts like he's watched "I Hate Christian Laettner" a few too many times.
Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner. Love it when he cries on the bench after fouling out.
Grayson Allen is Christian Laettner in the making
Grayson Allen... What a punk. Will he be the new Christian laettner?
Grayson Allen is becoming the new Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen is the younger version of Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is definitely the new Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is doing his best to become Christian Laettner. Is on the horizon?
Grayson Allen is the Christian Laettner of this era 👎🏻
Is it possible that Grayson Allen is becoming the next Christian Laettner?
Christian Laettner, Greg Paulus, JJ Redick, Cherokee Parks, Grayson Allen or Dahntay Jones. Duke has more dirty players than anyone.
Just learned who Grayson Allen was, definitely has the most punchable face-name combo since Christian Laettner.
In which Duke students trick UNC fans into professing love for Grayson Allen & Christian Laettner:
I guess Grayson Allen might become Christian Laettner 2.0 from all the hatred he's been getting?
Grayson Allen is literally the new Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is basically equal parts Christian Laettner, Justin Bieber, and King Joffrey so I'm pretty sure he's already the 🐐 Duke player
Grayson Allen is the reincarnation of Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is the next Christian Laettner, mark my word. Love the guy, can't wait to see him take the nation by storm next year
Grayson Allen going be the next Christian Laettner of Duke.
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