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Grayson Allen

Grayson Allen (born October 8, 1995) is an American college basketball player who currently plays at Duke University.

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Steven Santa Ana (of Grayson Allen fame) starting for Elon. I promise not to make any tripping puns. Promise.
Mark Gottfried dished on Dennis Smith, Grayson Allen, Omer Yurtseven and more.
I think I'd hate Grayson Allen even if he did play at Carolina
💀 Grayson Allen looks exactly like a younger version of Ted Cruz
Your milquetoast lead is pathetic. . Try "trips up with Grayson Allen pic, Ron Burgundy meme."
Will the Grizzlies draft Grayson Allen, the controversial shooter/tripper from Duke?
Will the Grizzlies draft Duke's Grayson Allen? 5 quick thoughts from
you caught up in the Grayson Allen is evil echo chamber, I see. Try to be better bruh
Just say if I was walking down a dark alley and I saw Grayson Allen behind me; id be nervous.
Dennis Smith Jr is a man, Grayson Allen better stop that ish
Just imagine Grayson Allen walking through a huddle with Draymond there. Or Ron Artest. Boogie might kill him. IT will sleep him on the spot
Grayson Allen discusses the team's 70-58 W v. Miami & his "lightning bolt"-like finger injury. Watch>>
"Grayson Allen has never tripped anyone."
Grayson Allen on left pinky describes what TV audience saw... got dislocated, from the sounds of how it was fixed.
I'd like to see Grayson Allen try and trip Metta World Peace (Ron Artest). He would def send him packing!
Grayson Allen # of championships - 1. Any current player on UNC or UK - 0
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Grayson Allen was a lot less annoying when he was the baby brother on Malcolm in the Middle.
Looks like Grayson Allen may have FUP his finger.
Grayson Allen has left pinky finger taped as Blue Devils warm up ahead of 2H vs. Miami.
Grayson Allen looks like he is in a lot of pain, shaking is left hand..pinky looked like the issue. Maybe break, at least a sprain I'd guess
*** vitale talking about Grayson Allen "he made a mistake, if he makes it again we got a big problem."... he made the mistake three times
This is great! wearing a shirt saying "I still love Laettner and Grayson Allen" 😂💙👌🏼
ESPN's version of Nancy Grace, Michelle Beadle,calls for violence against Grayson Allen. "Knock him out." Dangerous! M…
Eli said Malcolm Hill is better than Grayson Allen. Good night
and Jeff Van Gundy said they like Grayson Allen. That's about right.
Van Gundy called Grayson Allen "The tripper" Mark Jackson responds saying "I get a kick out of watching him play" .. quality commentating. 😂
Did Jeff Van Gundy just say he like Grayson Allen tripping people during games?! Bruh you wilding
Of course Van Gundy that coached the 90s Knicks would like Grayson Allen's dirty *** lol
Now these morons are saying Grayson Allen shouldn't have been suspended. Van Gundy with the astute wisdom of a turd..
Van Gundy giving a little rub to Grayson Allen for tripping, then him and Mark Jackson flip it and say treated ridiculously
Thank you Jeff Van Gundy for that total unnecessary Grayson Allen take. I was looking forward to it all night, I can now go to bed!
Of course Van Gundy and Jackson love Grayson Allen tripping people.
Jeff Van Gundy just said he likes Grayson Allen. No wonder he never made it as a basketball coach
Jeff Van Gundy calls Grayson Allen "the tripper" and then comes around to say he likes him and Mark Jackson agrees
Not only was there a professor from and1 name drop. But van gundy called Grayson Allen the tripper
Jeff Van Gundy jus called Grayson Allen.the Tripper!LMFAO Dude has 0 chill!
Jeff Van Gundy is talking about Grayson Allen during an OKC-GS game. get this man off of TV. Please.
Jeff Van Gundy just referred to Grayson Allen as "The Tripper".
hopefully they draft Grayson Allen and bring back Tiago Splitter
Bilas, on Duke: I thought Frank Jackson was going to be the PG. He's not. Grayson Allen is not a PG. They don't have a Tyus Jones this year.
Draymond Green should do his Grayson Allen impression. oh wait...
Grayson Allen more experienced duh so why would Frank Jackson start over him cmon now
Grayson Allen plays the point eventhough he's not so Jackson on the bench
looks like they get Duke games in Africa! Somebody has been watching too much Grayson Allen
you have a more punchable face than Grayson Allen and Johnny Manziel combined
he's not a floor general like tyus jones was we got Grayson Allen bringing the ball up the court that's not gonna get it done
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Grayson Allen got smacked in the face while tangled up with Louisville player | For The Win
BREAKING: It was Grayson Allen who checked in at guard for Seattle and tripped Russel Wilson into his own endzone for…
Grayson Allen would've put more passion into the trip attempt.From the Bill Lambier School Of Dirty Play
Jaylen Johnson on last season's incident with Grayson Allen: "We had our little altercation," but it's in the past. "It's…
Would the tired hosts on be trippin' so *** Grayson Allen if his name didn't sound so much like (Burns &) Gracie Allen?
Another controversy? Duke's Grayson Allen appears to pull out handgun while going after loose ball
Collins called for tripping Kenny Williams ... his third. Had that been Grayson Allen, people would be calling for him to be prosecuted
.on OBJ, Johnny Manziel & Grayson Allen: When does it stop. When do we start holding athletes accountable like o…
The return of your favorite podcast is set for tomorrow. thinks Grayson Allen should be suspended for life
Grayson Allen is Taylor Lewan. He's good because of his grit. Sometimes that will get him in trouble. Period.
FSU signage tonight..."Grayson Allen trips more than Charlie Sheen in the 90s."
I am so tired of hearing about Grayson Allen
Yeah man its officially time to get Grayson Allen up out the paint. Dude just going too far with this.
I just spoke to Florida State assistant Dennis Gates: "Grayson Allen did not make a dirty play. That was not a...
I feel like Grayson Allen could use this treatment.
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that's not a vine of Grayson Allen.
Grayson Allen says he's fine after leaving today's game with 5:36 left after a battle for a loose ball:.
FSU student section is booing every time Grayson Allen touches the ball. Loving it.
Hunter Renfrow and Grayson Allen are locked in an eternal struggle. They've got to battle like scrappy Highlanders
Clark column! This FSU deserves a big-time atmosphere tomorrow night. And not just to scream at Grayson Allen.
I hope Grayson Allen is the next great white NBA player.
Can Grayson Allen just receive a 5-10 game suspension already? Obviously he hasn't learned his lesson.
I lost all respect for OBJ. He's the Grayson Allen of the NFL. Maybe if you didn't drop 3 balls, you wouldn't have lost
Tell my Dad about Grayson Allen being a serial tripper according to the NCAA . My Dad: *** what kind of ACID was he on?
Grayson Allen still getting away with tripping people? HOW!!???
I love but this spoiled, punk *** kid, Grayson Allen needs a punch in the mouth.
I love Grayson Allen, that man is the 🐐 but he's gotta stop this tripping nonsense
Article on Deviance in Sports from Duke Basketball player Grayson Allen.
Grayson Allen stays true to himself 
Grayson Allen take note if you trip Boogie this will happen!!
It's probs safe to say that Grayson Allen is slowly becoming this generations Christian Laettner.
The ACC says it’s not conclusive if Grayson Allen intentionally tried to trip a Boston College player yesterday
I'd pay top dollar to see DeMarcus Cousins go brazy on Grayson Allen tripping him in the league
Trip this guy Grayson Allen. I triple dog dare you.
I beg Grayson Allen to try tripping this man in the NBA. What you say
Check out this video : Maybe just sit him for a quarter.
Don't know how he pulled it off, but this is ridiculous. Grayson Allen must be stopped.
Grayson Allen is a punk. Kick him off of team
That white boy grayson Allen the truth boy!!
Connar Tava did Grayson Allen a big favor by not falling down. Because, man, if he’d fallen down …. COLUMN:.
Only a matter of time before someone punches Grayson Allen and I will NOT criticize the player that does it. he’d des…
OBJ is exactly what Grayson Allen will be in 2 years. Not talking talent, but actions.
WATCH: Grayson Allen may have tried to trip someone... again
Hope Grayson Allen gets it out of his system. Jaylen Johnson is only six days away.
Maybe OBJ should hang out with Grayson Allen. They seem to have a lot in common
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Here's the Grayson Allen incident, for those that haven't seen it
Meryl I can still watch Grayson Allen trip people. That's an art? Right?
how much time will be spent on Grayson Allen?
Grayson Allen tripped XRM last year. He also tripped his way to suspension and this is the first game back on the road.…
he was tripped by Grayson Allen and fell into the wall
It's funny how everyone freaks and wants Grayson Allen suspended for tripping but Draymon Green destroys men's balls and only gets 1 game
Odell is literally as bad as Grayson Allen. Grow up
Demarcus Cousins channeling his inner Grayson Allen again!
Grayson Allen is just straight up dirty! This dude really needs to chill
Grayson Allen is going to continue to kick that leg out until someone punches him in the face. Someone should punch h…
Grayson Allen raised some eyebrows today with what looked like another tripping incident
Grayson Allen needs to be that chair.
Grayson Allen tried to trip somebody from Boston College!?!?
Seriously, ZERO respect or time for anyone trying to make something of Grayson Allen's non-trip today. Unless you're joking,…
Fresh off his one-game suspension earlier this week, Grayson Allen is back at it, again
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This guy should be friends with Grayson Allen
I guess there is someone worse than Grayson Allen
Wow, Odell Beckham punched a hole in the wall. Not as bad as Grayson Allen's tripping, but both are essentially murder.
and you guys say Grayson Allen is a nut job!?!
And you people thought Grayson Allen was bad
Grayson Allen thinks Odell has anger issues.
Grayson Allen is either trying to trip the guy or kick him in the balls. There's nothing natural about whatever that motio…
Last yr Grayson Allen was Natl breakout player, this yr it's Wake Forest So. 6'10 John Collins from 7.3 ppg to 16.4…
Grayson Allen is the spawn of Christian Laettner. No doubt about it.
Seth Greenberg says Grayson Allen got locked up with a Boston College player and calls Allen's al... - via App
Looks like Duke's Grayson Allen tried to trip my boy Connar Tava, the pride of Warren De La Salle, now…
Coach K went way too easy on Grayson Allen - The Boston Globe
please do something about Grayson Allen.. they tried to trip my dude right here
Grayson Allen is going to need more tripping episodes to get that average up above 1.0 a game! That suspension hurt! 😎😎
Grayson Allen is that child the Bible references in the verse that says, "spare the rod, spoil the child"
Hamilton Collection
Grayson Allen should not be playing anymore is he's going to pull his crap over and over.
Grayson Allen needs Rod Sellers in his life!! 🤔🤔
Mount Rushmore of Most Punchable faces currently in sports:. Matt Stafford. Ezekiel Elliott. Grayson Allen. Kevin Bieksa. in no particular order
Amani and Dan sound off on Coach K and Duke for lack of discipline for Grayson Allen via
Grayson Allen was presumably suspended for a length amount of time following his tripping incident against Elon...
If a player punches another player he is suspended for one game. Yet somehow Grayson Allen's tripping warrants more? Yu…
Dan Patrick thinks Grayson Allen is getting attacked because he is white. SMH
'The fact Coach K has surgery on Friday certainly factored in.'. Interesting convo w/ on Grayson Allen:.
Grayson Allen hoping to inspire other privileged *** that they can also overcome minor obstacles
Any talk about Grayson Allen is everyone's *** Dan, not just yours.
Dan you're right I could only stand 5 minutes of Grayson Allen talk. The way you fill 3 hours is better than The mikes way
This whole Grayson Allen business has shown me that a lot of y'all don't know what "indefinite" means.
Recap of Grayson Allen's suspension for tripping:
Grayson Allen completed his entire indefnite suspension in only one game. Just tremendous hussle
Grayson Allen returns as starter for Duke after 1-game suspension via App
Allen in Duke lineup after sitting out 1 game for tripping: DURHAM, N.C. (AP) Grayson Allen is……
Coach K blamed Grayson Allen for loss to Virginia Tech? This is beyond weak. Wonder if he'll blame Jeff Capel now:
Jamie Luckie and Grayson Allen are the 2 most hated people in college sports
Grayson Allen is my second fav college player of all time after John Wall!
They really made a video of Grayson Allen on defense 😭 (via randalltwins/Instagram)
Proof that east coast bias exists:. America hates Grayson Allen more than Bryce Alford.
Draymond trying to do his best Grayson Allen tantrum impression. That was a bad call though
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg express their opinions on why Grayson Allen should be suspended f... - via App
Raindrop . Drop top. Grayson Allen has perfected the flop
Grayson Allen and Peter mueller should hang out !
For Jay Williams, Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, and Dan Dakich on their reactions to the Grayson Allen trip.
"When you make a mistake like he did, you become a laughingstock.” - Fran Fraschilla on Grayson Allen
ESPN has covered the Grayson Allen trip more aggressively than the Joe Mixon breaking a girl’s face on video.
Is it any coincidence that a tripping Duke basketball player is named Grayson Allen? Any relation to Congressman Al…
I hope Grayson Allen makes it to the NBA just to get his nuts kicked into his throat by Draymond Green. .
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Grayson Allen & Draymond Green should make a rap album called "Tripping & Kicking."
I don't understand everyone is freaking out over Grayson Allen kicking someone but Draymond Green did it 3 times in the p…
30 for 30 presents "A leg up on the competition": A Grayson Allen and Draymond Green story.
Can't wait to watch Draymond Green and Grayson Allen square off in the NBA.
BREAKING: Grayson Allen and Draymond Green have been signed to star in the upcoming Karate Kid movie.
I still think Grayson Allen is a prat but Seth Greenberg is on point with his assessment of the kid.
.from Grayson Allen to Coach K to McCaffery + Damon Bailey today w/ ->…
Grayson Allen has a choice. What happens next will define him, says a former Duke player who knows all too well.
My guy and I pontificate on Grayson Allen, coaching and accountability and more.
Alan Grayson the congressman. Grayson Allen the hoops player. Equally egregious.
The 30 for 30 on the John Feinstein interview with NBC News discussing the Grayson Allen suspension is going to be…
Grayson Allen got suspended indefinitely on Ted Cruz's birthday? Hmm...
Grayson Allen needs to view Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness under Crying (Acceptable at funerals…
Nothing wrong w/ Grayson Allen. The kid is high-energy and BIG-Emotion. He's a kid, will soon be a solid evil villain
BREAKING: Duke suspends Grayson Allen indefinitely after tripping incident in last night’s game
"Josh Hart would make Grayson Allen cry just by looking at him." that made my day
Grayson Allen looks like the dog faced boy in Saving Silverman.
(AP): Duke has suspended Grayson Allen indefinitely from the team after tripping an opponent for the third time in a year.
How is Grayson Allen allowed to play college basketball?
Best commentary on Grayson Allen thus far. Refer to him as "petulent toddler". .
Duke star and serial kicker Grayson Allen should be suspended five games for latest tech. .
Grayson Allen is basically Nathan Scott during the first half of the first season of One Tree Hill.
Jay Williams said it the best: “I’m surprised no one has taken a swing at him (Grayson Allen).” .
Grayson Allen is an embarrassment to college basketball and to student athletes everywhere...& Coach Kay is a close 2nd allo…
Mike Krzyzewski said he won't suspend Grayson Allen b/c others demand it. He's right. He should do it b/c it's right htt…
Coach K needs to suspend Grayson Allen - ESPN
Are we really gonna act like Grayson Allen is not the child of Nathan Scott from OTH? Lol
Grayson Allen is season 1 Nathan Scott we don't acknowledge him
Grayson Allen is the season 1 Nathan Scott of Duke.
Bet Dan was geeked from the content that he was getting from Grayson Allen
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Duke’s Grayson Allen tripped an Elon player, then threw a furious tantrum on the bench
Makes you wonder how entertaining it would be if Fran McCaffery were coaching Grayson Allen.
Grayson Allen is like Christian Laettner with much less talent.
So I wonder why reporters don't call Grayson Allen a "locker room distraction" or a "hothead".I just can't seem to figure it out...
I'm not sure but I think Grayson Allen may have Munchausen Syndrome!
One thing Louisville and UK fans can agree on today is the stupidity of Grayson Allen and his tripping tantrums
How can anyone respect Grayson Allen? Dude is a 12 year old and honestly overrated
Just saw the Grayson Allen trip... Geez guy just wants everyone to hate him acting like a spoiled baby on bench afterwards too
Exhibits A, B, and C. Grayson Allen is the dirtiest player in college basketball. No question
Grayson Allen has to be suspended multiple games, that's just ridiculous.
Love Grayson Allen but the whole situation was just bizzare. Definitely looked like every ESPN panel said.
Grayson Allen is basically the high school villain in every 80s teen movie.
Grayson Allen has to play american football with his amazing tackles. Sudah benar bahasa Inggrisnya?
Here's that Grayson Allen trip and his reaction after he gets the technical
Exclusive footage of Grayson Allen at today's practice.
Anybody who doesn't love the fact Grayson Allen exists is a liar.Duke needs him. College basketball needs him. We all…
Grayson Allen needs to be removed from the game for awhile; not simply for punitive reasons, but so he can get some help.
Meanwhile Grayson Allen continues to trip people. . Absolutely appalling. .
Piling on Grayson Allen because he deserves it. Had him read wrong. .
I don't care what anyone says. I love Grayson Allen.
There's "playing hard, being a competitor" as Krzyzewski so put it. Then there's being a dirt bag. Grayson Allen is a dirt bag.
Grayson Allen might as well go full out bad boy now
Grayson Allen trips a player (again), gets a technical foul...and then FLIPS out on the bench.
Grayson Allen out here kicking people Draymond Green style.
I honestly hope Grayson Allen pulls that crap against our guys. They will NOT have it.
A suspension is a MUST by the Duke beats Elon Phoenix 72-61, but all eyes on Grayson Allen’s trip
Grayson Allen is a punk. All he is known for is tripping people...not playing basketball. That's a dukie for ya.
Grayson Allen is the result of countless years of work by maniacal scientists attempting to create the most Duke Basket…
ESPN panel has called Grayson Allen a "petulant child" and a "spoiled child." Also said "he needs help." This is very ra…
Can't understand the behavior of the multi talented Duke star Grayson Allen has no choice but must discipline / Enough…
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Duke's Grayson Allen apologized postgame for a tripping incident that resulted in a technical foul: https…
Duke’s Grayson Allen got a technical for tripping and nearly lost it on the bench 😳. 🎥: https:/…
"'Why does he continue to do this?' He acts like a petulant toddler." GameDay crew give their take on Grayson Allen. http…
ACC needs to step in and suspend Duke's Grayson Allen
Grayson Allen is the perfect American college basketball star for the year 2016. Petulant, self-destructive, southern white dude.
Seventh's punishment for that last play will probably be tougher than any punishment that Coach K would ever give to Grayson…
Good for Jay Williams on Grayson Allen & Coach K: "I'm disappointed that he even played in the 2nd half. He should be…
I love duke basketball but gosh Grayson Allen is a jerk.
Grayson Allen tripped yet another opponent, and this time he totally freaked out on the bench after getting T’d up. . ht…
Coach K and Grayson Allen talked about his tripping incident v Elon. A saddened Allen speaks. See it on ABC11.
Grayson Allen = punk. There's just no excuse anymore.
Grayson Allen's reaction to this tech is the same reaction every college student had after checking their grades 😅. htt…
lol I think this one wins it Grayson Allen
Mike Krzyzewski on Grayson Allen punishment. Just transcribed this off ESPNEWS.
Remember when ESPN had a week long ceremony for the "new" Grayson Allen and then he tripped another player on purpose? Remember?
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Did anybody else just watch Williams Greenberg and Reece Davis completely destroy Grayson Allen. Whoa. Well deserve…
Jay Williams, Reece Davis and Seth Greenberg just annihilated Grayson Allen and Coach K! There is a God 🙏
Geez... grown men in Jay Williams and Reece Davis talking about Grayson Allen like that? And who is childish?
Reece Davis and ESPN crew are ripping Grayson Allen & Coach K.
Grayson Allen plays roundball like Scumbag Steve would. "Just kidding, bro!"
College players should be fined or something for flopping. Grayson Allen is ridiculous
Grayson Allen flops bc he missed an open layup😅. The guy literally didn't even touch him
Kyle is saying Larry Nance's dunk is better then Grayson Allen's dunk.
Wichita State's Daishon Smith might have had a nastier dunk than Grayson Allen just now.
your recent videos Grayson Allen and Larry Bird. I bet money your dad misses the two hand set shot.
Grayson Allen play like young Larry bird
I think Grayson Allen's feeling better. Good lord, this is nasty.
Grayson Allen with the dunk of the year. Oh my lord
Chants of "Grayson Allen" starting at T-Mobile Arena where the Blue Devils are running away with it, 90-45.
Fans at T-Mobile arena aren't getting their money worth from UNLV but Grayson Allen is giving them a show.
Grayson Allen is turning everyone at T-Mobile Arena into Witnesses. Incredible performance.
Halftime from T-Mobile Arena. Duke 42, 26. Grayson Allen has 17 for Duke. Jalen Poyser leads UNLV with 8.
Grayson Allen.yikes 😳 why he trynna tear down T Mobile Arena when they just built it 😤
Just the third time since the 2015 Final Four that Grayson Allen hasn't scored double digits. Duke lost the last two.
Grayson Allen is one of the more dirty players you'll ever see
idk exactly lol. Can't be as bad as Marcus Smart. Or Grayson Allen 😂
Grayson Allen has the most punchable face in the world
I really want Grayson Allen to become a Chicago Bull, that man can straight up play ball.
Grayson Allen & Luke Kennard set the bar as top backcourt in country. Basketball IQ at highest, stroke, athletic,tough,…
Luke Kennard and Grayson Allen are filthy together
FINAL: Duke 78 - MSU 69. Grayson Allen with 24, Luke Kennard with 19. Played poorly, still got the dub. Lots of work lef…
Not sure of the 5 but Grayson Allen, Aaron Craft, and Vlade Divac are locks.
Man, Grayson Allen really is the new Christian Laettner...hard to respect his skill when he plays and acts like a dunce.
Is it possible for anyone in the country to flop more than Grayson Allen? He looks like Vlade Divac out there!!
Grayson Allen is the modern day Christian Laettner
Amazed that America hates Grayson Allen. Bill Laimbeer thinks that flop was ridiculous.
I hate Grayson Allen more than I hate Christian Laettner
If I have to endure comparing Grayson Allen to Christian Laettner one more time while streaming a game, I'm going to go berserk.
DUKE WINS! Final score of 93-58!. Grayson Allen leads the way with 21 points!
To sum up Grayson Allen's first few minutes:. 12-2 Duke. TO App State. 17:54 on the clock.
HALFTIME REPORT—21 from Grayson Allen have Duke up big on App State after 20 minutes:.
"God bless him—he’s a stud"—Coach K on Grayson Allen, who had 17, 5 and 6:.
Grayson Allen looks familiar can't tell from what maybe a sitcom character, cartoon, or Frodo Baggins
Grayson Allen is the love child of Ted Cruz and Tom Ricketts.
Congrats to Kansas on beating duke with 2 starters out and an injured Grayson Allen
Huge block.. followed by a 3. CONFIRMED: Grayson Allen is Grayson Allen. . . ✔️
Grayson Allen getting it done on both ends of the floor.
Kyle is an elite Grayson Allen except he's not a jerk who travels and trips people
Our and discuss the kind of season they expect Grayson Allen to have: .
This has to be one of Mike Krzyzewski's best shooting teams. Every time Grayson Allen or Luke Kennard shot it I thought it…
Matt Thomas hit 89 3-pointers last season, the 3rd-most among returning players from the top-6 leagues (Grayson Allen, Kris…
Grayson Allen was a dog in highschool 👀
Grayson Allen was true white bball success in high school 🔥
I bet Grayson Allen's dad was like Dan Scott too 😂
"Grayson Allen will be the best scorer in the country playing for the best team in the country." -G. Parish. High praise.
Grayson Allen comes in at and Harry Giles at
Duke announces that Amile Jefferson, Matt Jones and Grayson Allen are the 2016-17 captains. Repeat nods for Jones and Jeff…
People forget that tyus Jones was the other guy along with Grayson Allen who got duke that victory 2 yrs ago.
Kyrie. Josh Hairston. Jayson Tatum. Grayson Allen. Justise Winslow. Duke has a nice little starting 5 at the
Andrew Platek will be the next Grayson Allen. Mark my words
"In this mock draft the 76ers draft Grayson Allen, reflecting, um Colangelo's love of Ted Cruz or something"
Draymond Green needs a Tom Izzo backhand. This nonsense wasn't a good look for Grayson Allen and it isn't for him either. Be better.
Add Amile Jefferson / Luke Kennard/ Matt Jones and Grayson Allen to this. My pick in locked in for my bracket 🏀
is Grayson Allen a portfolio manager I didn't know about??
Duke is gonna be a monster team this year! With three top recruits and players we had last year such as Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard
Fab-Five plus Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson, Luke Kenard and Matt Jones, one of the most talented teams ever?
When you bring in the ranked sf,pf and C alongside Grayson Allen and Frank Jackson. You might have established the best team in history
Everyone realizes that Duke has a lot of freshman coming in that are good but we also have the preseason wooden award winner Grayson Allen
Duke going win it all! 4 5 stars and Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard and Amile Jefferson.
I mean they have 4 of the top 16. Grayson Allen. Luke Kennard. Matt Jones. And Amile Jefferson. They should win it all...
Grayson Allen is face of Duke team that could make run at 40-0. The stars of hatred have never aligned so perfectly. http…
Hope in the form of Grayson Allen. So we get him from the draft, along comes free agency. $65m cap space. I'm hopeful.
Steven Adams looking like Grayson Allen out there
Grayson Allen averaged 21.6 ppg in 2015-16, second-best ever by a Duke sophomore behind Art Heyman (25.2) in 1961.
you look identical to your brother in this. Grayson Allen in the flesh
stars Grayson Allen and Amile Jefferson hanging out after the game, assuming to chat with former teammate Justise Winslow
Just saw Amile Jefferson and Grayson Allen at Charlotte Hornets playoff game Duke representing
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