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Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is an American animated television series created by . The first episode aired as a preview on June 15, 2012 and the series official premiere was June 29, 2012.

Alex Hirsch Kristen Schaal Steven Universe Grunkle Stan Adventure Time Wander Over Yonder Bill Cipher Mabel Pines Justin Roiland Twin Peaks

More than one year later, re-watching Gravity Falls is as amazing as ever.
Gosh I'm bawling at the last episode of Gravity Falls again. I still have much regret for not getting into it soone…
This map should lead us to.The Gravity Falls Museum of History.
Gravity falls is the cutest cartoon.
Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty are the best cartoons out there
Gravity falls turns Rick n Morty . Pretty strange
bout to watch all of Gravity Falls BRB
Did Ethan just whistle the Gravity Falls theme song?
Well I think it's time to finally sit down and binge Gravity falls, it's been a bit so I'm gonna start over welp BINGE T…
I liked a video Film Theory: The Rick and Morty / Gravity Falls CROSSOVER Conspiracy!
El intro de Rick and Morty me recuerda a Gravity Falls.
I added a video to a playlist Gravity Falls theme [Triple Ear Rape]
Gravity Falls: Fright Night. Gravity Falls: Fright Night is a free online platform game inspired on the Disney's...
Does anyone wanna help me hunt music that fits the Gravity Falls characters?! 😆👊 The more the merrier~
Season 1 of gravity falls is downright normal and pleasant compared to season 2
Oh yeah. I remember this. In Gravity Falls it used to be legal to marry woodpeckers.
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I liked a video I Bet My Life in Gravity Falls
The Leprecorn is one of your fans from: Gravity Falls Journal 3
Pretty surprised to find these at Anyone else spot cool Gravity Falls merch out in the world?
and gravity falls and I feel like playing a game.
ok but the main reason I thought about watching Gravity Falls is bc Bill
I kinda wanna watch Gravity Falls but idk if it's my sorta thing or not
Cartoons I still watch ranked by adult surreal humor . Regular Show . Adventure Time . Gravity Falls . The Amazing World of Gumball. Clarence.
I watched the Gravity Falls finale again yesterday and it still makes me cry like a baby.
the season 1 finale of gravity falls blew my MIND
i'm watching Gravity Falls on my computer while eating Japanese food
I liked a video from Gravity Falls Action Figures Dipper, Mabel, Waddl…
*L* probably Gravity Falls. Toonami all looks alike to me.
. Cuz Gravity Falls had its fair share of cryptic clues and hidden messages
do you have any hints clues to a new journal season of Gravity Falls and yes can you send us a few leaks 😀 remember Alex...
Hey Alex I love your show Gravity Falls and I recorded every episode and read your Journal 3 multiple times and I wanted to say
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all the shows I love got cancelled or ended before they should have. Don't watch Gravity Falls, it will kill you.
Gravity Falls. 😆😆. Also. Maybe it's the older version of Dipper?
Hangers: the most recent gravity falls and wHoA
Have you ever watched gravity falls
I just got dragged by the creator of gravity falls
Here's the back cover of the upcoming coloring book and a blank Wendy for you to color in!
I dunno, are you watching in english? (Kristen Schaal is just so cute xD she voices also Mabel from Gravity Falls)
They shipped us up north to a sleepy town called Gravity Falls, Oregon, to stay at our great-uncle's place in the wood…
If you haven't yet, binge Gravity Falls. It has pigs AND Kristen Schaal!
Mabel's Sweaters are inspired by Ariel Hirsch Without her and Alex there would be no Gravity Falls
Rick and Morty is by an American, Justin Rolland and he's friends with Alex Hirsch. He made Gravity Falls.
sir Hirsch as this I am a fan of your TV series Gravity Falls ...I would like to see the continuation of Gravity Falls
younger-than-the-soul:. “Why is Alex Hirsch ending Gravity Falls?  He could keep making new...
Thoughts on Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch producing the animated Spider-Man movie?.
whole voice cast is amazing. David Tennant is Scrooge. Alex Hirsch from Gravity Falls is involved. This will be great.
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Forgot to mention I bought a Gravity Falls poster last night.
Bruhhh the girl that worked on Potter Puppet Pals is now a storyboard artist for Gravity Falls? Thats pretty cool
Always Sunny would definitely be number one. Venture Bros, Rick & Morty, and Gravity Falls are close contenders.
IT'S ALSO FUN cuz the Gravity Falls fandom kept assuming White Stan Pines would be accepting even tho his canon is conservative
I just bought: 'Gravity Falls: Journal 3 Special Edition' via now we wait for seven and a half months.
So let's say a minor arcana Gravity Falls deck is underway. Who are the cups, pentacles, swords, and Wanda and their respective face cards?
I liked a video from Gravity Falls - Theme Song [Electro Swing Remix]
📷 noordzee: For the past month or so I’ve been drawing these little Gravity Falls vignettes based upon...
... I'll grant you Gravity Falls, but you probably should check the algorithm that offers me Steven Segal movies.
Added to Wish List: 'Gravity Falls: Journal 3' by Alex Hirsch via
Alex Hirsch, hello, I wanted to share some of my ideas about Gravity Falls, please answer me if you want to see my ideas.
Hello Mr. Hirsch. I want to ask, you really will be a new season of Gravity Falls? 🙂
I liked a video from Alex Hirsch MEETS DOUGLAS MACKRELL [Gravity Falls] (NYCC 2015)
I didn't want to unfollow Kristen Schaal, I really didn't! She voiced my favorite Gravity Falls character. But she's TOO political for me!!!
Started watching Gravity Falls. Female lead voiced by Kristen Schaal. That's too much, man.
I had no idea Justin Roiland was a voice actor in an episode of Gravity Falls. I shall remember this discovery.
I can’t believe how sophisticated Gravity Falls gets in the second season.
Night falls with gravity,. The earth turns from sanity,. Taking my only friend I know,. He leaves a…
lmao is that south park? From the names I thought it was some terrible Gravity Falls fanfic.
Hmmm what if Gravity Falls is like Ben10? . (Art made by Wern5838)
Several mysteries were unsolved please new series of gravity falls in piedmont. It's my favorite series. Finished few episodes.
Trying to turn a still of gravity falls into a disney animated style painting. Laid down the bare bone colours.
So me and Zahin watched the whole episodes of the Gravity Falls. Full of conspiracies. I love conspiracies.
Get you a man who binge watches Gravity Falls with you
I had this idea in my mind for some time:Gravity falls characters taking place in the hunger games! So the next few posts will be about this
it's Gravity Falls, I'd buy it but maybe that's just me
Gravity Falls was Disney's last good show I'm sad
I liked a video from Gravity Falls - Weirdmageddon Opening Theme Song - HD
not the best picture, but I have a piece of Gravity Falls & Grunkle Stan with me forever
Fords adventures In the portal, little stories focusing on the other citizens of Gravity Falls (e.g.Soos), A winter break visit
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"The native people of Gravity Falls prophesied that these symbols could create a force strong enough to vanquish Bill."
Mystery Shack from Gravity Falls, upcoming project with
Stan and Fords adventures on the Stan O'War 2,Stories with the twins revisiting Gravity Falls and what they are up to back home
Dipper and Mabel's adventures after gravity falls and if they visit again next summer about that
A comic of dipper and Mabel's life after gravity falls and if they visit next summer that too
like it's a better version of gravity falls because they have LGBT rep and an (not) all girls summer camp
Me: *walking, minding my own business *. Gravity: oh hey!!! . Me: *falls flat on my face* . Me: oh hey there floor, just thought I'd say hi!
Wreck-It Ralph is great but cmon give some credit to Gravity Falls my dudes
I have to carry around my big Gravity Falls painting today to give it to my aunt after school
Jesse Falls, by Nightrizer. if you are a Gravity Falls fan!.
Random thought- if there was to be a Gravity Falls comic, what kinda comic would y'all like to see?
I've just watched episode S02E07 of Gravity Falls!
I'm rewatching Gravity Falls and Justin Roiland is voicing a time traveler and he's doing the Morty voice and it's freakin me out
It's your heart. Alex Hirsch stole it when he brought us the wonderful show that is Gravity Falls
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Matt Chapman voiced Mermando in Gravity Falls?! I knew his voice was Strongbad-like!
, RS Central, a known Greyhound Bus Stop, the Scenery I saw from there looked similar to Gravity Falls.
Story time with the Gravity Falls fandom. Jason is reading Dipper.
Children's television is at a point where stuff like Gravity Falls and Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated sets DuckTales's stage
Going from Gravity Falls to Bob's Burgers w/ Kristen Schaal voicing both of the main characters but Mabel and Louise are so different.
📷 alalampone: I finished up a Gravity Falls x Twin Peaks painting I started like over a year ago.
I liked a video from Ever After High + Gravity Falls | Character Mashup!
Gravity Falls ending was great, thanks for putting so much passion and effort into it
Just finished watching Gravity Falls, what an unexpectedly great show
I hope that Lauren Faust and Alex Hirst make a Gravity Falls/My Little Pony crossover in the Gravity Falls art style! Who agrees?
Mabel Pines ~ Gravity Falls 💕. Costested my outfit for tomorrow... I think i'm ready! 🐷
If you thought Gravity Falls had hidden secrets in it's show, the people from have taken it to a new level ht…
//What if the goat in Gravity Falls is Bill Cipher...? I mean..have you seen it EYES?//
Kids are missing on some great stuff. Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are really deep, but have enough fun for kids.
Take a trip to the pacific northwest to a little town called Gravity Falls
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What originally made me get into Gravity Falls. Ford is Cave Johnson
Railguns… and then Gravity Falls required ahead
Finally I finished with "Gravity Falls", thank you, it was awesome cartoon and awesome experience!
Okies something I need to do is save up for a new charger for my 3DS and then buy the Gravity Falls game. Because I NEED TO KNOW ALL THAT
hey!! Alex can you like make a live action gravity falls
You all believe there is a "LAW" of Gravity because of which the ball falls down.A "LAW" will ALWAYS work,...
I just realized 'Frozen' shares a lot of similarities with 'Gravity Falls'' Stanford's and Stanley's story.
When Gravity Falls and earth become sky Fear the beast with just one eye via
I need to knit every sweater Mabel wears in Gravity Falls
He has been cataloging his findings about Gravity Falls in a series of journals.
when I watched the gravity falls finale I was like. The stans are so much. LOL
Gravity Falls is also pretty great if not you're not already watching.
The 'Fight Fighters' episode of Gravity Falls does a pretty good line in video-game service, if you like that kind of thing.
will gravity falls return or are you working on something else? Pls reply
listen,lISTEN...i cant believe we're not getting any new gravity falls episodes like ever
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Yesterday I finished the first season of Gravity Falls and now I am buzzing for the second!
Living a summer like we did, nobody outside the town of Gravity Falls believed us about the stories we told.
Luke and I left the bars to come home and watch gravity falls. Priorities, people!
📷 necromantiqua: fleecal: Someone who doesn’t watch Gravity Falls, explain this picture. time to...
funny how I was searching for Stevens Universe music but here I am having the theme song from Gravity Falls on repeat
It's just people are biased and can't see past their anime/gravity-falls tinted blinders to appreciate ur style for what it is
Just finished Gravity Falls. Can't recommend the show enough. Incredibly detailed and ended with every loose end imaginable tied up.
Omg I just realized how many actors voice in gravity Falls.
Just watch the series finale of Gravity Falls and... It was so perfect!!!😢
📷 gravity-falls: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a 3 o’clock posing in front of a rainbow.
She's our parrot, actually named after Gravity Falls!
Jen and I are watching Gravity Falls and deciphering code using Caesar and Atbash Ciphers. R olev fh (:
Something in my room:*falls*. Me: If that was a ghost, you need to chill. If that was gravity, you also need to chill.
If Gravity Falls fans are known as "Fallers" and Once Upon A Time fans are known as "Oncers" What the heck are Steven U…
"Someone in the family who actually has talent!" - Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls
It's amazing! Grunkle Stan said I was being paranoid, but according to this book, Gravity Falls has this secret dark side.
My future life-partner: we can't be together if you're not willing to watch Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls and/OR Steven Universe with me
In the past year, Phineas & Ferb, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Gravity Falls, and now Wander Over Yonder and The 7D have ended.
🎶 neilcicierega: [holding back tears] The final song I wrote for Gravity Falls. It didn’t get used, but...
"TV writer, Eric Rogers, mentioned the series being a mixture of "Gravity Falls" and "Futurama"." the... skylanders tv series? huh.
update: Gravity Falls is still Disney channel's only good show
ok so, so far I have watched Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Over the Garden Wall, so what's next?
My name is Doug Walker and I am a Gravity Falls fanboy who earned a sweet $700 talking to a clone of myself.
Also reminded by Gravity Falls. Great show, but the way Dipper and especially THOMPSON are treated at times is just ... not good.
A sneak peek inside the secrets of Gravity Falls canon Journal in bookstores this summer!
I liked a video from Gravity Falls: Mystery of the Bill Cipher Statue - Real Life Hunt!
I want to kill spongeBob fir beating gravity falls in the KCA or best show ever
is there anywhere we can buy official Gravity Falls merch? I really wanna get my hands on a Bill Cipher poster or something
Disney XD to air Post Finale Edition of Gravity Falls: Between the Pines special: Disney XD will be airing a Post…
That settles the gun debate as far as I'm concerned... more guns, safer house, safer family. # gunsense via
Watching Gravity Falls after Rick & Morty made me believe that Rick and Ford are best friends. ... I had to draw ofc
【WE'LL MEET AGAIN】- Bill Cipher/Gravity Falls sings via lol big time
Kaden and Cole got me stuck on Gravity Falls😂
Oh and there wasnt any gravity falls hat btw
I liked a video from Bill Cipher Saved Stan Pines! Gravity Falls (rhyoTe)
Oh my dear gosh. More Gravity Falls. I am not sure I can handle this. I still get warm and fuzzy from the final.
There's a episode of gravity falls on with like paul robertson street fighter/final fight jokes and the kid is still watching roblox?
Aside from what's Dipper's real first name, how far ahead of time did you plan Gravity Falls' series finale…
I was rewatching some Gravity Falls, and this setting makes a lot more sense now:
Edna showed me how to play the theme of Gravity Falls on the guitar 😎🎸
or try put gravity falls Wendy hope that works
One last sketch of the crew, by Gravity Falls board artist/resident genius Alonso Ramirez Ramos
They played the gravity falls music 💀
Ed, Edd n Eddy, courage the cowardly dog, Attack on titan (been a while 😭), gravity falls, etc.
The most epic Gravity Falls tattoo I've ever seen! And it's not even colored in yet! By
I liked a video from Gravity Falls - A Tale of Two Stans - Origin of the Mystery
Really nice to meet you Kano!!! I'm Tania and I love Zelda, Gravity Falls, FMA, Pokémon and a bunch of other stuff. I'm-
KC alreafy has the first two eps of the PPG reboot. I thought it wasn't out until April? Oh well. I'm gonna watch those and Gravity Falls.
Gravity Falls isnt over we have a post finale between the pines special the 26th. the hiatus is slain
Idk if gravity falls town blogspot is associated with Disney but they seem to be gaining adfly revenue from downloads of GF
📹 blynxee: I wanted to immortalize the best moment in gravity falls on my blog
Me gustó un video de Ford and Fiddleford Fusion Dance (Gravity Falls/Steven Universe)
I'm gonna binge watch all episodes of Gravity Falls soon. With 40 episodes under it's belt, it should take me about... 3 days, give or take.
OMG just finished gravity falls are we gonna see dipper and mabel again
"gee I miss gravity falls :C". watch penn zero, *** it, why haven't you done this yet JUST DO IT
Listen to Gravity Falls trap remix by ICE AGE on
Next best thing to Rick and Morty was Gravity Falls
Oh look Anna's crying over Gravity Falls again
Join the Letter Writing Campaign to get a complete box set for Gravity Falls!
When you finish watching Gravity Falls and don't know what to do with your life from this point forward
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Random thought about Gravity Falls: Kristen Schaal was amazing in it
I recently got to watch the Gravity Falls series finale. The feels! I believe Kristen Schaal...
📹 classical-musicians-love-metal: unicorndance: Person: are you ready for Gravity Falls tonight?! Me:...
I'd also love to see a Gotham Academy animated show on Cartoon Network. Make it a bit like Gravity Falls, but with the mystery in the (1/)
Yo I gave today's Do Not Laugh a Gravity Falls theme. Going to miss that amazing show.
Hi Kristen Schaal. I want you to know I enjoyed Gravity Falls. I'm going to miss it very much. Thank you for all the joy.
Good night everyone in Gravity Falls!!I hope everyone has wonderful dreams!!
In the spur of a moment, I started watching gravity falls and it's so cute and the animation is beautiful
When I go to momocon I need to buy merch from:. Osomatsu, WanPanMan, Undertale, TFA, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, X-Files
Lmao! This made my night! I feel sorry for you adam! But like Soos said in Gravity Falls, "one day"
I'm crying . The season finale to gravity falls was so intense
My Instagram page is full of short, comically edited videos (mostly of Gravity Falls clips) that are compiled into a larger
I can't believe I'm staying up just to finish watching Gravity Falls 😅😂
It's been 5 days and I still am not over the Gravity Falls finale. Thanks
I'm gonna go sit in bed and knit and catch up w gravity falls and finish this *** *** animation tomorrow
I've been binge watching Gravity Falls for a week now and I've been singing 's version of the theme song since episode 1.
I'm watching the puppy bowl (yes I DVR'd it) and there was a Gravity Falls commercial with dogs?! did you get to pick the pups?
Could they seriously remake gravity falls as an anime please? :)
Gravity Falls is literally the best thing to ever happen to me
Is gravity falls coming in Disney infinity? I want to continue the adventures of Dipper,Mabel,Stsn,Stanfort and Soos and Wendy
also, "my heart breaking for Gravity Falls" cannot be proven empirically, yet, my feelings are very true.
I'm watching the last gravity falls and I'm emo
can that little riff thing that plays when Bill appears in Gravity Falls play when I walk into a room..
Can you guys bring out a gravity falls soundtrack? I love the music! From the show
Why yes, I DID cry at the last episode of Gravity Falls.
Ending part 763 with at 12 hours. Watched a bit of Gravity Falls together, then minisoded with Katren and Chelsi~
Man,Gravity Falls is a great cartoon!!
Please bring Gravity Falls to DI3... The show is over now so maybe we can continue the adventures in Disney infinity 3.0
Heartfelt thanks to the fans of Gravity Falls! If you watched the whole series through, you're now an honorary member of t…
Gravity Falls ended, I need to binge watch it
Enormous thanks to and the rest of the Gravity Falls team for so many memorable characters and moments. Its been quite a ride.
u will never probly read this so I want to get this out u changed my life gravity falls changed my life thank u Alex love u bro
In the Gravity Falls gets a steady schedule soon….
Gravity Falls is better than Dallas or Hill Street Blues.
I liked a video from Gravity Falls - Six Strange Tales - Easter Eggs
BTW this is still my favorite Gravity Falls/ Twin Peaks Meme of all time
Some boards and some words from the final episode of Gravity Falls. (spoilers).
If you turn off all the noises in your house you can hear the Gravity Falls fandom screamings of pain and agony in the distance.
Too many tears! Gravity Falls will always be loved. Farewell Pines, Wendy, Fiddleford, Soos and everyone from Gravity Falls. 😭😍
there's still books and more on the horizon. Just because the TV show is over doesn't mean the world of Gravity Falls has ended
I'm holding back my third wave of (happy? sad? everything?) tears about 's Gravity Falls ending
Alternative ending song for Gravity Falls: "Country Roads" sung by Olivia Newton-John or John Denver
After years of lagging weeks behind, Canada gets the Gravity Falls finale an hour early!
Our whole family has loved your show Smart, warm and very funny. Long live Gravity Falls!
I've been catching up on Gravity Falls and have been subjected to that foul commercial several thousand times.
Gravity Falls has its last show tonight and I'm literally about to cry. Like I feel seven but I'm proud.
I want a Gravity Falls themed Bar on the walking trail half way between Ft. Wilderness and The Wilderness Lodge.
It is only in recent years that TV animation has provided the "Gravity Falls", "Tron: Uprising", and "MLP: FiM".
what if we had a Gravity Falls meet and greet at the wilderness lodge?!?
I liked a video from What's in an Intro? - Gravity Falls' Hidden Clues
Mulder had only recently arrived in Gravity Falls; with his partner, Agent Scully, tending to some personal matters, he --
There are still Gravity Falls (ending on a high note), Wander Over Yonder, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, and Penn Zero on air
sometimes I forget Alex Hirsch is half the voices on Gravity Falls
Better than my friend, who got Alex Hirsch to reference her "Gravity Falls" post. Hasn't had a calm dash since.
Dear Alex Hirsch, I ask you to continue cartoon Gravity Falls. I think many fans liked the idea.
I swear to god every time I remember there's one more final Gravity Falls episode it's like Alex Hirsch going "hi everyone u love will die"
The current owner of Disney. Force Alex Hirsch to make season 3 of Gravity Falls
Soos says, "Wassup Dawg." To Alex Hirsch the Ultimate Boss of Gravity Falls and the rest of the cast and crew!!
Hello , Alex Hirsch, tell me please , will Season 3 Gravity Falls ?
Mabil: .long time no see Gravity Falls © Alex Hirsch Art © ME
Here's a quote from Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. should take note of this.
Gravity Falls: - gravity-falls-16: A clever show that is clever thanks to the clever creator, Alex Hirsch,...
I want a spinoff of Gravity Falls with young Ford in the portal who takes on an apprentice from another dimension while avoiding Bill
//Yes, shows like Uncle Grandpa and Breadwinners are bad, like really bad. But then there's SU, Gravity Falls and so on--
Gravity Falls creator is working on a new animated series for
What should I do after Gravity Falls? Check one! (now in poll form due to popular demand)
Gravity Falls is a full tier or two below Steven Universe or Adventure Time. But it's still a pretty good show. Finally caught up.
I've just watched episode S02E18 of Gravity Falls!
TB to when tony only talked about fapping and gravity falls
*bra strap falls* . "Gravity, at least take me on a date first."
I seriously think the Gravity Falls can you hear my heart AMV I'm working on will be my best AMV yet.
I liked a video from Gravity Falls: A Golden Tip from Grunkle Stanta
Somehow we wound up in Twin Peaks. Or maybe Gravity Falls??? @ Snoqualmie Falls
Me any time we beat Canada in the world juniors
gravity Falls is about interpersonal relationships and discovery 99% of the time
I've just watched episode S02E17 of Gravity Falls!
what? I didn't know these existed. Need to have them all. I love Gravity Falls.
I get to return one of my Eugene action figures to Amazon bc I got two and I'm using the credit on something Gravity Falls or Gangsta whoops
i know myabe some of you have this but i got the DVD of gravity falls even stranger!
I wish I had a copy of the book in gravity falls so bad
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Gravity Falls!
When I find a job I swear I will be buying as many Gravity Falls T-Shirts from Redbubble as I can.
I'm listening to the Gravity Falls theme and I'm close to tears
AGH I meant to hawk my classmates fanfic but I'm scared to look bc I know it's gravity falls and what if she wrote dipper goes to Taco Bell.
I wish i could forget what happens in Gravity Falls so i could watch it from the start and experience the twists and mysteries again!
there is a Gravity Falls game for 3DS?!?
. Well, summer is ending, and I have to leave everything behind. My friends, my family. I don't want to leave Gravity Falls. 😢
im just tryna obsess over smth more reasonable than Gravity Falls pls help me
and everyone should watch GRAVITY FALLS god *** it
Website Builder 728x90
I got the Gravity Falls game for my 3DS yesterday. It’s a really cute side scroller, perfect for my *** video game sensibilities.
Just did my very last recording session for Gravity Falls. I'll miss voicing these guys
Growing up doesn't mean you have to grow up. Thanks to every Gravity Falls fan for taking a trip back to childhood with me…
I got the book 3 journal from Gravity Falls for Christmas. :D
please don't stop Gravity Falls 😍 it's literally the only thing I watch 😂 it's so addictive ❗.
the only moment I am not sad is when I'm watching gravity falls, please don't end it... it's all i have, please
Please reconsider, please please, I know I'm not the only one who is asking this, ,but please, don't stop gravity Falls,
Gostei de um vídeo do Unanswered Questions in Gravity Falls!? | TheNextBigThing
I liked a video from Come theorize about Gravity Falls!
Let's draw some Gravity Falls stuffs instead :D
I love her because she's also the voice of Mabel from gravity falls ❤️
Nouveau YTP!I'm planning to finish Gravity falls, Adventure Time, and try watching Steven Universe.
lol, love how they're in the Gravity Falls style too
Oh sweet, I'll take a look. Gravity Falls features the voice of Kristen Schaal so that's always a plus.
that time I mixed my Zalgo mythos with Gravity Falls. It just fit really well! .
Breast Cancer Awareness
Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls crossover? Creator Alex Hirsch weighs in on ... * ~ 18
Gravity Falls was great tonight. A look into the post-apocalyptic world where Trump runs things. . Nah, that's insulting to Bill Cipher.
"Hello, I'm Mabel Pines! I'm staying in Gravity Falls with my /silly/ twin brother Dipper.". Mabel Pines from Gravity Rises AU Not new to Rp
I liked a video from Gravity Falls - Grunkle Stan's Hot Air Balloon - Animatic
you guys should add Disney XD shows like Gravity Falls and Mighty Med
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