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Gravel Road

A gravel road is a type of unpaved road surfaced with gravel that has been brought to the site from a quarry or stream bed.

Lucinda Williams James Newton Howard

Watching this storm off my gravel road is literally perfect
I genuinely never realized how much I love the sound of tires on a gravel road before I heard That Don't Sound Like You
How am I just now diving into Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, and World Without Tears, made my entire day today.
what's her address? Just need to check for loose gravel on the road I totally won't steal the moped
Someone FaceTime me while I drive home on this country gravel road home, in the dark, all alone. 😓
Tires on a gravel road, laughin at the world & blastin my radio
The Madhapur stretch to HiTec city in is more gravel and stones than a pucca road. Rain-battered roads make driving a nightmare
Followed a dirt and gravel road up into the mountains of Montana today and found this at the end…
had to figure out where I was and walk a mile n the gravel road barefoot 😂
You always sounded like truck tires on a gravel road.
Tomorrow Night (Monday) is our first Adventure Road Heck Prep Ride! Lots of road, lots of gravel, maybe some...
one of our dogs does that as well - lays on the gravel road base in full sun. Warmth feels good in the joints?
Road bikes and gravel don't mix. Rode that section the other day apparently they dumped another…
A gravel road followed by a hike led us to this secluded hot spring…
:-) Thanks. I saw her in Glasgow earlier this year. She was amazing. Her 'Car Wheels On A Gravel Road' album is fab.
Unmatched gravel road so college graduate cruise - uk: RTcfwogA
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel, don't be afraid to take the road less traveled 🎶🌘
Road dawgs: driving the length of the USA on grade a Namibian red gravel. Let's just say dust,…
Big ride.Mix of dirt,gravel,shale and tarmac.Last climb up Nickel Plate dirt road broke me.Thanks 😩
Marines make repairs to gravel road in Willamette National Forest
Tshikwarani to Zamenkomste road will be constructed from gravel to tar in the 2016/17 financial year.
The original recipe for Rocky Road was invented as a punishment for swearing. It contained actual gravel
Rocky road used to have real gravel in it, just like Coke used to have coke in it.
is gonna learn how I drive on a long gravel road today 😅
This was 10 miles of a one lane gravel road, 1 side of the road a lush, deciduous forest whereas the other was a drop off into the unknown
Original rocky road used to contain 100% all natural pieces of gravel. This is what started the orthodontic revolution.
I see tonight's 8 o'clock movie is Passive Aggressive Max: Gravel Road... 😒😒😒
Truck tires on a gravel road, laughin' at the world, blastin' my radio
So far here are the names of the roads Ive passed from Athens to Cincy:. Gravel Washer Road. Tater Ridge Drive. Burnt Cabin Lane. Gotta love 32
I would rather Slip n Slide on a gravel road than vote
The Exocet off-road is the gravel-strewing missile you've been waiting for.
If the road feels like it's bumpy, always remember, there's a brand new road after the gravel... I'm tired and dunno what I'm saying
Yeah, makes me wanna take a back road; makes me wanna take the long way home. Put a little gravel in my travel🎧
The crunch of gravel underfoot punctured the silence and the trees arched over the road groaned. .
Rest assured the consistent anent bitumen purgation decisive into thine gravel road: pauIVsvM
Any hopes in getting Doddanekkundi road from ORR getting really fixed? Black loose gravel thrown already disappeared.
Any1 interested in barely used REAL road bike? I may get better use out of a gravel or cyclocross bike
... O, to have a day with shadows. where inchworms set the pace. to wander down a gravel road. to…
Do we have anyone participating in the Berry Roubeix Killer Gravel Road Race? .
New rig, sketchy off camber decent, & a buddy that makes everyone feel like they're driving down a gravel dirt road!
Here we are 1 year ago on no sleep from a monster road trip picking up our gravel grinders in Ohio. Note the pug! 🚲
Dude why would anyone write a love song about her sounding like "truck tires on a gravel road" like who even thinks of that comparison
"Your snore is cute, like someone vacuuming a gravel road" -my date
This is what we call bike friendly: unused rack of bikes against gravel shoulder of a busy road.
Not all are made equal. Here are 7 crucial factors to building a great road:
The Five Mile Road, Le Braye and the gravel car park at La Pulente will be closed to traffic on 9 April 2016.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Some days I feel like I'm being dragged around face down on a gravel road by a semi. -me describing this and next 2 months to a…
Thursday April 6 Playing with mslocummusic Gravel Road Bluesgrass on at fdbeatery…
Liyanhong says that entrepreneurship is high difficile gravel road: MiSTph
Drive carefully near the new bridge it's rough where it changes from gravel to paved road.
fair work there but that road should be tared Prof gravel road mahwani, too expensive to maintain!
Busy Overflow parking available down the gravel road off the main car park
Been on a gravel road for like 3p minutes and this place looks so kidnappy
Curious what you can get up to with a Gravel bike? can help! Check out "Road Tripping Wellington"!
"The 1600 block remains a gravel road," says Swanson. "We are down to a very few streets in Moose Jaw that are not paved."
While exploring the gravel roads I comfort myself by saying I can always turn around. Then a goat runs across the road. Time to turn around.
The ruins of a 2,300-year-old Mayan Temple in Belize were destroyed by contractors who wanted to use the bricks for gravel to build a road
it was too late to throw my phone on the gravel road by the time I noticed.
I could hear the truck tires comin up the gravel road 🎶
There are a lot of Wisconsin voters who live in places where their only road is one their community made by smashing rocks into gravel.
Dear I appreciate the gravel sound you all have added to walking on a gravel path road!
Update your maps at Navteq
Truck tires on a gravel road, laughing at the world, blasting my radio
To the boys that think it's funny to race their trucks down my gravel road at 9:30 at night your lucky my fat *** is already in bed 😡😤
Yeah. I was wearing shorts, and I was riding on a wet gravel road. Thank god I had a helmet. I might not be here without it.
The thrill of driving down a gravel road by only the full moon light.
Sometimes you gotta hop over a gravel road, walk over some garbage, sit on some broken concrete…
Lonely gravel road in the middle of nowhere
I will not rest until movies stop putting tire-squeals into gravel/dirt road peel-out scenes. This is the hill on which I h…
Join us for "A Winter Wilder" Wilder Foot Races, on January 30th. To enter the 22 mile gravel road running...
Finished cleaning up the gravel build up that road gang couldn't be bothered doing
Toyota prius-la put in tune hybrid in transit to gravel road: TABbs
Alaska let out a sigh and kicked some rocks up on the gravel road, lighting up a cig and looking over at the girl in the distance.
My gravel road is the reason I can't ever have a clean truck
Is it just me? or can Hillarys Face make a freight train take a gravel road . Ugh!
When I’m with you I can see down the road, not just the gravel one we’re traveling on
Struggling to come to grips with gravel road riding? . These courses are a full day and comprise a combination of...
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Big Easy from Logan Park to the new gravel is closed. (Too wet and getting badly cut up). Please use the Fire Road instead.
I will sell my car and buy a truck if they make empire road tar and gravel. 😒
I'll never be mature enough to not spin out on a gravel road. Ever.
thanks to Brandon for making giant ruts on the gravel road to my house with his hectic drifts lol my car loves them
Sometimes living on a gravel road and having a lot of weeds, I mean wildflowers, makes for great…
How To Choose An Adventure Road Bike or Gravel Bike! Which do you need? bike shop
Finding a wooden bridge on a lonely gravel road
Driving 3 miles per hour off your gravel road cause you cleaned your truck for 9 hours yesterday
PantherXC-Wint.CC Meet still on! Pretty wet! They ask to park along the gravel road leading along up to the clubhouse.
Lupe just got his new glasses! And he's so happy that he can finally see the gravel on the road, the blades of the grass, & his Ap notes😂👓
Unexpected Amish encounter after routes me down a rural gravel road. Country l…
If you don't wave back when I pass you on a gravel road I'm automatically going to think you're an *** 😅
Leestown Road update: 2 guys shoveling gravel. Going to take them a LONG time to finish the road.
Our condo in FL put pavers in the road and parking areas. It's lovely, and won't become ruts like the gravel did.
We just turned on a really creepy gravel road 😁
Gravel trucks should not be allowed on pleasant lake road during prime commute hours 😡
Austin and I came across three deer this morning & as one was crossing the road it wiped out & slid through the gravel 😂😂😂
This road is a crime against humanity. The gravel road was better. Never seen so many potholes on one central community r…
Whether it's a gravel road... Or a road with a piece of gum stuck to it... Whether it's an ocean…
Does he knows what it take to construct a road?Oh!May be he meant roads made 4rm bitumen+gravel topping & smearing
road. "Packing some heat?" She remarked as she turned into a old gravel road. Her truck squeaked in agony as she did so. »
x15 even though my body feels like I've been drug behind a truck on a gravel road
Stage 1/5 - Utungun, nice flowing start to the rally, fast road, quite a bit of loose gravel.
R56: approaching Richmond. About 3km before Durban Road turn-off. Roadworks. Gravel in the road surface. Drive with caution.
We are no longer pulsing. Gate road Greeters to Gravel 1-2 hours, 8 mile to Gerlach 0:19, Gerlach to Wadsworth 1:51.
Lidcombe - gravel spill bothways Parramatta Road at Birnie Avenue
Climbing these ugly taxis because they don't mind going on the gravel road to beat the traffic
Adventurous route back to our chalet via a steep gravel road
Waiting for our pilot car to lead us through a dirt/gravel road. @ Denali National Park and…
So much of losing control is dependent on road conditions tho; you'll slip (and thus fall, usually) if there's gravel there
Learn how do drive down a gravel one lane road you *** You could have killed people.
you're fast. I've got only 50/34 on road bike and 46/36 on the cx-gravel bike... But I love to spin it fast!
Re: gravel membrane ?: There is a shop that sells it opposite side of the road from homprof if you were lookin...
except now I'm gonna drive to grandmas who lives on a gravel road so, bye clean car :-)
I've taken my road bike on said gravel roads in Calgary, just take the turns really slow, always prepare for a fall
I have to ride a gravel road for 200m to get onto the real road
Can you hop curbs or go down gravel roads on a road bike?
{She's not on rn, but I'm glad you care. She's hit the gravel of the Road of Life
no problem at all. It is chalk and cheese but with no gravel traps or run off areas we will never gamble in road racing
The City maintains approx. 2000 km of back lanes every summer. Find out when we'll be in your neighbourhood
thanks for ruining our bikes and our ride out by throwing dangerous amounts of gravel all ova th road. Call that resurfacing?!
Male disappears while swimming with friends "Gravel Pit" located off Kattelville Road-- between Hill Street and Prentice Road
Not a fan of the roadworks on the A45 where gravel shells your car. If road improvements may assault cars then don't do them pals
Omg I'm so country I drove down a gravel road today.
[It's miles of gravel road before he comes upon a sparse village. Fruit trees are there for the taking if Dean's hungry »
At the end of the gravel road, on the highest tip of the last of Greek islands, overlooking the…
There's nothing quite like the feel of cool damp grass after walking barefoot down a long gravel road.
🎶we travel on gravel, drit road or street. I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat🎶
on the road that leads to Gravel Hill. Very inconspicuous, my mum spotted it and told me about it! Glad she did!
Dear BMW & Merc drivers: I drive a please try not to race me on national roads YOU WILL WIN . . . I'm an OFF ROAD GRAVEL kinda girl!
it deff goes . Puppy . Scary bridge. Gravel road. How it's in the BFE. Jensen . Julia . Their neighbors . Haybail
Which was basically typical body dump circumstances; just off a gravel/dirt road, not buried, wrapped in fabric
Look on ireland's fine gravel road toboggan: pyB
Arkansas was less than accommodating today. Pig Trail closed, no other way around except a gravel road... Not cool! :(
Leadership string choir launches charisma royale gardens residential the morrow by doddaballapur gravel road…
I remember scraping my knee and crying after racing bikes down a gravel road + crashing
Getting completely lost on a gravel road with nothing but the stars and headlights to get you home is one of the most relaxing things.
. We run down our gravel road without shoes to get the mail before our sibling did...Or maybe that was just me 😂
Me and Sam just almost got murdered while stargazing on a gravel road so that's good
I always think of you when I see sunflowers & that has been happening a lot lately. Wild sunflowers along my gravel road, reminiscing of us
It was an adventurous drive over loose gravel & multiple road cuts towards the of
Any dirt/gravel road is fair game to get sideways onto.
A not so random pattern on my favourite gravel road caught my eye this morning.
Currently hauling Daltons dodge down a gravel road off to Britt we go
Actually it's "go down the gravel road, turn left at the big grey barn, and follow the horse fence all the way down"
It's funny that the best restaurant in East Dublin is in the woods past a trailer park so white trash the road is gravel.
they chip-sealed my road and now it's all covered in gravel. how am I supposed to skitch that?!
Me & just tried stealing someone's cat on our gravel road but then noticed the owners were on their front porch
life is short but we have to live a long. road and a gravel sharp -ARDHI
U need to set an appointment with a Dermatologist your skin looks like a gravel road. It dnt look nice on camera!
Driving over the bumps on the loose gravel road construction like...lead vocals straight from spirit of the wind. Huslia Hooome
Went agate picking with my new friends Joe Kerrigan and Heather, and had a wonderful time!! Thank you for making the trip! Sadly, the agate picking wasn't all too great. Showing a photo of gravel road pickings, and a photo of stromatolite along with a very lovely Poop Berry Pebble-both utilizing the POKSS with a generic plastic utensil (Trent Meisner)
I miss the old days when my Aunt Mildred & Uncle Bob would have a Halloween parties out at there house we'd all go on hay rack rides different cousins would jump off & try to scare us as were going down gravel roads & I miss bomb fires to & Mildred dressing up with a creepy mask she always had fun doing that trying to scare us I always had a blast at their house every yr. if not every yr. at least once in awhile when they had parties I know everybody did & miss them days.
Oh *** yeah, who don't wanna take an Elsinore 125 for a tear through a field or a gravel road???
looks like the gravel road is leading to the back of the first one. But that is none of my business
Car wheels on a gravel road in Red Wing, MN
Just froze my hands off walking home. Alone. On a gravel road. In the dark. Thanks.
Took Sherri out of prison for a few hours this afternoon and took a drive through Bogard (via the gravel roads) on to Mandeville and to Coloma and Blue Mound (or what's left of those towns/wide spots in the road) then came through Hale & Bosworth (or what's left of it) looking at the fall foliage. Lots of nice colors but it's a shame we couldn't have made this trip 7-10 days earlier... Then went to dinner at Carrollton CC where the special was 2 for $20 and 1/2 price appetizers...I have a fridge full of leftovers because there were too many for her fridge..
We found a state highway that was gravel. On purpose. We also saw the end of the road leading to Ft. Igloo.
My driving on a gravel road is like a metaphor for my life; it's all over the place. 😂
Slid off a gravel road into a ditch into a pole and barbed wire fence
the address is 2471 Texas road if you have a GPS. You take the new highway and turn on one of the gravel roads.
good evening ! I am thinking about leadership we had long time ago, and I talk to a number people outside and they tell me that their leaders never update what going on in the outside world you know what mean ! paul and he says they go to the meeting outside but they don't bring anything what's talk about and he says to me ! and he also says chief & council are the number 1 when houses are build in summer not the community member, and he has said number of things what their community leaders are doing and this is been going on for years he say's. and I told him I agree with you its not only one community doing that's, myself I remember my uncle was a chief long time ago he did not have any councilors still Indian Affairs did what he said and what he ask him he got everything, and I kind of wondering where he gave the flash he had it was a round button and it said chief and he did not get paid . not that I would recall. you know what i think why its so hard to ask for funds now inac knows he putting to muc ...
I love being high. I hate be low. I like drivin my truck down a lost gravel road.
Once, children walked to school on dusty gravel roads. Times were different then... people lived close to the heart of town and school was usually within sight but certainly within walking distance. Then the automobile came along. Roads were built and communities spread out. Soon, roads weren't wide enough or long enough so, with the tax dollars derived from our prosperous economy, we widened roads and constructed highways and interstate turnpikes. This helped grow our industrial base and increased prosperity for us and posterity... just as it says in the preamble of the constitution. Decades pasted and our economy went global. Our elected officials signed global trade agreements in an effort to assure the growth of our economy and guarantee prosperity for all... for ever. Wealth would trickle down to all levels of our society. Poverty would disappear. Everyone would have a piece of the proverbial pie. Well, now we know. Ross Perrot... regardless of what we thought of him at the time, was all too right o ...
I would rather be dragged behind a truck by my hair on a gravel road than feel like dis any longer
Hey Lorne, thanks for the shoe advice! Didn't realise it was you when we met on the gravel road just past the dump!
McConaughey: *sees fork in road*. McConaughey: "It seems life is a big ole' pecan pie". McConaughey: *goes outside of car a…
20 y/o man hit by gravel truck on Barfield Crescent Road in Rutherford County. He is in critical condition, per THP
Thanks dad for taking my car down a gravel road😡 poor car
The guy driving a tractor full of gravel spilling it while driving down the road 👌👌😂😂
I sometimes think we are chained to the bumper of Technology. And it's picking up steam. On a gravel road. And we don't have much say.
Reasons what for him empty purse against take for circa an pavestone gravel road in conflict with straight a pa...
Via Gravel road biking today with my mom, beautiful weather today. :)
One of the best drives of my life. Gravel road. M6. Sun going down. iPod playing Blind Faith. Beer in cup holder. http:…
Gravel Road is rocking it out at Columbia City Theater, never too late .
I just need my truck and a gravel road
*No mountain is highest for da Lord, Let Him level it** dose humps n gravel roads r just minor trials**
This is a conversation I had with a person who hates that I'm an atheist. Me:Once my life started to crumble, I tried to believe. I really did, but then, I started to hear more about science and different beliefs of people all over the place. I became my own person and formed my own opinion. All my life, whenever someone would talk to me about religion and God, it would always be about the Catholic faith this and the Catholic faith that. Him:I pity you my friend..I really do. I believe the reason why you kept hearing about the catholic faith this and that it was God trying to bring you back to him. God works in mysterious one knows what he does or how or when he does them. You just have to trust and believe in him.. Me:I only believed it because that's all I was taught to believe in. I don't believe in a lot of the things Catholics shove down everyone's throats. Facts about abortion, homosexuality, equal rights, and many other things are so not bad. (Well, abortions is super sad and really not my ...
This taxi though,Dust coming in like we on a gravel road -__-
NEW UPDATE for "Short" Ride to Heaven... UPDATE!!! Sorry for this changing so much, but that’s what happens when things aren’t finalized before they are announced. In the words of John “Hannibal” Smith (leader of the A-Team) I love it when a plan comes together! The Gasconade County Sheriffs Department has agreed to escort all riders (16 or over) from the HIGH SCHOOL! (Thank You Travis B!) This is the way it should be and it solves a ton of logistical nightmares! This will be a 30 MPH ride that will be 8 miles each direction. Safety is not an option, it’s a requirement! Rules and regulations for ALL riders riding on the highway: 1) All riders must wear helmets! Riders without helmets will be Tasered. 2) No alcohol allowed before or during the ride. (I had to say that) 3) Riders must be a minimum of 16 years old to ride on the highway. If you are under 16, see below. 4) We would like the smaller vehicles, younger riders, and less experienced riders to stay away from the centerline. Use larger ve ...
Glad to have some sunny weather. Finally the glue can dry on the grass and gravel road.
When your day starts like this. Car - Great, gravel road - smooth, View - Breathtaking. Sun says Good morning
The long dirt and gravel road section linking Tom Price and Karratha could finally be sealed, but it could take anywhere between 10 and 100 years, according to the Shire of Ashburton.
Was able to get out of Starkville without incident! Until they start construction along that road, I know a way in and out. As long as I don't go off campus and try to get back! Ha I just didn't enjoy the cross country tour via gravel road around Starkville in the dark! At least Joshua was with me! Home around 30 min. ago. So tired from walking around campus as two girls showed Joshua where all his classes are. Glad we dropped one!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Feels good to be on this gravel road gramma I'm coming home
Okay looking for recommendations on who to call to get an estimate on building about 800 feet of gravel road.
When I see a sign that says "loose gravel" that just tells me to drift my car down the whole road 😏😏
I keep looking forward to winter, but then I remember how my car got stuck on gravel road last week and I immediately hope snow doesn't come
anyone who knows me knows I'm as smooth as a gravel road😂
*Has $40k in a jeep* is nervous to drive on a gravel road...
Give me a bon fire and or a gravel road and I'll have a much better time than a *** bar.
Teaching to drive the out on a gravel road
I'm the *** that washes her car then drives down a gravel road 😐🔫
The one thing I'm going miss for the rest of my life is flying down a gravel road in the Buick watching the dust fly in the mirrors.
I know the guy that owns the key to the lock on the chain of that gate. Across that gravel road that winds back into the trees.
"I took the road less traveled left my footprints in that gravel, try to judge me but you dont have the gavel"
we are on a gravel road somewhere. Didn't know Camden had gravel roads..
Nearly ate ditch on the gravel road when I swerved to miss a skunk
They've demoted the road by my house to a gravel road. No longer concrete worthy I guess. I didn't even know they could do that.
"I could have paved a road with how much gravel came out of my leg"
You try not to get too attached to the road, bc you don't wanna forget the gravel that made you who you are.
Photo: Reminder, Ride on Saturday 9:45am meet at San Felipe Road (at Seaweed And Gravel)
That's because plexiglass windscreens don't really hold up well with road gravel and grit. He even had a simulator...
Before we destroyed this gravel road somewhere in Georgia.
Good job Minford schools!! Way to have a horrible ugly gravel road right in front of your school thats been there all summer n didnt fix it
Poor people are the gravel that make up the road of life.
Details for Gravel Road Ride: Sunday, August 31 - We have been exploring in this region all…
yea coach picked. Him up just outside the gravel road. He seems perfectly fine
Squander money-saving face in relation with proportion sdlt-320 cast gravel road: qOSLzgrs
Chicago utmost is sangfroid entrance the lions gravel road: KGo
I’m on the road again to find some peace some old gravel road god only know there's nothing for me...
I always feel like a *** when somebody throws up the two fingered wave on a gravel road and I don't wave back in time
Went rollerblading td in my neighborhood despite the obstacle of having to skate over our gravel road
Were on a gravel road...and butterflies are going faster than us 😂😂
James Newton Howard – The Gravel Road via yes, i like this!
Video: 2 Overland Africa - Scenic Road from Konso to Moyale. Gravel in good condition.
We wore out that gravel road between your house and mine
Gettin loose with the undercover cummins on the gravel road while the 12's are bumpin tho >>>
One of the best parts of moving out for me is gonna be not having to drive on a stupid gravel road everyday with a black car...
Hallin butt on gravel road Grasshopper jumps in flick it nails me in the face then jumps in back look up and im a foot from a gas truck
if you'd rather walk down a gravel road than a red carpet. I'd take THIS walk a…
(6pm) Kris Radish's, "Gravel on the Side of the Road" Book Release Party at Wine MaDonna:
Is this gravel piled in the Knox bike lane, or a patch of unpaved road? cc
"Do you like it on a gravel road, we can keep it on the down low, baby u can drive it, we can all night it" .. 🎶🎶🎶 👌😍😊
vvb32 reads: Gravel On The Side Of The Road by (with giveaway)
Happy Birthday can't afford new Tarmac for ur road so me and Hugo are going halves on some gravel, let the pot see the hole
"Love hittin' that gravel road that leads me to my home sweet home"
The Best Books : Gravel on the Side of the Road: True Stories from a B...
That *** ! :( Can we just tie all of 2014 to the back of a truck & drag it down a gravel road now?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
gravel roads still exist SA should halt renaming of road, waste!!!
Points up retrospect howbeit selecting the oxford gravel road hotels london: rep
"Hey this road looks perfectly okay and smooth, let's lay dirty gravel chips and tar on it" . -PennDot
And going too fast on the gravel road to hear what he’s screaming at me …
That moment when you're finally washing your car and someone comes flying down your gravel road. 😒👌
I had a headlight on. Guess there was something in the road I didn't see. New gravel aided in the gashing..
VIDEO: Lucinda Williams "Joy" On this date in 1999 released the kick *** 'Car Wheels on a Gravel Road'
Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road on my coffee joint's soundtrack this a.m. gave way to Elvis. Portends an interesting day.
June 10 l@ Whitaker Center: Joining Lucinda Williams at the Whitaker Center was brilliant guitarist Stuart Mathis (formerly of the Wallflowers); super drummer Butch Norton and longtime Williams’s collaborator bassist David Sutton. Best of her Set: Blessed, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Compassion,Lake Charles & Are You Alright with 2 knockout Encores: Passionate Kisses & Rockin' in the Free World
The Main Theme to the film "The Village" The Gravel Road by James Newton Howard (born June 9, 1951 in Los Angeles) is an American film composer. Throughout h...
We get it. Gravel Road radio just added "I Just Got Out" to our rotation. Also dig the cover tribute to old Jerry Reed LP
Song of the Day: Think about this when I hit a chuck hole on my road. Lucinda Williams "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road"
Gravel Road will be the feature band for the Stars and Stripes Forever Ride!
ELVIS 1969: IN MEMPHIS / IN PERSON-LIVE ON STAGE 1 & 2 3 CD Box - Set (Gravel Road) The combination package “Elvis In Person & Back in Memphis” was the basic concept, but we wanted more. During the first days of the comeback in Las Vegas in 1969, special RCA presentation box sets were given away. These box sets are very rare and expensive to get hold of. This was the perfect 1969 package idea for this release. INCLUDED ARE: - A 28 page full color /b&w photo folio with 28 photos of Elvis in the style of 1969 including rare or unpublished photos. - A 32 page full color booklet with original articles, - An interview with Elvis from 1969, co-workers and musicians about recording at the American Sound Studios and performing in Las Vegas. - Over 60+ photos of Elvis on stage (many from the same show), various are rare or unpublished - 15 incredible photos of The American Sound Studio with Elvis, again some are rare or unpublished!! - Previously unreleased versions. - A rare studio rehearsal of January 1969. ...
Lucinda WilliamsLucinda Williams [25th Anniversary Edition] (2013) Exystence.Net - January 15, 2014 Lucinda Williams took eight years to write and record her second album of original songs, which was released by the independent Rough Trade in what was decidedly a left turn for them. It was the beginning of a career that has been complex but singular, and eventually led to the recording of the classic Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Each song here is meticulously crafted as she deftly blends country, blues, folk, and rock — now called ‘Americana” — to create a unique sound that cannot be pigeonholed. Her voice contains heartache, passion, and depth and is as enigmatic as Emmylou Harris’, but she has a darker side and a grainy toughness that allow her to live inside her songs with abandon. Lucinda Williams is an album that has been long been recognized as a classic. It has been mined for hit songs over the years by such artists as Mary Chapin Carpenter, who turned “Passionate Kisses” into a ...
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Man u fans are in a 1956 dutsun on a 1000km gravel road thats only moving at 50km/h not a good ride at all...
My cousin decides to take a gravel road shortcut through basically a forest at 4 in the morning 😩
You can't just slap down 2" asphalt on a gravel road and expect it to last. Need proper base to carry weight, good drainage.
Picking my daughter up from school: . Boy: the snow is sticking to the road . Daughter: that's gravel *** . Me: I'm so proud!
Crazy back gravel road tour home with dad
Roads aren’t great in Indy, like driving on a gravel road. Going 25-30mph, it took me 15mins longer than normal to get to BLF.
Love is a stranger and hearts are in danger, on smooth streets paved with gold. Oh, true love travels on a gravel road.
I'd say more like wax on a gravel road *laughs*
You might be from rural Nebraska if there's two trucks parked on a gravel road by the intersection just chatt'n.
How do you get road salt and gravel all over the interior of a car and let it sit for 2 weeks?
Back roads? What back roads?! Lol. The county road commission said they "will not be on gravel until at least tomorrow."
"Got a pistol for a mouth, my old mama gave me that. Making my own road out of gravel & some wine." 🎶
but since said road is on gravel and my wheelchair cannot go on said lovely gravel I am staying here blasting imagine dragons
Just passed a whole clan of cats on the side of my gravel road and if I didn't know they belonged to someone they would all be in my car rn.
Drive me down that gravel road to the oil well tonight
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Whether it be asphalt or gravel conquer the road that lies ahead on a Suzuki DR-Z400SM
"Give me a tin roof, a front porch, and a gravel road & that's home to me, feels like home to me"
Below is a piece that I wrote some years back for Dog & Kennel magazine, about how Ursa came into my life. Ursa was my first rescue dog and my faithful companion for nearly 14 years. Following her death, I adopted Pippa last February from the Farmington Pet Adoption Center. I cannot emphasize enough how much joy these animals have brought into my life. The photo on the left is of Ursa during her last month with me. Here’s the essay: The devil looked out from those eyes. Maybe the gaze wasn’t evil, but it certainly suggested a love of mischief. I should have fled. Instead, I asked, “Want to go for a walk? The wire-hair dog of indeterminate breed grinned and fell in beside me. Wearing no collar, he was mid-size and white with brown spots. Longer hair around his snout resembled a villainous mustache. He didn’t walk with me, so much as around me. I stayed on the gravel road in the semirural areas. He roamed, peeing on porches and tearing up flower beds. He even stole a newspaper. As we approached a ** ...
Alvarez on a charge, Visser out of Dakar The lead Team Ford Racing Ranger of Argentines Lucio Alvarez and Ronnie Graue (308) made up for the day one disappointment by clocking the ninth fastest time on stage two of the 2014 Dakar Rally. The first section of the 433 km route from San Luis to San Rafael, Alvarez’s home town in the Mendoza province, was one of the fastest on this year’s event. Wide open gravel roads gave the Ford crew the opportunity to reach the maximum speed of over 170 km/h on several occasions. They picked up a puncture approximately half-way through the stage, and did well to lose no more than four minutes replacing the tyre. Then it was onto the vast grey dunes of Nihuil for the remaining 100 km, with searing mid-40 degree temperatures testing both man and machine to the extreme. Alvarez and Graue completed the stage in a commendable ninth place with a time of 4 hr 18 min 05 sec, 26 min behind stage winners and overall leaders Stephane Peterhansel / Jean Paul Cottret (MINI). The lo ...
' Nothin' but a blur, gravel road, a flatbed ford always was the cure, ooh whenever we got bored, sideways round the bend, yeah I wanna feel that again '
Dixon Mill Road. One of my favorite gravel roads in the West Valley.
The worst part about living on a gravel road in Boone county is that our road is plowed last. Thank god for some nice farmer with a tractor who came down the road and plowed a path from our drive way to 38. Now I don't have to spend 10 minutes trying to drive threw drifts 3 feet deep.
Feels like I'm riding in a horse and buggy down a gravel road
Gravel road a flat bed Ford, always was the cure whenever we got bored
There nights I haven't been home now. A plow or even a car has yet to drive down my gravel road, and my moms VW won't make it out to get me.
driving to Michigan it's like driving on a gravel road of ice/snow
I live on a gravel road surrounded by fields. You can't tell where the roads are so I may not have been on one.
Construct Hardstand and Gravel Road (Construction of structures and facilities Heavy and
Took a leak on the gravel road lost my balls
craziness! He's gonna have to if they need me there. The gravel road is what I'm scared of! Glad u made it! Have a good day!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
A report by our colleagues at Operation Dove: On January 6, the Israeli military escort failed to accompany Palestinian school children in the South Hebron Hills on the gravel road from At Tuwani to the village of Tuba. The children arrived at the designated escort meeting place at 10.30 am, but the army wasn't there. Operation Dove (OD) volunteers twice called both the District Coordination Liaison (DCL) and the Israeli army in this matter, with no response. The children waited in the winter morning for the army until 11.05 am, and when the soldiers failed to appear volunteers from OD accompanied the children via a longer path. However, when the group arrived near the illegal outpost of Havat Ma'on, they encountered five settlers. The children waited an additional twenty minutes in the Humra valley until the settlers came back to the outpost. The children were frightened of the settlers and felt very unsafe, and OD volunteers accompanied them via an even longer route. The children arrived in Tuba at 12. ...
Maybe gaming is pointless, just toying with the gravel on the road of life, but at least there is violence and ***
Hey the farm school behind where I live in Bainsvlei got 100%..big up to them..I see them ni99as walking the gravel road daily..
I can hear the truck tires coming up the gravel road...
On the side of the road with a flat tire its great and so cold...
Goodbye gravel road, thanks for the ride.
My 89-year-old Dad got out his bulldozer & cleared path down to main gravel road. Has electric heaters in his socks & gloves :)
I'm always amazed to find a well alive town of 2,500 inhabitants after 168 km of gravel road with nothing else than forest around!
If my car breaks down on my way to school I'm dead in the middle of nowhere on a gravel road. Why is Ankeny closed.
Sometimes it was raining and sometimes it would shine, we wore out that gravel road between your place and mine
The Gravel Road by James Newton Howard sounds like Alan Menken and Klaus Bedelt had offspring in the form of music.
Got out of the car on my gravel road to move fallen limbs & logs, all while holding my Starbucks in my other hand.
dude, I'm half tempted to walk to the end of the gravel road and have someone get me.
Were driving down the gravel road at night and an owl hits the window.
Last night's dream. A gravel road. A car chase. A barn collapsed. A kid went missing. A monster like a werewolf. There were bad guys who I shot, but they would just not die! Allies who wanted to help. A lady in distress. A gunfight. Boats. Swimming. Snakes. Bombs. Explosions. Then a really weird scene where an evil woman (who at the point in the dream I could only assume was the leader of all the evil people) force fed the lady in distress a chemical that made her hallucinate that the gun the evil lady had to her head was actually flowers. All of the allies are drowning in the water and the kid who went missing ended up being the lady in distress. The evil lady asks the girl to smell the flowers. I would help, but the snakes are wrapping around my body and holding me back. I woke up.
I need one installed on my private gravel road.
If you live on a gravel road in Audrain County, PLEASE BE PATIENT! The road crew is having difficulty getting equipment started due to the extreme cold. Be assured that these men want to clean your roads as soon as possible, too. When the equipment starts, they will be out in full force.
New year, new additions to Gravel Road rotation! We just added tunes from The Highballers The Stray Birds Greg Trooper The Matinee Eatin Crow *** Sons of Johnny Cash Cabinet Careless Hearts The Give 'em *** Boys and a bunch more! Also, check out our Top 25 and other top picks of 2013 on our website. And the biggest news: we will be launching another station to kick the *** of broadcast radio in the next couple weeks or sooner. Stay tuned and HOOO-WEEE to ya!
Over a foot of snow down my gravel road. I'm not going anywhere any time soon :/. GTA5 and netflix for me.
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