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Grave Sight

Grave Sight is the first of four novels in the The Harper Connelly Mysteries by American mystery author Charlaine Harris.

Charlaine Harris

Me n folks just left L grave sight. r.I.p
Like a casket in a shallow grave. Out of sight, but I promise it will never go away
"Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight."
Savior, He can move the mountains my God is mighty to save! Jesus conquered the grave. I surrender!
troops are not going back 2 execution was grave mistake 4 There is no Dabiq at sight
Puts tears in my eyes driving to your grave sight πŸ™ŒπŸ™
I think I will go to my grandma grave sight for the first time ever tomorrow
I need to see my brother πŸ’” go to his Grave sight & tell him what I been dealing with .
Watched the clouds go by while visiting my brother's grave sight. We vibed.
Such a frightening sight!. "Put aside your pride, set down your arrogance, and remember your grave." - Hazrat Ali (Riziallah Talla Anhu)
. a shame. she did more for the royal family than anyone. Have seen her grave it's a sad sight. Always loved
I need to go to my grams grave sight soon
I'm stranded alone in the wake. now I have lost all sight of the grave. when did I ever say that I want to be saved?
The same mfs that call me thier friend better b the same mfs at my funeral, court date, wedding, grave sight. All lat
At work rn but as soon as I get off I'm going to the grave sight & talk to my boy...
"Those who when a pious man dies they build over his grave & make pictures in it.They are the worst creatures in the S…
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I live in front of an Indian grave sight.
Have all ya ppl crying hard at ya grave sight
Aghors Aghora... why u so hot..?? its a grave sin to make our frail hearts go bonkers at your sight.. Mohit Raina's oomph factor is too.
I'm going to ask ma can we go to the grave sight today...
-heartbreaking no loved eyes should see this sight. From womb to grave . NO SAFETY
I'm beating his *** on sight and that's on my granny and my lil brother grave, no talking at all
Hopefully i can go visit Steve grave sight before i go back to schoolπŸ˜”
CHURCHILL TURNS IN GRAVE. "British head count in not a pretty sight
In his sight, / One shall turn from the dust of the grave, / And move upward to the woodland.
Passing thru the grave sight like this not real
I've been really wanting to go visit my brothers grave sight.
Can someone come with me to the grave sight? I don't feel safe driving alone /.\
Think imma go to the grave sight tomorrow.
Happy birthday, Ima make it your grave sight soon brother love youπŸ™. Watch over me
>> sat himself far from the sight along with his family. Fiona and the boys all parked in the back, feeling sorry for him. The grave >>
Try out your Grave Sight! The audio edition of 1st Harper Connelly novel is in a Humble Bundle
We are in grave danger if we ever stop believing in temptation's power. Let us never lose sight of sin's deceitfulness.
Just finished reading Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris (the same author of the Sookie Stackhouse/Trueblood book series). Fun little mystery book in the first of a series about a girl Harper Connelly who can sense when a dead body is near... I'll definitely be getting the next in the series!
On page 111 of 293 of Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris
On page 71 of 293 of Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris
On page 36 of 293 of Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris
Good stuff this past week: hubby is alive! Met Charlaine Harris & got Grave Sight graphic novel signed. Got WeaponOfGod goodies & loved it.
we can't PLAY fight ... If you really put your hands on me You might just have to pick out your grave sight.
Then I had to carry the casket at the grave sight... Bruh you dont know the pain I felt
Yes I have. I have danced on my grave sight already 2. Its way cheaper to plan ahead. Less burden on the family left behind
It's as hot as Michael Jackson Thriller video casting in the midnight zombies grave sight scene...
I asked my grandmother before I left her grave sight to show us a rainbow if she was watching over us. Saw the prettiest rainbow ever!
Go to my mama grave sight that day is first on my agenda
Just got back from cleaning up my grandmas grave sight lookin good ... R.I.P
Condolences to the family who will forever have one less person at the dinner table and celebrating holidays at his grave sight.
!!! I'm still reading Grave Sight lol but I'm anxious to start after
I went to my grandmothers grave sight *** I broke down I can't believe it.
Going to the grave sight tomorrow... I need to talk to my Papa. I really him right now...
okay girlfriend, have you talked to your little brother at all? Is he going to be going to the grave sight?
That family better be building doΓ±a juanita a *** statute at her grave sight with all that money they stole from her
I just want to send flowers and letters to TRAYVON's family and grave sight!!!
--teleported himself to Anna's grave sight. It was a dark not and the only light was that of the moon*
But the Martin Family can only visit their son at a grave sight ,
Man Man Man Its ok Zimmerman family will most likely be walking to his grave sight in a couple weeks if not sooner
Lmfaoo the grave sight is live asf !
i held myself together until I had one last chance to see him before we took him to the grave sight !
If anybody wants me. Go to the grave sight next to my house. I'll be diggin my grave
Couldn't be there to see your grave sight but I miss you and love you grandma πŸ’•
Say it all again im selfish red jag on that east side thraxx and 40 on da passenger side grave sight yo new ride
I wanna visit my brother's grave sight
Ty'esha grave sight this weekend sometime with her mini me . i think i need it or something i miss her so much !
I can't :(( I gotta go to my grandpas grave sight
Wonder how goin to dads grave sight is
huh? *** u had ya burner at the hospital & funerals we been at? U had ya burner at Pops grave sight? GTFOH fronting
Visiting my uncles grave sight before we hit the road..
I wanna go to a grave sight right now
with the homie on Marks birthday. Literally the first people at his grave sight on…
The Grave Sight of Sayidnah Khalid Ibn Il-Walid in Do you guys accept the destruction in this...
Its hard man . I haven't been to the grave sight in a min
What If the shrine in the Shang ra la Easter egg is rictophens grave sight. And even he doesn't know it.
Jus conversated wid my mom grave sight
I'm digging her like a grave sight. ♑ツ
Me an my Hubby at his auntys grave sight earlier after his other aunts fineral., RIP AN…
I started Gavin flashes bout my dirty ways Never thought ill see a grave sight at a early age
When Morrissey passes I'm going to grave sight.
Update your maps at Navteq
I haven't went to go visit his grave sight since Easter :(
I've been holding off going by family grave sight I breakdown everytime I went to see Darrian God only knows how im gonna be visiting them
I must make it my business to visit my mom n gmaz grave sight Itz a must just pray tht I'll wlk away being a peace... In need of it most..😏😒
Finished with Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris: Good start to a new-to-me series! Definitely looking for book 2 of 4.
{Eventually makes it to the grave sight and stands off to the side of Zalen's grave along with everyone else}
{He reaches the grave sight a few minutes later, noticing Sidney and Reve standing next to each other} ... {He stands at a spot, looking--
{As Jaxon makes his way down to the grave sight, it softly begins to rain. Jaxon looks up and nods to the sky, taking notice of his Rain--
{She follows behind Luke and Aira towards the grave sight, her eyes never leaving the ground as she walks silently}
*He walks next to Reve. One of the only times they would stand each other. They make their way to Mast Calium and the grave sight.* .
{Fixes his collar, then makes his way to the grave sight, sighing} .
*He walks behind Reve. His eyes stay glued to the ground as they walk to the grave sight. * .
*With his hands in his pocket, he walks to the grave sight a little bit a ways from the guild. Being followed by Kuro, And Waiston. He --
--his lone tear from his right eye. He then opens his window and begins staring out into the snow, barely seeing the grave sight from here--
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It's and this week it's the awesomely awesome GRAVE SIGHT by Charlaine Harris! If you haven't...
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You're so dead to me. Lemme get some flowers for your grave sight. Aha!
4 of 5 stars to Charlaine Harris' Grave Sight Part 1 by Charlaine Harris
Ill never forget visitin Martin Luther king Jr grave sight and the balcony he was shot on powerful memories
Watch me jack off by your mothers grave sight...
β€œIt's my job to steal and rob GRAVES” Dirty peasant. Grave robbers will be shot on sight.
Kant bury u next to him. He got a private grave sight. Lol
Hey my dads birthday is tomorrow 😌 I think ima take flowers to his grave sight ... I really don't enjoy going there tho πŸ˜•
I'm goin to Brook today. Goin to my cousin grave sight today his birthday😒
Would I be wrong to smoke a loud stick at my cousin grave sight and take a couple shot
"Clear writing brings a grave danger: People may begin to understand you! Then they will probably disagree with you"
SMH no loyalty! I thought that one was coming to the grave. Talking of horrendous eye sight, I soo need to go to Specsavers
Ted Lewis must be spinning in his grave MT: Attire for a new breed of banker. Not a bowler in sight.
Just caught sight of myself in the mirror, I look like I've just ascended from the grave
Drop a sack of indo in my pipe and it's EBK everyday until the day I hit my grave-sight
Might go to my daddy grave sight tonight or ina morning fasho...happy early birthday
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yeah and My aunt is takin me to see my grandmas grave sight tomorrow ..first time ever seeing it
May Allaah enlighten my grave & widen it as far as the eyes can see.May Allaah preserve my body & grant me the sight of my place in paradise
God extend my dad's grave as much as his sight
On glee, this guy gives someone roses and her reply was "are you going to a grave sight or something because I'm not sick" this is so me.
Heres what I got today, part 1: dvd, batman. Books, grave sight and saphireblue
Hopefully I can make it to Kelvins grave sight today.
Cheating on my gf n I know it ain't right n of she found our ill have me a grave sight
I wannaa goo to my papa R.L grave sight on Thanksgiving..
It is truly a sad sight to see someone you love digging their own grave
Went to visit Major Winters grave sight today. WWII Veteran and the head of the Band of Brothers. Thanks to
We went to my great-gma grave sight today, i miss her but she in a better place
Stand up deh like yuh brave, like she yuh get a vision and sight yuh grave
When ever I see fool ima beat him on sight i put that on my gma grave..
The Scholastic Catch sight of in re Pale death and Fellow Thereon Grave Give up 8: .tKv
Leave'n grave sight.. It's get'n into winter.. I'm have'n flashbacks of last year around this time.
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I miss my grandpa Vinnie! The Agnello family needs to plan a trip to NJ to visit his grave sight again!!
Hopefully to Whitney's grave sight today.πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ’”
At my grandparents grave and just thought this was strangely a beautiful sight. #
. Ima smoke a blunt at your grave sight every week πŸ˜” lol
Dead granny's , Walking Mama's all that , u mind as well start digging ya grave sight
Going to the grave sight tomorrow see my grandfather and other family that served in the militia
I couldn't help my tears come down my face when I went to my grandparents grave sight. I hope there resting easy
Wonderful my healer! giver of grace cause you have risen from the grave! faith my sight !you're my might! im
I have to go see my moms grave sight soon..πŸ™Œ
Cant Wait til i go get my car cause at this very moment id be either sitting at the river front or my papa and grandma grave sight
Hopefully to Whitney's grave sight tomorrow.
Grave modems, near death, who see with blinding sight / Dark fibres could blaze like meteors and be *** / Rage, rage... etc.
It was a beautiful sight and moment at the cemetery as we visited Javi's grave and all his family was there. It was as if he was there. ❀
on my way to see my Auntie & Papa grave sight ... imissyou them dearly
My wonderful mother went to Sydney's grave sight for me and left her a penguin and a goose because that's wh
Couldn't leave Baltimore without visiting my grandmother's grave sight I miss her so much
Im going to see my grandmommy's grave sight ... R.I.P. Grandmommy I love you forever and always ... !
Gotta find the time to stop at your grave sight today...
' so tomorrow is NOVEMBER 12 2012 which is CAMERON ANTIONE HARRIS BIRTHDAY & I want to go see his grave sight I think I'm ready !
Off to Salford to see rugby league off to its wintery grave. Not a Bahraini in sight. Will be in the company of mr loverman
I put it on my Aunts grave if I ever see you in public I'm beating your *** on sight for what you did. You don't play with people's emotions
I wanna go visit lil bro grave sight
For some reason I really enjoyed my visit to my great great grandmother's grave sight today
I love my brother too>>> the way we couldnt stop hugging and cryin at the grave sight >>>> β™₯
Anyone who is unmoved at the sight of a great-great-niece crying over grave of WW1 ancestor is devoid of a certain human emotion. Laughter.
My great grandmothers grave site gives her clear sight of my school. Thats something to think about next tim
In the limo on the way too the grave sight...
Everday all day till the day I hit my grave sight
This visit to Whitney's grave sight on Mother's Day is gonna do me in.
"Faiths my sight your my might, impossible is slain cause you have risen from the grave"
Stan up deh like yu brave! like seh yu get a vision an sight yu grave -8-
Then tuesday im going to my granny grave sight .
What pt do you realize, yes ur grown, and if your parents wd die today or tomorrow they wd roll over in their grave at the sight of u
-keeps the kids in the car and goes to the grave sight visiting Katie Marie James Fair putting flowers next to the tomb stone crying-
Lol they have a yard sale sign on the.grave sight over here
Drake is at aaliyahs grave sight ballin his eyes out right now. Smh. I can just sense it.
Just visited my cousin grave sight with
I wanna go to the grave sight but its all the way in Linden & I won't have a way there
My dad going to have so many balloons and flowers at his grave sight
Pretty sure Bobby Moore will be turning in his grave at the sight of a diving Hammers centre half. Tomkins = utter fanny!
The sight of him at the Notting Hill Carnival in a baseball cap (flanked by police) is one I'll take to my grave.
should i got to my Daddys grave sight ?
For my bday ima get drunk at my mama&granny grave sight & shed tears
Relax, enjoy the sight of the dead dancing in the grave~
I wouldn't give that title to sacrifices if their life expedience is about 16 to 18 years old. There's even a grave sight for them.
Chillin at sharmanes grave sight wit ...venting about life...whats the next mission in this music industry & women in our lives
Love at last sight: a rare affliction where you begin to cry and miss someone just as you toss the last lot of dirt onto their grave.
visit my babes mom grave sight Rest in peace and happy birthday to someone Ill never meet but I wish I did.
Goin to visit my babes mom grave sight
Read the bible at my sons grave sight. I feel so much better.
just left Pete's funeral , now to the grave sight to lay him down .
At my baby grave sight. He gives me so much comfort and I know he's so proud of mommy.
Going to see Lance at his grave sight later on..
Uhh my dads birthday is on Sunday going to go visit his grave sight
A-ha! Might as well continue with her second book series. Bring on Grave Sight!
Happy B-day 2 My GrandMother. Even tho you not with us physically. You still here spirtually. Love you and I be P your grave sight 2day.
*** keep talkin , digg yo own grave but we shootin on sight so you DOA.
Well my company has really sent me to the middle of NOWHERE. No phone reception at all. Anyone trying to get ahold of me, sorry. Looking forward to tomorrow. Whole day of sight seeing. Planning on going to Deadwood. Home of where Wild Bill was shot. Visiting the grave sight of Annie Oakley. Seeing Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Lots of pictures to come and a few good laughs will the girls from work. Should be an awesome day.
I think it would only be appropriate if we poor some on the grave sight, for my dead homies and what not
Went to Brandon's grave sight, miss you like crazy B! :)
If you can get past the ALL CAPS, then this is a pretty good read of what it means to serve and protect, and how that work weighs heavily on those who wear the badge.
Going to my grandparents grave sight. Lord give me strength and composure.
Rest in paradise to my stepdad's mom. She passed away today, last year. Just visited her grave sight.
I've been stepping on your grave overturn the thrown, your a sight of failure overturn the thrown...
To all family and friends that were close to my momma, I'd like us all to make a time to go out to her grave sight sometime soon together and take her some flowers if you guys would like to do this let me know it would be appreciated, and mom would love it for us all to come together to go see her.
2 of 5 stars to Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris
The past couple days have been really bad missing juju and Alyssa came home from Tennessee and she is a mess she's doing pretty bad she's been crying alot going to Julius grave sight has been really bad for her...i hate this I hate that this happened to Julius to my family trying to be strong for Alyssa but seeing her cry and can't sleep at night breaks my heart even worse...
I needa go to his grave sight and just tell him how much i miss him
On my dead cousins grave , I'm beating Jessica's *** on sight.
When I die bury me in a field of marijuana, so when u come see me u can spark one at my grave sight
My little brother at my mothers grave sight today
My brother at my mom's grave sight 2 years ago today my mother died 08-22-2010
When I lay in my grave on the first night, My fears of being alone will fade at His(saw)'s blessed sight..
Just picked out my moms grave sight stone.. Not fun at all.
I'll make my way to the grave sight when I find the strength to
Is it worth it to sin due to fear of family, friends or society when tomorrow you may wake in the grave, family & friends nowhere in sight?
Feelin better my lil talk wit my *** Menso one of the realist *** out helped out wit this lil situation now i can sleep in peace tonight MDS til wit hit our grave sight...
For all the idots that like to drink and drive. Your son daughter or granchildren could have been in this situation. Grow up people! Selfish ***
Just leaving ohio. Mrs Chata Blue has passed away. She will be remember by all who knew and loved her. In the spring we will be planting a blossoming pair tree on her grave sight. RIP Big Mama.
Well starting to feel a little better new med staryed working ya for me . Went to my moms grave sight we put some flowers on it cant wait for the head stone for my parents it going to very pretty . Well god bless
back from the mountains of west virginia ! Had a great time ! Like to thank all the family & nice people of wv. They all where so kind ! It is a different world there. I'm sooo tired now. Seen the old hollow & my little sister's grave sight for the first time. The hollow has changed so much in 30 pluss years. They still don't have plumbing like we do up there. They have huge containers of water that the house's plumbing is hooked to. They just pray its full enough that it doesn't freeze in the winter. It done my heart good to remember my roots !!!
U cnt see me when we're face talkin like ya weight right...will get u in ya grave sight
Im so bless to live and see another birthday and what was so special is that I went to my Sister grave sight and it felt so great cause I went yesterday and couldn't found it but by the grace of God me and my oldest son and my nephews and my mother we found it her sons were so happy and the smile I saw on they face made me feel like Ms.Pegion have accomplish my goal .
Hi Family and friends, This weekend Maur, Rob and I went to Matata and Whakatane, to organize Aunty Raiha Whiter's unveiling. The BOP turn on beautiful weather, great people and food. Here's what we have set as the program: 26th January, 2012 at Awakaponga Cemetery, Matata. Service is at 10.00 a.m. Officiate and song(s) still to be confirmed. 1.00 p.m, BBQ at Awakeri Hot Springs. It is up to you as to where you wish to stay. There is still accommodation at Awakeri, but you need to book now and confirmation plus one nights deposit is required by November,2012. If you are attending for the day or choose to stay else where, then there is a charge to enter the complex - Adults $6.00 if swimming - Adults $3.00 if non-swimmer. We will try for a discount on this fee, if quite a number of us are booked in to the Springs. Can we please have volunteers for setting up eating area, cooking meats, clean-up and most important, supervising the children when they are in the pools. One way around this is that parents are ...
I'm sitting watching Mob Wife and the lady is looking to see if her dad is in the ground cause she did not see anyone put him in, and the first thing that comes to my mind is my dad. I think of him everyday, be for I do something I think about how my dad would fell if he was hear would he want me to do this. I fell like I don't have closer with his death because I don't have a grave sight to visit him at and I fell that I should have some of his ashes. That was my best friend and at times I cant sleep cause I think of him and I now if I just had a lil of him I would be ok. I don't have nothing of him no pics no ashes no obituary not even a sock *** I'm hurting and no one can do anything about it. I been really thinking about going to see a therapist but I don't think I'm crazy, but I am going crazy thinking about this and that is why I smoke so much, I love you daddy and always will.
Today 5 years ago I got a call saying you were found dead in your room. Every year when this time rolls around I do the same thing. At midnight I say a prayer. Then a fb status and later to ur grave sight. Even though everyday I miss u more and more we think about you dailey. But I just wanted to say that no matter how long you've been physically gone yoyr always here spiritualy. I love you always and forever Uncle Boogie
Stopped by cuz grave sight can't believe its been dis long $R.I.P$ $LIL BOO$ $B.O.B$ whole team doin it cuzo n know u my next tatt tomorrow workn towards goals work school gym n of course family time *** I love this baby girl my lost twin but bless the ppl who need it n be right to yo ppl cuz anything can happn $F.O.C$ Ca$hed in $wagged out
Man mu fuccas got shyt fucced up *** out here doen dis dat n all type of bs but when u dead n gone u think *** gone remember you or bring flowers to ya grave sight smfh.keep it in the road ten toes
Went to see mom and papaw's grave sight.that was one of the most difficult thing I've had to do.I got to tLk to my mom and tell her what I needed to and I got to tell my precious papaw goodbye.I know they r taking care of each other till we get there and be together again.Hayden sat by her headstone and told her I love you grandma and I miss u.that broke my heart.I love u mommy...xoxo
Just because I do not visit your grave sight does not mean I don't love and miss ya.
Went to my Mom's and Pop's grave sight yesterday...They aren't there, but I respect there remains. It was a little sad to depart from that spot, but It goes to show you live your life here on earth to the fullest...but we will rejoice anew with our new life in the Heavens...
Oh yeah b4 i leave ny ITZ BEANZ JR *** YOU ZIMME! R.i.p syd the kid didn't even get to go to your grave sight but i got you next time i promise
Went to kobe's grave sight with 50 everytime im there i feel so hurt
moms funeral was today, it was so beautiful. there was so many flowers and the ppl. it was down to standing room only. it was so hard to leave the room where she was laying cause i know I would not see her beautiful face and hear her laugh again. mom looked so pretty it truely looked like she was just sleeping. bob did and awesome job reading the poem we found on the internet " the dash poem" and our aunt M. read another story called the fork, it was lovely. the songs we all picked was perfect, tear jerkers but just perfect. when we left the grave sight Monica (6yr. granddaughter) blow mom a kiss and said love ya bye, just like she did everytime we left mom at the hospital. then when we got home she wanted to know if great grandma was home with great papa yet and i tried to explain again that she was all of our angel now, so hard but now she told us g.grandma is in heaven and she is HER angel :)
the celebration of life for cjavar deejay galmon was beautiful well over 6 thousand people showed up but one thing I dont get is why when they where taken his body to fluker to the grave sight why the police go down 51 and past club 81 where every thing happend i guess they where tryin to be funney and open old wounds so dum of them
its becoming native, i may be mixing microbes with macrocosms . but my brain is faltering and going astray as it was announced that phil woods would be there tonite l. i will great optimism drive the road north to see him last nite \of course i was early by 24,the other nite on the way to have some tea at the tea party meeting on guns and the homestead.. i drive an hours in circles never finding the restaurant. the next morning i was told that it was in the shopping mall. i never think of shopping malls being a numerical address so i missed a chance for enlightenment... ill see them at the allentown fair if i can find it. maybe after all of these years of last moment imperatives. a phone call, an assignment in peekskill, get there yesterday the work is due tonight.. then paris, in the suburbs where it looks like queens, but the film is due on the next moment so the visit is just there, Parisian romance be gone... then down to texas on the red eye to photograph a grave sight of as runaway slave ...
Son, Me and your Dad and Ebonie, Michael, Tori, Cortez, and Raveen came to see you today. I made some flowers for you and placed them at your grave sight. We ordered your head stone and you should have it in 10 weeks. You know if I had it my way your area would be off the chain. Your brother Marcus was mad at me because I left and didnt tell him. So he texted me and told me to tell you he loves you and misses you and I can explain to you why he is not there. We all love you and miss you. As promised we will all be representing you in your name saturday as we walk the streets in Peoria in the "Stop the violence campaign". And as you always told me everynight "Goodnight and I love You"
Had a good time tonight wit uncle bernie mom sameera aliyha nd junior.. got to visit ungle gregs grave sight for the first time.. i really miss him dearly but at least he is in a better place and isnt sick no more...i will have fun tomorrow too im going to uncle gregs ceromony nd the altomont fair wit uncle bernie !!
Attention family, I will be heading to todays sunni ISLAMIC service in harvey, IL. To take security. White supemists has made attacks on sieks temples which I believe they mistake them for muslims, also there's been vandels on a masjid & a muslim grave sight with fawl reddick about the prophet (pbuh), & another caucaison was arrested for shooting at a masjid with an air rifle. I take very serrious.
When ii die im takken aa bunch of secrets to the grave with me. But life goes on. Cause ii see how it is when other people die, no matter how much you Loved from others or cared for, them people who say yall friends, they not gone come visit ur grave sight. They not gone call ur fam or go to ur fam house to see if ur fam been doing alright. When you die thats the end of it. Only ur fam gone care.
Is feeling real lost right now thought i was a strong woman but today on my deceased son birthday i realize i aint as strong as i thought i was so im praying with these tears cause its hard to fall asleep so i ask that everyone pray with me and i so wish i was back at home in milwaukee wisconsin so i could be at his grave sight but he know i am not able at the moment but i love you baby rip forever sweetie aka dontrees:-)
At w0rk cant wait to get off..hopeful diz week I can go chill at my bro & uncle grave sight
Who would have the nerve or the guts to actually still a cross off a grave sight if they want god in there life he is just a prayer away whoever you are you must want the devil . . . Rest in peace papaw campbell
*** keep talking, dig your own grave ! We shooting on sight so you gon' be D.O.A !
*** keep talkin', dig your own grave. We shoot on sight, so you're DOA.
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I want to go to Cali in October to see my dads grave sight.
Good morning!Today I caught a beautifull hawk'taking a rest & playing traffic cop,on a light pole.Hawks hold a very special place in my heart!Here's why?Because' in 2007 I lost my mom!My world was devistated!It was sudden,and I was'nt there!Well'at her grave sight when she was put to rest,My mind could'nt help but wonder if,she left us in pain,or in compfort!That disturbed me deeply!As our final time drew to a end that day.I asked GOD & my mom'to give me a sign that,she was ok!My mom new how much I have always loved HAWKS!As we left the service,and was not a half mile down the road.A beautifull'red tailed hawk'flew right in front of our windshield!My heart dropped to my feet,and I knew without a shadow of dought'that GOD & my mom,had just answerd my prayers!So'now,when I see a hawlk'I think of my mom!
Is there any body he would like to follow over or need a ride to Donnie grave sight let me it would be nice to have alot of people ???
jus watched a lil clip this 93 y/o korean man walks miles and miles wit flowers to his dead wife's grave sight talks to it DAILY
Late night cheating on my girl friend I kno it ain’t rite , but I kno if she catch me ima have me a grave sight !!
Faith is My Sight, God is my Might! Impossible has been Slain because You Have Risen From the Grave!
I don't wanna be around nobody I'm spending hours at the grave sight!
Funeral Services for Our Dear Sweet Uncle Milford "SCARY LARRY" Brown will b Friday August 17,2012. 6pm at the Memorial Hall. 7 am at the Salt River grave sight.
Whelp today is my dad's bday i wanna goto his grave sight again. R.I.P. WAYNE P. JONES Sr.
. In yo own grave, Boy we shootin on sight, so you DOA. SHE SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS - JUICY J
Almost at her grave sight. Already starting to tear up..
The fact that I'm blessed enough to put flowers on ppl grave sight around is a thank you !
Today has been ah very happy / sad day 5 years i gave birth to my son & on ah year ago i lost my niece so with going to her grave sight we will rejoice & be glad knowing shes with God..happy bday zamarhea & angel..RIP ANGLE LOVE YOU!!!
Juss left ma gma homegoing celebration r.i.p grandma bouts ta go to her grave sight
Granddaddy birthday two days after mines , I'm gone grab a bottle and head to his grave sight .
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I need to go see my brothers grave sight
Dear kiara, I know I been slacking n haven't been by or write but that doesn't mean I don't think about you every day because I do. I find my self gettin sad wen I pass by ur place, grave sight, n the church were we really seen you, n honestly it's not the same at all while u been gone. Brittany turned 23 yesterday I know you wud done something amazing for her, I tried but not quite wat I expected but not the same ur shoes can't b replaced. Love you sis ur the piece to my puzzle I can't solve with out u.
Where is "BERNIE MAC" burried at? I would love to visit his grave sight. Somebody tell me please
What would you like to see written on your gravestone? β€” There should be a TARDIS and a 221b sight on my grave...
Hey Family, to all those that want to do something for Sweetie's 1yr, some of us will be going down to the memorial site around midnight tommorow to put up balloons, pictures of her and light candles in her memory! IF everyone brings 5 or more purple ballons to tie up in her honor, we should have enough to cover the whole block, so when the sunrises around the time that they came to get her, all everyone will see is purple and her pictures!!! I want everyone to REMEMBER! Then later on that day around 7pm (the 16th) we can release all of the Balloons in her memory, together! Also many ppl, will be going the the grave sight through out the day! PLEASE LMK, IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS. We love you Family lets Remeber her together!!! WE LOVE YOU EETIE!
Thank you, and I'm gonna go visit my sisters grave sight, then go to the beach.
it was awkward. I've never went to a grave sight & talked to someone. But it did make me feel better
The sight of my dads grave still brings tears to my eyes
The funeral went very well omw to the grave sight now. Dad u looked so gud! Ima miss u so much I love u. I know you'll always b with me. :)
* had a great day so far visit my grandma / my cousins my son Father *BB * my Aunt my Uncle * clean grave sight put flowers down* show luv as if they were still here i do it often* i miss my Fam and son* Father* rip Fam and *baby Daddy* (tears) of joy* its shower as i did it they knew i was near them * smiles*
Good for you! I've disgraced myself even further by also reading Grave Sight and Lily Bard series by Charlene Harris. Ugh.
- i wanna go too my brother grave sight today ; but iont wanna go by myself & Duke said he not ready for all that .
Im thinking about going to Garics grave sight before school start , who wanna go w/ me ?
when i die,tell them to put a 'Like' button on my grave sight..i h8 being bored
Had a good week end went and seen Grammy in White wood then went on to MB and seen are dear friends there and went to the grave sight and thanks Jonny and Janice for letting us stay there it was good to see you all
Every time we go nassau for a track meet, going to and from the hotel. We always is pass my grate grammy grave sight :/
Happy birthday momma. I miss you so much... What i would give for you to be with me by my side... but at least you dont have to suffer anymore... im coming to your grave sight tomorrow... Im sorry i havent been there sence we put you in the ground... im not sure if im ready to face it yet but im gonna try my hardest. its gonna take alot... thank god i have someone to go with me to hold me up. thanks aunt Velma... it means the world to me right now.. i love you...
keep talkin' dig your own grave, but we shootin' on sight you D.O.A.
Faith's my sight. You're my might. Impossible is slain. Cause You have risen from the grave
No funeral, no grave, no place of remembrance, wiped clean from the sight of those little ones they have harmed. Bur just maybe before they
He laughin, but on my grand mama grave, when I see her she catchen the hands on sight! We not talking no more
Just finished watering gramas grave sight with may she Rest In Peace.
Went to see u today Kasie:) ur grave sight is beautiful just like the girl it represents:) 🌈
Made an attempt to go visit Hazell's grave sight; thought it might give me some closer but being at the cemetery gives me the creeps! I'm outta here
The highlight if my πŸ—½ trip: going to my Wella and Titi's grave sight to pay my respects! πŸ™ŒπŸ™
Leaving papaws grave sight, boutta eat then gotta catch a flight back to Minnesota
Faith's my Sight. You're my Might. Impossible is Slain because You have Risen From the Grave!
The Family Reunion is over...seen my great grandparents grave sight!
I miss my nanny, caught myself trynna call her and realized I can't. Ima go visit her grave sight
I will ALWAYS remember where I came from UPTOWN till the GRAVE sight .
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my daddy birthday is kumng up and i kant even go to NJ to see his grave sight . Smh
Talking like ya weight right will get you in ya grave sight.
My feelings seem to be getting worst tonight can't believe in 4 more days it's gonna be a year already even though it don't feel like that it feels like yesterday miss u Donnie can't even begin to tell u how much your always Gonna be in my heart and on my mind and missed and loved forever no matter what I wi always make sure your grave sight looks the best u will always live on never forgotten about I sit and wonder why all the time it's crazy but I think of how can we have u back when are u coming home it's suck to have to raise the kids with out you u was the world and the was your world how can something so special be broken apart like it is now I might be with someone else but I am still so hurt in side it's still so fresh I still cry all the time every alone time I get my hearts still aches the pain for u and Angel no one would agree or understand how I feel or what is going on in my life they ain't me or never been through what I have ... Life ain't easy as it may look there is a broken heart behin ...
My family cnt go no where & act right ! Lol they all at the grave sight cutting up !
Just drove past my grandpas grave sight and my grandma leaned over and said "tell grandpa did a good job today"
Me and my 2 kids went up 2 my brothers grave sight 2 wish him a happy b day. We poured crown royal and peppermint schnapps over his grave. It's called a snow shoot. It was his favorite shot
The drinks here are free so relax and enjoy the sight of all the dead dancing in their grave
Just woke up from my nap but omw up to the grave sight
Freddie spins in his grave with the sight of Jessie J coming to murder a classic
Whoever stole the bench off of my sister Sarah's grave sight, You can go straight to *** You really are a heartless piece of trash.
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