Grant Wilson & Ghost Hunters

Grant Steven Wilson (born on July 3, 1974) is the co-founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) which is based in Warwick, Rhode Island. Ghost Hunters is an American paranormal reality television series that premiered on October 6, 2004, on Syfy (previously the Sci Fi Channel). 5.0/5

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'Since its appearance in the show Ghost Hunters, where the ghost hunter Grant Wilson claimed that it has been...
Tune in Beyond Reality Radio tonight to hear Ghost Hunters and our alums, and Grant Wilson together again!
"Some claim that they left the show 'Ghost Hunters'. Okay lol, Grant Wilson can 100% say it honestly. He is like...
Coming this fall, from the creators of "Ghost Hunters," Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are back in..."Helen Hunters"!
I’ve been promising you a big announcement - and here it is! Since filming wrapped on season 9 of Ghost Hunters, I’ve been working very *** a special project. As many of you know, I’ve been planning paranormal events for years. Well, I’ve taken it to the next level and started my very own paranormal events company. Introducing my newest venture: Strange Escapes has three events planned and ready for you - including the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO and Preston Castle in Ione, CA. We have more events being planned as we speak and hope to bring these weekends to the far reaches of the country - maybe the world? :) I’ve also enlisted the help of some great speakers and guests, including Grant Wilson, Adam Berry, Chip Coffey - Psychic and Medium, Ben Hansen, Dustin pari, Britt Griffith John E.L. Tenney and more! Please help us spread the word on this amazing project and most importantly, please come join us! We anticipate these events ...
Grant Wilson returns to 'Ghost Hunters' for 200th episode -
:DDD Grant Wilson's coming back on Ghost Hunters! I missed him!
Grant Wilson will return 4the Ghost Hunters 200th Episode!!! o-: Is he Rusty on finding Ghosties? Will he find Bigfoot? Eat Mo' Raw Fish!!!
So excited to see Grant Wilson on Ghost Hunters
Interview with Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters the TV Show is up next at
Hes workin right now live on the radio! He gonna interview the guy from Ghost Hunters too:
Ghost Hunters: Ghost Hunters is an American paranormal reality television series that premiered on October 6, 2004, on Syfy (previously the Sci Fi Channel). The program features paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who investigate places that are reported to be haunted. The two originally worked as plumbers for Roto-Rooter as a day job while investigating locations at night. Since the show's success, the series now takes precedence in their lives, but they are still honorary employees with the company and continue to do jobs for them if time permits.[1] The show is unrelated to the original 1996 Inca Productions show Ghosthunters produced for the Discovery Channel. The format was sold to Pilgrim Films & Television in the United States to become Ghost Hunters. The only link between the two shows is presenter Ian Cashmore who anchored the UK/Europe show. Cashmore piloted the U.S. show, but chose not to remain part of the U.S. venture after he filmed the promos. Investigative procedures Jas ...
"Hey...I just got lucky & blessed enough to talk to "Grant Wilson"-the ex lead investigator from Ghost Hunters. I...
Grant Wilson from SyFy's Ghost Hunters came by the restaurant twice while he was in town for Fandom Fest and...
Editing our epic interview with Ghost Hunters' co-founder Grant Wilson - we aim to release it this weekend - watch your time lines
Grant Wilson, previously of Ghost Hunters, now a game designer! WTG Grant, LOVE IT
I went out and bought Ghost Town...the new book by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the guys from Ghost Hunters.its a really great read so far...can't wait to get home and watch last night' s show on the dvr ...
I just got back from a renaissance fair- I saw a liger named Hercules (a.k.a the biggest cat in the world at 900 lbs.) got my picture with some guy in Ripley's Believe it or not, AND met Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters!! I got a picture and an autograph from him! Pictures to come!
The cast of Ghost Hunters saying farewell to their friend & mentor, Grant Wilson (center). He will be missed.
Politics.the only thing I really know about politics right now (besides who the presidential candidates are) is that a lot of people think that Paul Ryan guy looks like Gabe Lewis from The Office. Which I can see. I also kind of think he looks like Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters. :P
Ghost Hunters Recap: Moving On Without Grant Wilson The TAPS team went to South Carolina's Old City Jail for a new spooky investigation as they moved on without Grant Wilson as a new season of Ghost Hunters premiered on SyFy.
The new Ghost Hunters episode without Grant Wilson its very odd without him.The intro as it comes on the scenes wth Grant taken off.
watchin the all new Ghost Hunters today wilson wen are gonna miss u oh so much hope its still good with out u :) Jason Hawes/TAPS hope u can bring good stuff to the show too
Grant Wilson missed but Syfy's Ghost Hunters is still good.
As Syfys epically successful Ghost Hunters series returns Sept 5 at 9/8c for its Season 8 midseason premiere, seismic changes are afoot, namely co-founder Grant Wilson has left the show. Once the engenue, Amy Bruni now finds herself a veteran mainstay and the only woman on the TAPS team. Amy is a g...
Hey kris, I watch Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International love both show miss Grant Wilson ..
For days I've wondered who Paul Ryan looks like...I've figured it out! To me he looks like Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters lol.
Finially something awesome to watch on ABC. "Who Wants To A Millionaire" with Ghost Hunters' Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson!! OK ... ok it's a repeat but it has Jason & Grant on it thu!! ;)
Today in 7/3/1974: Grant Wilson, star and co-producer of Syfy's Ghost Hunters is born in Providence, RI
One week before Grant Wilson's final hunt, the "Ghost Hunters" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on Syfy) headed back to Mount Washington Resort, where they had previously had some success reaching the other side during the fourth season.
We've interviewed Grant Wilson, Robb Demarest, Paul Bradford, and Britt Griffith of Ghost Hunters, just to name a...
Long time paranormal investigator Grant Wilson will be leaving the TAPS a.k.a Ghost Hunters. His replacement will be.Jerry Seinfeld. Really SyFy?!
Don’t go looking for Grant Wilson anymore: The Ghost Hunters co-lead investigator is departing the hit Syfy docu-series. During last night’s episode of Ghost Hunters,...
Grant Wilson of TAPS sadly leaves the popular Ghost Hunters televison show on SyFy channel officially.sad news for many people out there.
My Yotes may have lost Game 3, but I got Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters to watch! Don't wanna see him go... :'(
Watching Destination Truth right now, and will be watching Ghost Hunters later of Grant Wilson's last shows...: (
Getting ready to watch South Park on Comedy Central and then at 9 o'clock I'll be watching all new episode of ghost hunters on sci-fi. Only a few more episodes with Grant Wilson. Then he's gone from the show
Contact between humans and spirits from the afterlife is not as far fetched as is it seems. As plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and their team have worked to track down the presence of paranormals across the country. As leaders of The Atlantic Paranormal Societ...
Did you catch last night's episode of Ghost Hunters? If so, you learned the news that made the spirits go boohoo instead of just "Boo!"— because Grant Wilson announced that after eight seasons of paranormal investigating on Syfy's reality series, he was moving on.
Grant Wilson is leaving "Ghost Hunters"! Just please don't bring back Andy, Bryan, or Brian and the show will be okay!!!
Ghost Hunters, Grant Wilson, and a Goblin King! An extended interview with TAPS' Amy Bruni on The ScareHouse podcast -
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