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Grandpa Munster

Sam Dracula, Count of Transylvania (known as Grandpa ), is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Munsters, originally played by Al Lewis.

Ted Cruz Tim Kaine Paul Ryan Donald Trump Lily Munster

And the same to you Grandpa Munster.MAGA👁👁
We should all make donations, in his name, to his opponent. Merry Xmas Grandpa Munster.
I think you're trying to convince yourself of these lies!. . Btw, no hate intended, but when doing…
Wat. How am I only ~8 years younger than Grandpa Munster? Is it the evil that ages him, or the soup?
Look Gilbert !, we just had a rocket launch on the West, or should I saw Left Coast. Herman Munste…
Hallelujah! Be gone, turtleman! Take Eddie h Grandpa Munster with you.
Proud day: I just learned that I’m in fact 4 months older than Grandpa Munster cosplay afficianado, Theodore Cruz.…
Looks a little like Grandpa Munster in this take
Maybe it’s his striking resemblance to Grandpa Munster that made it a shock to hear Tes Cruz turns 47 today.
Finally got my husband's present to me (a photo scanner) to work! I'm excited to get my great grandma Belle's photo…
I choose the one who does not look like Grandpa Munster.
If we were to believe grandpa Munster and Crazy Nancy we'd probably want to die
Whenever I see him, I think he's a perfect blend of Grandpa Munster and Coach K.'s GRANDPA MUNSTER..Fester is on the left! Li. LOLL
It's time to send grandpa Munster, to the rest home! is a Trump Sycophant…
Eddie Munster back at it again. How's grandpa?
Grandpa Munster looking smug as usual. Can't wait to hopefully vote him out next Nov.
The last w/ Al Lewis aka Grandpa Munster from The .
Yeah tax cuts wherein 83% goes to corporatist and elitist who line your pockets and keep you in power is g…
The only schooling Ted Cruz is aware of is those websites where guys dressed like teachers are spanking w…
You and are finished. Grandpa Munster, pack your bags.
Hey Grandpa Munster (aka ), your gall is breathtaking. You were personally bribed into voting for this so…
Grandpa Munster AKA Lying Ted. Was he just thinking out loud?
I liked you better back when you and Grandpa Munster were locked in that bank vault and made those bank robbers fai…
Founding Father George Mason would slap you if he were alive today Ted Grandpa Eddie Munster.
Hey Grandpa Munster, that was a giveaway to your Reich Wing ChristoFascists. At least we won on that one you low life scumbag pos.
Looking a little grandpa Munster there Donnie but with crappy hair
First, that's a cookie. There's nothing bigoted about cookies! Cakes, yes. Co…
Dear Grandpa Munster, You voted YES on the Tax Scam Bill. We are coming for you!
You look like Grandpa Munster. And that’s not a complement.
Oh, hey, be kind here. Grandpa Munster was a good guy! The comparison hurts! LOL
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The good news is that Grandpa Munster's face was achieved with stage makeup…
Shouldn't you be at a Grandpa Munster look-a-like contest?
This is an insult to Grandpa Munster. How dare you.
"Hun"? Are you grandpa Munster or something?
Hipster Grandpa Munster up close and personal in
Thanks for putting Grandpa Munster in his place!
The other thing is that everyone at Princeton and every place since has corroborated Mazin’s views of Gran…
Ted Cruz is a striking resemblance to Grandpa Munster!
Looks a bit like Grandpa Munster in a suit. Bet this thing has a higher I.Q. than the real tRump.
Donald Trump and Neville Chamberlain walk into a bar. Animatronic Donald Trump and Grandpa Munster are standing at…
I can see Jon Voight, but actually he looks a bit like Grandpa Munster, too.
The photo show them for who they are.Grandpa Munster and the Gremlin...
Coming summer 2018!. "The Munsters go to Washington". Starring as Eddie Munster and as Grand…
Ha! Now do one with Grandpa Munster and Cruz. Not too much of a transition there.
He looks like Grandpa Munster from that distance. And they used makeup on Al Lewis to have him look half dead.
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Do you like the shoes of Daddy and Grandpa Munster?
Not fat enough. Hands too big. Looks like Grandpa Munster. . .
Well c'mon, grandpa Munster does belong in the land of make I right
It's the Star Wars / Grandpa Munster crossover no one asked for.
there's a whole race of folks with grandpa Munster's face?! teddy-boy does lo…
I used to ride the shuttle with Grandpa Munster on the Island. We'd t…
I still say Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of Grandpa Munster.
I just found out that Lily (Yvonne De Carlo) was actually 8 MONTHS OLDER than her dad, Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis).
The only person I am as repulsed as I am with Trump is Cruz. He is slimy and gross. He also looks like Grandpa Munster
If Grandpa Munster had sex with a Siamese cat and had a child it's
If Grandpa Munster and Ted Cruz had a love child...
Okay, this is the guy who played Grandpa Munster. Just sayin, .
you look like you're morphing into Grandpa Al Munster.
Why the f..k is he still here fkg Grandpa munster .
I saw Al Lewis who played 'Grandpa Munster' in a Utah K-Mart once when I was a kid.
Was Grandpa actually a Munster? Lily became a Munster by marriage, so he wouldn't be?
Grandpa Munster is brewing up a potion for Eddie lol
Also, everyone, please stop comparing Cruz to Grandpa Munster. Al Lewis was a good man and a proud pinko.
Brags about killing grandma and grandpa, real moral Eddie Munster.
Crash: but I can only get off to car crashes involving Grandpa Munster's Dragula
Herman and Grandpa Munster are reunited with their cars
There must be a bot for that. Replaces his face with Grandpa Munster or something.
To the point where I'd vote for literally anyone, even Ted Cruz's Grandpa Munster looking *** just to get the orange meatloaf out.
Napolitano needs to go back to his regular job of being Grandpa Munster's stand-in.
Eddie Munster was nice - he would never have taken grandpa's meals on wheels away!
Looks like a gritty Grandpa Munster origin movie.
Ted, please go back to playing Grandpa Munster. At least I can respect that character.
Grandpa Munster is the hatchet man.
The more i looked at him , the more grandpa munster comes to my mind
Schumer looks like Grandpa Munster with short hair. Well, More like Gpa Munster's evil twin.
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when you and grandpa Munster are gone no more job for you!
he's looking more like Grandpa Munster every day.
Janet Yellens babble reminds me of Grandpa Munster Fire her before she tanks the US with extreme debt payments
He really reminds me of Grandpa Munster
Need a haircut so badly. I look like grandpa Munster! Roll on the weekend.
do these robots get energy from boogers? That's all I see when Grandpa Munster is on my screen.
Does this mean you've given up smacking your dear friend Grandpa Munster? ;-)
Grandpa Munster was an awesome dude though. He was cool. Schumer is a fool.
That is an insult to Grandpa Munster.
yes I see them way in the back over Grandpa Munster's shoulder
kind of like Grandpa Munster popping out from behind a coffin on a tour of 1313 Mockingbird Lane,...
actually he's a descendant of Grandpa Munster
Did Stan Laurel and Grandpa Munster try to teleport at the same time?
The Dracula choir punishment was hilarious! I liked the Grandpa Munster outfit.
Bobby as an Alien looked almost more like a Green Grandpa Munster Ha!Ha!Ha!
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I dont want anyone who looks like David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump or Grandpa Munster making any decisions about my future.
Herman Munster shoulders...needs to get together with his son Paul 'Eddie' Munster & of co…
Megyn Kelly want to be the next Oprah Winfrey by helping people on TV Bossip via Looks like Grandpa Munster
Cruz still a deadringer for Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis)
Us to Cruz aka grandpa Munster, you get what you gave. It's called KARMA
Crux is really tje reincarnation of Grandpa Munster
Grandpa Munster hitting on my girl at audition
I got my *** handed to me in 1987 lol for calling Grandpa Munster and racking up a phone bill at my Grandmas...
a staunch supporter of civil rights vs an emasculated grandpa Munster
free weed vs emasculated grandpa Munster
You're right...I should be ashamed...Grandpa Munster didnt deserve that
Cruz looks more like Granda Munster than Grandpa Munster looks like Grandpa Munster.. which btw is like a weasely a…
If it's a debate about who looks the most like Grandpa Munster, then Cruz. Hands down.
you look like Grandpa Munster in this shot.
Because he looks like grandpa munster featured in NBC s Science of Love
Is it just me or does chuck schumer remind you of the grandpa munster?
CNN is calling it Bernie vs Cruz. I'm calling it Doc Brown vs Grandpa Munster.
I really don't want it watch it cuz of Grandpa Munster, but I also want to see Bernie. Eat. Him. Alive.
Kinda hard to dislike him. Everytime I look at him I see Grandpa Munster. Hard to be upset when you're laughing out loud!
Some deserve it.Paul Ryan is Eddie Munster.Cruz is Grandpa Munster.
Oo, another big popcorn date with the Great One in the White House viewing room. Go get 'im, Grandpa Munster! Us…
Shut up and just move. Your cuz Grandpa Munster is nothing more than a politically neutered, atte…
Shut up grandpa Munster. King flip flopper. A cheese puff dogs your wife and now you've got a *** for him, gag me.
I'd rather go back & take prelims than watch two of my least favorite people. A grumpy old man & Grandpa Munster? Miss me w/that.
Too bad 'Carbie', your cuz Grandpa Munster has been a hypocritical nasty old *** ever since his show…
you think healthcare isn't a key issue? You don't actually want to see Bernie dunk on Grandpa Munster all night?
I think you look like grandpa munster you thin lipped flip flopping *** Cheetolini dogs your wife and now you're licking his booty
Gah who let Grandpa Munster out of the basement again.
true...still looks like Grandpa Munster though. -points
Grandpa Munster has serious doubts, cries and meltdowns over everything. He's a political eunuch.
Grandpa Munster is never far away is he.
Sit down, Grandpa Munster. No one's listening to you anymore anyway.
ok grandpa Munster! Filibuster the crap out of this DEMS!
Michael Carven looks like Grandpa Munster and is aTrump troll. Please leave him out of future discussions
Wait. I thought Grandpa Munster and Weasel McTurdface took over dad's company. Didn't come with a promotion?
Grandpa Munster here is the reason why NK has nukes.
reminds me of The Munster's episode where Grandpa goes to Washington...wait.
he looks like Grandpa Munster!!Do your research on him while he was on Richmond City Counsel.A lot of his constituents went to jail
Grandpa Munster was a great man in real life and so is Senator Schumer. Your Pussident isn't human. He's a soulless…
A child approached him and softly said, “I love you Grandpa Munster."
But first she needs to register as grandpa Munster.
Our custom made Herman and Grandpa Munster for our Munsters display are almost done.
The Munsters had Herman, Lily, Eddie, Grandpa Munster,the Pet dinosaur Spot, and the Pretty Blonde cousin that was normal
he looks like Grandpa Munster there
I'm on a subway car with Grandpa Munster's doppelganger.
Latest additions to my pop vinyl collection- Lily Munster, Grandpa Munster and Slimer
how old is that first picture? Last time on Question Time he looked like Grandpa Munster.
Otto with and Al 'Grandpa Munster' Lewis in 1996. Mike provided the year
Marilyn had eaten a poison apple made by Grandpa and is waiting for Prince Charming. Disney has a lot to answer for!
How have I never seen how much Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster before?
Thanks, Danny. Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) started out as a Coney Island barker, I only wish I was able to witness t…
Paul Ryan is a *** Where's Grandpa Munster when you need a good, nasty spell that turns Ryan into a cockroach I can step on and SQUISH??
Don King dresses as if he were Grandpa Munster if the show was set in 1984 South.
hey grandpa Munster just Fade in the wind will you get lost
Grandpa Munster called. He wants his tongue back.
He keeps doing that Grandpa Munster thing with his tongue.
It's inaccurate to call him "Grandpa Munster" - he wasn't on the Munster side of the family.
King of Munster! Apparently my grandpa always talked about it and made my mom and siblings bow to the cres…
So do you find Grandpa Munster sexy as well? 😂😂
Watching The Munsters. Grandpa thinks he turned a frog into a Prince/Husband for Marilyn Munster. They kidnap some…
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Grandpa Munster serious this time! Will whip up potion to defund to get screen time on…
And 65 million of us, plus every voter who realized they got duped, ready to block your everything. But Merry Christmas, Grand…
Hillary finally concedes, having just made a sacrifice to Muloch while dressed as Grandpa Munster.
good lord man, that is a ridiculously long shift. Hope Grandpa is there helping you.
freaking picture makes him look like Grandpa Munster
Grandpa Munster and have almost the same voice Im finding out.
I've never been able to find the Grandpa Munster videos in full, either.
he was more grandpa Munster I thought
it's sad that she is so peculiar looking. Hopefully one of Grandpa's potions will work one day.
I grew up with Commander USA and Grandpa Munster then in my 20's and 30's watched
Ted "Grandpa Munster" would be an interesting choice for AG.
Grandpa Munster says the answer to messy Brexit is to go full retard.
Grandpa Munster on the telly. I'm blocked by him
does everyone look like Eddie munster? We got a guy at work that looks like grandpa munster!!
don't ask why, but I always thought that was Grandpa Munster in gremlins 2
Artie, no offense, but you're starting to look a lot like Grandpa Munster. Also, loved "Beer League."
Melania Trump reminds me of Lily Munster, her son reminds me of Pugsley Addams, and Giuliani reminds me of Al Lewis(Grandpa).
good ,we don't need grandpa Munster ,trader
A recent investigation revealed that he wasn't the Zodiac Killer after all, just Grandpa Munster
Grandpa drew in a deep breath and paused before turning his attention back to Herman. "She told me her name is Maria."
Grandpa can talk telepathically to the wolf and the bat, he will be very happy to speak to you.
The girl spoke softly, "My name is Maria.." then Grandpa realized she was speaking to him telepathically.
it's absolutely munsterlicious. Grandpa is a bit cuckoo but it's not quite the same. Thank you :)x
I started calling him Grandpa Munster about a year ago and my friend made that meme. Then, I saw this gif a mth ago
I know it isn't exactly your point but the actor who played Grandpa Munster was a good liberal
Im sorry but Rudy G. Looks like he is Grandpa Munster- dead. That's an insult to Gpa M. This is an Amer…
think its time to change the Undertaker persona again, how bout some grandpa Munster
They're holding Grandpa Munster hostage, if Eddie, I mean Paul obeys they won'…
Both the Marilyn and Grandpa Munster Maquette's are expected to arrive in early January 2017, cheers! :)
You know it's bad when Grandpa Munster has to call an emergency meeting.
Honey G is the love child of Grandpa Munster and Blunder Woman, but I'm actually starting to like her.
.Grandpa shows up for happy hour and everyone runs.. .shessh...
grandpa Munster or affectionately Trumps pen is Head
Eddie Munster we've seen your show we know you want to replace Medicare and kill Grandpa. No Munstercare for the rest of us.
I think Grandpa & Herman Munster could have made this movie funny.
Tim Kaine looks like Grandpa Munster after too many Red Bulls.
Weiner is such a *** and looks like a malnourished Grandpa Munster. What a ***
OMG it's Lily Munster & Grandpa in my worst nightmare. Think I need to see a Dr 💀
Turd Grandpa Munster costume would be even more popular if he had been the GOP's sure-to-lose candidate for…
Just give the Grandpa Munster fans a break.
When you get tired of being a politican and want to be grandpa munster again
I don't understand why Grandpa Munster is so angry all the time!
Gee sounds like a younger version of Grandpa Munster with a pedo
Will never know how Texans elected Grandpa Munster
The spell requires a DoDo bird feather but they are extinct but then so is Grandpa!
we gonna hear Al Lewis/grandpa Munster impersonator read green eggs n ham a thousand times over now?…
aka Grandpa Munster needs to GO! We are tired of obstructionist type government.
So it's back to the normal routine for grandpa Munster
Ok grandpa Munster u still have not learned anything
"hi I am grandpa Munster and pretend to love the constitution"
Go back in your coffin Grandpa Munster
Definitely Trump. Cruz looks more like a younger Grandpa Munster
This picture really shows the similarity between Eddie and Grandpa Munster. Great job!
The difference is Grandpa Munster was a pretend monster.
Guliani impersonates Grandpa Munster doing Sylvester the cat for comedy relief.
me too .Addams was better!!.Grandpa Munster was kind of funny tho, but Addams had Pugsley!!
Aquino is a hot Ted Cruz? He's more the Eddie Munster to his Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa never divulges the secrets of his many experiments saying it's all done with smoke and mirrors. Mainly smok…
Grandpa turned himself into a wolf, animal control had to bring him in. 3 elderly lady poodles filed complaints of…
Because I like what he stands for. He's policies are really no different the Ted Cruz but Trump doesn't look like g…
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Grandpa got some great stuff...:)
Grandpa Munster hair baby Loki in action! Just in time for Halloween! :)
😄Oh yes, that's a Grandpa special all right 😄
I don't know why but I could see Herman or Grandpa in the…
Grandpa, go tell Herman Munster so that he can scare tht mean Hillary for teasing you
You're missing Grandpa Munster look-alike who likes to put his claw-like mitts on female journalists...
Eddie Munster=Paul Ryan,Grandpa=Ted Cruz,Herman is definitelyCon-Don...Marilyn could be Ivanka. .I don't see anyone du…
Grandpa is on his way to Munster Mansion! Join us raising money for the EC Child Advocacy Ctr. Open in a few hrs.…
Not gonna lie, that was pretty rude of grandpa munster.
I can't wait until I'm old enough to pull off Grandpa Munster as a Halloween costume.
Munster fun fact: grandpa originally had a long nose but the show creators nixed it because grandpa kept getting...
Grandpa Munster, I mean Ted Cruz, is the knucklehead...
when grandpa Munster tells you how to vote because you're Jewish
Doesn't the look like Grandpa from the Munster's? I wonder why he is not pro Transylvania?
that's offensive, Grandpa Munster was much more human than the Red Sock cheater.
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Seriously when did become grandpa Munster
That look! What did I do now? There's still hope that is was Grandpa.
Hearse with HRC puppet in a casket driven by a Grandpa Munster impersonator
Kaine's reminded me of the Joker or Herman Munster's grandpa.
1 more for your great collage... Grandpa Munster
If this whole VP thing doesn't work out, Tim Kaine could star as Grandpa Munster
Erick looks like the love child of the &
Close, but grandpa Munster was lovable, kaine is not.
Do I need a new eye prescription, or is Lawrence O'Donnell starting to look like Grandpa Munster?
OMG! Kane is Grandpa Munster! Now I understand all the clown sightings!
looks like Grandpa Munster and just being a bully avoiding EMAILS
.you are more Grandpa Munster like than At least looking at Ted isn't cringe worthy.
Kaine reminds me of Grandpa Munster without the personality!
I'm so bored already but doesn't Tim Kaine kinda look like grandpa munster?
Eddie Izzard from Mocking Bird Lane as D (Grandpa Munster). Wish this had been a series. In an alternate universe i…
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Does Paul Ryan resemble little Eddie Munster? Or is it grandpa from the "Adam's Family?" I can't decide. Help
The kidnapper who took Grandpa and Lily just paid me all this cash. They begged me to take them back. Nice fellow!
You never get a straight answer from Grandpa. He's so cryptic.
Robby the rodent, Spot's new friend, refuses to leave. Grandpa's gonna need a big chunk of cheese.
Someone stuck the Bride of Frankenstein's head on Denise Milani's body and Grandpa Munster is very happy about it.
went to find a relevant gif for this and started by googling "grandpa Munster" and Ted Cruz came up on the image search
Somedays u just can't get Grandpa Munster's voice out of your head!
Grandpa Munster pulled out a knife on the dead baby. Dead baby back from the grave was standing his ground.
The kidnappers nailed them into coffins and buried them in the woods. They are vampires dude!!!
He almost looks pretty better there than now looks like Grandpa munster
Debbie Harry and Grandpa Munster, together at last!
Ever notice how Trump and his sons look like the Munster Family... Donny is Grandpa..Jr. and Eric are Eddy lol
Jesus Christ, I'm the exact same age Al Lewis was when he started playing Grandpa Munster.
Aww.. Grandpa Munster gave a shout-out. Whose the condescending one again?
Grandpa munster looks just like Ted Cruz. What's the truth?
Looks even more like Grandpa Munster in that get-up. Must be after dark. Garlic& cross; don't leave home without i…
why is grandpa Munster there though?
grandpa Munster invented a way to stop having to go but wouldn't share it with the world. He was history's greatest Munster
Don Post Sr. and Al Lewis share a laugh over the 1960s Grandpa Munster mask...
Grandpa Munster is a sore loser. I am so glad he was booed when he didn't endorse Trump.
I worked at Bloomies. Quick trip. I hear it's become trendy. I rode the bus with Grandpa Munster on the daily! 😂
Oh, Grandpa Munster, you've done a lot already...waffling, flip flopping, embarrassing your wife.
Grandpa trying out the Granny Bench. Or the Grandpa bench in his case
My bed head this morning was a cross between Grandpa Munster and Flock of SeaGulls
Had a walk in last night. Came n lookin like a Mexican went out lookin like grandpa Munster. My bad!! 😮
How did grandpa Munster get on the stage?
With no styling whatsoever, I sport a mean version of Grandpa Munster's eyebrow on the side of the face I sleep on.
The hangover is so bad I'm trying one of Grandpa's experiments.
What a weasel. The "last primciples conservative" is just Donald in a Grandpa Munster mask.
If they remake "The MUNSTER'S" you are a shoe in for the role of Grandpa.
domain names
Dr Frankensteins 1st draft of me. A first edition, unfortunately not signed. Grandpa picked it up on eBay for $3
Is it me or does chuck schumer look like grandpa Munster???
We hide it from Lily but me and Grandpa are as thick as thieves.
Grandpa with a saying from the old country.
I liked the Green Party more when their candidate for NY Governor was Grandpa Munster.
I love that show and he really does look like and remind me of grandpa Munster as well.
Grandpa Munster plush that was owned by my other grandfather who passed in May this year.
not to be comfused with grandpa Ted Cruz Munster. Or Herman John Kerry Munster.
The Grandpa Munster stripes may just be coming from stress these days, I don't know anymore.…
The 60's were an amazing time for Grandpa.
remember.grandpa Munster has a lookalike as well in DC!
Ironic Glenn considering you would rather have Grandpa Munster as POTUS.
and he's hanging out with Grandpa Munster!
you mean all the other liberals and grandpa Munster
I miss Grandpa Munster, the real one
Grandpa Munster aka Ol Rudy couldn't remember that 9/11 happened on his watch.
Lily has me on another diet and it's not going well. Maybe I could get Grandpa to make me a pair of lighter legs?
Dislike this man. Grandpa Munster needs to go away.
Google Ted Cruz and grandpa Munster and notice the resemblance. The "Munsters" was a TV show in the sixties.
My concept painting of the lovely Heather Hannah as Lily Munster with myself as Grandpa :)
Grandpa mixing up a batch of what he calls 'whooparse'
wow he looks so much like Grandpa Munster there
Grandpa Munster needs to sew 100$ in his underwear and go back to Canada
That's one of my favorites; I think that's the episode Grandpa Munster debuts the Dragula.
AW. Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz "disappointed" in Obama for supporting Colin Kaepernick via
👴🏻 Grandpa Munster is up on the blog today 👴🏻 [link in bio]
I remember that, as a kid, it was so weird to me seeing Grandpa Munster in a different role 😁
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