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Grandpa Munster

Sam Dracula, Count of Transylvania (known as Grandpa ), is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Munsters, originally played by Al Lewis.

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Is it me or does chuck schumer look like grandpa Munster???
We hide it from Lily but me and Grandpa are as thick as thieves.
Grandpa with a saying from the old country.
I liked the Green Party more when their candidate for NY Governor was Grandpa Munster.
I love that show and he really does look like and remind me of grandpa Munster as well.
Grandpa Munster plush that was owned by my other grandfather who passed in May this year.
not to be comfused with grandpa Ted Cruz Munster. Or Herman John Kerry Munster.
The Grandpa Munster stripes may just be coming from stress these days, I don't know anymore.…
The 60's were an amazing time for Grandpa.
remember.grandpa Munster has a lookalike as well in DC!
Ironic Glenn considering you would rather have Grandpa Munster as POTUS.
and he's hanging out with Grandpa Munster!
you mean all the other liberals and grandpa Munster
I miss Grandpa Munster, the real one
Grandpa Munster aka Ol Rudy couldn't remember that 9/11 happened on his watch.
Lily has me on another diet and it's not going well. Maybe I could get Grandpa to make me a pair of lighter legs?
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Dislike this man. Grandpa Munster needs to go away.
Google Ted Cruz and grandpa Munster and notice the resemblance. The "Munsters" was a TV show in the sixties.
My concept painting of the lovely Heather Hannah as Lily Munster with myself as Grandpa :)
Grandpa mixing up a batch of what he calls 'whooparse'
wow he looks so much like Grandpa Munster there
Grandpa Munster needs to sew 100$ in his underwear and go back to Canada
That's one of my favorites; I think that's the episode Grandpa Munster debuts the Dragula.
AW. Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz "disappointed" in Obama for supporting Colin Kaepernick via
πŸ‘΄πŸ» Grandpa Munster is up on the blog today πŸ‘΄πŸ» [link in bio]
I remember that, as a kid, it was so weird to me seeing Grandpa Munster in a different role 😁
Trying to imagine what Ben Carson's hypothetical "one horse show" might actually look like Grandpa Munster
I believe so, I think it ran 87-89. Grandpa Munster hosting bad horror/sci fi. I put something on FB if interested
Humpff! Grandpa called me a great big stuffed shirt.
It's know what that means! Radio Aryan: Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Fighting ...
One of my favourite foot slaves completed my Munsters funko pop set by buying me Grandpa Munster. One happy goddess!!
Grandpa promised me a plane for Christmas and a shrinking spell. Darn it.
I know the feeling. I never expected to grow up to be Grandpa Munster.
My hair always looks like Grandpa Munster's. It *** to be me.
Began the day with my hair doing a Keith Richards thing. Ended with it looking like Grandpa Munster. Yessir, it's all downhill from here.
When I see Tim Kaine I think of Grandpa Munster. Can't take him seriously as a leader.
*** I missed Frankenstein day. I think I was sidetracked while Grandpa was trying to stake me
Given our current choices, I would happily welcome the reanimated corpse of Grandpa Munster as our next President.
Do they ever explain why sunlight doesn't affect Grandpa Munster?
Vladimir Dracula, Count of Transylvania. AKA Grandpa, although we have a few other names for him.
Grandpa Munster is me. We are the same.
Grandpa says it great to hang upside down like a bat. Total head rush.
"Lots of people have insomnia, you don't see them losing any sleep over it!" - Grandpa Munster.
It's funny, but I don't see it. He looks like grandpa Munster!
Done w Sneaky can't trust 2keep pledge & lied about + creepy he looks like Grandpa Munster
"Paul Ryan," who is actually Eddie Munster all grown up, is a second cousin to Ted Cruz who is actually the son of Grandpa Munster
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Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster,he makes EVERYONES skin crawl, plus he doesn't have a *** Ÿ‘ˆ. "such a good reason to be POTUS!"πŸ™„
"Oh boy! What a day... I sure got up on the wrong side of the slab this morning." ~ Grandpa Munster
OI he is so adorable he looks just like grandpa Munster right?
I see you can't fix stupid,Vote For Liar Grandpa Munster is Vote For Hillary.
Aight season 2 episode 9 of the Munsters has as Herman Munster, as grandpa and as Eddie - amazing!
The resemblance to Grandpa Munster really comes through.
Obama sabotaged all of Grandpa Munster's magic!
LOL! who? who do you want! Don't ask for Grandpa Munster and Mr. Sweats. Darrell Castle...yes please.
I can see that description. Maybe Grandpa and Herman Munster more apt?
Grandpa Munster was tough, but fair.
i have this eerie feeling i'll end up a lot like Grandpa Munster when i get older
Grandpa Munster you mean? lol He is so creepy looking, I can't stand it.
I love that grandpa munster on yer arm,
is grandpa Munster still alive? He should be a part of the presentation in character.
If you've lost Grandpa Munster, you've lost America, lamestream.
Grandpa Munster, the guy who invented casting shows, Donald Trump & the Count. Oh, and Freddy Krueger.
GRANDPA MUNSTER FOR GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA! Heck, we're used to having a bloodsucker in Tallahassee!
Uncle Fester was the Adams Family and Grandpa was the Munster's. I loved them both.
Are you still carrying the torch for Grandpa Munster? (CRUZ)
Who would spend time listening to Rudy Giuliani (aka grandpa munster)?
We got rid of Grandpa Munster Cruz now we need to send his boy Eddie back to the dungeon.
I still see Eddie or Son of Grandpa Munster.
Ted Cruz. It's the United Kingdom, not kingdoms, you teutonic *** . I have to stop listening to Grandpa Munster, my ears are bleeding.
Tip War: Grampa Simpson does it again. He defeats Grandpa Munster with 69%.
Tip War: Grampa Simpson kills Grandpa Munster with a stake through the heart and 100%.
That's as bad as Grandpa Munster and Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction fighting each other
I'm sad that you screwed Grandpa Munster. Have some self respect in the future.
I'll miss you, Grandpa Munster Now, more than ever, it's important WE NEED TO UNITE!! GAME ON!!
With every moment that passes, Newt Gingrich evolves a little bit more into Grandpa Munster htt…
Al Franken said that Ted Cruz looked like the "love child of Dracula and Joseph McCarthy," but I think Grandpa Munster was involved
Fuller eyebrows? How about this trend could be so much fun don't limit it to the brow
yes I love herman Munster and grandpa
is it just me or is that Grandpa Munster peering out of your frontal sinus?
Ted Cruz is OBVIOUSLY a young grandpa Munster!
Even though you can't really see me, I love this picture with my grandpa.πŸ’•
He stayed up all night to sift through Anthony "Grandpa Munster" Senecal's FB to find dirt on Trump. It's outrageous!
so disrespectful to Grandpa's grandson Eddie. Herman Munster is not too pleased with you either
I was gonna say Grandpa Munster cuz even Satan can clean himself up.
Seriously overdone the "Slick Muk" hair pomade. I'll be going out tonight looking like a cross between Grandpa Munster and Mark Kermode.
looks like grandpa Munster made it out of the basement
We need to call Buffy and have her put a stake in grandpa Munster - it's really hard to get rid of pure, slimey evil
Cruz will look even more like Grandpa Munster by then. Not sure if that'll hurt or help him.
how's it feel when ur bangn and look back over ur shoulder n see grandpa munster. Irrelevant *** Go wipe off ur chin!
well, he's better than the vampire Ted Cruz!! AKA grandpa Munster 😳😳😳
Ted Cruz to make major announcement that he is in fact reincarnated Grandpa Munster.
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I would vote for Mr Unicorn or Grandpa Munster...even with costume
I think or is behind this scandal and will blame it on Grandpa & Eddie Munster.
begs the question who bears the responsibility for Grandpa Munster lying BUSTed
You had referenced the Munsters. You have to see the comparison of Cruz /Grandpa Munster .IT'S KILLER !
Very odd that Grandpa Munster was portrayed as a Knight of Malta/Templar.
Yes w Cruz as Grandpa. They should have run as a team. To be clear, Eddie Munster & Grandpa should have run as a team for Pres & VP
Why Ted Cruz looks like a younger Grandpa Munster
Is it me or does the new ASU mascot look like Grandpa Munster
I really used to like Cruz, but he lost. and my sister pointed out that he looks like grandpa Munster. so theres that
Grandpa Munster goes back to to Washington DC to cause havoc.
have you noticed Ted Cruz looks like grandpa Munster? Can you please make that joke two-three times a day?
And why wouldn't we value the opinion of young Grandpa Munster .
to be fair, he also looks like grandpa Munster
How'd that work out for Grandpa Munster?
He's so cute. Does he look like Eddie Munster to anyone? Cruz resembles Grandpa Munster.
He really is Grandpa Munster. . . .He can't be killed.
I think Eddie Munster always looked up to Grandpa though.
I would say that if Cruz starts running again, the Grandpa Munster meme would be twice as funny, but that would be mean.
Ted Cruz may get back in the race if he wins Nebraska, adding "undead" to his similarities with Grandpa Munster.
Looking at Cruz on nightly news gotta agree on resemblance to Grandpa Munster
I turn him off lol. I see poor Grandpa Munster who was much nicer.
you don't think Grandpa Munster/Zodiac Killer would make an objective judge? He was awesome on the science committee πŸ˜„
Cruz is pathetic saying he might get back into the race. You're done Grandpa Munster. Finished!
Ryan looks like Eddie Munster all grown up! Too bad grandpa(Cruz) is out of the race (for now).they would be a hoot together!!
Ted Cruz was an unappealing candidate. He looked like Grandpa Munster and talked like Elmer Gantry.
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin should be careful about threatening Paul Ryan. They could both be turned into bats by Eddie Munster's grandpa.
I liked a video Moebius Herman and Grandpa Munster Painting their Heads
Now, why you gotta go insult Grandpa Munster like that? BTW.. he was Lily's father, so he couldn't be "Grandpa Munster" (1/2)
Grandpa Munster does nothing but stutter and back pedal. What a con artist!
Kind of like the alliance between oily-faced Grandpa Munster & pockmarked-faced Bram Stoker's Dracula.
I don't care what anyone says, Ted Cruz is grandpa Munster. End of story.
Cruz & Kasich walk into a bar, bartender says "aren't you grandpa Munster? And who's the other guy?"
Yes, it was great! While he did that weird head bob, smirk thing he does. Cruz is a weirdo! Grandpa Munster.
every time I see Cruz makes me think of grandpa on Munster's. I liked grandpa better
is grandpa Munster running for president
Can you tell me what laws Grandpa Munster has passed that has stopped open borders?
Lol. grandpa Munster has a snowball's chance in *** Ÿ˜‚
Yeah, dream on Ted. TV producers should vet Ted to play Grandpa Munster & Mr. Haney in revivals of The Munsters and Green Acres.
is faux preacher ELMER GANTRY (Bible held high slithers onto stage) with the face of GRANDPA MUNSTER!
Only difference is that Grandpa Munster was a nice guy. Though I'd bet Cruz will get ear hair to match better as he gets older.
at least Grandpa Munster was lovable tho!
But Uncle Walter, you are disrespecting Grandpa Munster who is very macho.
There's a gif morphing Cruz's face into Grandpa Munster's. Don't know if I'll be able to find it.
I just realized who Ted Cruz reminds me of. Grandpa Munster.
Wish we could Abolish you and your Lies. Looking more like Grandpa Munster every day
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Tell me that Ted Cruz isn't telated to Grandpa Al Munster!
Grandpa Munster's true colors beginning to show now
Doesn't Barry Trotz look just a little bit too much like Grandpa Munster?
I think maybe Grandpa Munster had a lucrative side business going with his lab in the basement.
Doesn't Barry Trotz look just a little bit like Grandpa Munster?
Grandpa Munster and Lurch are teaming-up, a Scarey thought!
grandpa MunsterπŸ˜‚ juvenile yet so so funny and spot on!!
stupid move by a couple of delusional morons! No one is voting for Grandpa Munster and Eddie so now they band together
Give up you lost.. Now stop trying to ruin our shot at a republican president. Go back to being stunt double for grandpa Munster.
I suppose the Lyin' Loser would be best in a zombie world, that would explain his resemblance to Grandpa Munster
What do you expect from a greasy Grandpa Munster born in Canada trying to be POT…
No one is voting for a greasy Grandpa Munster from Canada. is delusional.
how does it feel teaming up with grandpa Munster?
At least he's not played by John Schuck this time. He was a Good Klingon, but a bad Grandpa Munster.
I would take anyone over greasy grandpa Munster and his Wall Street wife. Most people will never vote for that weirdo
and when it come to stealing an election Grandpa Munster gets oily!
Where's the pictures of Grandpa Munster?? Of the 60's TV show...Could be his GOTH father... LOL
yup. Old bosses Bush family, graham, walker ect in his camp with cash, assets. Wait, grandpa munster said he's an outsider .
you grandpa Munster looking doushe bag, you and that other looser need to drop out and go suck a lemon!all the way
hey grandpa Munster you will NEVER beat Hillary and NEVER be president. Only will. Only way u can win is cheat
So *** creepy, looks like Al Lewis, when he looks at the kids it's as if he is in full makeup & costume as Grandpa Munster
Wait, maybe not. I LIKE Grandpa Munster. My apologies to Al Lewis.
From 1313 Mockingbird Lane to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ted's a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster lol
. What if Trump & Grandpa Munster get disqualified? Will voters have time to figure out what Kasich really is?
Lying Ted, all you do is lie lie lie your kids hate you your wife hate you, you look like grandpa Herman Munster born in Canada dummies
So grandpa & Eddie Munster bout to do a drive by!
hey at least grandpa Munster was funny
That's because most ppl change the channel if they see Grandpa Munster
he's right.he's actually Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster announces there will be entrail snacks after the speech. Crowd goes nuts.
Watching some Babylon 5 and all I can think of is Grandpa Munster and it's all 's fault! 😝
Donald will somebody tell Ted Cruz I can't trust anyone that looks like Grandpa Munster
Has anyone noticed that Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster
the Hitler thing is a bit much. I'll settle 4 Grandpa Munster
Calls Cruz Dracula and he resembles Grandpa Munster who had no bimbos!
How many bimbo eruptions will it take b4 Grandpa Munster confesses?
You never see Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster at the same time
Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster.
Does he eat another booger or where a Grandpa Munster outfit?
according to 38% of the people in Florida there is a chance. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Grandpa Munster doesn't like to be referred to as the Zodiac
You have proven that grandpa Munster!!!
The many doppelgangers of (Personally, I think he looks like Grandpa Munster)
Obviously, he's not as smart as he thought, he got caught. Guess a few think Grandpa Munster is sexyyy!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
LOL. wants to organize neighborhood watches in I bet grandpa Munster gets the big flashlight.
Who knew that Grandpa Munster lookalike Ted Cruz got laid at all?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This is epic...I just can't stop seeing Grandpa Munster...
If can't handily beat Grandpa Munster in any&every poll she needs to drop out. would send him packing.
Those were the days! Who could forget the antics of Herman Munster & Grandpa? We'll never see raw, organic talent like that again
check out Grandpa Munster over here
Your a *** Cruz?? Booger eating,sleezy Grandpa munster looking moose *** eater. Wait, right up your alley.
Yep Liar cheater phony grandpa Munster & so on
how does that grandpa munster lookin turd like hook up with these attractive women.I don't get it
Don't blame Trump for your cheating Grandpa Munster.
Well, who wants kissed by Grandpa Munster, LMAO
mano a mano ??? This is an English Speaking Country...Grandpa Munster, SPEAK ENGLISH !!
Good! Makes up for the 10 that Grandpa Munster stole in LA!
Sorry but can't vote for someone who looks like Grandpa Munster of the Addams Family
There are pictures But too gross to publish Grandpa Munster looks ugly naked
how so? The highlight was Coop checking Grandpa Munster...
What do You get when You cross Grandpa Munster with Pinocchio ?.
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*** girl you are way too hot for grandpa Munster...jealous
was slow out of the gate, but picking up the (steady) pace while Grandpa Munster and Wax Head Ted stumble shock jockin'
I wonder if Ted Cruz ever dresses up as Grandpa Munster for Halloween?
Kasich is leaps and bounds ahead of Grandpa Munster and The Orangutan being ready to be president. Sadly won't happen though.
He's like Grandpa Munster, which is also Cruz's favorite soft cheese!
He is working overtime to get Grandpa Munster elected.
.Great, along with Joe McCarthy, Grandpa Munster, and Stryper, now we've got Norman Bates on our hands.
BustIt's official! Cruz looks like a younger version of Grandpa Munster
This trio looks like the Village people. All wonder they all like Grandpa Munster (lying Ted)
Well from what I get out of this is toast and Grandpa Munster is Delusional
And he's as ugly as he is deceitful! Grandpa Munster!
My question for Cruz: do you think you look more like Grandpa Munster or Kevin from the Office?
they would look like grandpa Munster with no neck
I look at you and I seriously see Grandpa Munster. And that's an insult to Grandpa Munster!
Someone ask Cruz about looking like Grandpa Munster!
The is off. 10 seconds of environment bashing from Grandpa Munster is all I can take tonight.
I still say Cruz looks like grandpa munster.
is bizarre. Multiple women willingly slept with a helium-voiced Grandpa Munster?
shut it grandpa Munster. Go screw some more hookers!
Grandpa Munster and Eddie did a good job making fun of Frankenstein last night.
No, no, no. Let me be clear: Grandpa Munster was a good vampire. Unlike Ted/Rick.
he's the birth child of Grandpa Munster and a televangelist. πŸ’€πŸ”«
Is it just me or does Ted Cruz remind anyone else of a younger Grandpa Munster???
that's what I'm saying he's a young grandpa Munster
trump will win Michigan and miss. Lose Idaho to grandpa Munster and lose Hawaii to kasich
And if Paul Ryan is drafted. we may have Eddie Munster running for president.
It's been claimed that Cruz is the Antichrist. See evidence at the following link.
I showed my mom the pic of Cruz with Grandpa Munster, she laughed
that Grandpa Munster wannabe will suck your children's 401k dry.
it's grandpa Munster. Check the nose. Identical
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wears so much makeup he looks like Grandpa Munster, sounds like him too!
I'd vote for Grandpa Munster but not some Joe who looks like him.
Ted Cruz to return to the 1960's and play Grandpa Munster as intended and not disrupt the time-space continuum.
.Comparing that *** to Grandpa Munster is just wrong. Grandpa isn't evil like him.
Here's a depressing fact for you. Last month was the 10 year anniversary of Grandpa Al Munster's death.
Why people would want to vote for someone who looks like Grandpa Munster!.
Eddie Munster calls Grandpa Munster and Cousin "It" to carve up the world? …
Mrs. Doubtfire - I can totally see that! I also cant look at him without think of Grandpa Munster! πŸ˜†
Get a load of this creep.Grandpa Munster's Untrustworthy brother from Canada...
You're perhaps too young for that. But you got Grandpa Munster, so who knows.
Cruz will never be the prez. He sounds like a preacher and looks like grandpa Munster
that Ted Cruz is the illegitimate son of Grandpa Munster.
Let's carpet bomb the Donald...and that Grandpa Munster lookalike too.
what is Grandpa Munster doing in that photo?
I have another celebrity for you, al Lewis "Grandpa Munster" ran for governor of New York in 1998 (green party) and lost
Anyone else remember Super Scary Saturday with Grandpa Munster? My age is showing lol!
Grandpa Munster also had some ethics to guide his life. I agree, Grandpa Munster wins.
Grandpa Munster looked "light years" better. And, as for character, Grandpa wins hands down!πŸ˜‚
What a sleazebag. Wonder why the "evangelicals" aren't behind you? (besides you looking like Grandpa Munster)
Showing my age, that was Victor Buono I believe. There's your random trivia for the day, lol. Cruz=Grandpa Munster.
The sooner we are deprived of Ted Cruz the better. Grandpa Munster is a cheat & liar who shut the government down.⬇️
he's his own line of grandpa Munster bathroom condom maker buyer creepy. Lubed n ribbed for his pleasure!
He is. Him and his grandpa munster look...definitely not a fan of him.
I can't with Cruz looking like grandpa Munster.
does NOT matter. Take it as a little clue Grandpa Munster!
Better to dress him up in a cape. He looks like grandpa munster.
He returned to the Cave with Grandpa Munster
grandpa Munster don't even show up for work
Grandpa Munster needs to lay off the sauce
I cant help to hear his quote with grandpa munster's voice
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Has anyone noticedTed Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster? I can't help but giggle every time I see him speak.Not trying to be mean but he does!
he's borderline Grandpa Munster in this photo. https:/…
he's borderline Grandpa Munster in this photo.
Stand with the Snake Oil Salesman, Ted from Canada, former Grandpa Munster?
You see him show up to spring training in a grandpa Munster cycle..
Who knew grandpa Munster was so religious.
Nah Bernie is definitely Doc Brown. Now Hillary is a tough one. Cruz is Grandpa Munster
Please don't make me hate grandpa Munster.
A fascist, a corporate robot, and Grandpa Munster dressed as a Bible salesman. Sounds like a joke but it's the race for the GOP nomination
you are weak on illegal immigration, and weak in general. Grandpa Munster will not
Grandpa or Eddie Munster more like teddy
Ted from Canada, the Snake Oil Salesman, apologized? Does this mean he has to return to his job as Grandpa Munster?
. The Cruz Camp just confirmed that Grandpa Munster was indeed Ted's biological father.
looks like Grandpa Munster, is at it again. The people of New York should be ashamed of their Senior Senator.
Grandpa Munster cannot be taken seriously.
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I was thinkin more Grandpa Munster - - that might be before your time tho
I'm really enjoying Italian Grandpa Munster and Vlad Putin, Esq. on the show tonight.
"I was a 1950s *** πŸ’ƒπŸ“•πŸ‘„. βœ‚οΈWe got Grandpa Munster and Flock of Seagulls *** hairdos! πŸ˜‚
he reminds me of a cross between Grandpa Munster and Ed Grimley.
I just realized Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster and it makes me sad
People compare Ted Cruz to "Grandpa Munster". That's rubbish! He was Lily's father; she only became a Munster by marriage.
Sounds like Grandpa Munster is totally going to beat Barak Obama in this election.
Us older folk recognize Al Lewis, as Grandpa Munster. Uncle Fester was on Adams Family. Am I being picky?
you should put his ugly mug next to Grandpa Munster. Twins.
if you don't want to go with the... hand metaphor, there's always Grandpa Munster.
THANK YOU. Cruz looks exactly like a malevolent, creepy Grandpa Munster (but huge insult to poor Al Lewis).
and then people say Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster then I'm mad because I love that show. Childhood Ruined!
Ted just mad cuz he grandpa munster [image]
And that he kinda looks like Grandpa Munster.
Ok let's see what grandpa munster has to say.
you could say that every night. He looks like Grandpa Munster.
your pivot on NY values made me forget for a few moments just how very much you look like grandpa Munster.
It's interesting that this Grandpa Munster looking swish wasn't offended by "New York values" when his wife worked for Goldman Sachs.
he's kicking *** Stuttering Jeb and grandpa Munster not so much
Ted Cruz is the real grandpa Munster.
Ted Cruz and his grandpa Munster looking ***
his grandpa is running for president that's how. Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz
One of these men is a bloodsucking vampire from a bygone era. The other is grandpa Munster.
That is just not a nice thing to do to Grandpa Munster. But I knew I had seen clown Ted somewhere.
probably because Grandpa Munster is on the debate stage
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