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Grandpa Munster

Sam Dracula, Count of Transylvania (known as Grandpa ), is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Munsters, originally played by Al Lewis.

Eddie Izzard Herman Munster Mockingbird Lane Ed Koch Al Lewis Eddie Munster Mel Kiper New York Lily Munster Rick Pitino Chuck Schumer Mayor Koch Larry Hagman Ted Cruz Mel Kiper Jr

You can be the Munster's. Lily, Herman and Grandpa or Eddie for Halloween. 😊
TV's Grandpa Munster, Al Lewis has a chuckle over his halloween mask.
"Tons of people suffer from insomnia but you don't see them losing sleep over it"-grandpa Munster
Kudos to "Reggs" for Grandpa Munster halloween costume on STO this evening
Grandpa Munster 👻 super stoked on this and a big thanks to r_flores_art
Grandpa Munster It's the nature of the beast. They know what's best...
Here, potions for the fine arts, such as painting, sculpture, music and bowling. ~ Grandpa Munster
Munster throwback: Hilarious quote from Herman and Grandpa.
A fun little Grandpa Munster sketch from last night. I was trying to get a late start on the whole
I HAVE IT !!! Tucker as Herman Munster, Anna as Marilyn, Janice as Lily and Clayton as Grandpa or Eddie Munster.
its 1964, I've seen Herman Munster and grandpa, but no ***
My new nephew's grandfather is 84, Transylvanian & looks like Grandpa Munster. Naturally, I'm calling the kid Baby Dracula.
Grandpa Munster was only 41 in the first season of The Munsters?!
hopefully printing grandpa munster shirts tomorrow and then maybe they'll be dry by Friday.
Fans of my last album, in case you missed it: GRANDPA MUNSTER CAUGHT ME STARING.
True story: I ran into Grandpa Munster in the West Village in 2002. He busted be staring at him and said hello.
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Wanna feel old? Brad Pitt is the same age as Grandpa Munster was when he ran for mayor of New York in 90 something.
With the AH-Mazing landoncider as Grandpa Munster tonight!
Munster throwback: Grandpa can turn into different animals.
Munster throwback: Grandpa hangs himself around the house.
Munster throwback: Grandpa turns into a bat.
I'm only a fan because of Grandpa Munster jury-rigging the race to the bottom with the Devils. 😉
Put some white hair on her and she's a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster.
When did Grandpa Munster start doing hockey highlights on ESPN?
John Forslund's transformation into Grandpa Munster is almost complete
Photo: Lilly, Herman, and Grandpa Munster visit Marineland of the Pacific, Los Angeles, 1965.
That's not really fair though...I loved Grandpa Munster
Go back to your time share computering, grandpa munster.
Frank Reynolds on is basically just Grandpa Munster.
My "Grandpa Munster" watercolor painting is now available as a phone case!! Find it here -…
I would be mad if Grandpa Munster wrecked me so I can't blame for being upset.
The Argentina manager reminds me of someone. The closest I've come with so far is Grandpa Munster
me too, best I could think of was Grandpa Munster
People the Argentina manager looks like.. Grandpa Munster. Roy Evans in Eastenders. Max Wall. Marlon Brando as Supermans dad. Michael Ironside
Herman, I have told you a hundred million times, "Don't exaggerate!". -Grandpa Munster
Is it just me or does Darryl Sutter look a little like Grandpa Munster?
"I have had many brides. All dead now. We keep in touch." - Grandpa Munster, Mockingbird Lane (via...
It's a Munster Cheese Monday! Are there several varieties like Herman, Grandpa, Lilly, Eddie? Yeah, the wisdom of Monday. Need coffee. Now.
these-fries-are-mine: Grandpa Munster is by far my favorite
find of the day, Grandpa Munster himself Al Lewis AKA Grampa presents Horror Hotel.
*** Georgia you have Freddy Krueger, a parachute, a hippy, grandpa Munster and a whole lot of no.
Yo, Mel Kiper Jr, Grandpa Munster called, he wants his hair back
Mel Kiper looks like grandpa Munster with that hair
and ps Finnegan is Herman Munster in cleats! Otto is grandpa Munster.
I was going to throw Al in there but figured 90% of my followers wouldn't even know who Grandpa Munster was.
looks like Grandpa Al Munster, but this is hella better
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Does anyone else think Mel Kiper looks like Grandpa Munster?
I can see, a-black gator hat behind the plate, the guy wearing it looks like grandpa munster
I think he looks like Grandpa Munster.
Watching ESPN coverage of the NFL Draft. When did Mel Kiper become Grandpa Munster?
Mel Kiper, Jr is one cloudy day away from becoming Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster liked to get freaky
With out of the I'll miss Billy Donovan's haircut-- now at the half way point between Eddie Munster and Grandpa Munster.
I like Al Lewis!!! He played Grandpa Munster & him & Fred Gwenn that played Herman Munster also played on Car 54 Where Are You? Them two are so funny!
Al Lewis (born Albert Meister, possibly Alexander Meister; April 30, 1923[1] – February 3, 2006) was an American character actor best known for his role as Count Dracula lookalike "Grandpa Munster" on the CBStelevision seriesThe Munsters and its subsequent film versions. Later in life, he was also a...
Remembering Today- Al Lewis. He was born on April 30th,1923 - February 3`rd-2006. Al has played in a Variety of TV Shows & Movies through the years. But he mostly be known to many as Grandpa Munster, on the TV Series The Munsters.1964-1966, & Officer Leo, on the TV Series Car 54,1961- 1963.
I love Mark Gatiss... "Robbie Williams terrifying on 'Strictly'. As if Ed Balls and Oliver Reed had simultaneously possessed the body of Grandpa Munster."
Grandpa Munster *SOLD* More one of a kind art here: Get FREE Worldwide…
"Charles Manson babysat my kids," he once bragged. "He didn't chop no heads off. He was very nice with me."
Need to find me some type of Grandpa Munster memorabilia.. Luv that character..
Is it just me, or is Robin Williams starting to look more and more like Grandpa Munster?
Oregon inventor Robert Maddox designed the pulsejet coffin after being inspired by Grandpa Munster' Dragula car, made famous in the 1960s children’s TV show.
I knew from day one this dude looked like Eddie Munster..And *** looks like Grandpa Munster!! Lol
Probably because he looks like Grandpa Munster.
brad should play Herman Munster in a movie or tv series with Corey Felman as Grandpa. Make it happen
Brad Garrett should star as Herman Munster in a Munster motion picture. Corey Felman should . Be Grandpa
My hairline is jacked. It looks like Grandpa Munster meets Tina Turner... so unfortunate.
Grandpa Munster was a sweet kind dear vampire. I don't know who that *** beside him is .
That's a terrible insult to compare that to Grandpa Munster!
One of these men is a blood sucking vampire from a bygone era and the other one is Grandpa Munster.
Not only does Ace Frehley laugh like Grandpa Munster, they might share makeup.
I think he's too busy looking for Grandpa Munster for fight his battles for him.
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1998 was the 20th Anniversary of "Anthony and the Playboys," and three members of the band set out on an ambitious project of putting together several tapes - 5 in all - a mix of original APB band recordings and many "Anthony" solo songs. This one here, taken off of the tape "One Score - Phase III" is a cool song Anthony wrote and recorded as a solo when he found out that GRANDPA MUNSTER, Al Lewis, was running for the governor of New York! A band favorite then and now!
Okay. I recently posted a picture of young me with Grandpa Munster at Marineland. Little did we know that the Joker was surfing nearby!
We have Little Eddie Munster in and Grandpa Munster in smarmmeister 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day - On the Set of The Munsters: Al Lewis/Grandpa Munster and Butch Patrick/...
Check out MLB network right now to see Dan Plesac's Grandpa Munster impression
Eddie Munster (Ryan) must have forgot that he and Grandpa Munster (Romney), lost the election in 2012.
Has anyone ever seen Jack Ruby and Grandpa Munster in the same place at the same time? Curious...
Brad Garrett as Herman Munster, Joely Fisher as Lily Munster, Jason Alexander as Grandpa Munster...that's who I would choose anyway
Grandpa Munster aka Al Lewis was born on this date in 1923.
Share my birthday with Willie Nelson, Kirsten Dunst, Grandpa Munster and thus, Grandpa Munster's eyebrows, yesss
Odd dream where Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis) told me how he had to buy his old films and costumes off of Ebay.
It's Sunday. At work. One of the exhibits looks like Grandpa from the Munster's! Lol Creeepy!
Still would've chosen Herman Munster to play John Kerry in the new Spielberg movie,but I guess since Grandpa w/playin Schumer, it w too much
Had a Great Day in NWI, Dark Lord Day in Munster, followed by my Grandpa's 90th B-Day dinner !!! Great drive thru Chi Town on the way home:)
Conan joked at the W.H. Correspondents' Dinner tonight, Sen. Schumer will be played in fake movie by Grandpa Munster!
At the White House Correspondents Dinner Conan O'Brien says Grandpa Munster will play Chuck Schumer in a new TBS show about DC politics
Senator Chuck Schumer will be played by Grandpa Munster
Dude looks like Grandpa Munster went shopping at the Polo outlet.
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Is Gruden trying to sneak the obvious comb-fwd by us? And what's up w/ Grandpa Munster? Yea it's sports, but you're still on tv?
These announcers are retarded! You got Grandpa Munster, Sucky Chucky, and a freakin bag of wind!
At some point, Kiper is going to just suddenly turn into Grandpa Munster
Grandpa Munster just spews that everyone and every team is great!!
Mel Kiper Jr looks like Grandpa Munster w/ a heavy application of Grecian formula.
Bet Marlon Brando would have been a good Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster, after hearing Edie Munster's new "Beatnik" music.
inspiration for Karen O's new suited look? David Bowie & Grandpa Munster. Watch
To grandpa munster yes they were funny. I liked watching it
I am texter 0093. I was listening to that day when grandpa Munster did that interview when you were fledgling station
She gets to the bathroom, I look up and her eyebrows look like Grandpa Munster for the The Munsters.
when is Capcom going to release Munster Hunter, I want to be able to wear Grandpa's scalp as a hat
It's not Pitino's complexion, it's his hair. It's like Don Draper meets Ace Ventura meets Grandpa Munster.
"Pitino has grandpa munster hair lol LMAO!!!
Give him 5 years and Pitino will be a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster
Pale, white, and looks like death. Grandpa Munster came back as Rick Petino.
Pitino has grandpa munster hair lol
Just turned on the game. Rick Pitino starting to resemble Grandpa Munster.
Rick Pitino is aging as gracefully as Grandpa Munster / Frank Deford.
Anyone else think Pitino looks like Grandpa Munster
"She looks like the grandpa from the Munster's. Except the grandpa's cuter."
Is it me or does Pitino look like Grandpa Munster? Get some son whitey.
Is it me, or is Pitino starting to look a bit like Grandpa Munster?
Apparently I look like this...Lily Munster from the munsters!this is wat my grandpa said especially wiv makeup on😝😳
I was so in love with Lily Munster when I was a kid. And Grandpa was just the coolest geriatric vampire EVER!
Harry Neale would make a sweet Grandpa Munster at Halloween.
Grandpa Munster, the early years. I assume the next pic was of a diaper change.
Just saw grandpa Munster on an economic video
Gittin tired of seein grandpa Munster on here.
I haven't been to a wedding since I married my 140th wife. -Grandpa Munster
Breast Cancer Awareness
Shucks, why do I always wake up in the middle of a perfect nightmare? -Grandpa Munster
Marilyn dear, no matter where you go in the world, you can always dig up one of our relatives. -Grandpa Munster
Lilly, either hang those pans up or have them tuned! -Grandpa Munster
I have no clue who I'm going to vote for. It's very strange. If only Grandpa Munster were still alive...
And before that he was a babysitter for Al Lewis kids (Grandpa Munster)
Grandpa Munster behind the bench for the Leafs
Grandpa: Hi. eh, What are you staring at, my little man? Googie Miller: I've never seen a penguin smoking a cigar before
I just overheard refer to someone as "Grandpa Munster's Indian brother.. From India."
Put a casket on the back and you'll look like Grandpa Munster! “Men... Bad *** Moto!
So, Mitch McConnell disses Hillary Clinton as one of "The Golden Girls" - Doesn't he see Grandpa Munster when he looks into the mirror?
I'm calling shenanigans. That is clearly Grandpa Munster with Bob and Dave.
Hope you liked my Grandpa Munster encounter. It was a true story and hysterical.
Im hearing Buddy Nix just called Domino's regarding the availability of Grandpa Munster
Need a haircut, startin to look like a sexy Grandpa Munster
Hello my dear! Look at Ted Cruz. He looks like grandpa Munster without the makeup. Paul Ryan is Beaver Cleaver. Boehner drunk aunt
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News: Grandpa Munster, sadly alive at the age of 86. Munster was found alive at about 7 a.m. at his home, according to coroners.
Or why Grandpa Munster took Herman's last name.
Yes, I remember that Grandpa Munster said that he had Herman built for Lily :D
Ed Koch died...I really liked him. He always reminded me of Grandpa Munster. Rest peacefully.
Ed Koch to my generation is the creepy *** from People's Court. He looked like Grandpa Munster though, so I'll forgive him.
Feeling better today. Actually gettin out of house for a few.
Ed Koch always reminded me of Grandpa Munster R.I.P.
Grandpa Munster: Hmm. What smells so good? Herman Munster: I cut myself shaving.
RIP Ed Koch...still remember watching news as a kid and thinking he was most important person in world because he was Mayor of NYC.
I always confused him for Grandpa Munster when I was a kid.
RIP Ed Koch. I'm sorry that I used to think you were the same guy that played Grandpa Munster.
When I was a little kid, I always thought that Ed Koch and Grandpa Munster were the same guy:
Ed Koch died...wasn't he grandpa Munster?
Dru Post of the Day: Ed Koch rest in peace but you were no angel n for *** sure didn't give a eff about minorities!!! He also empowered the NYPD to whoop your *** and they blamed everything he did wrong on Dinkins. So these accolades is complete utter nonsense!!! It's no coincidence they named a free bridge after his cheap *** !
Ed Koch (Grandpa Munster oh ya and former NY Mayor) Dies at 88
Growing up in nyc through the 70 and 80 was anything but glamorous. You had graffiti on every train, south bronx looked like Hiroshima, and the yankees played the dodgers every world series. The one constant was Ed Koch grandpa munster himself saying I love New York. Well sir New York loved you back. God speed.
R.i.p. Ed Koch ... Funny memory . When I was a kid I thought that Mayor Koch and grandpa Munster was the same man. ...
I realize that isn't much of a eulogy, but honestly I was a bigger fan of the guy that inspired him, Grandpa Munster.
... i always thought that guy looked like grandpa Munster...
I'd like to think that Mayor Koch and Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) are running around *someplace* and causing all kinds of hijinx...
Aww, sad to wake up to the news of Ed Koch's passing. We have lost a real character and a truly iconic New Yorker.
Whenever I saw Ed Koch in the news, he always seemed to me to be a classic example of a "New Yorker."
Former Mayor Ed Koch died this am. I mention this only because I thought he should've always worn Grandpa Munster's costume to the media.
RIP Ed Koch, I always confused you with Grandpa Munster!
and has a strinking resemblence to grandma Munster lol
R.I.P. Ed Koch. I know you were the Mayor of NYC but I will always remember you as the guy who looked like Grandpa Munster.
RIP Grandpa Munster, I mean Ed Koch. I didn't even know you were still alive.
And let's face it, the last decent vampire on TV was Grandpa Munster.
The collar of the shirt is the catalyzer of his power.
Ever notice how Grandpa Munster looks like a fat Jack the Ripper?
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If John Kerry looks like Herman Munster, does that mean that Joe Biden looks like Grandpa?
That Atlanta Head Coach. U know the 1. The guy that looks like Grandpa Munster is on NFL Network. :)
GRANDPAS HOUSE, Munster, Co. Limerick. Found my great grandpa's farm in Strand Ireland!
Ouch but yay got grandpa munster tattooed : ) pics to follow later
I hear it gets tougher as you get older. Grandpa Munster was the exception rather than the rule.
Last night I had a very elaborate dream. I thought I'd share it with you, my friends. Please excuse grammer and spelling as I am writing this in 15 second intervals while videos export: It started with me giving a presentation with Questlove about Alzheimers and generally keeping yourself healthy. Did I mention I was giving this speech/presentation at my school? Not a school that ever existed, but one for superheroes, magic uses, and general cool hero guys. Like Hogwarts meets the Xavier Institute. Anyways, after I give my presentation, the school is attacked by a bunch of bad guys and GIANT robot being piloted bye some random baddies, Grandpa Munster, and Herman Munster with a huge sniper rifle. Now I think it's time to point out that I don't think I had powers. I was was just... awesome? I'm sure theres something Freudian there. BUT when the school became under siege, I stole an orb... that gives you a power... based on whats in you're thinking about when you use it. I run out passed the robot, in to th ...
I'm sure you noticed ol' Grandpa Munster squashed that
“They say that 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people.' Well, I think the gun helps. If you just stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people.” -- Eddie Izzard
"It doesn't matter what you look like. You could be tall or short, fat or thin, ugly...or handsome like your father. You can be black or yellow or white, it doesn't matter. What does matter is the size if your heart and strength of your character." --Herman Munster, The Munsters Ep. 19
Lil munster has a double ear infection, he also had to give a urine sample... i think we spent almost half n hour in the docs office bathroom. He didnt want to pee in the cup, he kept sayin only dumb people pee in cups n of course bein mom i get to hold the cup.. n i cant he gets ready then stops n says "mama what if i pee on ur hand?" Me "bud, i can wash my hands; just aim for the cup it will b all good." Finally after several more reasons why he wouldnt/couldnt he finally hit the cup like a lil pro...lmao the nurses got a kick out of it also ... i will never forget this appointment for as long as i live.. :)
Wow! He is getting to look more like Grandpa Munster every day. Must be all that bloodsucking.
Going to walk to the bank, call my grandpa, and call Munster PD. Probably gonna give them a bomb threat to be honest
Is it normal for your hair to fall out or thin out after birth?
I can't think of a TV grandfather greater than Grandpa Munster.
I know that the Munster not so popular but thank to all who like me makes me Happy Thank You all :)
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Just for kicks which family was your favorite The Munsters or The Adams Family?
The love potion Grandpa cooked up that caused the postman to fall in love with Lily and neighbor lady with Herman. LOL Munster Love.
The stages of my grandpa munster digital painting. Not far from being finished now :)
Patrick looked like a slimmer version of the Grandpa on The Munster's.
they both remind me the grandpa Munster character from gremlins 2, doubt they are related, KT was Vic Buono
nybody find a resemblance to Eddie Munster for Ryan and Grandpa for Cruz?
Fun fact: Our gig on February 9th is just a few blocks away from a McDonald's that has a counter with unlimited straws and ketchup. Wear your fanny packs and prepare to stock up on both before coming to the show! All of you Grandpa Munster types just might end up being thirsty for ketchup through a straw during our set.
Lyin-Ryan is on meet the press.I still contend he is a menace to our country...I will try to control myself and not throw anything thru the TV screen..he is still not listening to the people...not facing election results..still wants to mess with SS and Medicare *** .
In 1978, Boy George, Marilyn and Steve Strange were all regulars at a tiny London club. Tim Lewis speaks to one regular ahead of an exhibition of her photographs
In an alternate universe, Paul Thomas Anderson just directed The Munster. Joaquin Phoenix as Herman and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Grandpa.
I found myself looking in the mirror this evening, my bathroom mirror, and my nemesis. Why on earth do we have such a large mirror in our bathrooms? If it’s supposed to be a vanity mirror then mine must be broken. Most of the time I don’t even recognize the guy staring back at me. What happened to that good looking, smiling, and energy filled youth? Yikes...when did Grandpa Munster move in?
Joe Biden is what you get when you cross grandpa Munster with cousin It
There is still a bat hiding in our house! If you were a bat, you would be.
He's in the new Munster's series as the Grandpa. He's a really good actor!
Debate among Grass Skirt staff today: Jaeger tiki drinks. Possible or not? Bonus question: Phil Collins. Soul or no soul?
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Just mulled over life and concluded my eyebrows highly resemble those of Grandpa Munster
"Grandpa Munster" on the television series The Munsters :
I want to become a tattoo artist just to be able to forever ingrain Grandpa Munster on the *** cheeks of America.
I tell you the Pictures up here is so weird of courses I am weird I am Grandpa Munster for crying out loud ~Howls~ lol
When a relationship fails, a part of U dies with it.
Thinkin bout growing my hair out enuff to style it like Wolverine
Pretty funny when the lawyer says to her client, "Who cares!" in a loud whisper.
He was great in the TV special "Mockingbird Lane" as Grandpa Munster. I'm disappointed it got scrapped.
Holly economy Batman.They are selling the original Bat Mobile at Barrett Jackson's collector car auction Scottsdale Az.George Barris is there.George created the bat mobile,the monkey mobile,the munster mobile and grandpa munsters coffin car Ect.The bidding is WOW! POW! HOLLY COW! 4.2 million dollars sold.That car brings back some great memmories.George Barris Thank You for your great creations.The new owner of the Bat Mobile lives in Arizona.
Nothing against Eddie Izzard - but he was a terrible Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster. He can adopt me tho. He is hilarious. And Herman Munster. So funny.
then my fave men Gomez Addams, Grandpa Munster and Herman Munster
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So i couldnt see grandpa properly even though he was right dere in front of me and i yelled at him cuz i thought he was a munster. Does dat kind of stuff happen to anyone else?
Here's a photo of me as Grandpa Munster - silly enough for you?
Just bought an autographed copy of "High Voltage"! My tattoo artist has a KVD tattoo of Grandpa Munster!
better name Secret Santa or White Elephant? Best Widows Peak Lebron James or Grandpa Munster?
Sure wish I was hitting 18 instead of being trapped in this building for 10 hrs looking at obese version of grandpa munster
Munster webmaster Frank McGowan is selling this ultra rare DVD (NTSC) of the original Grandpa Al Lewis "Grampa's Monster Movies" for a spooktacular £13.33! Buy now via RetroShop Collectables and Gifts! One copy left! Hurry! -
cross between Grandpa Munster and the man from Milk Tray :)
Finally just got around to watching the "Mockingbird Lane" pilot. Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster is entertaining, but Jerry O'Connell (Yeah. The guy from "My Secret Identity") as Herman Munster? painful. Might give it another shot if it makes it to being an actual Series..
the bloke who played Grandpa Munster makes/made Larry Hagman look like an Annabaptist. Proper dirty old soak.
Love to know that Larry Hagman was in a political party with Jan Michael Vincent from Airwolf, and the bloke who played Grandpa Munster
That only applies to this. Which when I ended up looking like Grandpa Munster instead. :O
reminded me I need to get my eyebrows waxed as well...I'm looking like Grandpa Munster😳
"Be quiet Egore they'll hear you just play dead!" Lol I LOVE grandpa Munster he's the coolest vampire EVER!!!
lol I don't have a grandfather anymore lol though I would've been happy for grandpa Munster to be my grandfather lol
Eddie Izzard is awesome as Grandpa Munster lol.
But real talk, Grandpa Munster was a G.
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His turn as Grandpa Munster in Mockingbird Lane is a strong piece of supporting evidence.
Thanks! Up until my September 2012 Comics, that was my most viewed post! I felt Grandpa Munster was a good choice!
Tell me this picture of Mush Mouth Mark Dayton from the Pioneer Press doesn't look exactly like Grandpa Munster.
Now you know what happened to Grandpa Munster..😄
I just heard the last Twilight movie is in theaters, in in another month I'll never have to hear about the worst series of movies ever made. Vampires don't sparkle. Bela Lugosi and Grandpa Munster would be sick if they knew what happened to the Hollywood Vampire image
More like -Grandpa Munster MT I'm definitely suing that cameraman for making me look fat on TV
My friend was a distant cousin of Grandpa Munster
All the kids want the Grandpa Munster action figure this year, ock
Grandpa Munster is the OV...original vampire. Hehe
Parody Grandpa Munster account. NOT the real Grandpa Munster. If ur the real Grandpa Munster email me you can have the account.
yep. Ive been trying to find a pic of grandpa munster but i keep getting side-tracked
leaned grandpa munster out of this. The ol' ticker can only take so much
My grandpa's coming over in a little so yay I think yeah.. 😊
Jess' hair is RED not pink this time and Wendell aka grandpa Munster got a shaven tonight.
Team Grandpa Munster vs Team Uncle Fester. This war will be even worse...
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ME, TV! They are runnng Car 54 Where Are You. I am not old enough to remember it really. I remember that it was on. And I remember the two characters. And I knew that the big guy in the squad car later played Herman Munster. But I was watching the other night and discovered that Grandpa Munster was also in that show. So those two had already worked together. And there was another. It was Edith, from All In The Family.
I don't care what you're calling yourself these days. I just can't cast a vote for Grandpa Munster!
Grandpa Munster! I think the time for reasoned debate is past. Mudslinging is where it's at tonight!
Ok, I retract the ridiculous statement that Mitt Romney looks like Uncle Fester. Of course I mean Grandpa Munster
Any one seen Mockingbird Lane? Great remake. I love Eddie Izzard's Grandpa Munster.
OH LOOK!!! It is Grandpa Munster and Herman Munster as cops! :P
Spent my whole life til today without knowing Herman Munster and Grandpa Munster were also in Car 54 Where Are you together. Life = wasted.
Heehee, I'm quite loving some of the dialogue from Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster in this promo (Mockingbird Lane)
I adore you as Grandpa Munster! Please tell me it's going to be a weekly show! :)
On Verne lundquist: it’s like mr potato head and grandpa Munster had a child. No wait its a character from guess who! - Chico
Watching Celeb Juice on catch up and Keith Lemon has just likened Louis Walsh to Grandpa Munster! I said that weeks ago get your own patter!
Watched the Mockingbird Lane pilot tonight. We need a full series please! is genius as Grandpa Munster!
Still funny. Paul did you see Eddie as Grandpa Munster? Stellar
WHen I see a close up of Ted Cruz, he reminds me of a young Grandpa Munster.
FF Someone who did a knock out performance as "Grandpa Munster" and is all around good guy
I think about Grandpa Munster on the crapper to keep from shooting my bolt
"Oh Grandpa! Why can't you experiment on white mice like any NORMAL mad scientist?" ~Lily
Eddie Izzard is fantastic as Grandpa Munster in the new Mockingbird Lane. And Portia de Rossi is lovely as always playing Lily Munster.
see Romney went as Paulie Walnuts for Halloween..last year it was Grandpa Munster
I look like Bella Emberg crossed with Grandpa Munster... Oh...
Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster. Best thing in it.
well, after yesterday he tells me that we was inspired to be Grandpa Munster
Are you going over to uncle Paul's tonight? Mom said grandpa is dressing up as Herman Munster. You have to take videos!!
Oh this Mockingbird Lane is cool. Sad that this is it though. One episode. Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster is loads of fun!
I shall goggle it right away! It was one of my favorites. I even liked their movie, "Munster, Go Home." Ah, that grandpa...
Nash looking live Grandpa Munster with them grey streaks
mine were bad pretty close to grandpa Munster and Eddie. Bushy unibrow it was awful
Broke all my carving tools halfway through carving Grandpa Munster's face. And that's only the first pumpkin. =[
How about you and dress up as Herman and Lily Munster. Troy as Grandpa. Will as Eddie. as Marilyn :))
"Call me D..." is fab as Grandpa Munster on ..downloaded from iTunes
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Wait. Eddie Izzard as Grandpa and Portia de Rossi and Lilly Munster. Why isn't this a thing?
When did Chuck Schumer start looking like Grandpa Munster?
I would like to meet grandpa Munster. You know hang out for the day maybe feed the dragon that lives under the stairs
Beautiful day here in Florida. Here I am (Grandpa Munster) at same party “Excellent! How are you sweetie?”
Mockingbird Lane This is starring Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster and Jerry O'Connell as Herman
Eddie Izzard as "Grandpa Munster"...COUNT ME IN. Gonna prolly be my new favorite show.
I watched the pilot episode of "1313 Mockingbird Lane" on NBC from last Friday. I have to say, I was really weary of this reboot of the Munsters. This is an entirely new approach, it's dark, gritty, gory, and I like the fact they act like real monsters instead of campy cheesy stereotypes. I was shocked when I saw Eddie Izard as Grandpa Munster. Do I recommend it? Yeah, it's actually worth watching, it's like a normal sitcom with a modern family facing everyday problems except they're REAL monsters. Eddie honestly stole the show and used every classic Dracula cliche' you could think of. Old school fans be warned, you get all the classic characters but they changed them greatly. Having to grab the attention of audiences who have grown accustomed to shows like "The Walking Dead", "Dexter" or "Breaking Bad". Yet this is one of them that had to go with the flow of shock value to give you that perfect feel of true dark humor.
Mom (Marilyn), Thanks for reminding us to watch Mockingbird Lane. It was fun to see Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster. I really liked little Eddie Munster & Marilyn too. I've been looking for a Halloween costume (since I will be working at the school w/the 3rd-5th graders on Halloween). I might claim to be the new Lily Munster. I could wear normal clothes & try not to eat children (even though it is in Lily's nature).
(2/2) update of the classic show. Eddie Izzard steals the show as Grandpa Munster (VERY different from Al Lewis). Hope it becomes a series!
just watch Eddie in a new series starting soon. He plays grandpa Munster
Watching Mockingbird Lane. It's a remake of the Munsters. More gory, a bit more adult but VERY funny. Eddie Izzard as grandpa Munster. Brill
"I preferred it when the village was further away and we had a moat." - Grandpa Munster
"It's just a question: Is Paul Ryan the love child of Herman and Grandpa Munster? I don't have any proof, just a thought..."
Grandpa Munster would certainly approve. Loved Mockingbird Lane. You do undead transvestite as well as executive.
Yea.. The "reboot" of the Munsters? *** . Even with the cast they have, the *only* cast member that seemed somewhat real-to-original was Portia de Rossi -- and no matter how awesome Eddie Izzard is, he SUCKED as Grandpa Munster..
So there's a new show based on The Munsters called Mockingbird Lane. I checked it out because I always use 1313 Mockingbird Lane as my fake address when I fill out something that requires it. (Like when I fill out a credit card application just to get a free shirt) I was expecting to quit watching 5 minutes in fully expecting to be disappointed like I was with the 90's remake. Not so bad at all. Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster is brilliant. There's some cornball stuff here and there, but I think I like the direction that the show is going. It will probably be Firefly'd before the first season is done though.
Dafauq is NBC's problem opting not to pick up Mockingbird Lane it was visually amazing! And Eddie Izzard as grandpa Munster was awesome...they all did but Jerry O'Connell and Eddie were the best! Hope NBC changes it's mind or maybe a more apprecitive network will pick it up hint hint ABC
" A perfectly good heart, and you call an Ambulance"- Grandpa Munster
Okay, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster is pretty awesome.
Busy day yesterday - walked in AM - then had to dress for parade and help Walter too - he was Grandpa Munster - got to lineup and saw some pretty awesome decorating by Buggie club - after parade went by moms to show her got home just in time to grab chili and head to Camaro Club Halloween party - a little bigger than last year - had fun - got home at 10:30 and had to spend time with Dixie - luckily I was still awake at 1am when my brother calls from Hawaii to tell me the had sirens going off and a tsunami warning to clear all beaches and head to higher ground - glad to hear they didn't get what they expected - Today is our 34th anniversary - need to pick a good place for dinner
an obscure Deborah Harry single, but it rocks 'cause it's got Grandpa Munster in the light of recent tv events. :-p
Herman and Grandpa Munster. The better one was by the talented Ms. 👍👍 wow
Just watched the pilot for the Munsters remake Mockingbird Lane. Really hope it gets picked up would love to see Eddie Izzard continue to play grandpa munster . Just hoping that it gets a chance at a full season I mean if the Geiko cavemen could get their own show than the Munsters should get a chance.
I saw it on Hulu. But it's an NBC show. Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster!
Mockingbird Lane: new show as a revisioning of "The Munsters". Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster!! Fantastic.!
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