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Grandpa Munster

Sam Dracula, Count of Transylvania (known as Grandpa ), is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom The Munsters, originally played by Al Lewis.

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Us older folk recognize Al Lewis, as Grandpa Munster. Uncle Fester was on Adams Family. Am I being picky?
you should put his ugly mug next to Grandpa Munster. Twins.
if you don't want to go with the... hand metaphor, there's always Grandpa Munster.
THANK YOU. Cruz looks exactly like a malevolent, creepy Grandpa Munster (but huge insult to poor Al Lewis).
and then people say Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster then I'm mad because I love that show. Childhood Ruined!
Ted just mad cuz he grandpa munster [image]
And that he kinda looks like Grandpa Munster.
Ok let's see what grandpa munster has to say.
you could say that every night. He looks like Grandpa Munster.
your pivot on NY values made me forget for a few moments just how very much you look like grandpa Munster.
It's interesting that this Grandpa Munster looking swish wasn't offended by "New York values" when his wife worked for Goldman Sachs.
he's kicking *** Stuttering Jeb and grandpa Munster not so much
Ted Cruz is the real grandpa Munster.
Ted Cruz and his grandpa Munster looking ***
his grandpa is running for president that's how. Grandpa Munster Ted Cruz
One of these men is a bloodsucking vampire from a bygone era. The other is grandpa Munster.
Is it just me or does Ted Cruz look a little like Grandpa on the Munster's.
That is just not a nice thing to do to Grandpa Munster. But I knew I had seen clown Ted somewhere.
probably because Grandpa Munster is on the debate stage
Grandpa Munster ran his face through a trash compactor and now he's yelling about guns. What a world...
Every just makes me want to punch Ted Cruz right in his Grandpa Munster-looking face.
AMEN...staple those lips shut. He looks like grandpa munster. He lost my respect
"The next President's going to get 4 Supreme Court Justices!" Really? What have you heard, Grandpa Munster?
New York values? Listen grandpa Munster, go back to Canada.
Mr. Haney from Green Acres is such a BONEHEAD! And I'm sure Grandpa Munster is rolling in his coffin!
Way to answer the question Grandpa Munster. How are you going to stop mass shootings again? STFD Cruz!
Shut up Grandpa Munster, we don't care what you have to say
And now a word from Grandpa Munster
Watching Cruz, (I like him), but I'm having flashbacks . He looks a bit like Grandpa Munster
Sorry Larry, Grandpa Munster isn't eligible. I didn't write the Constitution, I only follow it.
Ted Cruz looks like the senatorial version of Grandpa Munster
All purpose parts banner
I love the ultimate hypocrisy.. Obama's birth was an issue but Grandpa Munster not FASCINATING
when I look at him all I see is grandpa munster
I finally figured out that Ted Cruz reminds me of Grandpa Munster! :-D
Listen, I'm 90% sure Grandpa Munster is from Transylvania, and 99.9% sure Grandpa Munster is Ted Cruz.
I can't get past the fact that Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster & sounds like a clown
Grandpa Munster is bringing it tonight.
Wait, Grandpa Munster was a Canadian? No wonder he was so nice.
AGREE plus he looks like Grandpa Munster
Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster have never been seen in the same room at the same time.
Wow, Grandpa Munster is getting a lot of camera time this evening.
Can Cruz quit the "I'm just a regular guy" act? The more he pushes it, the more I convinced I am that he's grandpa Munster IRL
All I can see when I look at Ted Cruz is Grandpa Munster
'Evil demonic spirit'...I KNEW Ted Cruz reminded me of something! Besides 'Grandpa Munster' of course.
should have compared to Grandpa Munster.
I have a really hard time not thinking about Grandpa Munster when I see Ted Cruz.
No Senator Cruz, you look more like Grandpa Munster.
I respect that Joey Ramone dug Bartiromo, but can she reel in Grandpa Munster for a moment?
if Grandpa Munster was an unlikeable creep who drives a windowless van, you'd have Ted Cruz
I'd love to have Grandpa Munster's coffin dragster!
I'm sorry. Ted Cruz looks way too much like Grandpa Munster. 😑
Talking about newspapers, eh, grandpa munster?
Grandpa Munster ran for Gov. of NY in 1…
go get em, Trump! Grandpa Munster needs a spanking..
maybe she has a grandpa Munster fetish
Grandpa Munster is permenantly physically crucified zillions of times over.
oh lucky you you get to see grandpa Munster and Donald Chump
You're an azz & got caught on audio...that's not establishment that's all you grandpa Munster.
I feel sad for any *** who gets their science info from grandpa Munster
Ted Cruz OR Grandpa Munster... which scary monster will you stop on?
He looks more like Grandpa munster than John Wayne.
.LOL should BEWARE OF FAKE BEAR HUGS FROM any POTUS Candidate that looks like Grandpa Munster
Now that I've noticed 's giant ears they're all I see when I look at him. Same +grandpa munster
think grandpa Munster would make a better president
Looks a little like Eddie Izzard when he Grandpa Munster that one time.
Does look like grandpa Munster to anyone else or is it just me?
Up his *** not in the sand! But looks like Grandpa Munster son. 😈😈😈 We need a Leader with⚾️🏀
I like but he looks like Grandpa Munster!
Picturing Ted Cruz with white hair after 8 years in Oval. Tell me he won't be a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster.
I finally realized -- Ted Cruz is the spawn of Grandpa Munster and Jason Vorhees, wrapped in a flag with a cross in hand.
And a profile like Grandpa Munster...he is scary looks normalish next to the Donald yuck
When you're getting old and your hair starts to look like Grandpa Munster.
Is it me or does Ted Cruz look like Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis)?
Listening to interview Kevin Sullivan. Sounds like he's talking to Grandpa Munster
Swear to Betty Crocker he's starting to look like Grandpa Munster Al Lewis from old TV sitcom. Is this intentional? Wait, what? (;
Oh and I figured out who his twin is...(Grandpa Munster was better looking tho')
Everything about Grandpa Munster is disturbing. He has Horrible father also. Failure of Harvard University
Grandpa Munster is never going to be President
Unless you've got a thing for Grandpa Munster. .
Grandpa Munster wants Trump Supporters after the Donald is sent packing. Can't criticize too much. He needs the dumb vote!
I think the ACA might cover vision care. Have your staff check it out, immediately. Grandpa Munster is alot cuter.
Somebody with some PhotoShop skills please make Ted Cruz look like Grandpa Munster.
While every one is up in arms about Trump, don't forget this Grandpa Munster lookin *** herb is just as bad and...
- Ted Cruz is the grandson of Grandpa Munster and is a proud Munster-American.
has no class this is very disrespectful to Grandpa Munster
Grandpa Munster is leading in Iowa. Sorry Donald. He's passed you.
He looks like Grandpa Munster right? Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees it.
I swear we can ruin any chance Cruz has by circulating that meme that has his pic next to Grandpa Munster.
Cruz is a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster—but without the intelligence, wisdom, sagacity, integrity, or selflessness. ***
Are you SURE Ted Cruz is not related to Grandpa Munster?!
I Googled Grandpa Munster images bcuz I thought was spittin image of him but Grandpa is much more handsome!   10% Off
What is it I care about exactly? Why do you care about Grandpa Munster? You that oafish?
He reminds me of Grandpa Munster. .lol!
Grandpa Munster at 45 years of age.
Probably already been pointed out, but it's like Grandpa Munster had a child.
Also, Ted Cruz, who is worse than Donald Trump IMHO, looks like Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster pulls ahead of Professor Marvel. . https:…
Grandpa Munster is going to get the rest or the family together and raise ***
. Grandpa Munster was funny. is not.
How dare you slander a fine American like Grandpa Munster like that? HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?
grandpa Munster was, IRL, a longtime lefty who had a show on the NY Pacifica affiliate. He'd hate this comparison.
I doubt that Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) would like the comparison with Cruz !!
Why doesn't that surprise me. Man who gave us that cinema classic Straight Talk is endorsing a nut who looks like Grandpa Munster
Gerard is actually Grandpa Munster's son & frank is Only's daughter & they got married & I was born
isn't that Grandpa Munster with his make off?
.Hey Grandpa Munster, I have a super hot wife and you don't.
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Trump dictator. Carson (it's always the quiet ones). Rubio good. Bush capable, bad speaker. Cruz, aka grandpa Munster, talks too much. Fifi.
Dub, Jr., Clueless, Buffoon, and Grandpa Munster lookalike. In that order.
Someone just asked me: Is it possible that Senator Ted Cruz is related to Grandpa Munster?
Grandpa Munster retired in ABQ and I saw him and spoke to him!!! He was very friendly and kind! :)
Altho, I myself said Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster to shorthand how he just doesn't appeal to moderate women.
No, people who captioned the photo of the lovely dad-n-kid costume pair, that wasn't "Dracula and Son." It was GRANDPA AND Eddie Munster!
If not, still has his Grandpa Munster gig. In reruns, though. Black and white. Mostly white.
Bingo. And whither Senator Grandpa Munster (R-TX)'s plan to deal with 11 million people? Nowhere. All talk.
I think he looks like a young grandpa Munster
Thank you for the grandpa Munster mention it's been driving me crazy who he look like👏
After watching tonight's debate, the only thing I learned is that really does look like Grandpa Munster.
I can only imagine what rhymes grandpa munster would drop on stage
Grandpa Munster using one last plug of his website.
.she hasn't been Secretary of State for 4 years, grandpa Munster
Cruz not electable, definitely smart good debater but he reminds every1 of grandpa Munster & he can't beat foe media. Trump can featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ted Cruz looks like Eddie Munster and Grandpa Munster somehow had a love child
No, Grandpa Munster would be a better president.
Maybe this mean, but Cruz reminds me of Grandpa Munster preaching a sermon .
I will dream of Grandpa Munster speaking of philosopher kings and dead horses.
If u picture Ted Cruz in Grandpa Munster's cape you won't be able to unsee it ever again.
separated at birth: Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster.
But grandpa Munster isn't as frightening as a Senator Cruz.
Uh, you mean grandson of Grandpa Munster...
Grandpa Munster kind of looks like Kyle Kulinski.
"Now I know I look like Grandpa Munster, but I really am trying to be serious here." ---Ted Cruz
When I look at Ted Cruz, why can't I stop thinking about Al Lewis, aka Grandpa Munster?
Ted Cruz definitely got a tan trying to hide the fact that he is Grandpa Munster
My mom can't even get the Munster characters right..."I meant grandpa Munster"
yes he does! Grandpa Munster is handsome in comparison
Rand Paul sounds reasonable on taxes. Rubio disses philosophers. Grandpa Munster sad Halloween is over.
Grandpa Munster to Herman: "This could lead to Hollywood, The Palace!" references
Brian Thies you nailed this immediately last night... when the debates started.
‘Probably too mean’? WaPo’s Kathleen Parker compares Lincoln Chafee to Grandpa Munster…
'Probably too mean'? WaPo's Kathleen Parker compares Lincoln Chafee to Grandpa Munster [photos]
Wow. Grandpa Munster lost a ton of weight on the low carb diet. Oh, that's Chaffee.
Inescapable conclusion from debate: Lincoln Chafee and Grandpa Munster separated at birth.
Image from I knew that guy reminded me of someone!
And Lincoln Chaffee is the spitting image of Grandpa Munster in his thinner days.
No way, he totally looks like grandpa Munster
if you agree: Bernie Sanders did an excellent job channelling Grandpa Munster tonight
I said the exact thing earlier! I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thought Chafee looked like Grandpa Munster!!
Grandpa Munster running for POTUS on the Democratic ticket??
So, is each party required to have a candidate that looks like Grandpa Munster?
every time I saw Lincon Chafee in the all I can think about is how he looks like Grandpa Munster.
Did anyone else find it difficult to watch Lincoln Chafee speak w/o thinking of Grandpa Munster?
He actually made me think of Grandpa Munster's taller, thinner brother. Not a bad thing! An earnestness that was appealing.
I thought Chaffe looked like a young Grandpa Munster
• See I told you! Grandpa Munster came back as Ted Cruz :)
Grandpa Munster was really the only Munster I liked. Thanks to Cruz, there's nothing I like about the Munsters now.
Wish he had! Between that and Ted Cruz's resemblance to 'Grandpa Munster', it would be an homage to the shows from my childhood!
Ted Cruz is a slightly colorized Grandpa Munster.
he does look like grandpa Munster, no surprise
Grandpa Munster very upset that Chris Christie wants someone from the Addams Family on the $10 bill.
I can't take Ted Cruz serious after seeing a picture of him next to Grandpa Munster.
hey, thanks for getting THAT image in my head - grandpa Munster taking a trip to pound town
Is Ted Cruz the secret love child of Grandpa Munster?
I just cannot look at Ted Cruz without seeing Grandpa Munster.
How am I just now realizing that Ted Cruz looks like a young Grandpa Munster?
my hubby just said Ted Cruz looks like grandpa Munster. Maybe he'll turn into a bat
Cruz is like Grandpa Munster, but creepier.
He ruins our fond memories of Grandpa Munster?
ur mother is Irish & Italian & your father is Cuban Which side of your family is your grandpa Munster on U look like just like him.
Grandpa Munster, er, I mean, Ted Cruz, fantasizes about all the reactionary backward-thinking judges he's appoint as president.
Grandpa Munster says he'd have appointed Edith Jones, who FYI is a crazy racist:
If Grandpa Munster and Earnest Angely had a child, it would be Ted Cruz.
he looks so much like grandpa Munster I just can't take h seriously
Omg I just realized Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster.
Every time Cuban dissident/Ex-Canadian Grandpa Munster child talks no one listens because it's like nails on a chalkboard.
Has anyone ever seen Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster in the same room?
He sounds so uninterested. I can't listen to Trump anymore. Finally, I can't look at Grandpa Munster (Cruz) anymore.
Yeah...Grandpa Munster is creepy looking, but Michael Dukakis ran in my lifetime.
He uses Grandpa Munster as his guide.
Grandpa Munster??/RT "Ugh, he's so annoying." -my wife about Cruz, Bush or Carson, but can you guess which? (1/2)
He looks like young grandpa Munster.
Am I the only person who thinks Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster?
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This circus, I mean is interesting. A mic drop from Fiorina on Trump. Trump not respecting women and Grandpa Munster, I mean Cruz
Ted Cruz has a striking resemblance to Grandpa Munster. Can he do a good impression of him? Let's find out.
I just can't vote 4 Trump. He shows no respect 4 women. Just can't do it. I can't vote for Grandpa Munster either...I mean Cruz.
Debate at our house: Ted Cruz looks like a) Max Headroom b) Ken c) Grandpa Munster
I always thought he looked more like Grandpa Munster.
got them during his gig as Grandpa Munster in a made-for-TV movie, probz.
is in a constant state of Grandpa Munster cosplay.
Grandpa Munster, who was born in Canada, says we should not allow any immigration whatsoever.
I can't watch Ted Cruz and not see grandpa Munster anymore. And the guy comes off more of a Muppet puppeteer than a president
Trumps says: Mexican Grandpa Munster likes the black guy who isn't Obama? Now I'm confused.
All the talk of looks yet no one brought up Ted Cruz's uncanny resemblance to Grandpa Munster.
Would rather have Grandpa Munster as president tbh
he looks more like Grandpa Munster to me.
Hey, , your real parents are Frank Burns & Grandpa Munster.
I think he looks more like Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster is all I think when I see Ted Cruz.
Why is Ted Cruz getting this much air time in the debate? Also, he looks like Grandpa Munster.
We aren't electing Grandpa Munster as our nation's next president no worries
Grandpa Munster had the same problem...but no reflection. Wonder if Cruz has one?
Can Grandpa Munster get off my screen?
This is Al Lewis, the guy who played Grandpa Munster and looks exactly like Ted Cruz
Can't tell whether this album cover is anti-Semitic, or just a picture of Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis.
Dough doesn't make you appealing. You still like Grandpa Munster and your policies stink
Rob Zombie’s first solo single, “Dragula”, was inspired by 60’s TV show ‘The Munsters’ and a dragster driven by grandpa Munster, Al Lewis
Grandpa Munster for him. poultry pear for me.. And garlic fries. Last date w the big guy before dad gets back from overseas.
Nice! I still don't have them. I feel like I need Grandpa Munster too.
I know it's been said but ya gotta admit that they favor! Poor grandpa Munster.
Pam's dressed like Bea Smith (original), Les looks like Grandpa Munster and Paul appears to have come to the party as Crocodile Dundee.
Is that Grandpa Munster on the label?
Grandpa Munster is ANGRY and he's not going to take it anymore.
Update your maps at Navteq
My Grandpa has learned to use emojis & it melts my heart.❤
Sean, you need to lighten up the hair grease. It's taking on a grandpa munster look on the side.
We gotta laugh or we'll be hanging upside down in a closet like Grandpa on Herman Munster ..
Can't get over how much Ted Cruz looks like Grandpa Munster
his face makes me hate grandpa munster! I hate that
.OMG, we just found the new Grandpa Munster!
I'm getting pretty close to asking what they can do with lowlights--I have the Grandpa Munster gray pattern. NO BUENO.
Grandpa Munster, the ultimate Apple fanboy. He should just stick to reports on the Apple TV.
If this ultimately ends with Lesnar jobbing to Grandpa Munster, I give up.
Someone please remind me to book a hair appointment this week. I have so much grey I look like Grandpa Munster.
Yes. I can envision it perfectly: Grandpa Munster reading Green Eggs+Scam on floor of congress!
Farewell, then, Grandpa Munster joke. You were good while you lasted.
Why did they use a picture of Grandpa Munster though?
that's great! It'll last lifetime, grandpa's are the best.😌
awh, my grandpa used to pick me up from daycare everyday after work until I was 4, it made us super close.😊
Jay that's a good one grandpa Munster 👍Man that's good lol
Dallas at its finest! The NYLO Dallas is silently watched by Grandpa Munster.
lol don't insult Grandpa Munster like that ROFL
When I see Ted Cruz I see Grandpa Munster, every time.
looks ~ the pool boy, ~ grandpa Munster & Only emerges as remotely presidential
Cruz a big phony and he looks like Grandpa Munster and is a crazy
Ted Cruz is the *** son of Joe McCarthy and Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster is indeed a gift to the Democrats, much like Santorum and R. Paul.
~ I like Ted Cruz, even if he looks like Grandpa Munster. Ted Cruz & Rand Paul 1st. Scott Walker close 2nd.
Ted Cruz , and Grandpa Munster, it's all so confusing .
Let me call your attention Grandpa Munster.
Joe McCarthy, Mr. Haney in Green Acres, Tin Man in Wizard of Oz, & Grandpa Munster. "I'll take "Ted Cruz look-a-likes" for $500, Alex.
One of these men is a blood-sucking vampire. The other is grandpa Munster.
When did John Travolta morph into Eddie Munster. Or maybe Grandpa Munster is more accurate?
Herman and Grandpa Munster were the most underrated comedic duo.
Really? He looks like Herman and Grandpa Munster became melded through one of Grandpa's experiments.
Remember that time Grandpa Munster put Eddie on HGH?
I knew Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis in NYC when I was acting there! Three Stooges! Yes!!! I am a big Shemp fan! I like you!
You can be the Munster's. Lily, Herman and Grandpa or Eddie for Halloween. 😊
TV's Grandpa Munster, Al Lewis has a chuckle over his halloween mask.
"Tons of people suffer from insomnia but you don't see them losing sleep over it"-grandpa Munster
Kudos to "Reggs" for Grandpa Munster halloween costume on STO this evening
Grandpa Munster 👻 super stoked on this and a big thanks to r_flores_art
Grandpa Munster It's the nature of the beast. They know what's best...
Here, potions for the fine arts, such as painting, sculpture, music and bowling. ~ Grandpa Munster
Munster throwback: Hilarious quote from Herman and Grandpa.
A fun little Grandpa Munster sketch from last night. I was trying to get a late start on the whole
I HAVE IT !!! Tucker as Herman Munster, Anna as Marilyn, Janice as Lily and Clayton as Grandpa or Eddie Munster.
its 1964, I've seen Herman Munster and grandpa, but no ***
My new nephew's grandfather is 84, Transylvanian & looks like Grandpa Munster. Naturally, I'm calling the kid Baby Dracula.
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Grandpa Munster was only 41 in the first season of The Munsters?!
hopefully printing grandpa munster shirts tomorrow and then maybe they'll be dry by Friday.
Fans of my last album, in case you missed it: GRANDPA MUNSTER CAUGHT ME STARING.
True story: I ran into Grandpa Munster in the West Village in 2002. He busted be staring at him and said hello.
Wanna feel old? Brad Pitt is the same age as Grandpa Munster was when he ran for mayor of New York in 90 something.
With the AH-Mazing landoncider as Grandpa Munster tonight!
Munster throwback: Grandpa can turn into different animals.
Munster throwback: Grandpa hangs himself around the house.
Munster throwback: Grandpa turns into a bat.
I'm only a fan because of Grandpa Munster jury-rigging the race to the bottom with the Devils. 😉
Put some white hair on her and she's a dead ringer for Grandpa Munster.
When did Grandpa Munster start doing hockey highlights on ESPN?
John Forslund's transformation into Grandpa Munster is almost complete
Photo: Lilly, Herman, and Grandpa Munster visit Marineland of the Pacific, Los Angeles, 1965.
That's not really fair though...I loved Grandpa Munster
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Go back to your time share computering, grandpa munster.
Frank Reynolds on is basically just Grandpa Munster.
My "Grandpa Munster" watercolor painting is now available as a phone case!! Find it here -…
I would be mad if Grandpa Munster wrecked me so I can't blame for being upset.
The Argentina manager reminds me of someone. The closest I've come with so far is Grandpa Munster
me too, best I could think of was Grandpa Munster
People the Argentina manager looks like.. Grandpa Munster. Roy Evans in Eastenders. Max Wall. Marlon Brando as Supermans dad. Michael Ironside
Herman, I have told you a hundred million times, "Don't exaggerate!". -Grandpa Munster
Is it just me or does Darryl Sutter look a little like Grandpa Munster?
"I have had many brides. All dead now. We keep in touch." - Grandpa Munster, Mockingbird Lane (via...
It's a Munster Cheese Monday! Are there several varieties like Herman, Grandpa, Lilly, Eddie? Yeah, the wisdom of Monday. Need coffee. Now.
these-fries-are-mine: Grandpa Munster is by far my favorite
find of the day, Grandpa Munster himself Al Lewis AKA Grampa presents Horror Hotel.
*** Georgia you have Freddy Krueger, a parachute, a hippy, grandpa Munster and a whole lot of no.
Yo, Mel Kiper Jr, Grandpa Munster called, he wants his hair back
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Mel Kiper looks like grandpa Munster with that hair
and ps Finnegan is Herman Munster in cleats! Otto is grandpa Munster.
I was going to throw Al in there but figured 90% of my followers wouldn't even know who Grandpa Munster was.
looks like Grandpa Al Munster, but this is hella better
Does anyone else think Mel Kiper looks like Grandpa Munster?
I can see, a-black gator hat behind the plate, the guy wearing it looks like grandpa munster
I think he looks like Grandpa Munster.
Watching ESPN coverage of the NFL Draft. When did Mel Kiper become Grandpa Munster?
Mel Kiper, Jr is one cloudy day away from becoming Grandpa Munster.
Grandpa Munster liked to get freaky
With out of the I'll miss Billy Donovan's haircut-- now at the half way point between Eddie Munster and Grandpa Munster.
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