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Grandmaster Flash

Joseph Saddler (born January 1, 1958 in Bridgetown, Barbados), better known as King Grandmaster Flash, is an American Hip Hop musician and DJ—one of the pioneers of hip-hop DJing, cutting, and mixing.

Furious Five Melle Mel Beastie Boys Afrika Bambaataa National Folk Festival Public Enemy Kurtis Blow Cleopatra Records Kool Moe Dee Marley Marl Hip Hop Joe Strummer Johnny Cash Sugarhill Gang Jam Master Jay Public Service Broadcasting

Tears For Fears, who as far as I know have never recorded with Grandmaster Flash.
Grandmaster Flash- The Message Make sure you download my app from your app store RTWE FM.
2. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message from the same radio channel as the previous one in GTA Vice C…
Cut Chemist & DJ Shortkut recreate "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel" http…
Local radio at its finest, Grandmaster Flash into Simply Red. 😳😳
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message [hiphop]
“It’s a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under” pretty sure Grandmaster flash…
There is a line in The Message by grandmaster flash that says “Broke my sacradilliac” and to that I say “Jeff”
Now playing The Message by Grandmaster Flash To tune in visit Buy it…
Taken from a cassette, Grandmaster Flash and Kurtis Blow live in Queens, NY in 1981
Wow what about biggie, or tupac or the N.W.A or grandmaster flash, MC lyte, you just named mainstream rap artist
On the whole I'd agree with you but there are notable exceptions like "White Lines" by "Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel"!
"Eva Longoria, Victoria Justice and Grandmaster Flash at the Fashion Accessories Dinner" by TAYLOR HARRIS via NYT
Kidd Creole from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five taken into custody for murder
New details in the murder case involving 1980s rapper from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
Grandmaster Flash rapper charged with murder of a homeless man
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Rap legend Kidd Creole, formerly of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, arrested for murder in NYC
Homophobia sparked the stabbing of a homeless man by a member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
Kidd Creole of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five has been arrested for murder
This is terrible news - rap pioneer Kid Creole of Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5 charged with murder !!! ht…
Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five founding member charged with murder.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Rapper, The Kidd Creole, Arrested for Murder of Homeless Man:
Rapper from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five arrested in fatal NYC stabbing
Rapper held over fatal stabbing of homeless man - Kidd Creole (circled) whose real name is Nathaniel Glover
Police arrest former member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five for fatal Manhattan stabbing
Dude, I'm just finding out that Kid Creole was in Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five! What about his coconuts??
Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five rapper Kidd Creole charged with murder of homeless man i…
Kid Creole of Grandmaster flash and the furios 5. You're Welcome.
Kidd Creole, a member of the hip-hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, was charged with murder
Check it out, Shop Talk: UW chops it up with Rahiem of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
You ain't a die hard hip-hop fan if you don't know who DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, & or Grandmaster Flash is
Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay sparked the DJ/turntablist in me; but when I saw Scratch, it was like, I HAVE TO do that. Or at least try
Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay battle via TurnTable History and the pioneers at Work.
- that is a fun remix of The Message by Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five.
I knew about G-Funk, 90's NY and what was on the radio. But as far as KRS, Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, etc. this was my introduction.
For all interested in the history of Hip Hop or DJing, this is required viewing. Grandmaster Flash invented so much.
Grandmaster caz, grand master flash and furious 5, mellie mell,cold crush bro,funky four plus one more,
Fun to read old record reviews by people who think Grandmaster Flash was a rapper
"The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five... It was the first time rap spoke about…
This was 35 years ago and even more relevant today. Grandmaster Flash, FTW
Ain't no rap with Grandmaster Flash ... heck Blondie rap in rapture not to mention early 70s Issac H…
The adventures of grandmaster flash on the wheels of steelGrandmaster flash e the Furious Five
These *** rewriting Hip Hop history & you *** let them, in 10 yrs Grandmaster Flash will be a pansexual transgender white woman
Now Playing The Message by Grandmaster Flash - on Test Radio Station. - Buy it
and thanks to Grandmaster Flash I didn't do it!
Grandmaster Flash: Don't push me cus I'n close to the edge. B.o.B: Flat Earth!. Dr. Dre: As the world keeps turning, cronic keeps burning
That was Grandmaster Flash that said that boo
Listen to Freedom by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five on
♫The Message by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, from with LiveLyrics ®
'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five could have been improved with a yodelling middle eight.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. The A1 breakdancers, the B-Boys. . The Zulu Nation
What was the song played at the start of Peter Kay's Car Share last night?. White Lines by Grandmaster Flash?. Yes?.
Cool that plays Grandmaster Flash whose iconic riff influenced our track that Tom Robinson will play on 2morrow 🤣
Props to this coffee house for playing "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash and the Wheels of Steel"
Grandmaster Flash, Marley Marl, DJ Premier, The Bomb Squad, Dr. Dre first five to come to mind
Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and N.W.A have also been inducted thus far.
Run DMC in '09. PE in '13, Grandmaster Flash & F5 '07,Beastie Boys'12. The ONLY rappers in the RRHOF. Bogus.
Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, the Beastie BoysPublic Enemy, NWA, and 2Pac .. the first solo rapper... . 🎤.
So are the Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, and Grandmaster Flash. Next up, Marshall Mathers.
The Message - Grandmaster Flash is playing now on
Mike Pence is younger than Ricky Henderson, Grandmaster Flash and Belinda Carlisle, Lawrence Taylor and Flavor Flav.
My romantically favorite era is 78, 79 listening to Grandmaster Flash ...
Mom: Karen White, Chic and Kool & the Gang. Dad: Prince, Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash
where's Chuck D and Grandmaster Flash, they would kick Kanye to the ground. We fought for this!!
Have to send this out again because just brought it up at Grandmaster Flash himself is now speaking…
by is dope, I can tell it takes huge inspiration from Grandmaster Flash - The Message and RunDMC - Walk this way.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are the half-time show @ !! What u know about that young'un ?
Grandmaster Flash hanging with the band
Currently watching a grandmaster flash video in my history class...
Really eye-opening into how brilliant Grandmaster Flash is.
What kind of dog would grandmaster flash be?
Wow, why am I just hearing "You Can't Hide" by Zayn, Teddy Pendergrass and Grandmaster Flash?
Check this old video with Grandmaster Flash showing us hot to do a break mix! Now you can go and show strai...
Old school rap this morning. Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. Eric B & Rakim. You know what time it is.
♫ "Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - White Lines [U.S. 12"] [1983]" on ♪♫♬
Day 8: A song about drugs or alchohol Grandmaster Flash - White Lines via
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My father was my first inspiration. He had an incredible stere...
I had love for Breakout; I had love for Bambaataa. I had love f...
Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow & A - We funk this Party out
I was and this white boy loved Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Whodini, UTFO, Kool Moe Dee, Digital Underground, etc.
Hip Hop back in the 80s real Hip Hop Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel do you remember white lines very good album
Definitely amazing to be listed alongside Grandmaster Flash!! See you all at the National Folk Festival on...
Netflix show features Grandmaster Flash, who will perform at the National Folk Festival in Greensboro.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were the first rap act to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. http…
Gear up for this year's Northside Festival by checking out our preview! Our top recs include Grandmaster Flash,...
Mad Mork's Tune of the Day 80's classic ‘Grandmaster Flash - White Lines’ by Cleopatra Records on
Views from the six? How about the five, as in Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. No? Sugar Hill Gang ring a bell to you?
Gostei de um vídeo do Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five accept and perform Rock Hall Inductions
I added a video to a playlist OLD School Hip Hop EXPOSED - Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five/The
I think Run DMC, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, the Sugarhill Gang and the Furious Five
For here's Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, "The Message". This is the song of all time. .
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*finds Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five album* . *bumps it while cleaning*
Contemporaries of Kool Here included Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, and Afrika Bambaataa. Flash extended the Jamaican deejaying..
Our rendition of Grandmaster Flash' The Message ;-) Fun on set with
makes me feel proud of my thoughts, of what I understand about Hip-Hop. Grandmaster flash is blessing him.
Listen to Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill on
Waking up to Grandmaster Flash is the way forward (his songs, not him)
The one and only aka Grandmaster Flash will be coming down to Brussels on May 5
Grandmaster Flash Drive & The Furious Files along with partner n rhyme got something in the works. get ready!
Recorded in '92, released in '93, Cube got platinum for this using Grandmaster Flash's instrumental (The Message)
I knew there was a way to blend records together, but I didn't know how to.
White Lines by Grandmaster Flash will always be my favorite song.
Tonights is from my personal collection of CDs Re: Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five "Hits".
MP3s are like Grandmaster Flash's white lines. Don't do it
A true Hip Hop legend headlines our Manchester launch party at on 11th March>>
*mischievously pushes Grandmaster Flash, with no regard to how close he may be to the edge*
Update your maps at Navteq
Grandmaster Flash: I can't take the smell, I can't take the noise no more.
Grandmaster Flash is the bomb diggity. ♫
Freud was present when Grandmaster Flash laid down White Lines (Don't Do It); Freud denounced it, calling the Furious 5 a pack of ***
Grandmaster Flash at La Madeleine in Brussels on May 5 tickets
Ladies and Gentlemen, two members of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
Listening to Scorpio by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five on
Listening to It's Nasty by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five on
Listening to She's Fresh by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five on
This MESSAGE is brought to you by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
The Younger Generation, an alias of The Furious Five's original lineup, ostensibly with Grandmaster Flash. "We...
I just used Shazam to discover It's Nasty (Genius Of Love) by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message-rmx on
Notable artists at this time include DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Fab Five Freddy, Marley Marl
Yes DJ Grandmaster Flash will be in Greensboro Sept. 9-11! Check out the other artists here
Grandmaster Flash on bill for the 2016 Natl folk festival
there can be only one Grandmaster News Flash. Find your own style.
hello either play de ha vu by Beyoncé or the message by grandmaster flash ect thank Q
coolcool :) I remember seeing a documentary, Grandmaster Flash took them to the hiphop scene, which they were enchanted by:)
Grandmaster Flash cancelled, eh. Tickets valid for June?
They're hardly the first hip-hop group to be inducted, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five are also in there.
Watching clip White Lines Reminds me of 1983 hit White Lines from Grandmaster Flash reached number 7 on the UK 1984
Anyone got any Lino? is break dancing to Grandmaster Flash in the front room!
⚡️ Classic footage of the one & only Grandmaster Flash cutting records on live TV!🙌🏼
Enjoying sounds of "GrandMaster Flash Presents Salsoul - Mixing Bullets a..." by on
Grandmaster Flash opened shows for The Clash, and Joe Strummer apparently hung out with Kurtis Blow.
Great story about Joe Strummer on :pple heckling Grandmaster Flash- Joe came out, shut them up & told them this is the future of music
I thought , like Grandmaster Flash, is the Message.
Having a discussion with a 20 year old about rap music. He says he like old school rap. I'm expecting him to say Grandmaste…
Saw them at Homelands 2003 the day of my 18th birthday! Immense lineup...Grandmaster Flash played too!
Grandmaster Flash: You better think again my friend.
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with that logic Grandmaster Flash is better than Eminem
One more time for the producers at the back: Neither Grandmaster Flash, The Furious Five, nor I work for free.
Grandmaster Flash is doing fine, right? RIGHT?
Time to update your concert calendar for Grandmaster Flash, L7, Smashing Pumpkins, True Widow, Weezer and more.
Do not let any record company disturb your creative flow. You are not writi...
New Yorkers don't even have backyards. You go outside your house and Grandmaster flash be spinning records next to a barrel …
Jean-Michel Basquiat appeared in the 1981 Blondie music video "Rapture" in a role originally intended for Grandmaster Fl…
Hkappy cday grandmaster flash, my *** bkestk of wishkes success hkappiness lucc and monhey hkope u hkave a fun...
I got an email alert that Grandmaster Flash is playing at Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow night, but I have to go to an infant CPR class.
2 tickets to Gin & Juice TODAY feat Grandmaster Flash and many more. Electric Brixton. Web tickets. £9 each only!
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 was Hitting Big in The North East But Sylvia because of her connection to Hollywood?
"Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang from The Best of Grandmaster Flash & Sugar Hill
He talks about when the Culture started, when it was Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, these are facts!
How is it that when he talks about the starting point of Hip Hop from Kool Herc, Afrika Bambata and Grandmaster Flash a theory?
Dj Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, the Fathers of Hip Hop! KRS One is the Architecture of Hip Hop.
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Hip-Hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash and Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads, 1982 by Laura Levine.
Taylor Swift? The other at-bat music has been great in this game. Russell had Grandmaster Flash "The Message"
Sun Ra's Arkestra & Grandmaster Flash coming to RVA Folk Festival in Oct. plus an ethiopian jazz band.(wish some reggae or go-…
Listen to Grandmaster Flash - White Lines by Cleopatra Records on
Listen to Grandmaster Flash - THE MESSAGE by Cleopatra Records on
Grandmaster Flash lost crates of vintage vinyl in car park mix-up - BBC News
US hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash says he lost three crates of rare, vintage vinyl when a valet mistakenly gave his car to the wrong
8/ The beef between Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five is just one example:
Grandmaster Flash playing at the Brudenell tomorrow. A fiver. Fancy it?
I'm listening to The Message by Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel & The Furious Five on
I got to speak with Nelson George, Grandmaster Flash, Sacha Jenkins and Rick Famuyiwa, which was like O_O kind of was awesome.
Watch Mark Ronson perform 'Uptown Funk' at Glastonbury with Mary J Blige, Grandmaster Flash and George Clinton
Hip-Hop Spotlight: Professor DaddyO on Melle Mel's claim that Grandmaster Flash is the Milli Vanilli of Hip-Hop: RT
Grandmaster Flash was often rebuked for his sartorial over-exuberance at international chess competitions
Mum and dad are going to see Grandmaster Flash tonight😭 have more of a social life than me
DJ Mo Radio is about to begin in a few minutes... Hype new The Prodigy, Blur, old school Grandmaster Flash, Paula...
A very busy and productive week is over. I'm off to see Grandmaster Flash tonight who somewhat randomly is playing in St Albans...
Cannot wait to see playing St Albans tonight. Grandmaster Flash... In St Albans... Unreal.
I & the Great Grandmaster flash original scratch Dj from N.Y.C. Raspek !!
Wait what???!? Grandmaster flash is at Glasto omg😎❤️
Heads up, Sussex people: mindblowing turntablism from Grandmaster Flash at Worthing Pavilion on Sunday
Beat Street by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five & Grandmaster Melle with Listen now:
Hello Zoe / Norman - would you like x2 tickets to Grandmaster Flash(this Sunday @ Worthing Pavilion? x
people. See one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop right in your home town. Tickets Here:
The Message - Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five on - All All the time!
~A Grandmaster Flash~. "...sometimes it makes me wonder. How I keep from going under...". *Even wherewithal... ...and ab…
We still have tickets available for Grandmaster Flash tonigh at 7.30pm. Ft Michael Andre and cheap drinks on the bar.
Grandmaster flash and the Furious Five got me way too hyped at 2:52 in the am
See if Grandmaster Flash plays white lines I'll gan daft...
GRANDMASTER FLASH "The Message" Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice. Rats in the front room, cockroaches in the back .έρχεται
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This woman said her top 10 included Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Mos Def, and then Kanye or something.
A new favorite: Wender - Dance On The Groove Ft Grandmaster Flash by on
I have a very small guestlist for Grandmaster Flash on Sunday. Who wants in?
🎶 Grandmaster Flash on powered by Slacker. Free on select Samsung Galaxy devices:
The Message by grandmaster flash comes on. "oh yes. this speak to my experience"
When I first saw these on Grandmaster Flash's feet back in the day I instantly wanted to find out…
Kool Herc,Grandmaster Flash,Africa Bambaata. These are the forefathers of Hip Hop
punk rock: The Clash. Boy bands are trash. I like Johnny Cash and Grandmaster Flash.
Lmao.. Eish, that was some serious Kool G Rap meets Grandmaster Flash typa Swagg.
gotta be Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five! I named my company after one of their songs! Ian Chappell, from The Message!
yet many of y'all put your faith in him. How did Hip Hop go from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to this clown?
"sung rhythmic style", used by Too Short, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, and the Beastie Boys
anything by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five or The Sugarhill Gang. original rap music
bro, grew up on it, do we need Grandmaster Flash, Kool Moe Dee, fab five freddy, dana dane?
The Horrors and the incredible John Grant, with Simian Mobile Disco, Grandmaster Flash and Public Service Broadcasting.
Turntable pioneer Grandmaster Flash invented techniques like accidentally dropping a record and chasing it as it rolled onto the dance floor
Grandmaster Flash is Barbadian so is Rihanna AND Mark Morrison . Barbados is such a beautiful place, wanna go? ✈️
playlist 159: Grandmaster Flash "Adventures on the Wheels of Steel" 160: Machine "There But for the Grace of God Go I"
Been bumpin the message by grandmaster flash al day
❤. Try to get out once a week. Sing anything from. Wham to House of Pain. or. Britney Spears to Grandmaster Flash. So much fun🎤
We're thankful for the grandparents on You make hilarious.
Here's with the Grandmaster flash on his
Eating bangers and mash with Grandmaster Flash. .
Current mood, to a soundtrack of The Message by Grandmaster Flash
back in day some artist didn't really get on n popping til mid 20's ie PE, RunDmc, Grandmaster flash looked 30 in Messege vid
cme to Eden festival missy Elliot is headlining with grandmaster flash
The T lineup is shocking as per, am fine with seeing grandmaster flash
Big up ernestgarcia1 for This is my jam: The Message by Grandmaster Flash on Grandmaster Flash Radio ♫
grandmaster flash, urkel, then me and dennis, THEN YALL starting rocking the fitted jeans. me n dennis made history my ***
It's Nasty (Genius Of Love) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Just sexy listening to old skool
Grandmaster flash is playing in Bristol next month,pop down and say hello,gunna be good.
I can't tell if I'm listening to Grandmaster Flash's 'The Message' or Ice Cube's 'Check Yo Self'.
For some strange reason, my internal songalogue is playing White Lines by Grandmaster Flash and Mellie Mel -
Did you know: had nothing to do with "The Message"
Just walked into Chris Mandry's house to find him sitting in a robe sipping Cabernet and listening to "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash.
WHAT THA...?: Grandmaster Flash had nothing to do with "The Message"
Dude they got MP3 boomboxes. I have a nerve to buy one. I'll proudly roll blasting Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Flash.
I remember Mr. Magic, FLASH, Grandmaster Caz, LL raisin *** but, that didn't last
I'm just happy grandmaster flash is performing
As an individual I was known as the DJ or the mixer.
Ha. Interesting. You listen to any modern stuff or is it just Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, NWA, etc?
florencio bought me CD Grandmaster Flash, I think it's 359. Redesigned.
Also joining the line-up - Grandmaster Flash, Glass Animals and Public Service Broadcasting. http:/…
Just noticed my Mum likes 5 music pages on FB including Ray Conniff and Grandmaster Flash hm
Grandmaster Flash scene from Wild Style (with original audio): vía
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I love that this mix has Grandmaster Flash in it. Too good!.
I have to second the Blondie suggestion. Or just go original rap, with Grandmaster Flash.
Tuesday quote by Grandmaster Flash. "This record by Kraftwerk is great. I can even go to the bathroom while I play it...It mixes itself!"
. "To own a castle and a yacht, two million in gold. 'Cause rap is the game that I control" Grandmaster Flash
If I ever met Grandmaster Flash, I'd have to find out what his quintet of chums were so angry about!
I need a grandmaster flash and the Furious Five vinyl asap!
My old *** Godfather was a DJ when I was younger I know the grandmaster flash and afrika bambaata allat
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5-The Message playing in The Basement with Live at .
Joseph Saddler born January 1, 1958, better known as Grandmaster Flash, is an American Hip Hop
Like GrandMaster without the Flash..the eye without the lash...duffle bag boy without the cash
not a very good picture, but that's Grandmaster flash killing it in norwich last night,…
the only two that keep popping in the dome is Whodini and Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five
People say rappers delight but for me the pioneers are. Grandmaster Flash - White Lines:
Quoting Grandmaster Flash would be much better. Of course, they'd have to ask their parents who the *** he is...
Grandmaster Flash on the wheels of steel at Allerton art NY info
Update your maps at Navteq
Now watching Grandmaster Flash cutting in the kitchen on "Wildstyle"... classic!!! DJ Reminise
Hip Hop History: Fashion. Hip Hop fashion allows the expression and personality of many of the genre's stars and fans, and it has grown along with the music as a hugely profitable and popular industry. In the early 70's, Before Hip-Hop truly developed its own dressing style, artists---the pioneers of the game---often elaborate (and often outrageous) costumes/outfit of rock, disco and funk stars of the age, such as KISS and Parliament Funkadelic. Some Hip Hop artists who were well known for their gear include Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force and Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. [research]
It's a homework house tonight with Bradyn and Grandmaster Flash
Using the song 'White lines' grandmaster flash to use on an itv4 sport advert 😏 cheeky
OMG - I just won 2 tickets to the Basquiat opening & Grandmaster Flash show @ the . Me & will be getting down...
The Fast and the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
The world is a terrifying place and needs grandmaster flash white lines to be played on loop over the top of life at a dec…
I've commandeered the pre drinks music which means lots of grandmaster flash, kanye west and daft punk
What I want to know is how Grandmaster Flash got so good at chess in the first place
Also, DJ Toomp cites Grandmaster Flash and Marley Marl as his two biggest influences when he began making beats.
Grandmaster Flash - Tribute To The Breakdancer en !!! Make sure that every float is precise.
Grandmaster Flash & will rock the big party here on Jan. 28!
saw Grandmaster Flash last Summer; didn't play his own tunes. Reckon he will with Melle Mel there though.
I'll miss K-Ci & Jojo v Brook, sadly. On the plus side it's because I'll be watching Grandmaster Flash play in Frome.
Idc care what anybody's says u ain't one of my real friends if you haven't seen me dance to grandmaster flash's white lines Lolz
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Same white lady who was playing grandmaster flash yesterday in the gym playing Keith sweat lol
It'd be so cool to be pals with grandmaster flash.
with Hip Hop icon Melle Mel of the legendary group Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5…
I added a video to a playlist grandmaster flash & the Furious Five - white lines
Happy birthday to Jam-Master Jay of Run DMC, who would have been 50 years old today. Watch —>
Liked the renditions of Marvin Gaye's & Grandmaster Flash's in the Jon Favreau film
*** probably ate a burger next to Grandmaster Flash at Denny's and didn't even know it...but will wet their pants if they see Chief Keef
Yea again...Humbly from a social issue point you missed the point ...esteemed paraphrases . Grandmaster flash run dmc were
Grandmothers all over the internet are signing off as "Grandmaster Flash." Ha! When Autocorrect Goes Horribly Right:
FX: Grandmaster Flash plays in the background.
I just bought: 'The Grandmaster Flash Collection' ~ Various Reply w/ to add this via Happy!
Why does no one have the message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five on a 7" vinyl format
The year was 1982, and I was nine years old. The song was 'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash & The…
love the White Lines Cocaine song ur using to promote sport. Grandmaster Flash:-):-):-):-)
ITV4's sport of 2015 advert's theme tune is Grandmaster Flash - White Lines. A song about taking drugs.
Hbd to the people who contributed the least to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
A new favorite: Amsterdam Klezmer Band vs. Grandmaster Flash - Chassid Message by on
Not sure that by grandmaster flash is an appropriate track to promote sporting events
Grandmaster Flash Vs DJ Cool Herc. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
There are just about 250 tickets left for our GRANDMASTER FLASH show in Frome 28th March. Act quick if you want to come!
got serious Grandmaster Flash and Sugarhill vibes pounding through my head just now ;-)
The message by Grandmaster Flash. What a tune.
a lot come to mind, kool g rap, krs one, big daddy kane, rakim, grandmaster flash etc.. It's too hard to truly pick one though lmao
What kind of rap? I'm only into the real old school stuff like Grandmaster Flash.
White lines by grandmaster flash and Melle Mel is probably the best song ever
Listening to Grandmaster Flash and Gil Scott-Heron with my Mum. Taking me back to the Ol Skool
White lines by grandmaster flash is the turn up.
Grandmaster Flash The Message HQ: > music carried more than a message but a statement/stamp of the times...
my roommate is listening to Grandmaster Flash radio on pandora
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