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Grand Slams

Grand Slams per at Bat, also known as G-SPAB, is a baseball statistic that measures how often a batter hits a Grand Slam per time at bat.

Serena Williams Steffi Graf Grand Slam Andy Murray Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Margaret Court Marin Cilic Novak Djokovic Red Sox Stan Wawrinka Gethin Jenkins Andre Agassi Wilson Ramos Australian Open Bharat Ratna Open Era

or Who's the highest ranked player for both men and women to face the top seed at Grand Slams?
That was one of my favorite moments of the season:
you will never take Two Grand Slams in a week Bobby Wilson away from me!
Breaking: Since becoming 'Sir' Andy Murray, he will now be handed the first 3 Grand Slams of the year.
You're very welcome! Can't wait to have Maria back at Grand Slams!
Haase vs Zverev in the 1st round, poor guy can never catch a break at Grand Slams 😂
Andre Agassi, who won 8 Grand Slams, once said he hates tennis "with a dark and secret passion."
Let's face it, Rafas record in Grand Slams has been terrible, so any draw is a bad draw until he changes that dynamic.
Since Rolland Garros in 2013, has a 27-12 record in first round of ATP-level tournaments/11-3 in Grand Slams.
Why do you think it is Disney isn't hitting Grand Slams with Star Wars films like they are with Marvel films? (Love Genpop!)
A summary of ATP Grand Slam in-set trading data is now on the website:-.
never show tennis hilites, you buy a Grand Slam, but barely show ANY hilights from the other major tennis events, espcly, other slams
A premier N.L. power hitter, this belted 521 HRs, 18 of them Grand Slams. to Willie McCovey!
Forget no.1 ranking Andy Murray’s real status measured in Grand Slams
Back to back Grand Slams are hard. Would take special team to achieve that.
You are the best, you are the true Number 1, you can and will win more Grand Slams we are with you every step of the way.
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Serena's journey through the Slams Video . Serena Williams won her first Grand Slam title in 1999 when she was 17.
I also think the one that had the final score of like 22-7 was against the A’s. Three Grand Slams!
I liked a video KCReimold, Clevenger hit Grand Slams in the 8th
Which Grand Slams have they won, then? 🤔.
becomes first man with 300 career wins at Grand Slams
. 17th seeded does'nt matter, coz he already have 17 Grand Slams forever
My new article - Trading ATP Grand Slams using data - is now on the website! . You can check it out at
50 hours to go. Just £302 needed for 45 daily podcasts at the Grand Slams, starting on Monday!…
Soap, labeled The Germaphobe/Neat Freak, is a female contestant in Inanimate Insanity II. She was placed on Team Grand Slams. She was elimin
Heath is really good because he hits walk off Grand Slams to win national championships and what not.. idk bout you…
"Bryce had 0 Slams in his first 517 games. He now has 2 in his last 6 games."
and they wonder why American tennis doesnt win Grand Slams
Crazy how Serena can make it to the SF+ of last 9 Grand Slams (5 W's, 2 F's, 2 SF's) & still be considered "over"/not dominant. Insane.
[India]The 30-year-old has won 14 Grand Slams in a glittering tennis career, but the last cam…
Kelly Johnson Grand Slam Mets lead 11-1 Can't remember last time Mets hit Grand Slams in back to back games
Favourite leftie... Rod Laver 2 tennis Grand Slams. Best wishes. Great to hear you again. John Melbourne Oz
What's more impressive winning 6 Grand Slams as a teen or 9 Grand Slams as 30+ year old?
Like go try to win multiple Grand Slams w/o ur nipples showing thru... What do u expect happen when u playing sports and trying to win..
Serena Williams now has 22 Grand Slam titles, tying her for the Grand Slams singles record. C🎾 NGRATS! http…
My column on being much more than just a tennis player with 22 Grand Slams:
Serena is 19-2 against Sharapova. Serena has 22 Grand Slams to Maria's 5. Serena has never failed a drug test…
Average?. Serena has 22 Grand Slams. . Serena has beaten Sharapova 19 times. . Sharapova has beaten her...twice. Bye https:/…
Serena Williams has now won 22 Grand Slams. Simply the greatest ever female tennis player. Queen.💙
Serena Williams admits the pressure of falling short in her bid for 22 Grand Slams weighed on her.
You today were simply the best. And 4 wow! And what24 Grand Slams?
Serena wins her 22nd career Grand Slam, tying Steffi Graf for most Grand Slams in the Open Era.
Novak Djokovic is the first tennis player who won 30 consecutive matches at the Grand Slams.
2 drivers have scored Grand Slams in 🇨🇦. . Nelson Piquet was the first in 1984 & Michael Schumacher was the second in 1994.
Last time hit 2 Grand Slams in a game was this day in 1987 . (Brian Dayett & Keith Moreland)
Murray beats Isner 7-6, 6-4, 6-3. Murray has now reached quarter finals or better in 19 of his last 20 Grand Slams https:/…
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[The Roar]… also becoming the third player to win four consecutive Grand Slams after winn…
Question of the day. Has Bryce Harper became the best player in the MLB?. .333 avg, 7HR, 20 RBIs, 2 Grand Slams this season. 23 w/ an MVP award
Won't lie... I spent a good 30min today recapping all the Grand Slams & HR's of opening week. SO glad is back.
but Roger, you are looking more like a Romanian migrant, than a holder of 17 Grand Slams in this one!
This is the first game to feature 2 Grand Slams since Aug 24, 2003 when Oakland hit 2 Slams.
It's raining Grand Slams in Toronto
lmao Grand Slams happen every other week. Walk offs on the regular and no hitters maybe 3-5 a season. Don't be a ***
Anyone else feel like there have been nothing but home runs and Grand Slams this season
Walk-off Grand Slams bring smiles. After an 11-3 win today, gets back to work tomorrow at 1 p.m. vs.…
Potential band name: JJ Hoover and the Grand Slams.
I'm sure two Grand Slams in a game has to be some kind of first or something
HomeOpener turns ugly as Red Sox punish bullpen in battle of Grand Slams.
a manger that is worse then reds price is hard to find. Congat Hoover for me on the record he has for most Grand Slams given up
With a baseball night like tonight how can you not be a fan of baseball. No hitters/Grand Slams/walk offs.
When doesn't have to worry about his calve muscle because Grand Slams all day
*** Donaldson, back at it again with the Grand Slams.
In the sense that he gives up more Grand Slams than normal?
I can't believe I missed 2 Grand Slams in the blue Jay game. Just because I wanted to go outside and play with our cat lol
But the real question many Grand Slams were hit today 😳
Brock Holt has a 606 K contract and he's hitting Grand Slams. Rusney Castillo has 72.5 Million contract and he's on the bench. 🤔
This Jays season has already had too much madness. It's game 5 there have been 2 Grand Slams and a catcher playing 3rd.…
That moment when you have Marte and Pence on your fantasy bench and they both hit Grand Slams 😭
What a bizarre game. Two Grand Slams in back to back half innings. The game felt over when it was 7-2 Toronto but the Sox pounded back. The…
TWO Grand Slams - one for each team. That's also got to be a first for a home opener.
bullpens been trash today vs first hitter faced..3 Grand Slams and now the first guy out the pen for LA gives it up
Last time the Red Sox and their opponent both hit Grand Slams in the same game was 6/26/01 vs. TB, when Trot Nixon and Greg…
My 3 favorite things: Grand Slams, men in Baseball knickers and the
2 Grand Slams in 1 game and I saw them both let's go
you called a heck of a game tonight. Let's hope your predicting things like marte Grand Slams continue
So Dominos has no-hitters. Papa John's has Grand Slams.. What's Pizza Hut's gonna be??
domain names
And they blow a 7-2 lead. First time I've seen two Grand Slams in one game though.
There has been 3 Grand Slams today ..lets make it 4
What if MLB juiced balls this year to try to encourage Grand Slams and drive Papa John’s out of business. I’d love baseba…
On this day I've witnessed three Grand Slams . I feel blessed .
Big Grand Slams in the big leagues from a pair of Curve alumni tonight
Enjoy it fat boy.The way u pitching, the only Grand Slams youll be serving up are hot plates at Denny's. Nice number by the way
So did papa johns really sponsor and change the name of Grand Slams? Is that what's happening?
2 Grand Slams, a double switch, a catcher at 3rd, and an Italian pitching all in the same game...tonight was definitely a first.
I have a hot take: Grand Slams are good.
Hoover just tied Frank Smith for the most Grand Slams allowed in history with 5.
. Could you please not sponsor MLB Grand Slams cause your company is garbage
*** I missed two Grand Slams! One for us and the other from that team from the EC who will not be named! Go Blue Jays!
Fun Hoover fact of the day. Hoover is now tied for the lead in Grand Slams given up by Reds pitchers. He has given up five.
Hitting Grand Slams seems to help. Maybe try that tomorrow, too.
Hoover has given up FIVE Grand Slams in his career.but who is counting!
Hoover has gave up 5 Grand Slams now...
FINAL: In game that featured two Grand Slams, Red Sox come out on top with 8-7 win over Jays
SIR CLIVE WOODWARD: History has told us that no matter how good a team you are, Grand Slams rarely come easy and we saw tha…
England & Wales have jointly won most championship titles, but England have claimed most Grand Slams & Triple Crowns
Sania Mirza: Unreal feeling to win three Grand Slams win in a row...
Tbf, beating Anderson Silva is pretty much up there with Andy Murray winning Grand Slams at tennis! 👍🏻🏆
...stabbed her great rival, Monica Seles, in the back. Seles only won won more Grand Slam title after that & Steffi won 10 more Grand Slams.
And the Australian Opens begins with Serena Williams's quest for a 22nd, Steffi Graf-tying record number of Grand Slams. Let's go!!
Fernando Tatis hit 2 Grand Slams in one inning. If it never happens again, it doesn't mean that it was a miracle.
Federer happy to retire with 17 Grand Slams.
I hope there are many Grand Slams ahead for Rafa
And watch a video of Roger made by ATP..u will surely get goosebumps..collection of his 17 Grand Slams..☺☺
Mubadala World Tennis Championship: Rafael Nadal not done with Grand Slams, says coach: Spaniard’s uncle and l...
DGM 2015 Female Athlete of the Year - 3 Grand Slams, maybe the most dominant female athlete ever.
. Hey, credit to the Rolling Stone editors for pulling off concurrent Trolling and Sex Appeal Grand Slams.
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Life throwing me all these curveballs, I'm starting to hit Grand Slams
I'm seriously terrified for the future of tennis once the top 5 is gone . at this rate milos might be winning Grand Slams 😳😳
Federer happy to retire with 17 Grand Slams - Yahoo News
by that logic Olympics field ll be stronger than Grand Slams where top players don't play mixed.
The goal for the year is to find a few Grand Slams. Following averages or even talking about is a total waste of time!
Back in Frank Malzone's day, official scorers marked Grand Slams as errors.
Federer happy to retire with 17 Grand Slams via
Wawrinka runs more in exho matches than in Grand Slams 😂😑 I don't deserve this
that is an excellent point. At the Grand Slams -tennis they try to keep things equal
I need Roger Federer to win 4 Grand Slams this year, is that too much to ask for?! 😝
Not That He is Going To, But... Federer happy to retire with 17 Grand Slams
"I've won 5 Grand Slams & my grandfather still talks about my silver medal in London!" - says she loves Olym…
[Yahoo News]Roger Federer would be happy to end his career without adding to his 17 Grand Slam wi…
Federer happy to retire with 17 Grand Slams -
[VAVEL]These predictions include the winners of the four Grand Slams and the Su…
ICYMI: My interview with Wawrinka: "I’m not good enough to say my priorities are the Grand Slams"
Expecting 1-2 Grand Slams in 2016 from u.happ new year
To win Grand Slams you have to be in the right frame of mind, the right physical shape. -
If Tatís hit TWO Grand Slams in ONE inning, you can do anything
“QUESTION: Should tennis institute a heat rule for the men as well as the women at Grand Slams?
From perspective - any ideas why you did so poorly with Grand Slams (bar US Open)? Really enjoyed the ride, waiting for 2016
Who will win more tennis Grand Slams this year...
Happy 41st birthday to former MLB 3B Fernando Tatis, who once hit 2 Grand Slams in 1 inning
Happy New Year Tennis family. Raise your glasses 🍷🍸🍹🍻...May Roger win all four Grand Slams and the Olympic Gol…
New year means another four Grand Slams! Starting with the
Toni I think that he can win more Grand Slams. He can win the in Jan. And he can win too htt…
The theme for my gender reveal party will be monograms or Grand Slams even though I don't want to have kids 😂
of 2015: 13. ' dominated tennis this year, winning her 19th, 20th and 21st Grand Slams.'
Knowing Fernando Tatis is the only player in MLB history to hit two Grand Slams in an inning really pisses me off, it's the little things…
[Himalayan Times]Stan Wawrinka has won more Grand Slams than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal combi…
livetennis: Nick Kyrgios tipped to win Grand Slams if he works hard. .>
[had a stand-out year this year, with three Grand Slams (Aus…
[VAVEL]Keys predominantly peaked at the Grand Slams this year, reaching the quarter-finals of …
Nadal is all time great tennis player. He will not only add but will surely surpass federers 17 Grand Slams!!
Rafael Nadal: Does the Spaniard have more Grand Slams left in him? {zeenews}
Three Grand Slams in a calender year, is there really any doubt? Hail to the Queen.
2 Grand Slams decent and he likes a cheeseboard with a Jam (allegedly)
You win 21 Grand Slams and complete comebacks with passing shots like this one from
THE TODDFATHER! . Todd Frazier Grand Slam! All 8 runs have been via Grand Slams.
Novak Djokovic 'getting stronger and stronger'.
TSN bulks up on tennis rights, adding a stable of ATP 1000 and 500 events to the Grand Slams it already had.
Tiger teeing off in the final round of the masters to complete the "Tiger Slam,” four consecutive Grand Slams
no he will never win another Grand Slam. I'm big fan but no Grand Slams for Raffa.
Jr boss dawg an im known for hittin Grand Slams
She won 3 of the 4 Grand Slams & held No.1 from start to finish. Congrats - Player of the Year!
Why can't Ana play as well in tourneys and Grand Slams as she does in IPTL? Why? Why?
The one who held all the four Grand Slams simultaneously for the second time in their career
Djokovic 'just coming into his prime'.
reaches the finals at Can she make it 5 Grand Slams?
Watching Leander play live after Ana! Too many Grand Slams in day! Oh wait RF va Rafa is yet to come!
tennis would be highest for Grand Slams. WNBA has 8.000 average, which seems pretty good. Netball league here is ok too.
Baseball always shafted you in the 9th. CPU pitcher hitting Grand Slams on you in the 9th.
Novak Djokovic 'just coming into his prime'.
[VAVEL]What made matters worse, Federer’s early losses at Grand Slams came at what were consid…
Denny's has free Grand Slams on your birthday! My wish is that the 100 is amazing and that I meet you some day!
Muslim media group slams Abbott's 'hate speech' Well what is Kilani & 'Grand'Mufti doing about the muslim ratbag element?
Random Richie Sexson fact: in their Yankees careers, he and Jeter hit as many Grand Slams. Sexson had 35 PA for them.
Wow didn't realize giving up 2 inning Grand Slams was on the defense...😄
Serena has only lost 40 times in Grand Slams and she's been playing them for all this time. Lots of no-loss slams!!!
Winning two Grand Slams after retirement is amazing: Martina Hingis
On May 24, 1936, Tony Lazzeri became the 1st player to hit 2 Grand Slams in one game; while batting 8th in the lineup that day
What a week for Angus Roeger. First he hits Grand Slams in back-to-back games, then he is named 24Fit Player of...
Which of these Grand Slams was the hardest & most impressive for Serena Williams to win?
because is the queen of all Grand Slams, of all the court and all our hearts, that's why Seren…
Neil Walker will now have fewer chances to hit Grand Slams against the
Ryan Coogler has made two feature films and has hit Grand Slams on both. He's batting 1.000. Or what's higher than that? He's batting that.
Djokovic 20/1 to claim all four Grand Slams next year!.
3) Ljubicic and Severin Luethi expected to both be at the Grand Slams in 2016, will split duties elsewhere
From the 1999 US Open to Wimbledon 2015 - Serena's 21 Grand Slams, in photos!.
Aus Open has agreed a partnership with Lavazza who become the first food and beverage company to partner all four Grand Slams
Davis Cup isn't that big a deal, imo. No Grand Slams and reached only one final. Disappointing season.
Jr Boss an im known for hittin Grand Slams
Petra uses interpretative dance to sum up her performances at the Grand Slams this year.
will continue 2 win Grand Slams for next few years: Bhupathi
All hail for the new king of tennis in this era. . Won 3 Grand Slams and 6 ATP Masters 1000s this year 2015. Novak...
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“I don't have time to be brought down. I have Grand Slams to win. I have people to And that's what I'm here for.”
Serena Williams ends 2015 with 5 WTA titles, 3 Grand Slams, and a in the world ranking. http…
.on CNN Talk Asia: "And I keep going and Grand Slams are the ones that motivate me the most - no question a…
andy change your coach if you wanna win more Grand Slams!! Your as good as novak if you play offensive tennis!!
Will Andy Murray enjoy more Grand Slam success in his career?. >
Grand Slams are the breakfast pancake variety.
James Hook has 78 caps, 352 Pts, 2 Grand Slams, a 6N Championship and is a Lion. That's none too shabby for a replacement.
WOW. Martina Hingis makes winning Grand Slams look easy - we are speechless! Two more wins this past weekend at...
For the first time ALL bigger titles (YEC, 4 Grand Slams, 9 Masters 1000 + 13 500s) over the past 12 months were won ONLY …
Orioles beat KC with 2 Grand Slams and a homer in the 8th! Great night @ Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Sad part is, Halep did the exact same thing in the Australian Open quarters earlier this season. No dud performances in Grand Slams.
1 set to the good!!! 1 more...I have are truly incredible when it comes to Grand Slams!
Novak Djokovic has won 24 Grand Slam matches this year, 1 shy of his career high set in 2011 (also won 3 Grand Slams tha…
Djokovic: 24-1 this year in Grand Slams (looking to win 3 Grand Slams in a year for 2nd time in last 5 years)
Stans of course ! That beauty has bagged him 2 Grand Slams ! No brainier here .
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Wilson Ramos pimping Grand Slams is the stuff dreams are made of
Im sitting over here scratching my balls and trying to figure out who is starting for OSU 2nite, meanwhile Ramos is hitting Grand Slams nbd
The good thing about Grand Slams is if you're trailing 3-0 and hit one, you're then leading by one run.
Could be worse, he could be giving up Grand Slams.
can't see Nadal winning any more Grand Slams. Think it will be a win for Andy tonight
I have seen 2 major league Grand Slams. Both of them by Wilson Ramos.
When I'm not catching... I'm hitting Grand Slams to take the lead! . Let's go
Sebastian Vettel has the most on the current grid with 4 Grand Slams. The most recent was at the 2013 Korean Grand Prix.
WILSON!! You don't see go-ahead Grand Slams every day. This feels like the playoffs
Jim Clark holds the all time record with an incredible 8 Grand Slams or grand chelems as they are sometimes called.
Well Grand Slams help now don 't they?
Catch up on the action as and reach the quarter-finals
Next up for Serena Williams is her sister Venus in quarterfinals on Tuesday. . Serena leads Venus 15-11 all-time and 8-5…
Well Wawrinka has won 2 Grand Slams so it's a no brainer.
Wawrinka has reached QF or better at seven of last eight Grand Slams, Young seeking first Major QF in his 26th major appear…
Women are upset more than men at Slams but not at Masters/Premiers. The difference? Best of 5 http:/…
Stan Wawrinka: 39-5 against unseeded opponents in Grand Slams since start of 2011. 1 of those losses... Donald Young at …
Raymond retired from tennis. She won 3 Grand Slams and Bronze medal at the Olympics with Mike. All the best Lisa!
"I've got too many things to do. I have Grand Slams to win.". Serena Williams on body-shamers:
"I have Grand Slams to win.". ICYMI: A proud Serena Williams put body-shamers to shame:
Steffi Graf held # 1 slot for 371 weeks a Record. Record of 22 Grand Slams held by Steffi at a younger age than Serena IF.
Serena may tie Steffi Graf at 22 Grand Slams, will never beat her.meh2490.
Castellanos is the first Tiger with multiple Grand Slams in a season since Brandon Inge in 2009.
If Roland Garros 2016 ain't one of those Grand Slams, I don't wanna be a part of it.
Djokovic has bn top of da world rankings 4 the last 53 weeks & has won two 2 of the 3 Grand Slams this year, lost in the French Open final.
Venus' health issues is the only reason why the Williams Sisters aren't playing Hot Potato with these Grand Slams
Williams is now 14-0 this year in 3 set matches & 9-0 at Grand Slams, will advance to 9th career Wimbledon semifinal. htt…
Our girl Marina Erakovic continues to knock on the door of the Grand Slams. However she is getting closer to...
There is a reason she has won 20 Grand Slams people. Serena is a champ through and through. shout out Heather Watson
The 2018-Stroth Prospects pound Perfect Timing 2017 11-4 lead by two Grand Slams by David Vilches and he pitched two innin…
Thanks One of my favourite Grand Slams. Great memories over the years on Rod Laver Arena!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆
No one ever dominated sport like Serena Williams is dominating tennis. 20 Grand Slams
Do you know about IBM Server on Cloud and at the tennis Grand Slams?
Maria Sharapova is both a celebrity and world-class champion. She has won all Grand Slams. In my novel, GAME OF...
Steffi Graf – in 1988 became the only woman to win all 4 Grand Slams & Olympic gold in the same year.
"Automatic outs." You're right. I WILL be telling my grandkids about Kershaw's opening day HR, MadBum's 2 Grand Slams
Zito in the 2012 NLCS, Santiago Casilla, Kershaw hitting a home run opening day 2014, Madbums 2 Grand Slams. I'll miss all those.
Djokovic is on a 32-match winning streak at the Grand Slams, Masters 1000s, World Tour Finals. Last loss: 2014 Shanghai SF vs Federer
Grand Slams and Six Nations championships are very special as well.
Chrissie, Martina, Steffi and Serena; Grand Slams by age and why Graf isn't No. 1:
Mike&Bob Bryan have won Olympic medals-gold N '12 &more pro games,matches,tourneys, Grand Slams than any other pair
beat the 15 - 1 with Grand Slams from Khris Davis and Luis Jimenez in the 1st and 8th innings respectively.
Absolute pleasure to interview Raphael Ibanez yday. Two Grand Slams with France, 98 caps, true gentleman with great stage presence
Right down to the wire! Grand Slams are a fantastic achievement but nowhere near as exciting as three teams slugging it out.
Tennis Grand Slams bring even more heat as the
can your commentators finally understand there was never a BIG4 just a BIG3 when it comes to Tennis Grand Slams
Its way too easy for Djoker without Nadal. Federer/ Murray not challenging in Grand Slams.
Congratulations, Mirza & Hinges Combination! Wish You many more titles and Grand Slams this year! Roger, win it!
this week's win at a Masters 1000 event, top level after the Grand Slams, shows the Wimbledon win wasn't a fluke.
Cogs hold a Rampaige and send her to the Sin bin while Lexorcist picks up lead and some Grand Slams!
possibly Tiger Woods' winning the One of the Grand Slams on one leg after rupturing a knee ligament during the final round!
scoring all the points with some Ice Ice Baby playing... 3 Grand Slams in a row baby! 121 to 94
I hear the slams were indeed grand tonight
S/O to my roommates & for each hitting Grand Slams in the past week
Grand Slams on a Power Jam by Scarlet! 183-141! All-Stars!
How many more Grand Slams will Jack Sock / Vasek Pospisil win?
No video of doubles matches anywhere for this event (and most events outside of Grand Slams). Sorry!
After some crazy Star Passing and Powerjams and Grand Slams, Albany is at the CENTURY MARK! 100-53, All-Stars! Now buy some cookies, eh?
Yeah they'd need to win multiple Grand Slams.
how many Grand Slams you won lately fella? Well played today btw, deserved champs
congrats to ireland. Table dont lie. Still only 2 Grand Slams ever tho! 👍
Milos is a great tennis player and he WILL win Grand Slams and all...maybe not to day, but it is coming soon! So proud of him!
lol. Rugby is about Grand Slams and triple crowns. It's not football...points difference...meh.
"You can bat .087. Just make sure they're all Grand Slams." ... *Javy Baez nods*
21/03/1985: Arthur Ashe, 1st black man to win 3 of the Grand Slams, became the 1st black man in the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
is so cocky I can't stand him. I will never root for him even with his past success (none recently in Grand Slams) Go everyone else
not always been the way. grew up with scotland snatching Grand Slams from the English. bring back the Hastings
so rare in fact that Gethin Jenkins has more Grand Slams than Ireland 🙊😉🙊😉
I bow classact. But, 3 Grand Slams to go this year & counting on to bag at least one of them!
This is beyond disaster. You would never guess that Murray's two Grand Slams were against his opponent on the court.
Watch: The history of the Pinty's Grand Slam of Curling
Rugby reinvents itself...for a day anyway! Tom: "back to back Grand Slams"! Yes "gather our senses"!
Enjoy all your Grand Slams, as well. Must be nice to refer to them in the plural
Good to see an Ireland win on what would have been my Dads 66th Birthday. He missed the 2 Grand Slams in 1948 and 2009 as well
Can England do it Jerry? "Well I won 3 Grand Slams here at Twickenham". Thanks for that. The Montgomerie of rugby
Ireland Wins Back to Back Grand Slams, what a great day, woohoo
Lol at Ireland. Not a Grand Slam though, is it? Nobody remembers championship wins, only slams.
Gethin Jenkins has still won more Grand Slams than Ireland. :-)
Should England expect to win Grand Slams, asks
The captain is Dave Davies who won two Grand Slams either side of the First World War. 1923 was his final season.
Paes deserves the Bharat Ratna for making India proud again and again and again and again...15 Grand Slams! Unbelievable!
In other news, Serena Williams has 19 Grand Slams. 5 more to go..and she'll equal Margaret Court (24 titles)
Bharat Ratna for Leander Paes olympic ,Asiad and numerous Grand Slams
what about Margaret Court? 25 Grand Slams won. More than both Graf and Williams
Serena Williams stands alone as No. 1 American with 19 Grand Slams and counting.
is at 18 Grand Slams right now, she is totally capable of sweeping the 2015 Grand Slam (win all 4) & tie Steffi Graf
Andy Murray got an early season reminder this morning that even players ranked below 300 can be a handful, and that playing Grand Slams is different to playing unofficial exhibition events.
Ten years of Djokovic and Ivanovic at the Grand Slams: This year’s Australian Open will mark the tenth anniver...
Maybe at just one of the Grand Slams each year they could do that to mix it up.
In 1978, Davey Johnson became only player in history to blast two Grand Slams in one season.
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Roger Federer joins Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi and Rod Laver as the only players to have won all 4 Grand Slams and the …
ICYMI: Madison Bumgarner has as many Grand Slams as Pete Rose and Derek Jeter combined.
Previously on Goran Ivanisevic says Marin Cilic can win more Grand Slams after his US Op...
Two pitchers have hit postseason Grand Slams. An SS never had until Brandon Crawford tonight:
Serena Williams now has 18 Grand Slams - a massive achievement. Still behind Steffi Graff and Margaret Court.
Lol, then what would you call Margaret Court who has 24 Grand Slams, huh?
Is This The End Of An Era? Nishikori and Cilic shock the tennis world Federer and Djokovic bow out at the semi-final stage, is this a new era in men's tennis? WHAT HAPPENED? For the first time in 38 Grand Slams, the 2014 US Open men's final will be contested without one of the big three. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic made shock exits in the semi-finals - and injured Rafael Nadal didn't enter the tournament at all. That means Marin Cilic - who beat Federer in straight sets, 6-3 6-4 6-4 - faces Kei Nishikori - who beat Djokovic 6-4 1-6 7-6(4) 6-3. WHAT THEY SAID Marin Cilic: "Just amazing day for me. To be able to play like this I never dreamed of. I think today was my best performance ever in my career...I'm extremely happy to be in the final, the first time in my career. I'm just going to enjoy, be happy and try to win." Roger Federer: "It's fairly simple - I think Marin played great. I maybe didn't catch my best day, but I think that was pretty much it in a nutshell." Kei Nishikori: "I was ready to pl ...
Nishikori vs Cilic will be the first Grand Slam Final without a top-ten player for 12 years & 49 Grand Slams (French Open…
Marin "I mean, we never can rule out Roger out of Grand Slams. I believe he can win a couple more." htt…
Andy Murray must go aggressive to win Grand Slams again
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