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Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is an orange-flavored brandy liqueur created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. It is made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange, and sugar. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is 40% alcohol (70 Proof in UK, 80 Proof in US). Aside from Cordon Rouge, the Grand Marnier line includes other liqueurs. Most of which can be consumed neat as a cordial or a digestif, and can be used in mixed drinks and desserts. In France this kind of use is the most popular, especially with Crêpes Suzette and crêpes au Grand Marnier . César Ritz reportedly came up with the name Grand Marnier for Marnier-Lapostolle, who in return helped him purchase and establish the Hotel Ritz Paris.

Triple Sec

Dec. 14th 23rd B'day and grad celebration. Bring the Grand Marnier. Imma buy all the Henny.
At work sweating out all this grand marnier
Just tried to force myself to like Grand Marnier again and I don't like it.
Waited al day for u, grand marnier baklava!
My wish for today is that Johnny Warren is up there with a bottle of Grand Marnier & 2 glasses ready
Blue Ridge Ramble with a spin and grand marnier cherries
A little after film festival dessert at Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon. Gaze upon my delicious…
Yes indeed that & Grand Marnier with Hennessy and lemonade
What's in our classic Rob Roy? We use Macallan 12, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino & Grand Marnier, garnished with an ora…
Also have a flask of Grand Marnier for emergencies. And science.
I bake my Italian cheesecakes with ginger biscuit base, and serve with a homemade rhubarb grand marnier…
Hennessy and grand marnier gone be the death of me😩
1-1/2 oz good Patron. 1/2 oz Triple Sec. juice of 1/2 lime. sour mix to top. shake, pour into salted glas…
If really rich NYC style... sparkling. Grand Marnier Or maybe a Tokay or late harvest riesling for ot…
3 shots of Makers 46, 4 shots of fireball, 2 beers, and 1 Grand Marnier on the rocks...I was toasted man
Grand Marnier x Pineapple kind of night
Caramel, banana and Grand Marnier crêpe from - single handed, incredible work rate
Now I'm drinking wine and Grand Marnier lmfao
Man now we drinking Grand Marnier.smh
Sometimes you just need some Grand Marnier on the rocks (4 to be exact)
yo that Bottle of Grand Marnier was right about you. you a *** rock star
Do some laundry. Get some grand Marnier. Wallow.
I'm twisting my hair and drinking Grand Marnier on a Saturday afternoon. Am I 30?
I prob shouldn't be drinking grand marnier this early 😌
Grand Marnier for breakfast... sure why not.
It's time! Head to Max's Wine Dive NOW to try their grub! This is the ✨Grand Marnier, White Chocolate + Lem…
Grand Marnier and Red Bull.. I think it's cuz I really didn't eat tho
I don't drink vodka . they used grand marnier
My husband's all-time favourite fruit is a peach, so when they're in season I always make Peach Grand Marnier Cake!…
Grand Marnier is definitely smoother. They have a Peach-Raspberry flavor too. Gotta try it!! It's really good.
I thought Crown Vanilla was the smoothest liquor ever until I had Grand Marnier
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This week I learned a 1:1:2 ratio of lime, grand marnier, tequila makes a fast marg that's 80% as good as best marg…
Aye don’t drink straight crown vanilla and follow up with straight grand marnier unless u trying to go 3/47 from the field
If you prefer a mixed drink give Woodford Reserve Double Oaked with ginger ale and a splash of Grand Marnier a try.
I learned from Martha Stewart a broken Grand Marnier bottle makes a great weapon if your family Christmas dinner is turnin…
Homeowner describes "Grand Marnier can" and kids' piggy banks that were missing.
This is literally what I do on Saturday nights after I mix Patron and Grand Marnier.
Didn't know I had more grand marnier
Neighbors giving out Kahlua and Grand Marnier chocolates to trick or treaters. ***
Order a Margarita made with Don Julio 1942 and Grand Marnier thank me later
When you casually have a conversation in real time with Grand Marnier from about leaving the iPhone for the…
I love Grand Marnier as a digestif.
Beautiful was there in January with friends and Grand Marnier! From Beaverton, Jim
After a lovely dinner yesterday I drank three glasses of Grand Marnier believing the abv to be 14%. It's actually 40% & I have a headache.
Ready for the Halloween...?. Come and try our Halloween cocktail: Spiced Pumpkin, Bourbon, Grand Marnier & Maple. https:…
The Cowboys are driving sloppier than Vince Neil after a bottle of Grand Marnier in Nicole Richie's Nissan Versa, Al.
Orange creme caramel with grand marnier at Werkstatt
Grand Marnier Coconut cake with an orange glaze.another delicious creation by DivaLicious Cakes
We are enjoying some of best Mexican food in town🌮🌮🌮. Golden Margaritas with Grand Marnier and Cuervo Gold...
this shot of Grand Marnier is putting me at ease lol
that sounds delightful! Some grand marnier woulda made it perfect
Appreciation over to a few fans of the music. — drinking Grand Marnier at One-Eyed Mike's
Grand Marnier and white. Sniffles through the night.
Brazilian coffee - grand marnier, brandy, and kahlua. Yum
Love this recipe... put Grand Marnier in for the adults!
Try our new Orange and Grand Marnier Cheesecake only
*** spitter said pour me a double grand marnier lol I swear we related some way some how since 2008 I could relate to this kid.
It's been a whirlwind two weeks but finally getting my celebratory cigar and 1880 Grand Marnier.
Pass me my Hennessy and my Grand Marnier, if you will
Why not delve into some " Black Magic". Grand Marnier topped with prosecco and black grapes
Grand Marnier and OJ on a cool fall Saturday is what life is about
Had wine already, out of Grand Marnier :-(
Try D'usse & Grand Marnier, add coke if you want
I could go for some Grand Marnier right now 👌
Grand Marnier, white rum and mango juice.
Me grand marnier and Jim bean apple having a wonderful threesome right now...
I can't find any recipes with grand marnier + cacao...
Add that Grand Marnier to ya margarita, major 🔑!!
Craving a red stag lemonade and a grand marnier slushie from Epcot rn
take in my mom used all my vodka when she made penne alla vodka last week accidentally so Dana & I just did shots of grand marnier instead
I'd call it an "emetic!" No offense--got some bad Grand Marnier memories.🍻
Grand Marnier is an orange-flavored liqueur created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. :)
My mom had two shots of Grand Marnier and she's "drunk" lol
Amarula, Bailey's, Amaretto, Grand Marnier... the possibilities are endless
Grand marnier even makes loneliness taste better
Grand marnier makes everything taste better
I thought it Grand Marnier in that glass, not tears?
so yummy! Cook it with Orange,Ginger, and Grand Marnier 👌🏼
We just throw wine in a crockpot with cinnamon sticks, cloves and maybe some Grand Marnier. Not as complicated :)
But after a large breakfast this morning, I didn't get time to eat, so dinner was a crêpe with sugar & grand marnie…
Sometimes you just need a Grand Marnier orange Slush in France 🙌🏼
My own creation, based on a Cosmo. Patron, Grand Marnier, splash of lime and cranberry juice. Salt on rim optional.
A new take on an old favourite- the Great White Shark- Ice cold Patron Silver, Grand Marnier,…
The Mary Pickford, a sweet and fruity fusion created in Cuba! Havana Rum, Grand Marnier, Grenadine and 🍍
The products of yesterday's baking efforts--an Orange Pound Cake with Grand Marnier drizzle, Aunt Doris's Sour...
On 29 February 1928 the Leap Year Cocktail consisting of gin, Grand Marnier, sweet vermouth and lemon juice, was invented at the Savoy Hotel
A very kind friend bought me a bottle of Grand Marnier - Le Café Parisien - "Cordon Rouge" in a delightful red bottle. Bath time liqueur ;)
Got a taste for a Bow Wow Punch,Long Island,and Grand Marnier
Perk up with a gear shift! Made with Frangelico, Baileys irish cream, Grand Marnier, coffee and topped with...
new beers just arrived: Quadroccino w/ Costa Rican coffee and...Grand Cru in Grand Marnier barrels anyone? ht…
Look i ain't got that lol I got some remy 😂RT w/ double shot of Grand Marnier
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I've got no carb, no fat flavourings from Olive Nation! From bacon to Grand Marnier. Shop
Hard to feel sorry for someone with his own bottle of Grand Marnier. A little sympathy, maybe. But not sorry.
Snow plow just went by after endless shovelling. . (Grand Marnier bottle for scale)
"Grand Marnier increase the don strength/ two four-fifths within my arms length/ with a calm breath I say we gots to float" - Jeb
Grand Marnier bong I made two years ago still holding up :)
Celebrating my first 1000 km of cycling for 2016 with shot of Grand Marnier. Here's to cycling!
Just made Grand Marnier. Now to wait 4 weeks...
Cazcabel coffee liqueur with Grand Marnier and a shot of espresso, finished with an orange twist...
One of my all time favourite beers in all i... (Bearded Lady Grand Marnier Chocolate Orange Stout)
A2 whenever the mood for something sweet hits ;)
I would've rewritten it for a cool mill, + I would've made my famous white chocolate bread pudding with Grand Marnier glaze.
Who wants to make me some of these..? Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffles
Happy President's Day! Enjoy, Drink and Relax with our new Fresh Fruit soaked in a blend of Red Wine and Grand Marnier 󾁁󾦆
Cranberry Fool with Grand Marnier Whipped Cream is your secret Christmas dessert weapon: five ingredients, about fiv
imho Grand Marnier or Cointreau make a smoother Sangria than Triple Sec. Haven't tried it with brandy.
lovely with Mom, getting lit on her Grand Marnier frosting (how much did you use!) watching 80's movies
Chocolate souffle with grand marnier whipped cream. Say what?? Gettin all fancy up in here…
Taylor's get well soon ice cream sundae with Grand Marnier chocolate…
Grand Marnier zabaglione with fresh strawberries, lavender shortbread and cocoa nibs
Today, I'm taking a shot of Grand Marnier everytime someone asks me how my valentine was. Needless to say, it's 9 am and I'm feeling tipsy
The grand marnier French toast and their ribs are unmatched.
Morning coffee with arthritis meds and Grand Marnier. lol
Give me a couple shots of that grand marnier so I can be rolling.
An ex coworker of mine from Haiti once asked me for Grand Marnier with fresh cracked pepper for the flu.
Tonight's cocktail is a hot toddy w/ Jameson's, a dash of Jack Fire for spice, a dash of Grand Marnier for citrus body and a lemon squirt.
Steak, roasted potatoes, salad with toasted pecans and Gorgonzola. Bittersweet chocolate mouse with grand marnier whipped cream.
Now I have a Grand Marnier cheesecake in the oven. Can't wait til tmrw to try it.
Was hating today's festivities until the Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Mousse with Grand I'm full with happiness 😍
Pro-tip: a margarita should never have 'sweet and sour' sauce. All you need is good tequila, grand marnier, lime juice & salt. Nothing else.
And for dessert, homemade Dutch chocolate cake with Grand Marnier…
Chocolate Raspberry Grand Marnier cake I made with Caramel sour cream on the side with a Pinot Noir
I got the crazy idea to make grand marnier soufflés for dinner. (in place of dinner, that's plenty right?). No...
I did. They look great. Grand Marnier is in the limes?! Ah yeah!
Drinking raspberry peach Grand Marnier topped up with champagne. We don't do VDay but this is a nice aperitif any time of the year.
Grand Marnier is forever my best friend.
Lobster it's with a shot of Grand Marnier while I wait on my to go…
I had Hennessy..1800...Ciroc...Grand Marnier last night and I still made it to school today
My Dad: " Let's start drinking, let's get the grey goose or grand marnier". Grammy D: " I'm a Henny lady, blame it on the alcohol"
Look at the colour of the head on the Grand Marnier Bearded Lady!!
The lady we have been waiting for al... (Bearded Lady Grand Marnier Chocolate Orange Stout)
We have a few truffles left! . Vegan Chocolate. Hazelnut. Almond. Grand Marnier.
grand marnier came in a tiny choc cup. Her husband and us did it as a shot. Then she poured hers over her cake
Grand Marnier Truffles _ Imagine just how rich & decadent a taste these little balls of black chocol
Aaand finally, ectoplasm is the name of a cocktail made with 1 pt Grand Marnier, 1 pt blue curacao, 2 pts vodka, and a splash of OJ.
2 parts apple cider, 1 part Jaegermeister, 1/4 part Grand Marnier, and add in ice cube and an apple slice.
Great to have some friends and relatives round for supper last evening. A few glasses of Grand Marnier Fizz (my...
Still working on scotch whiskey Christmas cocktail. Cream, honey, cheap scotch and what? Grand Marnier? Rose Water? Ginger?
Don't forget to order your Buche de Noel (Christmas Log) for the holidays in flavors of chocolate, grand marnier or praline.
Grand Marnier shrimp for dinner, yum!. Last night had chicken and pasta. Saturday lots of cheese and noshes at the...
My parents would cop a handle of Grand Marnier lol
Apricots in grand marnier soon to be molded and dipped into dark chocolate
Night people - fruitcake now in 48 cake balls held together with Grand Marnier flavoured butter icing - to be enrobed in milk choc tomorrow
Today tequila + grand marnier hot chocolate with tequila-infused whip cream and the mercado salad!
For all you coconut macaroon lovers! Pick up a package of our limited stock Grand Marnier infused…
Off to make Grand Marnier flavoured butter cream to turn crumbled fruitcake into Xmas cake bites for coating in milk choc +white choc on top
Organic eggnog with Grand Marnier, who's king of now, world, who?!
i didn't know u know Justin! dude, i should be able to be there tonight. Grand Marnier tasting?
Girls gone home 2nd cake in the oven chocolate beetroot, chocolate chestnut torte is chilling in fridge 😋 now resting with a Grand Marnier😁
Come in on Thursday between 9-6:30 for a special Grand Marnier sipping and chocolate sampling event! Can’t wait to see you
Thinking of making a chocolate cake with Grand Marnier
All purpose parts banner
My Brown Sugar & Grand Marnier Ice Cream is the perfect companion for your festive desserts:
That was box one. Box two has speculaas, anise cookies, lemon cookies, and grand marnier shortbread.
And your mother deep into some wine and grand marnier asks you the question while you're trying to quickly get food and run upstairs...
Just got done making over 100 rum balls and Triple Sec + grand marnier balls for my friends. :3
Tiramisu with flaming Grand Marnier a fantastic end to a wonderful birthday dinner.
No orange extract in the house, but I have Grand Marnier (twirls imaginary moustache)...
If you identify with a drunk white guy wearing tie interrupting band onstage by beatboxing, then drink Grand Marnier
A classic for Something Sweet.Grand Marnier steeped fruit and a generous slice of marzipan under the cap.
Cookie baking and play study today, venison slow roasted in Grand Marnier and chocolate sauce for supper. Off to a Christmas party shortly.
It's day 9 of the Concourse Bar 12 Days of Christmas and today we give away Grand Marnier! Make sure you're at...
Vanilla ice cream, Grand Marnier and those Florida Strawberries
A6: Pound cake, sliced strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier and whipped cream.
Or get me a bottle of Grand Marnier
i want a special one w cointreau n grand Marnier n fresh lime. 3 of em
Oh my god Grand Marnier made another one of the "white guy crashes the stage and beatboxes" commercials
Vote for me by liking! G'mornin' Mama -Bulleit Bourbon Grand Marnier Peach Raz Chandon Sage htt…
Rusty says he found two crates of Grand Marnier behind Red Lobster. Basically blackout city.
God *** Rusty took the party outta bounds last night. Last thing I remember was a chug off with Grand Marnier with a bunch of randos.
Day Twenty is a classic Sidecar, made with Martel Cognac and Grand Marnier. Two for £9, from 5pm.…
Blessed my coffee with Grand Marnier this morning
Good morning, we've got an orange cream cheese stuffed french toast top with a Grand Marnier syrup and a side of...
it don't but Grand Marnier is a dessert liquor.. You know I know what I'm doing.. It don't mess me up
Ok, so he really wasn't putting a dollop of Grand Marnier in my coffee to motivate me to get out of bed, it's not...
I had shots of grand marnier and bacardi black tonight 😷
I like Grand Marnier but i finally have internalized the lessons drinking it taught me.
What Saturday's are made of.. Watching The Wizard of Oz, cozy in my bed and sipping grand Marnier...
Shorty mixed Grand Marnier with a tidbit of white rum, and Arizona Sweet Tea... If I called this "Silent Killer", would you drink it?
1st drink was so good,I had to order another one! (Patron, Grand Marnier, and Triple Sec)
Like, even the good stuff?! Hold on to the Grand Marnier, Amy! A strong cocktail never made Emily Gilmore less a lady!
Meet another one of our Main Event Cocktails, Le' Masquerade! Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Grand Marnier, Chiltepin, a...
We'll get drunk off of strawberries injected with Grand Marnier and dipped in orange dark chocolate... After all the kids are gone. LOL
Hey Grand Marnier, *** jumping on stage during a live performance to do terrible beatboxing is not a great idea.
I assume Grand Marnier as a floater?
Chase away the Mondays with our new cocktail. Tequila, blackberries, Grand Marnier, lemon …
Zabaione, gianduia, dark chocolate with grand marnier, cream. That's what I call
And with dessert the most liqueur like beer ever. Bearded Lady Choc Orange. Matured in Grand Marnier barrels. 10.5%!
Humi work and a night cap. Opus X XxX and a Grand Marnier neat.
Grand Marnier got me feelin some type of way
Maybe a bit of Grand Marnier ;-) Letting the cake get to room temperature, so the buttercream is all soft and mushy... *drools*
Tonight we have Roasted Duck Breast with Orange Grand Marnier sauce
We've added 5 more hot tracks to our Blend Out Remix Contest playlist! Check them out here >> …
The Bellini. She is a thing of beauty... Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach. …
Alarms are set. Rise and shine early for a trip to Grand Marnier. Let the grand times roll!…
Oo...and with a splash of Grand Marnier even! ...yum yum
Yummy cocktails on the patio - extra spicy Bloody Mary and Margarita with Grand Marnier floater
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hennessy, The French Connection and Grand Marnier with a lil beer made my night last night!! 😛
Oh my goodness. I want mojito and grand marnier gelato right now.
Last night. This was grand (marnier). - Drinking a Long Forgotten Journey by -
I would like to thank the makers of Grand Marnier and crown royal apple!
Seems like it’s a evening, on the rocks, now in a Cadillac Margarita with Marnier. Dee-lish.
Get that grand marnier peach though
Check out this video from our fan showing how he & his crew enjoy Grand Marnier on a night out. https:/…
Last night with the Master Distiller of Grand Marnier at the Chateau in Cognac France.
Desktop Grand Marnier. 1.78 oz Grand Marnier. A bit of Tequila if you want. .25 oz Ginger ale. A splash of Lemon juice. Serve on the rocks.
Join us for brunch this afternoon! We have lovely chocolate croissants, Irish coffee and classic Grand Marnier French toast!
Grand Marnier has this ad campaign where this guy takes a shot & hops on stage to beatbox with different genres of music. I hate it so much.
Nothing better than Belgian Waffle with Grand Marnier cream and blueberries.
Today's drink: bourbon, sweet vermouth, grand marnier, molasses and homemade amaretto cherries (my twist on th...
Cognac anyone? Sorry, this is meant for Grand Marnier. grandmarnierusa
Cognac aging in a barrel before becoming Grand Marnier. grandmarnierusa
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Grand Marnier on the rocks and Caesars are delicious 😋
Looking at this bottle of Grand Marnier on this episode of A Different World.I need a drink
And now for my favorite cocktail. Barkeep a grand marnier and milk chilled
6 cups of grand marnier and a big *** cup of a watermelon long island how I'm trying 2 end my night
I can't get the Grand Marnier to layer right tho 😿
OK - so I just poured a bit of rum in my B52 coffee instead of Grand Marnier!!. .
That’s what my mom drinks Grand Marnier from when she travels. XD
Ice tea raspberry vodka and Grand Marnier after moving
Made it to New York & I got my Grand Marnier. Today is a great day 😁.
That grand marnier chocolate mousse was a mouthgasm
Its hidden under the counter, but c:rad still gets his midnight Grand Marnier
Duck egg cake with Grand Marnier buttercream, uh, in 80 degree heat. Snap. is a stone cold hottie.
Yas! I will be in a Grand Marnier dessert coma for my birthweek!
Grand marnier infused mascarpone, piped into strawberries. I bet you foodies wanna come paint now!…
Red, White and Blue Sangria Crisp dry white wine, mixed with a little lemon vodka and Grand Marnier,
These Grand Marnier beat boxing commercials are the worst. Beyond cheesy
I always add some Grand Marnier to my Neo-Citran. Adds to an already nice citrus-ness.
Hey, remember that time I got blotto on one glass of Grand Marnier? 'Cause I don't, really.
Honey Jack and Grand Marnier is the only brown i drink.
Grand marnier and grey goose. Yall.
Tastings of Grand Marnier and Don Julio . tonight . Starts at 7.00 pm and ends at 10.00pm!!. cheers
Can't find any takers for my great new recipe, the cheela suzette - flambé a moong dal cheela in Grand Marnier and you're away.
How the French do toast. . French Toast Grand Marnier :: with brioche, strawberry couli & fresh fruit
Nothing blends better like a good cigar and a bottle of Grand Marnier.
Fantastic beer pairing with cheese platter from... (Bearded Lady Grand Marnier Barrel Aged)
idea: Try warm French Toast stuffed with tasty bananas and strawberries.
On the road with Grand Marnier . Who is that in the background?
I need a blunt and some Grand Marnier
Dude If I hear that grand marnier ad on soundcloud one more time I'm gonna hit the person closest to me
I was happy to see you too. Grand Marnier and I have a great relationship lmao. It was great!!!
Yes indeed, I was happy to see you. How was that Grand Marnier?! 👀
Open Source is a guy who has some strong opinions and a keyboard, and grand marnier in it, I'm the greatest forever.
bruh there's like vodka Grand Marnier, Tequila , too Lit right now
“When in France, get a grand marnier orange slushie! want one right no…
How does grand marnier and amaretto create a blueberry flavor I don't know but eh
Grand marnier reminds me jack Daniels Tennessee honey
SKSBSB is drinking an IPA at La Vie Grand Marnier
This lean and Grand Marnier got me saucey AF
Hershey's Chain Gang Event at the Reef in Long Beach. We did orange Grand Marnier Macaroons filled alcohol...
*** bout to go get a forty. Not feeling this grand marnier tonight
A great 27oz margarita, including Grand Marnier, for $7.85. Now that's what I call a deal.
"Floating Island" grand marnier over Meringue and house made caramel, snickers gelato
I tried to spell khakis & spell check changed it to Kahlua. 😄. I can make you a B-52 with tht Bailey's, & Grand Marnier. 😉
We the reason you couldn't get grand marnier in Accra. True story b that's the only drink I record with. 👽mob.
Quite comfortable, and relaxed. It's a nice night In the heart of the city! — drinking Grand Marnier at SkyHouse...
The Mocha cappuccino, with a shot of Grand Marnier of course, that accompanied a delicious slice of…
Engraving for McLaren and Grand Marnier today in Newport Coast..
Try J.P.Chenet sparkling wine + Grand Marnier, I accept a couple of bottles of as thank you )
I just want a bottle of grand marnier with a turkey hill lemonade 😞
100yr old Grand Marnier 💯💯💯 this has to be the most amazing drink of all time
But they do have Grand Marnier so I can try this candied orange peel frankenstein idea
About to dip 200 or so Patron and Grand Marnier strawberries for Mother's Day... gift boxes all the...
Can you believe that this is made in a slow-cooker? hint-hint: Mothers Day! Cornish Game Hens with Grand Marnier...
So instead of doing a customary birthday lunch for me, my boss just passed everyone in the office a shot of Grand Marnier & a 420 Beer.
Confession time sometimes we just order a bunch of appetizers, like Grand Marnier shrimp for our meal! How about you?
Take a listen to my Grand Marnier competition entry. Blend it out.
$12 buckets for the game today. Try our Raspberry Peach Grand Marnier Margarita, it's delicious.…
Crystal Island Orango. 2cl of Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Dry Vermouth. Shake over ice, strain and pour, decorate with a slice of orange
VEVO's Grand Marnier campaign still going strong
Just to feed your eyes a little, and maybe tease also! Our orange with Grand Marnier cloud& oreo from section. ht…
Check out the Grand Marnier campaign on VEVO
Any help with recipe for Polynesian Pearl from Trader Sam's? I know Rumchata and Grand Marnier but "tropical juices" is vague.
Catching up with friends just got better with our El Nino Margarita. It has 1800 Tequila, Grand Marnier,...
Grand Marnier always makes for a good day
Okay, here we go. Bedtime. A little Corner Gas will help me relax (along with the Grand Marnier) :-)
If you don't want to go out on Mother's Day, these slow cooker Cornish Game Hens with Grand Marnier Sauce are...
I just made a smoothie & put apple vodka + tequila + grand marnier in it. God bless America, tbh.
They take the apricot preserves seriously at Trail Boss in Amarillo. Sour mash whiskey and Grand Marnier varieties.
Also it's A crepe with beurre Suzette - sauce of caramelized sugar & butter, tangerine or orange juice Grand Marnier
Mm mm. Strawberries and grand marnier. Yum. Yum. Yum.
prt missing sorry dash of grand marnier, dash of fresh orange juice, two eggs, mix well. cut Italian bread to your taste.
We're in Atlanta tonight with the Grand Marnier girls. Join us at the Red Door Tavern and the Dive Bar.
Sweet & Sour Saturday! Mason Rita only $6 (made with Patron, Grand Marnier, Cointreau and fresh squeezed Sweet & Sour) and Pretzel Sticks …
Kudos to the woman who brought a bottle of Grand Marnier to the pool.
En route 2 inlaws today. Contemplating asking starbucks 2put grand marnier in my coffee. No? They don't do that. Okay then. Skip the coffee
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Why does the Grand Marnier commercial on Soundcloud sound like it's trying to seduce you?
It’s French Toast day! It’s all about the citrus — orange custard with a hint of Grand Marnier and a citrus salad.
White single Brugmansias in 2 litre pots and also Grand Marnier, pale, pink, yellow & double white. Also...
Un-Human has been swapped for Bearded Lady Choc-Orange aged in Grand Marnier barrel
Heya Many of our Disney interests overlap.You must have tried one of these:
Drowning myself in grand marnier while I watch happiness. Yay Fridays
I'm finishing with Grand Marnier and it's kind of perfect. I recommend the avocado ice cream
Grand Marnier. The liquor of
You should commit now, all are just creepy and horrid. I recommend a Grand Marnier and keep the burn coming.
you know I had second thoughts until I saw the Grand Marnier. That's got to make it healthy right?
Made a new one this evening, The Brass Rail -- Grand Marnier, Peach Schnapps, and Pineapple juice…
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