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Grand Central Parkway

The Grand Central Parkway (GCP) is a parkway that stretches from the Triborough Bridge in New York City to Nassau County on Long Island.

Long Island Expressway Hillside Avenue Las Vegas Linden Boulevard Cross Island Parkway Forest Hills Northern Boulevard National Guardsman Commission Chambers New York Queens Blvd

Says the *** who drives 90 MPH on the Grand Central Parkway after a Pre-game
Last trams tonight from Priestfield to Grand Central is 23:30 and Priestfield to Wednesbury Parkway is 00:15 *Andy
Please be advised, all stops between Priestfield and Grand Central are in operation. Customers will change trams at Wednesbury Parkway 1/2
A service from Wednesbury Parkway to Grand Central will remain as normal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 2/2
There's a a rainbow stretching all the way from the Grand Central Parkway to Kew Gardens. ☔️ 🌈
stop the over development, & build new overpasses over the Grand Central Parkway in Astoria to alleviate the traffic jams. 2/2
Construction on Both directions at Grand Central Parkway/30th Avenue
yes there are sidewalks on both sides over the Grand Central Parkway, just rigbt by the
Update: Incident on WB from 37th Street; Ramp to START ROUTE Grand Central Parkway; I-278;...
A10. Grand central parkway in Queens and In and Out burger by LAX.
If your heading there now, traffic at Terminal C is light, but Grand Central parkway traffic is heavy.
Incident on SB from Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway to Hillside Avenue
Update: Incident on EB from Exit 22A - Grand Central Parkwy to Exit 32 - Little Neck Parkway
I wonder how crazy I look windows down belting out on the Grand Central Parkway in this Laguardia traffic
Speeding driver is killed after his car strikes a tree on the Grand Central Parkway: cops
A Long Island man died in Jamaica Estates after driving his car into a tree on Grand Central Parkway…
Located near the Grand Central Parkway, our Astoria, Queens is easy to find:
New York: Construction on Both directions from Grand Central Parkway to Hillside Avenue
Incident on Both directions from Exit 35 - I-495 Long Island Expressway to Grand Central Parkway
I might as well be parked on Grand Central Parkway
It's all fun and games until your cat breaks out of the carrier in your car on the Grand Central Parkway!
BQE west past the Grand Central Parkway accident
Our calm sweet boy Sage had come to us with a broken spirit after being abandoned on the Grand Central Parkway...
There's traffic on the Grand Central Parkway, so it might take a while to get to LGA. This is why I need my own helicopter.
Passing by Citifield on the Grand Central Parkway 10min ago and thinking, "Yeah baby!!" 🙌☺
I've got a similar memory driving under a section of the grand central parkway coming back from visiting family
Almost to : off the parkway, turning left onto Grand Central…
Article by about taxi driver falling asleep on the Grand Central Parkway.
Auction on Tuesday, April 26, located is at the Clark County Commission Chambers, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway.
Incident on Both directions from Queens-Kings County Line; Koskuisko Bridge to Grand Central Parkway
Cleared: Construction on EB from Jamaica Avenue to Exit 8 - Grand Central Parkway
Van Wyck Expressway North ramp to the Grand Central Parkway accident.
Accident on Van Wyck NB ramp to the Grand Central Parkway blocks one lane
It was the late 80's. Raining buckets! Traffic at a crawl on The Grand Central Parkway going East. My first new...
Construction on Both directions at Exit 29E-29W - Grand Central Parkway
Avoid the Grand Central Parkway, both directions, near the Cross Island Parkway due to a serious accident.
Incident on NB from Linden Boulevard to Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway
Construction on Both directions from Exit 29 - Grand Central Parkway to 83rd Street
Queens, a disabled vehicle blocks one WB lane on the Grand Central Parkway near the L.I.E. delays to the Cross Island Parkway
FDNY ambulance engulfed in flames on Grand Central Parkway - New York Daily News |
*driving on the grand central parkway*. Me: "I like michigan roads...I never thought I would say that."
CLEARED: Grand Central Parkway E/B has all lanes reopened at Queens Blvd at 3:10PM due to a previous accident,…
What happened on the grand Central parkway today please I wanted to know what Happ
Due to an accident on the Grand Central Parkway, you may experience traffic delays. Please allow extra time when traveling to Airport.
As a result of community complaints, more trucks are being removed from the Grand Central Parkway Service Road
Construction on NB from Hillside Avenue to Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway
All purpose parts banner
CLEARED: W/B Grand Central Parkway approaching 31st Street all lanes roepened at 9:25AM due to an earlier accident.…
W/B Grand Central Parkway approaching 31st Street two lanes blocked at 9:15AM due to an accident for up to 2 hours.…
Cleared: Incident on WB from Exit 25 - Utopia Parkway / 188th Street to Exit 22A - Grand Central Parkwy
The Grand Central Parkway has 2 lanes blocked at the Kew Gardens Interchange due to an Accident.
Cleared: Construction on BothDir from Exit 8 - Grand Central Parkway to Jamaica Avenue
CLEARED:Accident - W/B Grand Central Parkway at I-678/VWE cleared as of 10:31PM. Queens County
Cleared: Construction on SB from 69th Road; Ramp to Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway
Screamed at 2 drivers on Grand Central Parkway last night that they were going to ***
Overturned Vehicle: E/B Grand Central Parkway at the I-495/LIE two lanes blocked at 2:15am for up to 2 hours.…
Driving on the Grand Central Parkway and just passed someone brushing their teeth while driving. Really?!?!?
Construction on SB from Northern Boulevard; NY 25A to Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway
Cleared: Construction on NB from Queens Boulevard; NY 25 to Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway
Cleared: Incident on EB from 69th Street to Grand Central Parkway
I hope everyone on the LIE, Grand Central, Van Wyck, & Belt Parkway enjoyed listening to me belt Celine Dion
Delays on NB from Exit 29E-29W - Grand Central Parkway to Exit 31W - NY 25A-...
A lot of smoke coming from the Grand Central Parkway and Flushing Meadows Park area
Delays on WB from Exit 4 - I-278; West B-Q Expressway to START ROUTE Grand Central Parkway;...
Update: Delays on WB from 82nd Street to START ROUTE Grand Central Parkway;...
Update: Delays on NB from Belt System - Southern Parkway to Grand Central Parkway
Update: Sign work on EB from Northern Boulevard to Grand Central Parkway
I liked a video Car fire on Grand Central Parkway
Hope tennis fans didn't take their time on the Grand Central Parkway if they wanted to see Serena. This'll be over in a NY minute.
And the new "grandstand" taking shape next to Grand Central Parkway.
Lets hold up Grand Central Parkway for some annoying motorcycles
Construction on EB from Exit 37 - Roosevelt Avenue to Grand Central Parkway
CLEARED: Grand Central Parkway W/B approaching 31 Street has all lanes reopened at 7:38 AM due to a previous…
Westbound Grand Central Parkway with a crash in 1-lane near the LIE
Eastbound Grand Central Parkway with a crash near the LIE.
Construction on SB from College Point Boulevard; I-678 to Exit 10 - Grand Central Parkway
30 sec long exposure over the Grand Central @ Grand Central Parkway
Motorcyclist dies in accident on Grand Central Parkway: Emergency responders rushed him to Queens General Hosp...
nydailynews: Motorcyclist dies in accident on Grand Central Parkway
FollowNYCNews: Motorcyclist dies in accident on Grand Central Parkway
Motorcyclist dies in accident on Grand Central Parkway
Motorcyclist dies in accident on Grand Central Parkway: A motorcyclist died after he was thrown from his bike ...
Not there yet; sign says all lanes of westbound Grand Central Parkway closed near BQE Bc of accident
New York is a beautiful city, I can't wait to come back @ Grand Central Parkway
I feel like that when I am in on the Harlem River Dr & the Grand Central Parkway!
Some commutes home are little more ominous than others. @ Grand Central Parkway
Update: Delays on EB from Exit 41 - Astoria Boulevard West to Grand Central Parkway
Crash in Queens on the EB Grand Central Parkway at the LIE causing heavy delays.
Heavy traffic on the Grand Central Parkway into Kew Gardens
- Car fire reported at the outlet mall near Grand Central Parkway.
Especially The BQE in NYC! Boy they can't drive right on the Grand Central Parkway too!
Cleared: Accident E/B Grand Central Parkway ramp to Laguardia Airport all lanes have been reopened at 2:56PM ,…
Update your maps at Navteq
No no. House I grew up in was next to the Grand Central Parkway.
Overturned Vehicle: E/B Grand Central Parkway on the Francis Lewis Blvd exit ramp, all lanes blocked at 10:07PM for…
Grand central parkway is a parking lot on this fine morning ptu
UPDATE: Accident: E/B Grand Central Parkway at 31st Avenue, three lanes blocked 1:36 am for up to two hours
Dept of Transportation proposes changes to Astoria intersection near Grand Central Parkway:
any info on the police activity in Astoria by Grand Central Parkway? Entrances closed...
Join me tomorrow night at a Sheriff's Debate from 6:00 p.m - 7:30 p.m. at 500 Grand Central Parkway in the Commission Chambers.
Yet another reason not to jaywalk the Grand Central Parkway! Man Decapitated While Crossing Grand Central Parkway
On Friday night a man was crossing the Grand Central Parkway and got hit leaving him decapitated -MC
New interrogation technique- . Put terrorist in traffic on the Grand Central Parkway for an hour with Chinese food in the front seat.
Drainage issues on the Grand Central Parkway causing a lane closure westbound.
Significant chance that the Grand Central Parkway will be renamed the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Pa...
Queens man, 31, decapitated by oncoming traffic while crossing Grand Central Parkway
Pedestrian killed on Grand Central Parkway near Exit 7, was struck by 2 vehicles last night.
Pedestrian killed on Grand Central Parkway: A man was hit by more than one vehicle and killed on the Grand...
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Drove on Grand Central Parkway and the LIE tonight at rush hour. I better pass this damned road test.
So it seems the Grand Central Parkway in Queens will be renamed The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Parkway?
S2037, sponsored by passed 55-1 (unofficial). Renames the Grand Central Parkway. Read it here:
Road reopens after natural gas leak: Grand Central Parkway is back open at Bonneville Avenue after a natural gas...
Astoria: Grand Central Parkway approach to the Triborough Bridge (circa late 1930's?)
178-24 Grand Central Parkway, Jamaica Estates, NY 11432 is now under contract!!!
Earl Klugh is set to perform at 7 p.m. June 1 as part of the Jazz in the Park free concert series at the Clark County Amphitheatre, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway. Picnics, blankets and low-back chairs are welcome. No pets are allowed. Visit
RTC Seeks Input on Proposed Service Changes The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is seeking public input on proposed transit service changes scheduled to take effect starting Sunday, July 7, 2013, pending community feedback. Proposed changes to some routes include: increased frequencies, schedule and span of service adjustments in addition to modifications to the Boulder Highway Express (BHX), Henderson and Downtown Express (HDX), Route 212-Sunset Road and Route 402-Sunset/Boulder City. Also, boarding changes are proposed on the Sahara Express (SX), BHX and HDX. A full list of proposed details is available online at Public comments will be accepted until May 13, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. and can be accepted via email to diazaonline at, by phone at (702) 676-1557, by fax at (702) 676-1589 or by mail via USPS to: 600 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106-4512 – Attention: July 7, 2013 Service Change. Comments will be accepted in person at the B ...
If I could arrange regular delivery of I might never have to cross the Grand Central Parkway again.
Apparently someone doesn't want me to get to DC today - in a cab with a flat tire on the Grand Central Parkway.
Why must there be traffic every Friday morning on the grand central parkway? Why?! 😑
Drunk teen rear-ends taxi on Grand Central, killing cabbie after night's last fare
1 injured in Queens accident between school bus and another vehicle
There is reportedly no gas at the Rego Park Sunoco on Metropolitan Avenue or at the Gulf/Dunkin Donuts stations near LaGuardia on the Grand Central Parkway.
Good Afternoon! As the records play, I am scanning slides that My Dad took of the NY World's Fair! These 2 slides got me started on my "Road Historian" as far back as I could remember! The overhead sign gantry & the style of cars on the Grand Central Parkway & Long Island Expressway! I knew then that I wanted to photograph ROADS!!! I just wished that he took more of Roads as these are priceless & classic images of history!!
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Snow and Icy conditions on the Grand Central Parkway in both directions between the BQE and the Queens/Nassau county l
Did I really wake up from a dream this morning where I was pulled over on the Grand Central Parkway for speeding and the highway patrol guy was Art Shamsky? Boy, have I got problems...
Looking for your imput! Have to go to Las Vegas for World Market. Have any of you stayed at the Golden Gate on Freemont Street? And what were your thoughts on the place. Decent, Safe etc? Or what might you recomend in the area of the Market Center on S. Grand Central Parkway?
Up at 4:30 and on the road before 5:00. Today is another example of the body on auto-pilot. So I go through the motions; I head down the Grand Central Parkway, hop on the Long Island Expressway, and get off in Long Island City to cross the 59th St bridge. All the while, I listened to an extended version of Scarlet Begonias over the satellite radio and if the upper level to the bridge weren't closed, I'd have glided into work without even thinking But the upper level was closed, which required thought. This required I change my direction and shift from auto-pilot into manual, and meant that I needed to pay attention. I swung around Jackson Avenue cursing the traffic. I cursed the roach-coach on wheels as he cut me off. (Roach coach is what we call the mobile coffee and donuts truck in New York) I cursed the cab for not signaling, and I cursed my job, because I'd rather be anywhere else but here. I'm in the middle of something good though. I'd like to see it carry through and I believe it will. It's all jus ...
10:00AM Today? Today, so far, was terrible. Woke up this morning to the garbage bags strewn in the streets. There was a crack at the end of the block that, when I drove up to it, revealed to go all the way down to *** Or at least a sewer. Little demon imps crawled from this crack and played in the trash left for the trucks, making everything stink. I had to turn my car around and go the wrong way up a one way street so I wouldn't pop a tire over the mess. Then I try and get to the Jackie Robinson Parkway, because you need to know my entire route to work, and dozens of tornadoes descended from the skies, whipping up the garbage, debris, cars, hipster vespas and bikes and throwing them around. But the traffic was better. At least until I was on the Grand Central Parkway. Yeah, because of the lack of larger cars blocking mine from the wind, the air pressure from the tornadoes whipped my car across lanes and almost into a zombie that was chasing down people who ran to the street for help. Rude! Then I get t . ...
UPDATE: W/B Grand Central Parkway at 69th Road, right lane is blocked due to an accident at 11:10 a.m. up to two...
maps put North Shore Towers (Floral Park, NY) in the middle of Grand Central Parkway, literally The 2nd time it was correct.
Have you seen the sign? Sprouts Farmers Market will open at Custer/Virginia Parkway in fall 2013.
I heard there was a shark swimming on the grand central parkway yesterday lmao
The ladies on Grand Central Parkway in Queens, NY are the best! They have my order ready every morning when I I walk in :-)
Sadly, they allowed this relic to become a rusting hulk, and eyesore along the Grand Central Parkway. :-(
A grand jury will determine if an NYPD detective should face criminal charges for gunning down an unarmed National Guardsman on Grand Central Parkway last month, the Daily News has learned.
So last night I was scared. If you don't really know me, I don't get too excited about things. However, last night from LGA (La Guardia Airport) to our layover hotel in Manhattan our foreign national van driver was zipping along on the Grand Central Parkway to our mid-town Manhattan hotel. There was a car disabled in our lane. As we clipped along at 65 mph I see this car ahead with there flashers on. Van driver is staring at his phone. We get closer and closer. Van driver still looking at his phone. I say at approx. 1 mile left lane. No response. Closure rate is alarming. I say again left lane as he stares at his phone. My voice gets more alarming. Finally he hears me. Swears and all is OK. I swear we miss the dis-able led car by inches.
They are pumping GAS in the gas stations on the Grand Central Parkway between CitiField and LaGuardia Airpot. The lines are very long and in my opnion very dangerous. If you decide to get on that line at your own risk, make sure you have enough gas to be able to survive the wait. I barely made it home on fumes in my tank and will wait till the gas station 5 blocks from my house has gas by monday/tuesday. I had gotten a tip at 6 am of a gas station on Queens Blvd having gas, but when I got there, the gas was gone. So I saw a gas line, waited an hour until the owner of the station went up and own the 4 block line telling people he had not gotten the call of a tankard and that people were just waiting, so I left. I am heading to far Rock with the Q44 followed by the Q113. It should be a 2 hour plus trip
It feels wrong to have good luck when people a few miles away have lost their homes, but here it is: this morning, I had one of my quickest-and-easiest ever commutes from Manhattanworld - 47th Street & Rock Center in NoNoPo, North of No Power - on the F train out to Forest Hills in Queens and then across the lowland transverse, over the Flushing River, the Grand Central Parkway, and the Van Wyck Expressway, to Queens College, destination: paycheck. And it was free. To all you reverse commuters heading out to the geographical center of Queens this morning from midtown Manhattan: down the stairs I went to the F train at 47th, through the open gate, no fare for now, and zip zip the train showed up almost at once, 10 AM, and it went local, not to say loco, through Queens, and by 10:30 I'd reached 4 Hills, aka Forest Hills, and then I got the Q65, also free and also there at the corner almost at once, on Jewel Avenue to SoFlu - South Flushing, Kissena Boulevard near the LIE, place of employment and also the l ...
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Good one Bette. How about also fixing the Grand Central Parkway? Don't u sponsor that stretch? See what u can do.
get pulled over on the Grand Central Parkway
Late Voter registration 500 s grand central parkway 8am to 9pm today n tomorrow
The funeral for Noel Polanco, the ex-National Guardsman who was shot and killed by NYPD Detective Hassan Hamby on the Grand Central Parkway, was held Friday, and his mother, Cecelia Eyes, stopped by the PIX11 Morning News to plead for justice for her son.
The recent murder of Noel Polanco by the NYPD on the Grand Central Parkway is a reminder of just how important the next mayoral election is! Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly have stood by and condoned the NYPD's unjustified killing of Black and Hispanic men in this city!
High in a car on Grand Central Parkway listening to Bone Thugs sing about being high.
On route to Atlantic City for Marinella/Theodoridou concert (@ Grand Central Parkway)
Driving reverse on the grand central parkway like a boss. 🙈
The Police Department could not immediately provide an explanation for the shooting of a man, whose hands, a witness said, were on the steering wheel of his car.
I don't understand why the pig that shot an Army reservist in the face for driving erratically on the Grand Central Parkway hasn't been charged with a war crime. Where are these support the troops people on this? Maybe because he was Hispanic and isn't worth it to those types?
This story is sad and unfortunate. The NYPD are so quick to pull the trigger
Mom meets with DA over Grand Central Parkway shooting - via
An Army reservist with a clean record was fatally shot in his car by an NYPD detective early Thursday — before he even had “a chance to put his hands up” in surrender, a witness told the Daily News.
Wake held for victim of Grand Central Parkway shooting: Polanco's mother will meet with the Queens County Distri...
Wake Held For Man Killed By NYPD Detective On Grand Central Parkway: Polanco's mother hovered over her so...
Noel Polanco, 22, allegedly reached for a power tool when he was shot to death by police.
Tonight, the latest on that police-involved shooting on the Grand Central Parkway. Plus, highlights from the and games.
Not an isolated incident. Come on people, isn't it obvious the police are way out of hand lately?
Police Fatally Shoot an Unarmed Driver on the Grand Central Parkway "We found a drill".
My cab driver hit 85 on the grand central parkway.
Cruz Supat: hey everyone my friend Cheanelle Reyes/Nichi Lorena Bell-Reyes/Sergio N Cheanelle lost her brother-in-law to the shotting in grand central parkway, he was a national guardsmen and an nypd (esu) cop shot him wrongfully. Her bro was not armed and the family is now trying to get rightful justice so please sign this petition to help them receive that. ↓↓↓
What happened to this man's constitutional rights?
What do you guys think about the National Guard that was shot to death when he was taking friends home on the Grand Central Parkway? If anyone knows or heard about this story then please tell me what you think?
A police officer shot and killed a driver who was pulled over on a busy highway near LaGuardia Airport early Thursday because the cop mistakenly believed he had a gun, law enforcement sources tell NBC 4...
So, has anyone noticed that the quality of maps on the iPhone has declined, even if you haven't upgraded to iOS6? I've delayed upgrading, because I use maps a lot, but yesterday I was looking for a restaurant in Queens, and it was off by three blocks, and a few days ago in the car I noticed that the directions on a route I'd taken before were suddenly more vague. It no longer gave the exit numbers on the highway, for instance. Fortunately, I knew that part of the route, but from the Long Island Expressway to Grand Central Parkway, the crossovers come pretty quickly, and you might have 10 seconds to cross 4 lanes to get to the right off-ramp while cars are merging in the opposite direction.
Reports say that Hamdy, who never fired his gun before, had lawsuits against him in recent years for violating peoples rights. The city settled those suits, according to reports. The Queens District Attorney and Internal affairs are now handling the investigation. Family members and friends say that Polanco followed the rules, and always wanted to be a cop, thats why he joined the Guard.
Noel Polanco, 22, was shot during a car stop on the Grand Central Parkway on Thursday morning.
The police had no explanation for the shooting, which occurred early on Thursday after officers pulled the driver over on Grand Central Parkway.
A city police officer shot and wounded a suspect on the Grand Central Parkway near LaGuardia Airport Thursday morning, police said. The suspect, hit once in the abdomen, was being treated at New York Hospital Queens in Flushing.
Election Department Hosting Voter Registration Drives at Area Malls on Saturday The County Election Department will host voter registration drives at several area malls on Saturday, which is the last day to register to vote without appearing in person at an Election Department office. Election Department staff will be accepting voter registration applications at the Las Vegas Outlet Center, 7400 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas; the Boulevard Mall, 3528 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas; the Galleria Mall, 1300 W. Sunset Road, Henderson; and the Meadows Mall, 4300 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas. They will be at the malls for the entire day on Saturday, staying until the malls close for business. After Saturday, anyone who needs to register to vote will have through Oct. 16 to go in-person to either the County Election Center at 965 Trade Drive, Suite A in North Las Vegas, or the Election Department office at the Clark County Government Center, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway in downtown Las Vegas. Both offices will ha ...
W/B Grand Central Parkway at 82 Street, all lanes are open after earlier accident. Residual delays up to Union Tpk
There's an accident on the Grand Central Parkway at Astoria Blvd blocking one lane but the delays are heavy
Descriptive history and current conditions on the Grand Central Parkway in New York City.
If asholes could fly. We'd need an airport on Grand Central Parkway. If you know what I mean.
A roadway worker was struck and killed by a drunk driver Tuesday on the Grand Central Parkway.  Frank Avino, 63, was laying down cones in the left-hand lane of the highway in Forest Hills , Queens, when he was hit.
Why is the unpaved road on the Grand Central Parkway smoother than the paved one -__-
Chasing her own shadow, Delta glides in over Grand Central Parkway on her way to runway 04 at New York La Guardia.
Well I just woke up from a nap, unfortunately I took it while I was drivin on the Grand Central Parkway n hit some body!!!
Please support my friend Bryon here is a post from his wife Sheri two of our best friends. The guy who owns Ellis Island and B&E Salvage Yard, is trying to make it to where all wrecked cars go to his yard, which would put tow companies out of business and lots of people (including my husband) out of work. We are looking for anyone and everyone available tomorrow at 945am to come down to the Commissioners Office on 500 Grand Central Parkway in Las Vegas and help us fight against this man. Please repost and share and if you can please come and support us!!
Anti-Semitic graffiti found on overpass near the Grand Central Parkway service road in Forest Hills Avenue Z Jewish Center in Brooklyn.
HUGE accident on Grand Central Parkway right before Triboro Bridge. Not letting cars move. Stand still heading west. Find another route.
Morning !! 👋 gorgeous day ☀ perfect to open the garage doors at work and to have a @ Grand Central Parkway
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