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Graham Spanier

Graham B. Spanier (born July 18, 1948) served as president of the Pennsylvania State University from September 1, 1995 to November 9, 2011. Prior positions he held include: chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Oregon State University, and vice provost for undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

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Graham Spanier was convicted Friday for his handling of a child sex abuse complaint against Jerry Sandusky in 2001.
Prosecutors to argue Graham Spanier failed to act on complaints about sexual abuse by a former coach
Graham Spanier trial in PAsoon 4 Sandusky cover up.Was PSU prez. Hired at Homela…
Lengthy excerpts from a deposition Graham Spanier gave a year ago attached to Gary Schultz's filing today:
Can you imagine if they just moved Graham Spanier from president to chancellor? Chaos.
Who wasn't on the TSM Board? Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier!
Why do you say you want Due Process for Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Graham Spanier, and Gary Shultz, but that mindset stops at JS?
IMHO:. GRAHAM SPANIER's suit doesn't care about victims or the school he pretends to love.
One of you should contact Graham Spanier It's a Big Deal.
Former Penn St president Graham Spanier sues school for breach of contract and Louis Freeh for defamation htt…
Graham Spanier files his lawsuits against Penn State and Louis Freeh
BREAKING: Graham Spanier officially filed his defamation suit against Louis Freeh and sued Penn State today.
Just in: Former president Graham Spanier filed a lawsuit against Louis Freeh today and is suing Penn State.
I place this loss squarely on Jerry Sandusky, Tim Curley, Graham Spanier, and Bill O'Brien
I would say the easiest reason would be "because it's Graham Spanier."
that picture of Graham Spanier, tho. Trying to think of a reason not to make that my avatar
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Four years ago today: Graham Spanier, Joe Paterno and Tim Curley after beat Illinois for Paterno's 409th
Graham Spanier has been charged with several counts -
$2.3M in compensation for Graham Spanier, Former Penn State president and ex-UNL chancellor, led nation last year.
Former president Graham Spanier is still getting paid by the university — very well.
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier received $2.3 million in compensation last year.
Graham Spanier, the disgraced PSU prez, was paid $2.3 million last year: via Bloomberg
How much did Penn State pay in 2013-14 to Graham Spanier, who left presidency in 2011? $2.3 million.
No teaching. In fact no duties at all. Three plus years after exit, Ex-prez Graham Spanier paid $2.3 mill
In Spanier they have to argue he was so specific that Graham knew from a 2nd hand account, & in ours that he was vague and specific. (2/3)
oh ok because my uncle is also homies with Graham Spanier and we know how that turned out…
Trustee Al Lord: "I'm just glad we are getting to this point. It's time for Penn State & Graham Spanier to play some o…
A New Twist in the Penn State Case. Graham Spanier sues Louis Freeh and Penn State. The New Yorker
Graham Spanier filed a lawsuit alleging defamation and breach of contract by Louis Freeh and Penn State.
Fun fact: Joe Paterno reported the incidents told to him to security guards dressed as PA state police by Graham Spanier
Upon hearing about Sandusky molesting children, Graham Spanier's main concern was how to deal humanely with Jerry. 409 doesn't change that.
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Let's hand it to Sue Paterno for remembering Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz when speaking w/ the media today. What a Lady Lion!
If you're upset about JoePa getting his wins back, then you should be livid that Graham Spanier is still getting his pension from Penn State
The people who should be blamed for covering up PSU scandal Tim Curely, Gary Shultz and Graham Spanier are all set to go to trial
IMO, blowing up the consent decree should not be confused with an exoneration of Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, or Gary Shultz.
Really in all this I win bc I made a decision 11 years ago that caused Graham Spanier's signature to not be on my diploma.
The Statue is probably flying a banner in Graham Spanier's Lear Jet around town now. With a fifth in hand.
did you read that report. Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz waiting for trial all were told just like JoePa
This situation is a lose/lose for everyone involved. At least Spanier and Graham and everyone are being dealt with in the courts
graham spanier and the AD's were egregious. no one denys that.
Graham Spanier bout to break out his one man band downtown.
Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz have numerous motions denied:
A judge in Harrisburg has ruled against a number of requests by Dr. Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Shultz.
Judge rejects effort by ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier, top aides to avoid perjury charges.
Highlights of findings on Graham Spanier's attorney / client privilege
Dauphin County judge rules cover-up case against Graham Spanier and his aides can proceed
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Dauphin County judge rules Sandusky cover-up case against Graham Spanier and aides can proceed
I am a alum. I worked hard for my 2 degrees. I want a new diploma without Graham Spanier's name on it.
Wonder if the same state rep was calling for Graham Spanier to resign when the Sandusky story broke?
I used to think Graham Spanier was a good president and then I realized I just liked him because he was friendly and did magic tricks. Mm.
PennLive commenters have quite a bit to say about Graham Spanier continuing to collect a paycheck from Penn State
Former President Graham Spanier is still collecting a university paycheck
Penn State is still paying Graham Spanier even though he is neither teaching nor in any active administration role.
He was the longtime president of Penn State prior to Graham Spanier! He pioneered move to B1G!
The guy who has Graham Spanier esque hair!
Graham Spanier warned president Emmert and Ray that Freeh's conclusions would be proved wrong back in Jul '12:
Does the NCAA action mean that the charges against Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz, and Tim Curley will now be dropped?
Maybe. Maybe not. If alive, Joe Pa would be standing trial w/Graham Spanier, Tim Curley & Gary Schultz.
Agree/disagree w/NCAA—that's fine. Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley are awaiting trial. THAT'S what I want.
A judge says Louis Freeh must show why Graham Spanier's lawsuit should be heard out of state:
A federal judge wants Louis Freeh to show cause to move Graham Spanier's defamation suit against him to federal court ht…
A federal judge in Pennsylvania said Friday she will not halt the criminal case against Former Penn State president Graham Spanier, who is accused of a criminal cover-up of child sex abuse complaints against former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.
Graham Spanier, man in middle of Penn State abuse, reveals childhood abuse of own
Perfect combo of writer and subject. on Graham Spanier, Penn State’s Ousted President
The Trials of Graham great piece about a guy who doesn't get it: Spanier, Penn State’s Ousted President, via
Apparently I can't criticize NYT article on Graham Spanier w/o PSU apologists claiming I want to sidestep the judicial process. Predictable.
“Spanier incredulous facing charges for# scandal Can't believe this is still going. So Stupid.
After umpteenth graf of Graham Spanier hagiography, story finally gets around to where he basically looks the other way
"The case against Spanier is at best problematic, at worst fatally flawed."
Sorry Graham Spanier, a profile is not going to undo the damage that this case has wrought on a major university.
Wow! The NY Times says the case against Graham Spanier is possibly "fatally flawed"!
New York Times: "The mission Freeh was given seemed to presuppose that Sandusky’s crimes were not his alone"
Graham Spanier is still incredulous that he faces criminal charges for the scandal
Read heartbreaking piece on the trials of Graham Spanier, Penn State’s Ousted President in
Sandusky grand jury judge says he's not “some wing nut with a Gurkha knife" other PA mysteries explained by outsider
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh asks state court to make Graham Spanier show his hand in defamation complaint
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Attorney General fires back at Graham Spanier's effort to get criminal charges dropped through federal court
Graham Spanier lawyer seeks injunction of criminal case.
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The Legal Intelligencer on & . Ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier has taken to the federal...
Attorney General Kathleen Kane filed papers Tuesday asking a federal court to dismiss ex- Penn State President Graham Spanier 's lawsuit alleging prosecutorial misconduct in the case charging him with a conspiracy to hide Jerry Sandusky 's crimes.
Former PSU President files fed. lawsuit claiming his cover-up case was undertaken in bad faith/violates due process.
Former Penn State President Graham Spanier is trying to stop the criminal case against him, and here's why:
"Before long, the conventional wisdom will be that Fina botched the case, and he botched the
The civil lawsuit between Louis Freeh and Graham Spanier was first filed in July 2013. Here's the latest update:
Louis Freeh – the target of Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's defamation lawsuit – filed an argument late Monday as to why a delay in the lawsuit is a mistake.
BREAKING: New $5 Ticket Fee for the Blue & White Game To Fund Statue of Graham Spanier
Penn State's Spanier sues Kathleen Kane: Former Penn State University President Graham Spanier is going on the...
Graham Spanier lawyer seeks federal injunction to halt criminal case - Centre Daily Times
Ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier sues in bid to get his case dismissed
“Spanier lawyer seeks injunction of criminal case >•> He did Curley & Schultz!
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Graham Spanier lawyer seeks injunction of criminal case
ICYMI: Graham Spanier asks a federal court to halt his criminal case:
Former prez Graham Spanier sues prosecutors, seeks dismissal of case --
via Spanier asks federal court to halt criminal case
Coll. Football Spanier asks federal court to halt criminal case
Graham Spanier has sued Kathleen Kane in an effort to stop his criminal prosecution:
Ex-president asks federal court to stop his prosecution in spinoff of Sandusky case by
Ex-Penn St. president Graham Spanier files suit to try to end prosecution for alleged Sandusky cover-up (ESPN)
Ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier asks feds to block his criminal case via
Former Penn State President Graham Spanier filed an injunction against Kathleen Kane (today:
Graham Spanier has asked a federal judge to block the state's conspiracy and perjury charges against him:
Spanier asks federal court to halt criminal case
Graham Spanier and Centre County Officials have signed election petition
Dr. Graham Spanier is back in court Tuesday to argue his defamation case against former FBI director Louis Freeh and his law firm.
Arguments were heard in front of a judge on Tuesday, but no decision was made regarding Graham Spanier's defamation suit against Louis Freeh.
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I must say in spite of Graham Spanier was an *** he made life *** for us wkps
PennLive - Graham Spanier's lawyer pushes back against Cynthia Baldwin's grand jury testimony in alleged Sandusky cover-up case
Here is Spanier's official response to Baldwin testimony released this week as well as some analysis of ABC interview
Who do you trust?-"a completely different picture of from the one gave to feds" .
The lawyer for ex-Penn State president Graham Spanier is raising new questions over what she called contradictions raised by the grand jury testimony of Cynthia Baldwin, the university’s embattled former in-house lawyer.
maybe their president is Graham Spanier or something and he keeps a good lid on things.
Scratch that, I'm sitting next to Graham Spanier on my plane
Supposed to be getting ready for Christmas get together, instead watching 2 hour Graham Spanier interview. Thanks
Can we hire Graham Spanier for President at PSU? This is a great University President.
Just released full Spanier/ABC interview is likely most telling/hilarious/outrageous thing in entire case. Must watch
Please watch entire Spanier/ABC interview apparently just posted. It is outrageously bad "journalism"
Now being told entire Spanier/ABC interview is newly posted because its an issue in Baldwin filing. Its a MUST watch:
though, as always, I’m interested in Graham Spanier’s annual movie reviews for his thoughts.
How lawyer Cynthia Baldwin went from adviser to witness against Graham Spanier via
I've never seen this whole Spanier interview. Its AMAZING. Spanier is awesome, is hilariously moronic
The entire Graham Spanier Interview on 9/21/2012 Next up is the edited version.
Exclusive: Coming Sunday... Graham Spanier's legal team will blast Cynthia Baldwin in very strong written response 2 this …
Former Penn State lawyer Cynthia Baldwin was clear when she accompanied then-university president Graham Spanier for his testimony in front of the grand jury investigating Jerry Sandusky.
Dauphin County Judge Todd Hoover ruled Monday that Former Penn State counsel Cynthia Baldwin will not have to testify in a pre-trial hearing of former university officials Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz.
Elizabeth Ainslie, attorney for Graham Spanier spoke with members of the press after Tuesday's Pre-Trial hearing held in Dauphin County. video:7017:
Attorneys representing former university President Graham Spanier, former Athletic Director Tim Curley and former Interim Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz presented to the judge what items they wanted to be on the record including letters, testimonies and interviews.
Photo: Former Penn State President Graham Spanier enters Dauphin County, Pa., courthouse earlier today with attorney for pretrial hearing -
Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz will begin their possible four-day pre-trial hearing on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. in Harrisburg.
Former Penn State head Graham Spanier, who resigned after child sex abuse scandal, was best-paid public college prez
Latest post by Ray: "Prior to charges being filed, the media reminded us that Winston was innocent until proven guilty and they made sure their reporting reflected the same. Interestingly, the media did not have the same standard when it came to writing about Jerry Sandusky, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, or Graham Spanier."
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The Pennsylvania attorney general's office has filed papers detailing the lies it says Former Penn State President Graham Spanier (SPAN'-yer) told during his grand jury testimony over the Jerry Sandusky child sex...
State prosecutors are asking a judge to deny a request by the attorneys of Former Penn State president Graham Spanier seeking a motion for a bill of particulars.
Did Graham Spanier have a specific motive in mind for Joe Paterno when hiring Vicky Triponey?
"In 40 years, [Spanier] never saw anybody stand up to Joe Paterno." In Graham's 15 yrs?
Just saw Sue Paterno and Graham Spanier at Rec Hall! Wish I could have had a picture with her :-(
Graham Spanier walked in behind me at the volleyball game. It took a lot to not turn around and tell him how I feel about him.
A pre-trial hearing date has been set for former PSU administrators Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier.
Sandusky Abuse Victim Sues Ex-Coach, Penn State by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS November 21, 2013 6:01 PM HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A young man who testified last year at Jerry Sandusky's child sexual abuse trial sued the former coach and Penn State on Thursday over what he said was nearly four years of sexual assault while in his early teens. The lawsuit by the man known as Victim 9 in criminal court records was filed in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court after talks with the university failed to reach a settlement. The lawsuit claims the boy, now 20 years old, would not have been victimized if university officials had properly handled other complaints about Sandusky. "Penn State provided Sandusky the tools with which to ply the craft of a pedophile long after Sandusky's formal ties with the university were supposed to have been severed," the lawsuit said. Victim 9's lawyers wrote that "it was the inviolable culture of financial and sporting success of Penn State football that made possible the horrific sexual abuse ...
A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 17-20 for Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz:
A hearing on December 17th has been ordered for Former Penn State administrators, Gary Schultz, Tim Curley and Graham Spanier.
Today's LTE . I laughed out loud at the comments from Louis lawyer demanding that Graham Spanier spell...
Graham Spanier's lawsuit against Louis Freeh will be heading to the courthouse soon.
Judge sets January hearing in Graham Spanier v. Louis Freeh case:
Attorneys for Graham Spanier and Louis Freeh will argue before a judge in January. Scheduling order:
Louis Freeh's lawyers ask to see specific allegations in Graham Spanier's defamation lawsuit Ask judge to reject stay
Louis Freeh fired back at Graham Spanier today in a legal motion asking for more information from the former president.
Louis Freeh requests that Graham Spanier detail defamation claim:
FTR in response 2 Louis Freeh's absurd/ironic attack on Graham Spanier, I'll bet any media member $ for charity that GS lawsuit goes forward
Louis Freeh and his law firm want to deny Graham Spanier's motion to halt Spanier's defamation lawsuit:
Graham - Oddly Normal - Bumped into Graham Spanier on the street right in the heart of downtown State...
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier has been given 20 days to file the defamation lawsuit he's threatened to bring against, Louis Freeh.
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PennLive - Former Penn State President Graham Spanier may get long-sought hearing on attorney conflict issues in Sandusky cover-up case
Former Penn State President Graham Spanier has filed a motion requesting documented evidence of his alleged wrongdoing. Here's the link to the motion:
Feds cleared Spanier after information from Freeh Federal investigators cleared Former Penn State President Graham Spanier for secret government work last year after Louis J. Freeh turned over information he said should have disqualified him for the post. Commenting on Spanier’s involvement with a project for an undisclosed government agency, Freeh expressed surprise in an April 12 e-mail that his national security clearance was renewed. “Very interesting–we have done our job notifying the Federal prosecutors regarding the latest information,” Freeh wrote to former secretary of education Ron Tomalis, trustee Ken Frazier and Freeh deputy Omar McNeil. Tomalis and Frazier led the Board of Trustees committee that oversaw Freeh’s investigation.
Three sets of requests for "bills of particulars" are filed by lawyers for Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz. (AP)
Today in "not surprising": Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier all entered not guilty pleas yesterday.
Graham Spanier sues Louis Freeh for libel/defemation one day before statute of limitations runs:
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier to sue Louis Freeh for libel
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier suing Louis Freeh, of Freeh Report fame, for some stuff:
Penn St's former president, Graham Spanier sued Louis Freeh, who produced a report on the Sandusky investigation.
One year since the Freeh Report was released. Now ex-PSU president Graham Spanier is suing for libel.
Breaking News: Based on this, it appears as that former PSU president Graham Spanier is suing Louis Freeh!
Former prez Graham Spanier is suing Louis Freeh for libel and defamation:
Ex-Penn State president Graham Spanier plans libel suit vs. Louis Freeh for the report on the Jerry Sandusky case.
Former president Graham Spanier has initiated a libel and defamation lawsuit against Louis Freeh.
Seriously, how many of my Republican friends really think its a good idea to raise the interest rates on student loans?
Graham Spanier's lawyers are asking for a judge to drop the charges against him because of Cynthia Baldwin's shadiness.
Graham Spanier's lawyers want charges against him dropped because of Cynthia Baldwin's sketchy testimony.
Graham Spanier's lawyers want charges against the former administrator dropped and Baldwin testimony removed:
ICYMI: Fmr prez Graham Spanier asks judge to throw out all the charges against him.
Lawyers for Graham Spanier have asked a judge to throw out criminal charges.
Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Kenneth Lay, Richard Nixon, Robert Barchi, and more, but not Obama. He had no idea what his minions do.
Former president Graham Spanier files legal papers asking to have charges thrown out of court-
Former PSU President Spanier asks county judge to throw out criminal charges arising out of Sandusky scandal
I'm more worried about Graham Spanier letting Coach Sandusky have his way with me.
Ex-PSU prez seeks dismissal of criminal charges:
Seeks dismissal of all counts pending in Dauphin County court.
Ex-Penn St. president seeks dismissal of criminal charges alleging cover up in Sandusky case
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Ex-PSU prez seeks dismissal of criminal charges
Ex-PSU Pres. Graham Spanier asks judge to throw out charges accusing him of covering up Sandusky abuse allegations.
Graham Spanier appeals 'conspiracy of silence' charges: via
Former Penn State President Graham Spanier appeals "conspiracy of silence" charges: Seeks dismissal of all cou...
The lawyers for president Graham Spanier are moving to have the criminal complaint against him thrown out.
Penn State’s cost for the fallout of the Jerry Sandusky scandal is more than $44.4 million, according to figures the university released online Tuesday.
Now imagine watching the former President of PSU (Graham Spanier) singing and dancing to that during karaoke
1. The surprising admission by a high-ranking Internal Revenue Service official that the agency targeted tea party and other conservative groups could be seen as a tactical move designed to stave off a deeper investigation of the scandal. Washington insiders said the Obama administration was engaged in a classic tactic called a “modified limited hangout” or MLH — a term that dates back to the Nixon presidency. An MLH is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in hopes of ending a probe and preventing exposure of more important or damaging information. The idea is to admit to some wrongdoing, but not all, in hopes of deflating press and public demands for more investigations. During a March 1973 discussion between President Nixon and his top advisers, Nixon outlined to John Dean a report that Dean would create, offering a misleading view of the White House staff's role in events surrounding the Watergate burglary. When Dean said, "It's a l ...
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Graham Spanier has been accused of getting involved in Jerry-Sanduski sex abuse scandal. Though, he had managed to escape the allegations initially but has eventually managed to earn $2.5 million while in severance.
Just read the crap SI reported this week about Penn State. Save yourself the trouble. Here's the bottom line: It's all hearsay about Dave Joyner not liking Dr. Sebastianelli. Nowhere in the article do they say the athletes are receiving bad medical care. Can the media please stop piling on Penn State for chrissakes! I'm tired of the witchunts, the vendettas, and the desire to crucify everything and everyone in Blue & White! Enough already !
I don't know if anyone else noticed that the highest paid President of a public university in 2012 was Graham Spanier of Penn State University. Who says "crime doesn't pay???"
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Ex Officio BoT member Ron Tomalis will be leaving his post in the Corbett admin.
Wow, former Pennsylvania State University president Graham Spanier was making 2.9 million in 2011-2012. Wtw. I'm definitely on the wrong field !!!
Graham Spanier...former PSU President who never saw a camera he didn't like, "earned" $2, 9 mil. last year while being the head of a school with the most heinous CRIMES forced on young children in US history. Yes.innocent till proven guilty but this is one trial That can't get here soon enough for me!
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While former president of Penn State University, Graham Spanier, left the university during the worst scandal it has seen during his 16 year tenure, he was well compensated as the highest-paid public university president last year.
“The fact that Graham Spanier turns out to be the highest paid president in the country says something about the nature of compensation packages for people who leave under a cloud,” said Jack Stripling, the Chronicle reporter who worked on the survey. I think it says something about more than that. also:
Backstory: While doing some underwater Question training, I came up with an incredible Question asking philosophy. To better know myself, I should ask others...
Sat next to Graham Spanier at Reinaldo's today
Chasing down a rumor that Graham Spanier and Tim Pernetti were frat brothers back in college. On some level that makes perfect sense.
spotted : Graham spanier at the grocery store
it's a totally different thing, but see Graham Spanier for why this is bad. Very very bad.
really impressed at how College level career bureaucrats like Emmert and Graham Spanier look like the good guy with such ease
Just learned that Former Penn State President Graham Spanier testified before Congress in 2000 re gambling on college sports.
Jay Paterno, Mike McQueary & Graham Spanier all have manuscripts for a book. One is definite, 2nd is leaning, yes & the 3rd will wait & see.
A letter to the editor. If you accept the scathing conclusions drawn by Louis Freeh in his July 2012 report, then you believe that Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Graham Spanier, and Gary Schultz knew that Jerry Sandusky was a pedophile since at least 1998
Graham Spanier has taken the lead from Manti Te'o in the week's stupid race. Sitting in front row at PSU basketball game.
2001 Article on Graham Spanier "He often visited preschool children as "Graham the clown,""
This is why I don't trust Vicky Triponey (via:
Question: Who on the Penn State Board of Trustees said: "Wait a minute. We need more time to evaluate the situation." "Excuse me...we're firing who?" "I'm not voting at this time." "Have you lost your freaking minds???" "If this is way we do things, I resign." Answer: Nobody You like irony? Sure you do. Try this: There is nobody on the Penn State Board of Trustees who is qualified to be the president of a university. They don't have the skillset or academic credentials. And yet, these are the people that decided Graham Spanier lost institutional control (within 48 hours), hired Erickson...and will choose his sucessor. Swell. by - Betsy E. Huber
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So how long until security, or the student section together removes Graham Spanier from his front row seat?
Just called graham spanier. Yeah literally just happened.
"When Jerry Sandusky was exposed as a serial child rapist, he, Graham Spanier (University President), Joe Paterno & Tim Curly were dismissed with complete and utter shame and humiliation, and rightfully so. But when the Pope who was proved to be involved in the covering up of hundreds of child rapes within Catholic institutions voluntarily steps down, he is left only with sympathy and praise. This is what atheists speak of when we say that religion is given an utterly absurd pedestal upon which they avoid not only critical thought, but criminal charges. Maybe now that Ratzinger is relinquishing his fancy hat, someone will have the common sense to put him on trial."-- via Deb Lah's Tumblr.
Remember when they said heated sidewalks and no snow on them in the winter? Yeah I remember Graham Spanier
If anyone cares I just saw graham spanier at bed bath and beyond. He bought a panini maker.
Graham Spanier and Tim Curley think the NCAA is handling themselves poorly.
There is an epic “Story Behind the Story” concerning Penn State University and the firing of PSU President Graham Spanier and of course “legendary” football coach Joe Patern...
Still waiting for those show cause penalties for Tim Curley and your boy Graham Spanier, Inspector Emmert.
Graham Spanier menacingly eats a cookie in front of a startled Rodney Erickson.
Ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier attends men's basketball game for first time since Sandusky abuse case broke -
So that defensive coordinator for Penn State who looks like Sandusky & Graham Spanier's love child went to GA Tech
Racketballing at Rec with graham spanier spotted with his boys playing doubles!
Ted Roof resigned as defensive coordinator to take the same position at Georgia Tech, his alma mater.
Good luck to Graham Spanier as he moves on to Georgia Tech to be their defensive coordinator!
Ted Roof obviously tired of being mistaken for Graham Spanier.
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Moral of the story? Never hire a DC who looks just like Graham Spanier.
Are you freakin kidding me!? Screw you Ted Roof you look like Graham Spanier. Guess he didn't learn what COMMITMENT means this year smh.
But who will replace Roof as Graham Spanier / Steve Martin hybrid?
Graham Spanier asks for bail modification; wants to be able to contact Board of Trustees. Link to court doc here:
No-contact order with trustees is unjustifiable, Graham attorney argues:
Graham Spanier asks court to let him contact
Graham Spanier asks court to let him contact trustees
Graham Spanier's attorney saying no-contact order with present or former is impractical, possibly unconstitutional.
The cost for Penn State’s response to the Jerry Sandusky scandal fallout is now nearly $26 million, according to figures the university updated this week.
How are the priests gonna cover this one up???
Jerry Sandusky sits in a cell in a maximum security prison for all but a few hours a week, and still Tom Corbett can’t get
Former President Graham Spanier has been granted his request to modify his bail conditions: via
Sounds like CineFAIL to me. About the worst idea ever. Is Graham Spanier their CEO?
per ‏Judge: Former President Grahamordered not to have contact with trustees
Interesting aside on this morning's Gov. Corbett presser: Apparently ex PSU prez Graham Spanier called filmmaker for synopsis.
Yes one guy did it but it took the whole school to keep it hush hush Graham Spanier?
only 2 men? Do you forget graham spanier? And everyone else that covered it up gets it right
Graham Spanier isn't allowed to travel out of state. Meanwhile, Bill O'Brien could be fielding interest from anywhere in the U.S. We'll see.
ICYMI: Graham Spanier is remanded to the continental U.S., court must OK out-of-state travel:
hey graham spanier I lost my virginity to your mom can daddy get a RT?
Judge will allow Graham Spanier to travel outside Pa despite charges.
Graham Spanier can now travel across the contiguous USA.
STORY: Judge: Former President Graham ordered not to have contact with trustees:
Ex-prez Graham Spanier's bail modified, according to online court records.
Missed this: Graham Spanier still has a "national security job" with the feds. Huh.
My mom says Tim Curley, Graham Spanier and the Paternos all say I did great things at Penn State. It makes me feel like I created a legacy!
Lots of great input so far on Champ/Chump. Wetzel's Champ: LeBron, Chump: Graham Spanier. My Champ: Michael Phelps. Chump: Bama Teabagger.
August 15-18, 1988- Republican National Convention Penn State head coach Joe Paterno gave a featured speech on the floor of the convention. The National Anthem was sung by Lawrence "Larry" E. King, a prominent black republican who was the director of the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. The Franklin Community Credit Union collapsed and millions of dollars disappeared. Lawrence King was at the center a pedophile child sex & drug ring that would be later called the "Franklin Scandal". The first person to second George H. W. Bush's nomination was Joe Paterno. The convention was best known for George Bush's "thousand points of light" speech when he accepted the nomination. George H. W. Bush would later name the Second mile as one of his "thousand points of light". Lawrence King was friends with Herman Cain and Graham Spanier. Spanier was the chancellor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the time and later left shortly after the Franklin Scandal. Graham Spanier would become President . ...
A picture of Graham Spanier hangs at the Phryst. Employee saw me try to take a picture of it. "I should probably take it down."
Graham Spanier walked in on us playing butts up. We had nothing to worry about though because we knew he wouldn't tell anyone.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
NCAA is a good and saintly org that has been run by men like Graham Spanier who always have the interest of kids in mind.
Penn State’s board of trustees should be reduced by 10 members, trustees should have a nine-year term limit, and the president should not having voting powers on the board, according to legislation proposed Tuesday by a state lawmaker.
literally just saw graham spanier walking through Rec Hall... is that even allowed?
Just had an awkward run in with Graham Spanier in the halls at Rec.
Watching BigTen Elite on where Nebraska (stole) won national championship. Graham Spanier with cameo
saw Graham Spanier at the Waffle Shop on Atherton, we considered throwing ketchup at the back of his head
How dare Graham Spanier show his face at the waffle shop!
Spotted: graham spanier at the waffle shop
Running into Graham spanier and Gary gray in Spain. Still
Graham Spanier once looked at me like I was crazy. Pretty validating in retrospect.
Just saw graham Spanier at Rec Hall and he called me impressive 💪
Wait: graham spanier isn't in prision yet?
[College Football] Trial, hearing delayed for PSU administrators
NCAA: Trial, hearing delayed for PSU administrators: A hearing scheduled for next week and a trial set for next ...
Trial, hearing delayed for PSU administrators
Former PSU President Graham Spanier's Dec. 13 preliminary hearing was also postponed, according to court documents.
The Dec. 13-14 preliminary hearing for Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier has been postponed, as has Curley's and Schultz's trial.
Graham Spanier seeks looser bail for travel: Spanier's request filed last month said his domestic travel needs i...
Graham Spanier seeks looser bail for travel
Spanier seeks court permission to travel: Former Pennsylvania State University president Graham B. Spanier has a...
Graham Spanier seeking fewer bail restrictions. What do you think?
Graham Spanier seeks looser bail for travel:
Spanier asks for looser bail for travel purposes - Former Penn State President Graham Spanier wants a judge to loosen his bail rules to make it easier for him to travel outside Pennsylvania and overseas.
The Attorney General's office responded to Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's request to have his bail relaxed, and asked the court that he not be granted the motion.
Former Penn State Pres. Graham Spanier is asking a judge to allow him to travel out of PA. His lawyer filed a motion to modify bail on Nov. 13. Click here to read court's response:
Wondering about fmr. president Graham Spanier's salary?
going to dominate at court tomorrow! Graham Spanier doesn't stand a chance after my testimony
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Former Penn State University President Graham Spanier, who was accused of covering up the Jerr...
Paid Spanier $3.3 Million In 2011: - appalling that he received severance after failing in his post.
PSU released details of Graham Spanier's compensation which amounted to over $3 million for doing nothing last year.
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