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Graham Ovenden

Graham Ovenden (born 1943) is an English painter, fine art photographer, writer and architect. His estranged wife is the artist Annie Ovenden.

Lord McAlpine Stuart Hall Evening Standard Peter Blake Jeremy Forrest

Morris Fraser abused boys with Terence James Waters arrested with Graham Ovenden and Lord Alistair McAlpi…
I'm fascinated as to why I've never come across this artist before. Super painting looks tactile. Graham Ovenden.
Graham Stuart Ovenden. much more to this, i think..
Good, tho I can't see why Sally Bercow singled out. enthusiastically collected Graham Ovenden's art
The brotherhood of Ruralists including David Inshaw, Graham Ovenden and various wives and children. picture
Lewis Carroll: Lewis Carroll Graham Ovenden (Author) 5 used & new from CDN$ 13.97 (Visit the Bestsellers...
Lord McAlpine went to Umbridge. Only got 'O' Level Art, think. Real dummy. Then bought Graham Ovenden pictures.
Meilleures ventes - Hill and Adamson Photographs: Hill and Adamson Photograph... Store
2003: Evening Standard report that Lord McAlpine sold off his collection of Graham Ovenden paedophile "art"
Today's Lord McAlpine obituaries fail to mention his collection of 'art' by convicted paedophile Graham Ovenden
Specifically we're talking about photo's by paedophiles like Graham Ovenden that Lord McAlpine was a collector of and trafficked
'Artist'' & paedophile Graham Ovenden given prison sentence for his child Lord McAlpine a BIG collector of his work *innocent face*
Paedo GRAHAM OVENDEN isn't selling well anymore. Zero interest in his recent auction.
Good to see that you're not letter McAlpine angle drop. And why isn't Graham Ovenden in jail?
Paedophile buyers leave paedophile artist in the lurch!
Judges will decide if Stuart Hall's sentence was unduly lenient next Fri 26 July. Will also hear case of artist Graham Ovenden at same time.
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So painter Graham Ovenden assaulted young girls: Have u seen his creepy art?
Don't they get it? Red-tops campaign abt sex abusers yet foster sexualised p3 'babes' cult of young females.
"There is too much within our culture that allows paedophiles to justify themselves" Gee, Ya' Think?!
Some background here you might find interesting.
Convicted paedo Ovenden, fave artist of paedo Lord & y he should have been noticed b4;
Art and social class masking abuse. Ovenden, Polanski and more:. via
Society's lenience belongs with Graham Ovenden's child portraits – in the past
Therein lies the difficulty - but matches the pattern of McAlpine buying Graham Ovenden's dubious paintings.
Polly Neate: When those convicted of sexual abuse walk free it discourages people reporting and testifying against abuse in future
Image of pervert arrogant artist Graham Ovenden - on the way to jail?
Should Graham Ovenden be vilified by the prosecution and press, whilst the truth languishes under a 'gag' order? See
Interview with convicted Graham - On Googlecache now so read it quicky as will be gone soon!
Court of Appeal judges will consider whether Cornish artist Graham Ovenden's 12-month suspended sentence for a string of sex offences against children was 'unduly lenient'.
Attorney general refers artist's 12-month suspended sentence for sexual offences against children to court of appeal
Paedophile artist Graham Ovenden's sentence referred to CoA as unduly lenient - The Independent
Paedophile artist Graham Ovenden's sentence referred to Court of Appeal for being unduly lenient - The Independent
Straight to heart of the debate over the purpose of sentencing - retribution? General deterrence? Public protection?
Court of Appeal to decide if Graham Ovenden's sentence for indecency charges involving children is unduly lenient:
Court to decide if Graham Ovenden's sentence was too lenient via
Attorney General refers artist's Graham Ovenden's sentence to Court of Appeal on grounds sentence was too lenient.
BBC News - Graham Ovenden: 'Unduly lenient' sentence to be reviewed About time TOO! Nothing less than…
Ovenden: Review Of Child Sex Sentence - Graham Ovenden escaped jail for indecency against young children who sat for his paintings. Now the sentence is to be reviewed.
Victim 'identifying' investigated - Cornwall artist Graham Ovenden, convicted for historic child sex offences, is being investigated for allegedly identifying victims, the BBC has learnt.
Are Muslims collectively responsible for recent child sex grooming cases in UK? What about the wider society? * Muslim religious leaders to condemn child sex...
In the News … Sex offence artist sentence review The attorney general has begun a review into whether the sentence imposed on artist Graham Ovenden was too lenient. Ovenden, 70, from Cornwall, was spared a prison term for historical sex offences against children. He was given a sentence of 12 months, suspended for two years, at Plymouth Crown Court on Tuesday. A spokesman for the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, said his office had received several requests to review the sentence.
FIVE AND A HALF YEARS FOR RUNAWAY TEACHER Do you think of the five and half years handed to pervy teacher Jeremy Forrest who ran away with a 15-year-old pupil is a bit harsh when Stuart Hall only got two weeks prison for each of his 13 victims? And serial child abuser Graham Ovenden didn’t go to jail at all?
If Jeremy Forrest had elite chums like serial child abuser Graham Ovenden had Lord McAlpine, then he would be a free man now.
Jeremy Forrest MORE EVIL THAN PAEDO PAINTER? Teacher Jeremy Forrest is to be convicted of abducting a 15-year-old girl and faces jail, is he a worse man than pedophile painter Graham Ovenden, who sexually abused girls as young as six? Yes Forrest abused his position of trust, yes he had sex with an underage girl and yes he deserves jail. But Ovenden got a suspended sentence for fiddling six kids after the judge said his tarnished reputation was punishment enough. Who is the biggest sicko?
Getting away with it. Spivey / UK paedos exposed .com (click) When Judge Graham Cottle gave the elite protected paedophile artist Graham Ovenden a derisory 12 month suspended prison sentence for child abuse stretching as far back to at least 1970, I made mention that Cottle had been specifically selected to be the trial judge. It would now seem that Judge Anthony Russell was specifically selected for Stuart Hall. You see, as well as giving Hall a paltry 15 months, Russell was also responsible for the following sentences: December 2009: A PAEDOPHILE who had sex with a 14-year-old girl has walked free from court. Dean Seedle, 33, had sex with the youngster on numerous occasions. Judge Anthony Russell QC gave Seedle a suspended sentence March 2006: In 2006, Judge Russell gave 23 year old Aaron Porter a community order for child abduction involving a young girl in Accrington and having indecent images of a child. In 2008, Porter broke the terms of this order and went back in front of judge Russell. But inste ...
Child abuse campaigners said the suspended sentence on 70-year-old Graham Ovenden was 'outrageous’ and sent out the message that such crimes are not taken seriously.
An internationally renowned artist will be sentenced after being found guilty of a string of sex charges against children. Graham Ovenden, 70, who studied under the so-called "Godfather of Pop-Art" Sir Peter Blake, was convicted of six charges of indecency with a child and one allegation of indecent...
Graham Ovenden, the artist who abused girls, and forced them to pose for the paintings Lord McAlpine later bought, escapes jail. Who knew?
Today appears to be 'The Day Today', as coverage of middle-of-the-range sex offender Graham Ovenden's trial informs us that he lives at 'Barley Splatt, an estate and neo-gothic mansion deep in the heart of Bodmin Moor', and that 'among supporters of Ovenden in court was the explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison, who also lives on Bodmin Moor.' I wonder what Ted Maul would have made of it.
Lord McAlpine collected photographs of children exploited by convicted remorseless paedophile Graham Ovenden.
Graham Ovenden friend to Lord McAlpine, (who owned his "art"), walks FREE with a suspended sentence for child abuse
Lord McAlpine, who is not a paedophile, collects the art of Graham Ovenden. Ovenden is a paedophile who is in prison for his art. Discuss.
Sentencing has been set for June 4th. If you want to know what really happened at the trial -- including recanting by two witnesses and acquittal on the charges of blindfolding and sexually abusing -- read
I hadn't planned to write about the recent court case involving Graham Ovenden but as more and more was revealed I realised that it was essential to much that I have written on this blog. First let me fully acknowledge that much of the information has been more than adequately covered at Artist on T...
Could you also ask her about her views on the Graham Ovenden case?
Could you ask her for her views on Graham Ovenden?
.What are your thoughts on the Graham Ovenden case?
How long can someone, like Graham Ovenden, go after conviction without being sentenced? Not even a date has been fixed after 5 weeks.
Is Graham Ovenden fit for sentencing yet
the artist is Graham Ovenden but who sold collections of his work in 95 and 13?
Graham Ovenden do some detective work on who sold two collections of his work...
Five weeks ago Graham Ovenden was convicted of child sex abuse. Do you think he will ever be sentenced? No sign of it yet.
Graham Ovenden sentencing soon? Mcalpine vs bercow case finished yet? Bercow's not been having a smooth ride as speaker has he...
err... The Tate removed graham ovenden's work because it featured people who brought the case against him, so no
I'd like to see. Tate removed Graham Ovenden's work. I wonder if people see it differently when artist still alive.
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He's vile. Ask him what he thinks of Lord McAlpine's taste in paedophile rapist Graham Ovenden's art that McAlpine bought.
When do we expect to see Graham Ovenden in prison, if ever?
Tiffany Jenkins on the Tate's philistine decision to remove the work of Graham Ovenden from view
A perverted view of art: It was daft of the Tate to remove Graham Ovenden’s paintings after his in...
Should art be ethical, like fair trade chocolate ... (via
Graham Ovenden's conviction does not seem to have changed much for him. Still has supporters, and is still out of jail.
Tate Gallery removes convicted child rapist artist Graham Ovenden & replaces with one of Rolf Harris Queen Portraits
Rachel Cooke has written an excellent piece on the new moralising in art. Not the first time that Tate censored...
30 years ago I complained that Graham Ovenden's art was pervy. So the Brotherhood of Ruralists called for my head.
Food for thought: Rachel Cook of the Observer UK talks about ethical and and
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
It's all about the rhythm of the image, says artist Graham Ovenden about photo he took of nude girl with legs apart
Agree & still love Eric Gill's work, even if he had rum personal interests.. | Rachel Cooke via
Graham Ovenden lived in rambling rural idyll with a dark side
They say his landscapes can be quite nice; so must we consider without biographical oversight the art of Hitler?
A think-piece on art that may or may not keep me from destroying mine:
"We'd be wrong to let the sordid revelations about Graham Ovenden's sex life colour our appreciation of his work"...
McAlpine must shaking in his boots now Ovenden is guilty:
"It's baffling to me, the belief that art must be "ethical", as if it were so much fair trade chocolate. It's so...
"Graham Ovenden: How the art world turned a blind eye to a paedophile": via
WEEKEND REVIEW - Should the Tate have removed Graham Ovenden's prints? via
Controversial article. Art, surely, is a result of its context; including the ethical intent & process of the artist.
Fascinating on relationships between art, artists and ethics on via
Should the Tate have removed Graham Ovenden's prints? | Poll via
How the art establishment helped paedophile painter Graham Ovenden get away with child abuse for 20 years. David Icke
Tate removes work by artist found guilty of 6 charges of indecency with a child.
The idea of 'ethical art' is nonsense. We have to separate art from life | Rachel Cooke via
Hi George - now that Graham Ovenden has been found guilty of indecency with minors - do you feel Lord McAlpine is nice?
Lord McAlpine must be shaking in his boots – Graham Ovenden found Guilty. 30-years for paedohiles/
So Lord McAlpine has Graham Ovenden artworks ("so called artworks") honestly what is wrong with these people???
And will he be sharing a room with Jess Conrad, Cliff Richard, Garry Glitter, Graham Ovenden soon?
Surely by identifying Graham Ovenden's "art" with the verdict shows Lord McAlpine to be a
What you WON'T see reported in the MEDIA: Graham Ovenden today convicted of CHILD is a close friend of Lord McAlpine *innocent face*
A prize for the first newspaper that reminds us of Lord McAlpine's ownership of Graham Ovenden pictures
Lord McAlpine owned a collection of Graham Ovenden 'art'
McAlpine's documented ownership of prepubescent girl art by paedo rapist Graham Ovenden
Lord McAlpine's documented ownership of prepubescent girl art by paedophile rapist Graham Ovenden
Could Lord McAlpine be prosecuted for owning Graham Ovenden "art" via
Culture Show special. Lord McAlpine on why he had collection of pre teen art by Graham Ovenden, currently on trial for child sex offences.
Is this the same Graham Ovenden that Lord McAlpine purchased kiddy art from?
2003 Evening Standard article about Lord McAlpine selling his collection of Graham Ovenden 'art'   10% Off
Graham Ovenden, founder of the Ruralist school of Art with Peter Blake, back in court on child abuse charge.
Renowned artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile
Lord McAlpine owned collection of Graham Ovenden 'art'
The artist, Graham Ovenden has been charged with being a paedophile
Artist Graham Ovenden blindfolded young girls and committed indecent acts, a court hears
COURTS: Acclaimed child portrait artist Graham Ovenden accused of being a paedophile in court
Graham Ovenden in Truro crown court accused of paedophilia. Now who was it owned his work? Ah yes, McA
Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile /
Artist Graham Ovenden 'a paedophile' - BBC News. Article states it's just an allegation. Sensationalism from BBC?
potrait artist Graham Ovenden has been accused of touching up kids today. I think he was framed.
Graham Ovenden. Looks like a paedophile. Therefore, he is one. It's pretty easy this judge and jury stuff.
Just heard Graham Ovenden charged with child sexual abuse of 4 girls? Transpires his'art' may have been imagesof csa who wld collect anyway?
Feeling sorry for children; those of Huhne and Pryce and the 'sitters' of portraits by Graham Ovenden.
Graham Ovenden now drawn into allegations of sexual abuse, a very fine artist, this is a quite different matter about artists and models.
The Graham Ovenden thing is beyond horrible
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For the sake of clarity, just wanted to say that I am not related the the artist Graham Ovenden.
Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile
Google image search "Graham Ovenden" (an 'artist') then tell me you're surprised he's in court accused of being a paedophile.
Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile There must be a way to blame the surely? Tories
Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile If found guilty, former collectors will have a hard time explaining
I'd never heard of Graham Ovenden so Googled him. Judging by his usual kind of art work, why is he now only being accused?
BBC News - Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile - This guys art was collected by - Just saying
Hmm… | Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile
Artist Graham Ovenden sexually abused girls aged from 6 to 14 between 2000 and 2008 , court told via
Artist Graham Ovenden sexually abused young girls, court told: Truro jury hears that artist abused girls aged ...
Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile via
After looking at his work is anyone surprised Graham Ovenden is being charged as a pedophile? I mean hello people look at his paintings!
A famous childrens' artist living in North Cornwall sexually abused young girls after blindfolding them and dressing them in Victorian-style nighties, a jury heard today. Graham Ovenden, 70, is...
Viewing a couple of Graham Ovenden's portraits of prepubescent children made me feel sick. But Lord loves them.
... and if I add "Ken Clarke" I get him in a fetching wig, a Graham Ovenden picture & Dr David Kelly.
History being rewritten on Wikipedia. McAlpine doesn't collect art by Graham Ovenden. Derek Laud doesn't know Cameron.
but is it Art? Graham Ovenden's less than tasteful photos of young girls " View by appointment, at Tate Britain's "
… & the Sale of "Very Private Collection" of Photographs including 10 photos by graham Ovenden
Graham Ovenden had 2 trials, this was the page, was
I understand one of Graham Ovenden's Malice in Wonderland subjects is pretty furious about the pics he did
Here is the Wikipedia evidence that McAlpine tried to hide that he collected Graham Ovenden pictures.
..."10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden..". Suggest you Google Graham Ovenden to see his works.
sometime in the last day or so McAlpines Wikipedia page has removed the mention of his ownership of 344 artworks by Graham Ovenden.
As well as owning some rather dubious artwork by the very strange Graham Ovenden McAlpine likes collecting police truncheons.
Graham Ovenden described the police as "totally and utterly transfixed by childhood sexuality"
Lord McAlpine is allegedly a huge fan of this artist. Hmmm.
Graham Ovenden, McAlpine was an anonymous collector of 344 pieces of his work
ahh yes,McAlpine owned pictures by Graham Ovenden,who had some of his work confiscated by the obscene publications squad.
.those 10 snaps were by Graham Ovenden (from wiki)
Perspectives: Peter Blake on Lewis Carroll’s Alice My friend Graham Ovenden and I were commissioned to illustrat..
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The truth about Graham Ovenden's trial and conviction
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