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Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is a British comedy chat show broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom.

Chris Pratt Jennifer Lawrence Seth MacFarlane John Cleese Taylor Swift Will Smith Mark Wahlberg Sarah Silverman Little Mix Johnny Depp Kevin Costner Julianne Moore Jazzy Jeff Chris Martin Kit Harrington Julie Andrews Chris Hemsworth

Jack Savoretti was rather excellent on the Graham Norton Show.
Don't miss Jack Savoretti on the Graham Norton Show tonight!
NEW video of Jen on Graham Norton! / NEU- Jennifer Lawrence bei der Graham Norton Show! -
NEW video of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on the Graham Norton Show!
"Now is the time when arts really matter in our schools" Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber on Graham Norton Show
Viewers were left FURIOUS after last night's Graham Norton Show
Michael tests out new material on Chris Martin & Rosamund Pike- The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10.35pm!
VIDEO: The full episode of the Graham Norton Show with Chris Martin on the couch and Coldplay as musical guests
Jennifer Lawrence, Emeli Sande and Chris Pratt are heading to the Graham Norton Show!.
Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt will be on the Graham Norton Show on December 2!
yo thanks for 120k on Niall Horan on the Graham Norton Show- interview via
I liked a video from Niall Horan on the Graham Norton Show- interview
BBC has confirmed Lady Gaga's performance on the Graham Norton Show on Friday, October 14th.
Niall will be at the Graham Norton Show next week (Oct 14).
Niall will be performing for the very first time on TV 'This Town' on the Graham Norton Show next week!
I love the Graham Norton Show way more than I probably should for someone who works at The Tonight Show...
Another - I,m not famous,but,moment. Graham Norton Show just on,and one of his guest,s parents used to live...
Danny DeVito is on the Graham Norton Show tonight. Definitely worth staying in alone to watch. So alone.
Robbie Williams tells Graham Norton he feared becoming a father - Williams appeared on the Graham Norton Show thi...
Lady Gaga is set to perform and be interviewed on the Graham Norton Show on October 14th |
Taylor Swift is just awesome. Just saying. A re-run of Graham Norton Show. Her, John Cleese and Kevin Pietersen , classic interaction !!
I liked a video Lady Gaga Skypes with a Superfan - The Graham Norton Show
The Graham Norton Show is the best late show - better than Fallon, Conan and Kimmel I reckon whom talk over the celebs & fake laugh
Graham Norton had the girls from the Ghostbusters movie on the show some weeks ago. What a chicken coop ... bok bok bok bok baak.
Just watched two full length episodes of The Graham Norton show for the only reason being that was in them, I regret nothing
Me gustó un video de Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe on Kissing - The Graham Norton Show - Series 13
Every time I watch The Graham Norton show, I laugh so hard my sides hurt. I bet the audience has so much fun during the recording of it.
Graham Norton Show is, hands down, the best talkshow
I liked a video Marilyn Manson INTERVIEW on Graham Norton Show 2007
yep omg I'm gonna have to go watch his graham norton episode, best thing I've seen in talk show history interview wise
No, the ladies said the same thing on The Graham Norton Show. It gets thicker if it touches water.
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I liked a video Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his beard - The Graham Norton Show - Series 12 Episode 6
Sarah Silverman tells Mark Wahlberg to shut up on the Graham Norton Show...
I liked a video Dawn French and Bear Grylls re-enact the Spiderman kiss - The Graham Norton Show:
Graham Norton is my new favorite talk show host
Love this!!❤️ Christine and the Queens - Tilted. The live preformance on Graham Norton show was amazing!
The Graham Norton Show and Conan are two best talkshows on tv right now, nothing comes close 👏🏻
In need of a laugh? Greg Davies on the Graham Norton Show absolutely killed me. Please enjoy.
Matt will be drumming for on Graham Norton Show on BBC One at 10.55pm tonight - watch online at
Luke and Emma Thompson on the Graham Norton Show - look at that face! ByLukeevansedit. .
Next week's Graham Norton Show has AND Jeff Goldblum. That's an action movie I'd definitely go see.
Chris Hemsworth during the filming of the Graham Norton Show at the London Studios in London (March 31, 2016)
Watching last night's Graham Norton Show: what the *** was that singer? Like beyond awful. And Elton. All of it: TERRIBLE.
Greg Davis is on this weeks Graham Norton Show. He is a someone who has an innate sense of the perfect ridiculous. I value this quality.
[INTERVIEW] Ryan Gosling on the Graham Norton Show “I had an awful experience having a Turkish massage where this guy’s idea of massage --
This is from longer "Graham Norton Show" clip with left-wing bigot Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp. YouTube link👉🏼
Mark Mahill skips appearances with Star Wars casts on the Graham Norton Show to visit sick children in London
lots to get through if they look at the Graham Norton Show hashtag from last night!
📷 prior-incantatem: Meryl Streep looking a bit confused about her birth name on the Graham Norton Show...
Russell Crowe will be on next weeks' Graham Norton Show. Maybe he'll say sth about M&C2. 😉😜
Johnny Depp on the Graham Norton Show & Andrew Scott in The Hollow Crown this weekend😏
Finally just had my first ever Tim Tam Slam after seeing it on the Graham Norton Show years ago, and it was better than I thought!
Finally caught up with last week's Graham Norton Show. Isn't Kevin Costner just the sweetest?
Sweet watching other guests inc Helen Mirren, Ricky Gervais helping Kevin Costner as he looked so awkward on Graham Norton Show
Kevin Costner on the 'Graham Norton Show' on April 8th...
Tonight's Graham Norton Show with special guests David Cameron,Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr has been cancelled.
You know how in THE COMMITMENTS Jimmy would pretend to be interviewed by Larry Gogan? I realized I do that with the Graham Norton Show.
📷 vipthatter: Gary Barlow and Will Smith talking about how they met on the Graham Norton Show  and the...
remember when he was on the Graham Norton Show innocently asking where the ejected red chair guests go? Naturally funny man.
Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain on the Graham Norton Show next week 😁
It would be amazing to have Chris on the Graham Norton Show. With people like Ian McKellen and Julie Andrews and Elton John and Helena BC
Second, when Little Mix performed 'Secret Love Song' on Graham Norton Show zayn surprisingly chose to sing'It's You' on Jimmy Fallon -c-
Australia finally screening Graham Norton Show with Tracey Ullman. Divine long grey hair - I want hair just like it!!
Amazing performance with Jason on The Graham Norton show. This is why Little Mix are platinum 😘x
Graham Norton is a far better chat show host than Jonathan Ross.
sounded amazing on the Graham Norton show!
I need all of my faves to go on Graham Norton bc that is the best interview show ever tbh
The Queen personally requested Ant and Dec host her 90th birthday celebrations - OK!
Watching Rebel Wilson on Graham Norton show she stole the show completely
on The Graham Norton Show yesterday with . Watch here
Is the Woody doll's voice really Tom Hanks? - The Graham Norton Show
If you missed on last nights show, you can catch up here:
I liked a video Julianne Moore and Ant & Dec on their early soap careers - The Graham Norton Show:
WATCH: Little Mix and Jason Derulo perform on the Graham Norton Show!
Leigh at the Graham Norton Show two days ago. 11/02/16 🌺
| Perrie performing on the Graham Norton Show ❤ (Link in my bio)
The girls at The Graham Norton Show performing with Jason Derulo/ Jesy ❤
Catching up on Graham Norton show just because Julianne Moore.
Discovered Elle King today, courtesy of The Graham Norton Show! Loving her sound!
Little Mix and Jason Derulo served vocals for DAYS performing Secret Love Song last night
Watching the Graham Norton Show: Michael Fassbender has more wrinkles than my foreskin.
Well done to Susan for guessing What's My Theme, yes it was the Graham Norton Show theme!
I want Fass , Oscar & James in Graham Norton Show .. & yahoo tyoe chat they did last time
Graham Norton Show, you were magnificent. A woman to love forever. Send me a ticket for Nell Gwynne.
I can't help thinking that Matthew Perry on Graham Norton Show has been possessed by Roger from American Dad.
Mark Ruffalo has been on the Graham Norton Show as often as Graham Norton.
I liked a video Peter Capaldi on new Doctor Who companion - Graham Norton Show
Worth downloading the Graham Norton Show for the red chair Ed Miliband story.
taylor's interview at the Graham Norton Show makes me laugh so hard every single time
I wish Graham Norton had a show in America. He's like the best interviewer I've ever watched. So natural & totally hilarious. Love him.
I wonder Graham Norton finds it awkward having to make small talk and promote merch on his show for known homophobes like 50 cent...
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Short fan taken video of Justin Bieber on The Graham Norton Show tonight.
Justin Bieber's performance on The Graham Norton Show was also aired tonight.
is this about The Graham Norton show again? 😉
the same scene she mentioned on graham Norton and the one show.yawn
the graham norton show will ALWAYS be my favourite thing to watch.
It's a talk show on BBC One hosted by Graham Norton and he gets celebrities on their every week talking about movies etc.
📷 doctorwho: slrome114: Last week I went to a taping of the Graham Norton show, and was on the red...
Sometimes instead of doing my homework I practise telling the life stories that I'm saving for The Graham Norton Show.
Jennifer Aniston - Tapes an Appearance on The Graham Norton Show in London - November 2015
Who enjoyed performing 'Love Is' on tonight?! If you missed it, watch again here:
Aim higher, aim for The Tonight show, for the kimmel show, for conan, idk for graham norton. Important things.
I liked a video Amy Schumer Explains Prank on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - The Graham Norton Show
Someone please put All's head and wig on Benedict doing the "ultimate popstar walk" on The Graham Norton Show.
VIDEO: Ellie Goulding interview on The Graham Norton Show last night: .
VIDEO: Ellie performing ‘On My Mind’ on The Graham Norton Show last night:
Miriam Margolyes on the Graham Norton Show via /r/videos
So my sister that is in Palma on holiday ATM called me and asked me to record Alan Carr Chatty Man and Graham Norton Show. Cos of D Craig
Taylor on the Graham Norton Show always cheers me up
Tom Hiddlestone on the Graham Norton Show is absolutely golden 😭
An audience member remembers a bit re: on upcoming Graham Norton Show, re: & HiddleB → h…
Graham Norton Show is love. They should invite Will Smith, Seth MacFarlane and Amy Schumer in a single show & watch the hits touching skies.
I had a brow off with Cara on The Graham Norton Show. Come at me bro.
Can’t help but love her RT: Graham Norton Show Taylor Swift, Kevin Pieterson & John Cleese
Jamie Foxx discusses his lyrics to 'Storm' - The Graham Norton Show: ...
Would love to go to bed now but The Graham Norton Show with and is on telly. Sleep can wait.
I know that when I go to the UK, I will kill someone to see the Graham Norton Show. 🔪
I liked a video from Pet Shop Boys - Interview (Graham Norton show 2003)
Graham Norton is grrrand! He's the best chat show host. Keep the beard,
Catch me on BBC ONE right now on the Graham Norton show!!!
didn't I see that picture on the Graham Norton show? Maybe without the white stuff.
Paul Whitehouse on the Graham Norton Show tonight. Makes me nostalgic for The Fast Show.
I think people are not aware about the Graham Norton Show... It's way better than Ellen Show. 😂
I want to see Charlie Cox on the Graham Norton Show or the Alan Carr Show.
Is Rita Ora attending a barn dance after this appearance on the Graham Norton Show?
Seth MacFarlane singing Cyndi Lauper songs on the Graham Norton Show as Peter Griffin and Study. Brilliant, just brilliant
Look what's on sale!! This was talked about on the Graham Norton Show and it looked so cute!
I actually wanted to go to bed but instead I ended up watching the Graham Norton Show with Gemma Arterton & Jeremy Renner ❤😄
Tbf this lineup in Graham Norton Show tonight is nuts. Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke on the same sofa 😍😍
the Graham Norton Show is without doubt the best talk show on TV
Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones On the Graham Norton Show, Chris Pratt refers to a show, called ??? Towey? He says it is...
Stephen Merchant's socks are too prominent on the Graham Norton Show.
Yes my life is back to this point. Watching Graham Norton Show episodes on YouTube 😧
I liked a video Johnny Depp & Ricky Gervais on the Graham Norton show [3/3]
Нost Graham Norton on the changing nature of the chat show
Mr Jules Winnfield himself will b on Graham Norton show next week. "they speak English in What? English MOFO do YOU SPEAK IT
Jimmy Fallon tried doing a phenomenal Will Smith rap performance on his show when we all know Graham Norton is where it starts and belongs.
Loved you on the Graham Norton show!! We should be mates 😂
It's funny watching the Americans pretending to understand John bishop on the Graham Norton show
May 23, 2013: Selena performing on the Graham Norton show
Graham Norton is the best TV show hosts, just love his show.
With my mate David Beckham at the Graham Norton show taping tonight!
So in love with the Liverpool accent. Watching the Graham Norton show and I can't stop smiling
I liked a video Graham Norton chats with not one but two Doctors - The Graham Norton Show: Episode 6
I can't wait for the graham norton show on Friday because Muse are on!
Hi, Florence. You were amazing on last Friday's edition of The Graham Norton Show :)
I'm watching "The Graham Norton Show" and earning great rewards from . graham norton show
I liked a video What do Chris Pratt and John Bishop have in common? - The Graham Norton Show -
Chris Pratt's PERFECT English Accent - The Graham Norton Show -- this never gets old!
The Graham Norton Show is hands down the funniest show on TV
This is the greatest thing ever I love Melissa and her characters so much! Ha ha ha Check out
Thankfully, there’s more where this came from, and Amy is set to appear on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ this Frida...
*** aggiunto un video a una playlist di U2 - Song for Someone no The Graham Norton Show
I like the format of James Corden's show, but he's not as good at executing it as Graham Norton. I love Graham.
Heard a track on graham norton show was really good
rewatching Graham Norton clips and I am so dang excited for Muse to be on the show.
to when wore a dress from our Collection to the Graham Norton Show.
After watching The Graham Norton Show, how could you not fall in love with Chris Pratt?
Graham Norton show on the Netherlands now with Melissa McCarthy!
Jessie J sings with her mouth closed - The Graham Norton Show: Series 16... via Jessie very unique!
I remember on Graham Norton show a few weeks ago, she showed a fake tattoo that was really high up on her thigh
you are number one in pointless celebrities . Just watched a rerun of the Graham Norton show
I need to stop watching mini clips of the Graham Norton show and work
"I think I'm getting addicted to this Graham Norton guy and his talk show. This clip is such a hoot. I played it twice just to make sure I "
My cousin was on the Graham Norton show and they met Kylie Minoque and then she sent them flowers and a tree for their wedding💜
Chris Pratt's Essex accent is amazing via Brilliant!
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Been away just caught up on TV and the graham norton show and the amazing 👍😀
he was hilarious on The Graham Norton Show last night.
Florence + the Machine, LIVE al Graham Norton Show con Ship to Wreck – video
I added a video to a playlist The Graham Norton Show S17E03
Look at Kimba and Nic 😂 I paused it when watching the GA interview Graham Norton show 😂😩
hilarious. Feel like the Graham Norton show is always so fun to watch. Love it.
Graham Norton Surprises Melissa McCarthy with her Long-Lost (and Very Weird ... - People Magazine
I liked a video Melissa McCarthy explains her WORST headshots - The Graham Norton Show
Graham Norton surprises Melissa McCarthy with her long-lost (and very weird!) headshots
Promo wise there's Alan Carr, Graham Norton Show, Jonathan Ross Show etc. but she would've been announced by now so nope
Graham Norton is worried after 's cosy Chat Show at for event
Good to see Graham Norton's show won a
Last year Cheryl went on the Graham Norton show and showed her new tattoo!
it's alright. I'm pretty sure that's what they said on the Graham Norton show anyway :)
Graham Norton ridicules Australia's inclusion in the Eurovision song contest BBC chat show host Graham Norton has …
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Stanley Tucci in TEARS on The Graham Norton Show via Well I couldn't help it either!
Yah thats not a bad preformance,they sounded brutal on the Graham Norton show though. I think this redeems that.
I liked a video Greg Davies Talking About Rik Mayall on the Graham Norton Show
ahh when is Jessie going to be on the Graham Norton show again? she makes me laugh every time she's there :)
Why did the show the clip of the graham norton show with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone,Jamie Fox when I'm crying over the loss of them
The guests for this week's Graham Norton Show are here and we can't get them out of our head
I liked a video GARY OLDMAN on His Screaming Role in CALL OF DUTY - The Graham Norton Show on BBC
Well if we can't get a cast reunion, at least there are moments like this! Matt LeBlanc stopped by The Graham Norton Show …
Hey sorry to bother you! I am going to the filming of graham norton on the 17th of May, do you know the guests? love the show
Hey Sharon,sorry to bother you!i heard your going on the graham norton show! just wondering when the live audience is?
Sorry to bother you! i heard your going to graham norton show! can i ask, what date the live audience is! i really want to go!
and more to appear on this week’s Graham Norton Show I can't wait to see you Kylie ♥
Kylie Minogue and more to appear on this week's Graham Norton Show
Congrats to Stephen Rea on his win and to Graham Norton for his entertainment show winning too!
Did anyone see Alex from our fab 'The Rollin Clones' last Friday on the The Graham Norton Show? Alex...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Congratulations to The BAFTA for Comedy Entertainment Programme was awarded to The Graham Norton Show!
Me gustó un video de Noel Gallagher Live Ballad of the Mighty I + Interview The Graham Norton Show
The boys demonstrated their new sport on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the US and the Graham Norton Show i...
Matt LeBlanc reprised some memorable musical "Friends" moments. Watch:
I have to sleep but im obsessed with the graham norton show
Will Smith SHOCKED his Granny - The Graham Norton show on BBC America via
My dad just sent me a picture from England of him watching the graham norton show with KIT HARINGTON, MARCUS, AND WINNIE
You were great on Graham Norton show,such a good laugh and your stunning,have a huge crush on you. you are a true bbw :)
Kit Harrington on the Graham Norton show, ahh bae ❤️
Act 1(a) of a new Scotland - get rid of the Graham Norton show & replace with Scottish recipe / harking back to old days type show.
Watching Matt Le Blanc on The Graham Norton Show and he's old, fat and grey.. I am in the future. This is the future.
Catching up with The Graham Norton Show and absolutely loving Come at me Reading fest!
Matt LeBlanc and Rebel Wilson are cool on the Graham Norton show. But who is the *** that lives himself
Graham Norton show is hilarious tonight
Matt LeBlanc on the Graham Norton show talking about friends has literally made my night 😄❤️
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Got way over excited watching Matt LeBlanc quote Joey on The Graham Norton Show omg 💖
I've always wondered... do you think a Graham Norton type chat show could work in North America?
looking fabulous on The Graham Norton Show xx
I better sleep as I am obviously so tired I thought was hosting the Graham Norton show... 😏
Kit Harrington on The Graham Norton show has literally made my Bank Holiday. 👌
23:20 The Graham Norton Show: Graham is joined by Kit Harington, Matt LeBlanc, Rebel Wilson and Mumford and Sons.
I want to see have her own show like graham norton intrvew Stars hilarious! make it happen!
Oh Dear! Might have to miss the Graham Norton Show if the snooker goes on too long.
Watching Kit Harrington on the Graham Norton Show awh cutiepie
YES! I'm 50% in it for the show, 50% for hearing Graham Norton get progressively more drunk as the evening goes on XD
UK: Here's the link to watch the band on last night's Graham Norton Show... (fwd to 34:30) http:…
Matt LeBlanc stopped by The Graham Norton Show (BBC One) earlier this week and was pure magic! For die-hard “F...
OK I'm going to need Live Lounge, Capital Live session, Chatty Man, Graham Norton show and BGT
oh yeah remember the Graham Norton Show so well.. him eating the wip 😅
I think this audience member thought he was going to see Friday's Graham Norton Show being recorded.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I have been on the Graham Norton Show site, cannot find Josh anywhere, only found him on Chris Evans radio show.
Lee Mack on the Graham Norton Show with Matt LeBlanc and Zac Efron is so hilarious 😂😂
How ignorant of the Graham Norton Show not to mention the work of Peter Kay in the highlights of Comic Relief over the years.
Remember when Will Smith +bJaden Smith were on the Graham Norton Show then DJ Jazzy Jeff +bAlfonso Ribeiro rocked up too. That was great. ✊
Jamie Dornan's funny walk on the Graham Norton Show: via hilarious jamie
Bill Bailey during filming of the Graham Norton Show | Bristol Post via
Graham Norton Show is on today.. Julianne Moore will be on the show: :) (Filmed Yesterday)
Emma Thompson...I love her! She's my favorite Graham Norton Show guest.
Jamie will be on the Graham Norton Show on the 13th of February! Yay☺️
Ready for more funny moments with Jamie on the Graham Norton Show?! We are!
Just saw last night's Graham Norton Show. Can't believe how sharp David Attenborough is for 88, worth a watch. Always love too.
Video of David Tennant and Olivia Colman on Graham Norton Show about Hardy and Miller's sexual…
Take a look at this week's Graham Norton Show lineup...
The BBC have released a trailer giving us the first look at tonight’s Graham Norton Show with a great line up of David Tennant, his Broadchurch co-star, the ever lovely Olivia Colman, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and British singer/song writer Jessie J. Post by BBC One. The post BBC TRAILER:…
Meryl Streep proves it's handy to be bilingual in this clip from The Graham Norton Show.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This episode of the Graham Norton show is so good. Look at them all faves of mine: Meryl, Fluffalo and Scottish Vortex of Charm
So guess who Beamly just spotted walking his dogs through the ITV studios ahead of tonight's Graham Norton show??
Jen, Josh and Liam should go on a UK chat show like Alan Carr or Graham Norton when they're promoing for part 2, its would be the best ever
Finally Sweet Talker by will get some much needed promo on the Graham Norton Show this Friday at 10.35pm on BB…
As Masterpiece is your next Single is that what you will be performing on Graham Norton show tomorrow? ☺
and To Appear on The Graham Norton Show - Friday 16th January via
are you performing masterpiece on the Graham Norton Show tomorrow night? 🙏
Can't wait to watch on graham norton show
Everything Is Awesome McBusted will be starting my week on Backchat n ending it on Graham Norton show
only 88 days until your 😁😁 will be tuning into the Graham norton show next Friday 🙌🙌
::McFly News:: McBusted will be on The Graham Norton Show and on Backchat with Jack Whitehall
Been home for a while, watching the Graham Norton show:)
did you see the Graham Norton show where they read fanfics of themselves? Hilarious
I watch The Graham Norton Show for the stellar journalism and hard hitting news it uncovers.
In terms of popularity and its ability to get such high quality guests, The Graham Norton Show is probably up there in talk shows
Oh, and I also think Graham Norton has a top notch talk show.
People are hating Jamie for FSOG, all I ever cared is, he was pretty amazing in The Fall. Please appear in Norton Graham Show again !
Seth MacFarlane does Family Guy and Kermit the Frog on Graham Norton show!
Catch the newly Oscar-nominated Eddie Redmayne on The Graham Norton show:
The incredible played on last week. You can still watch the episode with here.
Every time I hear Songs of Innocence I remember the time Bono sang live on The Graham Norton Show.
DUDE… Broadchurch cast is gonna be on the Graham Norton Show tomorrow…
Remember that time James McAvoy & rode unicycles on the Graham Norton Show?
If you've been wondering why Eddie Redmayne doesn't appear in the Hobbit franchise, you're about to find out. The Theory of Everything actor was a guest on the British talk show Graham Norton Show, where the host asked him why he wasn't in the Peter Jackson-directed films. See more Making 'The Theo…
Derek Jacobi: Celebrities forced to "put on an act" on Graham Norton Show
Sneak Preview: Danny Dyer reveals a storyline on the Graham Norton Show which is Stan to ask *** to help him die.
Tonight on the Graham Norton Show - Jamie Oliver, Sir Ian McKellen, Michael Keaton and One Direction!
Damned the nostalgia when Alfonso Ribeiro enters. Will & Jaden Smith, Jazzy Jeff & Ribeiro on the Graham Norton Show:
Checking out the Graham Norton Show (at London Television Centre in South Bank, Greater London)
shhh you'll enjoy the reason why, I was watching the Graham Norton Show.
Just watched the Graham Norton Show. Ended with 8 people on the stage - GN, U2, Robert Duval, Downey Jr and Stephen Fry. Not a single woman
Remember last week on the Graham Norton Show when Anne Hathaway totally interrupted Micky Flanagan bc she was cold? . She’s so sweet.
Red Bull Culture Clash, Jimmy Carr Live, Graham Norton Show and Ghetts Live all in the space of two weeks 🙌👌
Really a great show!!!_the best moments of the Graham Norton Show
Robert Downey Jr. on the Graham Norton Show tonight and Benedict Cumberbatch next week 😍 thank you Graham Norton
Taylor Swift shutting down John Cleese's casual sexism on the Graham Norton Show made my day
Endless LOLs on the Graham Norton Show. Check it out:
A Dunedin man living in the United Kingdom found an admirer in Taylor Swift when he appeared on the Graham Norton Show.
John Cleese called Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson funny-looking on the Graham Norton Show, and she was not happy about it.
Watched Jamie's interview on the Graham Norton Show too many times...Love it!
Video: Taylor's full interview on the Graham Norton Show!
About to be on the Graham Norton Show- if you're in the UK, tune in! We talked about lots of…
Just seen Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro and Jazzy Jeff on the Graham Norton Show raving to Jump On It.
I like that Peter Capaldi refers to himself as Doctor Who on the Graham Norton Show. There are some people that won't though.
will be on Graham Norton Show on 10 October. Neil Diamond will be performing. John Cleese and Kevin Pieterson also appear
Seth MacFarlane was on BBC's Graham Norton Show to promote his new movie ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ and ended up performing his Family Guy voices. But the best part was when he did a quote from the movie 'Taken' as Kermit the Frog. Tom Cruise's Donald Duck impression wasn't bad ...
Watch an exclusive SNEAK PEEK from an all new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW before the U.S. Premiere *** Saturday, Dec 3 at 10/9c *** immediately followe...
MetroRichard Herring: The show must go on… and onMetroThat was Graham Norton. In 1994 I did a show about my im...
It's not the same though because I know who killed the boy bc Graham Norton mentioned it when Olivia was on his show :/ ffs
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