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Graeme Souness

Graeme James Souness (born 6 May 1953) is a Scottish former professional football player and manager.

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They have *** like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp, Phil Thompson, Graeme Souness working for them what you expect
1 - Jürgen is the first manager to sign a player from Arsenal FC since Graeme Souness in 1991 (Michael…
'I remember Alan Gilzean telling me if I didn't drink I'd never be a footballer.' (Graeme Souness)
[Mirror] Jonjo Shelvey could lose Newcastle captaincy after stamp on Dele Alli as Graeme Souness brands him "a clo…
Graeme Souness: 'Jonjo Shelvey has gone from captain to clown' (Source: Sports Mole)
Alan Pardew and Graeme Souness, dear god two of the worst possible pundits for the first super Sunday of the season!
Graeme Souness: 'I think Rashfords ball is meant for Matic, not Lukaku.'. What on earth is this guy still doing in football?. So so bad.
Graeme Souness doesn't say anything positive at all
Just hate listening to Graeme souness speak
Graeme Souness is the Joe Budden of football
Graeme Souness looking fairly gutted that United have started their season well lmao
Graeme Souness needs to take his Liverpool cap off
Lol Graeme Souness really just said he thought Rashford played that ball for Matic...
Graeme Souness trying to analyse a half where Pogba & Lukaku have played well.
Graeme Souness that's a cracking suit jacket your wearing today son! If only you had the moustache you once had go…
SkySports: 'Captain to clown in 10 seconds'
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Sky Sports: 'Captain to clown in 10 seconds'
I always find it so funny when Graeme Souness has a pop at players for showing a lack of discipline. He was worse than anyone playing today.
'Captain to clown in 10 seconds' Graeme Souness says Jonjo Shelvey went 'from captain to clown in 10 seconds' afte…
NEWS: 'Captain to clown in 10 seconds' (via Sky Sports)
New post (Man Utd news: No superstars at Utd – Liverpool legend Graeme Souness) has been published on Hbuzz Links -…
Tottenham could have a big problem next summer, says Graeme Souness
1986: Graeme Souness makes his competitive home debut as Rangers Manager in 1-0 win over Falkirk.
Liverpool legend Graeme Souness makes claim that will infuriate Man Utd fans
Manchester United have no superstars, claims Liverpool legend Graeme Souness
Graeme Souness just claimed Spurs pay their players "100%" less than their rivals. No wonder Rose want to leave if he'…
Graeme Souness telling Jonjo Shelvey he needs more discipline... What was that, Graeme?
Souness has a pop at Shelvey. Souness did this.
Graeme Souness: "Man Utd have no superstars in their squad."
"I'd love him to go to Liverpool.". Graeme Souness reveals the player he wants to see transfer to Liverpool -
Graeme Souness on Virgil van Dijk: "When a player makes things look easy, that tells you they’re really good at what they…
Graeme Souness, Paul Merson and Sam Allardyce all speaking about today. . Zz.
From left to right Roy Evans.Ronnie Moran,Graeme Souness,Phil Thompson,Glenn Hysén
And you got Graeme Souness sacked after that game
Recap: 4wks ago Bain seeks advice of Walter Smith and Graeme Souness then goes on holiday and a month later McInnes turns us down. Excellent
They are both rumoured to be interested in can see him going to Glasgow bright lights graeme souness and European football
Graeme Souness is furious here! Apparently he wanted more from Paul Pogba
"There is such an anti Rangers feeling within Scottish football..people are jealous"-Graeme Souness!Still so so True
Victor speaks good English. Quite better than Graeme Souness and Jamie Charagher
An evening with Graeme Souness one of the greatest players of his generation! Friday 29th September 2017 Stables Co…
I guess Graeme Souness also lives on today's view. Let it…
.Legend SOUNESS sporting triumphs on 3 Now!Great watch!See him Raising Fun…
Some foolish people/pundits like Graeme souness will still criticise pogba. The boy can play football!
Graeme Souness watching Paul Pogba dominating an England midfield.
The one with Jamie Carragher Jamie Redknapp Graeme Souness ... should I go on
hi Amy, can you ask Michael if he would like Daniel Agger, didi hamann, Jamie Carragher, graeme souness, John aldridge. On shirt
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CONFIRMED: captain Graeme Souness has joined Italian club for £650,000
Rashford's development will be affected if Man United sign a new striker - Graeme Souness
The bigger question is, why does Jamie Redknapp think it's ok to rudely interrupt Graeme Souness all the time?
Graeme Souness left 33 years ago today. The best ever?. https:…
33 years ago today Graeme Souness left to seek pastures new at Sampdoria in Italy!
Graeme Souness: This Liverpool star danced around West Ham, he was on fire
Danny Welbeck is not a natural finisher for Arsenal, says Graeme Souness
💥 Brilliant 💥 . . Graeme Souness rips Arsene Wenger to shreds and suggests he's been LUCKY via…
St Johnstone tea lady famous for bust-up with Rangers legend Graeme Souness dies aged 72
He only got the job after telling Graeme Souness he was Tony Benn's cousin.
Graeme Souness said Pogba won't change games. Here's the bloke hitting a 70 yard back pass to his keeper...
Ex 70s Liverpool player Graeme Souness is the main reason scousers are stereotyped as all having tashes and perms
Proud to be sponsoring & for at Graeme Souness Show in Sept. https:…
players were bordering on a disgrace, says Graeme Souness
Graeme Souness: I still pray for Celtic and Rangers to join the Premier League
Graeme Souness can go suck a monkeys nipple for all I care ...
Captain in 76 was Archie Gemmill. 1985 I'm guessing was Graeme Souness
I only tune in after to see Graeme Souness tell sky how much he despises footballers
Only Graeme souness could try n poor cold water on that performance, saying we weren't attacking enuf, get over i…
Graeme Souness never says anything positive about United but when he does it is like a backhanded compliment
Poor performance by Graeme Souness on Sky Sports today. Seemed very bitter about the result/performance.
Graeme Souness said before the game that man 2 man marking doesn't work! I think proved him completely wrong!
Tributes paid to legendary St Johnstone tea lady who once rowed with Graeme Souness.
Graeme Souness on Eden Hazard's performance: "I thought he was so naive today, so naive."
Graeme Souness: Man United fans won't have been happy about this despite win over Chelsea
Graeme Souness: "Utd will be very pleased with themselves today and they should be. They’re going to be thinking they’ve t…
Graeme Souness is one butt hurt scouse uno loool
Nothing saltier than a meetup between Graeme Souness and Lot's wife.
Graeme Souness comments on: . Xhaka vs Delle Ali . If you're British it's fine to make horrible tackles.
04-17 legend Graeme Souness names bizarre team of the...
Gary Cahill defends himself after getting blamed for Ander Herrera goal.
Souness: Man Utd boss Mourinho can't use Chelsea tactics again Liverpool legend Graeme…
.Graeme Souness on sale now VIA Join us
I only tune in to see the bit when Graeme Souness is being disgusted by footballers
Roy Evans works on Graeme Souness in the treatment room at Anfield 1983
the last challenge Graeme Souness found slightly contentious was on Archduke Franz Ferdinand ...
Graeme Souness: "If Joe Hart is in that City team, they are a lot closer to Chelsea." [The Times]
Graeme Souness hitting the nail on the head about what happened with Claudio Ranieri at Leicester.
WATCH: Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp debate Dele Alli’s penalty for Tottenham
ON THIS DAY: Ali Dia played his one and only game for Southampton. He convinced Graeme Souness he was George Weah's cous…
in 2000, appoint Graeme Souness as manager. The Scot won promotion and a League Cup in 4 years at Ewood…
Graeme Souness says it could get ugly for Arsene Wenger. via
Has Alex McLeish Pipped Jock Wallace, John Greig, Graeme Souness and Sir Walter of the Cardigan to Become the Manager of Sevco?
Graeme Souness would have snapped Jones in two if they played against each other
Create your own 'Graeme Souness combined Man Utd & Liverpool XI', by drinking 12 cans of Stella and then picking 11 names…
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Graeme Souness: Manchester United are still in the title race .
Liverpool need to bring back Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Peter Beardsley and John Barnes to be a real football club again.
Barry was no Billy Bremner...or Dave Mackay.or Graeme Souness...I could go on but Mr Ferguson would be lucky to…
Graeme Souness and Duncan Ferguson watching this thinking "1st booking on 55mins - Something's very wrong here!!"
Graeme Souness & Arsene Wenger... the only 2 who think 2nd goal was offside... even Peter Cech didn't complain 😳
Graeme Souness ... please learn to say Petr Cech... his name is NOT "Peter"
Graeme Souness: "can prove they have what it takes to win the Premier League by winning at Old Trafford." h…
Live at 7pm ahead of Borussia M'Gladbach v Celtic - In studio Tommy will be joined by Graeme Souness, Keith Andrews…
Graeme Souness: "Chelsea have got flair players who in the final third can do real damage. Victor Moses is absolutely tran…
Graeme Souness "West Ham are crying out for a striker, they're playing without a real threat at the moment"
Graeme Souness says he can see why Daniel Sturridge does not normally start for Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp:
Graeme Souness insists Southampton goal was not John Stones' fault
one beer and he's suddenly Graeme Souness
Graeme Souness tells Chelsea manager how to get best out of Eden Hazard: Graeme Souness says Antonio Conte mu...
Ian Ferguson: Rangers boss Mark Warburton should have followed Graeme Souness’ lead to a . Via: Evening Times.
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I would lips your mum but she looks like Graeme Souness
Graeme Souness dice que Pogba no vale 100 millones
Paul Scholes said Man United no longer has an identity. Graeme Souness criticized Pogba. Both got stick. Both been proved right.
Souness hasn't been impressed by Pogba since his return to United
I think Graeme Souness and Tommy Smith were before some of these current Liverpool attendees time
Graeme Souness issues warning to Eden Hazard over Chelsea form: Graeme Souness has warned Eden Hazard that he...
WATCH: Graeme Souness & both agree Anfield was their favourite place to play: ht…
I genuinely believe Graeme souness runs this account
We'll chat to Liverpool legend Graeme Souness a little later too, to get his thoughts before kicks off.
Graeme Souness...he just opens his mouth too anyhow!
Thierry Henry and Graeme Souness respond when asked: Who ... via
Graeme Souness: "Tottenham have a better back four [than Arsenal]. It’s debatable who is better going forward from…
Graeme Souness doesn't have a great understanding of sense. Mind you, he is stuck in 1985, b4 pogba was even born.
Graeme Souness: "Eden Hazard has the most ridiculous talent. He can get into anybody’s team. He’d get into Real Madrid o…
There are pundits, then theres graeme souness at biased.
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Sky pundit asked if Spurs have a stronger team than Arsenal: Graeme Souness believes Tottenham Hotspur ...
I hate Graeme Souness with a passion. Scottish *** of the highest order
Graeme Souness on Paul Pogba: "I don’t think he’s got a great understanding of the game." Red Monday build-up:
Graeme Souness is to Paul Pogba what "They" are to Dj Khaled.
Club legend: This is why Liverpool will dominate Man United for years to come
Graeme Souness: Liverpool could make huge statement but this smart Man United duo…
1987: A goal each from Mark Falco, Terry Butcher and Graeme Souness seals a 3-1 victory for Rangers over St Mirren at Ibrox.
Graeme Souness says Tottenham Hotspur can become England's dominant force
Graeme Souness calling Wes Morgan, "Wes Brown" there is absolutely superb. Morgan lifted the PL trophy last year FFS.
'David Luiz not first-choice': Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness agree that David Luiz will not be...
Graeme Souness on De Bruyne: "I think he's got everything, two great feet, he's quick, he has a football brain. He's destined…
Graeme Souness has questioned Arsene Wenger's decision not to play Laurent Koscienly.
Thierry Henry, Gary Nevilla and Graeme Souness predict Sergio Aguero to win the 16/17 Golden Boot.
Graeme Souness on Paul Pogba's reported £89m fee: "I just don't get the point in signing him for that much money." https:/…
Is the Graeme Souness aka yosser Hughes calm down,calm down. Great player in his days alongside Kevin Keegan
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Laurie Cunningham dribbles past Graeme Souness, left, and Phil Neal in the 1981 European Cup final
Jason McAteer on Graeme Souness: "He almost ruined my career and I cannot help but despise him for it.". Seems to be over it now
Reaction coming up from Gary Breen, Ian Harte, Graeme Souness and more...have we left it behind us?
Graeme Souness and Alan Hansen just used "we" when talking about the England euro hopes
Why leave these things to the police when we could hear Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp's opinions?
Sky usually get these things right but not tonight, its about the atmosphere & the fans. Not Martin Tyler, Jamie Redknapp & Graeme Souness.
Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp with massive grins in the impartial Sky Sports studio.
Graeme Souness has picked Branislav Ivanovic in his team of the season. Here's his highlight of the season so far. https…
Today's pointless answers are George Burley, Walter Smith, Steve Clarke and Graeme Souness
Why is Steve Mcmanaman allowed to pundit Liverpool games all the time.. Almost as biased as Graeme Souness
Moose, you missed out Graeme Souness fayc winner 69-70, but with which club?
WATCH: Graeme Souness has high praise for ahead of . Tune into Tottenham v West Brom on SS1 - 7pm https:/…
while I accept as a player Owen was a brilliant player, I think John Barnes or Graeme Souness should have been .
There's some competition but all things considered Graeme Souness is the worst manager in the entire history of Newcastle…
Who can forget the time Graeme Souness scouted Ali Dia.
Graeme Souness - possibly the most bitter, negative football pundit of all time, and the man who signed Ali Dia.
Someone needs to tell Graeme Souness he forgot Ali Dia & his cousin in his Team of the Year 😂.
Graeme Souness' team of the season includes Branislav Ivanovic. It must've been a toss up over him or Ali Dia.
Frank Sinatra's letter to Graeme Souness after his gig at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, in 1990.
That skinny vermin excuse for a footballer Joey Barton is lucky there's no Vinny Jones,Graeme Souness,Graham Roberts,Kenny Burns types about
Arsenal v Watford, Lawro, Brian Kerr and an interview with Graeme Souness. All on Premier League Live with tomorrow. 2pm.
fact: Graeme Souness was best man at Dale Winton's wedding. Genuine fact
David Armstrong and Graeme Souness in action against Man City and England midfielder Colin Bell Mid-70s
Mind yon time Graeme Souness and Ruud Gullit admired Neil Lennon's magnificent physique on Sky Sports?
their choice of pundits Graeme Souness, Kevin Kilbane and Neil Lennon is far superior than before.
The last time my notifications were this full was when I dissed Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher lmao!
Graeme Souness pulling up Andy Gray on his fake translating of David Luiz’s interview is glorious
Graeme Souness pulling up Andy Gray's fake translation of David Luiz's interview is glorious
Graeme Souness and Walter Smith with their Jaguars from Taggarts (1987)
Hotline: Do Rangers fans forget Walter Smith and Graeme Souness? Their pitch was narrowed all the time.. dry your eyes …
'Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain seems to be a bit of a joker': Graeme Souness slams Arsenal player for not being serious enough Graeme Souness has
Sampdoria never mess with their kit. Looks exactly like the shirt I saw Trevor Francis and Graeme Souness wear all those years ago. Unique
(front row, from left) Bobby Murdoch, Malcolm Smith, John Craggs, Stuart Boam, John Hickton and Graeme Souness.
Graeme Souness: "We're blessed, we're so lucky that we are watching the greatest player that's ever kicked a football."
You know you're not playing attacking football when even Graeme souness wants you to play better
Martial has the makings of a really, really top player according to Graeme Souness. Completely agree
Graeme Souness keeping me company tonight for Derby v Man Utd. Join me on if you can.
Manuel Pellegrini: 'Quadruple' not realistic for Man City this season: Graeme Souness f...
Liverpool to feature much-changed squad for FA Cup - Jurgen Klopp Graeme Souness speaks about Liverpool's…
can you believe we sacked such a legend! For Graeme Souness...dear me. Yeah what a superstar he was! Once in a generation player.
Graeme Souness should urge Liverpool to work on their medics, not just vain criticism, na wah
Davie Cooper's winning penalty in the 1986 league cup final against Celtic to give Graeme Souness his 1st trophy. https:…
'Daniel Sturridge injuries not a coincidence,' says Graeme Souness:
Sturridge injuries are not a coincidence, claims Graeme Souness
Mail: . . Daniel Sturridge setbacks are not a coincidence and Liverpool must find cause of injury problems,…
Graeme Souness: 'Daniel Sturridge injuries not a coincidence':
1994 Graeme Souness resigned as manager of after exit in replay at at the hands of htt…
Sturridge injuries not a coincidence - Souness.
PREMIER LEAGUE NEWS: Graeme Souness...on the title race
Anfield legend: Jurgen Klopp is doing everything right at Liverpool: GRAEME SOUNESS has no complaints with Jur...
Graeme Souness: Liverpool must do more to help Daniel Sturridge .
Graeme Souness makes prediction about Liverpool transfers
Graeme Souness believes Daniel Sturridge's recurring injury problems are not a coincidence and says Liverpool...
Graeme Souness in action at Argentina '78
Graeme Souness makes prediction about Liverpool transfers: Graeme Souness believes that it will take Jurgen Kl...
Was reminded yesterday of the time Graeme Souness was Dale Winton's best man...
ok but if u want to be neutral then 🙄 .used to be Gary Neville, but he's gone now, so I'll say Graeme Souness
Greats who have captained Tommy Smith, Emlyn Hughes, Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, John Barnes and now Jose Enrique 😭😭😭
Broxburn Athletic u15 girls training session tonight from 5.30pm till 7pm - Albyn Park, Broxburn new faces welcome. Ask for Graeme Souness.
"I've not been to Selhurst Park this year." It's January 3rd, Graeme Souness...
Graeme Souness delivers a harsh verdict on the current Liverpool squad
Great players but Graeme Souness was better than both of them.
Does Jurgen Klopp need to buy in January? Yes. What do you think?
Just before the second half was about to start at Villa Park, presenter Ed Chamberlin turned to Graeme Souness and asked him …
Graeme Souness calling Ighalo "quick". He's many things but quick ain't one!!
Graeme Souness has harsh words for Bilic and his West Ham players...
That ain't good enough! Graeme Souness' stinging attack on Swansea City
Swansea's lack of cutting edge indicative of obsession with possession, says Graeme Souness: https…
Graeme Souness brands players 'not good enough' after defeat:
Graeme Souness explains why people prefer watching Watford to Swansea City Do you agree?
spot on from Mr Souness . What a player he was would walk into any prem team
Manchester United will turn to Giggs if van Gaal is sacked, claims Souness
Graeme Souness says Liverpool's players simply aren't good enough after thrashing at Watford
Graeme Souness: never seen Watford play? HOW can he comment? Very Poor
Jose Mourinho's dismissal from his role at Chelsea has piled even more pressure on Louis van Gaal but Graeme Souness believes Ryan Giggs
Graeme Souness on Liverpool: "I don’t think the players are good enough and there’s a lot of work ahead for them."
Graeme Souness: Liverpool FC players 'are not good enough' and face long road to improve under Jurgen Klopp
'That ain't good enough!' Graeme Souness' stinging attack on the
Kenny Dalglish & Graeme Souness didn't initially get off to the best of starts - Souness explains in a very '80s way ht…
TIL that a football player named "Ali Dia" convinced the Southampton coach, Graeme Souness, that he…
Rule Number 1 of Ford Super Sunday:. Do not interrupt Graeme Souness when he is speaking. Thierry Henry found...
Pre-match analysis LIVE now in the studio with Tommy Martin, Kevin Kilbane, Graeme Souness and Brian Kerr
Senegalese Footballer, Ali Dia fooled Southampton manager Graeme Souness that he was the cousin of George Weah, & won a…
Such a great photo of Graeme Souness and Walter Smith outside Ibrox.
Astonishment in STV newsroom as I inform that Dale Winton & Graeme Souness are bezzies.
overload today. Graeme Souness, Trevor Steven, Andy Gray, Mark Hateley, Trevor Francis and Trevor Steven all here.
Like if you think Brendon Rodgers should go. Comment if not.
Mark Warburton won The 1993 World Series of Poker with a library card, a 2 of clubs, a 7 of spades and a Graeme Sounes…
Liverpool legends Carragher and Souness turn on Brendan Rodgers and his 4-3-3 "obsession" htt…
Brendan Rodgers criticised after Manchester United loss by Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher ... -
Don't always agree with Carra, but this is spot on. .
"obsessed" with 4-3-3, and plays players out of position say Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness
Graeme Souness: "It’s square pegs in round holes and it just doesn’t work."
The footballer was Ali Dia. He played for The Scummers under Graeme Souness.
1986: Goals from Graeme Souness, Ally McCoist, Colin West and Davie Cooper gives Rangers a 4-1 win over Stenhousemuir in the...
Niall Quinn sitting in a puddle of his own sweat after incurring the psychological destruction by Graeme Souness.
Daily Mail - Jose Mourinho 'c* up big style' with Dr Eva Carneiro drama, says Graeme Souness ahead of ...
As Celtic sign Ranger's target Scott Allen, here's what Graeme Souness told me of time he tried to sign John Collins. ht…
Graeme Souness thinks "that team won't win the league." Remember Alan Hanson said "You'll never win anything with kids" watch this space.
When Graeme Souness said he signed 'George Weah's cousin' but Ali Dia turned out to have no relation to Weah at all!
Graeme Souness: “At the end of the season, Arsenal will be near the business end and Petr Cech will still be one of the…
Dave McPherson: Mark Warburton revolution smacks of Graeme Souness’ arrival in the mid-80s
Graeme Souness planting a Galatasaray flag on Fenerbahçe's pitch back in 1996.
oh what I'd give to see an all permed up Graeme Souness in his prime give him a friendly nudge. With 2 feet.
Graeme souness is a wanker. I have never heard him say anything good about West Ham
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yeah but for want of a better word, Graeme Souness is a massive C**t !!
Graeme Souness before Arsenal: "For Reece Oxford, it's a real test. He'll struggle today.". At full time: "He was amazing, he played well."
Rangers manager Graeme Souness and assistant Walter Smith outside Ibrox with their Jaguars from Taggarts (1987)
Chelsea must strengthen or risk standing still, says Graeme Souness - SkySports
Graeme Souness: Arsenal are a team full of son-in-laws - Daily Star
Please what did Graeme Souness say to Henry 😂😂😂😂
don't believe everything you read in press or listen to what *** like Graeme souness say. When last time you were close top 4
The Rangers support go absolutely wild as Graeme Souness delivers the first title in 9 years. Pittodrie [1987].🏆. 💙⚽️ h…
Graeme Souness: “Don’t judge Cech after 1 game. He has never been anything other than a top class GK, and he will conti…
Corbyn winning would be like the time Graeme Souness signed Ali Dia to Southampton.
Graeme Souness going mental in 1996 after he got the boot from Liverpool. I blame Brian Tinnion myself
Rovers fans will have happier memories of the opening day of the 2003-04 season when Graeme Souness' side defeated Wolves 5-1 at Ewood Park.
Sitting here at 6pm: , , Graeme Souness and Jeff Stelling.
You're definitely better than Graeme Souness, Roy Evans, Gerard Houllier, Rafael Benitez, and Brendan Rodgers. *slow clap
Graeme Souness has been on holiday with Dale Winton I think? can confirm.
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- ha, i think its some kind of repayment for us letting you have Graeme Souness and Craig Johnston back in the day ;)
Graeme Souness with a proper tackle, just a booking they said...
If it's your birthday today you share it with Mateo Kovačić (21) Dries Mertens (28) Dani Alves (32) Iván de la Peña (39) Graeme Souness (62)
If Man Utd don't win the title next year, I'll change my name officially to Kurt Zouma! 😎 p.s Graeme Souness is shagging Dale Winton!!
Graeme Souness never fails to annoy me. The man can't even say 'Di María'.
On this day in 1991 Walter Smith was named as Rangers interim manager after Graeme Souness' departure to...
Graeme Souness says the Premier League MUST raise its game in Europe
Niall Quinn & Graeme Souness could send an insomniac to sleep. Must say I'm starting to like Danny Murphy & Jermaine Jenas on though.
Thought Ali Dia was bad? Graeme Souness could have signed this pair for Liverpool:
Calls Chelsea A Disgrace This was the animal that was called Graeme Souness!
Jose Mourinho has accused Graeme Souness of being envious – after the former Liverpool manager attacked Chelsea for cheating.
José biting again I see, he's easier than LVG these days lol ( n )
Funny how Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness seem to forget what they did and now criticise Mourinho.
Graeme Souness: 'It's going to be tight but it's all about keeping your nerve'...
Jose Mourinho: Chelsea manager blasts Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness, who is driven by 'envy' http…
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho hits back at 'envious' Graeme Souness: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has accused Sk...
LOL at Mourinho suggesting Graeme Souness is jealous of him. Souness won 3 European Cups in 7 years.
This is why I never miss Mourinho's pre/post match press conferences. Epic.
Say what you will. You're gonna miss Jose when he's gone for good.
Chelsea’s José Mourinho hits back at Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness – video
When José responded back to Graeme Souness & said “Envy is the biggest tribute that the shadows do to the man.”.. http:/…
Graeme Souness kicks off £100,000 raffle in support of South Cleveland Heart Fund cardiac MRI appeal
GUARDIAN Chelsea manager José Mourinho says Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness have forgotten 'everything they did…
Jose Mourinho launches incredible rant at Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher
Jose Mourinho hits out at Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness
Jose Mourinho hits back at Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness criticism - via App
Football legend Graeme Souness at James Cook University Hospital to kick off cardiac fundraising appeal
Wonder if maybe Graeme Souness made a mistake letting Bobby Russell go?
Manchester United have swapped swagger for stagger, writes Graeme Souness
The waiter from Allo Allo going fishing, Little Richard in the 80s, Graeme Souness with Mo Johnston and yer man that tripped Madonna
Know your Graeme Souness from your Gordon Strachan? Win entry to Ultimate Scotland pub quiz:
. He blocked me cause I asked him if he makes his Mrs wear a graeme souness mask when he pumps her!
WATCH: Graeme Souness described Philippe Coutinho as a great after his display against http:…
Thierry Henry's face when Graeme Souness says Arsenal are "the classiest club out there".
Graeme Souness b4 he discovered the perm :)
Graeme Souness with a proper tackle, and just a yellow card...
I've got match programme from 1970 Youth Cup final. Graeme Souness & Steve Perryman in Spurs team. in goal for Coventry!!!
Liverpool's Graeme Souness & Terry McDermott after winning the Division 1 Title in 1980
Reflections on last night at The Thistle Hotel. A sensational event by with Graeme Souness & Richard Gough in top form 😉👍⚽👏
Graeme Souness, Richard Gough and Gordon Smith pulling no punches about the EGM here at Sportsman's Dinner.
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