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Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the season finale of the WB Television Network's third season of the drama television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, consisting of the twenty-first and twenty-second episodes.

Fort Jackson

Listening to "Graduation Day" -Steve Jablonsky. I've played this 15 times.
Congratulations to Dr. Moatsou (Dr. Williams, and Dr. Kang on their Graduation Day!
I won the Graduation Day achievement in Killer Instinct for 16 pts -
Graduation Day! . Congratulations to our newly sworn in Firefighters Nate Adams, Justin Martin and Patrick Williams.
New Marines in uniform eat for FREE here at Panini's on Graduation Day from Parris Island. It's our way of saying...
to Graduation Day for Fall 'Seed To Supper'! Huge thanks to NC Master Gardeners for helping teach this class!
Graduation Day @ Ashford University.. I did it. Ty to God, my wife, and VA
Graduation Day in the Great Hall on the Eve of the Revolution' MFD (Feb 2015)
We're looking forward to another happy WBS Graduation Day tomorrow! The booth will be back...
Graduation Day. Kindergarten Class of 2015. Marissa I am so proud of u
To honor the Pan Am Games, the awesome pole vault death scene Graduation Day
Graduation Day for seniors of South Mecklenburg High, NC's largest public high school.
We're excited to have host and curator as our Chief Guest at the 12th Graduation Day event
Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi - Chief Guest for the Graduation Day ceremony at the Hyd campus tmrw
Commissioner Bratton Presenting the Civilian Police Academy's award to our HBCOP Member Angel Umile on Graduation Day
Congratulations to all graduands of Maseno University on the occasion of their Graduation Day today. Bravo Bro-in-law Wick.
Wow! We are back in the RN national top 10 -- 'Graduation Day' sits at this week. We are humbled! N&W
Graduation Day ♥ (with and 2 others at regale international convention centre) —
Also ep "Graduation Day":. Cordelia: Yeah, 'cause that never happens in American high schools. . Oz: It's bordering on trendy at this point.
WELCOME TO Fort Jackson Graduation Day is an exhilarating experience for the Soldiers who have worked diligently to reach this important goal.  It is a day in which you will want to take part, a day for your Family to treasure as an exciting milestone in your Soldier’s life.  Soldiers graduating this week have proven they have what it takes to join the ranks of the U.S. Army.  In the past weeks of training, we have placed a lot of demands on these young Americans.  You will notice they will stand a little taller, walk a little straighter, but most importantly you will see young Americans who understand and accept their roles as Soldiers.   1st Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment Wednesday, August 27, 2014   FAMILY DAY:     7:00 a.m.-512 Trolley Café-serving coffee, hot/cold espressos, bagels and muffins; Located on the corner of Marion Ave. and Semmes Rd.   8:00 a.m.-Retail Zone-Located in the Solomon Center, the Retail Zone sells Army and Fort Jackson memorabilia.  Open Wednesday 1:00 p.m.-7: ...
Family and Graduation Day note: Our own 3-34 FRG (Family Readiness Group) will have the first tent to the right of the bleachers as you are looking at them from the parking areas. Look for the big sign on the tent 3-34 FRG!! Why am I telling you this? Because every Family and Graduation Day we have goodies and beverages to offer to all in attendance. And so people put donations into our donation box. We have coffee, water, sodas, pastries, muffins, chips, candies, juice boxes,etc. **We unfortunately are not allowed to hold fundraisers for our FRG on Fort Jackson, so all we can do to raise monies to continue to support and help out our soldiers and families, is ask for donations. **We cannot ask for specific amounts for anything either. So support the soldiers and families when you come out!! I can say: that although we love the kind of donation that folds, we appreciate the kind that jingles...but are truly thankful for anything!! ;) Rock Force!!
A university student was asked to give a speech on her graduation day, she said…..good day lendings and gatelmen, I wanted to thank God for my mum,dad, parents, brothers and sisters, siblings,cousin, for paying my schools fins, if not for them I would have not be a school student, I will seriously thank my great grand father who is dead for his support towards my SCHOOLING as a student, I joined cult but I have already comot, and also greeting chineye, ayomide,teju, timileyin, ngozi, onyinye, sukurat,atiku,tunde, okeke, ifeanyi, johnny, Paul, and all my late student Who I studied in this school, I thank my VICE CANCERLOR, for his effort to of making me the best SCHOOLDENT in ENGRISH RANGUAGE AND TRANSLATON, I also thank the gateman, the HOWSE KEEPER, I ALSO IN THIS MINDIUM TO THAN MY DAD MY MUM AND MY PARENTS ONCE AGAIN thanks...abeg which kind of certificate should be given to this graduate…?
Graduation day! 10 weeks has come down to one day. Could not have been done without the support from y'all..
Ok, it's a slow day for football news, so I'll share this... Bubba went to Auburn on a football scholarship. He was a decent running back, but a poor student. At graduation day, Bubba didn't have enough credits. But by Auburn standards, he was a great football player (he hadn't been kicked off any teams for stealing) so the students held a rally and demanded the dean give him a diploma anyway. They were so insistent that the dean agreed if Bubba could answer one question correctly he would give him a diploma. The one question test was held in the auditorium and the students packed the place. It was standing room only. The dean was on the stage and told Bubba to come up. The dean had the diploma in his hand and said, "Bubba, if you can answer this question correctly I'll give you your diploma." Bubba said he was ready and the dean asked him the question. "Bubba," he said, "How much is three times seven?" Bubba looked up at the ceiling and then down at his shoes, just pondering the question as he struggled ...
Opa i'm cant go malaysia 9 aug. Is my graduation day 😢😢
Happy happy 86th Birthday to my one & only Lola in the world!!! You're simply the great grandma for me your never get tired of giving me everything since I was just a little kid,supporting me in my studies since my Papa left us you were always there for me like a second mom you sent me to college and I'm so thankful for that you never missed to send my allowance and sometimes may extra pa...I still remember my highschool days I will mail you asking for my shoes & uniforms both you & my Lola Ima on my graduation day I'am so happy coz I receive not only one wrist watch but 2 from u & lola ima...well I'am just so lucky to have you as my Lola...Thank you so much mula noon up to now I never missed a single prayer for you!!! Love you so much♡ & I thank you for kindness, love,care & understanding salamat po kahit madami kami na apo ninyo naalala ninyo ako.lagi nga po ako pati mga anak ko apo ninyo sa tuhod may pasalubong tuwing babalikbayan kayo,samantalang ako wala naibibigay sa inyo...maybe thats the reaso . ...
I liked a video from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia - Episode 5: Graduation Day Mishap!
Graduation Day @ The Manila Hotel. So many good times in College!
Which of these events is your best life experience? Wedded day. Birthday. Coronation day. New Yam festival. Xmas. Child dedication. Matric day. Rag day. Graduation day. Easter.
My Graduation Day 🎓🎉💐 (with and 6 others at Gedung Prof. Sudarto) [pic] —
I may just faint on my graduation day, finally a barrister ... I've wanted it for so long.
That movie into the storm has me so scared for graduation day lol we better not have a storm
This Guy Was Bullied. His Graduation Speech Left The Audience Speechless. WOW! MAY 1, 2014 This story touched me deeply. It teaches lessons on so many levels. First, don't judge people from appearances alone. Second, always try to lend a helping hand. You never know just how much another person might need it. The Story of Kyle One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, “Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd.” I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up, and I saw this terrible ...
Whenever I dream,all I dream about is my graduation day.I'll wear that gown
Today is our Sensory Graduation Day for children in Lamba and Texa who are moving on to IMS next week! Have a great Graduation Day :-)
Going to Ms. Foster's classroom after the first day of school in my cap and gown since she didn't go to graduation
You are invited to my graduation ceremony. . It would be nice if you could join me on my BIG day.…
last time I took a pic was graduation day lmfao
This song super reminds me of graduation man, I'd do anything to go back to graduation day.
Graduation Day! Congratulations to my Beautiful Sister Bernadette Webb graduated with her Master's this weekend from F.A.M.U ✔I wish you the best and much more in prosperity, health, and Life itself.
oh, I see. I finish my study, now waiting for graduation day end this month and searching for job. (^_^) ♥♥♥
I thought graduation would be the best day of my life. Waking up tomorrow after 8 a.m and being a free woman will take the lead...
Didn't cry graduation day I was just worried about not falling could care less about seeing them ever again
to my favorite senior pic & graduation day...looking back like *** I did it!!! ✊
T - 1 day until Graduation, SO can't wait! Hope all Leaders are excited!
Uhuuuk uhuuk Nineteenth and twenty first of august will be my graduation day, wish you come and bless me.."
Freshman year I saw your face, now is graduation day.
My baby brother starts his first day of senior year tomorrow 😭 next thing I know I'll be @ his graduation crying in the stands 😩💗
to 2006 graduation day at the University of Sydney for a Masters of Commerce and being elected to…
I use too go threw new chargers EVERY OTHER DAY I done had this charger since graduation and it's still holding up 🙌😁
I don't feel like going to school Monday , can I skip to graduation day already ? 😕 please ?
Good morning reminds me of graduation day 😞
First peek of the official music video for Graduation!!! Dropping on you later this day! fullanny…
it's graduation day🎓 This is going to be a tuff one. Thinking back on all the great memories I've made here!
Only things i care about this coming school year Football season>> Rugby Season>> Graduation day
I just know my last year is gunna go by hella fast & as soon as you know it , it'll be graduation day .
I left my graduation tickets at home on graduation day and was almost late because I had to go back and get them 😂
Elsie's snapchat story has me reliving graduation 😭💟 such an emotional/amazing day!
Barney wants me to suit up! 1 more day to go before graduation!
I havea copy of holy mountain so we can watch both those and exchange our graduation cacti Itll be a beautiful and eventful day
& my high school graduation. I could've beat my moma, stepdad & big cousin that day!!! 😡👊💪
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Last day of class tomorrow tho. . Then graduation Friday. 😆😀
I remember graduation day jayden was clapping for everyone an got excited when he saw me on stage 😩😭
aside from graduation, one of my grandest moments in Hs was when my band teacher gave me 100$ cash for valentines day LMAO
I swear my Bestfriend is the best always knows when something's up glad I have her can't wait till graduation that'll be our day boo!!
Anywayz my graduation iz exactly 1 day n a couppe of hrs away
I wish I could go back to graduation day 😁 and prom 😩😍
I do owe you a tiger. I got you on graduation day
Beauty school drop out, no graduation day for you
““No lie I slayed my eyebrows graduation day 😊
My graduation day cannot get here fast enough.. 😤
Graduation is going to be the greatest day of my lifeee
“No lie I slayed my eyebrows graduation day
No lie I slayed my eyebrows graduation day
Sylvia is all smiles on Graduation Day!
Sylvia all dressed up for Graduation Day.
When school starts I'll be counting down the days till May 23rd cause that's graduation day ! 🎓🎊🎉
I just bought a charger the day after graduation and it already broke 😑 iPhone chargers ain't loyal
Graduation day.Home academy 2... jan to june...2014
It was graduation day Friday for students of Arts in the Park, an eight-week long summer art program for area children. For many, the program allowed local
I'll (maybe) stop doing this until the graduation day... but this is so addicting. somebody help!
college graduation goal: to win the lottery the day after I graduate college. Yes. I got this!!
Today's the day I can finally say I'm graduating with my LPN. Katie Shirley,LPN!! Off to Allen college I go for my RN😊😷
Wait if u dnt have a HS diploma or at least a GED please dnt even write a post until yo graduation day your life needs no distractions
Friends birthday around the corner? Anniversary coming? Graduation Day reaching? Friends/Colleagues leaving soon? Ohhh~ Teachers Day is also coming !! Great ! Lets get something for them ! We are selling ranges of customized products which suit all customers from different levels ! Pls support us as we provide the best quality of products to all customers ! Our new promo for pens :- Buy 5 free 2 !!! U dun have to think of so many pens in order to get the previous promo ! Best gifts promo for the upcoming Teachers Day or any special days of yours !
Me and Asia acting silly on my graduation day
Everything changes quickly since the graduation day, you keep losing friends even though you are still friends; you keep missing someone as if you would never meet again
MLK Jr n his sis Christine on their graduation day in 1948!
EVERYONE! I'm most likely having a graduation party either the day of my graduation or that weekend. If you want to come, dm me or text me!
Looking through graduation photos and wishing I could relive it - such a good day!
Bro to this day I don't know who that was that called me looking for me right after my graduation
Celebrate their advancement towards graduation day and give' em a lil appreciation fire to keep…
Oh ok, that's what's up. You'll be 6 figures come graduation day, stick w/ it.
I woke up for some reason thinking back to the day of graduation..
Hats off! Graduation day with my greatest supporters: my husband and mum behind the camera.
The more and more i think about graduation day I wish I punched half the people in the face that made me cry.
Graduation bogus af you wait all mf day for them to call your name, and when they do you walk across the stage with a FAKE *** DIPLOMA
Looking at pictures on my mom's camera..just remember if you're ever having a bad hair day, remember mine on graduation day
Proud doctoral graduation day! Meet Woolly Wallace, he swims like a big fish!
I keep inadvertently referring to the upcoming semester of student teaching as 'spring training'. Guess that makes graduation Opening Day.
Happy graduation day, you clever bean 📚🎓🎉 love you lots!!
My graduation day will be exactly one year after my grandpa has passed away, going to be a weird day.
Eid Mubarak to those who are celebrating! I've just had an amazing day celebrating my sisters graduation. Perfect day!
My beautiful niece chloe mcglinchey on graduation day with ryan raleigh and cousin gareth condron
It practically feels like graduation day..
brilliant article!!! Everyone should be given a copy on their graduation day!
Proud doctoral graduation day! Swimming with the big fish. Meet Woolly Wallace
Imagine losing your dad just before your wedding,mum just before graduation,dad on your birthday,grandma the day before ramadan and birthday
Graduation day for some, heaving with people
Posting these in Family Chat to claim for a cute gift for this upcoming graduation day, look at how they respond me XD
Rodolfo made my day. He said "come to my graduation please cus i told you i was gonna do it and you believed in me" 😅
Just 37 more days until sams family day and graduation 😁💕
I'm so wearing this the day of my graduation
Congrats to my main drinking partner yo! My aunt tasha! On her graduation day! cant even get turnt. She in london.
Graduation day, a Doctor at long last !!. Special day with the family
💯 on last quiz in Intermediate Acct2. Last day of the last four days of session2. Graduation is one step closer!
The fact that my Dad sat by himself on the front row for my graduation ceremony absolutely made my day.
1st day of Changeable Weather, but no change in the & of the day
Gone cry graduation day. I been in school forever. Lost focus. Never gave up. Lots to be proud of.
So excited, this is my last week of driving to little rock every day. 4 days of classes left and then graduation on Friday!
oh it is. you should have been at the graduation party the other day... ALWAYS drama it's nuts! featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm moving to Augusta after graduation. I'm talking day after the TU 😭
Graduation will probably be the most emotional day of my life. 😭😭
yes! I literally haven't seen you since graduation day
Graduating on Friday? Share about your last week at MSU and graduation day using
A momentous day for the Rapid City Fire Department as 14 new cadets are welcomed into the force on Friday.
Want to relive the magic that was Graduation Day 2014?? All four graduations are now available at TV99 On Demand -
Our kid's graduation day, congrats sis 🎓
God breaks through at the last moment. I got the job and I start Friday. The day after graduation my career starts
It's graduation day at RISE, an inclusive pre-school in Tuscaloosa
LOL can't come to someone who's supposed to be your best friends graduation party, but goes to a concert the next day... ✂️
I rly dont know how to talk to ppl my cousins gf is telling me how her hair and makeup were bad the day of her graduation and I kept
The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. Graduation Day! (@ Dale Carnegie Training)
Graduation Day for Sterling Hot Yoga Works 200 hr registered yoga teacher training! Look for this Lexington crew...
Graduation Day from Army Basic Combat Training in 2003. I'm still friends with these girls. My…
Day 5 - Graduation Day! Thanks to all our partners for helping with another successful camp!
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omg. Oh yeah! Congrats on ya graduation the other day bro! 👏😪
Senior year better fly by and when I say fly by I mean I'll wake up on September 6th and it will be graduation day.
Rexton House nursery celebrates graduation day: Special guests paid a visit to a nursery to hel...
Today is the 1st day of FirstAid training for the 2014 students. Every student will be certified by graduation!
Nothing is cornier to me than when a person who hasn't even started they're first day of college has they're graduation year in their bio
What a lovey day at the nursery graduation Well done to all and the staff
It's graduation day and yet... I don't seem so excited, just wanna get it over with
I will not be here all day. Today is the graduation of my sister, in about five hours I'll go.
Up up and away on graduation day...with the best balloon we've ever seen!
I got graduation cards in the mail and it's payday.great day 👏💰💛
Work almost done for the day, then taking my little bro to buy a graduation suit! So exciting :) x
Family Day Today... Graduation Tomorrow!! Can't wait to get home 😁💙❤️ @ Fort Knox Army post
Leonard says Ventura didn't have black eye or facial abrasions the next day at a SEAL graduation and no one said anything about a fight.
Parents can't come to graduation. Anyone want to adopt me for the day? good price of £25 xxx
*** THE BETRAYAL *** (episode 12) .I told him the first few chapters of my love life with Mike, which was focused mainly on how we started and how he took away my virginity, which equally turned him into a sex addict, and truthfully i really knew not what pushed me into revealing some part of my intimate life to him, even though i kept the main part to myself, while he listened attentively with his eyes focused on me. “So how did it all end?” he seriously asked, while i breathed deeply cos i stopped my story at the scene where Mike slapped me. A smile equally displayed on my face as i noticed the excitement with which he asked the last question. “I will say our affair officially ended on his graduation day” i replied, as the memory of that particular day rushed into my head, while Benjamin nodded his head for me to continue. Mike’s graduation day really was a day i will never forget in a hurry and that night was equally spectacular, as we made love all through in celebration of good things to co ...
Graduation day for our Firefighter Platoon 2 Class! Ceremony is this afternoon at the Emergency Training Centre.
assalam alaikum :) Welcom to Bahria University karachi :) :) congratulations for New Bahrians :) & -Congratulations to a wonderful student! New places to go, new things to try and new people to meet - it's all out there! Put your future in good hands - your own" -You truly deserve the success! I'm sure that on your graduation day you feel a lot smarter. In my message I wish you to set your goals high, and won't stop till you get there" "Your parents proud of you. Best wishes for your career ahead" ;)
what's the deal with robe hire for graduation? if I've left it too late can i just turn up on the day and collect a spare?
Congratulations on your graduation day Ashleigh, well done!
What a great day its been at the graduation!
Graduation day I'm a turn all doubters to believers while my son in the crowd cheering his mommy on! 🚼🎓
Wish i could go back to work experience on their last day for their graduation performance
Immensely proud to be part of graduation today! Amazing day
We love attending devbootcamp graduation day. Such an exceptionally talented tech community! @ 48 wall st
Today is the day! is coming to an end with our culminating pitchfest/graduation ceremony in D.C! We...
Graduation day finally got a Degree
1 sem condensed into 2 days! We're too nervous to introduce ourselves at first. Then before we know it, it's graduation day
TUG OF WAR! Graduation day for a Safety Town class today. Safety Town is a 37 year old program for kids before...
Thought my graduation was a day before my birthday. Bf was about to be in trouble trouble.
Graduation for pigs. Gonna be a long *** day.
It's my graduation day the turn up is going to be too real
Graduation. Great day. Loved the last 4 years. 4 more to go. MSci down PhD to go :-D
Leadership graduation then beach day 👌😍
Well bys, I suppose this is the day we've all been waitin' for.. Happy Graduation Day to my fellow Paramedics. Thanks for puttin' up with me for the year, and big thanks to mom and dad for watchin' my little man all year while I was in school and studyin' and well puttin' up with my contrary ness al year. Also, big thanks to my little man for gettin' me through and motivating me more than anything else, love you all, xo! Tanya Davis Penney Haley Kinden Megan Richmond Catherine Taylor Cindy-lee B Taylor Craig Canning Adam Cahill Jay Drake Kevin Bittner Lee-Ann Johnson-Kenney
There is a picture, somewhere, of me and a friend on our MA graduation day pretending to be bats on the School's staircase.
Graduation champers 🎓🎓🎓 such a lovely day spent with my family ❤️
S/O to my bestie on her graduation day! I'm so proud of you and can't wait for you to be home! 😁🎓
Today is my graduation day and I couldn't think of a better song to play
The 5sos concert better not end up being the same day as my graduation or anything
Graduation day is here for our Junior Firefighters! Here junior members are taking a drive around parts of...
Em's graduation day. I still can't post for pictures. Proud ❤️
Graduation day for the at NYC! You can watch the project demos live:
I haven't seen most of my graduating class since graduation day! That's sad!
"there was girl in my class who had premarital sex and do you know where she was on graduation day? DEAD she overdosed on h…
Apart from giving birth this has been the proudest day on my life
The same dress over 40 years later! Sierra on her high school graduation day and my mom on her wedding…
Seems appropriate that Reading rains on the day of my graduation. Don't cry for me, Reading (Argentina).
The day we been waiting for GRADUATION DAY!
Special day for ISP. Graduation day. 15 new Troopers.
Beauty school drop out ... No graduation day for you
Day 5 of the Jr. Police Academy is about to kick off. Graduation day!
Graduation day was the best day of my life 😭😭
That would be amazing if I got 2k by the day of my graduation party -tomorrow 😊
Final Graduation Day preparations. One day to go!
Still hasn't sunk in that it's my Graduation day tomorrow.
New Parris Island graduates eat FREE at Panini's on Graduation Day. It's the least we can do to say 'Thank You'.
I know...Im working on my plans of visiting but im waiting for Graduation Day to come.
Going to be leaving for my High School graduation in about thirty minutes. I hope you guys have a good day!
Tiny graduation party for Arielle on this fine summer day.
While Charlie Day may play a certified *** on TV, in real life it turns out he...
Congratulations on your graduation!!! Your hard work has paid off. Have a nice day :) ♥
Class of 2015. Put this in your phones now! GRADUATION DAY - June, 4th 2015! Boom!
One more day, graduation is right around the corner ✊😁 🐯
Marcus ain't been home since graduation day.
Was in the sun all day today for grad practice and will be all day tomorrow for graduation. Kmt.
Saying goodbye to everyone the last day of school/graduation didn't even faze me.. But to see my friends actually leaving now is really sad
Just before the lights went, she released my hand and I fell back into a chair that was next to her bed.
I remember picture day in kindergarten and now I'm graduation high school😱😭
I got a speeding ticket. Told the cop its my graduation day and he let me go. Gosh I'm feeling great :)
I remember I burnt my neck on the day of graduation lmfao
Our graduation in mutah uni ...last day :(
Missed graduation today, but I'm having the time of my life in Napa. Hope everyone had a great day! 🍺🍺🍺
Happy graduation day to my lovely sister 🎓 you did it!
It's pretty appropriate that Alyssa is running her last high school race on her graduation day
High school graduation was the happiest day of my life but basic training Graduation is going to take the cake for sure.
but the fact that Friday is the last day of school and graduation is tmro!¡
Hannah's graduation thank you's have been a highlight of the day
Who else is starting GRADUATION DAY today?
I always laugh when Lo gets a car on graduation day while Cristina gets a bible on Laguna Beach. 😂
Why do we praise social change in graduation day speeches, but not throughout high school?
The day before graduation idls super duper annoying
Graduation and Moving Up Day is quickly approaching. I can't believe it is next week. The ceremonies will be...
Big day for my baby girl. Big day for this mama. 🎓❤️
so why did daddy now buy it? Graduation present. . We should have popped some kraa on the day.
greys anatomy makin me cry cuz these students are dying on their graduation day n omg I'm a wreck rn lmao
Happy graduation day to my favorite little boo!
Congrats madsrockwell on your graduation day! Thanks for all you do for me, too! p.s. Jack would like…
Graduation day for the ChemEng class of 1T4!
36 hours until results day -- exciting times for students! I have ordered my robes for your graduation ceremony! Roll on 10th July!
After graduation, I have literally gone to the pool/beach every single day this summer
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Just made a playlist for the day of graduation. Can I say that I'm excited? Also majority of it is music from Graduation & Late Registration
Can't believe tomorrow's the day.. Felt like I was just looking at my graduation count down when it said over 100 days until…
Today was basically my last day of school but I have to go for graduation tm
Countdown: . Tomorrow last day of finals. 2 days until end of 4th marking period. 5 days until graduation/last day of school
But I was hype then a mf Graduation day!
Mr. Tremaine you are here with us in spirit to congratulate the Hayfield Secondary Class of 2014.
AUB Graduates of 2014 TheGallery’s partner WestBeach will like to congratulate you on your special day by offering you and you family special drinks promotions in our sister venues: Aruba & Ink Bar for Graduation Day/Friday 27 June 2014. Bring a copy of this promotion with you and present it to your waiter. Please contact the venue to book your table – see flyer for details.
Graduation day was an unqualified success for Amy Redwine and her daughter, Violet Burkhart, of Lexington, NC. High school may have ended on a humiliating note, but by the time Saturday rolled...
Graduation Day at National Defense University. The final grad from Ukraine received the biggest applause.
Today is Graduation Day in Black River Falls! Congratulations to our graduates Ryan Hansen and Ashley Capadagli!...
Graduation Day!! These past 4 years have gone by unbelievably fast and it feels like I just started my freshman year. There have been a ton of ups and downs but we made it. Knox College Class of 2014!! 🎓🎓🎓
IGB Talking Dogs GRADUATION CAN BE DRUMBO STAR: John McGee’s Graduation Day was somewhat unfortunate not to qu...
Graduation Day!!! Ten years after me it's your time, I love you brother! 18 years of work, enjoy the…
D-Day and Graduation Day 2014 Today is graduation day for many high schools to include my old high school, Casa Grande in Petaluma. 20 years ago the class of 1994 (12 June 1994) began the walk into the real world. In that time we have seen the world that was much different than the one we knew there at Casa. Many classmates went on to be successful, we lost some and continued on to this point of 2014. Today is also the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, in France that liberated the continent of Europe and the world from Nazi German Fascism. We liberated the Western half of Europe, but then lost the eastern half to Russian Soviet aggression for 45 more years. The men or in some cases boys (not children) that wore the Uniform of the United States Army and Navy to include Coast Guard, were not much older then the students graduating today at Casa, or tomorrow across the Freeway at Petaluma High. In some cases maybe younger. These men from the Rangers, 1st Infantry, 29th Infantry, 82 nd and 101st Airb ...
Angel singing the star spangled banner on Graduation Day.
Today, I am very happy as it is my son's Graduation Day!. Yet, I am sad for not being able to celebrate this day...
Today is Graduation Day for my daughter, Rachel Leigh Johnson and 407 fellow Senior Huskies at MCHS! The last official day of Purple/Silver/Black by crossing the finish line with diploma in hand!! woohoo! yes! congrats! hugs! kisses! A well deserved celebration of a 12 year trek! By the end of eve, the newest Alumni will place being a Husky on that memory shelf, moving forward to their next adventure in life :) Whether College/Trade school bound, joining the ranks of the military, joining the community work force or taking some Gap time to figure it all out, I wish all of them much success in their chosen road. CONGRATULATIONS MCHS CLASS OF 2014 🎓👍👏 Love you Rachel 💕
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank GOD for one of the greatest gifts He has given me. My Son, Mr. Justin Ross Burnett. I Thank God for giving me the strength, wisdom and the Village it takes to rear one in the way he should go. On this day I celebrate him on this his Graduation Day! I am so very PROUD of you SON!
Grade 12 Graduation! Tomorrow is Graduation Day for our Grade 12 Class of 2014. The students will be honored for their achievements at our Annual Graduation Ceremony, which will be held in the theatre. The students have completed their courses of study and their exams. They are now ready to be recognized for the hard work which they have accomplished during their educational career. It is a day which we look forward to each year. Congratulations to our FIS Grade 12 graduates of 2014!
Beach Boys - Graduation Day: via Congratulations to graduates everywhere. :)
Graduation Day. United States Military Academy at West Point. So very proud of our son, David. USMA Class of 2014 ! Go Army
- Graduation Day - Sam calls Armand Assante to help her out in re to her killing her raping, murdering (cont)
Brandon and Hannah Oaks Christian High Prom & After Prom Party. Handsome Young Men and Gorgeous Young Ladies! Yes we spoiled them. Theme "Midnight in Paris " complete with music and movies. Patisserie, Movie Room, Henna tattoo's and massages, casino games, coffee bar /smoothie and awesome food. Sliders, grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, crepes and FANTASTIC raffle prizes. It's been a long time since I have done an all nighter! Arrived at 8 pm to set up and didn't leave until 4am. A lot of work by all of the parents to pull this off. We had a GREAT Parent Crew! The kids had a great time. Next up Baccalaureate and the BIG Graduation Day!
It's Graduation Day at Wake Forest University, my alma mater, and I am so excited for all of the people who have reached this very important milestone in their lives. I had an AMAZING experience at Wake, and though I struggled to earn my bachelor's degree, I would not trade my experience there (inside and outside the classroom) for ANYTHING. Despite doing quite well in high school, I actually finished my freshman year on academic probation, dropped out of Wake to work to earn money to go to summer school to get my grades up to be eligible for additional funding, and scratched and scraped the rest of the way through school once I was readmitted. That experience has informed much of what I do now. If I had accepted that initial report, there's no telling where I'd be-I certainly would nnot have been in a position to earn a Ph.D.! God has a special plan for my life that actually required me to overcome all of those challenges-including being stubborn, rebellious, hardheaded, too proud for my own good, etc. . ...
Graduation Day will be here before you know it! Know a girl that would love a locket from an Independent Designer
Graduation Day with the coolest young buck I know
It's Graduation Day for this little cutie and her class mates at First Baptist Church Kindergarten. She has grown and learned so much this year ~ thanks Miss Lisa (Yee-sa).
Graduation Day rolls on with the Senior Awards luncheon honoring students in clinical departments and for...
Happy Birthday to Whitney-Faith Smith! Happy Graduation Day to Morgan Smith and Emily Stallings! Happy Retirement to my Aunt Karen Delisle! Happy Bought-my-first-car-Day Cody Smith! Happy Mother's Day to Mickey Burrell, Deborah Burrell Smith, Yvonne Burrell, Brittany Lynn Smith, and Lacie Smith Newbill! I love you all Very Much!
Graduation Day :) It has been two very long years, but now I'm Ashley Moore, MSW :)
Graduation Day for Syracuse University Law School at tha Carrier Dome! Congratulations James and Ashley! I couldn't be prouder
Graduation Day, May 4, Springfield Ohio. Hoods right, smiles on and all of us happy to receive our diplomas and look forward into our bright futures! (Lisa too!)
SRI RAMAKRISHNA ENGINEERING COLLEGE Phone No: 0422-2461588, 2460088, 2460505 Fax No. 0422-2461089 E-mail: graduationdesk Ref: SREC/Graduation Day/2013-2014 Date: 30.04.2014 Sub: 16th Graduation Day Function – reg. Greetings from SREC! The 16th Graduation Day is scheduled to be held on 10.05.2014 at 10:00 A.M at the College Auditorium. You are invited to come with your parents and receive the Degree Certificate in person from the Chief Guest Kindly confirm your participation on or before 06.05.2014 by e-mail. On the Graduation day, registration will be starting from 8:15 A.M onwards and would close positively by 9:45 A.M. Please avoid coming late, to have a comfortable registration.Please note that registration beyond 10 A.M cannot be entertained at any cost and may not be possible to receive the degree certificate on the stage. For the parents acoompanying the graduands, seating arrangements have been made in the adjoining hall with the facility to watch the graduation day pro ...
Graduation Day, feeling blessed. Dr. Ben Carson( Neurosurgeon, Professor emeritus, John Hopkins Hospital) gave the commencement address. His story of success was inspirational. By the grace of God, I look forward to my contribution to the discipline of Business and Leadership. Dr. Paul Carr, dr. Bramwell Osula
Congratulations Jessica! Wes and I are so excited and proud! Enjoy your Graduation Day! Go MOC!
I cant wait for my Graduation Day on the 26th June to receive my 1st National Diploma in Finanace. O nahana hotlo etsahalang dat day?.
Mothers, get out your calendars. I can't believe the year is almost over and we are winding down with several activities. Wednesday, April 30th we will be going to Hodges Gardens. We will walk through the gardens, have a duck race, do an art and craft activity, and have a snack. I will send out more details Tuesday. We are also scheduling a Mother's Day Tea for the mothers. I have to get this on the church calendar before I can give you a date. Last but not least. Awards/Graduation Day is scheduled for the last day of school, May 15th. We should also have the spring pictures that day. We have had a WONDERFUL year. I want to thank the students, parents, and great staff. I couldn't have done it without you!
Graduation Day, Part I. I know that I couldn't have made it here without the help and support of so many people - all the good thoughts, words of encouragement, and putting up with me when I didn't think I could do it - it hasn't gone unnoticed and I can't thank you enough! Love you all! - and so many more who I didn't tag but put up with me for the past three years! 😄
Graduation Day belongs to students not publicity hound Michelle Obama, Vulture-like, Michelle Obama swoops down on any opportunity for free publicity, Easter Egg Roll, Let's Move, Nutrition, Subway Sandwiches
Motivation for today: one day closer to graduation.
Our first SOLD OUT graduation gig Amazing musicians ...
So now am hopin no one messes up my graduation day coz kwathu they know I will cone back home 2 days later!!
On graduation day at my house we aren't playing anything but "Happy" and "We Made It" 🎉.
My goal is that on my graduation day, I must be able to reward myself my first ever Balenciaga/Celine nano bag
ELEMELIC III T. AQUINO's introduction speech for LUCENA CITY's MAYOR, (Roderick "Dondon" Alcala) on their graduation day. Many said he's unbelievable!... :) :) :) We're so proud of you anak!... We always thank God for giving us the best gift ever! IT'S YOU!... Congratulations! We love you so much!...
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Buongiorno, have a look @ our new website, stylish and cool. ciao napoli would like remember don't forget to book for you graduation day .
Good morning world. It's my last day of preceptorship!
Graduation Day (with Hasniayati, Sefdina, and 4 others) [pic] —
I GOT IT I GOT IT. On graduation day I will GO AROUND the WHOLE SCHOOL and take selfies with EVERYONE
Happy graduation's day our belove alumnus 🎓❤
Will You be daring to surprise me with an affordable ticket, (for mothers day happens to coincide my brothers PHD graduation day)
Yep my graduation day is after Easter holidays, on April 28th. But I'm only done with high school. After that all through May
yep - graduation was yesterday. A lovely day for it!
Brooke teaching today on our School Holiday Course! Oh I am so excited GRADUATION DAY TOMORROW!! :-)
Had a dream that it was my graduation day. I've been out of college 25 years and never walked the stage, but was so excited in my dream!
Happy graduation day sobat.. selamat atas gelar master nya. Proud of you nida 😘 😘 😘 (with Nida)
with my BABE during the . GRADUATION DAY :)
Today is my last day of class to finish up my undergrad!!!
MSL graduation night… 12th may i think it’s a very important date on the back of my head but idk what? besides b’day.
Grad ball the same day as my birthday
Getting prepped for a day of celebrating masters degree graduation 🎉❤️🎓
Winding down for easter after a high day on campus yesterday. Here's a Flipagram of graduation pics
so the time has come for my Prince's Trust graduation day - wow it's gone quick!
A poor farmer supported his son to finish college. On the graduation day, he said his father is his biggest pride.
happy graduation day for my best friends n all be others economy's student 2009,, good luck for your future :D
If The 1975 will have another concert here next year, I'll go even if it's exam day, prom or graduation
Happy graduation day for all my friend history 09*proud of you elin
Graduation tickets booked 🎓 Now to book a plane to the other side of the world for the next day
Beauty school dropout,. No graduation day for you.
Privileged to meet with the Bolton police cadets at their graduation y/day:
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