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Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the mayor of the City of New York. Built in 1799, it is located in Carl Schurz Park, at East End Avenue and Eighty-eighth Street in Manhattan.

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so obsessed with color. The true racist lives at Gracie Mansion. Let's indict Deblasio already.
Whale Spotted Swimming in East River Allegedly Looking for the Best Available Schools in Western Queens Before...
Humpback whale spotted swimming in NYC's East River, up near Gracie Mansion via
ICYMI: whale spotted this morning in near says
You know, the new Second Avenue Subway ends East 96th St, walking distance from Gracie Mansion, stops in Park Slope.
If you think Mariah Carey's disastrous meltdown on national TV was good wait til the ladies arrive at mans…
Menhaden increases around New York Harbor attracting more whales, including one cruising close by Gracie Mansion.
hehe and where would he 'hide' them exactly?? at Gracie Mansion? put 'em up in some hotels where they'd more than…
Whale spotted swimming in the East River near Gracie Mansion
in the house! We were on the FDR 10 hrs ago pointed out Gracie mansion was above us
I got whales outside my home! Whale Seen Swimming In East River By Gracie Mansion via
A was spotted in the on Saturday morning near according to harbor police.
An unusual tourist wanted to spend his New Years' Eve in New York City, so to avoid traffic, he traveled by sea
There's a humpback whale about 0.25 miles from our apartment in NYC. Book your whale-watching tour with us now!.
NYPD Special Ops spotted a whale in the East River this morning right next to Gracie Mansion, here are their...
A was spotted in New York City's East River today. Stay tuned for more updates from
spotted another whale in the E. River this morning right next to Gracie Mansion. Even the wildlife want to ring…
That's because David Dinkins is no longer a mayor, and blacks feel they no longer have protector in Gracie Mansion.
Whenever I hear Gracie Mansion, I get this image of De Blasio doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu in a fancy house.
Last time there was a Mansion scene like this.
when are you having Black Lives Matter over to Gracie Mansion?
you're truly a first class *** ..instead of smoking weed in the backyard of Gracie Mansion all afternoon
Carl Schurz Park and Gracie Mansion, 1923. The high bluff was known in colonial times as Hoorn’s Hook
I imagine, after 340 incidents around his mansion, Fred Durst, with his Gracie BJJ, would be in tears, but I'd say, "Remember what I said."
Take a tour of NYC's diverse past at the mayoral residence, Gracie Mansion:
Check out this clip on Gracie Mansion!
doing a great job with illegal buildings in the Bklyn Bridge Park. build 30 story bdlg next to gracie mansion. HYPOCRITE!
Hardly surprising with an anti-cop, communist infesting Gracie Mansion.
New York City mayors have called Gracie Mansion home since 1942 and now we bring you a sneak peek inside. .
It's been a part of NYC since 1942. We take a special tour of the historic Gracie Mansion:
New York City mayors have called the Gracie Mansion home since 1942. Take a look inside! .
Despite economic woes, legislators want to expand Atlantic City casinos. More tonight. .
Tonight we talk about new treatments that can change the mental health discussion .
New York region is one of 10 cities most vulnerable to rising sea levels. Just how at risk are we? That's tonight:
"A porpoise trying to fly is like a mansion trying to bounce. It needs magic to purposely lift.".
What two years in Gracie Mansion have meant for a woman who aspired to be the “voice for the forgotten voices.”
Longwood Mansion. I forever will be wishing I could live inside of you. Picture will never do you justice.
Gracie Mansion at Artnet is pretty cool too.
Photo from Gracie Mansion: Beautiful morning! by backtothenyc
You deserve to be thrown out of Gracie mansion. You're a disgrace !
Anna's new home reminds me of the Chandler Mansion set on All My Children.
The bigger story is that there is one living in Gracie Mansion.
BTW I want to start the 1st annual "pee in" Gracie Mansion. I'll sell tie dye tees to pay for the Bud.
So feel free to have a few pops on the subway and then relieve yourself strolling past Gra…
Gracie Mansion and her namesake gallery outfits reinvented at Bio:Dip, curated by Neville…
.Ed Koch was also in the House. My point is that political careers halt in Gracie Mansion.
The scene at yesterday's at Gracie Mansion: (via Instagram)
Bloomberg called Gracie Mansion the "People's House" in 2002. People's house, not a doghouse. Got it.
NYC's Gracie Mansion was called the "Little White House" in 1943.
since DeBlahzeeeo has occupied Gracie Mansion the homeless and mentally ill are out on the streets. Not safe any longer.
Protest against displacement outside of Gracie Mansion right now. Luxury high-rise nearby, ironically
Aren't you the mayor who erected a tall fence around Gracie Mansion?
grassroots groups rally @ gracie mansion; call on AG to investigate deblasio ties to Extell developers
At least rudy eased housing problems by having both his wife and his mistress staying in Gracie Mansion at the same time.
Rally Against Displacement in front of Gracie Mansion at 88th St. & East End Ave, TODAY at 4:30 pm!
Hunger is not a human right, it's a human tragedy. @ Gracie Mansion
Me in the main Hall at Gracie Mansion. Not supposed to take…
Gosh, rudy: your most troubled times must have been when you had both wife and mistress in Gracie Mansion at same time.
Flooding on Northbound FDR @ Gracie Mansion left lane closed. Backed up from 34th street.
and NYC has never had a bigger *** in Gracie mansion what's your point
Well it's warm and safe.Gather them up & let them stay at Gracie Mansion. Make popcorn with them.
Dispatch from Gracie Mansion: Chirlane McCray and the Limits of First-Ladyship
Lauren H may not be welcome at the Bachelor mansion but you can always come back and rent my cabin to hunt for rocks
I've been wanting to go on a Tour of Gracie Mansion.
Gracie Mansion wasn't always home for the mayor of Here are 10 fun facts about Gracie
Emergency storm drain repair on NB FDR near Gracie Mansion. Traffic on the 8's
Fdr northbound is a nightmare thanks to deBlasio's beloved Gracie mansion. never happened with
Remember the water mess you drove by near Gracie Mansion? . Good news: they're fixing it. . Bad news: yuuuge jam.
What two years in the Gracie Mansion have meant for Chirlane McCray.
Colm Tóibín's comments on Brooklyn (both book and place) reminded me of remarks at Gracie Mansion last St. Patrick's Day.
Curious to know more about where the mayor of lives?
that's how he scammed his way in Gracie Mansion
Wonder how many he will host at Gracie Mansion?
This will make the commie in Gracie Mansion squeal with delight.
NYC was built by many different kinds of people. It's time Gracie. Mansion reflects that-->
he could partner up with the other RINO Trump and just buy the White House like he bought Gracie Mansion.
if you agree 's presser would be impressive in hip boots from the lawn of Gracie Mansion
I think the city was unprepared. So what was the big hoopla from the mayor yesterday. Bet u Gracie mansion is clear.
Let's hope DeBlasio gets the plowing right this time now that he lives at Gracie Mansion. We still remember 2014. Ugh.
Been walking around Gracie Mansion since it started snowing singing "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" just sent me to bed.
Many, many years ago in Rio De Janeiro at Reyson Gracie school and at the Gracie mansion in Teresopolis in the...
.Don't Limit Uber. If you make life difficult for us get ready to move out of Gracie Mansion.
I bet a broken light in front of Gracie Mansion would have been fixed day 1.
There is a large piece of ice that is about to fall on the FDR on the Gracie Mansion underpass
Light show, looking north from Gracie Mansion
this on top of the "Speaker Jenkins" article insures that Gracie Mansion and Albany continue to be engulfed by distraction.
at Gracie Mansion permanently, but my Severe Mental Illness had to be extended. OOPS, First Lady knows this...
.Perhaps without the horses, De Blasio's motorcade can make better time from Gracie Mansion to Park Slope Y?
Check it out! "I Claudius" screening at Gracie Mansion tonight at 8
Let's face it, living in Gracie Mansion & driving to the Brooklyn Y to work out is weird. And not cool weird.
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1964 at Gracie Mansion, photo by *** DeMarsico. Today we remember…
No CP, No HighLine, SUV caravan 12 miles frm Gracie Mansion to the BK Y gym. Let's vote this guy out next election.
My wife and I were at a Mayor Dinkins Holiday Party in early '90 at Gracie Mansion when the Donald showed up-they loved him
Here's the Schuyler sisters on a visit to the actual Schuyler mansion:
What matters to De Blasio is payback for $1.3 million bundled to buy him Gracie Mansion.
is that a Hamilton piggy bank on the left?
Let's start birthday day with cheesecake reminiscence of days.
At Gracie Mansion demanding firing of Off. Pantaleo for murder of Eric Garner http…
With a communist in Gracie mansion, nothing intelligible will be spoken in NYC.
I've heard the Gracie Mansion has a few extra rooms. I assume the Mayor is taking them in.
protect Americans first *** maybe if Gracie mansion gets shot up you'll care
People now being arrested in street in front of Gracie Mansion.
Let's roll for tonight at 5 pm at Gracie Mansion. Join for
Eric Garner anniversary protests continue for a second night. NYPD arrested 23 people last night at Gracie Mansion.
Protest and rally outside of mayors home at Gracie mansion.
welcome them at Gracie Mansion then
All purpose parts banner
Protesters being arrested in the street in front of Gracie Mansion. https…
Shutting down the street at Gracie Mansion . Arrests happening.
A year later, Eric Garner's killer is still on the city payroll:
.and members of arrested outside of Gracie Mansion, NYC. htt…
Protesters demand justice a year after death, reports student Chauncey Alcorn for
Officer Daniel Pantaleo has been on desk duty since the July 2014 death of Eric Garner. Justice League NYC is...
One Year Anniversary of the Killing of Eric Garner! Gracie Mansion making our voices heard
US police arrest protesters at Mayor's Gracie Mansion NY demo for -
The rest of JL at 33rd Precinct waiting for those who got arrested at Gracie Mansion. A few protestors are here too! . …
Lots of great coverage on the and our protest outside Gracie Mansion (Mayor Bill
Last night's rally outside of Gracie Mansion was small, short, and yet still very impassioned:
my video: Protestors demand Eric Garner ‘justice’ at Gracie Mansion
5pm I will be at Gracie Mansion ..Demanding Officer Daniel Pantaleo be Fired for choking Eric…
Gracie Mansion neighbors furious at city for hogging public space: Visitors to Gracie Mansion are using Carl Schurz…
was so thrilled to visit Gracie_Mansion for new historical art show! …
Tenants march on Gracie Mansion to protest NYCHA plan...
Is this image of a corn vendor now hanging at Gracie Mansion? Go
no. but I heard a rumor that former Mayor Bloomberg will be wearing that this year at the Gracie Mansion Halloween Party.
ICYMI, watch tour of new art installation:
but..but.. Gracie Mansion is renovated...
Enter the ticket giveaway by 10 PM tonight to join the Mayor for a Halloween Party tour of Gracie Mansion:
A new, more inclusive history, now on exhibit at NYC's —
Great to march to Gracie Mansion side by side with you last week against and for a
From now until 10pm tonight, enter for a chance for you and your kids to celebrate Halloween at Gracie Mansion:
it happens, sorta // Archibald Gracie portrait confused for George Washington -- in Gracie Mansion via
This weekend, Mayor and welcomed New Yorkers to Gracie Mansion.
Just had a dream that me and Drake snuck into a mansion & were about to throw a big party but the owner caught us in the…
Did you see the piece about the reopening? Pieces from our collections will be on display
Sign up by 10 PM for a chance to go to with treats from & more!
Today from noon to 10 PM, enter a ticket giveaway to join the Mayor for Halloween Party tour of Gracie Mansion:
Mayor Spool has kindly asked me to live in the basement of Gracie Mansion and discharge prophecies (via
Hey here's an idea y don't u let some of them live w u & the Mayor should move them in2 Gracie Mansion so they can continue multiply
4/5 of us Hoped to run into but missed her, shucks! Thanks htt…
Mayor De Blasio to host Halloween Party for kids at Gracie Mansion
Can I sleep for 6 years and wake up with a doctorates degree and mansion?
We had a great time at Gracie Mansion today! Thanks for inviting us!
One time, as the top student of my school, I had a BBQ at the Gracie Mansion and I met the current and former mayor of New York!
Enjoyed the open house at Gracie Mansion today!
It was great to see Gracie Mansion reflect the diversity of throughout history today. Thanks,
I had the opportunity to visit Gracie Mansion today and it was awesome.
Museums Lend Paintings to Gracie Mansion, How to Make Viral Internet Art, and More: Mayor Bill De Blasio's home,…
The art at Gracie Mansion, home to Mayor Bill De Blasio, is becoming more diverse
There's one in Gracie Mansion too but that's another story.
The next sign they need have all over NYC: "Warning. There is odiocy at Gracie Mansion. And they procreate."
I have a feeling they won't be spraying pesticide for the fictional West Nile outbreak over by Gracie Mansion tonight.
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Bacteria, get your fresh brewed Bacteria. Someone needs to get them a shuttle bus to Gracie Mansion.
well, there's a precedent for that - Bloomberg didn't want to live in Gracie Mansion when he was mayor.
Mayor Bill De Blasio's wife, cause she wants to pawn the silverware from Gracie Mansion??
I think I met a new friend at Gracie Mansion. hmm lol oh my fix it the…
Gaga had a pool party in her Malibu mansion with the cast of and dyed her pool bloody red.
True, the emotional trauma alone of seeing Gracie Mansion overrun by communists is equivalent to an 80-hour week.
Interesting piece in Vanity Fair, but c'mon editors - Gracie Mansion is Federalist style (not colonial)
The New York press wants a one-percenter back in Gracie Mansion. All these De Blasio policies for poor and working folks have them upset.
lead by example, invite Homeless 2 defecate at Gracie Mansion or City Hall h…
BdB loves the back porch of Gracie Mansion & builders love him bc he doesn't care abt urban planning or architecture
Said from behind the deBlasio installed new very tall "privacy" fence at Gracie Mansion. 😂😁
he got a full staff at Gracie mansion that treats his family like gold n that's tale of two cities ! Rich n poor!
he spent money to put fence up at Gracie mansion saying4security reasons?? But it's plastic fence? Plastic fences R4privacy only
> I am sure Comrade would not mind if the homeless move 2 Gracie Mansion or in his home!
The police detained two people in connection with the shooting outside Gracie Mansion. Mayor Bill De Blasio and his fami…
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However, he took at least one woman off the street; he had his mistress living in Gracie Mansion at the same his wife lived there.
But not near Gracie Mansion. Progressive compassion only goes so far.
Last night at the Anniversary Party, the Haunted Mansion Tight Rope Walker appeared to greet guests! h…
while we're at it, we should figure out where he can buy an exercise bike for the Gracie Mansion rec room
... it comes out already .. di Blasio probably spending it on his wall @ Gracie Mansion & in Brooklyn ..
DeBlasio is a man of the people: Share the wealth, and we don't need fences! Except at Gracie Mansion, of course. It needs fences!
Katie and I with Madam Gracie, a real ghost from the Haunted Mansion!
We have an elected Mayor in NYC who stays hidden in Gracie Mansion and doesn't accept he could make real decisions.!
banner in front of Gracie Mansion, home of the mayor who just funded 1.3K new cops. http:…
No public tours at Gracie Mansion since De Blasio moved in
“What’s he going to do next, put a moat around it?" - Reaction to De Blasio's illegal Gracie Mansion fence mounts. . http:…
gathering in front of Gracie Mansion, home of NYC Mayor De Blasio.
"While New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio hosted a holiday party at his Gracie Mansion home, protestors gathered outside as part of a demonstration called, The Protest was Organized by Justice League NYC as a continued response to the police misconduct and recent killings going on in our communities. Rapper and activist Immortal Technique was a part of the event and spoke to the crowd about the broad issues at hand. He also recited one of his pieces." via 'All Things Harlem'
De Blasio: let me make this crystal clear I'm a total *** & don't deserve 2b mayor of NYC, but keep working on da fence @ Gracie Mansion
he has no class look what he did to the nypd look at what he is doing to Gracie mansion fence
NYC First Lady appoints NEW chief of staff - who is also Dir. of Gracie Mansion $200k - Bargain!!
Chirlane McCray, the wife of De Blasio, named Roxanne John, the executive director of Gracie Mansion, as her new...
.names new chief of staff and deputy: Roxanne John, executive director of Gracie Mansion, and Jackie Bray, of
Exec. director of Gracie Mansion, Roxanne John, tapped as new chief of staff
.new COS, Roxanne John, will earn $200K + still serve as exec. director of Gracie Mansion. Deputy COS will earn $125k.
.McCray announces new chief of staff, Roxanne John, who is also Executive Director of Gracie Mansion.
Embarrassing case of pot calling kettle black! Tone deaf like high Gracie Mansion fence and E91 next to NYCHA
If 911 had not happened, he would be known as the mayor who had his mistress and his wife in Gracie Mansion.
Where can I get one of these awesome ornaments they had at Gracie Mansion? Because I love them.
Not only is America doing nothing, Sharpy is a must have guest at Gracie Mansion and the White House. America 2014.
Chants of "in front of Gracie Mansion, NYC, home of the mayor.
Maybe that's why he just built a fence around Gracie Mansion.
“So much for being mayor of the people [De Blasio]. Brick fence was enough for Giuliani & all the mayors before him,”
An upbeat trading barbs with the NYC press corps at the annual holiday party at Gracie Mansion.
De Blasio never got construction permits for new Gracie Ma
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par 4 the course for Mayor Putz. Any lie will do in a storm. How about that fence around Gracie Mansion? As The Post reported, he requested
.pretends to laugh at a joke about his big fence around Gracie Mansion at xmas party.
. We Love and Support NYPD and thank you for protecting our BIG APPLE. Please re-direct the thuggish protesters to GRACIE MANSION
Bill De Blasio & Elizabeth Warren had a private meeting at Gracie Mansion. What would Hillary think? My story:
If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, time to call the exterminator at Gracie Mansion.Ban Al the Agitator
Great Kat has performed Solo Violin Concerts at Carnegie Recital Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Juilliard, for NY Mayor Koch at Gracie Mansion
NYC Mayor DeBlasio has new fence installed at Gracie Mansion. But, allows illegal immigrant fence jumpers to come to NYC
Strolled past my neighbor De Blasio outside the Gracie Mansion today 👀
I heard they were last seen leaving Gracie mansion, care to comment warren?
And whoa, so protesting outside of Gracie Mansion looks like it paid off.
Defensive De Blasio builds taller fence at Gracie Mansion
heard he added an extra fence to Gracie Mansion. I imagine that riot scene from Gangs of NY.
De Blasio never got permits for new Gracie Mansion fence
Defensive mayor builds taller fence at Gracie Mansion
Borders for Me, Not You: Mayor uses fence to keep protestors out during holiday party.
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- Bill "Rules are for the little people" "never got permits or approval for fence
I did it. Cleared the 10 ft fence at Gracie Mansion. What is hiding? My View in the works
Mayor De Blasio failed to secure the proper permits to build his “privacy fence” around Gracie Mansion — and the Parks Department is now scrambling to file the paperwork after the fact, City Hall o...
The wooden fence around back of Gracie Mansion was installed by John Lindsay. Tear Down the fences!
Puerto Ricans celebrate their heritage at Gracie Mansion. Mayor Bill De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray...
. De Blasio wants Puerto Ricans at Gracie Mansion but not in his administration. They should have let him in
Mayor Bill De Blasio will rent out his Brooklyn townhouse while he and his family live at Gracie Mansion, aides to the mayor said.
How interesting! Just discovered Bill De Blasio was born across the street from Gracie Mansion at the elite Doctor's H…
Enough is Enough! Peaceful demo in front of Gracie Mansion on Tuesday night 8/26 at 6:30 pm. Please stand with us in solidarity and speak out for the carriage horses and ask Mayor deBlasio why he has ignored this issue. See below PLEASE SHARE He promised to ban horse-drawn carriages when he got into office. Many people voted for him because of this. We were delighted that we finally seemed to have a kindred spirit in our new mayor. But here it is 10 months since Mayor deBlasio was elected and he has not kept that promise. The horse-drawn carriage trade continues with all of its inhumanity, its many accidents; lack of meaningful law enforcement, lack of safety – made stronger by the lies perpetrated by the NY Daily News, Teamsters and Working Families Party – lies that go unchallenged by the Mayor’s office. We have been very patient, waiting for some action. But nothing has happened and we have reached our breaking point. We say enough is enough. Please stand up for these exploited carria ...
, sent u some correspondence asking your assistance, mailed to Gracie Mansion over a week ago, pls look for it, reply back
Today, July 28, 2014, Gracie Mansion is now officially the first full day that Mayor De Blasio and his family are calling Gracie Mansion home-sweet-home. Accord Source: De Blasio and family make move to live among the beautiful decor of Gracie Mansion & Living
Mayor De Blasio and family move into their new home, lovely Gracie Mansion
Some people moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan, apparently
and his family spend their first night at Mansion. Photos by
Eagle has landed. Mayor spotted back at City Hall after returning from Italy and spending the first night in Gracie Mansion
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For the first time in more than a decade, a New York City mayor is living in Gracie Mansion. Mayor Bill de...
The De Blasios, home from Italy, finally moved into Gracie Mansion.
family now live in historic Gracie Mansion.
A City Hall Summer! MMV in Taiwan fighting jetlag. BdB back in NYC -- at Gracie Mansion -- after whirlwind trip to Ita…
De Blasio and his family spent their first night in Gracie Mansion last night.
NYC mayor moves into historic Gracie Mansion, first mayor to live there in 13 years:
NYC mayor moves into historic Gracie Mansion
New advice from MoversCom! NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Moves into Gracie Mansion
The Great Kat (Katherine Thomas) performed for NYC Mayor Ed Koch at Gracie Mansion as a Prodigy Violin Soloist
Why did Mayor Bill De Blasio bar press from his Ramadan dinner at Gracie Mansion?
pride party at the people's house. the right host 4 Gracie Mansion & City Hall
Mayor DeBlasio is moving in to Gracie Mansion soon. Who wants to be in the welcome wagon? I have been softening up the NYPD and the neighbors for months leading up to this moment. So join us for Occupy Gracie Mansion/Saturday Night Live! This Saturday night at 88th and East End Avenue! See you there!
Members of the CYJP at Mayor Bill De Blasio's Jewish Heritage Reception at Gracie Mansion with Council Members...
Join for a tonight at Gracie Mansion. Livestreamers are needed!
Mayor De Blasio will celebrate his 53rd birthday with party in Gracie Mansion - New York Daily News
He's still in BK? | EXCLUSIVE: Dinkins's advice to Mayor De Blasio: Move into Gracie Mansion
EXCLUSIVE: Dinkins's advice to De Blasio: Move into Gracie Mansion: Former mayor David Dinkins had some advice...
April [Fools Day] issue of The Real Deal printed their favorite [fake] news headlines: • A look at the best summer rentals — if there is a summer • Inside the inventory crunch: Buyers swarm open house for 400-square-foot studio facing brick wall, the only apartment left for sale in Manhattan • Dolly Lenz’s new firm ramps up, now with a landline and company email address • Buyers consider purchasing in super-tall luxe towers on 57th Street, but then ask themselves, “Why would I live on 57th Street?” • De Blasio makes headway on affordable housing goal by renting out Gracie Mansion bedrooms at below-market rates • Exclusive Zillow report: NYC average apartment price now cheaper that Detroit, Bulgaria • Outtakes from “Million Dollar Listing New York” for hard-core groupies: Ryan Serhant does his taxes; Luis Ortiz gets his dry cleaning delivered • REBNY denies working with NSA in inquiry over drones taking aerial photos of high-end properties • Wall Streeter to the tech millionai ...
EXCLUSIVE: City hires company to move Mayor De Blasio's family to Gracie Mansion, but no date set
Just got word that Mayor De Blasio will be hosting the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast at Gracie Mansion. !
Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Bill De Blasio (Reuters/AP) Bill De Blasio was swept to the New York mayoralty on the promise of getting Gracie Mansion out from under the thumb of corporate elites. So how worried should you be that he listened to Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel and is now getting advice on his...
Gracie Mansion open house was great move by 5,000+ politically interested NYers will post his picture to our social networks.
I extremely dislike Mayor DeBlasio but opening up Gracie Mansion to the public td was a very classy move to connect with the middle class
Hanging with Steve Buscemi at Gracie Mansion...what else is there to do on a Sunday morning!?
Wonderful meeting at Gracie Mansion today. Thanks for having us tour your new home. The peoples house! RT
Braved the cold w/ & for at Gracie Mansion opening - still dying over the reflection mirrors.
Was on hand today for De Blasio Meet & Greet at Gracie Mansion...
Met our new mayor and saw Gracie Mansion thanks to Jacob Wicks. Got my apple tv and may never leave the house again. Great day!
Opening the doors to the "public" at Gracie Mansion. Looks like DeBlasio is proving to be the consummate politician.
A Long, Cold Wait to Meet the Mayor at Gracie Mansion: New Yorkers don't often volunteer to wait in lin...
NYC Mayor to 11yr old @ Gracie Mansion aka the people's house " have a 1 out of 8.4 million share of this place” http…
We missed this today because we went to Gracie Mansion instead. We know they have great espresso, well let you...
Mayor Bill De Blasio played host Sunday for thousands of New Yorkers who dropped in for an open house at the Gracie Mansion.
to help thank all those who made today at Gracie Mansion possible, including the thousands of NYers who came by. http:…
For eight hours today , Mayor DeBlasio opened up Gracie Mansion to the public today for a tour and picture with him ! What a refreshing change !
Today, I stood for hours in the freezing cold along the windy East River with at least 7,000 other New Yorkers as we waited for a brief tour through Gracie Mansion (the equivalent of NYC's White House) and the chance to say hello to our new Mayor Bill DeBlasio. I loved every second of it. Waiting in that line, was an excited and friendly sampling of this beautiful mosaic called New York City; every color, shape, size and language. Volunteers walked by, passing out hot chocolate and apple cider, musicians paraded about playing tunes, and you'd have been hard pressed not to find smiles on everyone. New York City truly is a beacon of hope, and no matter how much some refuse to admit it, it's the place that sets an example of what's best about America. When it was my turn to get a pic with the mayor, after a quick 'good to see you' etc.,he told me, which I'm sure he said to all 7K there,'enjoy the people's house.' - I said, I will!
This is how we spent Jan 1st!!! Aunty and uncle became mayor of New York City!!! Go De Blasio family!!! So proud of u and thank you for lovely stay at Gracie mansion!!! CHANGE THE WORLD!!!
Just spent 4 hours on line to meet Mayor De Blasio and have a photo taken with him at Gracie Mansion!
Today we did outreach. Handed out about 200 flyers to people that came to see De Blasio. We spoke to people and share with them why we want Bratton out. Some people related to us that Bratton was the only choice De Blasio had to make sure he does not let crime get out of hands and that De Blasio is only thinking of saving his reputation for the next 4 years. Police was all around and sense they know who I am, some of them came up to me and steve and asked us how many people was coming and if we was going to protest in front of Gracie Mansion. I said nothing to them.
Power Vacuum in Middle East Lifts Militants By BEN HUBBARD, ROBERT F. WORTH and MICHAEL R. GORDON 2:05 PM ET The bloodshed in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria has exposed the rise of a post-American Middle East in which no broker has the will or power to contain sectarian strife. 429 Comments Militants in Iraq Secure Nearly Full Control of Falluja Strategic Corridor Is a Sticking Point in Israeli-Palestinian Talks Possible Role for Iran in Syria Talks By MICHAEL R. GORDON Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday suggested that Iran might participate in Syrian peace talks that are scheduled to take place this month. New York State Is Set to Loosen Marijuana Laws By SUSANNE CRAIG and JESSE McKINLEY Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo plans this week to announce an executive action that would allow limited use of the drug by those with serious illnesses. 828 Comments Damon Winter/The New York Times An Open House at Gracie Mansion By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM 5:02 PM ET Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York, like another populist leader, Presid ...
Who would not want to be MAYOR OF NYC. Here are a few benefits; 1.Gracie Mansion- on yes. It is fully staffed of 100 workers (maids,butlers,garders etc) 60 rooms. 3 Chiefs. 2.$250.000 a yr salary Not to mention all financial diners,parties and clothing covered. Plus credit cards. 3.24 hr car service 4.Bodyguards. 5.Paid vacation, any where in the world. 6.Not to mention you are the Mayor of the Biggest city in AMERICA 7.You are a DEMOCRATIC My GOD can you believe this? And he married and has 2 kids. Omg the perks they are going to have.
The Sexiest Photographer on Gracie Mansion Event is on my Team! - Gracie Mansion, the buttercream-hued mayoral residence perched on a bluff overlooking the East River, has stood stately but ...
Live at Gracie Mansion where Mayor De Blasio got quite the housewarming party from New Yorkers...story at 6pm
Gracie Mansion. People waiting to get in to see De Blasio. We need more freedom Fighters here.
Dawn and I just returned from Open House at Gracie Mansion. Toured the mansion and had our picture taken with new Mayor Bill De Blasio. He is 6' 6" and we look like two dwarfs next to him. Will post pic when it comes in the mail.
At Gracie Mansion, we took a pic with Mayor DiBlasio and he remembered Soph from last week's press conference. Just got home as the cleaning lady was leaving. Need I say more? Pretty fantastic Sunday.
New Yorkers came by the thousands to meet new Mayor Bill De Blasio at Gracie Mansion today
In the last 30 days we have seen: a woman take the helm at GM, *** folks get married in Utah, a multiracial family move into Gracie Mansion and now a black football coach at the University of Texas? Jesse Helms tried to warn you this would happen.
Why did mayor bloomberg choose not to live in Gracie Mansion is it because it was built in 1799 (ghosts) lol
Waiting in line to see Gracie Mansion. The line is crazy!
Going in to meet greet and welcome to Gracie Mansion the new Mayor of NYC Bill De Blasio
Have ticket to Gracie Mansion Open house but I feel so gross, that I will skip it. But I am still heading to church with my unwashed hair but with my open heart and clean thoughts. Happy Sunday.
.welcomes Dems home to Gracie Mansion - and then assures Rs that we're going to move forward together
New York Post - Gracie Mansion open to visitors with tickets Sunday
Latest news: Gracie Mansion open to visitors with tickets Sunday
Mayor De Blasio will throw open the doors to Gracie Mansion on Sunday so thousands of “everyday” New Yorkers can take a gander at his family’s new digs. The event,…
Mayor De Blasio to Welcome Thousands of Everyday New Yorkers to Gracie Mansion
Good Morning!! We do have some freezing rain in spots, but temperatures are pushing into the 40's today.. before going into a deep dive late tomorrow. A high of 45 tomorrow.. then just 15 on Tuesday with strong winds.. Temperatures expected to be below zero for today's start of the Packers-49ers game at Lambeau Field. Here's what we have. -Our Grace Rauh and Steve Kastenbaum have the latest on Mayor De Blasio's first few days in office, this morning's private political breakfast, and the tour of Gracie Mansion he is hosting for thousands of New Yorkers later today. Tickets went quickly. -The small plane that landed on the Major Deegan yesterday has been moved to Floyd Bennett Field. The expressway reopens hours after that small plane made an emergency landing. - and Governor Cuomo is expected to announce he will allow a limited number of hospitals to give medical marijuana to those with certain serious illnesses. Look for that in his State of the State address on Wednesday.
A week after his election, the mayor-elect, a tall crane of a man, edged into a low-ceilinged conference room in Downtown Brooklyn to celebrate the city’s progressive movement and its progressive victory, which happened to be his own. Bill De Blasio smiled at the activists, who washed him in waves of applause. “The best thing we can do is keep winning progressive victories,” he said. “Superficial democracy isn’t good enough.” The progressives who have taken possession of Gracie Mansion and the New York City Council are fond of chatting of historic moments. After a dozen years of a billionaire’s version of quasi-liberal government, they are not shy about doubling down on their ambition. They want to take a city focused intently on the top and train its eyes on the remaining 97 or 98 percent. They played a sometimes bare-knuckle game to get here. The greatest torrent of so-called independent spending in the last election came from the teachers’ union and a group ostensibly opposed to carriag ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
The struggle to keep the pressure on De Blasio and Bill Bratton continues. Sunday, January 5 at 5:00 PM a group of us is going to meet across from Gracie Mansion to do outreach, protest, hold signs and continue to let De Blasio know that we are not going anywhere until he meets our demands. 1. Removes Bill Bratton 2. Convenes a committee made up of community leaders, policing activists, families of victims of police abuse and brutality, and legal experts to find a suitable replacement. 3. End Stop and Frisk. Join us!
Going to tour Gracie mansion meet Mayor DeBlasio tomorrow. Super duper excited!! I have my advocacy letter with my ideas for higher education tuition reform in hand and will attempt to give it to him tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!
My love of, and never-ending loyalty to , New York City apparently permeates my subconscious. So does my disgust at the election of " progressive" ( communist ) Bill De Blasio as mayor , a fan of the Marxist Sandinistas and Fidel Castro. His acceptance speech was filled with the most vile class warfare rhetoric ( See Peggy Noonan's article on the topic on the op-ed page of today's WSJ.) How did this man get elected? Out of 4 million eligible voters in NYC, only one million voted. Sadly NYers were complacent. Hard to believe as the ongoing failures of the Obama administration prove the fallacy of far left policies. Yet complacent they were, and New Yorkers allowed themselves to be hijacked by a more politically active left wing minority. Sadly now, the city must pay a terrible price. Back to my subconscious. Last night , I developed an acute viral gastroenteritis, which included, among other symptoms , a very high fever with shaking chills. Between trips to the bathroom I lay shivering in my bed, utterly . ...
With 2014 underway, Mayor De Blasio has come out and making his voice heard. His theme of tale of two cities will be put to the test. The mayor owns two homes in Brooklyn, will be living in Gracie mansion, chauffeured in either a limo or town car, so which of these two cities is he apart of?
Gracie Mansion Open House 12-5 tomorrow. What should I ask the First Lady? "Sista, what are you going to do to ensure that our young women have respectable jobs with excellent pay?" xoxo
Sadly, the hatred of the right over my new mayor has bled into blog sites that have no game in the debate including which posted a great article about Gracie Mansion. But the haters had to pile on including claims that our mayors daughter does drugs.
So I take my son to the small hill next to Gracie Mansion to go sledding today all happy filled with wonder of natures beauty. I placed our brand new Body Glove $12 Costco special sled in the snow and was about to sit my son down in it , a tall women dressed as if she was going to attempt to summit Mt Everest tells me that I can't sled there it's her son Bradley's spot. I try to explain this is a public park and that Bradley, as far as I know has not homestead this hill . The women asked me if I would like to tell her husband the homestead story , and I said sure. This guy comes over to me also dressed as if about to summit . He first words were " so what is the problem you have with my wife Jet fan " I was wearing my very cool wool Jets hat. I said say another word and I am going to take my son $12 Costco special sled and shove it up his *** He walked away with his family as he got 50 away he shouts "I am getting a cop", so here I wait . G
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