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Grace Smith

Looks ugly and unlivable. No grace at all.
All the Ambridge ghosts should haunt him. Grace, Nigel, Freda, the lot. :D
'Write stories of redemption and restoration with the ink of our hurt and your grace.' Scotty Smith
Up next on America's Got Talent, Sam Smith is going to perform a screamo cover of Amazing Grace in Spanish
The Good and Heavenly COUNSEL: The Legacy of Mrs. Grace Smith published in 1712
Where Cameron Smith came from to steal some of the Grace place money I'll never know. Insult to injury
Great night of worship with Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace. 11.7.15 @ Mount Vernon Baptist Church
It was an absolute pleasure to have Randall Smith, the founder of grace our shop. This…
Mike Smith in at LB with Harris, Grace, and McCord
Today, my biological mom, Verna Jean Grace Smith, was finally put to rest. My dear friend from college, Lynn...
Pray that Christ will be exalted tonight in everything said and sung at the Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace concert. (Join us @ 7pm.)
"Grace makes beauty out of ugly things and finds goodness in everything. Grace is a thought that changed the world." Bono/U2
Why is grace tempting me to go out ffs
"“Patience is a virtue,. Virtue is a grace. Grace is a little girl. Who would not wash her face.”. *** King-Smith
Maggie Smith is a legend. Such class & grace.
Congratulations to Jake Blaschka - winner of the Grace Cossington Smith Art Award 2015. I posted this…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Something to brighten up a dreary morning - our beautiful Fusion ladies Mawnan Smith, Cornwall - grace and...
Grace wins the basketball game!!! So good to be back in the Red Zone tonight! 😍❤️
so far from heaven, so far from grace 🙏 ♫ Drowning Shadows by Sam Smith —
I can only sit and pray that Chris Evans and Matt Smith choose to grace the Florida convention scene with their presence soon ♥
Grace Smith's programs can pass the Turing Test by staring at the interrogator.
What grace! What style! Alex Smith is truly a role model for youths across the nation.
"Don't focus on rules. Focus on faith. Focus on grace. Focus on Jesus". -Judah Smith
how did I know you were gonna say that my singing is the best 😊
I don't know how I reached this place so far from heaven, so far from grace.
LOVING GRACE Grace mistaken that Jacob betrayed her, leaves her Amish home.returning 2 mnts later scared & pregnant
what a fall from grace for Alan Smith... Former premier league winner and England international ran ragged by Salfords midfield!
Got it sir. Kenney rates as much grace and courtesy as he gave Canada.
Has a player ever fallen from grace as drastically?
They won't miss Alan Smith! You would not of known he was playing.Talk about a fall from grace.WE SAW YOU CRY AT THE REEBOK!
Alan Smith getting subbed off in a game against Salford City, talk about a fall from grace.
Hope to see you tomorrow night at 7pm for a time of worship with Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace.
Am I going to blast One Direction all the way to Grace? Of course I am.
Alan bloody Smith, what a fall from grace.
I'm a liberal you _. I detest seeing people act with no grace or courtesy.
Will Smith going on tour! Music industry is killing me as of late!! I can't handle all this coming at me at once!!!
In depth anatomy with Adam Smith. How do their nostrils work?
I plan to read the Chrissie Hyde, Grace Jones, and Patti Smith books. I've been a big Chrissie and the Pretenders...
His grace and strength is sufficient.
Grace is getting what we don't deserve. Mercy is not getting what we do.
"Not one of us is more justified than the other or more precious in your sight." Scotty Smith
Vienna Burt-Duong, Krysia Gill, and Grace Smith will compete at the Upper Canada Cup Tuesday morning at memorial...
I liked a video Christopher Smith talks about "Amazing Grace" | "Glenn Beck Program"
That awks moment at a *** night when willow smith comes on and nobody has enough hair to wave back and forth.
Did you catch my visit to The Noite show with Danilo Gentili?
Grace is currently chasing Francis the cat around the house while singing "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith. Francis is not impressed.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Woke up to find our newest member Sasha chocking and yelping for help. Currently at the Lort Smith Animal...
Union Grace join Pastor for Father's Day this Sunday at 11am.
Don't miss this fantastic story written by award winning Briar Grace-Smith from Te Tai Tokerau...
Grace - Michael W. Smith. It was too beautiful to ignore 😂
Yes, Stephen Smith Sr, and two ladies who I didn't get the names of. All very friendly :)
May you receive abundance of grace and favour this weekend
yes would love to help! Check out for new hypnosis videos and Grace Smith TV Premiumbf or programs xo
Jurassic bryozoan Terebellaria ramosissima figured by William Smith (1816) as a 'Zoophite'
Powerfull! Kim Walker Smith at Bethel Church: "I need you more" . .
Photos by Paul, and words by me. Happy Friday!
I just finished But For The Grace: A DC Smith Investigation and gave it 5 stars.
Getting off to a strong start. Wolverines - 13. Grace UMC - 1.
Grace Cossington Smith leads female charge at Bonhams
Big shout out to Grace Smith of woman's Basketball and soccer teams on her grind right now in Anderson
Soo i was thinking of giving a sam smith solo dm tonight. Anyone up for it? 😏 -Grace
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"Grace" (She smiles as she watches the sun lighten his blonde hair) "Grace Evans"
Exclusive clip from 1st episode of new drama Black Work, starring Sheridan Smith. Sunday 9pm on ITV
Calling on the spirits of Willow Smith, Tilda Swinton, Grace Jones, and Frida Kahlo.
Nothing without the Grace of God... Listening to Grace by Michael W. Smith on
"No one warns you about the amount of mourning in growth." - Té V. Smith Releasing & Recieving (via...
Alright guys.. The winner of our "Name that Skirt" contest is Grace Smith with: Princess Bella. We think this is...
Jaden Smith up here at Richland again!
Grace Cossington Smith leads female charge at Bonhams via
Sometimes our brains are our own worst enemies, because grace isn't logical . Judah Smith
Lydia Hamilton Smith, Sally Ride, and Adm. Grace Hopper are three I'd nominate.
I was so honored to have in my Grace Hopper doc. Here she calls out the erasure of technical women from film.
Stevie Smith must be the worst left footed footballer ever to grace a park!
"Grace is only hard to give if you're keeping score". -
"I don't know of any calling more consuming, exhausting or demanding than motherhood. Lavish grace on every mom you know." - Scotty Smith
One of the few losers on Friday night to bow out with grace and a chuckle was Lib Dem Charles Kennedy, after 32...
WILL SMITH status addressing the impossible issues of today violence rape suicide look and see through eyes of grace
I've been enamored by you since that time you almost kissed Matt Smith. please hang out with Grace more!
not that much movement. It's like will smith dancing in Hitch. Subtle
Broadway is coming together to honor B. Smith, the epitome of style and grace, and to raise money for the fight...
Every 24 hours, God has a fresh new supply of grace, of favor, of wisdom, of forgiveness.
This poor lady had no idea what she was doing He ran out and handled it with such grace and kindness. It was wonderful.
The entire season, all 13 episodes of Grace and Frankie, is now available on NETFLIX!
thanks, that track is one of my earliest recordings for Amazing Grace, just me and my computer. We've come along way!
Felonious Floyd eats Chicken McNuggets, says "I wanna do it with such class, such grace." Sycophant A Smith absorbs.
at least you've stopped I've got a permanent leaky eye 😭
please don't start me off again I've just stopped😭😭
In losing ESPN now defined by sensationalists/clowns like Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, & Stephen A. Smith. A fall from grace.
"I will always be in debt to the supporters," says Jonathan Smith. Read more from Smudger here http:/…
Jonathan Smith has signed a new three-year contract with the >> http…
My natural mother, Verna Jean Grace Smith, is suddenly dyeing in the University of Miami Hospital. It seems she...
POST16: well done to Daniela Johnstone Amy Pattison Lucy Porter Grace Reynolds Maddie Smith have a place on Oxford Uni summer school:
Whats happened to Ric McMahon? big fall from grace and cant ride to save himself these days?
If grace is an ocean, then we are all sinking. ~Kim Walker-Smith
- i wanna talk to you. - the last time we talked Mr Smith you reduced me to tears, i promise you it won't happen again. Grace Kelly/Mika
What makes Jessica Grace Smith from Home & Away feel good?
psa part 2: put shirt $ in envelope with my name and give to either Grace Smith, Jordan, or Andrea or to room B101 bc I have field trip :)
The starting 5 for the Hornets tonight is Emily Lindsay, Grace Smith, Perri Nicholson, Kelsey Adamski, Hannah Maness
Brooke V Smith,Grace Smith and Hope Michelle Smith. Lizzie C. Smith will be taller than Brooke soon.
Seeing Kim and Grace has cheered me up😊💕
Songs from In The Lonely Hour have been streamed 87 MILLION times in the UK:
When I look into the manger, I come away shaken as I realize again that he was born to pay the unbearable penalty for my sin…
Girl Poses as Ghost on Tinder. Guys Still Try to Bang.: Grace Spelman took to Tinder and created a profile. Bu...
I like Grace, that song melts my bones "Healing Rain - Michael W. Smith"
Mr Smith wouldn't let me use night vision goggles in class
Could really use TV 4 Grace Smith House Domestic Violence Shelter in Dutchess Co From our Saug neighbor
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"For many people, the greatest hindrance to receiving grace is not their scandalous sin, but their empty good deeds" ~ Judah Smith
"Though hard to you, this journey may appear, grace shall be as your day" 🙏
Grace Connolly, the debate rages on.
Can a maturing punk find grace through organized religion? Brill piece on spirituality, Patti Smith, and the Pope
Can i say that God Almighty is gud lost my wallet and by the grace of God it has been found...thank you jesus...
Am I the only one who didn't know Sam smith was *** ?!!
May we extended the same measure of grace today that we expect from others tomorrow
Being our best does not mean we're perfect. It means that in God's grace, we learn, we grow, and we give it all we've got. -Ric Smith
‘"Represent An Idea" - ft Will Smith's inspirational interviews by lucy on
Always wonderful to see Grace Dorado-Foster, Andrew H. Altee, Paige Timmerman Smith,and Alan Dunavant and what a...
my favorite part of living in the Smith household is when Grace barges into my room on FaceTime w her friend when I have no clothes on:)
"Dada Ogunsanya, a member of the Nigerian Police Force, brutally assaulted Mr. Ejeh Smith and his wife, Grace...
are you the one who sings 'Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)'?
God I thank you for your grace and your mercy!
“With Kobe taking yolo shots and Josh Smith's low b ball iq, the lakers are destined for that draft pick” turn up
Wow. Josh Smith on waivers has got to be on if the most precipitous NBA falls from grace not involving drug…
Listen to Megan Smith discuss the legacy and impact of Grace Hopper on →
I love this thank you for sharing Grace Smith!
Joan Krueger, & Grace Smith from now. It's Pittsburgh Works. Tune in at
Yup. See also Peter Parker Smith; Gwen Stacy Smith; Emma Grace Smith (only nerds know the White Queens middle name)…and just Namor.
Long Niall imagine for Grace Smith: Part 3: "Liam! you're hurting me!" You shouted. "Grace! Where are you?" Niall shouted. "Over here! Help me please!" you cried. "Liam! Let her go!" Niall shouted and loosed you. Liam was mad. "Liam you know I know Karate and 3 other Japanese words." Niall said and tried to attack Liam, but Liam is an excellent boxer. "Niall!" you shouted. you ran over to him. "Grace, I-I really love y-" Niall's eyes closed. "Niall stay with me! Don't leave me! Niall!" you cried. Niall your hero was gone. You screamed. Suddenly you woke up at the balcony. "Princess? Are you alright?" Niall asked. You looked down and saw him standing there holding roses. "I'm alright now." you smiled. "I'll catch you in a moment!" Niall smiled. You took a shower and arrived downstairs. The boys sat together and Niall and Louis were both crying the other boys were not happy at all. "What's wrong?" You asked. "We've seen the news you are reported missing. If we don't bring you back we'll all go to jail." Lia ...
Grace meets us where we are, but doesn't leave us where we are found.
Grace by Michael Smith ~ / Yes! His grace! A nice song to listen I log off for the day..His Grace..Your Grace.
By the Grace of God we missed our flight to China. I am okay, as is Rory, my companion. I'm sorry to worry people or
Hello New Zealand. thanks jess grace_smith for the sweet pic
Grace by michael w smith.thank mee lata
2 Grace by Micheal M smith...thank mee lata
I love grace more than anything in the world.
Happy National Daughter's Day to my one & only daughter in Ivy Grace Smith you immediately stole…
"Be careful with those seasons when the voice of your pain & disappointment is louder than the voice of God's grace”smith
I'm so glad I have true friends a big thanks to Bryanna Shine Ashlee Cowart Katie Johnson Timmy Crane Caitlyn Stull Grace Smith and a very big thank u to Rachel Holmes
lol bc my name was actually going to be either Laura Kay Smith or Audria Blair-Grace Smith. But nooo its maci kayleigh smith smh.
MERCY is God,s not giving us what we have earned. GRACE is God,s giving us what we have not earned.Smith Wigglesworth.
"Oh Lord of resurrection and redemption, bring your mercy and grace to bear in stunning fashion." S. Smith
I love my wife so much and her pretty name is grace smith norlen
Alan smith is probably one of the greatest players to ever grace the planet
Happiest of birthday wishes to my dear Amos Smith and Grace Smith; twins born to my cousin Karen McNutt Smith and...
I do not magnify tongues. No, by God’s grace, I magnify the Giver of tongues. Smith Wigglesworth
"Grace is not only a gift; it is a grave responsibility... The door is open, but the door is not open for the...
Kurtwood Smith talks Robocop and nude scenes, then gives his Bill Murray story
"The best theology is dripping with grace, brimming with joy, honest about our own sin, and riveted on the gospel of Christ." - Clay Smith
Happy Birthday to one of our Texas member Grace Smith aka " Dottie Dunbar Smith ",aka " Protocal wife ", enjoy your day.
Thanks Emma Bradford and Laura Maddox for my neigh nominations. I couldn't not pick Ron as he was my first horse and my second choice was chip who we broke and produced and we took round the 4 years olds, he was my confidence giver and I won't forget him. I'd like to nominate obviously Grace Smith Lucinda Mountain and Holly Tobin xx
Check out the official Get the album+stickers from
Michael W. Smith "Grace": via Nothing is accomplished without, Grace, the free gift of God! Amen!
“Nothing we face is too big for God. When we feel overwhelmed by life, His strength and grace goes far beyond our circums…
Outstanding piece about aging, struggle, passion & grace... Watching my Mom battle same was so hard
WWJDWOGS: what would jenna do without Grace Smith
New Grace and Sheela: alephnaught posted a photo:. Grace Oni Smith and Sheela Blige at Menergy.
New blog: Grace and Sheela: . Grace and Sheela, originally uploaded by alephnaught. Grace Oni Smith an...
In this week's One Buc Mailbag, answers fans questions about free agents: http:/…
Top work: McConaughey didn’t have the grace, unlike even to mention AIDS — (via
Even in defeat, Smith bows out in grace CAPE TOWN. — It was not the result he wanted but Graeme Smith’s final...
“She's back! Our Grace Skirt is now back in stock! Hurry.
You don't know what uncomfortable is until you moisturise your legs and then put any form of material over your legs
I really cannot wait to leave and never see you again.
Monopoly is the funniest and fiercest tonight 😂😂😂
Ocala Church Ready to Re-Launch: Good news from Grace Church in Sebring, Fla. (Randy Smith, pastor), which is ...
"Eradicate everything in me, allergic to grace." -Scotty Smith thinking through this today and wishing this was easy!
Okay so someone swap bodies with me seriously I am not okay with this hole half dying constantly thing. It's not fun.
Heather Smith is the first of the VP Activities candidates to grace Asylum
O Lord,work w/our leaders!Show us what Thou art able to do: namely, to raise Thy faithful servants to a height of grace& ***
Courtney love?! Huh I like her but I think They should pick Patti smith,Stevie nicks,grace slick.
Mrs smith would be proud with ya sky news app Mann
Having a "grace" coupon 4 stdnts, we all need a lil' grace...but u can't have it all ~Leanne Smith
well at least Smith is still in my stick cricket team
Grace Smith was almost named Shelby because I loved Steel Magnolias. It is such a trip to see the remake. Grandma Ruth stopped Shelby at the last minute. So now she is named for Grace Kelly for her beauty and Gracie Allen for her humor. That is where your name came from baby!
Befre this year ends, i would like to thank these special people who make my year so exciting and make my whole year so blessed. Their presence in my life is very priceless and no other experience could replace it. It feels so blessed to meet these great people with great and strong compassion to serve. They helped to mold me into a new person. I couldn't be like this if i havn't met them. Ma'am Sheila Zerrudo, thank you Ma'am for your trust, if u didn't encourage me, i won't be able to join this program. Thank you so much Ma'am.. Grace Smith and Rack Corpuz thank you for your great advices, your counselling helped me a lot. Thank y0u.. Holly pelly, Michelle Lagado Clemente, Vicky Sanderson, Beth Coleman, Sahra Mohammed, Andy Robinson, Santos Ray Awacan, J.P Dipasupil, Wilbur Teclaen, Kyle Haj, Romulo Porral III, Rasheeda St. Louis, Naomi Attwood, Regina Osting, Anna Taylor, Jemuel Japson, JP Ecarma Maunes, Asmin Monib, Nafisa , Sam Salimbago, Kate Roska, Jahil Murillo, Abegail, Sonia Maradan, Kathleen Ki ...
No more "baggen & saggen", Merry Christmas, here's a belt. -Grace Smith, Talking about into the intake experience at Job Corps
Grace Smith: Family visitation is planned for Monday, Nov. 4, 2013 at 1:00 PM at Perry's Chapel Baptist Church, 894 Perry's Chapel Church Road, Franklenton, NC. The service will follow at 2:00 PM. The family has requested no flowers. Memorials can be made in Grace's memory to the UNC Burn Center, or donations will be accepted to help defray medical costs that have accumulated during her 25 day stay at the burn center. Donations should be forwarded to Elaine Smith Winstead Couch or Wesley Smith. Please contact me in a private message if you need address information.
Happy 86th Birthday to Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Praise God for him, he's been still simply teaching/preaching the Bible, simply for over 60 years. Undoubtedly, by the grace of God, one of the greatest Bible expositors in modern church history. Thankful to Jesus for his ministry.
More pics of My great niece.. Mckenna Grace Smith Born June 24 Parents Jason and Jennifer Smith Granddaughter of my late brother, Tim.
My friend Liz Smith Drogosz has a timeless sense of style and grace. Check out her new space!
Jon Montgomery, Bethany Hilliard Smith, Gabrielle Grace Smith, and any other photo experts--the pics I am currently posting of my England travels are quick shots taken on my phone; I will post "real" pics taken on my wonderful new camera when I have more time (though they will not be able to compete with the products of your photographic talents ;) ). Just fyi. ;)
He's my rock my sword and shield He's my wheel in the middle of a wheel I know He can and I know He will Fight my battles if I just keep still So I'm gonna TRUST HIM... Bittersweet weekend filled with tears and laughs too. Saw friends and family far and near. It was hard to leave this time...and I feel so far away from many of those that I truly love. This weekend, there were a LOT of hugs and "I love yous" being passed. I am strengthened in having been. And now (after that 6 hour drive) I'm home to do what I've been called to do. Not easy...but GOD'S grace is sufficient. Going on WITH THE LORD!!! Carrying the precious memories of my friend with me until I see that smile again. WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL!!! G. LaBron Smith, I wish I could call you and ask you how heaven is...but I'll have to find out for myself, one day. See you soon.
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First of all I would like to give Honor to our God for his Grace and Mercy. I am truly Thankful and blessed. Yesterday I took the PPR exam and passed. This test Is the test that gives me full Certification to teach in the state of Texas. Never could have done it without the Lord on my side and the support of my husband, Kevin Witherspoon. Who was distracting me on Sunday night while I was studying... the devil is always busy. Lol but I love him (my husband). Now I can go in my second year of teaching with all the requirements needed to be Highly Qualified and Certified. To Blessed to be Stressed..
If nsw win 2nite I going start going for them
The Posting Board, "Treatments One Stop Resource Site," is excited to announce the launch of this very unique website for professionals in the mental health and substance abuse fields.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. Galatians 5:22 A Time to Think God’s friendship is the unexpected joy we find when we reach His outstretched hand. –Janet L. Weaver Smith, writer A Time to Act Confidently trust God to handle things beyond your efforts. A Time to Pray Heavenly Father, please help me face each day with grace and appreciation for the blessings of Your love.
"God's grace doesn't lead us to think less of ourselves; but it does free us to think about ourselves less often." Scotty Smith
This is for Grace Lowery Enica Thomas-Smith Caroline Leon Velazco Jacqueline Leon-Christ .If I mentioned your know why .Two of you want to hold Dance Classes .One of you I could see doing this at Club Med and the other would just stand there at Club Med with me laughing.smh I needed this!
Update on Maddie Grace - Just talked with Becky Smith and they are going to keep her overnight at least. Everyone's in good spirits. The best we can figure, Maddie just wanted to have an impromptu sleepover in Birmingham tonight. They are ordering a chest X-ray to see if she has any fluid on her lungs and hopefully deep suction her out. Becky or myself will update later after they get to a room.
One way plane ticket to America would be perfection right now 😔
Preface: In an attempt to lend credibility to its Biblically unjustified theology, Mormonism has rejected the very foundation of the Christian Church. It has declared that the Word of God, the Holy Bible, is inaccurate and incomplete. Mormonism attributes the alleged corruption of God's Word to a TOTAL APOSTASY which it claims occurred shortly after the death of the Apostles. According to Mormonism, the passing of the Apostles left no one qualified or authorized to teach the Gospel, not a single faithful Christian capable of spreading "the Truth," God's Word. In addition, Mormonism asserts that, without the "fullness" of the Gospel, the Church itself quickly disappeared from the earth. It declares that the true Christian Church was not "restored" until 1830, when the Mormon church was organized. As "divine evidence" of a total apostasy, Mormonism claims that God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith in 1820 (the so-called "First Vision"), and informed him that NONE of the churches existing on Earth were legi ...
LOL AMAZING Barack Obama Singing "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk! Not an Instagram Vid, but still awesome!!!
Looking for some inexpensive art supplies for the summer? Amazon is offering Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set for just $11.97 right now!(reg. $39.99) Plus, get FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders ove...
Listen to DJFRAJOLAFUNK / SET DE FUNK DJFRAJOLA JUNHO 2013 | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music &...
When you are about to loose patience with someone, just remember all the times how God has been patient with you!
The enemy tried to kill our sound man and bass guitar player today...BUT GOD,. Ray Spann is in stable condition at Richland Memorial in Columbia SC...On the Eve of the Grace Gathering, I know now the Glory of God is going to let the World know, if God be for us, Who can be against us..Speedy recovery Ray..Much Love...
Morning Fatty performing at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (Zach Deputy Disc Jam)
Fantastic night at the academy where Grace got her Green Stripe belt, very proud of our little girl. Came home and a very tired and over excited girl has thrown the mother of all tantrums. Help not used to this lol
May I suggest that . . . you set aside time every day to find out for yourself if the Book of Mormon is a true book, for it will change your heart and change your life. If you seek this knowledge ‘with a sincere heart, with real intent’ I promise that you will receive an answer.
Was told many years ago to go back to school, get my GED, and go to college, and earn a degree, and the MANY doors would open up for me!! Well I did both of those, and here I am a year into having my degree, and still nothing! Doors being shut in my face almost daily! So that sounded like a bunch of bull! I seriously think my name is blackballed or something! Anyways, done venting!!
"I had an abortion at this place in January of 2012. They tell you all the alternatives here. They sit you down & explain about adoption & the different places where you can get services if you want to keep the baby. They asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it & if anyone was forcing me. They do all that. I even read all the stuff they told me that the state has online. But, I still did it. I knew it was wrong. Oh yeah, I knew." -- Kendra, who brought her sister to the mill yesterday in NC to kill her baby. Patte Smith, the Christian who talked to Kendra yesterday at this mill, said this regarding Kendra's comments: "When you get out of your church bubble & stop with all the humanistic/therapeutic drivel which insists that women are basically good,... that they just need 'information' & 'choices,' you see the very real problem of human sinful depravity & the God-given provision of common grace & general revelation. Lost sexually immoral mothers who want to murder their babies need more than education ab ...
Headed to the eye doctor. Hope this regular check up will yield a new Rx and allow us to see clearer for the glory of God and his work this coming year!
Why does shopping for a car seat have to be so complicated!?!? There are so many different kinds, features, weight limits, and price differences that I have NO idea what I should get!
What collaboration (DJ + singer) would you like to see happening guys?
My sister Lyl didn't warn me about Tasha Cobb song "Grace". That song done mess me up!!! Whew!!! Thank God I work by myself.
**FREE** DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME (PAM OF BABYLON BOOK TWO) by Suzanne Jenkins Don't You Forget About Me is the second book in a series of five books. There are lots of characters and events. The book isn't for the faint of heart. Warning! This book contains themes of sexual abuse and infidelity. Book Two of the Pam of Babylon Series. Three books follow. Read Dream Lover next. When charming, seemingly devoted Jack Smith dies, his wife and his two girlfriends are astonished to learn that they were not the only love of his life, and that, in fact, Jack was a rogue who was carrying on secret existences with other women. Shattered by grief and stunned by Jack's betrayals, these three women, Pam Smith, Marie Fabian, and Sandra Benson, find themselves suddenly thrown together. They could have despised one another, jealously guarding their private memories of their time with Jack and hating those they perceived to be their rivals, but instead, the women begin to realize there might be strength in numbers and in ...
Not especially, don't worry about me though
Thanks to my daddy and Jam for helping me out and always running errands for the salon when vans lifting and electrics etc are required !! Colin Smith Jamie Scott feel free to book in for a 1/2 price treatment lol x
Watch Brad and Susi's Brad and Susi's Wedding on
lol f,n Clint Durocher old pic any ways I know that I should be helping out at the Arena but baby sitting for my sis Patsy Natomagan shes going to get Jordan Lariviere and my girl Roberta Mary Grace Smith so yea keeping my grand kids have a great day.
Can't wait till Friday with Cherie Tracee Francis Smith and Tuesday with Jenny Barrett and Grace Williams
Thanks to some old friends, I have had a nice place to stay and now one to live with my Arieyo! First thank you to Amy Floyd Franco, Kathleen Smith, Jay Smith, Gina Anthony, Michael Smith, Jesse Smith, Kimberly Ann, Thyra Cruse, for being there in so many ways always, but for this last two weeks especially, when I had no hope except of course by God and you guys. Thank you to OUR FRIEND that is willing to rent to me, you know who you are. I think it will be fun! I found a church, Grace Bible Pleasant Hill, I will be starting counseling soon, hopefully with my husband. I have testing to do and then I will be starting my new job! I am excited to start a new life on a new leaf!
If you could support any charitable organization in the US - that empowers women, fosters mentorship, economic development, and is all around awesome - which one would it be. GO!
DSo at Church yesterday, and I must add that one of my favorote parts is the music...very special music mind you, brought to us by David Roark and his father Mark. However they blew all of our minds with a pepped up (due to David's unbelievable guitar skill) version of "But For the Grace of God," made famous by Keith Urban but from now me...that song is theirs. Mark offered outstanding lead vocals during the chorus and that song alone has set the tone for...not just my life but my outlook as well. And I just want anyone who hath yet to come to our Church and hear them to know what a great all-around blessing and treat to the ears, heart, and spirit they're missing. They will be noticed and go far. So thanks Dave and Mark...I love you guys and count the days tip I'm blessed enough to get to hear you.
MSCE STARTING. The country's major secondary school exams are due to start tommorrow with Agriculture practicals. The exams are starting though amid tensions of fraud and leakage of the papers. However the exam body MANEB and police have assured of maximum security and that any malpractices will be dealt with. MNEG WISHES THOSE STARTING TOMMOROW and ALL THE VERY BEST. Drop your wishes to your friends,relatives even at the school you studied.
PSA.Just know that WHATEVER the situation may be, just know that He WILL turn it around for YOUR good!! He can and He will, turn your sorrow into JOY, fear into FAITH, worry into WORSHIP, sickness into HEALING and midnight into DAY! He TURNED it!!
A young couple is forced to deal with an embarrassing problem when they are invited to stay overnight with family. Directed by Timothy Blackburn & Lyndal Moo...
INVESTMENT TIPS FOR 2013: For all of you with any money left, be aware of the next expected mergers so that you can get in on the ground floor and make some BIG bucks. Watch for these consolidations in 2013: 1. Hale Business Systems, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Fuller Brush, and W. R. Grace Co. will merge and become: Hale, Mary, Fuller, Grace. 2. Polygram Records, Warner Bros., and Zesta *** join forces and become: Poly, Warner *** 3. 3M will merge with Goodyear and become: MMMGood. 4. Zippo Manufacturing, Audi Motors, Dofasco, and Dakota Mining will merge and become: ZipAudiDoDa. 5. FedEx is expected to join its competitor, UPS, and become: FedUP. 6. Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers will become: Fairwell Honeychild. 7. Grey Poupon and Docker Pants are expected to become: PouponPants. 8. Knotts Berry Farm and the National Organization of Women will become: Knott NOW! And finally - 9. Victoria 's Secret and Smith & Wesson will merge under the new name: Titty Titty Bang Bang
Posted: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 12:01 am | Updated: 5:23 am, Tue Jun 25, 2013. MARY DUTY / Trib Board of Contributors One of the most famous miracles in the Bible comes when Jesus blesses a boy’s small offering of fish and bread and it feeds upward of 5,000 folks. His first miracle turned water into wine at a wedding feast. And let’s face it: Jesus did not gather with followers for one more board meeting. They gathered for what we call the “Last Supper.” All through Scripture we see extraordinary events unfolding over meals. A miracle happened over pizza a couple of months ago. My husband, Roland, decided to do the unthinkable. Hours after the fertilizer plant blast that killed 15 and leveled a goodly portion of the town of West, he gathered our family and talked about what we should do to help. After all, our children were born a couple of hundred yards from that fertilizer plant. And Dr. George Smith, of West, helped us give birth. Our children, Mama and I had many a pleasant lunch at one of the ...
I'm in the cemetery. There is a woman named grace smith who lived from 1884 1943. She was born a full century before me.
I just wanna pack up and get away from everyone
DON'T MISS IT... valid through June 29. "I Will Carry You" book by Angie Smith and Selah's "You Deliver Me" CD are on special THIS WEEK ONLY! This book is an amazing true story about the life-changing decision made by the lead singer of the group “Selah” and his wife to continue a pregnancy when being told the baby is “incompatible with life.” Read about how they walked through this journey together with their three young daughters. I Will Carry You tells the powerful story of a parent losing her child, interwoven with the biblical story of Lazarus to help those who mourn to still have hope—to find grace and peace in the sacred dance of grief and joy. Book $11.99 (regularly $14.99) CD “You Deliver Me” (contains song “I Will Carry You”) $7.99 (regularly $9.99) Buy the Set - One Book Plus One CD for $18.99
2013 LPGA - Course Reporters! Two of our First Tee participants (Grace Nuttle and Taylor Maddox) and two from The First Tee of Fort Smith were selected to be course reporters at the LPGA Tournament on Thursday and Friday. The girls reported on their meeting with the LPGA Commissioner, the press conferences they attended featuring Stacy Lewis and Suzann Pederson, the filming of a USGA segment on Slow Play with Stacy and Paula Creamer, and a whole lot more. Check out their blogs which appeared on the LPGA website ( and The First Tee national website ( Watch out USA Today, here comes Grace and Taylor!
Took little miss Lila Grace to the doc..she is a healthy baby..I get her blood test results thur..On my way to get pizza and then off to Sarah Smith Brooks house to get them babies:)
Join Yoga with Grace Morales, Charlie Jacobs & Lee Anne Smith this weekend at the Yoga University of Florida & Altamonte Springs Yoga for Informed Assists with Grace, Charlie & Lee Anne at YogaU!!! This course is: REQUIRED FOR ALL OUR 270 & 615 HOUR TTs & A IS PREREQUISITE FOR OUR 750 HOUR TT Come in for a FULL weekend of adjustments & assists or you can take individual sessions. Check it out! To register online - or via PayPal - Morales, MyLinda Morales Hutchings
The Texas Senate has convened, and Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) has begun her filibuster of legislation, She has to continue speaking for the next 12 hours and 22 minutes.
Good Morning Weecycle Friends.. I have a customer getting married in April 2014 looking for a Photographer. Any Suggestions?
You're in a fantasy realm. Go to your profile and look at the nine friends in the left hand grid. Go in order, left to right, top to bottom and record your friends as the following: Sword-wielding Bad *** Vicki Shoemaker Healer: Donna Ernie-Sanford Fighter who needs no weapon: Ogre Henderson Elf Mage: Tricia Smith-Jones Fairy Princess: Ally Arnold Arch Nemesis: Nancy Simon Evil Sorcerer: Valerie Grace Dramatic Death Scene: Gypsy Sanders Adorable Creature Companion: Carrie Ann Warner
Shinedown - ‘I’ll Follow You’ Video Follow You’ is a big, sweeping, ballad of a love song so it seems only fitting that the video plays out the age-old tale of following the one that you love to the ends of the earth and back again, set to a beautiful backdrop provided by Mother nature. The song opens dramatically with Eric Bass on piano joined only by Brent Smith’s vocals. The song picks up pace as they lead into the chorus: ‘I’ll follow you down / Through the eye of the storm / Don’t worry I’ll keep you warm / I’ll follow you down / While we’re passing through space / I don’t care if we fall from grace / I’ll follow you down.’ ‘I’ll Follow You’ seems like the kind of song that could provide some crossover success for the band, but make no mistake, Shinedown are still dedicated to leading the charge when it comes to the rock revolution. In fact, later this summer they’ll be teaming up with Papa Roach, Skillet, In This Moment and We as Human to kick off the 2013 Carniva ...
*~It's a great day at Elina Organics!~* Thank you Sarah Grace Smith for inviting us to your Employee Appreciation event, we love new faces!...See you there
Dont take Gods grace for granted. Once you do, thats when the hand of God is taken off of your life.
Special thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate 75 years! Especially the following vendors who helped us put on the event: Blandford Nature Center ~ Birds of Prey Cocoa Cottage Bed and Breakfast ~ Dessert Debby Does Dishes ~ Clean-up Mia and Grace ~ Dinner Michigan Audubon and Tom Funke ~ Keynote Speaker Eric Smith and Karen Smith ~ Music Lee Brown and Lisa Tallarico ~ Event Design
The Blues3 By T.E. Mattox t's one thing to walk into a room, shake hands, sit down, and strike up a conversation with a legendary bluesman. It's quite another to step through the door and find yourself surrounded by THREE of the genres most-respected and well-loved masters. *** who am I kidding; it's hallucinogenic! Throughout the 1980's and '90's a host of the countries blues elders were touring in support of newly released material and re-mastered retrospectives. Around 1990 Blind Pig put together a collective of label mates, old friends and self-described co-conspirators to do just that. This particular road show would be driven by a tight, New York 'working class' blues band called Little Mike and the Tornadoes, and headlined by the triple threat of Lester 'Big Daddy' Kinsey, Joe Willie 'Pinetop' Perkins and longtime Wolf sideman, Hubert Sumlin. Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin and Big Daddy Kiinsey at the Palomino, North Hollywood, CA, 1990 Perkins, Sumlin and Kinsey… at the Palomino, North Hollywo . ...
Couldn't sleep last night found my self praying asking god to help been asking god for help but not giving it totally to god y'all when I told god my wrongs and quit comparing my sin saying other people do it and asking why they aren't punished bout like when you got in trouble when you was a kid and your mom get that butt and you tell on you brother or sister so you won't be the only one get in trouble y'all once I accept my own sin and told god I'm sorry please forgive me The Lord open up heaven and rain his grace and mercy down on me I felt so good and worry free because I layed it all down and let go just as god wanted me to because he is the one that make all things possible I thank GOD y'all he has truly bless me and let me know that he is who he say he is
What do you do when faced with hunger and homelessness? I don't mean the ideas of these things. I mean when someone sitting in front of you is hungry and has no place to live. Luckily or unluckily (not sure which it is) we do not have the kind of homeless population in Cullman that exists in larger cities. Our homeless population consists of people living in their cars (if fortunate enough to have one) and sleeping on couches or floors here and there whenever they can. Do we worry if we feed them that we are enabling them? Do we think if we give someone money he/she will just get high with it? Proverbs 14:31 "Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors Him." Do we miss opportunities to be generous and honor our Maker because we fear someone will take advantage of us? Is it better to help and be taken advantage of or protect ourselves and run the risk of missing a true opportunity to help someone in need? Just thoughts I wanted to share.
Four awards recitals were held and well attended over the weekend. Saturday, 3 were held at the Brooklyn Center Schmitt Music. Sunday another recital was held at the Edina Schmitt Music for my south of the river students. Below are the awards earned this year. State Piano Contest winners who went on to play in the honors concert at the Convention Center in May for an audience of 5,000 were: Primary level: Cassie Johnson and Lotus Yang Intermediate A: Mary Jo Dalsin State Contest winners at the Pre-Primary level age 4-6 (these students win at the preliminary contest and do not play at the Convention Center) Kaitlyn Hoang and Eva Rodriguez NGPT (Piano Guild) Students earn a pin, a critique on each piece, a rating, a certificate and a picture and short bio of each student is sent to the Guild international magazine for publication. 5TH YEAR NATIONAL WINNER: Mary Jo Dalsin. Mary Jo has memorized a 10-piece program for 5 years and earned her first composer pin in addition to the gold pin for memorizing 10 pi . ...
"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deeper thanks to those who have rekindled this light." Albert Schweitzer - Medical missionary (1875-1965) Is life a struggle for you right now? Does it feel like life has knocked you in the teeth, taken the wind out of your sails or set your life spinning our of control? Are you frustrated and at the end of your rope? You may feel as though you have lost the light of hope, and then at the last minute, out of nowhere, God sends someone to whisk that flame of hope back to life in you. To be grateful is critical; to pass it on is renewing and energizing. Be on the lookout today for a flame needing rekindled.
You're in a mental hospital!! Use the first 7 people on your chat list...(No Cheating) Your roommate: Bailey Berg Licking the windows: Toby Sperry Person helping you escape: Becca Capitano Your doctor: Kaite Smith Person running around naked: Kitiera Morey Yelling nonsense about clowns: Chantel Williams Person you went crazy with: Grace Bartholomew
I want to wish my darling wife a great birthday today! Happy birthday, my love! Hope this is a day filled with joy, love, favor, peace, and bountiful grace! May you live long upon the earth and be full of health and prosperity! I love you, Janie T Smith
My grandmother Mary Katherine passed away Sunday night. A lady of true character and undeniable grace. She was always my loudest cheerleader, supporting me in all I did. I recently asked her how it felt to live into her 90's and what was her secret. She told me that she lived a good life, never spoke ill of anyone and was thankful everyday for her friends and family that God had blessed her with. I will never forget how she would drop everything she was doing when I can home, take me by the hand to the swing on the front porch and we would catch up with each other. You will be missed more than you know, give grandaddy a hug and kiss from us all.
Hey guys! It's Katie :) Why does Tuesday morning seem so much better than Monday? (lol that's a rhetorical question but feel free to answer) real question...What song makes you boo hoo when you hear it ??
In the past 2 months or so we have lost my Uncle Larry, my Grandfather Roger, our beloved friend Hoku Donovan Smith, and our Great Aunt Sarah. This weekend my grandmother Carla returned to her home for her final days. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and she is unable to undergo chemotherapy or surgery at her age and in her condition. She has decided to be at peace in her home with her loved ones. My family could use your prayers and love at this time. There has been so much loss in a row and it has been difficult times for the Woods and Lopers. We are tremendously lucky to be alive, to know each other and to have the gift of experience, and death is of coarse inevitable, but right now is a time of grief for my extended family.
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"How do I show Your love, Your justice, Your grace, and Your purpose instead of mine alone? Because I’m all tangled up in it all, and I can’t see the big picture." Angie Smith-Mended Ain't it the truth.every single day.gonna start praying this prayer!!!
ok Cassidy grace smith I see what you did there 😏😏😛😛
I Love You Cassidy Grace Smith I hope you know who this is... — I think I do, but I love you tooo(: hehe
I have eaten nothing but Oreos and vianesse whirls today. Vom.
When your best friend slaps the earring out your head -_-
I can't sleep. Apparently neither can my brother, he's been watching tv for a long time.
Say hello to Bugsy. The newest addition to the Funbar Clan. Thanks emma_grace_smith !
Why are there no gorgeous metal heads in our year. God dammit. 😡
Can tell the next week of school is going to be such a drag
Yes. Good cook. Kill the maniac. Jesus skins you make me mad.
Please god tell me he doesn't kill cook too
I hope to god I left it in detachment
Got an exciting day of ironing kit and writing essays ahead 👌 can't find brassard, going to be in trooouuubleee 😣
He doesn't take 4 days to reply either
I love having someone I can just sit and have a proper, intelligent conversation with, which also includes correct spelling.
Grace Smith is speak on 'the tortured soul' Pt 3 of 'soul detox' tomorrow AM. Iain is speaking in the PM on how to live out forgiveness.
I think it's become a hobby for all my friends just to lie to me all at the same time. 😑
BMTH is actually making me so happy at the moment
I have blocked my parents on every social network there is yet my mother still seems to have the time to stalk me and complain about my ask😑
Natalie Grace Smith, will you marry me? — Yes
Thank you SYRV [makegoodhappen] PM's Matthew Blevins and Haley Grace Smith for getting the R&D project in Nica...
no more grace smith lol. She prolly looked me up and said "yeah right."
Video: Patti Grace Smith - Developing Near Space Starship Century is a symposium coordinated by the new...
Heading off to Venise and Porec in less than 24hours
SMITH, HILDA (GRACE) YVONNE August 2, 1948 - June 8, 2013 Grace Smith of Whitbourne passed peacefully away on June 8, 2013 at the age of 64 surrounded by her family. Predeceased by her Mother and Father Emma Jane and Charles Smith. Grace is survived by and leaving to mourn with fond and loving memories her children; Nancy White (David) Whitbourne, Denise Garland (Jody) Pouch Cove, Jenny Peddle (Lawrence) Red Deer and Tony Peddle, Torbay; her siblings; Eric (Shirley) Ottawa, Morley (Rolla) PEI, Kevin (Kay) St. John's, Tony (Lorraine) Edmonton, Phonse Ottawa; 8 grandchildren Elisha, Heidi, Keisha, Taylor, Tegan, Trey, Jorja and Jenny. As well as Elaine Reid, who was one of her many special friends. Grace enjoyed getting together and cooking meals for her family and friends. She had a cabin which she considered her haven and spent as much time there as possible. She loved reading and trips around the bay. No flowers by request. Donations may be made to a charity of your choice in her memory. The funeral se . ...
Congratulations to the following Players and Coaches who have been selected to their respective SCISA All-State Teams. We would also like to recognize Coach Willis Ware for being selected as the Girls Cross Country Coach-of-the-Year in the fall but we were not informed of his selection at the time the All-State Team came out. 2013 Winter and Spring SCISA All-State Selections Baseball - Will Detwiler Girls Soccer – Katie Bell, Maddie Norris, Erin Ress, Kelly Turbeville. Player-of-the-Year – Grace Smith, Coach-of-the-Year – Curtis Player Boys Soccer – Brandon Hill Lacrosse – Robert Boyle, Billy Dreyer, Edwin Propst, David Williams. Player-of-the-Year – Weston Hardee. Coach-of-the-Year – Patrick Fitzgerald Golf – Jack Parrott and John Weiss Girls Track – Sydney Ellen, Kate Evans, Brooke Grice, and Chelsea Joseph Boys Tennis – Charles Williamson Boys Basketball – Bradley Singleton Girls Basketball – Victoria Dickerson. 3A Player-of-the-Year – A’ja Wilson Girls Cross Country – Co ...
Andrew Symonds, well done bro, great courage, awesome effort, shout out to Grace Smith, James E and em miller
Indoor Update: It was a great day for the juniors in the South West. The Novice pony class of 10 had 8 juniors; Katy Alvis took 1st place, Abi Hirst 2nd, Isobel W-W 3rd with Catherine W-W in 4th, Lochlan King 7th, Tia Ord 8th, Danielle Lane 9th and Bailey King 10th. The Novice Horse was won by Georgia Bartlett, Jack Thorne won open pony with Jess Talbot 3rd. Out of 25 drivers 11 were juniors. The East Anglia region also saw a good turnout of juniors. In the junior class, Nadia Hughes finished 1st driving Grace's pony pickle, Grace Smith 2nd driving Gavin, 10 year old Joshua Twitchen 3rd and Danni Claydon 4th. Harriet Bradford won the Open Pony and Georgia Hughes came 4th in Novice Horse . In Mid Wales Fleur Snow (2nd) drove her tandem beautifully in the Multiples class to gain the best dressage of the event. Emily Ham took the Open Pony with the best score of the day and the Junior class saw Emily Phillips 1st, Lauren Lloyd Bainbridge 2nd, Jack Kedward 3rd and Rhianna Phillips in 4th. In the North West .. ...
Had an awesome night watching Alex Lucci's play with Ashley Mecier, GloryAnna Grace Smith, Marie Hart, and Jeanne Phelps. Didn't like the text interruptions next time everyone's phones stay in the car no buts! ;)
  The City Council of the City of Cumberland met in regular session on February 12, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., at City Hall.  Mayor Virginia Coughlin presided and Council Members present were: Sandra Armstrong, Sandra Eversole, Gary Cooper, and Mark Heckman, Sr.  Absent: David Meyer.  Others present were: Clarke Gerlock, Sean South, Rod Penton, Melinda Mothershead, Delmar South, Daryl Schrier, Grace Smith and Ron Benton.   The agenda was approved on a motion by Heckman and seconded by Eversole.  Ayes: all.     Fire Chief South presented a fire department budget in the amount of $41,520.00.  The budget was discussed. The township trustees pay bills directly for the fire department. The present City budget of $6,500.00 will be amended this year to cover the insurance coverage.  Townships covered or partially covered by the fire department are Edna, Union, Noble, Franklin, Bear Grove and a portion of Adams County.  The billing for ambulance calls was discussed.  The City Clerk offered to take over the a ...
Fun with geneology! (and yes, it turns out that Vicky Eisenstadt and I are extremely distantly related by marriage!) So my Mom periodically picks up the geneology bug and pokes at it. For years she's been stymied by the fact that the line of our first American ancestor, Jonathan Fairbanks (Jonathan Fayerbanke) seems to just abruptly appear in England in 1492. He's obviously a minor noble (in fact, a Baron) because William Fayerbanke is mentioned as taking "land of the soil and waste of the Lord, in Sowerby, to hold according to the custom of the manor" from Henry VII. That land was transferred to his son John in 1504, who transferred it to his son Gilbert in 1526, who transferred it to his son John in 1550, and so on until Jonathan Fayerbanke was born in about 1594. Jonathan married Grace Smith in 1617 and they emigrated to the New World with their six children in 1633 on board the Griffin. The emigration and settlement and such are a story of their own, but the trouble has always been in tracing th ...
rough draft thanks to Tay Lopez Roseline J Young was called home on Friday January 4, 2013. She died at MorningSide Assistant Living, in Waldorf Maryland, surrounded by family. She is the daughter of Solden Nicklson, and Maggie Nicklson, she is preceded in death by her husband Woodrow Young, her sister Grace Smith and her Grand daughter Charlene Bandy. She is survived by 1 daughter Linda Bandy, 1 sister Cynthia Smothers with nieces and nephews, 2 grand children, three great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild. A gathering of family and friends will be held at Union Wesley AME Zion church, on 0 Michgan Ave, Washington DC. Her love was carried by many with a smile that could brighten any room, She will severly be missed.
Stingers rule at Kareela Public School- literally! Stinger Zoe Seidel was selected School Captain, while Stingers Ashlyn Geddes and Grace Smith became Vice Captains. What great examples of leadership and effort- we so proud of you all! Also, Stinger Flynn Meagher won Junior Swim Champion (you da man, Flynnie!) and his Stinger brother Max (tremendous improvement in the pool) won a citizenship award. Congratulations as well to Jessica and Sarah for their great showings at Presentation Day- Kareela rules! Let me know the other winners as we want to show what an amazing school this is. And I am so proud to coach so many of you! :) cheers, Coach Bob
Dawn R. Emlet Thank you for coming tonight. Your company was superb and I hope you won't hesitate to come back soon as we intend to make this some sort of routine. Lorraine E. Kraft and Kevin Kraft and Marie Grace Smith Right folks?
"Your fist was down your throat Karen Smith style" just casually bonding with the RA's
Grace doesn't rebuke us nor gives us the right to sin, instead it tells us we're to righteous to be doing wrong! Thanks 4 Your grace Lord xo
This is amazing grace. This is unfailing love. That you would take my place. That you would bear my cross.
Having a blast my true best freinds Hannah Grace Smith Maggie Smith I love u guys
What's in his head is worth killing for. BY THE GRACE OF GOOD FRIDAY
There's nothing like living in the grace of Jesus. His mercies are new every day...
10 prettiest girls you know? — Katie,Grace,Meg,Abi Smith,Holly Murphy,Meg Bush,Britt,Freja,Kiah,Dani...
MBB got a big win vs Clarke. Hieb led all scorers with 22pts. Smith added 18pts and 7rebs. Next game Tuesday vs Grace at home
If you don't find Matt Smith attractive, you're wrong.
when we were playing fifa earlier "I might go out tonight,I hope Grace O'Connell is going too, shes fit"
Having a good night out for birthday x
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
what are you doing this My new By The Grace Of Good is a great weekend
Every time I see Louis smith I fall even more in love
Drum roll please.Introducing our newest member of the Smith household, Grace "Gracie" Smith! Pure joy and...
“Don't judge others. Especially when you don't know what they are going through.”
Wonder if will grace us with his presence at Carl Smith Stadium?
oh F off Ellie don't be so stupid. No giving to receiving in our gang lol!
Up and ready! I did sleep in this beautiful morning. GOD bless all my friends, and family. God bless Grace Smith's benefit. And bless all the one's who had a hand in making this possible. U,Austin,and Kayla are still in my prayers, Luv ya'll. Wishing all a happy and blessed day!
no I got you something for savings club ha ha! Will give it to els tonight x
sorry girls I'm not working tonight anymore... Els will explain later! Hope you have a good night x
are you two and grace working tonight? X
Micheal W Smith is really making my day. I Love those tracks. Let it Rain. Grace etc.
Had an awesome night had our dance had fun with Grace Smith and Rosalie Brotherton! Luv ya all had a great time with u all even tho we were running around outside talkin u all r like my sisters :)
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