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Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe (née Marufu), (born 23 July 1965), is the second wife of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady of Zimbabwe from her marriage to the leader in 1996.

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Grace Mugabe is doing zimbabweans a great favour by weakening the part thorough attacking people's favourite next President Mnangagwa.
GRACE AND HER HUSBAND TO ADDRESS YOUTH LEAGUE President Mugabe is today expected to address a meeting of the Zanu …
[UPDATE] Zim embassy withdraws from Grace Mugabe case via
Apparently Grace Mugabe is mentally retarded, the lady is nauseating
Zimbabwe: I am the wife of the President, who is Mnangagwa on this earth? Who is he?-…
One wonders what kind of advisors Grace Marufu-Mugabe has...
- Grace Mugabe wants to lead Zimb...
Zim embassy has withdrawn application to intervene in the matter between SA model Gabriella Engels & Zimbabwe's 1st lad…
Grace Mugabe hits back at ‘poison ice cream’ claims by VP Emmerson Mnangagwa via
paying for Mugabe brats flashy cars and Grace's extention cords
Grace is a real disgrace to the nation... she should just stay at home and cook Mugabe food 😂
Zimbabwean Embassy withdraw legal representation for Grace Mugabe
Zimbawean Embassy withdraws from Grace Mugabe case - Gears Of Biz
Grace Mugabe talking herself hoarse about threat of coup thinking we sympathise, meLady we want you and husband gone by any…
More on what idiotic Grace Mugabe claims to be her biggest achievement-that is being Mugabe's small house turned se…
Grace Mugabe tonight after Mnangagwa's presser. Clearly, there is no middle ground. It's dog-eat-dog in Mugabe succession ra…
Zimbabwe succession row: Grace Mugabe warns of coup plot
Grace Mugabe denies plotting to poison rival for presidency: Wife of President Robert Mugabe says…
Grace Mugabe ploughs into Mnangagwa with Bible verses -
Grace Mugabe denies plotting to poison rival for Zimbabwe presidency
[ON AIR] Zimbabwe Embassy has been granted leave to appeal why Grace Mugabe papers should not be served there
[ON AIR] Zimbabwe embassy lawyer has pulled out of Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity case sighting "threats"
AfriForum fires first salvo against Grace Mugabe - eNCA
Grace Mugabe claims the South African model attacked her with a knife. I guess her bodyguards just stood there shouting "…
DA files court documents in High Court in Pretoria and ConCourt, to have Grace Mugabe's diplomatic immunity declared unlawful.
Omar al Bashir, the Guptas, Grace Mugabe! The ANC government has no respect for the Constitution and laws of South Africa!
apparently Grace Mugabe pulled and omar al bashir on us.
first was Omar al bashir n now Grace Mugabe, South African security is questionable. One may ask, are we safe in this country?
So according to this ANC government, Grace Mugabe has more rights in SA than South African citizens. I give up on this people.
South African police issue 'red alert' to stop Grace Mugabe from leaving SA.
Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe has told South African officials that she hit 20-year-old Gabriella Engels...
Grace Mugabe fails to appear at leaders summit in SA
Good luck, Grace Mugabe. Advocate Gerrie Nel is on your case so you may just need it.
Red Hot Exclusive: SA government has been advised it's not exactly in their best interests to shield Grace Mugabe but Zim…
I put it to you that Grace Mugabe is in trouble now that AFRIFORUM's Advocate Gerrie Nel is representing assault victim Gabri…
One of SA's top criminal prosecutors Advocate Gerrie Nel is reportedly set to represent Grace Mugabe assault victim Gabri…
BBC News - South Africa borders on 'red alert' for Grace Mugabe
Mbalula vs Mugabe starring in "The Grace Escape"! Borders on 'red alert' to stop Grace Mugabe fleeing
Adv. Gerrie Nel to represent Gabriella Engels in her case against Grace Mugabe. Kubi!
Adv Gerrie Nel says a third party approached Grace Mugabe's victim to accept a sum of money. Did not mention how much.
Grace Mugabe left you mublling, Mduduzi Manana still rooming the streets of . Are you really a minister of ?
Grace Mugabe must fly into the country to hand herself over but Mduduzi Manana wasn't even asked to jog to his nearest police s…
Why wasn't Grace Mugabe and Mduduzi Manana arrested, we want answers
Mduduzi Manana, Marks Maphonyane, Bathabile Dlamini and now Grace Mugabe. It's going to be a long women's month for S.…
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa did not at any point leave his hospital bed today to go and help Grace Mugabe...
If has gone back to Zimbabwe, then we must talk extradition. South African Govt must talk extradition of Grace Mugabe.
Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe turns herself into South African police -TV,
If a South African did what Grace Mugabe did in Zimbabwe it could have been seen as a "xenophobic attack"
News reaching us says Grace Mugabe was whisked by a private jet taking off from an aerodrome outside Johannesburg; son in law…
We welcome the fact that the First Lady, Zimbabwe (Grace Mugabe) is appearing in court for doing what shouldn't be done…
Grace Mugabe's whereabouts not known, SA police say, correcting police minister who claimed that she had handed herself in t…
Wow Grace Mugabe is already in Zim??? I wouldn't be surprised...I mean Manana is still a free man...wanya tsotsi kae?
In as much as what Grace Mugabe did was wrong. Growing up black you know your moms would've slapped you silly if...
No confirmation if Grace Mugabe still in SA
Robert Mugabe's wife Grace arrested over after she 'battered model with an extension cable because she was partying…
Is this how you discipline your children. There is no justification for Grace Mugabe'…
Grace Mugabe dresses so beautifully most of the time. . The. 20 year old models should dress like her. Thats what important atleast for now.
Guys does this mean Grace Mugabe is now a fugitive in SA? Can her sons be taken in for questioning since they are witnesses to a crime?
Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe is being sued for assaulting a young model who was partying with her two sons in South Africa
Model accuses Grace Mugabe of assault. "She came in and started hitting us. "
Zimbabwe First Lady accused of attacking woman 'staying with' Grace Mugabe sons
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So First Lady (nogal) Grace Mugabe graced us with her presence, as we have graced that crazy UK creation (Zim) with billions…
SAPS can't confirm if Grace Mugabe is still in The country(SA). CM
As suspected, not the first time Grace Mugabe has assaulted someone and gotten away with it.
Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe has not handed herself over to SA police, spokesman says
Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe to appear in South African court after being accused of assaulting a model
Grace Mugabe can be arrested in South Africa but the truth is that can not happen.
We are still waiting for your condemnation of the violence by your G40 faction leader Grace Mugabe
Tweeps roast Grace Mugabe over alleged assault
Fikile Mbalula pulled another on us. Grace Mugabe didn't hand herself over to police, No one knows where she is…
how did Grace Mugabe escaped arrest? cause she had to go via the airport or the boarder
Faith Muthambi fails to appear at the parliamentary committee, Grace Mugabe fails to appear at court, and Hlaudi...
Grace Mugabe to hand herself over to police, faces assault charge
What i did notice is that Grace Mugabe trended faster than Manana...Shaka Sisulu didn't even trend...not arthur.
Grace Mugabe is a First Lady in sum not S.A. why wasn't she arrested like all perpetrators of violence
Are there any cctv images of Grace Mugabe 1/ entering her sons' premises and 2/ assaulting her son's female accomplices?
domain names
UPDATE: Grace Mugabe hands herself over to police month Grace. Eish - PR disaster of the highest…
VIDEO | UPDATE: No sign of Grace Mugabe at the Sandton police station
Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe is under investigation in S. Africa after she allegedly assaulted a model
Put her in a cell whose conditions should be similar to prisons of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼!
Grace Mugabe must be put on an wanted list & watched for a…
We can confirm that there was a minor altercation between agent provocateurs and comrade Grace Mugabe. No need to panic she is…
We can confirm if this is one of the perpetrators who attacked comrade Grace Mugabe. Be careful comrades.
Grace Mugabe spotted at Lanseria Airport fleeing South Africa for Zimbabwe .
Grace Mugabe's motorcade has been spotted coming back from the airport in Harare. No ways was she going to hang around to…
If Fikile Mbalula failed to arrest Mduduzi Manana, how do you think he will arrest Grace Mugabe, Robert Mugabe's wife?
Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe will not be handing herself over to police as expected.
Grace Mugabe drove her S 600 Maybach in Harare on her way to "Blue Roof."No court appearance/extension cords. End of Story.…
Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace ‘batters model with an extension cable for partying with her sons'
Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe, hasn't yet handed herself over to police at Sandton police station, north of Johannesburg,…
The silence is deafening from about the assault on a South African by Grace Mugabe. Mugabe must be arres…
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Mbalula say Grace Mugabe "cooperated" so she won't be arrested. Do all alleged criminals not get arrested when they cooperat…
You really think they will arrest Grace Mugabe if they didn't arrest Mduduzi Manana, AL Bashir et al...?? I don't thin…
Wait, so Grace Mugabe handed herself over in SA, but police don't know where she is, but she just landed in Zim?. "Alive…
Mugabe: They are saying you beat up a... Grace :
😂😂😂😂 I shouldn't be laughing Grace Mugabe is so evil
Dololo Grace Mugabe at Randburg Magistrate Court. Some reports suggest that has just landed in Harare. WOW! 😶
I just want justice, says woman who claims Grace Mugabe hit her via
Zimbabwe’s Grace Mugabe due in South Africa court over assault
Movement for Democratic Change Douglas Mwonzora says they are not surprised by the behaviour of Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe, wife of President Robert Mugabe, will appear in court in South Africa on Tuesday accused of assaultin…
Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, turns self in to police over alleged assault: South Africa minis…
South Africa minister says Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, has turned herself in to police over…
JUST IN: Grace Mugabe will appear in the Wyberg magistrate court. Chief y…
Who do you think can be a better president for Zimbabwe?. Morgan Tsvangirai. Emmerson Mnangagwa. Grace Mugabe...
Grace Mugabe's insatiable appetite for wealth is shocking - Nehanda Radio   10% Off
Grace Mugabe 'detained' for assault in Singapore after physically attacking reporters - Nehanda Radio
Don’t mess with Grace Mugabe – she could be the next president of Zimbabwe | David Smith | World news | The Guardian https:…
Grace Mugabe humiliates Charamba publicly sides with Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo - The Zimbabwe Daily
Grace Mugabe humiliates Charamba openly sides with Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo. First Lady Grace Mugabe today...
Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has called on her husband, the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe to name his
Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe First Lady Urges Husband to name his successor
Grace Mugabe says Zanu PF will not let opposition party MDC win Matabeleland North in 2018 elections
How motherly and noble.not! Children in rural areas of Zim are trapping rats and selling them to feed the...
😂😂😂😂 so, Zimbabwe is not good enough for Grace Mugabe's kids? Smh
Harare - Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe has had to make an emergency trip to South Africa to secure...
Grace Mugabe makes emergency trip to secure SA home for sons via So home of WMC not so bad after all ?
While some South African citizens look at going to Dubai, big shot Zim citizens come from Dubai to SA:
| Grace Mugabe makes 'emergency' trip to secure SA home for sons…
Can we only be 1 heir though.If Mugabe might think it's Dr Grace.Good thing is that we know…
Hail Malawi First Lady, she inspires hope: But don't do a Grace Mugabe - Nyasa Times
The women who have so far taken the bold step forward include, Joice Mujuru, Grace Mugabe and Barbara Nyagomo – a...
State House security refuse to accept summons for Grace Mugabe in diamond case 👇.
Grace Mugabe in merciless war with Mnangagwa
As Zimbabwe starves, Mugabe raids $6m from his treasury for a month-long holiday in Singapore. Grace Mugabe can catch up with her shopping!
President Robert Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe at Zanu PF headquarters today
Think what brickbats would come Grace Mugabe's way if that ever happened
They copy from Mugabe. Mugabe married grace who us 40yrs younger Mathema marries nare who is 47 his junior. Mugabe…
Agents of mugabe must see this and show this to munangagwa and grace mugabe
But 23 how old is Mathema? He should also have manors as adult but Zanu gangster even Grace Mugabe age difference c…
Grace Mugabe & his son have externerlised money to Dubai, threatens ordinary citizens using state ÇIO. You're on…
Property rights, Human rights are fundamental to our democracy.Grace Mugabe and his son think they're above the law…
Ian Smith used 2 travel to Gweru wth wife being the 2 of them. I cant imagine the same 4 mugabe & grace
Grace Mugabe told to return property in diamond ring spat |
Another New Movie featuring Mugabe and Grace is called. ''How not to plant a Tree''.Its in Cinema…
Bold Zimbabwe Judge evicts Grace Mugabe for invading properties:
Grace Mugabe’s diamond ring seller living in Exile. CIO Warn him never to return to Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe Newsday Online ...
when Sally was still alive I think, Mugabe is not going to holiday but Grace can granny at 92 go on holiday?
In a couple of years we'll have Grace Mugabe and Dlamini-Zuma in power. All planned to keep their husbands out of…
| Grace Mugabe's diamond ring dealer: I've been threatened with harm if I return to Zim
High Court judge Mr Justice Clement Phiri orders First Lady Grace Mugabe to vacate the three houses she forcibly grabbed o…
Grace Mugabe has announced she will take over as president of Zimbabwe when her husband,Robert Mugabe steps do…
Grace Mugabe Announces Herself As President: Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe has declared herself the new……
Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe has announced herself as the new president
Grace Mugabe will never rule Zimbabwe – Tendai Biti - The Zimbabwe Daily
Grace Mugabe turns 51. THE CHIEF Secretary to the President and Cabinet and staff in the President's Office...
Hillary Clinton has paved the way for Grace Mugabe and Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to follow on their hubby's steps.
Apparently the infamous Grace Mugabe speaks Mandarin Chinese. Bona Mugabe studied in Hong Kong.
.This is just a smock screen. Why target the irrelevant? Start with mugabe & grace. They are the chief culprits.
Audio: President Mugabe complains about wife Grace. Listen to this LEAKED shocking audio...
and doesn't the old hood produce some interesting gals - Charlene, Charlize, Grace Mugabe, you, me... 😄
Was the ZANU constitution in the elevation of Grace Mugabe to lead the Women's League?
who is Grace?? Useless person who must be put in her place. Mugabe lied to POVO zizohlangana maduzana.
Grace Mugabe loyalists booted out via
First Lady Grace Mugabe's loyalists in Mashonaland were booted out in Zanu PF provincial…
In September 2014, Zimbabwe's biggest university awarded a PhD to Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe after just two years of study.
like in the case of Grace Mugabe's 6 diary farms?
Sounds like these?. Grace Mugabe took over 6 of Zim's most valuable white-owned farms around 2002, laborers wages more than halved.
I just saw Audio: Mugabe complains about wife Grace - Click to see also ☛
Politics! Grace Mugabe recently assured the city of kings & queens of revamping yet the city is failing to procure land for burial purposes
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"You can move from grass to grace or from grace to grass in just a twinkle of an eye" . Robert Mugabe
'Instead of showing she had come to mourn (Solomon), she was now busy admiring the house' Mujuru on Grace Mugabe
Mugabe can't govern from the grave, no matter what Gucci Grace says!
Someone tell Grace Mugabe. Ivory Coast ex-First Lady Simone Gbagbo is in court for her crimes against humanity trial
Love it, hate it or spy on it, Zimbabwe will be better off with Emmerson Mnangagwa than Grace Mugabe. That's it
The First Lady amai Grace Mugabe has commissioned a church building built for the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission...
Bitter battle looms as First Lady Grace Mugabe hints she is out to get the vice-president.
Grace Mugabe : No sacred cows in politics - The Zimbabwean
Grace Mugabe: No sacred cows in politics - Nehanda Radio
Grace Mugabe: No sacred cows in politics -
Grace Mugabe: No sacred cows in politics - New
Grace Mugabe: No sacred cows in politics
Grace Mugabe: No sacred cows in politics via
So the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is trading at a record low, but we are busy talking Grace Mugabe & War Veterans.
That applies specifically to factions obsessed with the First Lady Grace Mugabe. You seem to have forgotten that you have a nation to lead.
The war veterans lashing out at Grace Mugabe and her G40 clique.
A former ZANU PF MP has suggested that Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe is mentally unstable:
Even Jacob Zuma`s maKhumalo is more of a First Lady than Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe hands out raincoats during 'national-disaster' drought.
Classic :"Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe, reportedly handed out . 1 095kg of raincoats to drought-ridden Chiweshe villager…
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Grace Mugabe to ignite bloody civil war in Zimbabwe - Tendai Biti via
I honestly believe Grace Mugabe thinks she's the Julius Malema of Zimbabwean Politics?
The increasing likelihood that Grace Mugabe will lead ZANU-PF by 2018
Grace Mugabe has taken over Zimbabwe, opposition leader claims
Zim's Grace Mugabe has again told Zimbabweans her husband President Robert Mugabe will rule until he is 100 years
2. Is it because Bob now realises that Grace Mugabe and the G40 do not have the " liberation war" credentials
Grace Mugabe: Trophy wife eyes the ultimate prize of Zimbabwean presidency - The Independent
A Zanu PF youth group has approached Harare Council requesting that Borrowdale Road be renamed after Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe hits the ground running - Sowetan LIVE - via
Grace Mugabe hits the ground running - Sowetan Live (press release) (registration) (blog)
Analysts have said that Grace Mugabe's chances for the leadership of Zanu-PF and the country…
Interesting that Hillary Clinton, Grace Mugabe our very own Dr Dlamini-Zuma are thought to be considering or running for the presidency.
Neither did I see where it was written Grace Mugabe owns 40% shares of the private company called Zimbabwe.
Grace Mugabe or Joyce Mujuru for president; I don't care There has been little progress for women to celebrate sin…
grace mugabe or joyce mujuru for president; i don't care - Bulawayo24 News (press release) (blog)
Mnangagwa ,Grace Mugabe and Mutsvangwa must apologize to war vets first before Kasukuwere does.
Civil society has blasted President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, for colluding in diverting…
Let's talk with anything that what's ZanuPF/Mugabe/Mnangagwa/Grace out of power in 2018. That's a start. Remove Mugabe values from power 1st
in the news - Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe builds hotel
I've called out people when they portray Grace Mugabe in similar ways. Or Priscilla Misihairabwi. For me it's not abt parties
Its time to leave Zanu PF - leave Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Grace alone. Tizai. Mhanyai. Leave this sinking ship...
First Lady Grace Mugabe is set to expand her vast empire amid reports she is planning to build a hotel at Manzou...
Grace Mugabe juggernaut claims more scalps:
not sure!Grace Mugabe cd hire him as her personal dentist since she defended him that killing Cec…
Hope Mugabe appoints Grace as his successor now that would make the next election very interesting
We are the leaders of tomorrow, that tomorrow is when Tunoi and Grace Kaindi reaches the age of Mugabe or are bed ridden
The more one reads this vemon, the more one gets consumed, with uncontrollable and fierce anger, towards grace .
Joice Mujuru has been front-&-centre of news since Grace Mugabe went after her resulting in her purge from ZanuPF last year.
Grace Mugabe has assumed the Marie Antoinette mantra and per sec accepts the ... - Bulawayo24 News (press release)...
Anything that has mugabe and grace' s name, is privileged information.
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It seems Grace Mugabe has defended saying the killing of was no big deal.stupid, ignorant, …
My heart goes out to Killer Zivhu after he promised to protect Grace and I to the death.
Watch: Grace Mugabe showing off her dairy company This video was made for public sharing by Gavin McLeman.
Watch: Grace Mugabe showing off her dairy company
Mujuru unveils party manifesto have respect for her calmness and measured statements unlike Moyo, Grace, Mugabe etc
'Grace Mugabe was implicated in the looting of diamonds in Marange. An audit is required in the mining sector.' Gabriel Shumba
Love or Mock her , Grace Mugabe helped locate young women (post-liberation ) at the centre of Zimbabwean political discourse
President Mugabe has assembled a cabal to ensure that his wife Grace succeeds him as head of state
The rantings of a mad woman. Wildlife has much to fear when this old witch takes over
Killing Cecil the lion was no big deal, says Grace Mugabe | via I wonder how much
Grace Mugabe respect American intelligence: knew exactly what he was doing.
Grace Mugabe, hoping to replace husband Bob as President of Zimbabwe, gets invited to ANC Womens' League Congress:
ANCWL has invited Grace Mugabe to their conference as an endorsement on her ambitions to be next Zimbabwe President?
I don't think Grace Mugabe will last the day when Bob dies
Grace Mugabe could be next Zimbabwean President -
Grace Mugabe more senior than Vice Presidents: 'Mnangagwa takes instructions from me' -
how Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has 'staked her claim' to power | via
Robert Mugabe’s stepson fined for manslaughter in Zimbabwe The eldest son of Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe ha…
Eldest son of Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe fined $800 after manslaughter conviction
Grace Mugabe, the businessman and the Hong Kong villa - Telegraph.
So it's true, Grace Mugabe is the new president of Zimbabwe.
Denial of Grace Mugabe involvement is to be expected in a banana republic Mashonaland Central provincial affairs...
Grace Mugabe is a dis-Grace,no apologies,,evicting people ,in fact displacing pple,to accommodate animals?? Whts th diffrence wth Ian Smith?
ZESA Squanders Thousands Buying Grace Mugabe Flowers At a time when the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is struggling to pay its own workers , the parastatal has splashed thousands on media-‘flowers’ splashed on First Lady Grace Mugabe, attracting criticism even from people such as ZANU…
even GP are to be blamed for having Floyd as Juju's deputy, it is like Grace deputising Robert Mugabe
wrt what you've said abt the media this morning, although it was about the media coverage of Zimbabwe & Grace Mugabe... (1/2)
British millionaire bankrolling Grace Mugabe b world's first female dictator
If Mugabe dies in office Grace will be buried politically with him
Grace to be VP if Mugabe retires, if he dies in office she will be buried, politically, with him
I still need answers. How does Mama Grace Mugabe let Ms Zimbabwe go to Miss World with that fur on her head?
The Chronicle's sales grew 7,6 percent in November, propelled by Cde Grace Mugabe no doubt
"Mugabe is a coward, Grace a young girl.":
Grace Mugabe ‘cursed’ journalist and she committed suicide>>>
OMG. How can Grace Mugabe let Miss Zimbabwe go and participate in Miss World with that nonsense on her head?
Grace Mugabe is in charge of Zimbabwe >>>
Nicholas van Hoogstraten bankrolls Grace Mugabe's bid for power in
fails to provide electricty but spends lavishly to bootlick Grace
Zesa blasted over Grace Mugabe adverts - Southern Eye
British criminal bankrolling Grace Mugabe's bid for power in Zimbabwe via
Robert Mugabe will stand elections 2018, he'll be dead by then,Grace.. Malema might be alive for 2019 if nt killed by car/Green label
THE SHRILL panic with which Grace Mugabe, supported by Oppah Muchinguri, moved to force the…
Here is my theory: One of the provinces will recommend that Grace Mugabe gets seat in the Senate .I think there are two free seats.
AS MUGABES PARTY: They love to throw massive parties, these Zanu PF politicians. Grace Mugabe led the way and ...
and in Zimbanwe must be Mugabe for kicking VP out and peacefully ellecting Grace his successor, yes?
Grace Mugabe went from just being First Lady to king maker.
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Mugabe lines up Grace for Cabinet Your thoughts?
the Zimbabwean Gucci president in waiting, President Grace Mugabe and the kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria
Will Grace Mugabe be the next President of Zimbabwe?. -
U.Z just published that Grace Mugabe's PhD is fake. In a way
"Grace Mugabe can't do her shopping in Europe. Yet." Interview with Tsvangirai & EU on via
Chants of Gushungo (Mugabe's clan name) as he entered the main hall with Grace Mugabe and others. Now singing Zimbabwe's national anthem
First Lady Grace Mugabe has been accused of launching a purge of Vice President Joice Mujuru's closest supporters within Zimbabwe's Zanu PF!
The one positive aspect of Grace Mugabe's unrestrained attack on Vice President Joice Mujuru is that it has set a...
Grace Mugabe now running the country. First Lady Grace Mugabe this week gave strong signals that she is now running the show in Zanu PF and government behind the scenes when she virtually gave her husband, President Robert Mugabe, a public ultimatum bolder than her previous demands to boot out Vice-President Joice Mujuru immediately.At separate rallies this week with students and vendors at her children's home in Mazowe, Grace repeatedly said if Mugabe does not appoint people she and her faction prefer at the party's congress in just over 10 days' time, they would gather - this time to protest against his decision.At the meeting with students on Monday, Grace ordered Mugabe to take heed of her demands by getting rid of Mujuru."We chose her (Mujuru) to represent our interest but she has failed. We have had enough. Ivo baba havasi kuzvinzwa here kuti munhu ngaende (doesn't the president get it that people want Mujuru to go)," she said."Varikufunga kuti pamwe zvichaenda nepamwe (Mujuru is riding her luck). T ...
doesn't that Robert Mugabe marking Grace Mugabe sound a bit like the SIU investigating the president?
The world needs that Robert and Grace Mugabe kinda love 😂😂😂😂 the man marked his wife's papers! Sho Mr President!
I wonder whether Grace Mugabe is aware of sections 51 (right to human dignity) & 57 (right to privacy) of the
Embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru is essentially under 'house arrest'now as ZANU-PF youths are now guarding the airport to prevent her from leaving the country, Zimeye reports. According to ZimEye, there was drama today when marauding Zanu-PF youths aligned to Grace Mugabe camped at the Harare International Airport trying to block VP Mujuru from travelling to Dubai alleging she is running away. [ 137 more words. ]
Adultery Hits Bona Mugabe’s Marriage By Harry Fisher| Now Daily| Elders in the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga) church are mounting vigils to pray for Simba Chikore, who recently married President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona amid claims he is philandering. Described as a ‘playboy’ by CIO officers who vetted him before their lavish March 2014 wedding attended by African presidents, Chikore was allowed to marry Bona after their report was ignored. Grace Mugabe is also said to have put pressure on Bona to marry so that she could deliver grandchildren to the ageing dictator before he died. Now, the Mugabes worry about reports of Chikore going out with other women. Notably, he has been in contact with melda Mudzamiri, the gospel diva he dumped to marry Bona. Chikore has been linked to several other women recently. According to one source, the Mugabes are concerned that Bona has not fallen pregnant, months after her parents delivered her to her husband claiming that she was a virgin and after ...
speaks to Owen Gagare Chief Reporter, Zimbabwe Independent over Grace Mugabe and Joice Mujuru 's presidential ambitions
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Grace Mugabe got her Dr degree after 3 months of having registered at University of Zimbabwe she is the Presi…
Reasons why Grace Mugabe attacked Joice Mujuru - Bulawayo24 News (press release) (blog)
Two discredited ochlocrats fighting over kak!-->Reasons why Grace Mugabe attacked Joice Mujuru
Reasons why Grace Mugabe attacked Joice Mujuru Ongoing attempts to elbow Vice President Joice Mujuru out of the ...
Massive demonstration by Grace Mugabe supporters at Zanu PF HQ in Harare calling on VP Joice Mujuru to go. Absolute madness.
"Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe announces her candidacy to succeed President Robert Mugabe, when he exits office." ROTFL
There is a little political war going on in Zimbabwe as First Lady intends to succeed husband as president.The First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday announced her candidacy to succeed her husband, 90-year-old President Robert Mugabe, when he leaves office.“People say I want to be president, why not? A
Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba has attacked war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda for not attending First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rallies. He said it was unheard of that a chairman of ZNLWVA could afford not to attend such meetings without even giving reasons. "That never happened during my te…
Robert Mugabe's wife Grace on Friday was in Marondera for the final leg of her so-called…
Grace Mugabe lashes at Ray Kaukonde - Video via
Grace Mugabe and Mao's last wife: Eddie Cross writes on the Zimbabwean president's wife's desperate scramble f...
Zimbabwe game plan? Grace Mugabe to 'deputize' her husband, then take over presidency in 2015.
if Dr amai Grace Mugabe became a president ,zimbabwe will be fine becouse she nows how to lead
Those who recently allowed Grace Mugabe frequent access to the microphone did the nation a great favour by exposing the brainless dwarf that hides behind her well-groomed body.
Amai Grace Mugabe and ZimPapers have rendered certain Zimbabwean institutions totally irrelevant in the past few weeks. Think about it.
A few months back, President Robert Mugabe spoke in riddles regarding the weevil in the party and the need to apply gamatox to ensure that the 'grain' within ZANUPF remains while the weevil goes to you know wre. Now, enter Dr Grace Mugabe with her Meet the people rallies as she thanked provinces for nominating to the position of Women's league secretary. Indeed, she was nominated and now waits to be appointed during congress. Interestingly, as she addresses people in all the provinces, she traverses in a terrain that has never been travelled by many, including the president himself. She castigates corruption, she fumes on factionalism. Now, we have heard of factionalism within ZANUPF, and its not new by the way in the political circles, it also exists in the MDC. The only difference is that MDC has deeper cracks than ZANUPF, evidenced by the many MDC formations we have witnessed. Back to ZANUPF, it was just talk of town and nothing more. They played their game in an empty stadium, supporters would only he ...
HARARE - This week promises to be one of the biggest and most daunting in President Robert Mugabe’s long political career as he battles to manage the massive fallout in Zanu PF resulting from his wife’s reckless and relentless assaults of the past few weeks on the First Family’s perceived enemies inside the ruling party. The nonagenarian leader will chair key Cabinet and politburo meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will take place in the wake of unprecedented post-independence infighting within Zanu PF, emanating from escalating factional and succession wars that have been ventilated by the First Lady’s entry into formal politics and her ill-advised recent utterances. So high are the stakes that one senior Zanu PF official yesterday described the Wednesday politburo meeting, in particular, in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday, as "vitally important" in a make-or-break week not just for the party, but for Mugabe himself as well”. The official, who is also a Cabinet minister, said G ...
via MDC-T formed in Mujuru house: Grace Mugabe October 18, 2014 First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday continued with her tirade against Vice-President Joice Mujuru, describing her as an inept leader and making sensational claims that opposition parties MDC and Simba Makoni’s Mavambo were formed in her house. Addressing about 4 000 party supporters at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera where she winded up her “Thank You Rallies”, Grace also launched a ferocious attack on Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde for allegedly fuelling factionalism in the province. [ 693 more words. ]
Death threats against Grace Mugabe mount - Report COLOGNE/HARARE - President Robert Mugabe, could all but be le...
dehorns its and Grace Mugabe - the most quotable human being EVER.
From who "Death threats against Grace Mugabe mounts - Report
Mugabe backs Grace over Mujuru attacks. via
Grace Mugabe to deputise hubby before taking over next year via
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