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Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly (November 12, 1929September 14, 1982) was an American actress who, in April 1956, married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, to become Princess consort of Monaco, styled as Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco, and commonly referred to as Princess Grace.

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The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it. ~~~ Grace Kelly.
I added a video to a playlist Beast Boy tries to be like Grace Kelly
So when Grace Kelly made this face in Rear Window, it transformed the entire movie in my opinion.
Can we talk about how in freshman yr I had to make an mv for a grade and I did an anime mv with Grace Kelly by Mika
*The Artful Traveler:* Abstract to the end, Ellsworth Kelly's final paintings on view in NYC h…
Watching Rear Window, one of the best films ever with one of the Best Actresses Grace Kelly. Can't count how many times I've seen it!
So she plays Grace Kelly or something???
Grace Kelly in her wedding dress, regarded by many as one of the most beautiful and elegant dresses of all time https:…
Grace Kelly photographed by Howell Conant during a vacation in Jamaica, 1955.
Hepburn, all the way. And Grace Kelly was an incredibly beautiful woman.
Grace Kelly on her wedding day Monaco April 1956.
my dog is dying Grace Kelly has her name and I don't want to lift tonight I want to live with her. Can you please help
I tried to be like Grace Kelly. But all her looks were too sad. So I tried a little Freddie. Ive gone identity mad!
Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco, a beautiful Oscar winning actress and a fashion icon
Gorgeous😍 Doesn't Emma look like the late Princess Grace Kelly
illustration by Helen Rose with a dress for Grace Kelly, which she wore in "High Society", 1956.
Gary Cooper, Fred Zinnemann and Grace Kelly on the set of High Noon (1952).
To me the 2 key Hitchcock blondes of all time are Grace Kelly and Vera Miles...
Still shook that after 8 yrs of personal development since it came out I instantly reverted to my 11 year old self when Grace Kelly came on
Fact: Both Lana Turner and Grace Kelly were considered to play Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) before Elizabeth Taylor was cast.
The dress of this year's Oscars for me..Kate Bosworth having a Grace Kelly moment in this gorgeous sage gown by J. Mend…
Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly between takes during filming of 'High Society,' 1956.
Grace Kelly visits set with Anne Baxter and director, Cecil B DeMille
Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly backstage at the 28th Annual Academy Awards on March 21, 1956 ht…
Grace Kelly had the right idea, get out of the country while it was still good (and become a princess but whatever)
Before she was a princess. Grace Kelly
February 26, 1978 - Princess Grace of Monaco (formerly known as Grace Kelly) photographed by me at the University C…
Grace Kelly wearing a dress by Edith Head for the movies "Rear Window". 1954.
But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea. -Jane Austen. Alfred Hitchcock serving tea to Grace Kelly.
Allways believe in Grace Kelly and hope Paris did the same Dandy is on your mind.
Organizing a room and watching "Dial M For Murder." During Temple University days, I played the Grace Kelly...
Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly on the set of "High Society"
Not only Wm Holden, Mickey Rooney but also Grace Kelly in film. It's a classic!
Jazz legend Louis Armstrong and Princess to be Grace Kelly on the set of 'High Society' (1956)
Dandridge was was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress..First African American to do so..but lost to Grace Kelly
yep love the Glen Miller. My fave is Rear Window tho- has him and the wonderful Grace Kelly! And it's Hitchcock.
Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly at the Academy Awards in 1956.
Grace Kelly in 1956 about to become the official Princess of Monaco.
Prince Albert opens up about his mom, Grace Kelly: "She was a very loving and caring mother"
☼ Grace Kelly ☼. Gorgeous, philanthropist, didn't let her parents' disapproval for her acting dreams stop her, lovel…
- Monaco prince & wife welcome Grace Kelly's great-grandson, Pierre, 29, is the son of Princess Caroline ...
The prince and his wife welcome great-grandson of Grace Kelly
Totally agree. When Raymond Burr spots Stewart spying on him with Grace Kelly still in the apartment still gives me chills...!
Huh. High Noon ends in the same way as Die Hard. Frank uses Grace Kelly as a human shield, she gets free, & Kane shoots Frank Miller dead.
Raymond Burr. Everyone is all like Jimmy Stewart blah and Grace Kelly blah blah
Grace Kelly-inspired gown worn by Princess Diana to 1987 Cannes Film Festival to go on display in Kensington Palac…
Katherine Hepburn vs. Grace Kelly: who did Tracy Lord better?
Given it is covers night at Mika's Grace Kelly by Gordon Brown MP (via Rory Bremner)
You'll love 'High Society' with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, & Louis Armstrong. Great film!
John Brendan Kelly Jr, Brother with Grace Kelly and her mother.
For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the 1981 Cowboys, Grace Kelly, Eugene Cernan, and Andy Garcia
Grace Kelly and James Stewart behind the scenes of Rear Window (1954).
Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly & James Stewart during the filming of . Rear Window (1954)
Grace Kelly, James Stewart and Wendell Corey on the set of "Rear Window", 1954.
Grace Kelly's Philadelphia home to be renovated, regional office for Foundation & Library, available public events .
11 May 1975 - Niki Lauda, winner of the Monaco Grand Prix, . receives the trophy from Grace Kelly
From Kate Middleton to Grace Kelly, these are the chicest Royals of the modern era:
Ray Milland and Bob Cummings look far too old for Grace Kelly in this movie.
Ray Milland, Grace Kelly & Robert Cummings take a break for lunch, on the set of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder.
I was watching "That's Entertainment" on TCM last night and came across this image of Grace Kelly and... wow.
Photos: Grace Kelly signs James Stewart's cast on the set of Rear Window (1954) -
Debbie Reynolds was one of the last vintage surviving studio stars of the Tony Curtis, Grace Kelly, Bill Holden, Sophia Loren magnitude.
Alfred Hitchcock serving Grace Kelly tea on the set of To Catch a Thief 1955.
Grace Kelly photographed by Lisa Larsen shortly before her move to Monaco in 1956
Charlie Brooker is a genius solely on the scene in Dead Set where Davina McCall gets her throat torn out to the tune of Grace Kelly by Mika
Watching Rear Window. What is James Stewart DOING!? He has Grace Kelly all over him and he's WATCHING THE NEIGHBOURS!? FFS.
James Stewart about Grace Kelly on set: Everybody just sat around and waited for her to come in the morning, so we…
Very indulgently watching Rear Window on a Friday lunch time. James Stewart voice is heaven & Grace Kelly is all things fabulous.
Grace Kelly was amazing.Some liked her best in Hitchcock's "Rear Window" (Jimmy Stewart)I liked her more in "Dial M…
Grace Kelly relaxes beach side in California 1955.
Andrea Casiraghi, 26, is the grandson of Grace Kelly and the eldest child Princess Caroline of Monaco and her secon…
Writers on Wednesday: What do Grace Kelly, Elaine Stritch, & Eudora Welty have in common? Fiona… via
Rosamund Pike can play as Grace Kelly in her biopic 👀👀👌👌
Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window released in 1954. James Stewart and Grace Kelly star.
with Grace Kelly on set of Rear Window 1954
Grace Kelly, Marie-Chantal Miller and more American women who married princes. Will Meghan Markle be next?…
Alfred with Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings on the set of DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954).
Just watched Rear Window with James Stewart and Grace Kelly. You might enjoy it.
Prince Albert honors his late mother, Grace Kelly, by buying her childhood Philadelphia home, via
Prince Albert of Monaco says he bought the East Falls' home of his mother, Grace Kelly: Alan...
Prince Albert buys his mother Grace Kelly's home
Prince Albert buys Philadelphia home of mom Grace Kelly
Now Playing: Gone. by Grace Kelly, Phil Woods. at 04:06:08. on Jazz90.1 Listen Online at
Just unwittingly pictured Jason Voorhees dancing around and singing Grace Kelly by MIKA into a hairbrush. . AMA.
Grace Kelly celebrates her 24th birthday on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. .
"Suddenly feels like screen goddess in manner of Grace Kelly." -Bridget | TIKET PREMIERE GRATIS >>
Rear Window. I love Jimmy Stewart. He's my favorite. Grace Kelly is beautiful. But Thelma Ritter just plain wins the movie. She's the best.
Grace Kelly on the set of TO CATCH A THIEF, 1955/ Everett Collection.
A modern day Fred and Ginger. Jackie O and JFK. Grace Kelly and Prince what's his face. (You get the idea.) She's...
What did Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly have in common? 󾭩. They all loved wearing Gucci! Try on a...
Grace Kelly, pictured here in Monaco, died today in 1982 following a car accident. She was 52.
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Some how I just realized Betty Draper is 100% Grace Kelly inspired.
William Holden and Audrey Hepburn😍. William Holden and Grace Kelly 😍. William Holden and any actress I love 😍
Looking forward to Million Dollar Princesses on TV tonight. Grace Kelly in Monaco? I'd bet on it!
Our today's is fantastic Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock's Muse and the Princess of Monaco!
We should all have a bit of Grace Kelly in us 💖
Grace Kelly on her wedding day to Prince Rainier the third of Monaco 1956
I love Grace Kelly. I love 'Marnie.' I love Hitchcock. I love geo-politics. I love Nicole Kidman. But I don't like this movie.
The script for EYES WIDE SHUT is totally a script for Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. It's for that acting style. Cruise and Kidman: wrong.
So much æsthetic in this pic. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly can just run me over pls
Hitchcock blondes are just different from the rest of us. Grace Kelly. Kim Novak. Ryan Lochte
I've been alive for over 26 years now and I'm still not totally sure if Gene Kelly and Grace Kelly are different/unrelated people.
listening to Grace Kelly by Mika and feeling like dressing like a princess with heals on BKK BTS to freak people out.
Blackmail star Anny Ondra was the first "Hitchcock blonde", a precursor to Grace Kelly, Kim Novak et al.
Rear Window Man stalks neighbor next door who may have killed his wife. He should have banged Grace Kelly instead
Great guys, both of you are warriors with grace. We all should treasure you both
You guys should hit up to grace you with a Ned Kelly episode for Australian Drunk History
From fittings with Coco Chanel to parties with Grace Kelly, you have to hear Lynn Wyatt's stories to believe them. https…
in the Take It Slow f. Grace Kelly + - !!!
grace kelly just offered to buy me a new sketchbook oH MY
So creepy how Hitchcock looks at Grace Kelly/ all the other women in his films
Rear Window:. Grace Kelly, James Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock and the other guy.
Grace Kelly by the pool in High Society:
You are very beautiful Queen Noor . It reminds me the Hollywood Queen actress Grace kelly !
Honestly I'm still impressed with my Grace Kelly answer in the quiz last night
Grace Kelly in the drama film 'Green Fire' 1954.
I love the scene in Rear Window when Grace Kelly scales the fire escape and climbs in the window. So awesome
HIGH SOCIETY was released 60 years ago today. It was Grace Kelly's last feature film before she retired from acting. h…
Rediscovering how much fun this song it to listen to ... MIKA - Grace Kelly (Extended Version) via
Let Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly show you how to dress for the heat wave
What little girl would not wish to be a Princess like Grace Kelly? Discount Price
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2/2) & discussion followed. People got to see Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, & Raymond Burr. Next Week: Godfath…
Grace Kelly & William Holden in a scene from the movie "The Country Girl"
Cool still of Grace Kelly holding "Beyond/Himalayas" by William O. Douglas. Curious as to how and why that book.
- Grace Kelly. - First American actress to appear on a postage stamp . - Princess of Monaco
Grace Kelly eating with Ann Blyth & Janet Leigh in the MGM commissary. Liz Taylor is at the table behind her. (1954) http…
Echoes of Grace Kelly: Will Ocean City get royal visit... via
Grace Kelly. Transcended beauty. From a silver screen princess to Princess of Monaco. Served looks in all her films. https:/…
"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls" - Grace Kelly @ Prince's Palace of Monaco
After lots of serious thought, we might as well admit it that "Rear Window" is our favorite Mort Sahl movie. Grace Kelly was in it, too.
If I recall correctly, Grace Kelly turned down the role of Edie to make Rear Window. Elizabeth Montgomery was also in the running.
Alfred Hitchcock directs Cary Grant and Grace Kelly on the set of 'To Catch a Thief'. (1955)
During filming Grace Kelly managed to have affairs with Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, William Holden & David Niven.
Grace Kelly & Ava Gardner on the set of the movie Mogambo directed by John Ford
My answer to Is vegan the way to go? If so, how would you convince someone? What would you tell them?
Here's a Kelly complaint. Ryan never returns my calls. Ugh, join the club.
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Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Lauren Bacall- 3 out of 4 of my all time favourite actresses are dead 😔
.do you have to leave us, First Lady? We need you and your intelligence, grace, and heart.
"Life as a fairy tale is itself a fairy tale" — Grace Kelly
Hey guys is there a Grace Kelly suite in ur hotel?
Grace Kelly- the one and only true American princess, Old Hollywood actress, died tragically
For evening wear, all you may need is a showstopper accessory, like Grace Kelly's earrings.
Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly - backstage at the 1956 Academy Awards
will go in history as one of those iconic and amazing women like Grace Kelly,E Roosevelt, Dolly Parton and all my favs! 💗
Fiancee has the style of Princess Grace Kelly. I'm hopelessly smitten.
This is a great photo. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly trying to out-gorgeous each other, 1956.
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WAS PREVIOUSLY: 1. Well BORN IN 59 (20 years after 39), like the Vietnam war, just before the famous 1960's, WITH GRACE KELLY IN MONACO TO
Like, I will fight you over this. I will fight you in defense of Grace Kelly. Unless you are big or agile. In which case agree to disagree.
I have already established this but I will reiterate: Grace Kelly is the most beautiful thing ever to have existed.
I mean next you will tell me Grace Kelly used to fart and i will call you a GODDAM LIAR SHE WAS AN ANGEL
📷 Beautiful Grace Kelly…so much beauty and talent. There will never be another quite like you ❤️
Camp only a few days away, write your goals down where you can see them everyday and you will reach it by the Grace of God
Grace Kelly relaxing on the set of High Noon
Price drop alert! Princess Grace Kelly's childhood home in East Falls is now $150K cheaper: https…
If Grace Kelly and a lizard had a baby. htt…
GRACE is poised and confident, just like Grace Kelly. 😺 Adopt her for just $25 in July: https:…
Princess Grace Kelly's childhood home is still on the market—now with a smaller price tag
Call me Kelly. I am a spayed female brown/white aust cattle dog/mix.
Price for Grace Kelly's childhood home in Philly slashed by $150K: The brick home in the East Falls neighborh...
Irish dance team earned the Superior trophy at camp! All-American honors: Abby Scroggie/Grace Topoleski. Congrats! htt…
Track 10: Tyrell Baker writes about his life as a hip-hop head & music's saving grace:
High Noon premiered on this date in 1952, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly in her breakthrough role.
Are you a Grace Kelly or a Brigitte Bardot?
Grace Kelly "I'm in love with you" Cary Grant "Well that's a ridiculous thing to say." Full savage before savage was a thing
Meh, I miss the old days when it was Grace Kelly and Cary Grant
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6) Andrea Martin pulls of the brunette Grace Kelly look quite well. 7) Need to process my feelings now that Julie identifies as Italian.
Grace Kelly watches Wendell Corey and James Stewart play chess on the set of "Rear Window" (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)
Alfred Hitchcock was obsessed with leading lady Grace Kelly via
Alfred Hitchcock 'was obsessed with leading ladies Grace Kelly, Janet Leigh and Tippi
With horrid news from . Get the with Grace Kelly & Alfred Hitchcock. . https…
Rewind - Episode 15: Lea DeLaria on Orange is the new Black, David Bowie, and Grace Kelly (May 2015)
Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Laraine Day arriving at the New York International Airport, 1954
Vintage photo of Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr having a conversation. April 10, 1
Romy Schneider and Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Edith Head, Ava Gardner and Dior, Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy
📷 gatabella: Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock on the set of Rear Window, 1954
Grace Kelly, Ann Blyth and Janet Leigh dining at the MGM canteen, 1954. Elizabeth Taylor is on the table behind them h…
Jayne Mansfield, Grace Kelly, James Dean, Paul Walker and now Anton many must be sacrificed on the altar of the automobile?
Rear Window on Netflix. One of my very faves. Grace Kelly is simply divine.
This lead was nom. 4 an Academy Award 4 Best Actress, but lost to Grace Kelly -
William Holden visits the set of 'Rear Window' & tries to take Grace Kelly away from James Stewart in the process.
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Grace Kelly & Frank Sinatra on set filming "High Society" in Newport, Rhode Island, USA in 1956
Grace Kelly, movie star to Princess of Monaco
Grace Kelly who was an American actress and a beautiful princess of Monaco
Another beautiful musical with the immeasurable talent of Cole Porter, Grace Kelly, Sinatra, Bing Crosby
Want to paint the beautiful actress and princess, Grace Kelly? My tutorial is here!
My mother said I look like Grace Kelly so I must be a princess too
Wasn't she cute? Real-life Princess Grace Kelly in her Hollywood days.
What do Grace Kelly, Andrew Jackson, Charles de Gaulle, and Billy the Kid have in common?
Grace Kelly forged a link between Monaco and the movie world, and I would l...
Grace Kelly, or later, Princess Grace, the third Best Actress in film history, and she acted…
I agree. Grace Kelly was a true icon of her day and more so when she became Princess of Monaco.
Grace Kelly, but you can call me Princess Grace.
What was Grace Kelly's love life like?
Grace Kelly & Gary Cooper on the set of 'High Noon' (1952) directed by Fred Zinnemann
Looking at the frock shocks thinking if only Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner et al were still alive they would have slayed these amateurs
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Edith Head's sketch for the dress Grace Kelly wore in "Rear Window" (1954)
Fred Zinnemann with Grace Kelly during rehearsals on the set of High Noon
Imagine if Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly had to do a lip sync battle to get you to go see Rear Window
Former Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly; visiting children at a hospital
How MGM Studios created the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier of Monaco:
Sixty years ago, the prince of Monaco basically bought Grace Kelly from MGM
GALLERY: 60 years since Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier's spectacular wedding of the century https:…
Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier's son reveals new details about “the wedding of the century”
Grace Kelly attends a charity ball in Monaco.
See breathtaking photos of Grace Kelly's marriage to Prince Rainier via
Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier 60th wedding anniversary via
Hitchcockathon: Rear Window! Probably my favourite film. Technically perfect, great performances (even from Grace Kelly) and insanely tense.
Today in : In 1956, American actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco, at Saint Nicholas Cathedral.
Just by chance I am now listening to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" and Mika's "Grace Kelly," which remind me that I was in London
Grace Kelly on a beach in Jamaica, 1955. Photograph by Howell Conant.
Marlon Brando kisses Grace Kelly after they win Best Actor & Best Actress at the 27th Academy Awards, 1955
High Society is possibly the next best film I have ever watched. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly: INCREDIBLE.
I love Louis Armstrong. This movie has Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra too. Hot ***
We love classic, elegant & timeless style: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. There are a multitude of...
As much as I love Grace Kelly and do think she was incredibly talented. Katherine Hepburn owned the role of Tracy Lord. It was hers.💪🏼👊🏼
You are NOT Angelina Jolie, Angela Bassett, or Grace Kelly... First off, get your lines right. Let the director do his job. Nobody knows you
Grace Kelly and her family had to pay a dowry of $2 million for her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco
13) It's only my opinion: I think Deborah Kerr has some mix of Grace Kelly.
Grace Kelly photographed by Erwin Blumenfeld for COSMOPOLITAN magazine 1955.
l think that man is Farley Granger. Next to Grace Kelly may be Ann Blythe?
Grace Kelly with an for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for "Human Resource Depreciation". (2015)
Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly waiting backstage at the 1956 Academy Awards.
James Stewart and Grace Kelly take a bike ride on the set of Rear Window
Grace Kelly takes a night off from the to play at our little party. https:…
for John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Steve McQueen. trump for Audie Murphy, Irene Dunne and Grace Kelly
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My sketch for theAcademy Awards: Grace Kelly, stylist Edith Head , 1955. History in sketches…
The greatest compliment I ever received was from a casting director who told me they were 'looking for Suzanne Somers & I was Grace Kelly'.
Janet Leigh ,Ann Blyth , Grace Kelly & Elizabeth Taylor dining at the MGM studios
Grace Kelly in a Satin Stunner by Edith Head at the 1955 Oscar's.
Reportedly, Laurence Olivier once said that his teenage co-star in A Little Romance, Diane Lane, was "the next Grace Kelly"
Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart on set of Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)
Celebrating finishing the draft of my second chapter with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby.
Love these beautiful photo's of Grace Kelly & James Stewart for the 1954 movie Rear Window. "Great Movie"
Grace Kelly and James Stewart in promo pictures for Rear Window (1954)
Grace Kelly and James Stewart in Rear Window (1954) directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Re: Old films One of my favorites is Jimmy Stewart, especially Rear Window.  Fell in love during that movie. with Grace Kelly, what a h…
The beautiful and timeless Grace Kelly, beachside in Jamaica. photographed by Howell Conant (1955)
Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean. On the cover of a magazine. Grace Kelly, Harlow, Jean. Picture of a beauty queen
Two newsreels looking at the romance between Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier - for Hollywood Month on our channel: https:/…
*Jimmy Stewart voice* well, if only Raymond Burr lived there, and more to the point a young Grace Kelly was my girlfriend
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Grace Kelly leaves a Hollywood studio lot in 1956. See more photos:
Ernest Borgnine winning Oscar for 'MARTY' with presenter Grace Kelly, 1956.
Mine too, along with Claire Trevor, Rita Hayworth, Vivian Leigh, Grace Kelly etc
Me max and Williams sat in Max's kitchen screaming MIKA // Grace Kelly in the highest voice possible are the kinda nights I love
"Well, this time, John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly". "It was Gary Cooper, *** .
In High Noon, Grace Kelly was 23 and Gary Cooper was 51. Two years later, in Rear Window, she was 25 and Jimmy Stewart was 46.
1955: Movie star Grace Kelly visits the Ambassador East Hotel. She became the Princess of Monaco the following year. h…
Should we rent a convertible car to drive La Grande Corniche of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly fame?
I bet kids called Grace Kelly "Face Smelly", but I bet she got over it when she became the Princess of Monaco.
Grace Kelly, legendary actress and princess of Monaco
Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra (in ”High Society”, 1956) photographed by Eric Carpenter. . beauty ❤💖
Mika's 'Life in Cartoon Motion' is one of Brian's favorite albums. Its hit single 'Grace Kelly' has the line 'So I try a little Freddie'.
Grace Kelly in pictures: 30th anniversary of death of Princess Grace of Monaco - Telegraph
Peggy Guggenheim: Portrait of a Jewish American Princess: Perhaps the most recognizable is actress Grace Kelly...
Silver screen stars and their jewellery: Grace Kelly
What I call the Hollywood Four. From left: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor.
Watching a classic - Dial M for Murder. Grace Kelly is gorgeous
Death sentence is passed on Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder’s abstract compressed trial scene
Casting ideas: Amy Adams as Grace Kelly. I know that Nicole Kidman recently portrayed the…
When fancy NYC restaurants call you royalty because your name is Grace Kelly >>> 👑
In 1956, Grace Kelly went from queen of the screen to real-life princess.
Grace Kelly should have played Cinderella at some point.
fact: of bespoke sandals have graced the famous feet of Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly & Pr…
📷 gracepatri: graciemonaco: Exquisite figurine of Grace Kelly / Princess Grace which was sculpted by...
(Princess) Grace Kelly. (Gary Cooper discovered Grace Kelly on the set of her first film, Fourteen
Sunday pm watching To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant & Grace Kelly beside roaring log fire, what could be better?
no one trusts your opinion of "hot" if your wife looks more like Nancy Grace than Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly was a real princess. Beautiful pic!
Grace Kelly: her amazing life in pictures - via
My star of the day Grace Kelly: actress and real-life Princess.
My mind goes to Grace Kelly, here, Mrs. Anne! :-)
Check out Grace Kelly deluxe pictorial book Japan rare Hollywood Princess of Monaco via
*does a Grace Kelly and retires to become a full time Princess*
Princess chic! . The fashion-forward channels her inner Grace Kelly in this red carpet look.
I have many...although this is a pic of Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly...They had great films too! :) XO
Here's how you can pull off the princess look: Think of princesses like Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Kate ...
Grace Kelly, beautiful moviestar of the 50s, and later Princess of Monaco.
Really pleased with my new Grace Kelly mug.
📹 … Grace Kelly by James Vaughan Via Flickr: - video links
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