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Grace Dent

Grace Dent (born 3 October 1973) is an English journalist, author, and broadcaster.

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Find out what Grace Dent made of Ceremony in Tufnell Park
The new Soho restaurant serving 'inhalable' tapas - just don't use the word inhalable
Find out what made of Ceremony in Tufnell Park
Best zinger of the episode, as delivered by Grace Dent to William Sitwell and Jay Rayner: "I think you two are the…
Zing masters William Sitwell, Grace Dent, and my personal fave - Jay Rayner - are in the house!
Love Grace Dent's comment to her fellow critics "You two are the reason that people don't like us." Priceless! 😁
I think Grace Dent is as ugly as sin. You're much better looking, if I may say.
Commute listening 👂 join in East London to seek the artists who worked there in the 90s:
I never realised how cool and scrummy Grace Dent is...I swooned a little.
A column about Ceremony, the restaurant you NEED up your sleeve. seriously. by me.
So after Grace Dent blamed you and William for 'no one liking us' does anyone in fact like you?
'I think you two are the reason people don't like us.' 😂 Grace Dent on top form tonight.
Moral of tonight's Don't put oregano in a dessert & don't serve Grace Dent the most extraordinary thi…
Grace Dent, super fun , lovely verging on crazy
Grace Dent has opened a can of worms - with her mouth...
What other extraordinary things has Grace Dent put in her mouth?
‘Grace Dent’ and ‘food critic’, phrases you don’t hear spoken in the same sentence that often.
Critics not impressed with Will's foam & Grace Dent thinks she's discovered the only way she doesn't like potatoes…
'You're just happy that you're out of the house'. This is why I love Grace Dent 😂😂.
Grace Dent calls overblown out for his verbosity on Masterchef. He seemed rather upset. His angry face...
Well that's lovely! One of the chefs on Masterchef wiping his nose on his sleeve as he carries the plate out, & the…
I really like Grace Dent as a critic and that`s even before she came out with this classic."an entirely differe…
So they got rid of Gregg for the day to give us Grace Dent. One *** per day. Thanks what is she…
Jamie's crumble described as a not a crumble but a space creature by Grace Dent, but fortunately she means it in a…
Grace Dent couldn’t tell if her fish and chips were cooked
Just followed Grace Dent for the first time. Loved her…
Grace Dent is rockin' the judges' table. Love her.
I ❤️ Grace Dent. She’s northern, funny, talks about food and Game of Thrones and rocks a beehive/wrap dress combo.…
“I think you two are the reason no one likes us”. Grace Dent gets it.
Ryan first with loin of roe deer Is his meat simply too rare on ? Grace Dent thinks it's a bit too Re…
Love Masterchef but cannot understand why they use smirking Grace Dent.
Website Builder 728x90
Grace Dent, what does she bring to anything?
Grace Dent prepares to criticise her next dish
Still Can't understand how grace dent is suddenly a food expert as she was big brother " expert" before !
Oh God. William Sitwell, Jay Rayner and Grace Dent. We just need Charles Campion and the apocalypse would truly have arrived.
What does Grace Dent know about food? Master Blag!
Grace Dent is a bit of a scary Mary doncha think?
Tonight's professional poo-pooers are: wicked witch of the west Grace Dent, colossal talking ham Jay Raynor, and re…
People see gorgeous colors and the beauty of Fall. I see 20 bags of leaves and not a dent made in the yard. Toss in…
Ah. not sure I can be doing with the inflated ego that is Grace Dent is gonna be polluting my screen. It's a no from me.
There's only one byline that makes me smile in anticipation of what I'm about to read and it belongs to
Grace Dent is always immaculately turned out, but for some reason looks like she's shown up for Masterchef on the w…
So here for the shade thrown by at everyone from the vegans to "Giles someone or other. I’d never heard…
Who is Grace Dent? Food critic, author and broadcaster who’s appearing on MasterChef:…
'Jon Snow looked like Ronnie Corbett' . Great insight again from Grace Dent.
and when im in the shower I can see where it hit me. like theres a HUGE dent in my thigh😂😂
I'm sorry Grace Dent and Katherine Ryan, I'd like to spend more time with you but I must away to bed.
I still have a dent in my thigh from when you hit me in cali😂
🍔Grace on burgers... says is like a depressed 🍔 
The competition is fierce and Honest is amazing and I love Grace Dent's reviews but yea, not having that.
Disagree with almost all of this Hot sauce & blue cheese a classic combo. Bleecker easily top5 in London
by God's grace is putting a big dent in that!
Oh dear, wrong location for Grace to venture to. The outcome would've been totally different if the joint was in...
Grace Dent reviews Bleecker Burger: Like a depressed Five Guys, if three of them ran away
It's worth reading Grace Dent's column about the curious timing of this Beckham story coming out
LMAO it's been 4 years since Grace Dent blocked me for this (her on here)
I love you Grace Dent! More that you called out the horror that is Piers Morgan(although I share your Beckham view)
ratings are monitored by the minute. Want to put a dent in the ?. Turn off for 30 mins at end…
Begin your life anew with strength, grace and wonder.- Unknown
What's that talentless hack Grace Dent doing in a programme about parenting when she has no kids and no idea about kids?!?!!
Blood, Sage and Grace Grace Dent examines the work and life of writer, scholar and critic Lorna ...
you know nothing about pizza. Also what's with the sex undertones? Someone in need?
2/2: yet won't name him, attack him, get the base 2 descend upon him. Same with MLKJr bust fake story. It's called clas…
Ready for a slice of Read her review of 🍕
"It’s pizza, not a new section of the f***ing Bayeux Tapestry" reviews
Grace Dent reviews Radio Alice: it takes the fun out of pizza ^EveningStandard
Critic review: Grace Dent gives 4/5 to the food at Jason Atherton's Sosharu
Expected so much better from both Grace Dent and The Independent. Utter, point-missing drivel.
In which Grace Dent doesn't actually make any points but still manages to be condescending while doing it
Where will you be eating out this weekend? is purring about
A new find - Padella! Only spotted this am with gents making pasta in the window. Now this
waiting to adopt lovely Keenan. Been in centre on and off for 7 years. Never give up! htt…
What "dent" in will you make for Global Youth Service Day? April 15-17, 2016 https:/…
I couldn't give two hoots about what make up people wear or what is "hot to wear" rn. Its grace dent then disgard. . Shame.
Congratulations! has given birth to has goo goo eyes
As work on the Trullo cookbook begins (its VVG),the raves for Padella keep coming -- here's
★★★★ reviews A fine little find for proper but casual sustenance
Padella. I'm a bit in love with this new baby. by me for
The hottest restaurant in 1997 is back. I go to Pharmacy2. Grace&Flavour.
Glad to have the Grace Dent seal of approval for choice of venue for our Wedding Annv dinner tomorrow night
Grace Dent sd nice guy but still sold cannabis which as your fine tale revealed led to much worse. Lovable rogue? Nah
Well written Dan and superb antidote to Grace Dent's piece in the i today extolling virtue of drug smuggler Howard Marks
Rare point of interest from Grace Dent on that says a lot about how sensitive universities have become
Josie long is lovely - so is Grace Dent who knows about radio - and plenty of other stuff - AND she listens to the show
Grace Dent absolutely nails Mr Nice's obituary. . Yes, Howard Marks was 'problematic' - and thank God for that
Critic review: Grace Dent falls head over heels for Anglo
"Noma, if it was born and raised in Norwich". Grace Dent's 5-star review of Anglo last week
If Noma came from Norwich. A review of by me for
I'm really enjoying The Untold on with Grace Dent, especially no fixed abode.
Reviews: Marina predicts a bright future for the Marram Grass boys; Grace falls for Anglo.
Actualol. Only other one I know about is grace dent and that's cause I joined in a convo agreeing that she was racist
Grace Dent reviews The Good Egg Mixed review from for Stokies latest.
El medio es el medio y existen tradiciones de consumo... Grace Dent: Why I can't get away from my radio
*cough* Actually, I'm the real Arthur Dent, and yes, I support Brexit
Grace Dent writes column listing all the things she wouldn't have a go @ Madonna about. Sadly her parenting seems fair game
Lay off the love-bombing, Madonna: Grace Dent has been a Madonna fan for years. But the star's latest pettiness…
For the day that's in it. Period emoji ❤ or 👿?
Dear God, Grace Dent is the hackiest of all hacks.
It's too much of a pleasure to flick the switch and shut Grace Dent up...bye Radio 4 will be back when that diabolically bad Dot is over.
What do you think about period emojis? Would you use them? via
Grace Dent: Meet my mother, the internet refusenik via
(On phone). Me: That Grace Dent is good isn't she?. Them: Yeah. If you like her writing check out Caitli. Me: *Throws iPhone down well*
Grace Dent: Meet my mother, the internet refusenik
Is irony still a benchmark for literature? Yup... Grace Dent: Meet my mother, the internet refusenik
What's happened to ES Magazine? Who are they talking to? Do they know who their readers are? Thank god they haven't axed Grace Dent.
How will Grace Dent talk to her mum when the Independent goes online-only?
When will it be? Where will it happen next? Another feminist firing squad. Grace Dent muses (and so joins our...
Critic review: Grace Dent is seduced by Patty & Bun
Why Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent are never shown any?
Last year's winner: Grace Dent 'If teenage girls want to join Isis in the face of all its...
'Don't get pregnant by any man who wears a sweatshirt'
There is nothing to hint towards what’s in my pants: Why we need femojis to break period taboos via
Grace Dent scoring some huge street cred points name checking and in today's review..
'Do not get pregnant by any man who wears a Patty & Bun sweatshirt':
Never get pregnant by a man who wears a Patty & Bun t-shirt. And other food advice. By me for
Grace Dent reviews the noisy social vortex which is 100 Wardour Street.
"I think that the mark of a lunatic is getting to know everyone in the street.". - Grace Dent
I like your Grace Dent quote. Jay Rayner called me a "keyboard warrior". (I should put that back on my profile. 😂)
Grace Dent: We have embraced America's cry-baby culture over halloween costumes
"I cannot pretend that everything on the menu swims for Sexy Fish I've found my perfect place —
About to grab some post training Black Belt level sushi at my dad's friends new spot .
Love review of - can't wait to go, despite the utterly mental name
'I've found my perfect plaice'. reviews
This SCAMPI-happening! Fin-tastic review from in tomorrows edition of
I think I've died and gone to heaven reading 's review on in Whoopie do!
A wonderful review of from Grace Dent in "I've found my perfect plaice".
Dent is a magnificent specimen of class and elegance. Vorderman was, and is, without shame nor grace.
Grace Dent reviews Mac & Wild: don't go for battered Mars Bars – this Scottish …
Grace Dent would decry Halloween blackface but whines that she can't do Halloween cripface
Eurgh what have they done to Back in the Geoff Lloyd/Grace Dent days it was amusing, informative and to the point.
Good afternoon! I was wondering if you could be a judge with Grace Dent at my pub next week? It's the final of LIPSYNC1000. xx
Grace Dent has written about the hatred spewed from Dolce & Gabbana - but what about her own recent hatred spewed towards Muslim children?
.yep. Though should have expected the Independent wouldn't publish it as Grace Dent works there. Doh!
Women’s Prize for Fiction: a panel which includes Grace Dent and Cathy Newman, two prominent journalists who have both recently contributed
Cancer is as Cancer does. Grace Dent. Invariably the voice of thoughtful reason. This woman.
I don't see much of grace dent but have always been a fan
most of those bunch of journalists I used to like have became a bit cliché, I still like Grace Dent, still brutally honest.
after your kind review of my film the Missing here's my latest - starting tomorrow
I was blocked by Grace Dent on my first day!
Grace Dent's column today is fantastic and spot-on. …
Alyssa and I are at Mega Grace Live Ministry in Jackson Tn. Pastor's Dent
I've done so much writing this week that I've got a dent in my finger😂
you might say that. Her and Grace Dent, the vacuous school bullies
my camera roll is full of pics of grace dent and it's bc I've been trying to think of a joke about this for DAYS
If you haven't been to then you must. See what thinks about it ! .
Grace Dent on TV: Jason Manford drama Ordinary Lies shows us why we should all try to a fake death: In Ordinar...
I was laughing at the dent on the guys car next to me & he thought i was laughing @ his dance moves so he kept dancing 😂😂
"There will also be a beatboxing flautist"
I only have grace dent to my name afaik
I may just watch it. I just don't know what it is about her and Grace Dent, though.
I am shocked that has selected Grace Dent to act as a judge alongside Laura Bates (1/2
We will be writing an open letter to regarding their judges Grace Dent and Cathy…
possibly Grace Dent or Casper Van Dien (I would say Edward James Olmos, but he follows nearly 100k)
"Free speech also means the freedom to talk complete rubbish.". ― Grace Dent (
"The problem most news outlets have is finding an expert to fit their own views.". ― Grace Dent (
Find me an ‘expert’ who actually knows anything, says Grace Dent
Grace Dent: Broadchurch is actually just like Eastenders
A shocking article about how much some British people despise culture. Because what really matters is acrylic nails.
Loved it, but this is a spot on review "Broadchurch...The Return. for
On the subject of Broadchurch, this couldn't be more spot on, from the brilliant
“Broadchurch...The Return. for Super piece by the talented Grace Dent - worth a read
Is this the best photoshop effort they could do?
Not just you... MT : Broadchurch is actually just Eastenders...
Grace Dent being brilliant on Broadchurch s2, and how it's a lot like Eastenders (TV snobs look away!)
Completely agree with take on Broadchurch. Except for the bit she says she's going to carry on watching.
Broadchurch: actually just Eastenders for people who don’t do soap.
Grace Dent brilliant on Broadchurch, it's an enjoyable drama but let's not act like it's something it's not.
Grace Dent on TV: Broadchurch is actually just Eastenders, shot in a sweeping Scandi style
I thought it was Grace Dent you really fancied?
Listening to The Frequency Of Laughter from R4. Slightly put off by Grace Dent sounding like she needs extra Poligrip on her false teeth.
I thought Grace Dent read kidding about Calum Best' tattoo. I see I was wrong.
Who's that drag queen going into the bb house? Is it grace dent??
your new avi keeps making me think you are Grace Dent :\
I used to follow Grace Dent, years ago, but her chin got really annoying.
Ha. I have no sound on. just as well as Grace Dent has appeared, not a fan.
hey Grace Dent. Thats you that is...
First up, finds succour and the perfect Sunday lunch spot
A Dog's Life: Grace Dent on living with a Labrador in London
Gillian Anderson is gorgeous in 'The Fall', which is also excellent TV!
Get the Hawaiian feeling this weekend at
"The Fall's detective is too beautiful for a game of horror" But lots of experience in the FBI
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Grace Dent is SO right about Too Many Cooks. Too scary... 😮
I had dinner at The Mondrian. It was pretty ‘nautical’.
It's not easy having a dog in London, but wouldn't trade it for the world.
I wrote this about the rather laughable snobbery about KK
'...her alabaster skin mesmerisingly lit by the station’s lavatory lights.' on 'The Fall':
The Fall's detective is too beautiful for such a game of horror, says
Grace Dent: Is this what Ukip thinks we secretly think? That Lenny Henry should go and live in a ‘black country’?
Brazil barb and juliette aka grace dent
This review of Herman ze German has to be one of finest:
Far from a banger, has the wurst of times
Grace Dent on TV: Grayson Perry tackles issue of identity brilliantly in new show Who Are You?
Good thing we weren't tempted to try Herman ze German
brightening up my otherwise dreadful Thursday commute with this weeks slate of
“The wurst meal I've had for ages. Should have stuck to a decent ENGLISH PORK Sausage!
Check out this absolutely GLOWING review of .. We're gushing with pride!! 😄😊😄
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Review of the new Hawaiian food restaurant in East London:
Restaurant reviews by always very funny. She tells it like it is.
Properly laughed at this. Or 'lolled' in the other sense... Oh dear: The wurst meal I've had for ages. …
"It arrives with a fork but no knife, to prevent people who have been brought here on dates stabbing their partner"
I wish I could write restaurant reviews like
oh dear - I had always secretly wanted to go now I'm not so sure...“The wurst meal I've had for ages.
Can see it now, 'Grace Dent infiltrates Hackney's underground musical food scene'
Whats on: Grace Dent reviews Herman Ze German - You are possibly here looking for a restaurant recommendation, to ...
👌 Silver 2000 Toyota Camry with minor dent in back door 😛😛😍👌
Urrgh is making me watch a TV programme featuring bloody GRACE DENT
Grace dent needs to hop off my case and eat bacon bc bacon hates her so much she even told me
great to see our client get a nice review. Menu sounds delicious but we expect nothing less from Marcus
Great review of by Try it tonight: http:…
Grace Dent presents a six-part history of radio comedy from 1975-2005:
Harvey Dent - SoundCloud Listen to Harvey Dent by JEFFdaMC on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Good stuff from Grace Dent on Brand, Farage & the hypocrisy of political ideologues (that's how I read it anyway)
grace dent neva has a committed intelligent argument How does she have audacity to broadcast her vacuousness How u rep her?
Live Thread: The Agenda - Nigel Farage and David Baddiel and Sarah Vine and Grace Dent
. y does grace dent get these gigs? Never have I seen her answer a question just repeats it! Stupid
I can't take The Agenda seriously. Tom Bradby is wearing more makeup than Grace Dent.
Just saw Nigel Farage, Sarah Vine, Grace Dent and David Baddiel discussing whether blacking up is offensive on ITV.
Some profound honesty from Grace Dent there
So Grace Dent and David Baddiel are the 'balance'. And blacking up isn't offensive. Apparently
Grace Dent & Nigel Farage on The Agenda. Where is Question Time going wrong with their guests?
Agenda at 10.35pm on ITV: Nigel_Farage, Baddiel, grace dent and Tom Bradby
Grace Dent: The rise of Russell Brand and Nigel Farage has proved one thing
The UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, will join ITV's Political Editor Tom Bradby, on The Agenda tonight. Also on the panel will be the comedian, David Baddiel, novelist and broadcaster, Grace Dent, and the columnist, Sarah Vine. The Agenda with Tom Bradby is on ITV at 10:35pm tonight. Join the debate…
Grace Dent in great form re Ched Evans -
Grace Dent on TV: Four years on, The Great British Bake Off remains a warm slice of escapism, rising
Grace Dent on TV: Kirsty Young in a Whistles frock emoting controlled disgust at paedophiles on Crimewatch
Order Miche Bag Online!
Do you know where Grace Dent and Giles Coren like to eat out in London? Evening Standard Jack Monroe too
If it was re-named "Britain's Got Issues" and presented by someone like Charlie Brooker or Grace Dent. It'd be hysterical.
A brilliant piece by on Elliot Roger and the culture which allowed him to commit mass-murder.
Put a dent in the truck...wonder when my dad will notice
Come back to London to find I can't even afford a garage in Kensington and Grace Dent advertising the worst brand of sauces I've ever tried
An insightful take on the California massacre. Social media and "me, me, me..."
If you haven't already - this is a must read - 's opinion piece in The Independent
Unbelievable unlabelled advertorial for Centre Parks in today- and Grace Dent flogging pasta sauce. Yuk
Charlie Brooker talking about being a late bloomer helps: (If you can stand how much Grace Dent interrupts him.)
Absolutely. It's sickeningly insulting to everyone involved. That Grace Dent article today is horrific.
Because everyone knows the world revolves around press commentators
yet another view on the Isla Vista killer, this one struck a chord
Grace Dent: Elliot Rodger. His creed was self-pity, his world a figment of the internet
This was an interesting read on the topic.
Elliot Rodger; "a slaying for the selfie generation"
While Grace Dent's Isla Vista bit is more emotional response than scientific analysis, the comments seem rather harsh
"Perhaps we all share a trait of Elliot Rodger dead before he could enjoy his inflated YouTube viewer hits". Read it.
Excellent piece by on the recent killings by Elliot Rodger:
Grace Dent on Elliot Rodger and "visiting the internet frequently to assure us that the world revolves around us." http…
Grace Dent nails the Elliot Rodger tragedy in this article on his 'creed of self-pity':
Grace Dent has some interesting thoughts on the Isla Vista spree here
Grace Dent is absolutely brilliant on Ellliot Rodger and his 'creed of self pity'.
While this column goes off topic, it touches something, Elliot Rodgers may be a misogynist but he was also a loser
Grace Dent: Of all the mass-murderers, Elliot Rodger is the one I’d most like to throttle
Superbly written. The toxic, fatal self-pity of Elliot Rodger; brilliant, from
Grace Dent has dubbed Janine off of Eastenders: "a brilliant Karen Millen-clad black-widow spider"
So puzzled by ongoing hostility towards philanthropic food banks. Am reminded of this prescient Grace Dent article:
Geoff Lloyd and Grace Dent were really funny last season
My new fitness column begins today. Grace Dent: Just An Everyday Athlete RT
Grace Dent: I agreed up to the bit about Jim Davidson.
I think I'll watch Celebrity Big Brother. As long as the housemates are Brian Cox, Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Mark Steel, Jon Richardson, David Mitchell, Victoria Coren, Jo Brand, Grace Dent, Jennifer Saunders, Lauren Laverne and Andi Walshaw
I'm on telly for ages tonight with some of my most favourite people. Katherine Ryan, Grace Dent, Marcus Brigstocke and host Josh Widdicombe - 'Twit of the Year', C4, 10pm.
I deffs think there should be more women in comedy but this lady on Big Fat Quiz is dire. They should have Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent
I read a really nice review of Boyzone today and thought of you...
I need a saving grace, a hiding place. I dent have forever or time to waste so don't let me be lonely.
Tis a statement often uttered in polite circles. Grace Dent gets all the mucky jobs.
Ritz escapes unscathed (as if it cares) from Grace Dent, I do admire her avoiding boasting celeb 'companions' in favor of her mate 'Peter'
I've not read Grace Dent's Ritz afternoon tea review yet but am just about to. PLEASE don't let it be negative...
Christmas Afternoon tea at The Ritz. Another place I can never go back to.
“Boyzone at 20. A column. "making people happy should never be underrated" > indeed!
"one is left concerned someone might need fresh pants" goes for Christmas afternoon tea at The Ritz... .
I love your style Grace Dent. You have a great way of writing!
"one might win extra marks for navigating a lobster in front of the Duke of Edinburgh" on the ritz
“Boyzone at 20. A column. one for you!
. If you're blue and you-don't-know-where-to-go-to. Why don't you go to where Grace Dent sits... Poutin' in The Ritz
The five gold rings reference in that grace dent review is absolutely spot on.
And this was my review of Christmas afternoon tea at The Ritz...
"It’s only pop music but it makes people happy. Life is brief. Making people happy should never be underrated"
Eastenders Spoiler Interview: Quizzing the Carters With less than two weeks before the Carter family arrive in Walford, actors Danny Dyer *** , Kellie Bright (Linda), Maddy Hill (Nancy) and Sam Strike (Johnny) gathered in The Queen Vic for an interview with renowned columnist Grace Dent. Here are the highlights of their chat. (contains very minor spoilers). Just how does it feel to have joined EastEnders? Danny: Very, very surreal… when you’re doing it, it’s a different process to seeing it, and to see your yourself on The Square is a moment. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m loving it. Does it feel like an incredible amount of pressure to join EastEnders? Kellie: I think you put yourself under a lot of pressure, generally, as an actor, you know? You want to come in and do the best you can do and we’ve been given some really great material. That’s where the pressure comes from really, rather than from anywhere outside of you. Danny: it’s EastEnders, so of course it’s pressure. Obviously th ...
I paid the bill & went to Flesh & Buns for dinner': Grace Dent is not impressed by The Keeper's House..
Waiting to watch Josh Widdicombe present Twit Of The Year with Marcus Brigstock, Joe Lycett, Katherine Ryan and Grace Dent
"I arrived to find the place almost deserted aside from a few couples and a table of three magnificently haughty Chelsea matriarchs sitting glowering at plates that should have been cleared away, wearing fur coats indoors, which at this juncture I thought was fabulously raffish until I realised that they were simply bloody freezing." Grace Dent
Review: in case you missed it, here is reviewing the *** Hussar, in The Standard.
I see from review that the *** Hussar hasn't improved. Food was always inedible:
Speaking of resto reviews, have you read this recent one by Properly funny.
"The food is unforgettable." Grace Dent nails why the *** Hussar is closing. Though I'll miss it, sort of.
what absolute balls. Shouldn't be surprised Grace Dent's solution to everything is "make it into a hipster showoff lounge" but hey.
If you enjoy bad restaurant reviews, look up reviews of Shaka Zulu in Camden. Grace Dent, Matthew Norman and Nick Curtis all hilarious.
Grace Dent deals with the sentimentality over the *** Hussar Top draw restaurant review, bordering on literary
"Chilled wild cherry soup was reminiscent of a bowl of wine-drenched Nesquik" reviews the *** Hussar
.reviews *** Hussar, a Soho stalwart which faces closure. Grace can see why.
I want a 'deep fried potato lattice fortress' Can you make me one please
Brand new Grace & Flavour article has arrived by a valiant attempt to find the good.
Is it too late to change the Christmas party venue to Nandos?
I try to be nice. It just keeps going wrong. Grace & Flavour.
Grace Dent: Breast-is-best lactivists stir guilt in poor hassled mums.
easy for Grace Dent to say. I doubt with chebs like hers she has ever had any problems
Want to have more sex? Leave your smartphones out of the bedroom so much love for Grace Dent and her marvelous style
man if I was the pres-o-dent I would STILL serve Grace Kelly
Oh good they've moved on. I literally had my head in my hands at Grace Dent talking then.
Why is someone called Grace Dent on with grown-ups? She's incapable of completing a sentence. Then she does and makes it worse.
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