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Grace Dent

Grace Dent (born 3 October 1973) is an English journalist, author, and broadcaster.

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If it was re-named "Britain's Got Issues" and presented by someone like Charlie Brooker or Grace Dent. It'd be hysterical.
A brilliant piece by on Elliot Roger and the culture which allowed him to commit mass-murder.
Put a dent in the truck...wonder when my dad will notice
Come back to London to find I can't even afford a garage in Kensington and Grace Dent advertising the worst brand of sauces I've ever tried
An insightful take on the California massacre. Social media and "me, me, me..."
If you haven't already - this is a must read - 's opinion piece in The Independent
Unbelievable unlabelled advertorial for Centre Parks in today- and Grace Dent flogging pasta sauce. Yuk
Charlie Brooker talking about being a late bloomer helps: (If you can stand how much Grace Dent interrupts him.)
Absolutely. It's sickeningly insulting to everyone involved. That Grace Dent article today is horrific.
Because everyone knows the world revolves around press commentators
yet another view on the Isla Vista killer, this one struck a chord
Grace Dent: Elliot Rodger. His creed was self-pity, his world a figment of the internet
This was an interesting read on the topic.
Elliot Rodger; "a slaying for the selfie generation"
While Grace Dent's Isla Vista bit is more emotional response than scientific analysis, the comments seem rather harsh
"Perhaps we all share a trait of Elliot Rodger dead before he could enjoy his inflated YouTube viewer hits". Read it.
Excellent piece by on the recent killings by Elliot Rodger:
Grace Dent on Elliot Rodger and "visiting the internet frequently to assure us that the world revolves around us." http…
Grace Dent nails the Elliot Rodger tragedy in this article on his 'creed of self-pity':
Grace Dent has some interesting thoughts on the Isla Vista spree here
Grace Dent is absolutely brilliant on Ellliot Rodger and his 'creed of self pity'.
While this column goes off topic, it touches something, Elliot Rodgers may be a misogynist but he was also a loser
Grace Dent: Of all the mass-murderers, Elliot Rodger is the one I’d most like to throttle
Superbly written. The toxic, fatal self-pity of Elliot Rodger; brilliant, from
Grace Dent has dubbed Janine off of Eastenders: "a brilliant Karen Millen-clad black-widow spider"
So puzzled by ongoing hostility towards philanthropic food banks. Am reminded of this prescient Grace Dent article:
Geoff Lloyd and Grace Dent were really funny last season
My new fitness column begins today. Grace Dent: Just An Everyday Athlete RT
Grace Dent: I agreed up to the bit about Jim Davidson.
I think I'll watch Celebrity Big Brother. As long as the housemates are Brian Cox, Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Mark Steel, Jon Richardson, David Mitchell, Victoria Coren, Jo Brand, Grace Dent, Jennifer Saunders, Lauren Laverne and Andi Walshaw
I'm on telly for ages tonight with some of my most favourite people. Katherine Ryan, Grace Dent, Marcus Brigstocke and host Josh Widdicombe - 'Twit of the Year', C4, 10pm.
I deffs think there should be more women in comedy but this lady on Big Fat Quiz is dire. They should have Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent
I read a really nice review of Boyzone today and thought of you...
I need a saving grace, a hiding place. I dent have forever or time to waste so don't let me be lonely.
Tis a statement often uttered in polite circles. Grace Dent gets all the mucky jobs.
Ritz escapes unscathed (as if it cares) from Grace Dent, I do admire her avoiding boasting celeb 'companions' in favor of her mate 'Peter'
I've not read Grace Dent's Ritz afternoon tea review yet but am just about to. PLEASE don't let it be negative...
Christmas Afternoon tea at The Ritz. Another place I can never go back to.
“Boyzone at 20. A column. "making people happy should never be underrated" > indeed!
"one is left concerned someone might need fresh pants" goes for Christmas afternoon tea at The Ritz... .
I love your style Grace Dent. You have a great way of writing!
"one might win extra marks for navigating a lobster in front of the Duke of Edinburgh" on the ritz
“Boyzone at 20. A column. one for you!
. If you're blue and you-don't-know-where-to-go-to. Why don't you go to where Grace Dent sits... Poutin' in The Ritz
The five gold rings reference in that grace dent review is absolutely spot on.
And this was my review of Christmas afternoon tea at The Ritz...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
"It’s only pop music but it makes people happy. Life is brief. Making people happy should never be underrated"
Eastenders Spoiler Interview: Quizzing the Carters With less than two weeks before the Carter family arrive in Walford, actors Danny Dyer *** , Kellie Bright (Linda), Maddy Hill (Nancy) and Sam Strike (Johnny) gathered in The Queen Vic for an interview with renowned columnist Grace Dent. Here are the highlights of their chat. (contains very minor spoilers). Just how does it feel to have joined EastEnders? Danny: Very, very surreal… when you’re doing it, it’s a different process to seeing it, and to see your yourself on The Square is a moment. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m loving it. Does it feel like an incredible amount of pressure to join EastEnders? Kellie: I think you put yourself under a lot of pressure, generally, as an actor, you know? You want to come in and do the best you can do and we’ve been given some really great material. That’s where the pressure comes from really, rather than from anywhere outside of you. Danny: it’s EastEnders, so of course it’s pressure. Obviously th ...
I paid the bill & went to Flesh & Buns for dinner': Grace Dent is not impressed by The Keeper's House..
Waiting to watch Josh Widdicombe present Twit Of The Year with Marcus Brigstock, Joe Lycett, Katherine Ryan and Grace Dent
"I arrived to find the place almost deserted aside from a few couples and a table of three magnificently haughty Chelsea matriarchs sitting glowering at plates that should have been cleared away, wearing fur coats indoors, which at this juncture I thought was fabulously raffish until I realised that they were simply bloody freezing." Grace Dent
Review: in case you missed it, here is reviewing the *** Hussar, in The Standard.
I see from review that the *** Hussar hasn't improved. Food was always inedible:
Speaking of resto reviews, have you read this recent one by Properly funny.
"The food is unforgettable." Grace Dent nails why the *** Hussar is closing. Though I'll miss it, sort of.
what absolute balls. Shouldn't be surprised Grace Dent's solution to everything is "make it into a hipster showoff lounge" but hey.
If you enjoy bad restaurant reviews, look up reviews of Shaka Zulu in Camden. Grace Dent, Matthew Norman and Nick Curtis all hilarious.
Grace Dent deals with the sentimentality over the *** Hussar Top draw restaurant review, bordering on literary
"Chilled wild cherry soup was reminiscent of a bowl of wine-drenched Nesquik" reviews the *** Hussar
.reviews *** Hussar, a Soho stalwart which faces closure. Grace can see why.
I want a 'deep fried potato lattice fortress' Can you make me one please
Brand new Grace & Flavour article has arrived by a valiant attempt to find the good.
Is it too late to change the Christmas party venue to Nandos?
I try to be nice. It just keeps going wrong. Grace & Flavour.
Grace Dent: Breast-is-best lactivists stir guilt in poor hassled mums.
easy for Grace Dent to say. I doubt with chebs like hers she has ever had any problems
Want to have more sex? Leave your smartphones out of the bedroom so much love for Grace Dent and her marvelous style
man if I was the pres-o-dent I would STILL serve Grace Kelly
Oh good they've moved on. I literally had my head in my hands at Grace Dent talking then.
Why is someone called Grace Dent on with grown-ups? She's incapable of completing a sentence. Then she does and makes it worse.
Grace Dent you are hilarious and also talk a lot of sense but stop with the incessant you knows - please?
You totes jumped. And I know I'm just so fat but I don't think me hanging on it would make a dent ;)
You jumped on the back of it! That's probably what caused the dent..
Grace Dent, Deborah Meaden and Ben Miller on The Agenda. I'm guessing Gary Wilmot and Lulu were unavailable.
Grace Dent you beauty, you created my early teenage life
Grace Dent v Michael Gove. This should be fun.
Just seen the Trail for the Agenda after News at Ten….. Grace Dent looks like a Bad Drag Act and I am bored rigid of Deborah Meaden
Thanks for the lovely dent in my car
state of grace is amazing song , I love it so much !
On my way home, listening to a BBCr4 Great Lives podcast of Grace Dent doing Nancy Mitford's bio. Could you imagine better radio? No!
Looking fwd to some verbal sparring between Deborah Meaden, Michael Gove, Ben Miller & Grace Dent at the filming of tonight's The Agenda
class BF advocate OR Grace Dent. (I seem to have slipped into talking about parenting not feminism but they're not exclusive)
oh, and Grace Dent of course. How could I forget Grace Dent...?
PS do not look on Grace Dent's feed any time soon - some pictures of our favourite £150 for a PA X Factor reject 😁
Grace Dent, why, WHY is this on my timeline?!?!?!
Never again! Grace Dent's most epic hangovers via
Grace Dent on TV: The Sound of Musicals, - Read about journey!.
read Grace Dent's piece on her hangovers. And face the music.
“The biggest eccentrics in show-biz. funniest thing I've read all morning
May have to try and watch this if it's still available sounds like a hoot. .
Oh, Grace Dent plugged my blog once.
Grace Dent blocked me and I haven't the foggiest idea why, maybe it's a random thing
Ask Grace Dent why Rihanna is a toxic nitwit for going back to Chris Brown but she loves Madonna-Sean Penn
11:30 Dilemma: On the panel, Nick Revell and Danielle Ward, Grace Dent, and Ricky Wilson.
The Independent: The Grace Dent Guide to Happiness. If the Jubilee made you happy there's something wrong with you -
Sadly yes -- Hadley Freeman, Catherine Mayer, and to Grace Dent.
How insecure do you have to be make such horrific threats to female journalists? Hadley Freeman, Grace Dent and Catherine Mayer amongst..
This made me happy, I actually laughed out loud! - The Grace Dent Guide to Happiness
It's not sexism if the persons a complete *** Grace Dent is band-wagon riding *** and a terrible journalist.
It's 10:46pm how is Grace Dent doing?
Bomb threats on female journalists reaches 'a new low' says one who received it
Whilst I admit to singing along to Delilah and cooing at Prince George, she does have a point...
Can I just say that I did not send that bomb threat to Grace Dent and I still have no idea why she blocked me but it's definitely not that
lol Grace Dent. Watches telly and eats stuff. Blinder
Someone has just told me it's Grace Dent. *yawns some more*.
It'll be like the millenium all over again. Us all holding our breaths to see if Grace Dent really does get blown up at the appointed hour
So Grace Dent has to take some incredible malevolent comment at face value? How could a species survive on that basis?
Oh really. Grace Dent really thinks she is at risk of being blown up. Yeah, right. BLOCK BUTTON. Job done.
'If Cameron's survey finds us happier because of the and I'm afraid it's utter tosh'
I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet Grace Dent won't actually die in a bomb blast this evening
There's another one tonight. Somebody has threatened to blow up Grace Dent and we're supposed to take this seriously
Threatening to blow up Robin Hood Airport is funny, but threatening to blow up Grace Dent isn't? Who makes these rules?
Hadley Freeman and Grace Dent also got the same threat today. Hadley has already reported it to the police.
If you're bored of Grace Dent shoehorning a Rihanna insult into every column then read me on why Ri-Ri is the best …
"I see more of Rihanna’s *** than I do of my nieces’ faces" The latest piece of brilliance from is up.
Grace Dent and Caitlin Moran and Lauren Laverne and Sue Perkins and oh hang on I have cut my own throat
Bit terrifying when I get a couple of questions right about Caitlin Moran that Grace Dent got wrong on It's Not What You Know!
Anyway, it's got Grace Dent and Caitlin Moran on it, so that's ok.
Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent on Radio 4 later, that's one thing I'll be giving a miss then
The Glastonbury festival is well under way with an estimated 135,000 revellers expected at attend. Writing in the Independent, journalist Grace Dent has said it's time for the over 35's to be banned from the festival as they'll only embarrass themselves by behaving in ways that are more suited to the younger crowd. But should there be a cut off age for Glastonbury?
India Knight, Grace Dent and Giles Coren have all blocked me. Giles was only one with valid reason of you ask me :-)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
i love the one that looks like grace dent in The Apprentice
I can imagine Grace Dent screaming "Call that a Beehive?!"
Not going home: the doctor, Grace Dent, peculiar make-up entrepreneur.
Robert Fisk, James Lawton, Grace Dent and Patrick Cockburn in The Independent are tremendous writers.
Nice of Gizzi Grace Dent Erskine to do it
The one who looks a bit like Grace Dent is my favourite for no real reason.
There is always one contestant on who looks like Grace Dent.
Cars in virtue of dent postcards slack the fooling in connection with gusto, subscribe, grace of expression.:
Grace Dent said it better than i ever could /The Book of Mormon’s lesson in genital genocide via
I just took the ace bandage off... I have a dent in my hand where i hit it and my entire wrist hurts. 😞
I thought you were only pretending not to know what was coming Grace Dent.
hey art-o-mat® artists! we need more of your stuff. once of our venues just put a big dent in our supply. thanks! aic
It annoys me. A *** follower once disagreed with Grace Dent and she accused him of being a dirty web sex pest. All the Lols
Homes for sale in Britain for ONE quid. I love it. MT
I'm no Harvey Dent, but im radiating heat
Warren Buffett reminded all of us last week that Corporate America could do more to advance women in the workplace. Perhaps he should start with his own company.
Quick invite grace dent round, she loves bees
dear Grace: was the title 'Al Dent, Eh?' Ever considered for your restaurant column?
I've banned myself. And I'm still unproductive. I'll never be as good as Grace Dent :(
Catching up with Grace Dent's review of The Attendant. Love that she thinks Fitzrovia is "an ignored part of central London"
Like How about a nice pisspresso? Former Victorian public urinals in ingeniously turned into cafe.
friends, be careful. There is a pack headed your way.The driver spotted the glare through 6 layers of shielded glass, including his prelen...
it'll be "OMG TOTES AMAZEBALLS. I loved it, Caitlin is my BFF, she's so funny" — Grace Dent
I'm starting a blog called 'Why Di Grace Dent Block Me' where I will systematically list all the reasons why for this block
There's a Mason Liu sized dent in the outfield wall from the first inning. He's fine. Just belted a standup double.
Happy 17th Birthday to my best friend hope you have a lovely day! Wish I could be there with you! Miss you! Love you! ❤❤
you'd better add Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent then...
any chance of organising a dinner date with grace dent for me ? Sounds like a cheap evening
Grace Dent in yesterday's Indie compared arrests of celebs accused of abuse with witch hunts of old. No! This is justice for victims!
Thronecast has made me fancy Grace Dent a bit. Worrying scenes. More to follow.
Someone, somewhere is trying to commission a BBC2 series based on the Giles Coren vs Grace Dent 'spat'. *throws TV into the Thames*
And that, Grace Dent, is how to write a humorous television review.
Love the way he says "A lady called Grace Dent" as if you were some total random & not the writer of the best GoT review ever
I've nearly met the famous Grace Dent on more than one occasion.
Julian chuckled as he watched the children he spoke to yesterday eagerly telling the story he'd told them the day before with such animated faces. Where there once had been grief and desperation were now filled with smiles of hopes and joy. Sure they barely made a dent in all the destruction but what little they were able to do, had impacted the townspeople in ways he didn't even foresee coming. Lifting his head to find Grace among the many children and adults he found her with a smile on her face being hugged and shown a banner. Lifting one of the children into his massive arms he carried him over to the others and set him down. "What's this?" He asked Grace curiously with a smile. Read more:
Grace Dent on TV: Vicious and The Job Lot, ITV: Two new ITV1 comedies, Vicious and The Job Lot, plus Sky One's...
God, can you imagine. Id be constantly jealous of her wit and most likely drinking capabilities. However who is grace dent?!
I have. I want to be in her friendship group. Her and Grace Dent are awesome
Grace Dent has written a review of on in today's ES magazine
After her condom pudding last month moves on to coffee in urinals. Read on, it's a good one!
In case you missed it earlier: has lunch in a Victorian loo - and rather likes...
Grace Dent: Roache is the latest celeb in the dock and we're the judge and ... - The...
Grace & Flavour. Some musings on food by me.
.goes underground 'in the Womble sense' and reviews Attendant (the cafe in a Victorian loo) in today's ES
.rather enjoys her right to eat French toast where a thousand Victorian men once pointed their bits:
Order Miche Bag Online!
Disgusting journalism from regarding pure programming, wasn't arrested
A piece by me about Bill, Rolf, and the big Yewtree bonfire for
Interesting piece by Grace Dent on male anonymity in sex trials
People in TV I want to smack in the gob No.1: Grace Dent. That's right, Grace. I'm a man, you're a woman. & I want to punch you in your gob.
Add that to being blocked by Grace Dent for pointing out (quite rightly) that she's a bit of a manly jaw, and I'm winning at life it seems.
Jennifer Saunders called Grace Dent a *** on here by mistake last week, who's next?
Would Grace Dent have written this muddled piece after she knew Stuart Hall had changed his plea to guilty?
Bill Roache latest celebrity in the long branches of yewtree. will Grace Dent hazard the female names wielding the axe ?
'Operation Yewtree should be a small victory for women, but I don’t feel remotely victorious', says
Food for thought, definitely worth a read on the big Yewtree bonfire
After hearing about her defence of rapists and criticism of yewtree makes me glad I was blocked by Grace Dent. Cockwomble.
Grace Dent on Roache's infamous quotes: "...not sounding entirely modern in his thinking about sex. But why would he be – he’s 81."
Read the Grace Dent piece because Dad said it was good. Disgusted.
Scythian is a band that has been regularly praised for its eclectic sound. And, beyond the music, there's something else worth noting: One of the group's members has repeatedly shown himself willing to boldly move against the ideological flow that colors the majority of today's entertainment industr...
'Why I've been reconsidering my position on male anonymity in sex trials' via
Sire Hopkins, did ye see that wench Grace Dent have a wee pop at ye in this morn's news?
"Bill Roache is the latest celebrity in the dock & we’re the judge and jury. It all makes me uneasy" says
going by Grace Dent's appearance on Masterchef yesterday, it most certainly is
Why did I not know that Grace Dent is also a food writer?
get in the queue she's mine hah I love Grace Dent and Caitlin Moran is fabulous too
Grace Dent has been shoehorned into Game of Thrones podcast and Masterchef. I can't bloody stand the woman. Who do I write to?
Here are 950 words that I wrote about BBC1's The Wright Way. Treat yourself. Enjoy.
since when was Grace Dent a food critic? Am I a food critic? Are you? Is it just something you can say you are?
Ben Elton has created an admirably broad new comedy. Shame it's not ... - The Independent
he DOES have cold,dead eyes tho. since when is Grace Dent an expert? she mentioned paying £10 for a pud. Fine,if it's 10 Vienettas
Just catching up on Since when has Grace Dent been a Food Columnist??
Grace Dent being incisive but probably a bit generous:
I just watched tonight's Masterchef. I had no idea that Grace Dent was a food critic. She's definitely got the teeth for it.
Grace Dent looking like a crackhead on Masterchef
This woman has a lovely little devil in her pen: Grace Dent reviews Brasserie Chavot via
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
And Grace Dent, liking her too. She seems pretty eccentric and like she knows how to have a laugh
I'm up to the main courses and so far I'm loving Grace Dent being on TV £& also that Natalie my fav cheesy quaver is doing well.
I was too busy laughing at Grace Dent's hair! Jay Rayner comes out with great lines.
Grace Dent's hair had a life of its own on
I bet the Wannssee Conference episode of was a belter. And quite how Grace Dent had the nerve to critique anything...
apparently even Grace Dent is a critic and no-one knew, so you might be one already.
Grace Dent talked about a £10 dessert like it was normal. If I paid that I'd expect Grace Dent on the plate
How does writing crap about Eastenders in the Guardian qualify Grace Dent to write about food?
Ew yuk! Grace Dent with her hair down is chillin sight. Like a pack of hyenaw draggin away an infant wildebeest.
It's like some kind of horrible punishment: Grace Dent, Louise Mensch and Katie Hopkins are everywhere
since when has 'celebrity' tv critic Grace Dent been a food 'columnist' whatever the *** that is.
is there nothing Grace Dent can't do.well
I thought Grace Dent was a TV critic?
Just had to google why Grace Dent is a food critic on I could do that, is a shiny face essential?
And as for Grace Dent: brush your teeth and your hair! What a state!
Grace Dent, what exactly do you know about food? Last I saw, you spent your time writing about soaps
Oi grace dent, ur looking good on masterchef
It's Grace Dent!! Didn't realise she was a food critic
Watching Grace Dent eat is like watching a spoon eat a spoon.
Grace Dent going to be on HIGNFY after this? Lol
Eurgh - there's repellant Grace Dent chucking in her two cents worth...does she even know how to cook?
If you're struggling for any kind of critic just get Grace Dent in
Grace Dent is a "food columnist" And you people actually pay attention to what she says?
Uh oh. Grace Dent. In the flesh... Illusions shattered
the food critics are mostly w*nkers, except the Guardian guy, Jay Rayner and Grace Dent
Since when has Grace Dent had anything to do with food?
Grace Dent is a food columnist as well as being on Is there anything she can't do??
And when did Grace Dent become a food columnist? As you can tell, I've only just tuned in...
Didn't realise Grace Dent was a food critic.
How many cats do you reckon Grace Dent's got? So far, I mean.
Couldn't Grace Dent have.. You know, ran a brush through her hair? Yikes.
I have such a crush on Grace Dent. Is that bad?
Watching on delay. How did Grace Dent wangle a place in there? Has she ever even written about food?
Am confused as to Grace Dent the food critic though?
I love Grace Dent's ES column. Today's one was another corker.
I'm waiting for Grace Dent to marry Ronnie Wood What do you mean she Wood Dent?
Standard 'sorry going to be late' call off
In which wonders what happened to John Sweeney's North Korean tour guides -
DTN Korean News: Grace Dent on TV North Korea Undercover Panorama: With only the deep sense of disrespect for ...
Longhorn mince on beef dripping toast - Grace Dent: A life in bites
Thank-you for truly making me 'laugh out loud' and painting such a beautifully vivid picture of Moonflower and worthy courgettes
If i was a restaurant critic, I hope my reviews would be as amazing as this one by As I’m not, THIS.
.gets a raw deal at an arty vegan cafe in the heart of Mayfair and nearly starts a fight with a hippie
"Hippies love rules. A hippie with a pad of Post-it notes is a bloody happy hippie." I snorfled. by
Sigh. I like Grace Dent's response to something similar-one way to stop women complaining about rape would be for men to stop raping.
Thanks & for these wonderful products used to sculpt Grace Dent's barnet this morning!
Grace Dent review - 42°Raw: OK, regardless of the joy-free zone that the raw food ethos sounds like, I cannot ...
Isn't a raw food restaurant just a supermarket with plates?
42°Raw Nope. certainly can't go back there again!
Oh dear. Here's another place I can NEVER go back to. This week's Grace & Flavour. RT
'Obviously, I knew better than to bicker with a hippie about petty rules':reviews vegan restaurant 42°Raw
I think I might fancy grace dent a little
Blog post on GoT interview w/ George RR Martin & Grace Dent. It's a goody (the interview, not the post. Necessarily.)
Who is Grace Dent and why is she on my TV?
But once again, not remotely interested in what Grace Dent or Geoff Lloyd think about it. No.offence, I'm just not.
Great article from Grace Dent on this week
Basically, I want to be the next Caitlin Moran, or Grace Dent.
No. Grace Dent is someone, like Caitlin Moran, whom I simply do not read. I see the name and move on. Am I missing something?
Grace Dent: spot on about Thatcher's legacy for our generation of women via
Crikey. Grace Dent's piece on *** Philpott, his judge, and his hideous control over "his" women is bloody amazing.
Website Builder 728x90
Although I'm not a fan, I can appreciate that Grace Dent is a good writer. On television, however, she has the charisma of Alan Shearer.
inevitable with Grace Dent involved I'm afraid :p
that whole crowd is self righteous and annoying. Grace Dent/Emma Kennedy and so on. Get on my nerves.
Grace Dent seen on the TV has confirmed what I always thought. She’s an up her own *** twonk.
I can see what is trying to do with its GoT aftershow, but my god it's bad. Grace. Dent.
Grace Dent her name is. Horrific patter.
Grace Dent currently on a Game of Thrones fan show on Sky Atlantic talking about the characters as if they were real...
Increasingly uninterested in what other people have to say about stuff like Game of Thrones. By 'people' I mean 'Grace Dent'.
Grace Dent seems to be an obsessive of any programme where she can get some work and TV time about it.
Wow that is not how I imagined Grace Dent would sound
I forgot that Grace Dent was in charge of liking Game of Thrones.
There is no way Rick Ross can grace inauguration that will be a dent on image cause of what Rick ross represents!
We're nothing without Gods grace and guidance.
Haven't even made a dent in the mound of reading I had set myself this weekend!
Boo! That's a shame, we're just seeing grace dent because is sold out :'(
Her and Grace Dent are just the dumbest duo advocating stupid views and covering it up by being *~ funny fems~*
FGM subject in the Musical "The Book of Mormon's". Grace Dent writes: "In four weeks working out of the Prince of...
Can't wait for night with my girls :-) ;-)
Ok o! Let him nt dent u duyz chmps lg hope sha We go gv 'am D grace of one final match 1st.
When I grow up if I can't be Grace Dent I want to be Sarah Dempster
do you like Grace Dent's message btw? It has offended many.
Grace Dent on TV: 40-Year-Old Virgins - See on - zyxxle In our heavily sexualised society, it’s...
I bought the other one. grace dent. 'traveller' supplement with column subtitled 'the man who pays his way'
Excellent article from Grace Dent on female genital mutilation & how the Book of Mormon is doing important work
I do think Margaret would get on well with Grace Dent. There's backcombing and leopard print :) Do you get Who soon too?
Rabbit. The wife's on the blower to Grace Dent, moaning about John Lewis, so I'm smugly flipping off a shunting of homemade cod cakes. Bosh!
Happy Doctor Who Day! I tried to read that Grace Dent article but stopped as she described people (not being eaten) as "toothsome."
An eye-watering and vitally necessary article by Grace Dent on FGM and feminism:
This is very good. Grace Dent on The Book of Mormon and female genital mutilation -
Great piece by Grace Dent on The Book of Morman: The Independent via
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
"The worst 'party' a woman can go to. by me for Great stuff as ever from Grace Dent
The Brothers Johnson - Danny Baker, Martin Freeman and Grace Dent discuss the impact of their version of Strawberry Letter 23.
Blocked by Grace Dent because Caitlin Moran blocked me.
Pretty sure Beyonce doesn't read Grace Dent or Caitlin Moran's views on her marriage, but I like to think Bow Down is a message to them.
i don't know how you found the time tbh. all that work AND the business of "being grace dent" .
Grace Dent saw it as her Algonquin, I think
K there is a legit dent in my head from where my head kept hitting the sharp window seal edge on the bus. Ouch. :(
*I *smile* as my tired eyes meet Grace's* No, but I've made a pretty good dent in it. My eyes were getting tired, so I >>
Got an actual reply of grace dent about oasis, made up here
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