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Governor Nixon

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Was there and will never forget the look on Governor Jay Nixon and AD Mike Alden's face two rows behind me. Pricele…
At the time, Missouri had a left of middle Governor, Jay Nixon that fully supported Obama. Those difficult years
Can Jay Nixon please be governor of Kansas?
An interview with former MO Governor Jay Nixon at 7:45 am on
Governor Hassan Joho records statement, claims life in danger
Remember Nixon ran for governor of California in 1962 after losing to JFK in 1960. Didn't go well for him.
I'm sure it'll work as well as Nixon's run for California governor.
¨I am not a crook¨ ... Richard Nixon, . Hey Governor, how does it feel to take away the insurance for 24 mill Americans?
Governor Joho lists those who have been sent to assassinate him before Elections -
Nixon, on his legacy: 'Sometimes history finds you': On the evening of May 22, 2011, then Governor Jay Nixon was in…
MPs accused President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto of engaging in political intimidation against Governor Hassan J…
Need a common sense governor, Greitens not the answer, and Nixon definitely wasn't!!!
Maybe rioting will be less fun now that MO has a Republican Governor instead of Nixon who delayed the National Guard
Former Democratic governor of my state Jay Nixon actively contributed to this. Can't wait to see what his Republica…
Carter could run circles around Trump. Carter tried to be Governor of the US & found out that don't work
Facing Reagan as Governor, Nixon as President and Hoover in charge of the FBI, Davis proved her innocence thanks to mass mobilisation   10% Off
Remember we are a nation that fired Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza for pinching a guard's nose but retained a governor who slapped a…
Grandmother serving life prison sentence hoping for last minute mercy from Gov. Nixon nixon
Blair Oaks Select Choir at Governor Nixon's Candlelight Ceremony this past Friday. What an honor!
On Monday, Governor Nixon signed into law our bill to protect yoga. Learn when it goes into effect!
Stepping off the Landing before Mayor Slay & Governor Nixon get there. [fistpump] (at in St. Louis, MO)
look at the 72 election Nixon versus the Governor Nixon 50 states Sanders is similar to McGovern
Is the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon,going to investigate this!
NAACP Victory: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signs executive order to in state employment
Thx to great work by & researchers to develop Best Practices Guidelines
Thank you, Governor Nixon, for making it a bit easier for folks to re-enter workplaces after serving time for...
Ban the Box news in MO; signs a job search benefit for ex offenders:
Thanks to for directing state agencies to review Best Practice Guidelines
Gov. Nixon directs Office of Administration to lead an interagency effort on pay equity: Following the release...
Thx Governor Nixon for joining 21 states, the District of Columbia, and over 100 cities and counties to
Nixon directs state agencies not to ask about criminal history on initial applications:
Way to go for your leadership in establishing a for persons w/criminal records: http…
The release came just ahead of to fulfill part of Governor Nixon's Executive Order No. 15-09.
MO Governor Nixon orders state agencies to not ask job applicants about their criminal histories.
Butler said “Because of the governor, we now have an executive that said ‘no more’ in the state of Missouri. We...
Rubio loses by 10+ with endorsement of popular governor and senator. Can they drag his limp body to the mountaintop?
Bribes as Maryland governor, did you know about those RMN?
Don't forget Reagan was Governor of CA, thought, wrote & spoke deeply about politics & had publicly supported Goldwater & Nixon
obviously Jay Nixon, the Missouri Governor who defended the Furgeson PD will be the running mate then
. apprenticeships work for Missourians. Learn more at
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will be our Keynote Speaker! MLDDA Annual Meeting Feb 27, in Columbia, MO
how do you think she'd fare in a primary versus Governor Palin, Sir?
That's not what Gov Jay Nixon said. You must have a higher position than a state governor, eh?
Gov. Nixon receives national award for achievements in mental health: Gov. Jay Nixon today was recognized with...
Gov Jay Nixon calls Sandoval of NV is the most impressive republican governor (sorry Charlie)
Yesterday Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law Senate Bill 585, which divides the 38th Judicial Circuit in...
Well after all he's a Nixon UN governor anointed by
Nixon Admin PR: We have decided to throw our support behind Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura in 2016 for POTUS.
Missouri needs to look at this, too. Nixon's not above accommodating liberal/leftist ideas proposed by the Obama...
Gov. Nixon signs Senate Bill 585, creating new judicial circuit in southwest Missouri: Gov. Jay Nixon today si...
Gov. Nixon to lead session on disaster preparedness at NGA Winter Meeting, participate in panel ...: Gov. Jay ...
Gov. Nixon appoints attorney Joseph L. Green as new Associate Circuit Judge in St. Louis Coun...
. discusses why high-tech entrepreneurs are coming to Missouri.
He was asked to run for CA governor after those speeches. He crushed Pat Brown who'd beated Nixon 4 years earlier
The six percent fund increase proposed by Governor Jay Nixon was denied to public MO colleges and universities.
don't forget how well the Iowa Governor helped trump and rubio lol
. to expand with a new office in KC, creating more jobs in the tech sector.
"Here's a minority republican running for president, who is endorsed by a minority gop governor." [As Trump's lead grows]
A Missouri Governor proposed taxing to raise money for education. Thoughts?
"Reading, leading, and getting involved." 🔑 Governor Nixon
Governor Nixon addresses School Board members and Superintendents at the Legislative Forum.
Hamilton Collection
Governor Nixon addressing school board members and superintendents at MSBA Legislative Forum.
Sakaja vs Waiguru vs Sonko for governor . 2017 elections will be lit
FFA - CAIR holds rally at Missouri capitol in support of Syrian refugees welcomed by Governor Jay Nixon.
I liked a video Nixon enlists Governor's aid in the war on drugs
I wish we had a great Governor like Gov Brownback, we have a lemon, Nixon who carries Obama's water
Kasich now recounting his meeting with President Nixon when the now Governor was just 18
GOP leadership failed to hold one governor in reserve for the winter. Their consultants are not worth a *** Instinct is worth more.
Missouri bills on daily fantasy sports don’t go as far as Governor wants; seeks regulation of DFS as gambling
Governor Nixon, no Muslim refugees in Missouri, please!
Governor Nixon's decision on Syrian refugees? Eh, let someone else make it:
Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder is urging Governor Nixon to put the brakes on allowing any Syrian...
"The group, Just Moms STL, plans to deliver a petition with more than 11,000 signatures to Governor Nixon's...
New data shows leading the nation in new business creation. Great news for workers, biz & communities
and announced an interstate wager for the vs World Series - starting tmrw
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon proposes tuition freeze at stat featured in NBC s Science of Love
Whats our bet, "Govs of NY, MO place friendly wager on World Series"
Here's something & agree on: I should not have to wear a Mets jersey. Go
Anyone know anything about the NY governor? Maybe we could take theirs and give them Nixon if we win?
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon have a friendly wager in place for the World Series.
My Deputy Governor, Bernard Kiala, has been using his position to steal from Wananchi by diverting Government resources …
As the Governor of Machakos, it is my duty to protect the people of Machakos from greedy officials and to expose them.
Check out this epic wager...LETS GO METS!! https:/…
Check out this epic wager...LETS GO METS!!
In bet, losing governor will wear winning team’s jersey to work:
Looking fwd to seeing my friend in royal blue when the
Some weak sauce from your governor. We offer him beer, he offers us a hat?
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wager big on World Series: The losing governor has to wear...
Today with we announce an interstate wager on the matchup between and in
Governors of New York, Missouri place friendly wager on World Series.
.and announce wager on between and Here's what on the line:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Walker thinks like Nixon; if the governor does it, then it can't be illegal. Please stop voting for these clowns.
I’ve wagered the best of on the outcome of Royals-Mets
. you're going to look GREAT in blue and orange!
BREAKING NEWS: Missouri National Guard is activated by Governor Nixon scheduled to carry 185 people, but 23 passengers did not show up
A recent statement from Governor Nixon on how Western Missouri benefited when opened 1st class facility.
looking like they want to keep Governor Nixon's cup in Missouri.
Governor Nixon's son arrested with his second DWI in downtown Columbia.
Hear goals for veteran care Governor Nixon and Senator Blunt shared with VFW members today, at 5 & 6.
Governor Nixon urges lawmakers to increase Missouri's fuel tax for transportation improvements via
. Dear Governor Nixon, because the actions of the medical board, I cannot afford to live a healthy life.
they were bigots when 1/4 white men joined the KKK & elected Klansman governor in 1920s--they resurrected KKK from oblivion.
That's the standard practice in most states -- governor picks his party, regardless of prior incumbent
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon sent two emails in 2014 from his state-issued address
Governor let burn, but will move heaven&earth, take on debt to build a new (likely empty) He's a disgrace
Governor Nixon addressing the Conference to discuss the support and interoperability of state…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
. orders flags to half-staff to honor fallen firefighter in Webster Co.
MO Governor Nixon is Putting Libraries in Peril. Makes sense, since an educated populace wouldn't vote for him again.
We just made the front page of Reddit! is Putting Libraries in Peril via …
New development clears path for Rams relocation: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has pulled St. Louis County out o...
Bill to bolster agriculture industry headed to Governor Nixon’s desk
Governor Nixon pulls STL county from the stadium financial plan. It seems something is going on behind the scenes.
Governor pulls St. Louis County out of new football stadium financing: A senior aide to Gov. Jay Nixon recentl...
Why doesn't Governor Nixon support the tens of thousands of Missourians whose jobs depend on our ports?
Governor Nixon pulls St. Louis County out of new NFL stadium financing plans: via
Gov. Nixon orders flags to half-staff in Webster County on Wednesday to honor firefighter who died in line of ...
SaveMoLibs! Governor Nixon is currently defunding Missouri libraries to the tune of $6 million per year.
MIssouri’s Dem governor is planning to comply with climate rule that the state’s GOP strongly opposes
Governor Jay Nixon at the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf press conference this morning
Governor Jay Nixon's choice: Examining the possibilities for Missouri's next state auditor.
Press conference highlights several bills to fight back against Governor Nixon's "War on Miss… via
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Going to be difficult with Jay Nixon as governor
This, too: The Governor has cancelled 2 appearances over this. Bunkering = Nixon.
Dear Honorable Governor Jay Nixon,. Why do you tolerate a medical board that does the opposite of their legislated duty?
Good news from 's office: added nearly 10,000 mfg jobs in 2014, largest increase since 1995.
governor Nixon says no to Right to Work!
From "Missouri Governor Nixon is Putting Libraries in Peril" and what you can do to help.
Libraries are so important, - please don't hold back their funding
Thanks to all Vietnam Veterans for your service to our country!
1st black to serve in statewide office in MO. Sign the petition to make it happen. Decision in just a few days.
MO Governor is cutting 90% of library funding and doesn't think anyone cares. Could you RT?
Fox St. Louis: Governor Nixon evades questions on National Guard and Ferguson.
Tax Dollars Will Be Used For New Rams Stadium United for Missouri: Governor Nixon appointed two individuals to come up with a proposal to keep the St Louis Rams in St Louis. The action itself is not a bad thing. Keeping an NFL team in St Louis is a worthy objective. Where the wheels come off is when the proposal puts the taxpayers on the hook for $300-400 million plus. The plan the Governor's appointees came back with is a $985 million plan to build a 64,000 seat stadium and renovate blighted north St Louis City. I like parts of the plan. It would be great to have the new stadium and the area in question back in action. What I don't like is that the Governor and his appointees want you and I to be major investors in the project - without asking us. They also engage in a very deceptive statement of trying to convince the media and us that it will not cost taxpayers more than we are paying now. The proposal would extend the current bonds on the Edward Jones Dome which will currently be paid off in 2021. ...
August 14th Governor Nixon announced that the Missouri State Highway patrol would take over security operations in Ferguson.
In my opinion white house and Governor Nixon this situation is being instituted to put marshal law in effect.
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder says Obama administration must have leaned on Governor Nixon to ignore pleas from Ferguson Mayor to send in National Guard.
I have to say this whole looting and rioting all over the U.S. is a way for people to take advantage of the situation. I have refrained in saying much other then the usual. Pray for the safety of our law enforcement and National Guard. There is no reason that race has to play a card in this situation. The media and Governor Nixon have blown this whole shooting to the point that it is, we need to back up our law enforcement until proven guilty. I hope no one else (businesses and individuals) have to suffer with the acts of violence and criminal acts with the looting and riots. My heartaches that the Brown's lost there son, but as parents we need to teach our kids to just listen to the law enforcement no matter what color you are. So moving on I hope this situation ends before the Thanksgiving holiday, Thursday. I would like nothing better then peaceful Christmas movies and the things that we are thankful for like "family and friends".
Governor Nixon (D) of Missouri was negligent in his duties by not protecting personal property.
Where was Governor Nixon last night? Where is he today? Rick Perry would be all over this.
According to Governor Nixon has ordered more National Guardsmen to The Guard is providing security at the Police Department.
Is the Ferguson State of Emergency declared by Governor Nixon legal? Something to think about from the folks at Missouri First: November 19, 2014 In anticipation of civil unrest in Furguson, on November 17, 2014 Governor Jay Nixon issued Executive Order 14-14, declaring that State of Emergency exists in the State of Missouri. That declaration was not legally proclaimed. Under Missouri law, the declaration of emergency and the assumption of what could easily be considered dictatorial powers by the governor, applies to the entire state, not just some region suffering from a disaster or civil unrest. The powers the governor assumes during a state of emergency are enumerated in Chapter 44.100 RSMo. They include the power to “Seize, take or requisition... Any means of transportation, other than railroads”, “Any communication system”, “All stocks of fuel”, and “Facilities for housing, feeding and hospitalization of persons, including buildings and plants”. The governor can also, “Control, rest ...
Today's 3 signs of the apocalypse. 1) Missouri's Governor Nixon* declared a state of emergency (which calls up the National Guard) in preparation for the Ferguson verdict. *Seriously? Who elects another Nixon? 2) Charles Manson is issued a marriage license to marry a 26 year old. 3) New York Magazine uses [the font] Cooper Black on its cover... ...that's the one that disturbes me most.
Governor Nixon has activated the National Guard because of threats by thugs who demand they over rule our courts decisions and mobs shall decide the out come of a legal trial regardless of any testimony or evidence given. These people must be dealt with severely, we have a nation of laws, they threaten the foundation of our country! Proper warning should be given, they will not be allowed to loot, burn, destroy , private or public property and they will be stopped by any means necessary.
URGENT: Last night during an event in where hundreds of people marched for an end to police brutality, police confiscated the Governor Nixon, "accountability truck" and arrested the driver who was held for hours and then released. Witnesses say police in an unmarked car targeted the driver and pulled him from the truck. Missouri law enforcement continues to try to violate our first amendment rights and silence our calls for justice for Mike Brown. But we're strong, we're organized, and we will hold Governor Nixon responsible for allowing the systemic violation of Black Missourians' free speech and human rights. When communities are prevented from speaking out and challenging their country we are no longer in a democracy; we are no longer in America. In the coming days, a St. Louis Grand Jury will decide whether or not Darren Wilson will be held accountable for killing Mike Brown. Military tanks in the streets of St. Louis show the police are ready to escalate their violence against peaceful protestors. A ...
In January 2010, Governor Nixon launched the 'Show-Me Heroes' initiative to help Missouri's Veterans and members of the National Guard & Reserve reconnect wi...
GOOD NEWS from Governor Nixon and let's hope it goes deep enough and comes up with some solid changes.
It's been a good week here in Bulldog Nation. Truman State University received a U.S. News Education ranking, Governor Nixon released performance funding for higher education and it's family day weekend. Now we're looking forward to watching Truman State University Bulldog Athletics win this weekend in cross country, tennis, soccer, volleyball and football. Go dogs!
WALMART GAVE $10,000 TO Darren Wilson'S DEFENSE FUND, according to a minister in Ferguson who said he inspected Darren Wilson's GoFundme page. Yesterday we conducted an economic boycott of Sam's and Walmart's in Ferguson and reduced their revenue by over 50 percent. Workers said they had never seen profitability so low. Why are we boycotting? We want St. Louis business leaders to tell Governor Nixon to remove Robert P. McCulloch. We are also boycotting other companies. I will post the press release tomorrow. In the meantime, we continue to work on our plan to "Strip Law Enforcement Agents of Unbridled Power!"
Governor Nixon: Don't let officer Darren Wilson get away with murder; secure justice for Mike Brown | ColorOfChange -
Whatever you do, WATCH this video, SHARE it, & know the role POLITICAL THUGS Jeff Roorda (MO State Rep) and Jay Nixon (MO Governor) play in our fight to get JUSTICE FOR Michael Brown. (1/1/2011) St. Louis officer, Dustin Ries, VISCOUSLY beats a man with his nightstick then peppersprays him. The MAN WAS CHARGED with misdemeanor assault for LUNGING at the officer's ankles! The OFFICER WAS CLEARED of all criminal charges. JEFF ROORDA said Officer Ries was SAVED because "THE PROSECUTOR GOT IT RIGHT". "There's a trend of persecuting our officers instead of prosecuting criminals. The second-guessing of our officers and the rush to judgment in cases like this serves no purpose for our community." 5 FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW 1. Governor Nixon is helping Roorda raise funds to win STATE SENATE this November (Jeff Roorda was fired from the police force of Arnold, MO in 2001 for filing a false statement against a suspect. 3. Jeff Roorda is a board member of Shield of Hope, the nonprofit that raised $197K for Officer Dar ...
In case you are not aware, our governor, Jay Nixon, of the great state of Missouri, has cut the state budget. He is taking a very huge chunk from the Department of Mental Health. If our senators and representatives are not able to stop this, Governor Nixon will close all the Regional Centers north of I-70. The budget for our Hannibal Regional Center will go to St. Louis. Please let the Governor, your State Senator & Representative know that this doesn't help people with developmental disabilities and mental health issues in our part of the state. The veto session in the legislature begins September 10. Please, help the ones that need a voice.
Little Giant Ladders
on 9/10 in Jeff City to ensure that Governor Nixon's veto of the 72 hour bill is upheld. RSVP at
- An Open Letter To Missouri Governor Nixon from Oath Keepers There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. - Marine General Smedley Butler - Two-time recipient of the Medal of Honor. Governor Nixon: The events in Ferguson have shown us daily that the looting and violence by a few is not being stopped, while the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition government for redress of grievances is not being respected. The current riot control tactics of the local police, rooted in outmoded techniques developed in the 1950's - and only made worse by the ongoing militarization of our police - are failing the people of Ferguson, giving them a false choice between rampant looting on the one hand, and hyper-militarized police and curfews on the other (which also fail to stop the looting, leaving the mistaken impression among many of the American people that even more militarization and curtailment of free speech and assembly is neede ...
Ferguson, MO I have watched the events in Missouri unfold and continue to be disappointed by their Governor. Unfortunately, for law enforcement and more particularly Officer Darren Wilson, Governor Nixon has decided that this is his moment to "shine". Time and time again he has fanned the flames in his own state. Now, he has demanded a vigorous prosecution! The grand jury hasn't handed down an indictment and the investigation is ongoing. As the facts continue to be disclosed, their is the possibility that the officer acted appropriately. If so, what will happen in the streets of Ferguson? He has "played" to the media and those demonstrating. He has also undermined local law enforcement, those same agencies that will be left to police Ferguson when all the media have left and the "opportunists" go home! Chief Rick Scarbrough
In the wake of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s statement tonight calling for “a vigorous prosecution” of the officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting, Megyn Kelly asked Mayor James Knowles if he believes that the governor has made up his mind about the case. “It sounds like it,” said Knowles. “That’s unfortunate, because Governor Nixon was our attorney general for 16 years, so, I would assume at this point he understands and knows what the process is.”
Governor Nixon and Capt Ron Johnson are an embarrassment to MO. Neither one is as good as the other.
Governor Nixon and Captain Ron Johnson need to call General Russell Honore for advice at least until Darren Wilso…
"Governor Nixon: you have exercised extra-constitutional powers to illegally declare martial law, you have presided over the mass violation of the civil rights of the people of Ferguson, you have turned the City of Ferguson into an open air prison, and you have committed crimes against humanity so severe that for the first time in history Amnesty International has deployed a human rights monitoring team to the USA. You have shown yourself to be a criminal and an enemy of your own people. You have behaved like a dictator in the mid-east, and now Anonymous shall treat you as one. You see we have experience dealing with dictators."
Missouri Highway Patrol seizes control of Ferguson. They seized control of the St. Louis suburb Thursday, "stripping local police of authority after four days of clashes between officers in riot gear and furious crowds protesting the death of an unarmed black teen shot by an officer. The intervention, ordered by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, came as President Barack Obama spoke publicly for the first time about Saturday's fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent violence that shocked the nation and threatened to tear apart Ferguson, a town that is nearly 70 percent black patrolled by a nearly all-white police force. Obama said there was "no excuse" for violence either against the police or by officers against peaceful protesters." Governor Nixon put Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who is black, in command. "The change was meant to ensure "that we allow peaceful and appropriate protests, that we use force only when necessary, that we step back a little bit and let some of the ...
Governor Nixon will soon remove the St. Louis County police from handling protests in Ferguson.
The President just spoke on Iraq and events in Ferguson, Missouri. I commend him for taking direct action in making sure justice will be served by ordering the FBI and Dept. of Justice to conduct independent investigations on the death of Mike Brown. In addition, the President spoke directly with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon right before his address and Governor Nixon's address today. Governor Nixon is making another announcement today at 3pm EST, hopefully on the restructuring of police efforts as it pertains to the protestors.
Governor Nixon signs bill calling for electronic in Missouri's Revenue Department
The Scholarship Foundation’s policy interns sent a letter to Governor Nixon yesterday urging him to keep the $15...
In their letter in support of clem sent to Governor Nixon, the Missouri NAACP wrote, “As individuals committed to...
Click on this link!!!. It is important that Governor Nixon sign this bill into law!
Governor Nixon as a Missouri resident please veto the bill that will allow open carry throughout the state. Please veto this!
Capitol update from Paul Hamby; The 2014 Missouri legislative session is over. Hundreds of activists worked this year to change the outcome of legislation. Hundreds, maybe thousands of Missouri citizens spoke up. Not just from the liberty movement, but also liberals, those who want more government, and an array of folks who think legislators go to JC to bring back favors to their friends. The awesome good news from Jefferson City is that our freedoms are still intact. The raiding of the treasury was kept to a minimum. The assault on our rights ran into dead ends in both the house and senate. Medicaid expansion was stopped. Against all odds. The pressure was enormous. Former Missouri Republican Governor and US Senator Kit Bond tried lobbying for expanding this back door Obamacare program. Bond's former staffer - now Missouri State Senator Ryan Silvey pushed the program. Governor Nixon and his staff worked every angle to sell and implement Medicaid expansion. But enough Missouri legislators lis ...
Here is the latest economic development news from Jefferson City, as reported by MEDC's Brian Grace at the State Capitol... SENATE FINALLY PASSES TAX CUT PROPOSAL Senator Will Kraus's tax cut bill passed the Legislature on Tuesday with a party-line vote of 23-9, despite concerns from Governor Nixon. The bill, which was granted initial approval by the Senate last week, could reduce state revenue by $620 million annually, when fully enacted. The bill will now be sent to the House for their consideration. The bill would gradually cut the top personal income tax rate from 6% to 5.5%. The cut would take effect in increments of 0.10 percentage points over five years. The bill would also phase in a 25% deduction, in 5% steps, for business income reported on individual tax returns. No reductions would go into effect unless the state's revenue collected in the previous year exceeded the amount of revenue in any one of the three prior years by at least $150 million. The bill would allow an additional $500 pers ...
reposting via MOPP: Important information below about a hearing and witness form opportunity regarding HB1873 which fights Common Core Data Collection. Please repost and send to fellow Missourians asking them to submit a witness form also...just forward this link to them: WITNESS FORM LINK: INFORMATION: Committee: DOWNSIZING STATE GOVERNMENT Chair: Paul Curtman Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014 Time: 8:00 aM Location: House Hearing Room 4 NOTE: This is one of the bills that the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core is supporting. Governor Nixon and his staff signed Missouri onto the Common Core education standards without going through proper procedures. Now we know that a large part of Common Core is data collection on Missouri children. HB 1873 is designed to protect our children's privacy. See the message, below, by Anne Gassel from our friends at Missouri Coalition Against Common Core. A message from Anne Gassel: Since receiving State Fiscal Stabilization Funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment ...
According to, Governor Nixon has appointed two Republicans to the St. Louis County Board of Elections. The positions have been vacant for two years and they are finally being filled. From STLToday: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has nominated two… [ 137 more words. ]
Governor Nixon has ordered all flags at government buildings be flown at half staff to honor Staff Sergeant Eric Summers of Poplar Bluff on Saturday, December 14th.
Governor Nixon congratulates Oak Grove School District for its pursuit of academic achievement!
  This past week the General Assembly convened on September 11th for the 2013 veto session.  Governor Nixon exhausted his writing skills in vetoing a total of 22 pieces of legislation that were put on the table for possible overrides.  We took that list and set a historical record with a total of 10 veto overrides.    You will notice however, that the highly publicized tax-cut bill, HB 253, is not shown on the list below.  This is due to several reasons.  For starters, HB 253 may not have been a perfect bill, but rather a starting point to push Missouri into tax reform, which is necessary to keep our economy going.  If you look at the 6 counties in our surrounding area, you will see that they are all in the negative for job growth; this is unacceptable and something needs to be done.  Moreover, it is apparent that the State of Missouri is in need of economic reform due to loss in industrial growth, an increasing unemployment rate, and the deterioration of new businesses.  We need to start lookin ...
Received this in an email. It is time that we stop ALL those who try to infringe on our Constitutional rights!!! I do not carry if you are a Rep, Dem, Independ, or whatever; it is time that we as AMERICANS unit to protect our rights and stop ALL OF THOSE who infringe on our rights, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!! IT IS TIME TO GET THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE! Barack Obama would be proud of Governor Jay Nixon ... While we wait to see whether or not Governor Nixon will veto three pro-gun bills, we've now learned that Nixon and his embattled administration rewarded themselves for abusing your rights by buying themselves a brand new $5.6 million airplane at taxpayer expense. This plane is reportedly being used by Nixon and was purchased for the Missouri Highway Patrol -- the very same agency that was just caught unlawfully funneling the records of every concealed carry permit holder to the Federal Government. Now, Governor Nixon has vetoed a number of pro-freedom bills over the past few weeks. And all signs are showing . ...
State Budget Director Linda Luebbering briefs reporters on details of the budget cuts announced by Governor Nixon.
For Immediate Release June 25, 2013   Contact:  Cathy Sherwin, (314) 452-7945 Governor Nixon stands up for Missouri’s working families, stops extremist attack on everyday heroes Statement on Veto of Paycheck Deception Bill, SB29     Jefferson City – The We Are Missouri coalition issued the following statement in response to Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of SB29, the paycheck deception bill misleadingly called “paycheck protection” by supporters.   “With today’s veto, Governor Nixon stood up for the basic rights of Missouri’s everyday heroes – the people who work every day to keep our state working. Nurses, teachers, police officers and countless other middle class Missourians would have lost their voice on the job if this unfair and dangerous paycheck deception bill were to become law,” said Hugh McVey, president of the Missouri AFL-CIO. “We are grateful that Governor Nixon stands as a firewall against the extremist agenda that would unfairly take rights away from workers and seeks ...
YEah! Thank you Governor Nixon for today vetoing this horrible ANTI UNION bill: Senate Bill 29 — Requires authorization for certain labor unions to use dues and fees to make political contributions and requires consent for withholding earnings from paychecks. (sponsored by Sen. Dan Brown) [Veto letter] — Final House Vote: 85-69 (with nine absent) — Final Senate Vote: 24-10
Following a critical series of articles in three Maine newspapers this week, Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s (R) office has cut off those papers’ access to administration officials. The same week the Portland Press Herald, the Kennebec Journal, and the Morning Sentinel published an in-depth analysis of the...
The Monsanto Protection Act, essentially both written by and benefiting Monsanto Corporation, has been signed into law by United States President Barack Obama. The infamous Monsanto Corporation wil...
Jefferson City (BP) – Missouri’s governor vetoed legislation June 3 that some were calling an anti-Sharia law bill, keeping Missouri from becoming the seventh state to prohibit judges from considering foreign laws – including Islamic law – in their decisions. The legislation, Senate Bill (SB) 267, passed both chambers in May to create a Civil Liberties Defense Act mandating that any court, arbitration, tribunal or administrative agency ruling would be unenforceable if based on a foreign law that is “repugnant or inconsistent with” the Missouri and U.S. constitutions. While supporters said it would prohibit unforeseen invasions of Sharia law, the legislation did not specifically mention the Islamic legal tradition. It also exempted corporations that have agreed to abide by foreign laws. The constitutional rights which the bill was most concerned with protecting included due process, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and privacy rights. Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, said ...
Discussed trade with Missouri State Governor Nixon and how we might grow our collaboration on life sciences
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so the governor rescinded putting that guy up for the regents, because he signed the recall petition. what If he started using that list to go after every day citizens? making trouble for them? i wouldn't put it past this crooked man. he's another nixon, but half as smart.
CALL SENATOR JOHN PAPPAGEORGE TODAY & URGE HIM TO VOTE NO! HIS OFFICE CAN BE REACHED AT (517) 373-2523. Senate Postpones Medicaid Vote After caucusing for the better part of the day, Senate Republicans today tabled a vote to expand Medicaid as Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe) tries to scrounge up more GOP support. The Senate adjourned at 4:46 p.m. The hope is to take up legislation Wednesday or Thursday as need be, but one GOP source told MIRS that moving votes is going to be a significant challenge at this point. MIRS has learned that it seemed likely there were 20 votes in the chamber -- providing the 12 Democrats were OK with a substitute on HB 4714 they haven't seen. But Richardville still wants to hit 13 Republican votes, which would be half the caucus' support. Potentially complicating matters was the fact that Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY was in the Upper Peninsula for a series of events that have been on the calendar for months and unable to break a 19-19 tie. Although sources tell .. ...
Domestic and sexual violence not given much attention The 11 new vehicles bought by the Governor of Madang Jim Kas must be used purposely to combat law and order problems in the Madang rural areas. Soroptimist International Country Representative Judy Muliap said this after witnessing the handing over ceremony in Ramu on Monday. Ms Muliap said, “The ceremony was witnessed by the community and we heard what the Minister for Police Nixon Duban told police officers and they must take heed of his instructions.” While acknowledging them as the law and order enforcement arm of the country. Ms Muliap said the implementation part of law and order was lacking and poorly driven. She said this is in regard to the handling of cases and the amount of attention; complaints were given when lodged at the Ramu Police Station. “Furthermore we noted from the Police Minister’s keynote speech in which he called on the Police to protect the little people instead of the big company’s interests. “The Police must take ...
Paves way for participation in Brewers Heritage Festival this weekend in Forest Park.
Today on the Pulse Morning Show: A panel discussion exposing the dangers of counterfeit medications happens today in the Bangor City Council Chambers. Shawn Yardley is the director of the city of Bangor's Health and Community Services Department, and will be joined at today's event by experts in the field to raise awareness of this very real issue of potentially deadly "medications". Mark Kelley, head of Journalism at the New England School of Communications, says the Obama Administration is going after journalists more than any other Presidential Administration since Nixon. What is Obama up to? Is this a result of cases leftover from the Bush Administration, or a disturbing pattern of actions by AG Eric Holder and the Justice Department. The Legislature approved the expansion of Medicaid in the state using guaranteed federal dollars. Governor LePage vetoed the bill, despite it being supported by many GOP Lawmakers. Lawmakers need to make themselves heard on this issue by mustering sufficient votes to ov ...
What was going on in Maine government when no one was watching? You can see legislators take votes or hear the governor make a speech, but many other actions aren’t easily seen. Votes and vetoes and new laws get nearly all...
Very true...the Republicans are definitely losing the Culture War...
When will Jay Nixon learn that he is the governor of Missouri, not Missouruh?
The board unanimously approved the contracts, which also include step increases and three furlough days. Teachers and employees did not receive pay increases in their last contract, which expires at the end of June.
MO Governor Nixon ignored disabled pleas for help when U of MO-KC REFUSED to investigate complaint...WHO CARES? NOBODY!
LE BOURGET, France - Governor Jay Nixon, in France as part of the administration's trade mission to Western Europe, today announced that one of Missouri's top employers and global brands is set to embark upon a significant expansion at its St. Louis County location. Aerospace giant Boeing, which emp...
Tell Governor Nixon we have had enough and he MUST veto House Bill
Something to rile my conservative friends and foes: Peace talks at least possible in Afghan., N. Korea eager for de-nuke talks, Iran elects a president saying he want to lower tensions with the U.S. and work towards diplomatic relations. Iraq war coming to an end, Guantanomo heading towards closure. These are not all close to done deals, but the Palins and other Obama haters, might want to think twice before you spout off about the presidents foreign policy skills and advancements. Like the economy, a whole lot better than when he took office. I know there are deniers, some virulent. When do denials begin to look like something more sinister?
Light refreshments at 6:30pmProgram starts at 6:45pm. Casual dress.Come early or stay lateto hike or bike the .5 mile trail
Such a joy to be in an office with our Governor Nixon. Another bomb scare with Marshalls everywhere. What is wrong with people? Why can't people pray and lift up our government officials rather than seek out violence against innocent, hardworking people?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
What is your criteria for worst President in history? Do we also have a bad memory? Ol hickory and taft cabinets were all bought. By whom we ask. In Jacksons case it was by people who brought him gifts he liked. Tafts were his friends as well who did what he liked. Nixon for those who want a more recent candidate who broke laws. Needless to say put this critieria up against them all before we yell worst ever.
Watergate break-in was 41 years ago maybe it is time to give those that went to jail a pardon? John Newton Mitchell (September 15, 1913 – November 9, 1988) was the Attorney General of the United States from 1969 to 1972 under President Richard Nixon.
On ‘Morning Joe’ this morning, the slightly thinner Gov. Chris Christie R-N.J. dodged 2016 presidential speculation by announcing that he would not wear a Speedo swimsuit on the Fourth of July. “
This weeks capital report. Apparently Gov. Jay Obama Nixon has vetoed a bill that would have given all of us reduced state income taxes. It will be interesting to see if they can get the votes to overide the veto. Greetings Friends of the 8th District! What a wonderful week of weather! As we all know, summer is a time when we catch ourselves coming and going. Vacations, ballgames, and BBQ's seem to occupy our days. With all this brings extra traffic on the highways please remember to be extra careful as you travel this summer. Governor’s Veto of Tax Cut Bill Will Force Legislature to Make Important Decision in September (HB 253) Our governor recently vetoed legislation that would have enacted the first income tax reduction in more than 90 years. In doing so, the governor called the bill “ill-conceived” and “fiscally irresponsible” because it would eventually reduce the tax burden on Missouri families and businesses by more than $700 million each year. The governor said he had to prevent the b .. ...
Urgent: Please contact Governor Nixon to urge him to sign SB125. Our position:
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) thinks his party has done enough self-reflection, writing in an op-ed published Tuesday that it's time for Republicans to fight back in anticipation of what he believes is a coming "revolt" against liberalism. "Let’s stop defeating ourselves, get on offense, and go…
State inspection today...picture of my BFF Governor Jay Nixon and me-check.
How's that Russian "Reset" Going???... Oh wait,.. "I'll have more flexibility after the elections". Politician "Naive" Obama...Welcome to the Real World..
some facts for all the Obama haters ,don't take my word for it do some research Nearly 8 million immigrants came to the United States from 2000 to 2005 – more than in any other five-year period in the nation's history.[1] Almost half entered illegally.[2] Bush also initiated an AIDS program that committed $15 billion to combat AIDS over five years.[4] His record as a humanitarian included helping enroll as many as 29 million of Africa's poorest children in schools Running as a self-styled "war president" in the midst of the Iraq War,[8] Bush won re-election in 2004,[9] as his campaign against Senator John Kerry was successful despite controversy over Bush's prosecution of the Iraq War and his handling of the economy.[10][11] The approval ratings of George W. Bush have, at different points in time, run the gamut from high to all-time record low. Bush began his presidency with ratings near 50%.[17] In the time of national crisis following the September 11 attacks, polls showed approval ratings of greater ...
Rachel Maddow is doing a half hour making mountains out of mole hills. Governor of Virginias energy drinks and dog briskets. She is equating this as a Richard Nixon scale scandal. Laugh out loud myopic. Hey Rachel 'non story' Maddow...what about Obamas $100,000,000.00 African jaunt? Is that not a touch excessive?
Rachel Maddow is just now cataloging some of Gov. Ultrasound's theft from us, the Virginia taxpayers. He charged all his families drugstore needs,, including laxatives and breath mints and dog treats, deoderant, body wash, dry cleaning, dog and people vitamins and energy drinks. She is comparing him to Nixon and wondering if he will do a Checkers speech. Mind shattering.
Dear Rachel: With the various stories going on in the world, in the USA, even in the state of Virginia, you just spent a quarter of your show on the outgoing Governor of Virginia using taxpayer money to pay for his dog vitamins ? Really ?
Lawmakers in Illinois are headed back to work next week to address the state's $100 billion pension crisis, the worst unfunded pension liability in the nation. While almost all states faced pension funding issues during the recession, none of them are looking at a predicament as severe as in Illinois. Every day it doesn't get fixed, the burden on taxpayers grows larger. Are you willing to elect responsible leaders yet?
Until July 14th if the Honoarable Governor Jeremiah W. (JAY) Nixon does not act keep on sending him the message "We The People of The Great State of Missouri want our second amendmemnt rights and our rights under Art.1 Sec.23 of the Missouri Constitution.
The 1st Republican governor of N.C. in the 20th century, Jim Holshouser established health clinics in rural areas and expanded public school kindergartens statewide and expanded the state parks system. Does he sound like a Republican?
Sale Items - Last Chance! Gosh. I wish I had ordered the Smear Art Note Cards Packet (10 note Cards and Envelopes - $15/each packet). The beautiful art piece created at the 2013 GWR Spring Conference by the inspiration of Governor Linda Nixon and painted by the Soroptimists who attended under the guidance of artist Ashley Monroe. is beautiful. but I forgot to place an order! Why didn't I order this year's Spring Conference pin to add to my collection ($6) or the white tablecloth with the embroidered Soroptimist "S" logo and our club's name on it that will cover and drape a 6 ' table (130" x 90" - $160)? I know our club could use for many, many years. Darn. would love to have those great shots what were taken by professional photographer Elyse DeFoe that I forgot to pre-order. The collection of photos is only $15 on a CD. but I didn't do it! Well, guess what! I just heard you can still get an order placed for any and all of the above! Just go to the online link below. CLICK HERE TO ORDER Orders will be t . ...
One of the best ways Missourians can influence our state government is to serve on one of the more than 200 state boards and commissions. Some of these boards serve as a watchdog for Missouri consumers. Others license, regulate and discipline professionals, and still others ensure the disabled, the…
Among the top priorities of the just completed legislative session was the passing of a Missouri tax cut. House Bill 253 was the tax-cutting legislation for both Missouri businesses and individuals.
Juneteenth celebrants, a gentle reminder: It was DEMOCRATS who dominated slave states. It was a REPUBLICAN president who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, president of a REPUBLICAN led Union that defeated the DEMOCRAT led Confederacy. Famous DEMOCRATS include Orval Faubus, George Wallace, KKK leadership, and similar people who suppressed black people or tried to keep them enslaved. It was DEMOCRAT Sen. Al Gore Sr. who led opposition to the Civil Rights legislation. Just an historic reminder, folks. Don't forget who your real friends are.
opinion BOLD VISIONS MATTER.  article week's Sunday Sermon Vol. 1  No. 11 The Long and Winding Road In recent weeks, there has been tremendous talk of “what is happening to the wolf?” It seems every conservation group is bombarding your e-mail with an appeal and with new voices of concern. I have spoken to this issue in the past, but it is important to better understand the reality both on the ground and in the halls of congress. First let’s look at the agencies involved. It begins with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who have been the agency in charge of wolf recovery. This agency has a long history of caving in to special interests. Translation: politicians, mostly those who oppose their mission, which (in theory), is to protect native species and work to save critical populations like the Florida panther, wolves, bald eagles and other bird species, etc. After the adoption of the Endangered Species Act, which was signed by President Nixon on December 28,, 1973, it seemed like finally as a n ...
Is absolutely everything about politics with this governor? Apparently. The latest evidence: The Joshua Inglett case.
QUESTION TO AMERICANS When one looks at the history of the GOP, it is easily seen that some incredible figures stand out as people that believed in fairness and liberty and are great examples that should be emulated; such as Lincoln, Eisenhower, Grant to mention but a few. This once great party (regardless of agreeing with their politics) now appears to be solely on the side of right wing Christian politics. I understand that there are nutters like Bachman, Perry, and others that do follow this particular dialectic. Is this the stance of the majority of republican congressmen or senators? Do the majority of the congresses that represent the GOP agree with this or are they merely falling in line with what is expected of them by the party in order to stay in office? If so, this is a form of prostitution that is engaged in an attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and that is money! :DL
Hi.Those trying to make it appear that there is a supremacy battle between our senator Onesimus Murkomen and Governor Alex Tolgos should be ready for a rude shock. They be informed that they are currently holed in Brussels trying to woo Investors to EMC. Kudos guys.
Father's Day On July 19, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day.” However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States. Did you know that there are more than 70 million fathers in the United States. Origins of Father's Day The campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not meet with the same enthusiasm--perhaps because, as one florist explained, “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have.” On July 5, 1908, a West Virginia church sponsored the nation’s first event explicitly in honor of fathers, a Sunday sermon in memory of the 362 men who had died in the previous December’s explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah, but it was a one-time commemoration and not an annual holiday. The next year, a Spokane, Washington woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, one of six children raised by a widowe ...
LETS GO! We gotta take BACK what was OUR'S for over 50 yrs before 1994! WE CAN DO IT!
Instead of just saying or typing "Happy Father's Day", I thought it would be interesting to share a brief history of Fathers Day. In 1910, the Governor of Washington State declared the first "Fathers Day". However, it wasn't until 1972 until Fathers Day became a nationwide holiday. Mothers day was the inspiration for Fathers Day, but never gained enough momentum until later in the 20'th century. In the 1920's and 30's the two holidays were combined to be "Parents Day" as some activists thought both parents should be loved and respected together. During World War II, advertisers thought fathers day was a good way to honor or troops, and by the end of the war, it had become a national institution. It remained to be that way until President Nixon used it to his political advantage. In 1972, (58 years after Woodrow Wilson proclaimed "Mothers Day" as a national holiday) President Nixon signed the proclamation declaring Fathers Day to be recognized as a national holiday. Economists estimate that more than $1 Bi ...
The Honorable Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon is very interested in public opinion on pending bills. I'm sure he will find your recommendations helpful in this process.
Wow... just WOW... 1 year in jail for wearing a t-shirt.
The time is now to regain our 2nd amendment rights. The Honorable Governor Nixon must sign this bill!
Ok, were walking through the cemetery when this guy in a suit say's "Go cards" and asks us if were from Missouri. We say St. Louis and he say's Governor Nixon is here along with our district representative. Ever one for a photo op, tyler that is, gets his picture with Missouri Governor. Reporters and his press secretary also took photos and our names. Governor nixon is in France for the Paris Air show with a Missouri trade delegation and Boeing trying to drum up business. When we told him tyler's dads worked for Boeing he said we should be hearing some good news tomorrow.
A TALE OF TWO *** Former Florida governor Jeb Bush may look like he's taking a Nixon but he was really laying an egg. Florida Governor Jeb Bush said "Immigrants are more fertile" at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's annual conference. Former Alaska half-governor Sarah Palin chimed in, criticizing Bush for saying the future of America's economy depends upon immigrants in part because they "are more fertile" and create more businesses than native-born Americans. "I say this as someone who’s kind of fertile herself," Palin said. Later, she criticized the President and the announcement of sending arms to Syrian rebels. With a heady mix of her knowledge of International matters and relations between religions, Mrs. Palin quipped, “Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he is doing... let Allah sort it out!”
The first fathers day was memorial; On July 5, 1908 A WV church held 1st fathers Day event honoring 362 men killed in coal mine explosions the previous December, (over 200 of them were fathers w/over 1000 children) On July 19, 1910 1st fathers day proclaimed by governor of Washington state, but not made national holiday untill 1972 (Richard Nixon)
Helen of Troy had nothing on these guys. My dad followed Rumsfeld and them without question. I think he would want to question them now.
Hoping everyone writes or calls Governor Nixon, I have.
MO Governor Nixon signs bill allowing home-brew beers at festivals -
TV Guide's blurb for tonight's penultimate MAD MEN episode: "Don takes a vacation day." Seems to me he takes a vacation day every other episode. :p
Thank you for all that you do. Wrote Governor Nixon this evening. Will continue fight.
this was a terrible injustice and the handling of this case is appalling Governor Nixon
You Governor Nixon can't right this wrong for Ryan Ferguson and his family
This reeks of "the good ole boy network." Governor Nixon needs to pardon Ferguson.
Call Governor Nixon and let him know that Missouri needs a break!
Governor Nixon recently launched the 100 Missouri Miles initiative, challenging Missourians to complete 100 miles of outdoor physical activity by the end of the year.
Awesome day! Signed Bill by Governor Nixon and the pen.
Traveling to CoMo to visit with Governor Nixon.. Changing lives SB205 & SB208 getting signed at 10am.
"Tonight, the Missouri State House voted to send Governor Jay Nixon what could arguably be the strongest defense against federal gun control measures in American history. The vote was 116-38. The votes in both the House and Senate are by a strong veto-proof majority. Local activist Matt Radcliffe acknowledged as much when he said, 'Governor Nixon can do nothing and it will automatically become law July 1st. Or he can sign it into law. or he can veto it then his veto will be overridden in the house and it will become law anyway!'" - 10th Amendment Center
Jefferson City man sworn in as Missouri Supreme Court judge: A Jefferson City man appointed by Governor Nixon in...
Governor Nixon makes final push for Medicaid: Governor Jay Nixon is imploring Missouri residents to lobby their...
Take a trip with TWP to Jefferson City, April 16 to attend a rally in support of Governor Nixon's efforts to make...
This is my Senator.I'll be visiting with him 2/12/13! _ Wayne Wallingford Friends, Here is my response to Governor Nixon's State of the State Address: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 28, 2013 State Senator Wayne Wallingford Responds to State of the State Address (Jefferson City, MO) – Today, Governor Jay Nixon delivered the annual State of the State address, laying out his budgetary priorities for the upcoming year. Senator Wayne Wallingford offered the following statement regarding the address: “I am disappointed that the Governor is presenting a budget that assumes the legislature will expand welfare. We simply cannot afford to create this future liability for our state, nor should our budget’s stability rest on receiving these expansion funds,” said Wallingford. “I am also disappointed that the Governor refused to call for a fix to our medical malpractice laws. The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down caps on noneconomic damages threatens our state’s healthcare system, and we need to add ...
Many professional historians are quite negative regarding the effect that movies and historical novels have on the true understanding of our past, but I wholeheartedly disagree.  Well-researched historical fiction has excited many young and old readers to expand their body of knowledge past the original text for more content.  On the other hand, glimpses that we are afforded of the national legislative process on modern media rarely excite one to further research, but this week, I was treated to two quite insightful looks at my job.   The first came from the movie Lincoln that is now playing in many theaters in our area. The mainly unflattering portrayal of senators that Lincoln was trying to influence with jobs and other enticements and the moral quandary that many faced was real.  The moral question was the amendment that banned slavery that was put forward toward the end of the war.  I saw, represented by actors, some of our members who have been placed in similar circumstances.  Governor Nixon i ...
Was just watching the news & this was the report: "Central Missouri can rest easy because Governor Jay Nixon has just finished hunting." Then they flash over to a picture of a guy labeled Sexual Predator. "Governor Nixon shot an 8 point buck!" Ha!
A CHANCE TO HELP CHASE!!! Chase will be seeking an appointment from Governor Nixon for the associate circuit court judgeship vacancy left by his opponent. You can help convince Governor Nixon that Chase is the man for the job by writing a letter of recommendation for him. You can send your letters to: P.O. Box 325 Lee's Summit, Missouri and we will include them with Chase's application to the Governor! Please have them to us no later than next Friday, November 16th! Thanks you guys!
Am just now recovering from Election Night festivities. As in previous even-numbered years, I journeyed over to friend Dakota's home in Ballwin to watch the returns on CNN, with occasional forays onto PBS. Brought along three cans of Bud Select, since Dakota keeps no alcoholic libations nearby, as well as a bag of Snyder's tortilla chips. Dakota provided a box of Cheez-Its (regular) as well as some strands of genuine Imo's pizza cheese. Watched the returns until the dander from Dakota's cats Tabby and Hobo took its toll on my allergies. We contemplated crashing the victory party of Claire McCaskill, on whose campaign Dakota's niece Audrey worked tirelessly, or the bash for my golfing partner, Governor Nixon. He undoubtedly would have recognized me entering the ballroom and welcomed me to the podium to use my substantial PR expertise to address the media, after which Jay and I would have quaffed a brew or seven. That's what we would have done if we had the energy. Oh, well, I'll catch up with him ...
Hear what Governor Nixon has to say out on the campaign trail about Susan Montee for Lt Governor... or as he likes to refer to her "Your next Lt Governor, Susan Montee."
When people ask me why I want to be their next State Senator, I tell them because there are a lot of people who need help. I'm not running to create more gridlock in government. As a State Representative, I have always been willing to work the Democrats or Republicans alike to reach consensus and to get things done. That's the kind of State Senator I intend to be because we need to put partisanship aside to bring real jobs and economic prosperity to Missouri. With your vote on Tuesday, I am ready to work with Governor Nixon and to put your needs and Missouri First! The special interests have their paid lobbyists in Jefferson City. What we need are more officials with common sense willing to stand up for our interests. I promise to never take your vote for granted and to work hard every day to make you proud of that vote. Together, we can make good thing happen. Thank you, Joseph Fallert
IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT THE WELFARE OF PUPPYS IN MISSOURI...VOTE JAY NIXON!!!Dave Spence Continues His Support of Puppy Mills Attacks Missouri's Laws to Protect Dogs Dave Spence, gubernatorial candidate running against Governor Nixon, continues to criticize our laws to protect dogs and wants to roll back efforts to close down cruel puppy mills. At a recent gathering of commercial dog breeders, Spence told the audience that "your industry is under attack with regulations in front of common sense." Ironically, these are the same regulations that the dog breeders agreed to just last year. These are the same regulations that Spence's own party overwhelmingly supported. In fact, with only two possible exceptions, Republicans in the legislature voting against these regulations did so because they felt they weren't strong enough. Spence's assault on regulations to protect the welfare of dogs that the industry endorsed and his own party enthusiastically supported is a clear indication of how little he cares about ...
I have to admit I have mixed emotions about Missouri I see that we have more Romney signs floating around in yards than Obama thank God for small favors. But I am still upset about the United Nations being in Jefferson City Mo just wrong wrong wrong on every front. The United Nations are a very destructive group they are not good people and they have no moral values just disgusting that Governor Nixon will do nothing about them. But he Nixon is very firmly an Obama lover he would not even let us fight Obamacare in Missouri. He with obama must be taken out of office.
Barb Nelson, chair of the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Chair of the "Out of the Darkness" Walk, and I went to Jefferson City today to see Governor Jay Nixon sign a proclamation delaring September Suicide Prevetion month in the state of Missouri. What an honor for Barb and myself. We each received a signed copy of the proclamation as well as shaking the governors hand. I was able to take pictures of Barb with Governor Nixon as she won a Missouri Suicide Prevention Award a few weeks ago for her work in the Community. Pictures will be posted later. They will also send us pictures of everyone who was there that were taken with the governor. We are all making a difference in suicide prevention and awareness. Keep up the good work everyone. Congratulations Barb, I am so very proud of you.
Women's rights are on the chopping block this election year and not just at the federal level. Missouri just passed a law, Senator Lamping’s Birth Control Refusal bill SB749, (over the veto of Governor Nixon) to allow employers to drop contraceptive and sterilization coverage from health insurance benefits packages. That's right. In the state of Missouri it will now be legal for your boss to strip you of birth control coverage in your health plan for "moral reasons". I'm giving the Missouri State Assembly all kinds of this morning. More on the story from Shark Fu
Always amazed by this place Governor Nixon annou @ Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Election highlight: Governor Nixon (D) will face St. Louis businessman Dave Spence (R) for Governor in November-
Its raining and raining steady right now. I hope my friends in Iowa and Illinois get rain also tonight. All the way to Kansas City it was dry and burnt up. Actually along U.S. RT. 50 there were three or four places that was burnt along the road. If it doesnt rain soon here and green up. You will be seeing Missouri in the WILD FIRE NEWS. The forest around here are never ending. And there is very little row crops. Its mostly pasture and hay fields. And they are all burnt up. The Farmers are dumping their herds at the Auction Barns and they are having hay brought in from other states like Texas. Governor Nixon has set aside extra money to drill more water wells. But that will only help a hand full of farmers. I'm guessing the Farmers that donated the most money for his Campaign will get the wells dont you think?
Interesting tidbit of information, what do you all think? The Missouri House of Representatives recently passed Representative Shane Schoeller’s Voter ID proposal, House Bill 1104. The bill passed by a vote of 101-54. Despite numerous cases of documented voter fraud in Missouri by groups like ACORN, Governor Nixon vetoed a similar bill last year. He has stood with the far left groups like ACORN and Attorney General Eric Holder in opposition to this commonsense bill that will protect Missouri elections from fraud. Unfortunately for Missouri, Governor Nixon has again indicated his opposition to Voter ID. Following the passage of the bill in the House this year, press reports have stated that his position ‘has not changed’ despite its’ overwhelming support among Missourians. To ensure our elections aren’t stolen by radical groups, sign our petition today to call on Governor Nixon to sign this commonsense measure that will ensure the integrity of Missouri’s elections are protected from fraud.
Half-staff flag order given Aug. 1: By order of Governor Nixon, all flags at all State and government offi...
Governor Nixon has now signed or vetoed all transportation-related bills we were tracking for the 2012...
I was invited to the Futures Game by Governor Nixon, and then his son went to nationals in golf so he didn't show up. The game was still pretty fun though.
I just received a call from the Governor's office informing me that Governor Nixon will be signing three bills in a private ceremony at the Capitol today. These are bills I carried in the Missouri House this past session. HB 1782 designates a portion of State Hightway 21 in Iron County as the "Staff Sargeant Norman J. Inman Memorial Highway". What an honor it as been for this Representative. HB 1099 designates March 26 of each year as "Veterans of Operation Iraq/Enduring Freedom Day. HB 1100 designates March 30 of each year as "Vietnam Veterans Day" in recognition of the courage and patriotism of those who served during the Vietnam Conflict. I am so proud to be a part of something real special for all Veterans in this great state.
Breaking news Burn ban enacted The Harrison County commissioners met in a special emergency meeting Saturday night following notification from the Harrison County emergency manager that drought conditions and the use of fireworks contributed to a grass fire on Saturday, June 30. The commissioners were advised that the lack of appreciable precipitation, low relative humidity, increased winds and unseasonably hot weather have created an environment conducive to a major fire event. On Friday, June 29, Governor Nixon signed Executive Order 12-06 directing the activation of the Missouri State Emergency Operations Center. The governor further ordered the Missouri state fire marshal to coordinate the deployment of fire resources through the mutal aid system. In light of the unusually dry conditions and the elevated risk of catastrophic fire that could threaten the lives of property of Harrison County residents, the commissioners have adopted a burn ban effective 12:01 a.m. July 1, 2012. Under the burn ban, those ...
Well I tried to send this via my phone, but I don't think it posted. So here goes again. This morning I attended a meeting with Governor Nixon and several other state agencies that have been working to contain the fire over in the Viburnum area of the Mark Twain National Forest. First of all, I am proud to report this fire has been contained and burnt about 600 acres. Senator Kevin, along with Sheriff Medley, commissioners Barzowski, Walker, and Bradford Johnson were in attendance. Sen. Engler and myself had the opportunity to look at the firezone from above in a Blackhawk helicopter along with the Governor and others. I just want to say it is very very dry. Many of the farm ponds I saw from above are very low and even some have dried up. Do be very careful when burning anything in these next few days. I want to thank all of the men and women who have been on the front lines fighting this fire. We do appreciate your dedicated service.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I received word from a friend this afternoon that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has still not signed SB 749. For those of you not familiar, this legislation was passed by both houses of the Missouri legislature, and if signed into law by Governor Nixon, it would effectively nullif...
Governor Nixon finds himself involved in yet another scandal: Get the latest in our weekly news recap!
Do you want your boss deciding about your reproductive health care? This will be law in Missouri unless you ask Governor Nixon to veto it. Please add a few words of your own and send. Just follow the link.
Governor Nixon to ink bill adding cellphones to No Call List -
STATUS OF TEACHER TENURE BILL(ACTION ALERT) ACTION ALERT: REDUCTION IN FORCE BILL TO BE DEBATED BY SENATE STATUS OF CHARTER SCHOOL BILL: Will Move to Governor Nixon The Senate is expected to debate HCS/HB 1526 (Scott Dieckhaus) on May 16. The perfected HCS/HB 1526 damages the reduction in force (RIF) requirements by undermining respect for certification, experience and commitment to the district, while forcing districts to create an entirely new system to determine layoff priorities and leaving districts vulnerable to various legal challenges in implementing this new, untested mandate. The Association strongly opposes the bill. An extremist group known as Students First, centered in Sacramento, California, has hired numerous lobbyists in Missouri and is pushing the various changes in tenure and evaluation policy contained in the various versions of HB 1526 and in SB 806 (Jane Cunningham).
In another disgustingly sneaky & underhanded move by Missouri REPUBLICAN Steven Tilly, the bust of rush limbaugh was unveiled in a secret ceremony in Jefferson City yesterday. Rush said liberals & Democrats are "Deranged" as he hugged the bronze bust of himself. Tilly had Capitol Police stand guard as his secret ceremony for his pal took place, so no one could oppose him. Please write/call Governor Nixon demanding removal of the bust of this hate monger from OUR capitol! He does NOT deserve to be honored with the likes of Mark Twain, Harry S. Trueman and Walter Cronkite! If Tilly likes this disgusting Chump so much, let him take it home, after all he did privately raise the money for it.
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Graduating Class in Southeast History to Receive Degrees... and Governor Nixon is giving the keynote address! How exciting for our university!
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, along with other state leaders, dignitaries and leaders in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were in one of the Kansas City Missouri Temple sealing rooms two weeks ago during the temple’s open house. Before the tour ended, Governor Nixon addressed those gathered, and three times in his remarks he said the temple’s opening symbolizes “a time of healing.” Church Public Affairs managing director Michael R. Otterson shares this story in his Washington Post “On Faith” piece this week, noting that Governor Nixon’s comments are important because of the persecution the Church endured in Missouri in the early 1800s.
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