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Governor Deval Patrick

Deval Laurdine Patrick (born July 31, 1956) is an American politician, civil rights lawyer and business executive who serves as the 71st Governor of Massachusetts.

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Is the former Massachusetts governor a perfect match for the continuation of Obama’s legacy?
(?) Obama and allies reportedly encouraging ex-Governor Deval Patrick to run in 2020 : via
Governor Deval Patrick's daughter to marry her long-term girlfriend
MA Governor Deval Patrick visit's White House with school children from Roxbury (2012)
Contrast this with how Governor Deval Patrick and the MA legislature were AOK with legal gambling with no public vote.
That's right. Obama lifted word-for-word text from our former governor's speech, Patrick Deval. 😏
Boothe: "President Obama lifted things from Governor Deval..uhh..speeches as well." That's Gov Patrick to you.
Deval Patrick makes more sense to me being a governor.
Tom Perez is allegedly still a top option. Former MA governor Deval Patrick was also in the mix, but may not be now.
Will you refuse salary and park the plane WE pay for? Governor Deval Patrick did. OH, where's the taxes, rich man? hiding?
Barack Obama in 2008, was caught recycling rhetoric from then-Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a political ally.
I hope people know that in 2008 Obama was accused of plagiarizing Governor Deval Patrick mutliple times.
FLASHBACK: Obama was busted plagiarizing Governor Deval Patrick in 2008
Goodmorning Beautiful black Queen, Secretary Hillary Clinton should pick Governor Deval Patrick as he VP running mate.
Cape Wind lost their political clout when Governor Deval Patrick moved out :).
Good energy to start day Governor Deval Patrick fmr Massachusetts governor & Dean Nohria
. likely to get former Governor Deval Patrick as runningmate if she gets nomination.
"And while the former governor has every right to speak his mind, he might want to recall how badly his...
One on One With Deval Patrick: Alison King sat down with Governor Deval Patrick for his fi...
So MA status quo not a creation of your pal and 'progressive' and 8 year Governor Deval Patrick?
Where is Governor Deval Patrick.. has he truly ended hopes of higher horizons???
I bet, like her husband, she'd pick a well-liked 2-term Dem governor acceptable to left: e.g. Deval Patrick, O'Malley
Former Governor Deval Patrick reunites with his staff to volunteer this morning. We are grateful for his ongoing...
Bay State Biden fans seek Patrick alliance. Former governor, a friend of Obama, could be key to Massachusetts...
Former MA Governor Deval Patrick offers advice to graduates
This was last year's annual Chica event with former Governor Deval Patrick. This year our special guest is Lucy...
Governor Deval Patrick signs a document swearing in a district judge during his last term in office.
Globe story on transpo funding from 2013
For those not in Massachusetts after 7 yrs of ObamaHO Deval Patrick as governor, wasting billions our mass transit system shut down
Baker looks like he's ready to text Deval Patrick and be like "wanna come back and be governor or nah?
it was the centerpiece of his entire agenda and 2013 SOTC
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
MT Good day 2Read 2013 speech where he called4 $2B 2fix
Good day to read 2013 State of Commonwealth where he called for $2B to fix the T, among other things.
Cheerleading captains and governor Deval Patrick at the state house! 😊
Before leaving office, Deval Patrick selected 14 MA school districts to receive millions in technology grants. Great news for...
not happening.also, Deval Patrick is not the Governor anymore, just in case that wasn't sarcasm. :-)
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick meets with UK wind power players in London
On November 7, 2006, Deval Patrick was elected Governor of Massachusetts. He becomes the second African American...
How can voters think Deval Patrick did a good job as governor for 8 years when he left office with a $765 million budget gap?
You asked me to confirm my nomination for dad's award And it still stands as I had indicated Governor Deval Patrick
Post Edited: Governor Deval Patrick ousts two, of the Sex Offender Registry Board
In case you were wondering what qualifications Beverly Scott had for GM, click here:
Book of the month...Deval Patrick.. 1st & only black governor of Massachusetts
Missing Deval Patrick, a real leader-this CEO governor only cares about corporate donors, not how a city operates in back 2 back blizzards.
Photoset: President Obama and the LAST black Governor in the United States, Former Governor Deval Patrick...
"Our most ardent advocates continue to be Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor. Martin Walsh..." (4)
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Stop Predatory Gambling - Mass. residents read below and call your senator and representative: On Christmas Eve morning, when virtually no media, citizens or other state legislators were paying attention to legislative business, the Massachusetts Senate approved an amendment during informal session that would allow ATMs inside casinos. This stunning action occurred even though the intent of informal session is to move non-controversial legislation. Please take 5 minutes tonight or Monday morning to call both your MA state rep and state senator and tell them to remove the amendment language approving casino ATMs in House Bill 4110. Here's why. Casino ATMs are one of the most predatory and financially damaging business practices used by casinos and they were expressly prohibited when the casino law was signed by Governor Deval Patrick. The ban on ATMs was a core part of the political narrative that Patrick and other casino sponsors sold the public: "We're going to do casinos right, better than everyone else ...
Governor Deval Patrick, who oversaw the success of health care reform in Massachusetts, will join us to talk...
Nonstop service on Aeromexico connects Boston to 42nd international destination BOSTON – December 4, 2014. Boston will connect to another gateway of the global economy next year when Aeromexico begins nonstop service between Logan International Airport and Mexico City’s Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez on June 1, 2015. “I am so pleased that our innovation mission to Mexico resulted in Aeromexico launching a nonstop flight from Mexico City to Boston,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Nonstop service to Mexico City will open up new opportunities for Massachusetts businesses to compete in the 21st century global marketplace. The service will increase tourism here at home while connecting our residents and businesses with the emerging opportunities in Mexico.” Boston is currently the largest U.S. to Mexico City origin and destination market without nonstop service. The market attracts more than 50,000 passengers and generated more than $15 million in ticket sales last year. Aeromexico will fl . ...
Speaking on Meet The Press, Governor Deval Patrick (D, Ma.) addressed the common belief that Hillary Clinton is
Governor Deval Patrick (D, Mass.) says that Hillary Clinton's sense of entitlement is 'off-putting to regular voters.' Patrick made the comments on Meet the Press: 'Hillary Clinton,' moderator Chuck Todd said, 'you have praised her, talked about that you've admired her from afar, you don't know her…
I'll miss Deval Patrick. I didn't always agree with his policies, but he's the best governor I've had since I could vote.
Cute: MA Gov. Deval Patrick shifts 500 managers to union status, now incoming GOP governor can't touch 'em
Will really get a train station? See the vision for the in 2024 via
During this giving season, make Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick proud by using the to leverage your impact:
Deval Patrick, the only black governor in the US currently: 'I'm sick of unarmed black men being shot by police'
Enjoying "Finding Your Roots"-Governor Deval Patrick-because of his stance on mental illness-even more since Ferguson.
Only one episode left... Next Tuesday on don't miss Jessica Alba and Governor Deval Patrick as... http:…
Governor Deval L. Patrick's visit to BU Academy made the local news! Our big mention is at the 00:25 second...
Deval Patrick is the first African-American governor of Massachusetts and Jessica Alba is an actress who proudly...
Governor Deval Patrick Appoints the Honorable David A. Mills (ret.) to the State Ethics Commission
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed an Executive Order on Environmental Justice today ~ att
new executive order by Deval Patrick Promotes Justice in
Governor Deval Patrick announced yesterday in a press conference at Brockton City Hall a $21.5 million commitment...
I added a video to a playlist Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick talks about the Community
Governor Deval Patrick made sure to make the political move of publically expressing condolences for michael...
Governor Deval Patrick's mentions are lit with angry white people😳
Best Governor we'll have for a long time: Deval Patrick
Martha Coakley just like governor Deval Patrick never met an illegal she didn't like! It's not illegal 2 etc
We are one step closer in making South Coast Rail a reality. Thank you Governor Deval Patrick for never...
That would be MA Governor Deval Patrick. He could also serve as the Emperor's Mini-me.
BET gospel legend Dr. Bobby Jones is honored to introduce Governor Deval Patrick
HUGE kudos to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for signing S.2192 into law yesterday. This bill will not only... http:…
With the momentous and wonderful signage of Bill S.2192 by Governor Deval Patrick of MA, which states that "no...
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed animal control bill S. 2192 into law yesterday and I got to photograph it! …
great photos of a wonderful day Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Signs S. 2192! …
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Earlier this week, Governor Deval Patrick signed an important animal control bill into law - and I happened to be... ht…
Gov Patrick Signed S. 2192, the Animal Control bill. Very good news for Massachusetts animals!
Deval Patrick signed S.2192 which will now prevent BSL in MA
I was honored to chat with as he reflected on the past 8yrs. Please enjoy highlights as much as I enjo…
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick at his most spineless, which is saying a lot ...
Governor Deval Patrick gave an award to a cop who killed a man in front of his five year old son.
Deval Patrick is Governor of Massachusetts and Kayla Harrison - Olympic & World Champion Douglas Birx is not a...
DIA Judge Cheryl Jacques will be suing Gov. Deval Patrick over not being reappointed to the bench reports
Mayor was at the closed door meetings with Suffolk Construction CEO John Fish and Governor Deval Patrick
Governor Deval Patrick. Make the switch. No more fossil fuels.
"We can't leave our future to chance." Governor Deval Patrick
Excited for presentation with Governor Deval Patrick. Being present!
This morning Governor Deval Patrick made an announcement in Lenox relative to capital funding for two...
What an exciting time to be in North Adams!. "Governor Deval Patrick tells The Boston Globe, he is proud 'to...
Please be advised that Governor Deval L. Patrick has ordered that the United States flag and the Commonwealth...
Deval Patrick is by far the greatest governor MA has seen.What a shame Martha Coakley lost the election
Nice piece by detailing Deval Patrick's legacy as MA Governor
Tomorrow: Education. Innovation. Infrastructure. How is an international leader in the global economy.
Proud to have the support of Governor Deval Patrick and Secretary Rachel Kaprielian of Check...
looks like he has had a long day. Video:Patrick has first official meeting Gov-elect Baker
Governor Deval Patrick has first official meeting with Governor elect Charlie Baker: null
This Fri: Strengthening our Global Ties to Create Growth + Opps in MA w/ FMI + RSVP:
Governor Deval Patrick and Governor elect Charlie Baker LIVE now on talking about the transition.
Governor elect Charlie Baker and Governor Deval Patrick at podium
WATCH LIVE: Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker will meet with Gov. Deval Patrick in a few minutes to...
Excluding Deval Patrick MA has had a republican governor since 1980
Governor Deval Patrick and Senator Elizabeth Warren are at the Coakley concession speech.
Watch now as Martha Coakley prepares to give concession speech. Also present: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor Deval Patrick
Proving that will continue to be a focus in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick and Massachusetts...
It's how Deval Patrick won his first term as Governor.
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Most unbelievable to me is that MA followed Deval Patrick, a really great great Dem governor, with a Repugnican.
But this is my face after finding out my new governor for 2015. Lol ! Man Deval Patrick needs to stay!
I just realized Deval Patrick is governor of Massachusetts aka My Home Town wow 0_O
Deval Patrick was a pretty popular governor and is even considered presidential timber
In order for Deval Patrick to top Michael Dukakis, Massachusetts can't have another Democratic governor for 20 years.
Deval Patrick's the first democratic governor we've had in years so stfu about this being a big deal
Charlie Baker 😎 New Mass Governor. I'm gonna miss Deval Patrick what the heck.. WHY didn't he go for another term!
Oh, wow. Gov. Deval Patrick is gone, and Massachusetts hasn't declared a new governor yet!
Deval Patrick last night: "I feel like kicking some Republican *** " Now: "It's time to put politics aside."
Massachusetts Governor Patrick's Legacy: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is waiting, like the r... Mass Tech
I'm gonna miss Deval Patrick as governor
Brown would be only the third black person elected governor in the United States, following Doug Wilder in VA and Deval Patrick in MA. 2/2
So excited to realize that Deval Patrick as governor will soon be just a bad memory.
Stay positive everyone. No matter who wins the election at least Deval Patrick won't be our governor anymore. We should all be ok with that.
I have no idea who to vote for governor why can't Deval Patrick just stay governor
Patrick vows to help next governor — whether Democrat or Republican: Gov. Deval Patrick this mor...
. Today, Massachusetts elects a new Governor to replace Deval Patrick. I voted for the candidate.
Is Deval Patrick the Greenest Governor Ever? - As Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick winds down his term in offi... h…
watching interviewing my Governor Deval Patrick he has been a great Gov
TONIGHT! Come to Martin 105 at 6:30 to see Congressmen Kennedy III and Governor Deval Patrick as a part of the your voice your vote tour!
Calling him a bold leader and a friend who will be missed in the Administration, Governor Deval Patrick today announced the resignation of MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey, effective November 1.
Governor Deval Patrick ... sense of community is the solution
Council member Victoria Budson and Governor Deval Patrick react to Microsoft CEO's statements on Thursday that...
Attorney General Eric Holder to quit; Governor Deval Patrick says he will not be seek job
Has 'United' States of America. become a nation of cowards?. 'bombing' Governor Deval Patrick. Boston Mas…
What was THAT...??? Oh just Governor Deval Patrick throwing his signed resignation @ someone and running to DC for his new job
Watch for Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts to be nominated. Odious, slick, sycophant
Governor Deval Patrick, The Lizzit, has sent a letter to Market Basket. The Red Sea has parted.
Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Deval Patrick have both declined to take a stand in our fight against...
This is WHAT OBAMA and the Demorats WANT FOR AMERICA! Fire them allMassachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam: http…
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West Bank refugee children tell Governor Deval Patrick: ‘Don’t be a partner with Israel in killing us’.
Massachusetts will raise the state minimum wage from $8 to $11 per hour by 2017.
Governor Deval Patrick signs law giving Massachusetts the highest state minimum wage in the nation: $11 an hour.
Gov. Patrick signs minim wage bill into law. Hurts people making above $11. Businesses may have to raise prices
My husband & I were honored tonight to meet the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.
My Governor Deval Patrick would make a great President ,but has a snowball's chance 2
MA Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill into law that will raise the to $11 an hour:
Mass. officially approves nation's highest after lawmakers from $8 to $11/hr by 2017:
Gov. signs $11/hr minimum wage hike into law making Mass. the highest in the country. via
We are celebrating Governor Deval Patrick's signing of the legislative bill Wednesday July 2, when Massachusetts...
MA now signed to have highest minimum wage via
Massachusetts signs $11 minimum wage into 2017. Really?
American people not GOP are winning for once. There's Hope for Americans:
Massachusetts is 18th State to Make Breast Density Notification the Law: Governor Deval Patrick has signed Mas...
Mass. Gov Patrick signs bill to raise minimum wage to $11 by 2017. MA 10th state to raise wage in 2014.
Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill raising the minimum wage in Massachusetts to $11/hour.
No surprise to this reporter. MA gov./ signs highest minimum wage hike into law Editor’s Picks
Minimum wage hike: good work, MA! and Patrick for acknowledging still not livable wage. via
Congrats to Massachusetts on their new $11 minimum wage!
A perk about leaving MA: don't have to deal with a democratic economy. Have fun w/ inflation & increased unemployment
Massachusetts raises minimum wage to $11/hr.
Another reason why I love living in Massacbhusetts. Gov Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law.
Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law via And Snyder gives MI $9.30 in 3 years, vote out!
"Proud of Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts legislature for raising the state's minimum wage to $11 an...
MA needs to be like CA so more companies will want to come here. It is not the only reason but a small reason...
“Raising the minimum is about bringing a little relief to the working poor" - Gov. Deval Patrick
Yes we are! Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law via
Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law via
Governor Patrick set Mass. on course to have the highest minimum wage of any state in the country
MA is the latest state to raise its minimum wage. When will the realize we MUST pay a living wage?
Way to go Massachusetts!!! Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law
Great news for MA wage earners: Gov. Deval Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law
Patrick signs minimum wage hike into law - Boston Globe
Congrats to Mass: MT Gov Patrick signs min wage hike into law
A HUGE enthusiastic crowd gathered in front of the MA State House demanding Justice for Justina Pelletier and that Governor Deval Patrick, use his constitutional power to release her from State Custody immediately
BOSTON - Thursday, May 15, 2014 – Governor Deval Patrick today signed S. 2063, “An Act to Prevent Shackling and Promote Safe Pregnancies for Female Inmates.” The bill, sponsored by Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Kay Khan, strictly limits the use of restraints, including handcuffs and leg irons, on pregnant inmates and establishes a minimum level of care that must be afforded to pregnant inmates in county correctional facilities.“Unless it can be said with certainty that the inmate poses a serious and immediate physical danger to herself or her fellow inmates, she should not be tied down limb-by-limb in the 21st century here in Massachusetts,” said Governor Patrick. “I am proud to sign this legislation to formalize emergency regulations that ended the use of restrains on pregnant inmates in labor in all Department of Corrections facilities.”   The use of restraints has, until now, been governed by emergency regulations the Department of Correction (DOC) instituted at the Governor’ ...
Nigeria Under Siege: U.S. Group Calls For America’s Help Against Boko Haram, Corruption May, 10 2014, The Edo United For Homeland Empowerment, a United States-based human rights group, has called on the U.S. government to initiate international efforts to help Nigeria fight terrorism and kidnapping. In a petition sent to the US government, the organization also appealed to the US to pressure the Nigerian government to fight institutional corruption. In a statement issued from its Boston, MA headquarters, the group asserted that corruption “not only deprives the Nigerian masses of their rights to decent lives, but also constantly militates against effective action by the [Nigerian] authorities.” It demanded sanctions against corrupt public office holders in Nigeria. The organization described Boko Haram’s recent abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State as “insane and barbaric,” adding, “the threat by the sect to sell the innocent girls must be taken seriously.” It recal ...
Deval Patrick saw MTA rise up against "reform", Globe quotes remarks he didn't dare say to delegates via
Boston Globe puts words into Deval Patrick's mouth. Please check tape for the sentance "quoted" here via
D.W.L The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a controversial new painkiller called Zohydro ER that both federal and state lawmakers believe is destined to become a scourge on society; a tightened noose already around the necks of those struggling with prescription opiate addiction. However, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg stands by her decision to give the drug its wings, saying that America needs more treatment options for those people living in pain. The drug has been referred to as “heroin in a capsule,” and ever since it was approved last October, several legislators and medical experts have emerged to protest the extended-release hydrocodone pill from being marketed in the United States. Many believe the FDA should withdraw its approval of the drug, in an effort to keep the country from spiraling further into a prescription painkiller epidemic. Recent reports indicate that overdoses from prescription medications have continued to soar in the United States throughout the past decade, ...
they keep trying...but this is what you get when you take things out of context and from out of the timeline... ""Even the most casual viewer of the Democratic convention would get the point: President Barack Obama saved the American auto industry. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick called him the president "who saved the American auto industry from extinction." .big difference when you don't take the quote out of was a speech well over a year ago concerning the auto industry...not the city itself.
Governor Deval Patrick receives the MTA presidents award!
Governor Deval Patrick's Hosts Asian American and Pacific Heritage in the greater of Lowell. MA
Governor Deval Patrick continues to cement his legacy as a climate champion. Congratulations to the grassroots organizers and volunteers who made this victory possible, and continue to make Massachusetts' leadership on these issues possible.
This is a big step forward for our state and the people of Massachusetts. We will continue to lead on these crucial issues and save consumers money, create jobs and have cleaner air to breathe. Thank you for your leadership Governor Deval Patrick!!
Thank you, Governor Deval Patrick. Now, lets not fall back on the lesser of two evils -- it's time for 100% new clean rewewable energy. Natural gas is NOT a bridge fuel.
Finally something good! See everyone, it works! Thank you Governor Deval Patrick, for your encouraging words. Together, we are going to with clean energy and build a fossil free future for our kids! And then we take on the rest of the nation...
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says the best future is a "future free of fossil fuels"
It was pretty rude of governor deval Patrick to use the umass graduation as if he's campaigning again. This about us. Not you, sir.
Governor Deval Patrick is getting serious about taking real action on climate change. Let's celebrate his...
Governor Deval Patrick's political speech at the Umass Amherst graduation was pathetic...
Recap: Gov.Patrick Meets Dr.Wario & Amb Jean Kamau. Boston-April 18th 2014 Kenya’s sports cabinet secretary, Hassan Wario Arero and Ambassador, Jean Kamau met with Governor Deval Patrick ahead of the Boston Marathon to take stock of the longstanding special relationship between the city of Boston and Kenya through athletics. A Kenyan has won the Boston Marathon since 1991, the latest victor being Rita Jeptoo, who defended her 2013 victor last April. The meeting was arranged by Wilson Wahome Kiriungi of RUN with KENYANS, an organization that promotes Kenya’s running culture. Governor Patrick told the Kenyan officials that the city of Boston had a special place for Kenyans, whom they admired for their outstanding athletic abilities. The Meeting took place in the Senate Reading Room, which has served as the Governor's Primary Space for relieving guests during the renovation of his office. Governor Patrick and Richard Elam, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Inves .. ...
Angkor Dance Troupe had joined in honor of performing in front of Governor Deval Patrick at Sunnyda Restaurant on...
Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration with the governor, Deval Patrick.
Solidarity with Mothers Out Front who are calling on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to ban any new fossil...
Lawmakers making new effort to fight substance abuse - With Governor Deval Patrick calling the heroin abuse pr...
I'll be sending this to Governor Deval Patrick today, and calling to urge him to with clean energy.
Great news in Governor Deval Patrick recently announced $2.75 million investment for a new Public Park...
My dark horse, if he gets in, is Governor Deval Patrick. He can and should run and win.
YOUTH LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY. Governor Deval Patrick has prioritized ending youth violence in our communities, and...
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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick needs to give the family of Justina justice now!
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Declares May 2-9 as Week in the Commonwealth
“.Deval Patrick named Commencement speaker: is there only one commencement speaker?
Happy Monday, Falcons! Next question: What fellowship did Governor Deval Patrick announce in partnership w/ the
this is beyond disgusting Retire governor Deval Patrick!
Will you miss Deval Patrick as governor? — Unlikely
Why being my brother’s keeper matters via - words of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick!
Also, the prices when democratic Governor Deval Patrick took office.
Governor Deval Patrick is welcomed to the annual Jefferson Jackson fundraiser in Hyannis Saturday.
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to Deliver Boston University ... - Insurance News Net (press release)
Great news for the Secure Jobs Connect program of which I am on the advisory board. BOSTON – Wednesday, April 23, 2014 – Governor Deval Patrick today announced $1 million in funding to connect homeless and low-income families with services to help some of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens overcome barriers to work and succeed in life. These Secure Jobs Initiative grants will help connect them with suitable employers in jobs with long-term career pathways. The Governor made the announcement at the Jewish Vocational Services organization in Boston, which assists individuals from diverse communities to find employment and build careers. “We must continually invest in our workforce to provide our workers with the skills and resources they need to become great job candidates,” said Governor Patrick. “Helping our most vulnerable citizens transition into stable jobs is vital to supporting our economy and creating a stronger Commonwealth for the next generation.” Through five regional part ...
Can't wait to get mine!!. Governor Deval Patrick on Friday signed a bill to create “Boston Strong” license...
Governor Deval Patrick's latest post mentions he will be on a show with Rand Paul. How about posting on Rand Pauls page asking him to please help Justina. Senator Rand Paul.
What difference does it make if Governor Deval Patrick saves Justina Pelletier or not?
Governor Deval Patrick and Massport CEO Thomas Glynn give Tim Clark a Chelsea Clock to welcome Emirates to Boston...
The governor of Massachusetts today declared a public health emergency, saying action needed to be taken to curb the state’s opioid addiction epidemic. Governor Deval Patrick announced the move this afternoon, directing state public health officials to take steps to fight overdoses, stop the epidemi...
Governor Deval Patrick has declared a public health emergency in Massachusetts in response to the state's growing epidemic of heroin overdoses and opioid addiction.
BOSTON &Officials from around the Commonwealth are expressing their condolences in the aftermath of the two-alarm Back Bay fire that killed two Boston firefighters. Governor Deval Patrick: "My heart and my condolences go out to the families of the...
BELCHERTOWN, Mass.— The Massachusetts Maple Producers Association's ceremonial 'first tapping' of the season went off without a hitch in Belchertown, MA, on Friday, despite temperatures in the low 20s. The Shattuck family of Shattuck's Sugarhouse were on hand to host, and local bakeries provided maple goodies as snacks. A proclamation read by State Rep. John Scibak and prepared by Governor Deval Patrick designated March as 'Maple Month'. MMPA president Melissa Leab was on hand to host.
The One Fund was formed by Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Menino on April 16th, 2013 with the purpose of raising money to help those families most affected by the tragic events that unfolded during the 2013 Boston Marathon. The outpouring of the community and the world was immediate and generous.…
We invite you to join us TOMORROW, for The Massachusetts Commission on LGBT Youth Swearing In Ceremony with Governor Deval Patrick, state legislators, agency partners, and community members. Together, we will celebrate the swearing in of our new Commission members, including our very own Alexander Armand Ribeiro Nally, and to highlight the policy successes we have advanced in the past year, and set our vision for a Commonwealth where all youth reach their full potential. Wednesday, February 12, 10:00 AM State Library of Massachusetts 24 Beacon Street, State House Room 341 Boston, MA 02108 Please feel free to invite your friends and loved ones. We look forward to seeing you there!
Congrats to our Springfield staff, who met today with Governor Deval Patrick at a meeting of the Safe and...
Governor in Springfield for youth programs: Governor Deval Patrick was in Springfield Tuesday to ask the legis...
Governor Deval Patrick reads the book "A Homerun for Bunny" to students at DeBerry School
Check out our new PSA with Governor Deval Patrick. If you are a Veteran go to ht…
Governor Deval Patrick and Project 351 Ambassadors in a day of service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King
A few beautiful photos from yesterday's huge action in Salem! Public support for renewable energy is clear- will Governor Deval Patrick listen to his constituents and draw a hard line against new fossil fuels? Credit for these photographs goes to the great Kate Toomey, check out the rest here:
The TV ad Governor Deval Patrick doesn't want you to see:
The Sandbox was featured on the front page of for our new grant awarded by Governor Deval Patrick!
Yesterday an amazing 400 people rallied in Salem Massachusetts against a new gas plant, calling on Governor Deval Patrick to stop investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure and commit to building a clean energy future instead. It's clear that the tides are turning against fossil fuels- will President Faust help drive this change or will she hinder our progress?
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Headed out to the Mass. NOW Executive Board Meeting where we will be discussing the Carlos Henriquez situation and subsequent votes, I'm quite sure. Here's a reminder of what we had to say about it: "Violence against women is intolerable and unacceptable. Mass NOW commends Governor Deval Patrick, Speaker Robert DeLeo and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh in calling for the resignation of Dorchester Representative Carlos Henriquez following his conviction on assault and battery charges in Cambridge District Court. We stand in full support of Ms. Gonsalvez and admire her courage and bravery in making the difficult decision to come forward and testify. We are grateful to Governor Patrick, Speaker DeLeo and Mayor Walsh for standing with the women of the Commonwealth in sending a strong message to all that domestic violence will not and should not be accepted, ignored or tolerated regardless of position."
The Boston Herald has added a flame to the fire under the Massachusetts Department of Family Services and Governor Deval Patrick, already under heat for the case of five year old Jeremiah Oliver...
Governor Deval Patrick visiting the Merrimack Valley Sandbox Accelerator yesterday! Congratulations for the grant...
Governor Deval Patrick ordered non-essential state employees to stay home as the region faces another powerful snowstorm, one that has already led to dozens of school systems, including Boston, to close in anticipation of a high-powered storm. The first of what is expected to be several straight hou...
City of Taunton Temporary City Hall & Municipal Offices Closed Today Based on the current forecast and Governor Deval Patrick's recommendation, all City of Taunton government offices will be closed on Wednesday, February 5. All non-essential City personnel should not report to work.
Governor Deval Patrick was questioned by the media about the president's minimum wage increase, the death penalty and other topics. When the question of woul...
LISTEN LIVE: Our special coverage of Governor Deval Patrick's final State of the Commonwealth address.
Governor Deval Patrick will deliver his State of the Commonwealth address at 7:30 p.m. tonight. He initially planned to give the speech last week, but had to postpone it because of a winter storm. will live stream the speech tonight.
Governor Deval Patrick today said Monday that the case of Jeremiah Oliver, a 5-year-old Fitchburg boy missing and now feared dead, has created an opportunity to “rethink and reinvigorate” the state Department of Children and Families. At a State House press conference, Patrick said he has asked empo...
Governor Deval Patrick plans today to unveil a $36.4 billion blueprint for the upcoming budget year that increases spending by 6.8 percent, focused on priorities such as transportation and education, according to two people briefed on the blueprint.The budget would boost spending on transportation b...
Excited to hear that the Governor’s budget will include funding to continue building our Commonwealth’s STEM pipeline and to prepare our students for the jobs of today and tomorrow. I also commend Governor Deval Patrick and his staff on creating the STEM Teacher’s Corps program that will allow our best STEM teachers to pass their techniques along to a new generation of teachers in the field.
As he prepares his final State of the Commonwealth for delivery, Governor Deval Patrick has been working out of an anonymous office, one floor down from the grand and historic governor’s suite. Tuesday night, though, he will be front and center, speaking in the House chamber to the assembled lawmake...
With State Government closed tomorrow due to the dangerous weather conditions, Governor Deval Patrick strongly urged that private business follow suit. Therefore, with the safety of our staff and members as our first priority, the East Boston Y will remain closed though 1:00pm tomorrow (Friday, January 3). There will be no Child Care at 215 Bremen Street or Out of School Time Care at 54 Ashley Street. In addition, there will be no group exercise classes on Friday or Child Watch. Please check here for updates. Stay safe and warm during this first blizzard of 2014!
Governor Deval Patrick : Top to Bottom Reform the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families via
Governor Deval Patrick on MA Medical Marijuana & Legalization by - via
Is MA Governor Deval Patrick skating with you guys? He has his weekend home in Richmond.
Governor Deval Patrick defended the head of the state’s child welfare department Thursday after the agency has come under sharp criticism for neglecting a troubled Fitchburg family, but he said the commissioner must determine whether other supervisors shared responsibility for the failures. Amid pub...
Looking forward to taking the girls to The Governor's Holiday Party tonight. Found it really annoying when Haley would quote Governor Deval Patrick saying, " Finish what you started" with regards to laundry and housework, but overall great message! ;)
Excellent op-ed by Farah Stockman in today's Boston Globe questioning whether the Boston City Council should approve a 25% pay raise for Boston police over six years: Here’s a fun fact that didn’t come up in yesterday’s City Council hearing: 141 cops in Boston earned a bigger paycheck than the mayor did last year. That’s right. Mayor Menino earns $175,000. If you count base pay, the Quinn Bill education bonus, details, and overtime, 141 cops earned more. Another fact: Nearly a third of all Boston police officers earned more than Governor Deval Patrick. The governor earned $137,000 last year. About 600 cops took home more. No one disputes that police officers, many of whom work long hours and face danger in their jobs, deserve to be well-paid for what they do. But take a good look at police salaries, and you’ll find that they already are. Boston police officers are among the best-paid public employees, not only in the city, but in the country. Eighty-six earned more than Secretary of State John K ...
Governor Deval Patrick: Stop the Sale of Shark Fins in Massachusetts via
Governor Patrick Announces Investments to Create Growth and Opportunity in Attleboro. ATTLEBORO – Thursday, November 7, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today celebrated the grand opening of the Greater Attleboro Regional Transit Authority (GARTA) Intermodal Center, which will create more accessible transportation options for residents of Attleboro and its surrounding communities and unlock the potential for transit-oriented development in the region. During today’s ceremony, Governor Patrick also announced over $3.9 million in additional funding for the city of Attleboro through the MassWorks Infrastructure Grant Program to help support the development of Riverfront Drive, a road that will provide a critical connection to the Intermodal Center. The Governor also committed to assisting the city of Attleboro with the expansion of its riverfront park and trail along the Ten Mile River through the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ (EEA) Gateway City Parks Program. The new park will c ...
"Governor Deval Patrick is who I want to be when I grow up." The President Great line. Yes Congressman David Cicilline?
The following Governors are lawyers OBLIGATED under Rule 1.6 to ignore the Constitutional Rights of citizens while ignoring judicial corruption, crimes and misconduct, and the failure to prosecute crimes of the judiciary and of the legal professionals who might implicate the judiciary. Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska (Puget Sound School of Law) Governor Mike Beebe of Arkansas (University of Arkansas) Governor Jerry Brown of California (Yale) Governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut (Boston College) Governor Rick Scott of Florida (Southern Methodist University) Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia (Walter F. George School of Law) Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois (Northwestern University) Governor Mike Pence of Indiana (Indiana University) Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas (University of Kansas) Governor Steven L. Beshear of Kentucky (University of Kentucky) Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts (Harvard) Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan (University of Michigan) Governor Jeremiah W. Nixon of Missouri (University of Mis ...
Check out the latest from MassINC Gateway Cities Journal - A great review of their conversation between Governor Deval Patrick and Desh Deshpande! "More importantly they have realized that entrepreneurship happens everywhere not just in the big cities. With their support, we have been working in gateway cities like Lawrence and Lowell through the Merrimack Valley Sandbox to encourage entrepreneurs, seed innovative ideas and help launch new enterprises." - Desh Deshpande
Remarks by the President and Governor Deval Patrick on the Affordable Care Act
In a speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce this morning, Governor Deval Patrick hinted at a plan to...
Governor Deval Patrick has signed off on the sales tax holiday for next weekend, August 10th and 11th.
Governor Deval Patrick we must and Think of your
Happy birthday to Governor Deval Patrick! Here's an early of the Governor speaking at our 2010 Annual...
It's great news that Governor Deval Patrick wants to see train service from NYC to the Berkshires restored.   10% Off
Patrick has no plans for re-election: Governor Deval Patrick has seventeen months left in his governorship and...
A Reason to Believe by Governor Deval Patrick - Official Book Trailer: via
Tune this evening for another program about Berkshire train, I'm told, with Governor Deval Patrick talking about...
Hundreds demand that Governor Deval Patrick close Brayton Point power plant in Somerset: Hundreds of pro...
Governor Deval Patrick makes good on Stanley Cup wager with Gov. Quinn by volunteering at Greater…
The Board of Directors of First Night Boston announced Thursday that the agency does not currently have the funds to continue planning First Night Boston 2014 and will be forced to cease operations
News Item: Gov. Paul LePage on Thursday said a Democratic lawmaker, Sen. Troy Jackson of Aroostook County, “claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline.”
Below is an email from Pat Fiero, a MoveOn member in Leverett, Massachusetts. Pat started a petition on the MoveOn website, where anyone can start their own online petition. Dear Massachusetts MoveOn member, The Food and Drug Administration does not require safety testing of new genetically modified foods (GMOs). Instead, they rely on corporations' profits from their sale of such foods to determine GMOs' safety for us. Contrary to industry claims, GMOs have not been proven safe, and a growing body of independent, peer-reviewed studies have linked their consumption to allergies, infertility, immune system problems, gastrointestinal disruption, cancer, and a host of other diseases. GMO crops can easily contaminate non-GMO crops, threatening organic agriculture. Moreover, their use is linked to increases in toxic pesticide use and the emergence of "superweeds." Further, the absence of labeling on GMOs prohibits those with specific ethical or religious practices from making informed food choices. More than 60 ...
Thank you to Governor Deval Patrick and Education Secretary Matt Malone for visiting Salem High this afternoon.
Don't want to be a downer, but, given the karma generated disrespecting Wes Welker, I'm thinking the Pats go 6 and 10, Brady doesn't finish the year, Gronk has yet another surgery that lays him up until 2014 (if he doesn't get a groin strain from Bibi Jones,) Kraft DOESN'T get his ring back from Vladimir "I could kill a guy with this ring" Putin (Dracula was also named Vladimir), Tebow takes over after the Bledsoe-esque injury to Tom and has his best season yet, and Hernandez gets life.
This afternoon, the House of Representatives failed to pass a farm bill by a vote of 195-234. After a lengthy debate yesterday and this morning on fa
Governor Deval Patrick opened up the day and now we're hearing from House Speaker DeLeo and UMass Chancellor Marty Meehan
The U.S. Army Ranger killed in an apparent parachuting mishap was a 21-year-old veteran from Massachusetts who recently returned from Afghanistan, officials said Saturday.
As the trial of reputed mobster Whitey Bulger unfolds in federal court, Boston is mesmerized by stories of lurid gangland slayings that occurred decades ago. But the gang violence that’s happening right now in Boston elicits mostly shrugs. Shootings in Boston’s poor neighborhoods are no match for th...
Gov. Deval Patrick joined Jim and Margery once again for the monthly Ask the Governor segment.Charlie Baker, former Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate
What an amazing Conference call that I had with Governor Deval Patrick! He gave us real insight and amazing advice for last 6days of the campaign.
I'm with the radicals on this...standing at the ready.
In the next couple of months two U.S. Senate seats will be decided by special elections in Massachusetts & New Jersery. With the current 100 congressional members divided by Democrat (51 seats)Republican (47 seats)Other Parties: 1 Independent; 1 Independent Democrat (both caucus with the Democrats). Will the elections give democrats a larger margin in the Senate or will the political divide deepen? Join me tomorrow morning for a conversation about the upcoming special elections and learn why Oregon should care? The 2013 United States Senate special election in Massachusetts will be held on June 25, 2013, in order to fill the Massachusetts Class II United States Senate seat for the remainder of the term ending January 3, 2015. The vacancy that prompted the special election was created by the resignation of Senator John Kerry, in order to become U.S. Secretary of State. On January 30, 2013, Governor Deval Patrick chose his former Chief of Staff Mo Cowan to serve as interim U.S. Senator. Cowan declined to .. ...
I just signed a petition to The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Deval Patrick: We, the undersigned citizens of the commonwealth, call upon your leadership to enact legislation requiring the labeling of all foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients…
Standing ovation for Governor Deval Patrick's leadership in water innovation
Representative Jeffrey Sánchez should be ASHAMED of himself for supporting the "welfare reform" bill that is about to pass the Massachusetts House. This bill places even more hurdles in front of the most vulnerable part of our population (including a great deal of his constituents here in Jamaica Plain) to solve ... what exactly? "Welfare fraud" which constitutes less than a tenth of a percent of the EBT budget? This bill would be a doubling-down on the failed welfare "reform" policies instituted in the 90's at the federal level, and only perpetuates the systemic discrimination that people in poverty face in Massachusetts and American culture at large. Oh, and Representative Sanchez is a Democrat, along with 113 other Democrats supporting this ludicrous plan. Jamaica Plain and Massachusetts deserve more progressive leadership in the legislature. For shame, Mr. Sanchez. For shame, Massachusetts Democrats. I call on Governor Deval Patrick to veto this ridiculous bill.
"Great meeting today with Governor Deval Patrick. The Governor listened intently and said he will be on the...
What else would you expect from the Imperial President! He has an unlimited EBT card that he received from Mass. Governor Deval Patrick!
Kyle with Governor Deval Patrick and the New England Partiots Linebacker Rob Ninkovich at Project 351
Spent an amazing day with some amazing Mohawk 8th graders yesterday at the Project 351 reunion at Gillette Stadium.hung out with great kids, Governor Deval Patrick, and Patriots players past and present.and got to meet some amazing chaperones/volunteers from every town in the Commonwealth. This group of kids are amazing and so focused on community service, they packed meals for 50 homeless families to last 10 weeks, and packed kits of art supplies for homeless kids too! Very cool to meet up with my cousin Barbara Alpert, who provided our group with awesome food and hospitality from the Patriots! Then to top off an awesome day.went to a super graduation party at the Cusimano's, with another bunch of great 8th graders! Have a lot of faith in the future with these kids.
Honoring 351 youth leaders from across the Commonwealth with special guests Governor Deval Patrick and…
Give it up for Governor Deval Patrick and Rob Ninkovich. Go Pats.
We have just been notified that Governor Deval Patrick will be coming to Berkshire Brigades HQ at 3:00 pm tomorrow, Sat., June 15, not 1:00 p.m. as previously advertised. Sorry for the inconvenience but we still hope you can attend. BBHQ is located at 44 North St., Pittsfield (second floor). It's a great space!
Gov. Deval Patrick and education officials to honor MA Teacher of the Year: Governor Deval Patrick and Secreta...
Eagle Radio News Headlines Friday, June 14, 2013 Haverhill Mayor Fiorentini told councilors last night that crime in the city is down and morale in the Fire Department is up, during the Councils annual review of proposed spending for the fire and police departments. - Londonderry, NH police report Lisa Wallace, a former nursery school director, who had sole control over the finances for the nursery school at St. Mark the Evangelist in Londonderry is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a Londonderry church. - A memorial service was held at the Massachusetts State House yesterday for former Governor Paul Cellucci, who died last weekend from Lou Gehrig's Disease. Among the mourners who spoke were Governor Deval Patrick and former Governor Bill Weld - Retired State Police Colonel Thomas Foley has taken the stand in the Whitey Bulger trial. Foley was cross-examined about the credibility of John Martorano, a hitman who's expected to testify against the reputed underworld boss. - NH Senator Kelly Ayo . ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The Massachusetts political establishment honored the life of former governor Argeo Paul Cellucci today in a memorial at the State House. The casket carrying the former governor processed into the State House shortly past noon, past a string of dignitaries that included Governor Deval Patrick and fo...
By Jueseppi B. Remarks by the President at Markey for Senate Rally -- Boston, MA Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Governor Deval Patrick an...
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Governor Deval Patrick and Ed Markey greet President Obama at Logan. Look at the line of people waiting for the president's motorcade to arrive.
Thank you A Better Chance for making me part your 50th Anniversary!! Can't believe I got to meet Governor Deval Patrick 󾮞
Governor Deval Patrick was at the burial ceremony for my friend today. He spoke, saying that she was his first serious girlfriend at age 16. Her mother told us on Sunday that he had a HUGE crush on her when they were young. The ceremony was beautiful. I am really going to miss her.
June 19th join Anthem Entertainment at The State Room for "an evening of empowerment" to support Easter Seals with Honorary Chair, Governor Deval Patrick
Massachusetts members (and anyone else who would like to send an email to Governor Patrick), we need your help! With Father's Day approaching, we'd like to request our National Parents Organization members send a Personal Father’s Day Message to Governor Deval Patrick's office regarding the importance of shared parenting for a child after separation/divorce. The Governor’s Task Force on family law is completing its work. This is one more chance to tell him what the children of Massachusetts need. With over 5,000 members strong in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please take 5-8 minutes and do the following 3 action items: -Draft a 2 paragraph message conveying how current Commonwealth of Massachusetts Custody Laws have negatively affected your child's access to both parents equally. - Clear and concise is best here! -Attach a picture of you & your child. - VERY IMPORTANT PART!!! -Email Governor Deval Patrick at copy us at parentswith the subject line "Wh ...
Governor Deval Patrick today kicked-off Commonwealth Housing Week by announcing a new compact that creates a goal of providing 10,000 mortgage loans to first-time homebuyers over the next five years. The Home Ownership Compact includes a commitment among lenders to originate a specific number of mor...
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